Killer Clown

Someone is missing her killer boyfriend.

Linda O. Janevski (Splinda Julggalette)

How did Linda get Jessica’s pants?  The ones that Matthew are wearing in this photo.  This is the woman that Matthew was with when she told the media that he tossed the bag over the side.  What part, if any, does Linda play in all of this?


  1. LJ

    Linda dont play any part of anything for ur info.. I told what i was told an seen to the important people as in the police.. Now how bout u people stop stalking my facebook and everything cuz u dont know me an i dont know u.. If ur going to stalk someone, stalk someone u personally know.. Leave me and my family alone before i report u all for stalking.. Thx an bye…

    1. Prinnie (Post author)

      First of all, your definition of “stalking” seems to be different than that of Ohio Revised Code. No, we don’t know you other than what you have presented to the MEDIA. That being said, your actions and comments to the media are disturbing and leave one with many questions. How did you get her pants? It has been reported that you were Matt’s new girlfriend. That kind of puts a different light on you and your voracity to proclaim him innocent and that he should be released from jail. He MURDERED Jessica. She did not ask him to kill her and while he may have mental problems, somehow he fails to come off as “clinically insane”. He was very alert and very well organized in his speech while confessing to the media. I think he is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame, and believe me when I say that he WILL be forgotten by the public. Jessica, on the other hand, will always be remembered as the victim and not Matthew Puccio. Explain how anyone is trying to “twist things around an make everything sound worse” than it is? He stabbed and DISMEMBERED a young girl. How does that make him a “good man”?

      1. JunieTuney

        That’s not good boyfriend material at all let alone being a good “man”. Good men don’t abuse or kill women. Birds of a feather might often flock together.

  2. LJ

    I wasnt his new girlfriend. Where the heck did u get that info from? And as i said u people dont know him like i do.. I have known him for 3 years so i know how the good side of Matt was.. When i was down in the dumps he was ALWAYS there for me rather it be on line, texting, calling, or in person he always made me happy an helped the pain go away.. He was a wonderful friend. An thats what u people didnt know bout him but should.. An as i said before stop looking an stalking my facebook cuz my life has nothing to do with any of u.. I dont go looking at urs now do i?? No.. Cuz ur life is ur bizz an my life is MINE… Now how bout u all leave me alone..

    1. Valerie

      Linda, get over it. Go away and shut your mouth already nobody cares what you have to see because every normal person in their right mind can see that Matt is a piece of shit, even his friends and family. Actions speak louder than words open your eyes little girl and quit going around flapping your gums everywhere you just make yourself look stupider and stupider with every word that comes out of your mouth.

    2. Katherine Harris

      There is no way you have known him for the past three years. I have been with him since october 3, 2009 to June 11, 2011 and i have never heard of you and I know for DAMN sure he never saw you. He never wanted me to get out of his sight for more than 5 minutes and he never had a phone long enough to text anyone constantly. So how about you shut your lyin mouth sit back and leave everyone the hell alone….YOU DON’T KNOW HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and he IS a psysopath!!!!!!


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