This will be short and sweet, but I wanted to post this.  The FBI has defined individuals used by the media as:

Individuals utilized by the media to comment on serial murder cases include both experts and pseudoexperts. Experts are identified as academicians, researchers, retired law enforcement officials, mental health professionals, and retired law enforcement profilers who have developed specific knowledge and experience in serial murder investigations. Pseudoexperts are self-proclaimed profilers and others who profess to have an expertise in serial murder, when, in fact, their experience is limited or non-existent. The media will recruit talking heads, whether true experts or pseudoexperts, to offer their opinions on current cases, when they have no official role in the investigation and no access to any of the intimate facts of the case.

When individuals appear in the media and discuss ongoing cases, they have an enormous potential to negatively influence investigations and may even cause irreversible damage. They often speculate on the motive for the murders and the possible characteristics of the offender. Such statements can misinform the public and may heighten fears in a community. They may contribute to mistrust and a lack of confidence in law enforcement and, more importantly, may taint potential jury pools. These statements may also impact the behavior of the serial murderer, because it is unlikely that an offender discriminates between a talking head and a law enforcement official actively involved in the case. When offenders are challenged by statements or derogatory comments made in the media, they may destroy evidence, or more tragically, react violently.

According to the pseudoexpert, serial killers don’t achieve much in life.?  Really?  Tell that to Ted Bundy.

…and why didn’t she correct this OBVIOUS error regarding credentials? Former FBI criminal profiler?  WHAT! Starts at 1:55.  She did GREAT *sarcasm* profiling this case by the way.

I really wish the media would vet their “experts”.

Link to FBI report on talking heads here.  To hear a program featuring REAL professionally educated criminal profilers, check out Behind the Yellow Tape.

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Psuedoexperts — 89 Comments

    • These are the questions that Fakey the profiler has issue with. WHAT crime scenes has she viewed? How can someone deem a person a psychopath without EVER having done psychological testing or even an in-person evaluation? She is opining. She’s a criminal opiner. It just irks me to bits that people do not do their research and just believe everything that the media shoves down their throats. Murdertainment – that’s her business.

      • Yes been asking those same questions. Except, not letting her or the other “profilers” in my sights dodging them ;). Hoping she’ll just answer, except responsibility for her actions and stop the seeming victim campaign she seems to be running through her fans. if she is qualified then prove it and stop hiding behind fans and tweets, if not then accept that she is busted and get off the air and let police do their jobs.

        • Did you know that her “Masters” degree consisted of 9 courses? Look into the Boston University masters certificate that she got. Very interesting syllabus and wish my grad school were that short in the curriculum department.

  1. I’m giving you both two thumbs up (that’s a double)! Agree, Agree, Agree (now a triple)!. If legitimate there is no reason not to formally respond and if ‘she’ thinks there is only one person who questions her qualifications she should carefully examine . . . no maybe officially investigate her own character and produce the results of the investigation while next time on the air! Oh, if you don’t mind Prinnie . . . I will gladly give you credit for coining the word ‘Mudertainment’ if I may borrow for this for a future article! 🙂

    • The term was coined by a friend of mine and it was BRILLIANT! There are others who are questioning the “expert”. Those who follow the McCann case and the case that the “expert” wrote a 30-page pamphlet following Kate McCann’s release (obviously doing so to ride the coattails of the McCann publication for publicity and financial gain, IMO) are now questioning the credentials of said expert. She will not respond to them, however, asks her feeble-minded and socially derelict audience to please go five her 5 star ratings at Amazon and to go after the “haters”. I mean…REALLY!?! This is how a “PROFESSIONAL” behaves? There is a Facebook group that has MUCH info about the NOfiler.


  2. Great write up Prinnie! It is just like tonight on NG show. She and her guests were going on about how it was DCFS fault that the Powell children were killed because the supervise visits were not at a Burger King but at his home. Josh Powell at the time it was set up was not a threat to his children. Also if he wanted to kill him and the kids, it would not matter were the visits were he still would of done it and besides he probably would of killed the social worker along with the kids.

    People who watch her and JVM believe everything they say. People need to open their eyes and see how they are being influenced by these people opinions. I feel people who watch these shows need to get a dictionary and look up the word BIAS and then research it and these cases.
    If there is one thing that people do not realize is NG and JVM are only putting on a show for ratings. They will do and say anything to get people to watch because if not they would be CANCELLED!!!

    • How can you say he was not a threat to his children??? He killed his friggin wife and obviously IN FRONT of his children as they were starting to talk about it!!! I do believe the DCFS were wrong to allow those visits to happen in his home. The whole point behind supervised visits is to allow the DCFS worker control over the situation. There is no control when you are going to the parents home.

      There is a higher probability of a parent killing the kids and worker when having the visits in the home than there is having visits outside of the home in a more controlled environment. They are less likely to kill at let’s say a Burger King because they would of had many more people there to jump him including the possibility of a cop or an off duty cop. When you have the visits in the parents home, the parent could have guns hidden around the house or even someone else hiding so as to overcome the worker, tie them up and take off with the kids. Then of course you have what he did! That would never have happened if the visit was outside of the home that’s for sure!

      The kids were starting to talk about the night their Mom was killed so DCFS knew this and yet still allowed the visits at his home. He killed his wife, what makes anyone believe he would not kill the DCFS worker? DCFS not only put those kids at risk but also their worker. Supervised visits should never occur in the parents home!!

      I’m sorry but to say he was not a threat to his kids at the time, is simply idiotic!

      • I think he has always been a threat – not to mention the fact that he was brought up in a home with a father with SERIOUS psychosexual issues. I have never heard of visitation in the home when it is supervised. Usually it is done at DCFS where they can monitor in a controlled environment.

  3. Nice job! Information based on facts, including the backup to support your facts. BTW, thanks for mentioning BEHIND THE YELLOW TAPE. I’m following and definitely sharing 🙂

    • Thanks! I really have enjoyed reading your blog. I plan on listening to more show archives today. This is the information that the misinformed masses who drool at the squawks of Nancy Grace and pine over the NOfiler need to hear.

