Deric Lostutter Did NOT Solve the Steubenville Rape Case

I have been hesitant to write too much about the lies being told by Deric Lostutter because I didn’t want to come off as spiteful, and to be honest was fearful of retaliation by Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous as he has vowed to destroy anyone who speaks the truth about him…even if it means he must lie to do so.  I feel that if I don’t speak out, then I become part of the problem.  Deric Lostutter is now legally targeting me and others by filing restraining orders for speaking the truth.  Make no mistake, Deric and the truth are strangers.   Deric is living in some sort of warped dream world where he believes himself to be a hero who “solved the Steubenville rape case” and “uncovered the rape case cover-up in Steubenville Ohio in 2012 resulting in the indictment … Continue reading →

Lostutter Sentencing Hearing Info

Deric Lostutter has plead guilty to two felony charges and is facing a maximum ten year sentence.  He has admitted that he lied to the FBI and that he was involved in the hacking of the Steubenville High School football fansite for the purpose of gaining public notoriety for himself — NOT to help Jane Doe; not to bring attention to the crime, but to bring attention to himself, KYAnonymous.  His sentencing hearing is currently scheduled for March 8, 2017.  As part of his sentencing, the United States Parole Office prepares a pre-sentencing report which is given to the Honorable Judge Danny Reeves for consideration.  Per Lostutter’s Sentencing Agreement, there are certain timelines as it relates to the pre-sentencing report.  One of those is the date in which Probation Officer Mark George will submit his report to the Judge.  Over … Continue reading →

Goodbye 2016, You Deplorable Viper

As we say goodbye to 2016, I decided to write about some things I learned this  year.  For starters, I learned that I have wonderful and supportive friends who have held me up when I just didn’t think that I would be able to get through another crappy situation.  In case any of these friends ever question my gratefulness for having them in my life, I want them to know that I am truly blessed and appreciate and love them one and all. I learned about forgiveness this year, and that it’s okay to forgive.  It is healthy to forgive.  After years of feuding with Murt, I extended an olive branch and he accepted.  We may never be best friends, but I am happy that I now have the opportunity to get to know him as a person and to … Continue reading →

The Fight to Speak the Truth

Four years ago today, the defamation case against myself and 25 John Doe commenters was dismissed with prejudice.  Of course, we were all elated that the fight to allow my anonymous commenters to remain anonymous had ended favorably.  No one’s identity was revealed and their right to remain anonymous was upheld. Today, four years later, I am once again in a court battle regarding the First Amendment.  We are fighting to protect anonymous speech and our right to speak the truth.  Deric Lostutter has filed a SLAPP action in federal court and is representing himself.  To date, he has filed hundreds of pages of handwritten jibberish forcing our attorney to review his illegible word salad.  Lostutter is now firing off subpoenas even though discovery is not permitted since we have filed a Motion to Dismiss based on lack of personal … Continue reading →

Deric Lostutter Reporting Facebook Posts

EVERYONE knows that Lostutter is using the internet.  Apparently, his PO does not or hasn’t been able to prove that he is.  This evening when I logged onto Facebook, I was forced to acknowledge a takedown notice from FB about a post that was reported and taken down from our defense fund page.  There is NO ONE who would benefit from having his bad behavior removed from the internet other than Deric Lostutter.  While Deric Lostutter awaits sentencing for conspiracy and lying to a federal agent, rather than spend time with his wife and newborn baby, he is spending his days scribbling his illegible psychosis and filing pleadings, subpoenas and discovery requests which have been deemed MOOT due to the pending ruling on a Motion to Dismiss the federal civil suit he filed against us.  There is not one thing … Continue reading →

Domestic Violence Awareness

Over the years, I have had many women contact me seeking help out of violent and abusive relationships.  I am by no means a professional counselor or trained in how to counsel abuse victims, but I do what I can to help them find resources in their local area to assist in preparing their exit plan or to find shelter.  Recently, a friend became involved with a man who has a long, documented history of domestic violence and abuse.  When I voiced my concerns about this man, she shared it with him and like all abusers do, he began grooming her to become his next victim.  After three decades of friendship, the abuser has won, and the friend has now joined him in his harassment and stalking of me and my friends, as well as filing false police reports. It … Continue reading →

Just Gonna Put This Right Here…

This part is interesting, too since I didn’t have back surgery last year.  I had a sigmoid colon resection where 8″ of intestine was removed.  These statements were voluntarily made by Karen, and they are libelous and defamatory written for no other purpose than to paint me in a bad light and to incite even more harassment by Deric Lostutter.  She thought her cowardice was being done in the dark, but the truth always comes to light.  Always.  The fact that this woman could behave in such a manner after being my friend for 30+ years says a lot about her character…or lack thereof. … Continue reading →

Violating the Terms of Release Again

Today I received Lostutter’s federal complaint via deputy process server.  Not a problem.  We have filed a Motion to Dismiss in federal court to rule on the matter of lack of personal jurisdiction.  We are not compelled to answer the complaint until this  matter is resolved.  However, in the documents was this photograph with scribbled notes by Lostutter. Target?  How about Defendant? The other item of interest is regarding my employment.  I know for a FACT that Lostutter has been communicating with two degenerates who have not only reached out to complete strangers on the internet in the hopes that these individuals would third party harass for them, but they have also provided Lostutter with my employment information.  Furthermore, Lostutter has telephoned the Sheriff’s office regularly to determine whether I have been served or not.  There were other notes left … Continue reading →

Serious SLAPP Discussion

Around this time 4 years ago I was being sued for anonymous comments made on this blog regarding the Steubenville rape case.  The Plaintiffs in that lawsuit were attempting to identify individuals who opted to use pseudonyms rather than their real names to discuss the case and offer their opinions.  Their fears regarding use of a pseudonym rather than a real name was genuine.  They live in a small town where everyone knows everyone, and if they used their real names, there was a very real possibility that they would be subject to harassment or family members would be harassed.  Their fear was very real. During the time that I wrote about this case my family and deceased relatives were targeted, and I was subject to very real, very hateful harassment.  My location was disclosed and I was forced to … Continue reading →

Demand This: Get Bent

WARNING:  I am feeling stabby and rightfully so. Deric Lostutter filed a “Demand for Preservation of Electronically Stored Information” in our federal case yesterday.  I have taken the liberty of transcribing his second grade looking scribbles that he submits to the court.  He can’t even be bothered to go to WalMart and buy a $1 legal pad so the paper is lined.  There isn’t much to say about this “demand” other than it is RIDICULOUS and a fishing expedition to gain the names of others who he can harass.  Another interesting tidbit is where Mr. Lostutter is getting information from when he isn’t supposed to be communicating with anyone but his family and defense team. Right, Dave and Karen? Did you know your boyfriend is communicating with a convicted felon for the purpose of harassing me and in violation of … Continue reading →

Post Thanksgiving Thoughts

I’m in one of those melancholy moods today, and am trying to shove the stressful things in my life below the things I am grateful for.  It has been a really difficult past few weeks for me to the point that it is affecting my health.  I’ve always had perfect blood pressure, even for a chunk, and last week it was 155/111.  I’m going through a lot – all three of us who are being sued by Deric Lostutter are.  And there is chaos in my personal life that has me completely stressed, but I’ll get to that in a bit.  Deric plead guilty and will be going to prison, probably for not as long as he deserves but he is going away.  He has filed this SLAPP action in federal court against us for $1 million and other damages, … Continue reading →