Jessica Sacco Case: Juggalette Murder

The Jessica Rae Sacco case is now being reported by the news as being linked to “Juggalo gang activity” just as I wrote when I put the blog article up last night. Two friends (a mother and daughter from Hamilton, Ohio) who were with Matthew and accomplices state that they saw the bag containing Jessica’s remains, and that they saw him throw the bag from the car.  One of the “friends” stated in an interview with local news that she felt the bag and thought that it was deer parts.  Linda also went on to claim that Matt killed Jessica in self defense because she had a hit on him.  Honestly, I find this allegation to be quite questionable because men are typically stronger and can overpower a woman easily.  Linda  said she and the others are part of the Juggalos “gang”.  The friend, Linda, did not want her full name used to protect her identity, but it is easy to identify her by reading the Facebook walls of the individuals involved, as well as Jessica’s wall.  She and her mother, “S”, have been speaking to many of the local media outlets in the Cincinnati area.  Puccio confessed to Linda that he had killed Jessica and in one interview she and her mother stated that they told Matt he should turn himself in.  My question is:  why didn’t THEY turn him in?  Why did they ride around in a car with him while transporting body parts?  

The Juggalos have been identified by the FBI as a “loosely-organized hybrid gang.”  According to the FBI, the group is somewhat transient and its members are often involved in simple assault, drug use, petty theft and vandalism. According to the FBI, social networking has helped the group expand. Facebook is a haven for their local cliques if you just start searching for Juggalo groups.

After reading Jessica’s Facebook wall, she seemed to me to be a girl who was searching for acceptance and fell in with the wrong crowd.  She self-identified with the Juggalos, and referred to herself as a ‘Lette – short for Jugalette, the female version of a Juggalo.  From her posts, she was trying very hard to please her boyfriend, Matt Puccio.  This ultimately cost her her life.  Matthew Puccio had a violent streak.  That is also very evident from the posts on his Facebook.  He claimed to be starting a record label and promoting bands, and was VERY much into the Juggalo lifestyle. There were rumors of “hits” being put out on Juggalos and one has to wonder if this was not just paranoia as the Juggalo Holocaust appears to be a group created solely to troll the Juggalos.

He was also accused of taking his friend’s daughter as evidenced by this post on his wall.  From all appearances, Matt was not a very well liked or trusted guy.  Many people are commenting on his FB wall with exactly those sentiments.

To anyone who cares to see this or lives in houston texas area I DO NOT HAVE MY FRIENDS DAUGHTER i didnt even know she went missing until her mom contacted me here in Arkansas so please pass the word along to everyone in that area why would i do that having kids of my own why would i risk never seeing them again over this im tired of beeing blamed for something i never did so please pass a long this info i dont know what im going to have to do to get this cop off of me but its making me upset like no other
February 8 at 12:03pm via mobile ·

This posting on Matt’s wall now has a very ominous undertone because one can only assume it was meant towards Jessica’s family as she “liked” the post.  You can click the date link to see the original post.

there is just one thing that comes to mind when i think of an individual i used to deal with. You and your family have strongly told me to “stay away” sorry but those two words i cant obey all of you must face the price of your betrayel. Maybe this will wake all of you up
January 15 at 11:37pm via mobile ·

Linda believes Puccio should not be in jail.  “I think that they should allow him to go,” she said. “I mean, that boy, he would not hurt a fly. The only reason he did it was in self-defense.”  He did more than hurt a fly.  He killed and dismembered a young girl who was just starting her life.  Matthew Puccio and friends are exactly where they belong tonight.


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  1. PQ

    Here’s the problem I have with Linda’s story. She says Puccio was only defending himself claiming that Jessica put a hit out on him. IF that were true (which I don’t believe it is), does she honestly believe that excuse will hold up in court? If that were the case, he would of gone to the police like a NORMAL person would do. Why isn’t Linda and her mom Susette also not behind bars? From what I have been reading, Linda was the one driving when Puccio threw the bag of remains out the car. Her sister is no peach either. She’s commented today about violating her house arrest (I assume this has to do with something that caused her 5 kids to be taken away) to go to court with her boyfriend who happened to dump her the day after Jessica was killed! I wonder if he dumped her because of her involvement with all of this???

