Hey You…Booger Eater

 …and still there is an endless supply of them online.  I took a gander on Twitter today – specifically the tweets about Caylee Anthony and tomorrow’s episode of Dr. Phil and can say with much expertise that those who continue to participate in the Pariah Pilgrimage are mentally ill.  None of them realize that every time they type something with their shit stained fingers about that little girl’s family that they dishonor her.  Nor do they care.  Their mentality is whoever caws the loudest that they love their “precious Kaylee” or whoever has the biggest, ugliest animated glitter gif most definitely LOVES Caylee more than anyone EVER!  These proclamations are coming from broken people.  Women who have done a shitty job of raising their own children and as a result have grandchildren born out of wedlock to teen mothers; children who were so starved for the love of their own mother that they become drug addicted or commit suicide. I have read poems from old ladies describing horrible things that happened to Caylee post mortem and have to wonder if some of these women aren’t getting some sick pleasure from their little stories that they write.  Who else goes into such vivid detail about animals ravaging a dead child?  It is NOT normal behavior, and there is no amount of ‘we love Caylee’ as a reason for this sickness that excuses the behavior.

Perhaps all of these people are looking to Caylee to be a “fix” in their minds for the terrible parenting mistakes they have made with their own children.  It’s pretty sad either way that a dead girl who they never knew is getting more attention than their own children.

I have read posts on Facebook groups where women are laughing about making their living children eat microwavable meals because they are too busy hating on Casey Anthony to fix them a proper dinner.  These women are despicable and are no better than the names that they call Casey Anthony.  I have read the most ignorant crap from people who are now suddenly legal experts but have not a single clue about the basics of the US justice system.  They only see it how they want to see it.  It is a shame that 98% of these people are so ignorant as to not understand that there is no difference between reasonable doubt and shadow of a doubt.  I’m not going to go into it…it is simple, but simple people don’t comprehend the basic concept, nor do they want to.  This is all about being butt hurt because they didn’t get the verdict that they wanted.

The dolts are so quick to scream CHANGE THE SYSTEM!!! Really?  But, I guess it is easy to make such ignorant demands when your gene pool needs to be cleansed with a street broom and Clorox. Sometimes just looking at a picture or three of these fools TELLS IT ALL. More often than not these folks look like they might be missing a chromosome or twenty.  I’m hoping and praying that each and every one of them has a loved one that becomes a criminal defendant at some point in time so that they can recall their bucolic rants.  I am confident they will be singing a different tune.  Let’s see how quickly they want to have double jeopardy or the myriad of other asinine BS they have spew.  I actually feel embarrassed for them because they are so dumb.  There is no reason for anyone to be ignorant.  If you have internet access, you should be educating yourself about the world around you.  Or about supply and demand.  LOL  THEY are the reason that the media keeps running stories about the Anthony family.  With no demand there is no need to supply information.

And as the hour nears for Dr. Phil to unleash the most anticipated interview of the summer, the poor dears are going to be beating their heads in a frenzy – torn between LYING about not watching the show, and full on sitting there frothing at the mouth as they listen to EVERY SINGLE WORD that Cindy and George Anthony say.  They can’t help themselves.  LOL  Here’s to a great show tomorrow, and maybe the herd will be culled with a mass throwing of embolus and blood pressure increases.

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety.”
Benjamin Franklin


  1. truthfinder

    Well said. These people make me ashamed to share the Earth with them. Maybe someday they will “get it”. I won’t hold my breath.

  2. Simplynotdivine

    Someone needs to turn those women into Child Protective Services for neglecting their children. They love hating Casey for what she did but they don’t realize they are not any different from her. One of these days while those ladies are busy chatting on their computers, their child or grandchild might get into some cubbard they shouldn’t be in, or go outside where they could wander off, get picked up by some stranger or possible drown in a pool if they have one. It only takes a second for a child to open a door and sneak outside.


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