  4. I am appalled by how easily these people can influence the opinions of their not so bright Fans. And none of their Fans are very bright or they would see what is being done. It only worries me that some of these people could finish up on Juries.
    However in the case of Pat Brown, she has latched onto an already ongoing Hate Fest in The UK where her “Reputation” is largely unknown, as yet. It won’t be unknown for much longer as this Blog and others are being spread around.
    So thank you all for your assistance and for providing a platform.

    • IMO, That is exactly what she was hoping for — getting her name over there by creating controversy with the McCann case. Her pamphlet which she calls a book isn’t worth reading. I got through about 4 pages and couldn’t take it anymore. There is also a great review of her first book on the FB group and she admits to having been diagnosed as mentally ill but refusing treatment. <– paraphrased. I'll see if I can find the review and link it.

      • I don’t think she was hoping to be trashed, but that is what is happening, amid great hilarity. There’s nothing like a good laugh on a wet, winter afternoon.
        I suspect she has bitten off a bit more than she can chew.

  5. What exactly are her credentials? Been wondering about that for years. HLNTV obviously is a fan. If you’ve seen her tweets on twitter, she’s anything but professional. Is there a link to her real bio other than her own page? Interesting.

  6. Before I comment on another’s opinion, I vet their background and areas of expertise. RE ‘About’ – I found no relevant background material to support your opinion regarding this post. First of all, Ted Bundy was an anomaly. Most serial killers are of average or below average in intelligence. One can’t take one example and extrapolate all serial killers are intelligent. That is taking one specific example and using it to generalize about all serial killers. I also found this post is purely opinion and commentary and not journalistic in nature, therefore there isn’t an objective reporting of the facts. What I gather from the post is the writer supports the FBI method of profiling to the exclusion of all other methodologies. Don’t misinterpret my opinion. I have several current and former FBI profiling mentors and friends who have helped me tremendously in my research, but I use only the substantiated facts they provide that is corroborated by other facts as is required in a criminal investigation. Regardless of my opinion and as an objective publisher of an online news magazine, I’m still including this blog post in my paper as it is ‘news’ regarding about criminal/psychological profiling, leaving it up to my readers to discern the credibility of the opinion stated. This is simply this Editor in Chief’s opinion and in no way reflects my personal views about the blogger on a personal level. My background, including education, coursework, research, and studies is posted publicly on my blog site.

    • I’m a blogger. Not a journalist. I am not a profiler, and my “about” will NEVER contain that much personal information about myself, as I have a bunch of knuckle dragging booger eaters who have made it their life’s mission to stalk and harass me in real life. With regard to the blog piece, the FBI who are experts regarding profiling have stated that pseudoexperts do nothing for the profession. NEVER have I heard this particular profiler refer to methodology, typology, etc. If you listen to her excerpts, psychopath is bandied about OFTEN, as well as her opinion that everyone is a serial killer. She generalized in that all serial killers are undeducated. This is simply not true. All serial killers are not psychopaths. She does not use psyhochological methodology to “profile”. I doubt she has ever been invited by LE to a crime scene to offer a profile. She is a self-proclaimed expert. Heck, you could call yourself a criminal profiler according to her logic.

      PS: Your credentials? Your blog is empty. TIA

      • Prinnie –

        College educated in the areas of criminal justice and criminal law as well as research into criminal profiling and serial killers, I bring a level of knowledge of the subject matter to my works of fiction. The Jordan Ireland Series has generated two manuscripts in addition to Blood Clouds which indicates of my intense commitment to future projects. As a former publicity agent I understand the importance of publicity. Lecturing before audiences and teaching before a large classroom of students as well as interviewed by print and television, I bring a level of professionalism necessary to promote my books.

        Extended Coursework and Research — Graduated with a degree emphasizing political science, specifically foreign affairs. Coursework in the law in general with criminal justice and criminal law in particular. Researched criminal profiling and case linkage analysis with general emphasis on criminal, abnormal, and forensic psychology. Studied general principles of the forensic sciences.

        In addition, for your perusal – Researcher —
        Criminal/Psychological/Geographical Profiling (Case Linkage Analysis); Serial Homicide & Serial Killers; Sexual Homicide; Sexual Assault; Criminal/Forensic/Abnormal Psychology; General Forensic Sciences (Blood Spatter Pattern Analysis & Forensic Pathology Specific); Crime Scene Investigation Procedures; Crime Scene Reconstruction; and Criminology.

        Internationally-renowned serial killer expert and author, Dr. Steven A. Egger, Ph.D. endorses Kat McLaughlin’s “Blood Clouds.” Dr. Egger to write the Introduction Page. Dr. Egger authored, “The Need To Kill” and “The Killers Among Us,” published by Prentice Hall and “Serial Murder: An Elusive Phenomenon,” published by Praeger Publishers, naming just a few of his seminal, break-through books on serial killers. Dr. Egger is the Associate Professor of Criminology at the University of Houston – Clear Lake; Convener, Criminology Program; and Board Member, Innocence Project of Texas. Dr. Egger requested the manuscript and after reading it said, “You obiviously have done your homework. A very good read! I really enjoyed it. You are an excellent writer!”

        Now, having stated my ‘credentials,’ I don’t understand your desire in viewing them as you stated yourself, “I’m a blogger. Not a journalist. I am not a profiler…” So I’m puzzled as to why you’re even addressing this issue without the requisite qualifications to intelligently opine anything regarding criminal/psychological profiling. I would have expected you had some familiarity with the subject before you offered your opinion. But since you stated yourself that you’re not credentialed, then I wonder why you deign importance in seeing mine? Before I digress and leave since I usually don’t waste my time nor energy with individuals who have no idea of which they speak, I’ll give you a question to ponder. Who requires there be a methodology at all? For a methodology to be useful as a tool in criminal investigations, there needs to be a use for it’s creation. Each serial killer is an individual in and of himself and can’t be categorized within a system which offers no tangible use for law enforcement. For example, how does a homicide detective utilize the FBI’s use of disorganized versus organized dichotomy? Does it offer relevant clues? Even if it gives an investigator some insight into his motivation, how does that help him? It only categorizes them, but for what purpose? The same can be said about the Power-Reassurance, Power-Assertive, Anger-Retaliatory, and Anger-Excitation AKA Sadistic? They may be interesting from a psychological point of view regarding motivation, but how does it realistically help the homicide detective? Then one can extrapolate from there to its purpose in the courtroom. Motive is not a required element in a murder charge. In other words, motivation doesn’t have to be proven in the guilt phase of a criminal case.

