Marcus Blanchard 4 Life Sentences

A few years ago at my former blog, I wrote about a man from Palm Beach, FL who had been accused of molesting multiple children in his home where his girlfriend ran a daycare.  A woman whose husband had been killed by Blanchard almost 30 years ago commented on the blog because she had found the article about him. She felt that because Blanchard had only done 10 years in prison he was free to go out into the world and harm again…and he did.  Marcus killed her husband who he beat 27 times in the head with a pipe then shot him with a 357 magnum point blank to the head, while he slept.  She stated that when we were in court in 1989 they only gave him 2nd degree murder because he had a clean record & had never been in trouble before, however, they were not aware of his conviction for molesting his daughters.

Blanchard’s own daughter went to law enforcement after she saw him dropping off and picking up children in 2007.  She knew since he had molested her that he was probably hurting these little girls as well.  He was convicted in 1980 of fondling his daughters, who were 7 and 5 years old at the time.  He was charged with multiple counts of molestation and according to the Palm Beach Post :

While Blanchard was originally charged with molesting six girls, one charge was dropped because the girl was so young she had little memory of what, if anything, happened to her, he said. Further, Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Richard Oftedal found Blanchard not guilty of one charge of lewd or lascivious molestation when another girl changed her story during the trial.

There were also inconsistencies in the accounts of the other four girls who were between the ages of 6 and 10, Riordan said. He said he will use those lapses as grounds for an appeal.

However, even if the appeal succeeds, Blanchard still faces a charge of capital sexual battery for abusing his daughter in the early 1980s. No trial date has been set.

It is good to see that the system worked in this instance and Marcus Blanchard will not be seeing the outside of a prison gate until he is carried out in a pine box.


  1. JunieTuney

    He doesn’t even deserve a pine box. Burn him so he is ready for hell and toss his ashes in a trash can.

  2. andrea

    Im glad he is were he belongs ..He will have 399 years as of 3.7.13…He will not get out on good behavier either.. thank god…i am one of his daughters..Hes a monster who deserves to be were he is.He shall not hurt another EVER!!!!!!!!


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