Tard Warriors & the Fifth

I haven’t slept yet because I’ve been up all night doing homework.  I am bettering myself, unlike others who are sitting on their fat rears, tormenting people on the interwebz and screeching about a dead baby that they don’t know…didn’t know…Caylee would have HAULED ASS if she got within 5″ of them because children have a natural booger eater detection sensor, and those who are e-loving and using their keyboards to be “WARRIORS FER CAYLEE”.  Really?   Be truthful, water heads.  Call yourselves Idiots for Caylee.  Or Shiteaters for Justice. NOTHING they are doing is of ANY benefit to anyone…period.

I’m VERY disturbed that the Florida news networks felt compelled to not only release the full names of the 12 jurors AND the alternates, but they also provided their employer’s information AND how many children they have.  PLEASE explain to me how their young children have any part of this?  You know…awhile back I recall a group of booger eaters screaming at the top of their lungs about involving children, and I DO NOT advocate EVER bringing someone’s children into an adult fight/bitch session, yet I’m looking at some of the Twitter accounts and I’ll be damned.  These C U Next Tuesday’s are not only tweeting the full names of the Anthony jurors, but also discussing their CHILDREN!!!  Splain it to me…how is this even remotely acceptable?  It is not and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU SCUMBAG, KNUCKLE-DRAGGING FREAKS should be charged with cyberstalking!

The Casey Anthony case has brought out some of the scummiest, dirtiest, most bucolic hillbilly trash that I have ever seen, and has totally shit up the true crime community.  To the point that I’m done with it.  BH is done, and will be closed.  I don’t want these people on my forums.  I don’t want them to comment on my blog.  I don’t want them to get anywhere near my side of the internet because they are so STUPID!  They don’t think, and the constant screaming about the “rights”.  Well, what about the rights of their VICTIMS?  These people are CYBERSTALKING CYBERBULLIES and internet TERRORISTS.

I hope and pray that if something happens to any one of these jurors, that every single scumbag that made reference to harming them is sued.  Perhaps this will stop this sort of assenine and predatory behavior.  These people make me sick and to be quite honest, they are not the brightest people on the net.  The demographic representation can be summed up in two words:  booger eater.

Don’t hate.  Sometimes the truth hurts.  Instead of behaving like that little asswipe in school that got jacked up by the dodgeball every day at recess, perhaps these shit heels will try to better themselves. Learn how to write a cohesive and complete sentence utilizing proper grammar and syntax.  When your writing is what introduces you to the world wide web and it is written at a second grade level, you really can’t cry when someone points out the obvious.  If it looks like poo, smells like poo and sticks to your shoe like poo — chances are…it’s POO!  Idiots.


  1. John

    don’t let the door hit you on the way out

  2. John

    oh, and to your ignorance…..


    1. Prinnie (Post author)

      Huh? Really? Only about greed and morality in America? How does that fit into the piggy squeal battle cry – JUSTICE FOR CAYLEEEEEEEEEEEEEE when there are living children who need assistance? How does this fit into ONE CHILD when that’s all these idiots are focusing on? How many of you are doing volunteer work or donating time to needy children? When’s the last time you did some volunteer work at the local homeless shelter or soup kitchen? How is screaming for one child helping raise awareness for others? American greed – how? Jeff Ashton is writing a book. Is it okay for him to profit and her own mother not to?

      Now, how about you give me some answers and not be so rude.

  3. Observer

    I also have been busy with school work and have not had time to follow what has been going on concerning the release of the jurors names. I feel that is a big mistake considering that there are still a bunch of psycho’s out there still following this case and wanting so called justice. I agree with you that there is more to life than following this case. These people are just in it for the attention they get for themselves. I have never seen such a mean group of people like the ones I have met that have followed this case. They will attack anyone who does not agree with them.

  4. NoMoney4Murder (@HollysHere)

    You’re a disgrace to the human race. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

  5. Prinnie (Post author)

    Dear Tard4deadbabies who left the comment – and you are a fucking mong. No comment for you, douchenozzle. YOU and your ilk continue to prove my point. Friggin coffin flies!

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