        Just some food for thought. Wrangle among yourselves. I do like, “Behind The Yellow Tape.” Joey has some great guests on his radio show, and I look forward to listening on my day off, but I fear his tactics will result in cutting his nose to spite his face. If one engages in borderline libel or slander, pretty soon there may be no guest line-up for his show. Either it’s extreme naivete on his part or a ploy simply to drive interest, but whatever his motivation (yes, I’m profiling you), will probably result in several folks feeling quite litigious soon in Joey’s regard. But it’s his neck… BTW, I don’t endorse one profiler over another. I host Q & A sessions which different profilers attend as guest. In fact, Dr. Steven A. Egger is a guest for the next one. I simply moderate and don’t take a position one way or the other like you do. Talk about climbing up the feebies behind for a hand shake? Do you drool during the trip up the G. I. tract? You simply demand proof? You don’t have the requisite education to even ask the right questions. A self-proclaimed private investigator does not a profiling ‘expert’ make. Instead you fumble around the microphone as if its your prized phallic symbol.

        To be perfectly honest, when I read Prinnie’s reply, “…bunch of knuckle dragging booger eaters who have made it their life’s mission to stalk and harass me in real life,” I lost interest in what more Prinnie had to say on the issue. I discuss complex criminal matters with eloquent and serious debaters who are knowledgeable about the subject matter of which they write, not with a supposed ‘woman’ who hasn’t grown beyond her juvenile mentality as her chronological age would otherwise indicate. Being a strong woman who is a straight shooter is one thing. It’s another to use vulgarity, thinking it’s funny or clever. Actually, it denotes commonality. In other words, you’re common, and that is not a complement. Aside from the question about credentials of which I offered and of which you didn’t, I couldn’t care less about further debate on this blog. You may have been a ‘B’ list actress on some outdated show now in re-run on some obscure channel, all of which I’m assuming from the picture and not having any other information about who you truly are (this is inference only), but I highly question the validity your’re a victim of stalking. I may be wrong. If I am, give me a call. I might be of some assistance. On second thought, just call 911. 🙂

        • I couldn’t read all of this. You have diarrhea of the keyboard and from what I gather you are also a “self-proclaimed expert” as having RESEARCHED and read a lot. You don’t have to come back. It’s okay…really. And why did I offer an opinion? Probably the same reason you came over here and shit up the comment section…because I could. I bid you adieu!

    • Kat, The Ted Bundy comment was to point out that it was Pat who does the generalizing. This is also a blog not a research paper or magazine so it is primarily as you point out an opinion piece. You are a professional writer so you do know the difference and so to critique her on the standards of a journalism piece is a bit of a cheap shot, as well as the extrapolation of a point opposite to what she was making (Ted Bundy). Prinn never said all SKs are intelligent, it’s Pat who often make generalizations. I’m hoping you did not intentionally twist the argument to benefit Pat who is your friend (speaking of objectivity).

      I would also love to see you produce the name of one FBI proifiler that would take seriously a recent “mentor” you recently hosted an event for Maurice Godwin. His claim to educational validity is working under David Canter. Canter is a credible figure and respected in the profiling community. But have you seen any endorsements form Canter about Godwin’s work and claims, I haven’t? We were friendly for a time until I did what I do for all ppl friend or foe alike. Demanded proof of claims.

      You vetted him right? It is what you claimed. Then you must know about his geographical profiling software predator. He claims lack of scientific research invalidates the FBI’s methods. Well ever asked for research and peer review data for his Predator program being he values scientific validity? I dare you. See how long you you stay on his good side if you press for it. Ever asked exactly how many serial killers this expert has taken of the street? Again I dare you.

      This isn’t personal, however I’m sure you may avoid me after this, which is too bad. but I feel you are here not as an editor and chief but as a friend defending Pat. Which is fine, but just say so and play on a level field. This is just one professional writing to another and calling one out on something. Doesn’t make me a “hater”. Don’t make her play by your rules when in her house, play fair. But you are more than welcome to come after me and challenge my write ups and critiques on Pat and other self-proclaimed profilers. I’m prepared to argue my case and use her own words and video postings to prove her what I see as many false statements and rookie errors in a field she claims expertise in and in fields she never did claim but makes glib statements about on as if they were fact. I can do the regarding my skepticism for your “mentor’ Maurice. I save my data, including correspondences from him and against him.

      You know me. You know my guests and friends. I have produced them on air and their credibility and credentials are without argument. So you know I am capable of demonstrating the clear contrast between a real profiler who has caught real killers and Pat. You know I know and talk to the ppl who invented the terms and and expressions Pat uses, abuses and misuses on air and can prove her lack of understanding of them and HER habit of over-generalizations.

      So please, go ask Pat to prove her statements and hold her , a huge media figure, accountable by the same standards you unfairly tried to use against a blogger opinion. See how long before Pat stops talking to you and you find your inboxes with insults from her fans or you pages invaded by their personal insults too. Bottom line, pick on someone your own size, don’t be a bully and don’t get sucked into fighting Pat’s battles for her……It’s beneath you and you are better than that.

      • Oh, so that was what this is all about. She is slagging on me because she’s a friend of the pseudoexpert. Nice! Did you also know that Pat once stated a little girl was too “fat” to be abducted and raped? She also doesn’t believe that there are human sex trafficking rings in the US. Tell that to my friend whose daughter is missing from Vegas and her mother tirelessly day in and day out, fights to bring awareness to the problem. How about the other MANY MANY victims that Pat has revictimized by stating they shouldn’t have been out running or doing whatever and they would not have been murdered, raped or brutalized. Not ONCE have I ever heard this woman discuss methodology. From all of the other experienced profilers, every single one of them states that you need access to the crime scene. Pat is no better (nor useful) than TV’s version of Sylvia Brown. Pat participates in media murdertainment.

