Columbus Stabbing

Yesterday must have been go off the rails day.  There was a shooting in an Arkansas courthouse, and a stabbing and police officer shooting in downtown Columbus that happened in the building I used to work at.  CRAZY! The suspect’s name has yet to be released, however, two victims’ names were released; one of them being a local Columbus attorney who worked for the Ohio AG’s office.  He was injured in the lobby when he went to the aid of another man who had been stabbed multiple times.  Two of the stabbing victims were in critical condition, a third was stable.  One has since been released from the hospital.

The details are still very sketchy, but the suspect entered the building at 150 E. Gay Street which is in the heart of downtown, and went to the admissions office at Miami Jacobs Career College.  It was there that he started stabbing people, and was disarmed only to produce two more knives and head into the lobby.  He was chased out of the building where Columbus Police ordered him to stop, and he was lunging at the officer.  She shot him multiple times.  Suspect remains in critical condition at OSU.  I’m still waiting to hear information on who he is and WHY he did this. 

10TV is to have a live presser at 2PM if anyone wants to listen in.


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  1. simplynotdivine

    Don’t forget about the shooting we recently had in Chardon where two youngsters were killed. I have to say one thing about that. I am really proud of how the different school districts around Ohio have come together to help this school system after this tragedy. A lot of different schools have traveled up there to show support. I know they had recently had a walk where a bunch of students got together from different school districts and with Chardon and walked in memory of those who were killed. It is too bad that it took a tragedy like this for people to come together to support others.


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