Moves Like Jagger and Nips Like…

Man, I love this song!!! LOVE IT!  Everytime I hear it I just wanna dance my fanny all over the house and sing – moves like Jagga’ yeah!  Dancin’ and a floppin’ my big  booooooooooobies all over the living room – and not on national television!!!…which brings me to my next subject.  Good ol’ Nancy “BOOBALANCHE” DisGrace.  The ol’ nip slip BOMBSHELL! FLOPMOM herself had an explosive mammary incident on Dancing with the Tards the other night!

TMZ reported that poor Nancy “Boobalanche FLOPMOM” Grace had the nip slip whilst dancing and she is ADAMANT that it did not happen.  She claims it was a pasty.  I have bolded the part that infuriates me.

“When I got dressed, I was wearing Petals (nipple covers) and an industrial strength bra … my dancing dress also had a bra sewn into it.”  Nancy adds, “I have been judged guilty without a trial … I will go to my grave denying the nip slip.”

Oh, ya don’t say, Nancy?  Flop Mom has spent THREE YEARS decrying not only Casey Anthony, but the ENTIRE Anthony family, and she adjudicated her and FOUND HER GUILTY LONG BEFORE she ever had a trial.  She has also MADE MILLIONS of dollars on the death of Caylee Anthony, and yet this ditch pig has the audacity to even say that the nip slip incident has been unfairly handled and she has been JUDGED GUILTY WITHOUT A TRIAL? when that is EXACTLY what she did to Casey Anthony!!!  Not only that, but since July 5th she has incited the unwashed masses to find Casey and has more or less encouraged whatever street justice might befall her. I wouldn’t doubt that she secretly hope something does happen to Casey because at least her failing ratings would go up.  Her show isn’t crap unless she is shit talking Casey Anthony, and the ONLY people that watch Nancy Grace anymore are uneducated BOOGER EATERS.  Those people who still caw and cry into their pillows at night about a little girl they don’t even know.  As someone on the forum said these women are no doubt telling their children “It’s okay honey, I love you…just not as much as a dead kid I don’t know”. 

Nancy Grace is a PIG.  I wish it were her uterus that slipped out.  In a perfect world her partner would have kicked it across the floor where  some unknowing janitor would toss it into a trash bin and off to the county landfill it would go!! Alas, the possibility of the gene pool ever being infected with her special brand of stupid would be finally put to an end!

Now, I’m off to shake my ass like Jagger!  You have yourself a wonderful evening!!



  1. Prinnie (Post author)

    hahahahha!@!! Thanks to my good friend for the photo!! !LOOK AT THE NIP!!

  2. PQ

    Oh Gawd just shoot me now for what I am about to say

    I actually like NG on DWTS! She is so different on there. Maybe it’s because she has to stand and be judged? I kind of give her credit for doing the show knowing so many people hate her. I was actually shocked at her uhm boobage! I had no idea she was so enormous. I am really hoping she starts covering it up though because it’s like watching two naked fat people having a pillow fight. blech

    My Fav part of the show Monday was when Bruno told Chaz he looked like an Ewok dancing with Princess Lea. OMG I about peed my pants laughing because he really does look like an Ewok LOL

  3. Prinnie (Post author)

    I can’t watch it. I refuse to watch it, and don’t have the time to watch another television show, and I hate her. I really do hope someone kicks her uterus across the dance floor. Please make sure you call me right away and I pray that someone youtubes it so I can watch it over and over. And THAT IS NIPPLE!!!! LOL Her giant milk bags flopping all over the dance floor is something I do not want to witness. I can’t get the giant flaring nostrils out of my brain. She makes millions. Why can’t she get a nose job?

  4. angelinfl

    Nancy was rude to her partner in rehearsals. She has a nasty attitude in general. Why is it on her show they only show her from the necklace up…. and any old pictures of her where about 100 pounds ago?

    A question though if one child is missing why take the same 40 feet of film and reverb it through the whole hour. Are the producers unable to realize the more stories that are exposed and brough to air the more missing children might be found or justice make be sought for them?

    I think it is a travesty that Nancy is donating her money to the Center for Missing Children… (115K a week) her circus of a show would do better in a format that is not a rehash of a rehash night after night. Could you guys put up working for Nancy Grace… not me I’d tell her what exist to push tha momma from the train. Let Jeanne Cassaras come up with a logical show that serves the so-called population that Nancy exploits with her show.

    1. Prinnie (Post author)

      The people who watch Nancy don’t care about missing children. I honestly believe they get off on the facts of these cases. They get some sort of sick sexual charge from hearing about these crimes. Just like the dirty old grandma that wrote about Caylee rotting in the woods. Who even THINKS like that? Who wants to think about Casey being molested by her father or brother? Why do they want to know who Caylee’s father is? So they can harass and torment that family until the end of time? Nancy Grace’s audience are borderline retarded. I would like to look at the Niellson charts and look at the socioeconomic demographics and well…betcha I can say a whole lot, but this isn’t the forum for that.

  5. simplynotdivine

    I don’t watch DWTS. I see Nancy is no longer doing that show that is on in the afternoon. They got someone else to do it instead. Apparently, the producers wanted it filmed in Calif. according to NG and she didn’t want to move. I say it was because no one would watch her.

  6. tlf

    hahahahahahahahaha! You made me giggle out loud at 7 am in my sleepy little house. Dancing with the Tards – priceless! That is my new name for that moronic show. I was so disturbed by seeing her ginormous brown areola that I made a someecard about it. (view here:

    As for the Maroon 5 song, I cracked my daughter up because I thought he was saying “I gotta move my jacket.” Thanks. Now I have the song running through my head.

  7. Prinnie (Post author)

    LMAO Now I’m going to forever sing “gotta move my jacket” as I shimmy my hiney and move my shoulders like Jagga. hahah! That show is definitely Dancing with the Tards. They are a bunch of has been washed up D-listers who are PRAYING that their craptabulous dance moves rocket their names back into the big lights of Hollyweird. As for Flopmom…that is for sure a nipple! A big, ugly, spread out the size of China – your ugly bebbies have had their wretched mouths stretched across your ginormous, putrid milk, engorged nipple! I think I just made myself puke in my mouth a little.

  8. thejbmission

    Prinnie, I like the way you think!! 😀 LMAO!!!
    TIT Mom can deny till the milk dries up but that’s a NIP. Its been nothing but bad Karma for TiT Mom since the Anthony case…I’m thinking its all that bad MoJo she’s been wishing on Casey.
    I’m hoping the next time she farts on live TV, it’ll be the last I see of good old NG.
    Enough Already!!!
    Thanks for the laugh..

    1. Prinnie (Post author)

      I hope the next time she farts that she craps her pants and leaves a hot, steaming pile of irrefutable evidence on the dance floor! LOL Again, she is shrieking that she is being found guilty without a trial. Well, well, Miss Nancy Pants, isn’t that EXACTLY what she did to Casey Anthony for the last three years that she squawked TOTMOM IS GUILTY and made millions on Caylee’s remains? Karma is a sweet, sweet biddie!! And if anyone deserves it, Nancy ShitPants Disgrace does. What a wretched woman. LOL I’m holding out for the crap video. It’s coming! LOL


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