Pedophile Gets Custody

WHAT is going on in Florida?  Seriously!  Florida people, cover your eyes and don’t read — but you are living in the sphincter hole of the universe!  While everyone is squawking about “where’s Casey” – how about they start paying attention to some of the CRAP that is happening in their state?  It is high time for people to stop worrying about her and what is happening with the LIVING children in their state.

Miranda Wilkerson is almost 4-years old and has just been ripped from her home and placed into the arms of a waiting violent sex offender.  She wasn’t abducted.  The court system willingly handed her over to the man that is listed on her birth certificate.  Miranda’s mother ,  Trista Crews Coleman, was killed in a car wreck one month after Miranda was born. “She’s been with me since she drew breath,” said Rita Manning, Crews Coleman’s mom and Miranda’s grandmother. 

A Baker County, Florida judge’s decision placed Miranda with a pedophile who was her late mother’s husband.  Wilkerson’s family said the man, Donald Ray Coleman, is not Wilkerson’s biological father. Coleman is also a registered sex offender.  I might add that Coleman married Miranda’s mother when she was 14-years old.  He was 38-years old.  Grandma Manning said the legal mess began in 1997.   “Next thing I know, I’ve got a grandchild on the way.” she said, but you know what…Mrs. Manning was the MOTHER at the time and even in 1997 there were laws against 38-year old men having sex with 14-year olds!!  She claims that the only reason she signed for them to get married was because Trista was pregnant.  They had three children together.  So, why not file charges against the dirty bastard at the onset?

So here we are today, and Miranda is now in the hands of a pedophile.  Donald Coleman was the father listed on the birth certificate and when Manning tried to adopt the little girl, he would not allow it.  The courts had to give Miranda to him because he was legally her father because he was married to her mother at the time she was born.  Allegedly, she is not his biological daughter.

All I can say is UNBELIEVABLE!

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  1. Zan

    What kind of judge would do something like this to a child, because he knew the child’s mother he gets custody – I’m speechless, but that judge needs to be off the bench as soon as possible. God knows what damage he has done to other families and children while he’s been a sitting judge. Pathetic excuse for a man.


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