Piece of S**t Dad

I’m not sure what to say…YouTuber vegasnutzz’s 3-year-old daughter asked him why some of her Barbies were white while the others were black. “Jokingly,” [insert eyeroll here] he says, “all little girls turn black on their 4th birthday”.  His daughter’s birthday was a week away.  A tearful fallout ensued.  I’m not sure what is more disturbing.  The fact that a 3-year old is having such fits over being black and at such a tender age has the ability to even know hate and to treat someone differently over their skin color or the behavior of these little brats in their “follow-up” video after people went crazy on youtube after the first video was published.  The other videos of said child are pretty ridiculous and vegasnutzz is a horrible parent.  The child is OUT OF CONTROL and basically runs the household.  He openly admits that she tells THEM what’s what.


Here is their response to youtube after people were so offended by the first video:


Humanity is effed.


  1. Prinnie (Post author)


    This guy is a real dick. He made the response video private. HIs three-year old was dropping the F bomb and telling people to kiss her butt. Let’s see how he deals with her in 10 years when she’s beating his ass because he thinks it’s so cute not to have control.

  2. tlf

    I can’t watch these yet because it’s 6:30 in the morning and I can’t find the headphones and I’ll wake the house up. That being said what kind of a turd parent would put a video of their child crying or cursing on YouTube? Aren’t those the sort of dark parenting moments that should be hidden far, far in the back of a mental closet?
    Noooooooo. We’ve got the one who says “Hey, darlin’? How do you post one of them thar youtube videos?”

    1. Prinnie (Post author)

      Okay, the old people trying to learn how to post a youtube creeped me out. I LOVE elderly people, but her cracking her gum — it’s something that I just cannot handle and I cringed watching the video. LOL As for Piece of Crap dad up there, his little darling is going to steal his kidney in the middle of the night and sell it for meth money and he has no one to blame but himself. He was on Dr. Phil defending his lack of parenting. I am the one that stands back and points fingers at the idiots that cry when an entire family is dead because little Johnny went slaughter house crazy yet the signs were there for YEARS and no one did a thing. In that case…they failed and sadly it is nature culling the herd. That is not a popular stance to take, but it’s true. When you do stupid shit – there are serious repercussions for your actions, and then everyone wants to pretend it was such a tragedy. Yes, it was a tragedy, but it could have been prevented had it not been for a bunch of fucktards. People are stupid. You cannot be your child’s BFF. It does not work.


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