    1. Prinnie (Post author)

      Meet Linda. Why haven’t she and her mother been charged?

    2. Candice

      Look I don’t know you but I would like to know why you are bringing my children into this.. My boyfriend didn’t dump me we just have our up’s and downs like any other person. As you stated I am on house arrest and everything happened in Urbana 3hrs away from me I had no involvement what so ever in this so please just stop bringing me into this. I am sorry for Jessica and her family I didn’t wanna believe any of it when the cops was talking to me all I could think is what if that was one of my daughter’s. Leave me be I am getting my children back and trying to stay away from drama that’s why I have not talked to anyone but the police. I’m getting my life on track and I’m going to raise my children away from the guy who caused them to be taken so unless you know PQ don’t bring me into this.. Thanks

      1. Prinnie (Post author)

        Just out of curiosity, how did your sister get Jessica’s pants? What knowledge did she have of this attack prior to it happening? From the looks of all of your facebook accounts, it seems that MANY of you knew something was going down.

      2. Candice

        I honestly had no clue what was going on until the night the cops came and questioned everybody. I told them the only thing I knew was that Matt said they broke up and him Kandis and Andrew left. But my sister got them because Matt brought a whole bunch of clothes and said they was all his and she could wear whatever she wanted. I’m trying to stay away from stuff like this because of my babies. I messed up with one guy he was very abusive to me and I didn’t leave him so I stayed up with my youngest daughter one night (she was teething) and slept through the day he took care of the boys next thing you know my son had marks safest thing to do was let them go until he was gone that’s what happened with them. Just being brought into this to be questioned made me sick to my stomach like I said what if that was one of my daughter’s or even one of my son’s. What PQ fails to realize when she talks about me about to have 6 children yes that is true but I was on birth control with the first 4 of them. Also I would like to admit I agree with most people about my sister. Don’t get me wrong but she is not looking at everything like a rational person in this situation would.

  2. PQ

    What’s really sick is these people keep breeding. Candice is going on her 6th child 5 are in foster care one in the oven. Ohh and she is under 21 according to her post March 4th regarding not being able to adopt 3 pit bulls from the shelter because she is under 21! Good grief she can’t take care of her 5 children so they are placed in foster care but she is worried about 3 pit bulls?

    I seriously hope LE looks at all these Facebook pages and read some of the stuff on there. It’s a wealth of information IF they grab it fast before they delete all their incriminating words. I’m taking screen shots of everything just in case LOL

    1. Prinnie (Post author)

      Yea, screenie what you can. It just shows how not very bright they are for posting this stuff, and the two want to talk to the media apparently.

  3. PQ

    You know, I have been reading a lot of their facebook pages and I seriously think all these people need to be locked up in a state mental institution. LOL Seriously they are all Eff’d up!!

    I found a woman who goes by the names Ladylette Dawn and Misty Ladylette Dawn Linder. Same person two different Facebook Pages (this seems to be a pattern of all of theirs) Anyway, she is posting as Ladylette Dawn on Misty Ladylette Dawn Linder’s Facebook page comforting her over Puccio being in jail. OMG No Lie look this is about a photo of all those who killed Jessica…

    Misty Ladylette Dawn Linder
    the 1st guy is matthew puccio
    Sunday at 11:23pm · Like

    Ladylette Dawn
    i feel so bad
    Yesterday at 2:27pm · Like

    Ladylette Dawn
    i want to know why he did it
    Yesterday at 3:10pm · Like

    Ladylette Dawn
    u know something u dont know the real him. U know he was uesin u. He didnt love u he wanted to hide out. And im glade he in jail and i hope he stay there and im goin to find away
    Yesterday at 5:20pm · Like

    And on another page LadyLette Dawn writes this about the same photo…

    Ladylette Dawn the 1st is my husband
    Sunday at 2:20pm

    I say the cops go in, wrangle them all up. Take those who had something to do with the actual crime and lock them up for life (killing would be far too easy for them) and the rest, Please Dear God, put them all on a remote island far far away from civilization! Let them all continue to breed and inbreed with themselves and eventually kill each other off.

