Motel Children

Here we are weeks after the verdict and the mouth breathers are still going on about how unfair the verdict was and are demanding JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE blah blah blah. The court system is not in place to provide justice. In all of these weeks that they have been bellowing, they could be using this energy to help living, needy children. There is a little known problem in our country and when I think about how these people could make a positive impact, I am further convinced that squawking is all they will ever do. They don’t really want to help children.

We are in our worst financial time since the Depression. There are thousands of families who have lost their homes and are either homeless or living in motels. This isn’t a new phenomenon. There have been “motel kids” for as long as there have been motels. They may live there alone or with their parents who have their own problems.

Many of these kids don’t eat because their family can’t afford it. If they go to school, a lunch and breakfast may be all they are getting for nutrition. But no one cares about these living children. They are too wrapped up in what channel Casey Anthony might be on and whether the Anthony’s sent her tampon money. Why is any of that important? The toys that were tossed into a swampy mess and left to rot for a child none of them knew could have provided joy to a living child – maybe one at a motel near their homes. It is disheartening to watch the douchebaggery of people who pretend to care.

People are selfish and when the controversy of this case dies down, they will just find another dead kid to claim.

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You can now purchase a book of the screenshots that were gathered during my research of the case and see the reasons I was so upset about what was happening in Steubenville.

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  1. Zan

    Well that just made me cry. You’re absolutely right, what joy a living child would have if some of those toys left in the dirt for a long dead child were actually in the hands of a child who would love and cherish that toy that in days is just dirty junk. Those people don’t care about children, they are in love with a dead child they never knew, who can’t play with a damn thing.

    1. Prinnie (Post author)

      It is amazing to me that they are STILL going on about how “stupid” the jurors are. All of them need to take remedial American Government classes.

  2. grandma+4

    i for one want justice for Caylee because she was murdered so horribly. but i ,also want her to have justice for all the abused and murdered and forgotten children. if Casey had been convicted, maybe, just maybe, someone might think twice before killing their child. my husband is an outreach worker in our city for the homeless and your blog was so right on and i agree with you, that there thousands upon thousands children suffering as i write this. they live in fifthly, cockroach infested motels and go to bed hungry. there was a special on about how this happening in Kissimee (sp?) right there in Florida, when thousands of dollars went to free a baby killer. the kids go to bed early because they are hungry. horrible and shameful for our country to let this happen. find good organizations to give to in your city and support services that help women and homeless children, volunteer to help in a soup kitchen, God Bless you for bringing this to light. the kids NEED our help.maybe donate in Caylee’s name or another child killed at the hands of family or a stranger. i feel guilty having enough food, my husband does not make that much money and sees such sadness every day but he helps all he can to give people hope and food and a place to stay. thank you so much. wish i could get huge trucks and go to Kissimee and feed those.angels. take care and thank you again.

    1. Prinnie (Post author)

      Just think if all of those people used the energy for the hate that they are spewing to help these children. It is shameful that they are STILL going on about Casey being found not guilty. What they also need to remember is regardless of whether anyone likes the decision, the legal system did what it was set up to do. At any given moment it could be them or a loved one being the accused and they would not want the jury to come back with a guilty verdict just because everyone thought the defendant was guilty.

      I am ashamed for these people. All of the crowing about these petitions and kids are going to bed hungry tonight and they will go to bed hungry tomorrow night.

  3. janelwhite

    I am surprised that Casey Anthony would take any time away from banging more guys now. Do we have a potential birth-date for Caylee2 yet? -Jane

    1. Prinnie (Post author)

      Do you have inside information regarding her sex life, and why would you be bothered who she has sex with? She’s young and free and just like anyone – what she does in the privacy of her bedroom is no one’s business. Perhaps using some of your energy in helping living children would be better suited. Don’t ya think? All the while booger eaters and socially stunted activists are squawking about Casey Anthony and they don’t realize that is is THEY who are making her infamous. Imagine if they all just shut up and move on. Living children are waiting in the wings for mentors and people to start caring about them.

      Your comment is exactly why people think those who are screaming about Casey are a bunch of booger eaters.


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