Implied Credibility = CRAP!

I realize that I at times have some colorful descriptions of the people and activity that I see on the interwebz, and am surely called a few choice names myself, but the lack of intelligence by some in the true crime community is mind boggling!  After giving it much thought lately – people are just outright dumb asses.  I honestly believe that the internet is becoming a gathering place for mentally unhinged and socially stunted individuals.  The general consensus is “if I read it on the interwebz and it’s on the TV then *grunt* it must be true!”.   No one wants to do their research anymore.  They are happy to just swallow whatever said talking head spits down their throats and call it a day.  The internet is filled with CREDIBLE information if people would just look for it rather than just implicitly drinking the snake oil that is being fed to them by the media.  Implied credibility is NOT real.  Just because someone is on television, it does not make them an expert on anything other than tooting their horn and collecting a paycheck for their time.

One of my issues with implied credibility and the media is they continue to have these people on their shows who do not have the professional credentials to speak for their implied professions.  The uneducated masses believe that just because Nancy Grace says so — by God this is the truth and this person speaks for all!!  Is it because they are just too dumb to care?  There is someone who appears regularly on some of the news shows who, in my opinion and according to tard logic, because I say so that might make me an expert, has very questionable credentials.  In fact, she has NO real credentials other than those that she has “implied” or created by way of “reading lots of books”.  I won’t bother to mention her name.  I think everyone knows who it is, but apparently her panties are in a twist because someone in her field got a television series and she didn’t.  She is throwing an internet temper tantrum and asking people to boycott the show.  NEWSFLASH:  she nor Nancy Disgrace have enough viewership to be more than a nuisance to that network.

She issued a diatribe about what profiling is and I’m giggling like a schoolgirl at the irony! The basic idea of profiling is very simple. Its aim is to predict characteristics of the  undetected offender(s) from characteristics of the offense(s) and the victims (Farrington,  2007).  Criminal profiling is the process of using behavioral evidence left at a crime scene to make inferences about the offender, including inferences about personality characteristics and psychopathology.  In its most basic form, profiling is simply the “postdiction of behavior; an action has taken place that allows investigators to make inferences about the person responsible” (Davis & Follette, 2002).  It just DOES NOT happen like it does on shows like Criminal Minds.

Profiles are also subjective and contain varying amounts of accuracy, if accurate at all.  There is a lack of information regarding  cases where profiling made a critical contribution to an investigation, and I have found NO PUBLISHED CASES that said “profiler” has solved or assisted on in a professional capacity – other than making INFERENCE on television and dropping her favorite adjective to describe the psychopath du jour.  Can someone please point these cases out to me?  Am I just overlooking them?  WHAT serial killing cases does she have anything more than IMPLIED knowledge?  Help me out here. 

The FBI studies previous crimes and criminals and utilizes this information for profiling.  However, according to the self-proclaimed profiler — who happens to have neither law enforcement nor psychological background — the murdertainment specialist:

That is pure garbage, Nicole. A serial killer is a pathological liar who makes up crap people want to hear. Secondly, that is not how one profiles serial homicides, by guessing stuff about the murderer. Thirdly, allowing a convicted murderer to be a star is disgusting.

The TV profiler in her hissy fit is doing what psychologists would refer to as projecting.  This really made me laugh – “makes up crap people want to hear”.  LMAO Isn’t that what SHE does?  *caw caw PSYCHOPATH!!  caw caw SERIAL KILLER*    Does said profiler utilize psychological assessments to determine the cognitive core of the alleged offender?  (LMAO – pretty sure the answer to that is NOT).

WHY wouldn’t a serial killer be able to provide information about serial crimes?  The early FBI profilers spoke to MANY serial murderers in order to glean knowledge about why they killed.   Qualitative interviewing and research is essential in understanding the inner workings of the serial killer’s mind, and that entails SPEAKING to serial killers so that we can understand what makes them tick!   Criminal psychologists and forensic psychologists interview criminals all the time in the hopes of determining what makes a criminal mind.  Please explain to me how the TV personality is able to squawk PSYCHOPATH! and SERIAL KILLER! without EVER having viewed so much as the investigative files in the cases she “profiles” on television?  How does one diagnose a personality disorder without EVER speaking to or interviewing the individual or even administering psychological testing?  Buehler? Anyone?  Anyone?

