The Last Word

When Josh Powell brutally attacked and burned his children to death last week, I was too angry to even write about it.  I was angry that Child Protective Services would take the kids to HIS home for supervised visits.  I have never heard of such a thing.  It is always done at a neutral area or at the Department of Social Services so that the kids are in a controlled environment.  I assume that there will be lawsuits, and Washington‘s laws regarding how they handle custodial issues and supervised visitation will later reflect the outcome of this litigation.  At least I hope that change is forthcoming before other children are slain by their parents or custodians.

Josh Powell was a monster.  A cold and calculated monster who planned the deaths of his children, and likely murdered their mother.  The home he was living in was staged to present a loving father with photos of Susan and the family precariously placed for the best theatrical affect.  Josh Powell was mentally ill.  I truly believe this.  No normal person goes to these great lengths to terminate their entire family.  He grew up with an abusive father who we now have come to know was a voyeur, pervert and possessor of child pornography.  Josh Powell was found to have had incestuous computer generated porn on his computer.  The images were said to be “realistic, computer-generated depictions of incestuous parent-child relations” and were disturbing enough to prompt the psychologist to recommend  an intensive psychosexual evaluation. He was a very controlling and abusive person, and  Susan Powell was trying to get out of the relationship and get her children away from him. 

Once the social worker delivered the boys to the door, Josh slammed it and locked her out.  He was heard by the social worker telling his son Charlie, “I’ve got a big surprise for you.”  I just cannot fathom the last moments in that house.  I don’t want to attempt to visualize the last moments in that house, but I do want to know why.  What caused Josh Powell to murder his entire family and kill himself?  Was it a control issue?  An “I can’t have them so no one else will” situation?  Unless evidence is found such as journals or writings, etc., we may never know.  We can only opine about what was going on in his head, but one thing is for sure…in death, Josh Powell will NOT remain in control of his family.  He will not have the last word, and he will not be laid to rest beside his sons. The Powell family had reserved the grave beside the boys, when Crime Stoppers of Tacoma-Pierce County did something extraordinary.  They purchased the two graves surrounding the boys so Powell cannot be buried beside his children.  The Cox family will be able to do whatever they see fit with the plots, but Josh Powell will have to be buried somewhere else.  Sheriff Paul Pastor, a member of the Crime Stoppers board said regarding the Powell’s reserving the plot beside the boys:

“That kind of struck me as not very acceptable.  You murder your kids and then you get buried beside them. That would just compound the evil of him murdering his two kids.”

I couldn’t agree more with him!  Donations are being accepted by Crime Stoppers. You can donate by going to their website or by sending check or money order to:

Crime Stoppers of Tacoma-Pierce County
6824 19th St. W. #139
University Place, WA 98466

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  1. PQ

    I am truly at a loss for words. I can not believe his family had the balls to even consider burying him next to those kids. Great blog Prin!!!

    1. Prinnie (Post author)

      IMO, this shows the dysfunction of that family. You would think that they would be so embarrassed and shamed by what he did to those children, and Susan that they would put him in a cemetery in an unsuspecting grave. I half expect that there are going to be legal sparks flying over this in the days that come — just because they have shown just how much class they have by wanting him buried next to the boys. Thanks, PQ.

  2. ohiolinda

    He needs to burn in hell. I hope his soul never rests.
    Great blog.

  3. outsiderstatus

    I wish his creepy friggin dad would fuck off an die too….

    It struck me as extremely odd also when I read that the “supervised” visits were being conducted in a residence. That doesnt happen here where I live, in fact, go to any McDonalds with a playground on a weekend and you can pretty much pick out who is there on a court mandated supervised visitation. I was also stunned to learn that CPS in WA subcontracts workers for inhome visits and other CPS responsibilities. Why would a state mandated agency need to do that? Shows how concerned that state is with the safety and welfare of children,

  4. Freetonia

    I don’t think if it’s up to the Cox’s there will be a lawsuit against Pierce County, or the State of Washington, as of the burial they didn’t appear to have a problem with the process of not keeping them in a safer environment, although time may change this as Susan’s father was talking about now that Josh was dead they would probably never find her. I got the feeling they liked the little old lady who didn’t notice that Josh’s home was a fake, that he didn’t live there, the judge in ordering a psycho sexual test for Josh due to the finding of incest porn cartoons on his hard drive still thought it was fine not to bring him to a neutral spot for his visits, thinking I guess he’s a wonderful dad who just killed the mother, so the kids would be just fine in his fake visit rental home. Everyone failed, every single adult. I didn’t realize he had attacked the children for over a week because I was actually traumatized by the murder/arson, and I can tell you now I wish I never knew their last moments were being attacked with an ax. I wish the Cox’s would howl from the highest rooftop about how the system failed the children, sue with everything they have and get it done. I simply don’t think they ever got over Susan’s death, and the wind is out of their sails to be the people to enact real change. They could, they should, they have the power but I don’t know if this is on their agenda. Making the horror of this all absolutely a complete waste.

    1. outsiderstatus

      I agree Freetonia, I cannot imagine the sheer hell the Cox family had been living in since the moment they were told “Susan is missing”….and then to be burdened with the need to deal with a fucking psychopath son in law, who they knew held the answers to the location of their daughter & who was certainly using every bit of emotional blackmail he could muster against them AND very nearly holding their grandchildren hostage, well, fuck how did they manage to have a cognizant, clear thought on any day?
      That’s where I become ENRAGED with the govt agencies who are in place for the protection of children who are the defenseless victims in these sorts of situations. These CPS agencies exist (in theory, obviously not in practice mostly) to protect children when the adults around them are incapable of protecting and providing for the children. I cant think a single instance where a child has been involved in the CPS process and been properly protected….Our systems are broken, corrupted and sometimes non existent. Dont get me wrong, I know there are plenty of ppl employed by CPS agencies who are perfectly nice, well qualified and want to make a positive impact with the families and children in their caseload. These agents quickly realize though, their hands are virtually tied, they are hampered by policy and the job is more geared toward avoiding any action that could result in litigation, complaints, etc and the job is less and less about protecting the children.
      Dont get me wrong, I dont have any answers, oh, I have plenty of opinions and thoughts about how I think things should be done, lol, but I dont pretend to be an expert, just a concerned citizen who is extremely frustrated. And I dont want to appear to be slagging all the social workers, etc of CPS agencies. I blame the usual suspects, the people we elect to handle these issues. They are completely disconnected, and frankly could give two shits about these children, until its too late.


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