This will be short and sweet, but I wanted to post this.  The FBI has defined individuals used by the media as:

Individuals utilized by the media to comment on serial murder cases include both experts and pseudoexperts. Experts are identified as academicians, researchers, retired law enforcement officials, mental health professionals, and retired law enforcement profilers who have developed specific knowledge and experience in serial murder investigations. Pseudoexperts are self-proclaimed profilers and others who profess to have an expertise in serial murder, when, in fact, their experience is limited or non-existent. The media will recruit talking heads, whether true experts or pseudoexperts, to offer their opinions on current cases, when they have no official role in the investigation and no access to any of the intimate facts of the case.

When individuals appear in the media and discuss ongoing cases, they have an enormous potential to negatively influence investigations and may even cause irreversible damage. They often speculate on the motive for the murders and the possible characteristics of the offender. Such statements can misinform the public and may heighten fears in a community. They may contribute to mistrust and a lack of confidence in law enforcement and, more importantly, may taint potential jury pools. These statements may also impact the behavior of the serial murderer, because it is unlikely that an offender discriminates between a talking head and a law enforcement official actively involved in the case. When offenders are challenged by statements or derogatory comments made in the media, they may destroy evidence, or more tragically, react violently.


According to the pseudoexpert, serial killers don’t achieve much in life.?  Really?  Tell that to Ted Bundy.

…and why didn’t she correct this OBVIOUS error regarding credentials? Former FBI criminal profiler?  WHAT! Starts at 1:55.  She did GREAT *sarcasm* profiling this case by the way.


I really wish the media would vet their “experts”.

Link to FBI report on talking heads here.  To hear a program featuring REAL professionally educated criminal profilers, check out Behind the Yellow Tape.

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