      • Pat Brown doesn’t answer awkward questions, as we are all finding out, and she never proves the fibs she tells either. She makes downright Libellous Statements, and then insists she is right even when proven wrong. The Beltway Sniper was a case in point, along with The Memphis Three, one of whom was on Death Row.
        Frankly, she scares me half to death.

      • Wow, Joey! Where did this come from? If someone is going to discuss a topic, they should have some familiarity with it. If they post on a blog, they have opened themselves to criticism. If Princess doesn’t like it, don’t open the door for someone to put their foot through. I wasn’t attacking you. I was debating Princess’ post. If people can’t have diverse opinion, what’s the point of the reply button? Oh, I get it. So you can laud and magnify her highness. You keep some strange bedfellows, my dear. And if you think I was attacking you, you must be paranoid which indicated an insecure male with a ego problem. You like bully people to heighten your self-esteem. Gosh darn, dang! You were easy to profile. I’m Princess was quite capable in her boogerie language to defend herself without some phony knight riding on a golden microphone coming to her rescue. You’re indicating to her she’s not capable of defending herself, which is quite sexist, really. You’re simply a smarmy, little man who believes his own hype and who has to use controversial ploys to generate interest instead of relying on your own merits. Oh, that’s right, you don’t have any real experience in the topics you discuss on the radio, nor the requisite education to bolster it. The FBI’s infamous, outdated study of only 36 killers (not all were serial killers) used no scientific principles like even using a control group with peer review should be enough to suffice event the most naive imbecile. I could go on, but I’m going to save my breath and not waste it on a wanna-be profiler who wouldn’t recognize a valid point even if it stuck him in the bum. This wasn’t your fight, but now you made it mine… 😉

        • I managed to wade through your first diatribe, but the second was too much for me. Not that I have any idea of what you are on about,
          Brief is always best, Dear, otherwise you confuse the peasants.

          • She loves the sound of her own keyboard obviously. Another pseudoexpert, IMO. No wonder she is in awe of the #1 Fakey Profiler.

      • I’ve got to talk down to you for you to comprehend? You’re that easily confused? If you cannot understand the terminology of the subject matter, don’t deign to even address me. Peasants! 🙂

      • Kat, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I tried to be polite but direct. You didn’t actually refute my points, but instead threw up a resume w/education that does not actually prove profiling expertise. Researched? You did say for her perusal, but what is there peruse, where can she find this validated and peer reviewed research? Btw, there is no such thing as “Blood Spatter Pattern Analysis”. A spatter IS a type of Pattern, hence Blood Pattern Analysis. But If you disagree Ill be sure to pass the memo on to Ross Gardner of Tom Bevel and let them know they should change their textbooks. Then you ended you diatribe with random ad hominem attacks on my character instead of my arguments. Unlike my last post to you, where despite my direct remarks and exhortations I still demonstrated a respect for you and your dignity.

        I never claimed to be a profiling expert, that’s why I bring on the real experts do discuss what THEY do not me. The subtle threats of legal action, please, they have nothing. I asked reasonable questions about credentials and proof of their remarks against FBI profilers and asked them to argue their right to so within the standards THEY laid out, Scientific Research. They can’t say someone else lacks it when upon request they have failed to present their own top back their methods. That not libel. I’m not the one making personal attacks on character and no proof, they are…and sadly now you (ex. “Instead you fumble around the microphone as if its your prized phallic symbol”) or “self-proclaimed private investigator” hmmm well I could present the state and corporate documentation and licensing that says otherwise, but whats the point other than that it is beside the point, one you have utterly failed to refute. But instead chose to come back here to try and beat up on Prinn and I think me lol.

        I’m sorry you don’t like my questions on air. The guests, many of whom happen to be more educated and experienced than both of us feel otherwise and have openly stated that very thing. So forgive me if I’m not wounded by what was clearly an intended personal attack, the very thing Pat and her followers do to those who challenge her or closely examine her claims. All you have succeeded in doing is proving that point. It’s too bad Kat because despite your insistence on trying to humiliate me I still give you the benefit of the doubt that you are capable of showing more class than that and are capable of so much better than to let your emotions and biases get the better of you and get dragged into something you need not.

    • Wow Kat you should of saved yourself all that long drawn out typing and just said, Before I comment, I will think. Cause you just made yourself look like an ass! No where does Prin ever claim to be a journalist. It’s obvious you are just here trying to defend Crap Brown who is nothing more than an HLN media whore that doesn’t know her ass from her elbow. Editor in Chief? roflmaoooo Your “newspaper” is nothing more than articles from other sites like NY Times, Blogger, Huffington etc. That’s not a newspaper that’s just links to the real stories.

      • Why is she even discussing profiling? Why have a blog discussing profiling when she doesn’t know anything about it? It’s like watching an average person’s life on reality television show. Who cares what she thinks? And you’re an imbecile to continue to promote her unintelligent opining by being some hanger-on to some ‘B’ list actress on some outdated show in re-runs on some obscure channel! Get your own life!

        • By the way – who published you? And being published doesn’t mean publishing it on your wordpress or Facebook because then HOT DAMN — I AM PUBLISHED like mad!!!

        • btw, an Edgar Award winning author thinks my blog is fabulous, but I’m not ass slapping myself publicly to hype up my credentials. I have a term for people like you. Bet you can’t guess what it is…starts with a B and ends with ooger eater. 😉

  7. It seems to me that Pat Brown is nothing but talk and loves being on TV. What cases has she ever been asked to profile in heer profession? I have never heard her mention on tv what cases she has helped solved. As for the McCann book she wrote, I have to say Prinnie you made it farther than I did. I felll asleep on page 2. The only thing that the book is good for is to help someone who can’t get to slleep at night. I guarantee you it works better than any prescriotion meds.
    I would think that these so called profilers are like the so called psychics, and some of these people who love inserting themselves into cases. They are just in the way of police who are trying to solve a case. Some need to keep their theories to themselves and let the police do their job. I know some of these people who snoop around at crime sce nes when they should not are just ruining evidence that might be needed to catch the killer.

