Cold of Winter

I have largely neglected this blog.  Lots of things going on in my life with illness being at the top of the list.  In and out of the hospital last month, but am on the mend.  I’m not sure what to do with this blog, as well as BH.  I’m contemplating just shutting it down all together.  It has ran its course.  I’m really not thrilled with the people that the true crime community brings to the table.  It is getting worse, and I truly have no desire to interact with individuals who when they cannot handle a differing opinion they behave like criminals.

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  1. Angelinfl

    I agree with you. As much as I miss BH et al… I think our lives are better off without all the drama involved with those sick people. I think it was a part of our lives and because of it we know who are wears a white hat and who wears a black hat (so to speak) I like to freely discuss opinions and we can do that in other venues with each other. The friends I have made through BH and knowing certain individuals will always be priceless in my heart. Whatever you decide to do…. Thank you Prinnie for enriching my life and being my friend. I so appreciate you!


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