I did a lot of reading and research while writing this blog post.  I have also read a lot of books, journal articles, peer reviews, DSM-IV-TR, etc. in pursuit of my education in psychology and for my thesis.  According to TV profiler logic…does this now make me a criminal profiler?  *smirk*  You can become a profiler, too.  Here’s a link to the BRACE cognitive analysis tool where you can profile Hannibal Lecter.  Who knows…if you market yourself well enough you can get on TV just like that other one!!  caw caw!!!

Some sources for ya:  Am I a profiler now?  Or just a bitch?
Farrington, D. (2007). Criminal profiling, principles and practice [Book review]. International
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Risinger, D. M., & Loop, J. L. (2002). Three card monte, monty hall, modus operandi and
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  1. Frannie

    Good blog! Oh, Crap…

  2. ohiolinda

    You have skills! Great blog!

  3. Prinnie (Post author)

    And then this:
    Criminal Profiler Pat Brown Besides, if the profiler on the show, John Kelly, needs help understanding serial killers he can read my book, “Killing for Sport; Inside the Minds of Serial Killers.” The show is full of bad profiling, myths, and lies.

    bwahahahahahahahahh!!! She is a HOUSEWIFE with a self-created CV.

  4. JunieTuney

    I wouldn’t even bet her as a “housewife” but probably more of a dirty slob hoarder with psychological issues…many more than just a hoarder.

  5. bullyjo

    Luving this blog. Shared it on my FB.

  6. elena mitchell

    Oh so true. And a jolly good Blog. Someone is going to be sorry they tried their rubbish on The McCanns. This is indeed The World Wide Web. And her dubious credentials are spreading World Wide. But no with quite the desired recognition.

    1. elena mitchell

      Thanks, Anon. Much better explained than I could have done.
      Some nearly five years after the event, Pat Brown has made no attempt to read The Police Files, or to consider the actual evidence, preferring to base her disgusting theories on discredited Media Reports and Forum Gossip I can only assume that she has been largely found wanting in The US of A and decided to turn her attention to The UK. and Portugal, in some vain attempt to polish up her damaged reputation.
      In fact she will be in Portugal sometime in the next week to “Search for Madeleine”, although what she expects to find is somewhat of a mystery since both The Portuguese Police and The UK Police have found nothing to suggest that The McCanns harmed their daughter or hid her body.
      I do read American Blogs, so I do have some idea of what this woman gets up to on other Cases.

  7. Anon
  8. Anon

    someone THINKS she has integrity

    annembremner Anne Bremner
    @ProfilerPatB thank you for standing up for free speech. You are awesome. It takes courage and integrity. You have both.
    10 hours ago

  9. elena mitchell

    Oh Dear. Pat Brown sent a “Cease and Desist” Letter to The McCanns, to the wrong Lawyer at the wrong Address in the wrong country. She then altered this Letter three times during the day, yesterday, in a vain attempt to cover up her ignorance. How did she do this to a Letter that had already been sent on the 1st of February? Don’t ask me. That one is a bit beyond my comprehension. But Screen Shots were grabbed on all counts.

  10. Anon

    An interesting insight from Kate McCann in her book

    Page 313

    “Another relvelation that appalled us was the existence of individuals whose lives seem to be governed by how they can turn any situtation to their own advantage. If their personal agenda is not their prime focus, it is never far behind. They might even be helping, or at least seeming to help, but all the time they are calculating what’s in it for them. There are journalists and ‘criminologists’ I could name whose interest in Madeleine has far less to do with recovering an abducted child than with profiting from her misfortune. They continue to offer their services and ‘expertise’ to promote themselves and make money, often muddying the water in the process.” … 339018/FMU

    1. elena mitchell

      Didn’t Pat Brown offer to “Profile” the case for The McCanns if they paid her? But never mind, Madeline is paying for Pat Brown’s up coming trip to Portugal.
      I just wish I figure out who Pat Brown charges. She says she works “Pro Bono” but she has published a list of what her “Fees” are. I hope this doesn’t affect her judgement, like, “If you pay me you must be innocent.” Personally, I think that if they pay her they must be mad.

    2. Prinnie (Post author)

      IMO, the only reason Pat wrote her “book” *snort* was to garner publicity for herself and ride the coattails of Kate McCann’s book release. PB’s book is total crap and reads like an illiterate wrote it. How can she PROFILE without having access to crime scene and case file? This was a calculated revenue building move, IMO.

      1. elena mitchell

        The Case Files are available on The Internet. This is a quaint little foible of The Portuguese Policia Judiciaria, hereinafter known as The PJ. Sadly, Ms. Brown hasn’t had time to read them, noted by her obvious ignorance of The Facts. But Facts rarely bring in the spondulicks in the quantity that Ms. Brown would like.

