Sentinal Commenters Chastised

Any person with a normal sense of self and some social control would begin to ask themselves if they weren’t in fact the booger eaters others think they are when the Orlando Sentinel makes comment on their vicious and over the top online behavior.  But not the Caylee Warriors, Justice for Caylee Superhero League or the various other internet e-baby loving individuals with a cross to bear. Here’s what John Cutter, online editor for the Orlando Sentinel had to say about them.

It’s been obvious for some time — to many of you and to us — that a small but vocal group of people interested in the Casey Anthony case simply can’t be civil. They are profane, mean-spirited, and spend more time attacking other readers   than adding to the discussion.

This is not something I would be proud to own if I were one of the individuals or groups they are referring to.  However, it has become the norm for these miscreants, and their Twitter and Facebook groups evidence the extreme levels of harassment and vigilantism that they will go to just to be part of “the” group and harass the Anthony family and those who speak out against them.  Their behavior defines the term cyberbully.  When someone disagrees with them, they go real life.

Q. Someone posted and says he can find out where I live just by reading my comment? Is that true?

A. Unless you post personal information — and you shouldn’t — there is nothing visible on our Web site that clues another person into who you are or where exactly you live or tells someone how to hack your account.

The extremes to which these groups have gone to in order to harass others is nothing less than reprehensible, and at times criminal.  Take a look at the over 500+ comments at the Orlando Sentinel.  They obviously were not phased nor shamed at all by the tone of Mr. Cutter’s response to their behavior.  It says a lot about them.  Too bad they are not sophisticated enough to get the drift.

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You can now purchase a book of the screenshots that were gathered during my research of the case and see the reasons I was so upset about what was happening in Steubenville.

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  1. patricia (@porcelain10)

    I don’t usually post reply’s ,but just shocked to read people are defending The Anthony’s after all the lies that family have told to cover-up the truth of what happened to Caylee. I’m not going to rehash the “mock” of a trial. The Anthony’s have 2 foundations,2,, and seem to like continuing the lies. Lets say CindyAnthony likes to google search disorders to excuse her daughters actions. As for any group harassing anyone, I’ve never seen that. Sure that could happen,since the anger has been high over the injustice.

    1. Prinnie (Post author)

      People are defending their civil rights to live peacefully and without being stalked by the likes of the CayleeWarriors. You’re kidding about not seeing behavior that has been harassing? REALLY? The Chief Tard of the Cayleeswarriors attempted to EXTORT an attorney! Search hashtag #cayleeswarriors — surely then you will visualize the online vigilantism and harassment.

    2. Prinnie (Post author)

      Isn't he a cayleetard?

      Nope…none of them engage in criminal behavior at all, do they?

      1. PQ

        Obviously Patricia knows all about that twitter account…

        But she’s never seen harassment right? I guess it’s easy to become blind when you’re one of them.

        1. Prinnie (Post author)

          I thought she was one of “them”. It amazes me how they don’t see what they are doing as wrong. Yet, they can come over here and cry that I am being mean to them because I call their behavior what it is — socially unacceptable and shows just how little class they have.

  2. Prinnie (Post author)

    Furthermore, it was not a “mock” trial. It was real. The State of Florida lost the case. It was THEIR duty to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that CA was guilty. They failed to do so. What part of that is so difficult to understand? There are no do overs and all of the petitions written on toilet paper sent to the federal level are not going to change a thing. Hoping and praying that the Constitutional rights of the defendant regarding double jeopardy are overturned is still not going to change the outcome.

  3. JunieTuney

    No matter how much you agree or disagree with the outcome of a trial. The jury has reached its’ verdict and so it will stand. An not guilty verdict does not mean innocent but as citizens of the country the legal system must be respected. There is a reason for a double jeopardy law. Without it lots of innocent people would be retried and retried till someone got a conviction. Works the other way too. However, the jury has spoken. Let it go already. Get on with life. Casey Anthony is a free woman and what she does now is her own business. If you have nothing else to do in your life I suggest you find a new hobby other than gossip mongering.

  4. RadioDeJay

    Obviously these people need to go back to school and re-learn history and the constitution. If I remember right isn’t one of the Amendments a person is innocent until proven guilty. I also remember that every person has the right to a fair trial by a jury of their peers.
    Well Pat, put your self in the Anthony’s position for once. If I said to you what you posted above and I harassed you like these people have done to the Anthony’s how would you feel? If Casey was your child and this happened, would you disown your child, or would you try and help them? How do you know Casey is really guilty of killing her daughter? Were you there when it happened? The only people who know what really happened are Casey, Caylee, God and whoever else was there The Anthonys are grieving the loss of their beloved Grandaughter.
    Casey was found not guilty of First Degree Murder. Just because I feel that this was the right verdict, that doesn’t mean I think she is innocent. It means I feel she is guilty but should of been charged with a lesser charge. Their are also people that feel someone else did it. Should they be harassed just because they expressed how they feel just like you have expressed your feelings? Maybe you forgot about Amendment One of our Constitution —Freedom of Speech.

