Frenzied Wackjobs

The daddies who refuse to touch the many mommies for cayleeAs expected, the Tards4Caylee are shitting their pants in a cyber-frenzy showing how much they e-love Caylee, sweet Baby Jesus Precious Caylee who they idolize and have claimed as their own. Why? What in the world is behaving in this way doing to help other children? Someone, please explain it to me. Have I just missed the boat? The Facebook group for the many mommies of Caylee has been reopened. (blech, I want to puke just typing that – it’s ABNORMAL and these women have real mental issues). It pains me to think that they are abusing and neglecting their own children while they pretend to e-adopt a dead child that given the opportunity would instinctively RUN FROM THESE CRAZIES if she were alive. All you have to do is take a look at some of their pictures. They are stunted and it SHOWS.

Meanwhile, 3,000 children are dying every day in Somalia of starvation and these idiots are spending their money on bricks to traipse through the forest where a dead child was tossed. Yeah, let’s just think about this. Why would you go to a place that FLOODS annually for one and secondly, why on earth would you go to the place where her body was tossed out like trash? Really? That is how one memorializes another? I can think of a ton of things that are more important today than cawing about Caylee and her birthday. How many other children are dead and don’t get to celebrate their birthday today? Olivia Garcia isn’t celebrating her birthday this year, and she died around the same time as Caylee did, and we KNOW how she died – by the hands of her trusted babysitter and godmother, but there is no outrage for Olivia. Nope. These shit heels would rather crow about Caylee and her family.

The gene pool seriously needs cleansing. Since this case, I have realized the sheer number of idiots who use the internet. Call me an elitist bitch. I don’t care. It is true. The people who are so addicted to this case are doing so to cover other mental issues that they have. For three years, they did NOTHING but eat, sleep and breathe this case, and now they sit in front of their computers and shit buckets, and salivate at the thought of Casey being harmed because somehow it makes them feel like they are contributing something to this cause. I think the majority of them are jealous of Casey. They certainly do not understand the legal system. That in itself is frightening, because it shows the level of ignorance and these people vote. If you aren’t capable of understanding the legal system, how do they comprehend the way our government operates? I bet they don’t. They vote for whoever is popular.

Ick. It’s just so creepy.


  1. OhioLinda

    Many Mommies of Caylee Anthony are now running pictures of abused children.
    I’ve not seen one post on their FB page that shows how they are helping children.
    Showing pics of abused children is helping how? All they are doing is crying over them and praising themselves for being such great moms. Now that this tragedy of a balloon launch is over, I really want to see what they do next?

    When I saw that report on the children of Somalia I cried then I screamed about the huge waste of money spent on all those balloons that could have been going to help. I’m outraged on how some chose to honor one dead child when there are so many that deserve respect that are still living. Caylee has been gone longer than the time she actually lived. How long does it take to cry and mourn over one dead child? Get over people, she wasn’t your child!!! Let her R.I.P.

  2. Prinnie (Post author)

    That’s what I have been asking for years – how does posting pictures of missing kids do anything for them? It doesn’t and it is NOT being an advocate. Being an advocate involves removing their large asses from their computer chair and actually leaving their homes.


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