  8. Golly, Gosh. I have seen that Visitor Analysis before. It must be doing the rounds.
    Quantico, eh? Isn’t that The FBI? Or have I been watching too much American Television?

  9. I just watched the “Ohio” video until I heard, “Former FBI Criminal Profiler!” I stopped when I heard that and yelled at my husband that this woman is, “FULL OF SHIT!” She’s never worked with FBI right? Why did she not correct the person that introduced her? Did the FBI let her follow them around (shadow them) for a day or something?! Unbelievable. Why don’t these people check their facts before having these pseudos on their shows? Tabloid journalism at it’s bests. There is no real “news” anymore. It died when Walter Chronkite did. Sad

    • Agreed. Why didn’t she correct them? Because she got implied credibility. This is not the first time that she has allowed someone to refer to her as “former FBI profiler”. There is a little known FCC law that states if credentials are given erroneously, you can report it to the FCC and the program MUST make a public correction. Perhaps some complaints fired off to the FCC would ensure that Pat Brown is not only vetted, but her credentials presented correctly. SELF-PROCLAIMED profiler.


    So when you let a girl have a lot of freedom and she`s wandering off and she`s all happy, it`s less likely that a serial killer is going to grab her. To tell you the truth, it has nothing to do — anything negative about weight, but they tend to like real thin little girls. This little girl is a little bit pudgier, and that usually means somebody she knows, that she`s able — they`re able to, you know, lure her in.


    • My mouth is literally hanging open. PPB is a racist bigot, profiler, (as in stereotype profiling) PIG and IDIOT!

      I read that whole transcript and it’s the wrong date but still very telling into Pat’s pathology.

      Here’s the correct transcript for that (particular) ridiculous statement!  


      But here’s the deal! She’s a F#%KING idiot in both!! She’s never even interviewed these perps and yet they’re all up and coming serial killers! Oh! And can’t leave out “Psychopath!” Pat’s favorite word. 

      Well I have a word for Pat! “Narcissist!” Actually several words… Sorry… Narcissistic Personality Disorder with clear Sociopathic traits. She NEVER admits she’s wrong EVER! And believes her own fantastic stories. HTF did she get on these shows?

      It’s a “no brainer” that perps have special radar for people who need or are looking, or lacking something in their lives. That’s how abusive men chose their mates. That’s how pedophiles chose their victims! 

      But because you’re not thin that makes you an easy target? That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! 

      A REAL criminal profiler needs to CALL HER OUT! And HLNTV is being totally irresponsible. This woman should be sued! 

      And which case was it she worked on with the FBI? OMG! I need to stop while I’m ahead. 

      Question though. Is she in the UK yet to be torn apart by the masses? They don’t give a crap who she “SAYS” she is. Just the facts Ma’m! Just the fact that she’s going there screams NARCISSIST! 

      • In her book she claims to have been diagnosed mentally ill by four doctors but refused to take meds. I agree with narcissist. She likes to hear herself talk and even when she’s doing her murdertainment on TV, you can see her getting all excited at herself that she is getting to talk about killers and psychopaths. She accused a renter of being a killer. Snooped through his room, annoyed the police, annoyed a dead girl’s family until they allegedly got a no contact order/letter against her. Yea…IMO she has some issues.

        • Hmmm…. Wonder what kind of “mental illness?” You know with “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” the successful treatment rate is about 1%. That’s because everyone else is wrong. Interesting.

      • Pat Brown stopped over briefly at Heath Row, London and met up with The McCann’s Chief Hounder and Stalker, disgraced Ex Solicitor, Tony Bennett, who appeared in Court yesterday concerning Charges of Libel. Apparently Pat B and Tony B exchanged “Ideas” on future strategy. With a bit of luck they will both be arrested shortly, possibly on her way home.
        She is now in Portugal, recovering from Jet Lag and not expected to do a lot of “Searching” for Madeleine as it’s a bit chilly down there at the moment and all of The Bars are open 24/7. And besides, The Portuguese Police who seem to have a lot of accidents involving Police Station Stairs, are likely to get a bit shirty as they don’t like being told that they are incompetent, especially not by loud mouthed American Pretendy

  11. Those of you who chose to attack an opposing point of view have extremely narrow minds. Have your little play-time, pretending to be what you’re not or what you were, desperately hanging on to what was or what will never be. Desperation is not becoming as you kiss the bum of a has been. Those who have criticized me, I’m not addressing those who didn’t, are beneath my contempt, so I say adieu. Play-time may resume… 😉

    • Booger eater
      *flick* Adios to you, too Ms. EDITOR. You never provided a link to your “online newspaper” or your credentials. For all I know, you are some old wombat that lives at home with a hundred cats and pretends to be someone online. Happens everyday. And this blog is not about criminal profiling. You obviously are narrow-minded as well. It is about many things.

      • I saw her *cough* newspaper and it is nothing more than links to sites like NY Times, Huffington, etc. It’s links. Nothing more nothing less yet she claims the authors contribute to her newspaper. No they don’t they write them on other sites and she just swipes them. I also saw her FB page and let’s just say, anyone who calls Nancy Grace “Miss Nancy”, is batshit crazy!!! Her Fb page is nothing but ass sucking most likely in hopes to get HLN shows to have her on with her pal Crap Brown. Ohh and she has this thing for pretending she’s a cat. Odd behavior if you ask me.

        • I guess my assumption about her was correct. A nobody trying to be a somebody because on the internetz everyone can pretend to be a profiler, a writer, a proctologist – YOU NAME IT! Thanks for the info, PQ. That’s pretty darn funny that someone who has zero credentials was trying to take a swipe at me for blogging about something that hurted her feelings. MEOW!!!

    • BTW Just want to add, I don’t attack anyone with an opposing point of view. As a matter of fact, many of the people here have chatted on other forums together and guess what, we don’t all agree all the time. We agree to disagree on a lot of things. We never had a problem doing that.