    Next time Pat, think what it would be like if one of your family member had to go through the same thing. I bet you would have a different opinion

    1. Prinnie (Post author)

      That’s just the thing. They are so filled with hate that they can’t see the forest for the trees. Narrow-minded, feeble-minded individuals who don’t have 2 IQ points to rub together. They prove how unintelligent and sad they are every time they post their vitriol.

      1. HollysGmom

        Well, here’s to hoping that Mr Ashton’s DUI drunk driving son gets the jury that “they” all think Casey deserved.
        Hang em high Judge!

  5. RadioDeJay

    There is a guy on Twitter that is stalking the jurors. I posted some of his comments on my twitter page and will send them to Judge Perry if I can find his email address. This guy knows what the guy does for a living and that his house is being repo’d.

  6. JunieTuney

    These people are not going to stop their harassment around the case. They feel justified and right. They don’t care if the law is read to them in braille, french, english or tattooed on their foreheads backwards so they can look at it in the mirror daily… these abusers, harassers, malingers, OCD’rs can’t let go . These people have no life and only each other another tard for a friend. Sucks to be them IRL.

  7. PQ

    Thanks for fixing my image Prin. I don’t understand Patricia saying it was a “mock trial” The problem with that trial is, the state threw all their cards on the table and went for the death penalty. I would liked to have seen Casey convicted because I feel she did do it but the death penalty is what gave those jurors no other choice than to find her not guilty. I believe had there been a lesser charge, they would of found her guilty. You have plenty of mothers in prison today for killing their children and they didn’t get the death penalty. Susan Smith (35 years), Diane Downs (life), Alexandra Tobias the mom who shook her baby to death because he interrupted her Farmville game is also from Florida why did she only get 50 years? Why didn’t she get life or the death penalty? Why is her child less important than Caylee? Where’s the outrage? Where’s Dylan’s warriors? Where’s Dylan’s justice? How about Lindsey Brooke Lowe? She killed both her twins right after giving birth to them on a toilet. She stuffed them in her laundry hamper after she killed them. Tenn is not seeking the death penalty on her why not? Why are her two twins not as important as Caylee? The state of Florida had no concrete proof that Casey killed Caylee. It was all circumstantial. While I believe it all pointed to her, I can honestly say with out a doubt, if I were on the jury and the only option I had was the death penalty, I too would of found her not guilty.

  8. JunieTuney

    I do not think the jury would have been forced to ask for the death penalty if the jury had found Casey guilty in the NON-mock trial. There were many other options available that she could have been convicted on including felony manslaughter. I don’t always agree with the decisions made but respect them. I would have found her guilty on a lot more than just lying to the cops which she is appealing. She is on video telling the Zenaida story. There is her statement in her own handwriting. What a waste of court time. This whole thing has been a waste.

    I am sick of the murderabilia shows constantly being fixated on the SAME child night after night, week after week. Why not use the show to spotlight more children and missing adults so these people may have some media exposure and their cases might be solved. When was the last time anyone thought of Adji Desir? Do people have to pass the American Television Marketability test for cuteness, social appropriatness, and be able to garner large sympathetic audiences of skirt chasers. I guess so. So sad… it really is when you think about it.

    TV exposure can be used to benefit society not exploit it and I think it creates bullies, bloggers and braggards. It sure creates fakely credential so-called experts. TV programs – especially HLN VET YOUR EXPERTS! You might be truly surprised and embarassed and you could get some really qualified people on that actually may not just stir the pot but people of real knowledge may be able to drink that koolaide and actually give information that can be weeded out from the wanna be sleuths to actually help solve a crime.

    Wish we could edit these posts for grammar and punctuation but oh well … let er rip!

    1. Prinnie (Post author)

      another weirdo

      Nope, none of them harass using the internet, do they?

  9. RadioDeJay

    What gets me is it is not people that are pro Casey they pick on but one warrior was questioning some guy on twitter because he was an atheist. This person would not stop with her comments about God and how he did not believe in God.

    And this comment really showed me how stupid they really are She commented about how Atheists believe in nothing and they do not believe im Santa Clause. She went on about this and ended by saying She believes in Santa Clayse.

