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Author, activist, lover of all animals and a few people.

Defend speech because it’s free; not because you agree with it.
You can now purchase a book of the screenshots that were gathered during my research of the case and see the reasons I was so upset about what was happening in Steubenville.

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  1. BarnGoddess

    Great shot. Last Saturday we went to our neighboring town in Kansas for the Flatlanders festival. Mainly an antique and classic car and motorcycle show. Fun side entertainment such as a talent contest and the annual scruffy dog contest. I was amazed at the number of boxers. Not in the contest, but just walking with their owners. Seems walking your dogs are a tradition there. Of course we took one of our three dogs, Bentley, the Welsh Corgi. Boxers are so loving and affectionate. One of the truly great breeds.

    1. Prinnie (Post author)

      They are, and they love everyone! She thinks she’s a Corgi. She doesn’t realize she weighs almost 100 pounds and not 5. I have bruises all over me where she just jumps over me like a gazelle. LOL


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