      What we do have a problem with is someone who chooses to come on the blog and act holier than thou and trying to belittle the owner of the blog, or other members. As already stated, no where on this blog or anywhere on the internet for that matter, has Prin ever claimed to be a journalist. Your poor attempts to belittle her made you look like an ass and showed that you were only here to defend your friend who claims to be a former FBI Profiler.

      It’s rather ironic that you claim people attacked you for an opposing view yet, your first post was an attack on Prin because she has a different view of Pat Brown than you! I hate to tell you and Pat this but, not everyone likes her. Not everyone believes the garbage she spews from her mouth daily.

    • Your little dialogs Kat aren’t going to sell many books. I think you need an attitude adjustment. You really pissed me off. Prin has never claimed to be a “journalist”

      Perhaps you should learn how to present an opposing point of view and dissect the point of view and not the author of the article. It seems almost everyone is in “contempt of Kat” just for some wordiola. Your writing style is garrish, verbose and something I’m not interested in reading. Concise and to the point is always better IMHO. Perhaps Prin can teach you that technique or you could “study” her writings. People like you could use that to enhance your CV because IMHO I doubt you could serious learn anything from us “commoners”

  12. Prinnie, not sure if you allow links on your site. I just ran into this blogger who had emailed Pat Brown concerning a inexcusable ill-informed statement she made about “Post Partum Depression.” In my opinion Pat Brown IS, in fact clearly Narcissitic with sociopathic traits. Her reply to this writer basically says, “Whatever. I’m right. Get a life.” WOW! She’s possibly cost some women, and possibly children, their lives.

    She is not a woman’s advocate. That’s for sure. Unbelievable this person.

    Anyway, take a gander. Sad really….


    • Thank you for sharing that link. Oh, depression is not caused from chemical issues? OMFG how much more irresponsible can this woman be?

      I never said depression doesn’t exist and that women don’t need help for it. The depression after birth, however, like all depression, is based in reality and personality, not chemical issues. We as a society needs to stop blaming chemicals in our brains and start looking for answers in reasonable life expectations, support from family and community, and lifestyle. Psychotherapy is a good idea to deal with true life issues and our handling of them.

      Pat Brown

      • To Pat (not an expert) Brown. You obviously know nothing about mental illness. To say it has nothing to due with a chemical imbalance in the brain is a ludicrous and false statement.

        Steven A. Egger, Ph.D.

      • Prinnie,

        Sorry I had to step out after my post. But I KNOW how true “clinical depression” can effect a loved one. It’s a horrible CHEMICAL disease, whether it be PPD or any other type of depression.

        When someone is in the mist of that dark hole, with no hopes of things ever getting better, just reading something like what Pat Brown wrote could serious give the sick person an even greater sense of “what’s the point? I’m never going to get better. What’s wrong with me? There’s no hope. I’m just a burden on my family and friends! Therefore taking their life!!!!

        I just wonder if any did. It infuriated me to read her glib response. Plus the fact she is not an M.D. or a PHD in psychiatry, psychology or even a general practitioner!

        What is WRONG with her? She obviously doesn’t care one little bit about what comes out of her mouth! She has to have an “authoritative” opinion on anything, whether she knows ANYTHING about it or not! The epitome of “know-it-all!”

        I had actually come back to post that I wasn’t trying to get people even more riled up. But just thinking about the damage she may have done with her ridiculous statement just infuriates me!

        Someone needs to put her in her place about discussing this that are out of her perceived expertise! What am I saying? I’m sure they have and she’s erased them from her life.

        This really upsets me. It’s one thing to “play” profiler, it’s another to “play” a physician, ie; psychiatrist, psychologist, neurologogist, internist. endocrinologist, gynocologist and lastly a friggin scientist!

        OMGosh you guys.. I’m ranting! Sorry.

        Prin, thank you for following up on that. I just can’t get over it.

        Not proof-reading. Excuse iPhone autocorrect. UGGGGH!!

        • Again, there is implied credibility. Most people believe profilers to have a psych background. When she goes on shows and allows them to address her as “former FBI profiler” she is again allowing implied credibility. She NEVER corrects them either – which IMO is wrong on her part. If people hear the mistake enough times, they assume that she is former FBI. PB likes to hear her own voice. IMO she is going to cause someone to either hurt themselves or piss off some wackadoo to hurt others.

      • I can’t see if you posted her “expert opinion” on PPD on here. I’m on my phone and it’s such a hassle. But just in case I wanted your reader to actually see her comment that was edited out.

        Pat Brown’s comment:
        ”Most women who suffer depression after their children are born are suffering from post-how-did-I-get-stuck-with-this-kid, this body, this life? They may be depressed, but it is their situation and their psychopathic personality that brings them to kill their children, and not some chemical malfunction.”

  13. Due to Not a Criminal Profiler Pat Brown’s remarks about PPD, AOL had to do damage control and now refuses to use her as a source for anything.

      • Kat McLaughlin. I agree with Prinnie’s post on diarrhea and it seems you are a self-proclaimed “ace” in a bunch of areas. I see a frustrated author who is a self-proclaimed publicist hoping to sell more of her manuscripts. Believe it or not internet bullying DOES exist although Pat Brown did saythere is no sex-trade of youth in America. It is all hogwash…. Kat go out and buy yourself some Listerine and Scope in case the first or the last doesn’t kill the foulness and self-praise coming out of your mouth. I could credentialize my dog the same way you credentialized yourself but it wouldn’t vet under a microscope. You don’t vet under the reality microscope so go back to fantasyland. Read more books, be self-taught like Pat Brown and perhaps someday someone will truly vet your credentials out and find you to be the pompous fraud you come across as.

        • My Dog actually does know more about Criminal Profiling than Pat Brown. He can spot a wrong un at ten metres. And he knows how to tell me.