        1. Prinnie (Post author)

          Are they written in English? Is Portugese also on her CV? LOL She’s not going to look at crapola. Will the police there even allow her access? She is not a private investigator, yet IMO this is exactly her mission and to annoy the McCann’s. A real profiler does not solve cases. There are NO accounts of a profiler ever having solved a case. They create an educated guess based on experience and as we can all see EVERYONE is a psychopath and serial killer according to her. To me…that shows her very misguided thought process and inexperience.

  11. Anon

    Important Announcement – Wiki Update
    The wiki team are currently working on an update to the existing wiki.

    The update will focus on what the media have described as a “hate campaign” against the McCanns.

    This is topical given the ongoing Leveson Enquiry, Tony Bennett’s pending contempt of court hearing, Pat Brown’s pending “lawsuit” against the McCanns and her search for Madeleine McCann’s “corpse” which is due to take place over the next two week.

    Whether or not people believe that “hate campaign” is the correct term, we will demonstrate some of the comments which are posted daily in their thousands (albeit by a small group of people) about the McCanns and their search for missing Madeleine.

    We will also demonstrate connections between these people and “criminal profiler” Pat Brown. We shall leave it to the reader to decide whether her interest in the McCann case is unbiased and/or professional.

    It is hoped that this update will go live tomorrow even if only some of the pages are completed.

    Any members of the press wishing information before this can contact the team via the wiki (there is a link to “contact the owner” at the bottom of each page).

  12. elena mitchell


  13. Anon

    Joey Ortega
    If anyone has read anything I have written regarding certain “criminal profilers” and what seems like media’s lack of background checking of them, one would find that although am I direct, I am asking fair questions that people have a right to ask and know the answers to. It can also be easy to see that I never called anyone names (yet others insist on doing so towards me), I just pointed out gross inconsistencies and contradictions in some of their arguments and claims. It should also be noted my article she seems to reference addressed many people not one specific person. I even mention other names in some examples. So why Pat or her followers want to make this all about her makes no sense.

    I can only assume her post (attached) is including me, since in the comments I am mentioned by name and no clarification or correction is offered on her part. Except I don’t recall inviting her on my show 2 hours after my article was written. Why is she taking her grievances to her fans and letting them com at me to her defense while she says nothing? I don’t see why she would need any fan or supporter to speak on her behalf and I still have yet to see how exactly her friend Jon Hansen, shut me up as is claimed by one fan. I’m still here and discussing an issue that has to be discussed and will be discussed. I spoke out on something that I recognized may make some feel uncomfortable or ruffle a few feathers but I put my self out there anyway because its what I felt was right and would do it again without regret, so to question MY integrity is just silly and demonstrates either an inability or unwillingness so see the discussion with objectivity.

    I have been “nice”, but I have not been mean. I have respectfully but directly challenged claims, NOT character. Anyone, please help me out here. How does asking even uncomfortable questions and wanting to hold public figures accountable for statements and claims make one a “hater”? I’m no lawyer, so can someone also tell me how is it that publicly questioning the qualifications of an “expert” and asking for seeming contradictions to be clarified is considered “libel”? Yet writing books , blogs, tweets, etc insulting people, calling them names, accusing people of crimes, such as murder of ones own child without ANY REAL evidence is “freedom of speech”? Or is me asking that too, making me the mean guy and her the victim again?

    Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
    If I won’t respond to your questions or come on your blogtalkshow, it is because I have better things to do than argue with idiots & haters.

    1. Prinnie (Post author)

      IMO, she is uncomfortable because she is being asked valid questions that she does not have the answers to. She is selling snake oil. The FBI and real profilers think she is a joke and a menace. I’ve asked many times — WHAT CASES has she solved? WHAT serial killers has she identified with her “profiling”? She has self-made herself a profiler and the media doesn’t care that she is not a real profiler. Just goes to show that the shows that have her on are for entertainment purposes only because they do not vet their guests.

      1. Anon

        Quite Prinnie – If the Scotland Yard Review Team get to read her criticism of their actions,. of which she knows sweet FA, they’ll also know what a joke and menace she is.

  14. elena mitchell

    The Files are in English, although some are translations done by slightly suspect Portuguese Poster. But it is virtually impossible to mess about with Forensic Reports and technical details, none of which point to the death of Madeleine in any place, shape or form.

