Outright Child Abuse

Judge William Adams has issued a statement about why he beat the crap out of his daughter with a belt, and says it’s not as bad as it looks.  I beg to differ.  That beating was nothing more than child abuse and it WAS a vicious beating, and while the daughter, Hillary says that her mother was forced or brainwashed into assisting him, I’m not buying it.  She TOLD on her daughter.  Any abused woman that I know (and I have known a few) will NOT TELL their husband that the children have behaved badly because they fear that the children will be beaten.  Aunt Crazy never told Ike when the boys were bad because she KNEW that he would savagely beat them when he found out.  I don’t believe that the former Mrs. Adams didn’t enjoy lashing her child.  She came back into the room just to give it to her like a “grown woman”.

Judge Adams obviously enjoyed the beating as well, as he told her that he was going to beat her into submission.  Really?  Who speaks like this other than an abuser? A lot has been said about Hillary releasing the video and while no one will probably know her real reasons for doing so, the bottom line is that the dirty secret of the family has come to light.  Judge Williams will not be charged with the brutal assault as the five-year statute of limitations has expired.  However, his karma is that the world is seeing Judge William Adams and his wife for what they are – CHILD ABUSERS and rotten people.



  1. Simplynotdivine

    I watched that video on Tv. I feel the Mom is just as guilty as the Dad. You could hear her yelling
    at the child and did nothing to stop the beating. I couldn’t finish watching the video. It made me sick.

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