She'll Take Care of Them…RIGHT!

Terry Thompson was hellbent on getting the exotic animals back that her were spared from the slaughter that came as a result of her dead husband’s completely irresponsible actions of releasing all of the exotic animals that he had hoarded collected as bartered items from gun trades.  She fought the State of Ohio to demand the return of 5 animals and made claims that she loved these animals dearly and wanted them back.  Terry is back in the news, and this is how much she DEARLY LOVED these animals:

THORNVILLE, Ohio – Fairfield County officials said on Monday that they believed two lionesses that were brought to a Thornville home came from Terry Thompson’s Zanesville exotic animal farm.

Owner John Moore recently moved two 150-pound lionesses onto his rented property, located on Queen Road near Buckeye Lake, 10TV’s Jason Frazer reported.

Moore previously worked as a caretaker at the Zanesville exotic animal farm, where owner Terry Thompson released more than 50 exotic animals before killing himself in October.

Yep…that’s what you do to animals that you love so much.  You give them away so some hillbilly can build a cage on his back porch for them to live in.  Terry Thompson, YOU are an irresponsible animal owner.


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