Ran Out of Gas Mom

I hate to jump to conclusions, but when children go missing it is almost impossible anymore NOT to.  The child missing from Bellevue, Washington is no different and my eyebrows are raised, and my eyes are rolling in the back of my head.  Something STINKS in Bellevue!!

Julia Biryukova, mother of the missing 4-year old said she left her son, Sky, in an unattended car for an hour while she went for gas.  The car ALLEGEDLY ran out of gas, but law enforcement were able to start it when they got to her vehicle.  She says that she took the 4-year old with her and left the 2-year old in the car.  Problem is that he was in a 5-point restraint car seat.  HELLO, bright star, but he’s not coming out of that by himself, and it is highly unlikely that he was abducted since the car was not out of gas. 

The parents had a very troubled marriage and there were allegations of psychosis with mommy.  There were also  accusations of beatings, lies and mental illness which are vastly complicating the search for 2-year-old Sky Metalwala.  I hate to even think about it, but I doubt Sky is going to be found alive, and it pisses me off that parents/mothers think they can just kill their children because they don’t want them anymore or because they think that this is a way to piss off the other parent.  What is wrong with people?  Society literally makes me sick anymore.

This is yet another case that is going to end very badly.   And this baby probably lost his life because of the ensuing divorce and custody battle.  What a shame.




  1. Simplynotdivine

    It is getting depressing to turn on the TV and hear that another child is missing. What’s worse is hearing that the child was supposedly killed by a parent. When will it stop! Why isn’t our government doing something to protect innocent children? Instead, they are trying too busy trying to implement laws to ruin unions and sending money to help out other countries.
    And let’s not forget all these people posting on FB and twitter how they are helping missing children when in reality they are doing nothing but ripping others off. Let’s not forget how a group of people are too interested in one child that is no longer alive instead of doing something to help those that are alive and in danger.

    1. Prinnie (Post author)

      Yeah, my gripe is the people who call themselves “missing children advocates” but do NOTHING but post links about missing children. HOW is that helping? How about all those “donate a tweet to save a child from abuse”. REALLY? HOW does posting a Twitter link keep a kid from getting their ass kicked? Why not get out and work at a shelter? Volunteer to read to children at the local library. Tutor a child — but 99.9% of those goobers can’t read, let alone string together a coherent sentence that doesn’t require a fart and grunt translator. The government can do nothing to help children from being abused other than requiring sex ed in schools and providing parenting classes. People need to be better parents. People who cannot afford children should NOT be having them!

  2. Posey

    The sad fact is that no one saw that child for two weeks prior to his abduction, he could have died anytime during those two weeks and frankly right outside of Bellevue is a massive forest that goes on for most of the state. He’s hidden in a grave where no one will find him. Thankfully mom is an idiot and will not get away with this, what’s troubling now is exactly what the 4 year old saw her mother do and when..

  3. Simplynotdivine

    I agree there are people out there that are not good parents. I feel a lot of the reason is because they have come from homes where they have witnessed some type of abuse. To some of these people, abuse is considered a normal way to punish a child. Another reason is some of these people have children at young ages or have no support system in place when they get too stressed out.
    The question is what can be done to help solve this problem and to stop children from being killed by their parents?

  4. PQ

    If you look at Mom’s FB and also her Flickr account you will see a trend. The only picture she has of Sky on her FB page is in her profile picture all other pictures are of the daughter. She has very few pictures of him on her Flickr account and the majority of those she does have, are more focused on the daughter than him. It’s like he was just a prop for the picture of the daughter.


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