    On a more serious note, I would really love to hear what a REAL Criminal Profiler has to say about this gang of lowest common denominators of the world.

    1. Prinnie (Post author)

      Jessica was fighting with that “ladylette Dawn” chick over Matt. *gag* I agree — they all need to be rounded up.

  4. PQ

    I noticed Linda changed her FB timeline cover to pictures of Matt How sweet. Also notice the pants he is wearing in the picture top right…

    The ones Linda was wearing in her news video. Go look at RC’s new picture he posted last Thursday and see who likes it…

    I seriously hope LE is looking closely at Linda and the rest of them!

  5. PQ

    Candice, I’m not so bad of a person that I can’t apologize for speaking of you, your kids and them being taken away. I do apologize and will refrain from any further comments about them. You sound like you are trying to turn your life around for both you and your kids and for that you should be proud. I do hope you are able to get your children back.

    As for your sister, I believe she knows much more than she is telling the police. Her defending Puccio is down right sickening. She obviously has some sort of sick twisted thing for him as no normal person on the face of this earth would defend anyone who committed such a horredous crime! She went on damage control on Facebook trying to cover Puccio’s ass! Then didn’t hesitate to jump on the local media again trying to cover his ass.

    The pictures RC has posted on his Facebook page that he tagged both Linda and Matthew, also speaks volumes. It’s like some sick game both RC and Linda are playing regarding Jessica being killed and don’t think for one minute the police haven’t taken notice of any of that. It will be interesting to see if when this comes to trial, what forensics shows on Mathhews computer. If there is any incriminating messages both private and public, they will all show up both those Matthew sent and received. Same with his cell phone records. All his texts, phone calls, internet activity from his phone etc, will all be handed over to law enforcement by his cell phone provider. Again, that will include all deleted messages and phone calls. Same goes for Jessica’s computer and or cell. I am willing to bet, that’s when more arrests will take. Hope people are sure they didn’t send any damaging information to either Jessica or Matthew.

    1. Candice

      PQ I already know they will keep searching phone records and messages as well as stuff on the computer and if he really did have messages forwarded from a friend about a hit being put on him then they will find them but until they do I see him just a guilty as anyone else, but I would rather neither accuse nor defend any of them unless some truth from what Matthew and them has said is found.

      1. Prinnie (Post author)

        Candice, I applaud you for doing what is best for your children. In life we sometimes have to make difficult decisions that are not always best for US but benefit those that we love. Please take advantage of any community resources that are offered to you to help you on your journey.

        Why did Linda and your mom decide to go to the media about all of this? What was in it for them?

        Good luck to you – I mean that sincerely.

  6. Candice

    Prinnie I have completed the Parenting class where I am at now I am doing a coaching class and domestic violence classes and thank you both for the support and being reasonable with me.

    1. Prinnie (Post author)

      No problem. I’m glad you are completing the classes. Take advantage of the resources available to you. Again, sometimes in life everyone makes mistakes or gets into jams, but it doesn’t mean these mistakes aren’t fixable. We can learn from them and we can always make things better. That’s really what life is all about. There is no clear cut plan, and we learn along the way. I wish you much success and hope that you and your children are reunited quickly.

  7. PQ

    Candice that is excellent that you are doing classes etc. As Prin said, take advantage of all the resources out there for you. All you can do now is learn from past mistakes, teach your children to be upstanding men and your daughter to not take any crap from any man. Teach her to be a strong woman like yourself! You know what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. You sound as though you have become a much stronger person through all of this. Again, I am deeply sorry for speaking of your children and you in an ill manner. I wish you and your children all the luck and happiness in the world.

  8. Candice

    Thank you.. There is a reason nobody wanted to belive anything Matthew had said because my mom mostly has heard it all before. I left when I was 16 and my ex like I said was abusive and he use to call my grandmother every other week saying he killed me chopped me up and fed me to my kids all kindas of stuff. Rc has had no involvment he had just came to stay for a while like a day or 2 before the cops came. Here is the link to my ex you will see what I’m talking about.


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