    Mz. Brown touched down briefly in London this morning, and should be arriving in Portugal about now. She doesn’t appear to speak Portuguese, or particularly good English for that matter, so just how she is going to interrogate the local people might be interesting. A number of them don’t speak English, and those who do probably won’t understand her anyway.

  15. Anon

    She actually gets paid for spouting this kind of crap?

    Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

    “Martha? I’m stepping out on the balcony for a smoke. Hey, Martha, come here! What the hell is that man doing at that window? You see right there? He’s busting in the window? Martha, go call the police! Hey, he’s crawling in flat….must be planning to steal…oh, my god, Martha! Tell the police he’s carrying out a child! I’m running downstairs! Maybe I can stop him!”

    Yes, you are looking at Apartment 5A, the very apartment the McCanns were renting on May 3rd, 2007. The time is 10 pm on February 12, 2012. The photo was taken from the third floor of the building across the street. There was some shrubbery along the left wall of the parking lot that has been removed but the view of the McCanns door and window would not have been obscured. The lights on the buildings and in the streets turn the building into a veritable fishbowl. What idiot would think breaking in the window at Apartment 5A or carrying a child out of that window or even the door next to it would be a terribly bright idea? One thing kidnappers know is there are enough human fish in the sea that one doesn’t have to abduct someone under such risky conditions.

    The next picture shows the front side of the apartment building with close-up of the window of Apartment 5A. I am standing in the doorway. Can you see how bright it is at night?

    This picture shows the corner where Jane Tanner sees a man cross the street coming from the apartment, child in his outstretched hands. If you were an abductor, would you be comfortable choosing to walk out in the open, across the well-light street with three people on it? Would you at least think walking the other direction hugging the wall might be a bit smarter, maybe cut down your chances of being seen?

    Robert Murat, the only other Arguido (suspect) in the case, lived on a couple blocks down the way in the direction Jane Tanner claimed the man carrying a child was walking. But, Robert Murat was a known individual in town and many people in Praia da Luz own places here or rent for a long period of time and return year after year. Would someone who knows people might recognize him walk down well-lit streets – his facetotally exposed – straight to his own house? He would have to have an IQ far below 70 to think this would be clever.

    If anyone took a child from the apartment, it would be smarter to walk the opposite way of the man Jane Tanner claims to have seen. Here you can see the wall I just mentioned that he could walk very close to and be out of sight of anyone looking down from the tall apartment building across the street. Even more intelligent would be for an abductor to leave the back of the apartment by the sliding glass doors and hurry down the enclosed path which leads up to the parking area at the front of the apartment and go out at the end of the street and onward to the darker end of the road. It is exactly this path that leads to the Smith sighting.

    Praia da Luz is a very cozy, brightly lit, off-the-main road very small and charming resort town. No sex ring is going to choose this location to target children. A child sex predator might lurk about here but he would be wiser abducting a child from the outskirts of the town or in pretty much any other nearby village. There are some darker side streets further to the edge of the town that a predator or someone carrying a child would be a bit less visible . Apartment 5A would rank pretty much at the bottom of any abductor’s list of places to grab a kid. The only reason someone would remove a child from 5A would be of necessity. Then he would never take the route Jane Tanner claimed she saw the man carrying a child.

    More on the most likely route one would take to carry Madeleine from Apartment 5A in my next blog.

    Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

    1. Prinnie (Post author)

      Please tell me that is a joke and that she REALLY didn’t post that. O.M.G. By the way, she is not an investigator. She has said so herself, so what was she doing there if not investigating? Profilers do not solve cases. FACT.

  16. elena mitchell

    Sloppy, prejudiced, riddled with inaccuracies – and it is glaringly obvious that Brown still hasn’t read The Files.
    The front door to 5a is tucked away in a dark corner in a recess and cannot be seen from the car park. A perfect place to hide while checking the lie of the land.
    And the street lighting has been vastly improved since 2007, simply because Madeleine was abducted.
    This rubbish is obviously the basis for her next pamphlet. But more or less what we all expected.

    1. Prinnie (Post author)

      Criminal Profiling

      Self explanatory and from her book. Without bias? Seems she broke her own rule.

      1. elena mitchell

        As usual, the real Criminal has got nothing to fear from Pat Brown. In fact, looking at some of her mistakes she is well on the way to proving that An Abduction did happen. Although this was obviously not her intention.

  17. Brizz

    She still thinks the WM3 did it too. Lol.


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