      • I wanted to reply to this statement.
        “Those of you who chose to attack an opposing point of view have extremely narrow minds. Have your little play-time, pretending to be what you’re not or what you were, desperately hanging on to what was or what will never be”
        There is a difference between “attacking” an opposing point of view and having an extremely narrow mind. Can’t you do better than to sling rocks even if they are words? To me, and I’m sure in your opinion, I’m not qualified to even opine on my own opinion that I’m unqualified and narrow minded. Hardly… Just like Prinnie I believe in calling a spade a spade and a fraud a fraud…. even if you got your “Reverandship” from the Universal Life Church Ministry for 39.95 postage included. Have you accomplished anything concrete in real life, helped solve a case or debunk a fraud?????If so I’m sure we’d all like to hear concrete facts. If not, keep writing your fictorial books and hope you get published and sell a few copies. Hint, they are giving books away daily on kindle nation… that doesn’t make an author successful. Anyone can be an author… in fact, I just authored this comment. So don’t insult someone who has facts to prove her case and the history behind herself. To thine own facts be true. Throw your stones at Pat Brown and hope she doesn’t throw them back at you. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer isn’t that what you say and Pat would railroad over you just to improve her position without a second thought. Birds of a feather flock together and you both have fleas.

  14. I’m going to make this short and sweet. Kat, you’re a legend in your own mind. Your creds don’t vet & I have sat and watched you post bullshit upon bullshit on the FB walls off those who actually are successful and in the public eye (including Jose Baez, of all people!). You’re no more a publicist than Pat Brown is a criminal profiler or I am a brain surgeon. Having an unpublished manuscript does NOT make you an author and writing on a blog does NOT mean you’re published. Go blow that smoke up asses elsewhere. Successful people can smell the wannabe all over you! While I’m at it… stop spamming the FB walls of authors & other high profile people with your pedantic nonsense. Those pages are built by them and for them, Ms. Publicist. You want to whore your goods, then build your own page! That’s how it’s done in this day and age. It’s been a long time since I’ve kicked someone’s liver. Maybe next time you should keep your mouth shut. You never know who is friends with who, Brianne! Uh oh… was that supposed to be a secret? My bad.

  15. Oh my goodness, that told her. And I should think so too. No one minds opposing views, But No one with any decency abuses a Blog Owner with foul language. It just isn’t done, doncha know.
    I am not sure what I am actually doing here, other than to point out what Britain thinks of Pat Brown, and to say that Brits aren’t half as daft as Pat brown thinks. In fact most of us are quite bright and can spot a fake much more quickly than most.

    The current status is that Pat Brown after much self aggrandisement, has managed to get a mention in The Algarve Resident. This is a good local, Ex Pat Paper, but hardly National Media. And the article wasn’t very flattering anyway. She obviously intends to return to America and write another booklet which she hopes will pay for another trip to The Algarve, so that she can get down to digging up people’s gardens when the weather is a bit more clement, and the ground isn’t frozen. I kid you not. She is either mad, or in it for the money. Probably both.

    I do hope that my updates aren’t boring you all witless, but I am enjoying this even if you aren’t.

    And so tired I am of The Court of Public Opinion. It serves no one. Least of all The Guilty.

    • Elena,
      Your updates are not boring. They are quite welcomed. It is hard to get any that aren’t coming form Pat followers on twitter. If you have any local right ups or links to local write ups, if you would’t mind, can you send them to me at my email theyellowtape@gmail.com. It may be helpful as I continue to collect data, for my continued expose research my show is doing. You can also email me with any other thoughts or feedback you feel may be pertinent. Again thx for being here and your candor 🙂

    • I enjoy the updates. So she is going to write another pamphlet, huh? LOL *eye roll* As for the “published author” who came into my living room and took a giant dump…I have never embellished my credentials. I’m just a blogger and I opined on pseudoexperts providing factual backup from the EFF BEE EYE!

  16. Btw, did she actually say that she is planning to come back when the whether is better fod digging?. Wow if that is so, I would love to see that quote. lol The whole thing just sounds distasteful , to say the least.

    • No, she didn’t actually say that, but she did say that Madeleine is probably buried in someone’s back garden, and quite possibly the garden of her parents in England. Or in The Church Yard in Priaia da Luz which is the village in Portugal from where Madeleine was stolen. Sad to say that we all have embellished her theories somewhat. But she has already said that she will almost certainly return to Portugal at a later date, after she has evaluated the “Evidence” that she has collected. And she does have a following in UK, albeit as foul as she is.
      Her theory of how The McCanns got the mummified body of their daughter back to England would gladden the heart of any ghoul, which is what she is. She reckons that Brits are known for transporting dead meat back into The UK. And she definitely said that, which is why we call her “Bush Meat Patty”. Something akin to those dried strips of Beef, the name of which escapes me at the moment.

      I will Email you, probably tomorrow. Ultimately I would prefer to be as factual as I can be, and not governed by the hype that she engenders, or my desire to smack her in the mouth. I am not normally an even remotely violent person, but I find myself prepared to make an exception in her case. But words are always the best way to go.
      No one seems to have any control over what is said on The Internet, so I guess that we have to do it. And that bloody woman took on the wrong people when she so gratuitously decided to attack the parents of a missing British child for her own gain. It has all led me to what she does to Americans, and none of it is good.

      • Elena, you are right on all counts. Wow, “bush meat patty” lol. That is a new one. I can see how she earned it though. I look forward to hearing form you soon. Pat attacks a lot of ppl without real cause on a regular basis, but trust me. It’s not just Britain or the McCanns. She has been bating a 1000 lately when it comes to trying to, or letting her fans go after the, or the wrong people;)

        Clearly a good profiler of people she is not. lol

        • Pat Brown encourages a type of mindless moron who will buy her crap awful books, and there are a few of those about, albeit not that many. But enough to cause great sorrow to her victims, who are already suffering. She seems to get some sort of kick out of this which is really sick.

          But I am already rounding up “The Help” some of whom are much better at providing Links and Screen Shots than I am. The information that you will get will be factual and provable. And I will try to give you my feelings on what the likes of her do to ordinary people.
          I will give you my name which you may use as I have no fear of what I say, although my posting name is more or less who I am, or was known as before I rather foolishly married. But that’s another story.

