Scumbag Alert!

This story came out a few weeks ago, but I am still steaming mad about the fact that (1) law enforcement said NOTHING about this until the media approached them, and (2) scumbag Josh Holden’s bond was so low even though his alleged crimes were HORRIFIC!!!!  Josh Holden physically abused his wife.  Not just smacking her around either.  He BROKE HER LEGS, beat her with jumper cables, baseball bats.  He had shot her with a pellet gun in the past and left the shrapnel in her which got infected.  The abuse started 7 years ago and about a month ago, he began starving his wife and locking her in a room.  AND…he had a phone app that provided surveillance inside the home when he was not there.

On the morning of March 20th, Josh Holden was taking their 7 year old daughter to school and got ticked off because he said his wife wasn’t moving fast enough for his liking to get the child ready.  He became enraged and beat his wife and told her that when he returned he was going to kill her.  Mrs. Holden grabbed her two youngest children, ages 2 and 3-years old, and fled into the woods where she hid for two days until they were able to flag down a motorist.  Did I mention that her legs were broken and she had been SCALPED?  Yes, scumbag had cut her hair off and lacerated her skull, too.   After she was found she was taken to the hospital where she was in ICU for over a week.

Holden was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and bodily injury, local broadcaster KLTV reported. He was released after bail was reduced from $750,000 to $100,000.   This story is so disturbing on so many levels.  All I can say is that I HOPE he pays dearly for physically and emotionally abusing his family!!


  1. JunieTuney

    I hope the Lisa Holden and the children are well protected because this guy could be bent on vengeance and retaliation. One never knows because of the physical and emotional abuse. After the Josh Powell case this kind of stuff scares and should make every law enforcement officer hyper-aware that there are growing problems.

  2. UberSpork

    This stuff makes my skin crawl.

  3. PR

    Unfortunately, this guy is a waste of time and thought. Hope he meets up with someone that shows him what its like being on the receiving end!

  4. dp

    they were both on drugs… she is just as guilty as he is


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