Murder Plot Foiled

Grace Dillman and her boyfriend, Robert Best, who she met on the internet in 2009 were arrested and charged with attempted murder for a plot to kill her father. The pair had been planning the murder for a month.  Last week Grace called Best in Indiana where he lived and told him to come to Ohio.  He drove for hours and arrived at the Gahanna home in the early morning hours where they stood over her father several times ready to attack.  Their plan was to slit Grace’s father and mother’s throats and stage the scene to look like a home invasion.

At some point during the knife attack on Mr. Dillman, Robert Best learned that Grace had been untruthful about the circumstances that he was led to believe warranted the need to brutally murder her parents.  It was then that he initiated first aid to Mr. Dillman and Mrs. Dillman called 911 for assistance.  It hasn’t been released just what the reasons for the plan were, but Grace Dillman’s church is in disbelief that one of their flock would try to kill her parents.

Best is cooperating with law enforcement and Grace Dillman has hired an attorney.


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