          • Looking forward to it. Send whatever info or resources and people you have that you feel will be helpful. All will be kept confidential. Me and my shows team are committed to putting an end to her antics for good 🙂

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  18. Oh God. I am beginning to feel sorry for her. Slap me, someone. But don’t worry. My people are supplying the goodies as we speak. And we certainly have had enough of her. Bloody cheek. Who does she think she is.
    By the way, have you noticed how she titters when she say something particularly outrageous?

    • Yes! To your last questions. Can’t believe you Brits notice that also! She gets “excited” (take that as you may) when talking about anything salacious. (I take it as – she “Gets Off) Really not normal when talking about death, murder or her “favs” – SERIAL KILLERS & PSYCHOPATHS. Really bizarre.

      • It’s not really that bizarre. A lot of the crime groupies become titillated by the details in these cases. For them, true crime is their equivalent of pornography. Sad. Sick. But, true. She’s no different than the crime groupies. Only difference is she’s managed to pull a con that resulted in her happy ass getting on TV. For Pat, her crime schtick isn’t even about money, and certainly isn’t about justice. It’s all about being able to wear the celebrity ball cap. And I do believe that talking about these cases in front of an audience has the same effect on her that pornography would have on someone else.

  19. Actually there is a professional site that lists many serial killers IQ’s most of them are above normal and many of them have high IQ’s. I was surprise when I saw how much detail there is on serial killers, their testing and metrics. I believe Kat is rather misinformed, about a lot of things she’s stated. Blah blah blah.

  20. Pat Brown knows practically nothing about serial killers or their victims. God knows why cable news decided she was an expert and made her a talking head pundit. She not a credible researcher into pschiatry, psychology, or criminology. He comments are always outlandish and sometimes harmful to an ongoing investigation into unsolved serial murder. Also, for some reason she sometimes likes to blame the victims for precipitating their own demise.

    Steven A. Egger, Ph.D.

    • Hi Dr. Egger, and thank you SO VERY MUCH for your input. I also believe that her commentary is harmful and she is absolutely a victimizer of victims and their families. According to her logic, if I read some more psych books I can just call myself a psychologist without ever having formal training. It is very disheartening to me that the media not only allows her to spew her vitriol, but also has never vetted her credentials. She also allows them to refer to her as a “former FBI profiler” which does nothing but give her implied credibility. Thanks again for your input.

    • Interesting, and thanks, Steven Egger. Always nice to hear that Pat Brown isn’t completely getting away with this.

      Pat Brown actually went to Portugal with a Folding Spade and a Metal Detector in her luggage. And at one point was digging around in what is probably an Ancient Burial Site with some grass mounds. She used the metal detector to find metal rings on a sports bag that The McCanns don’t appear to have owned, and which apparently disappeared, which is not surprising if they didn’t own one.
      “Unfortunately” she didn’t find Madeleine’s body. Her word, not mine.

      The upshot was that she did more to prove the case for an Abduction than for her sick theories. I don’t think this was her intention, which would explain why she has gone a bit quiet on the subject since then. She got hooted at from all directions of The Internet.
      Madeleine McCann 1, Pat Brown 0.
      I believe that there is a distinct possibility that Madeleine is still alive, but could be anywhere. So please report anything that might appear to point to her location.

  21. One thing that is really upsetting me is listening to media, CBS Lawyer telling viewers the victim was “extremely intoxicated”. No one knows this? There was no drug testing or breathalyzers test made on that night. Based on what witness’ have said and what Anonymous has said of the victims scanty recollection of that night it is very likely she was drugged. Moving around in a state that could have been induced by something as simple as a powerful sleeping aid or it could have been another drug found common enough in their parents medicine chest. Though I did read some feel they know the name of the drug dealer who sold the drug to the perpetrators? Whatever was the cause this poor victim was set-up specifically for the crime of rape. And these newscasters need to report this story right without prejudice.

    Prinnie, thank you for being my hero. So few will put so much out there for a teenager who has fallen victim to a vicious crime, especially rape. It is my real hope that one of the two defendants will break and reveal the whole plot. I don’t think these boys came up with all of this on their own. I don’t even think the ex-boyfriend did all of the planning. I think it was a mission for the “Rape Crew”. Let us hope the FBI team sent down there can get past all of the corruption and bring all of those involved in this crime to justice. All i want is for everyone in that crew rightfully prosecuted based on the extent of their involvement in the crime and others if they do apply. Sadly the parents of these kids want to play hardball. They have a lot to lose.

    I hope you are keeping good notes. You know this town. I would like to read the whole story of how sports ruined this town and how such corruption deals its’ harshest blows to the innocent children. Maybe so much so to corrupt them and turn some into dangerous criminals.

    It would be right if you could write that story. For the victim. Who deserves to have her reputation given back to her and most of all deserves to be able to live more of her life in peace and security.

    Good luck. A good book can have a huge influence on the lives and choices teenager in the future might make and to me, that is one of the very best contributions any one person can make in this world.

    • I have kept notes from day one and journaled while I was unable to write about the case. I would LOVE to write a book about this case. There are so many different facets that are yet to be exposed. 😉

  22. Dr. Drew on CNN actually mentioned that if she was “alcohol impaired” it does not hurt her case but rather may even help the prosecutions case since it would indicate that she was possibly in “an impaired condition” and sexually assaulted which actually is very harmful to defense case that seems to be trying to somehow alledge that she was lucid enough to say no. And let me say this. On college campuses every fall there are young females that may drink too much and even fall asleep or “pass out” on a sofa at a Fraternity but MOST men know that does not give a “green light” to mount them and “hump” them like some kind of animal. And many many young men in just such circumstances will assist young ladies in getting back to their dorm safely and I personally know of one young very pretty blonde girl who gratefully recalls how one male member of a Fraternity literally sat in a chair all night next to the sofa where she slept since there were off campus visitors to the party and he “stood guard”. This type of example of “manhood” was missing that August night. Like the line in the movie “A Few Good Men” when the Lance Corporal realizes what should have occured and states: “We were supposed to stand up for Willy, we were supposed to stand up for those who could not stand up for themselves”.

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