    1. Prinnie (Post author)

      I find it amusing how they behave like assholes but when it is pointed out, they scream cyberbully and stalker. REALLY? LOL Just shows the level of intelligence they share. It’s like dealing with a toddler. *waaaaaaaa she called me a booger eater* If the shoe fits…

  10. RadioDeJay

    What’s funny is I really wasn’t harassing or stalking them. I was reposting their quotes to make fun of them. They can’t even see that it is what they posted on twitter! They think that I am posting it to them. And another thing was one guy who never followed this case which I will call the Atheist, posted to this person that they are a Fing moron. That person thought he was talking about me and not them. I wasn’t involved in their conversation so I have no idea why she would think that.

    I feel that these people have spent everyday for the last 4 years (it will be 4 years this July) doing nothing but sit on their butts and post on the computer almost 24 hrs. a day. Can you imagine how brain dead they are now? The only people that they are hurting by doing this is their families. I cannot imagine ignoring my children and all the milestones if their lives for what? Justice for Caylee who is some child who is no longer with us and someone they have never met.
    I feel sorry for their husbands and children. To me they are guilty of child abuse. Their children have to hate them by now.

  11. Freetonia

    The truly frightening thing is like the first commenter, they appear to be completely delusional about their rotten behavior, Casey is a liar but they lie about being published authors, law enforcement, threaten to call people’s employers in order to get them fired. It goes on and on. Casey Anthony was found not guilty, if you don’t like it don’t blame her or her attorney’s, place the blame on the absolutely terrible case the State of Florida put on. Casey was found not guilty, if you don’t like it too bad for you. None of these people care about that dead kid, or any kids – most likely even their own who by just casual reading their own kids must be a very neglected group, they are online day and night. Now what are they doing to accomplish anything? Helping at risk children? NO! They rub each others clits, and this vigilante group passes themselves off as friends, by their social demeanor they don’t have any in real life, they wallow in hate. The Anthony family did nothing but take beautiful care of their granddaughter for her entire life. They took care of their daughter, we don’t know what happened, we never will. Do you know what will never change? These creepy women whose lives revolve around a long dead child none of them knew. They are a sick bunch, I have no doubt some of them are being investigated and I have no doubt many of them will lose their own children due to neglect, and it will be the best thing that happens to their poor kids and families. They are no crusaders out there to make the world safe for kids, to help kids at risk, to do anything in their own communities so there won’t be another innocent child hurt or killed, they stalk, lie, abuse, and seek out people who don’t agree with them, which is most of the world. Too bad they are so repulsive and stupid they are unable to see this. Flawed people, flawed logic and at the end of the day, nothing but a group of mental masterbators, with nothing to offer but the rest of the world who isn’t obsessed a good laugh at their expense,

  12. Freetonia

    As far as getting humor, forget about it, either too stupid, or not socialized normally to understand humor. It will never happen, which for the rest of us is unintentionally hilarious!

  13. outsiderstatus

    I’m sick of these morons who just cant let it go. behaving like this horrible miscarriage of justice has occured, like this verdict is a sign of the friggin apocalypse and Casey is some omnipotent villian. She’s a dumb irresponsible girl, there are probably 20 girls just like her at your local high school. why dont these people learn a lesson about what happens when you turn a blind eye to whats obviously in front of you. I wonder how many of those women have such a sucess story with their kids that they feel they can judge anyone. Do I think Casey is a product of her shitty environment? Yes, I certainly do. I think the Anthonys were shitty parents born from a long line of shitty parents. What do caylee’s warriors really truly think they are doing besides avoiding their own shitty lives. Stop watching the trainwreck.
    People will do just about anything to avoid reality and the things we should truly be railing about. Our country is falling apart, young girls having kids and killing them; these radical conservatives are orib prolifers screaming no choice, but they sure love a good tot mom drama. Eat it up with a spoon. Agh, so sick of these people and I wish there were a way to regulate the internet. Just cause you can look it up doesn’t mean you have the intelligence to be exposed to ALL the information in the world.

  14. outsiderstatus

    No offense intended, but Caylee isnt the only toddler who died and no one was held responsible. Do these people know how many kids died last summer in hot cars, left there by some stupid parent?
    A woman who lives in my area who was a principal (maybe vice pr.) of a junior high, married to a rich white guy, left her one year old in a car seat in the school parking lot–and returned multiple times to the car (video), never checking on baby. Its 100 outside, baby dies. Lots of mumblings of previous freaky behavior, money money money, and that clear case of neglect just fades. Oh, did the Hayleigh Cummings case get solved when I wasnt looking? Oh, who’s gonna fry for the Powells boys recent death?
    No one is being held responsible for the tragic deaths. But none of these kids have their own personal “warriors”


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