Missing Woman – Incestuous Relatives

There is no delicate way to write about this case.  It is all kinds of jacked up. Each time I think that I have heard it all and cannot be shocked anymore, a new story comes out that just blows my mind.  This one is so convoluted and the persons involved are seedy and mysterious.  Brittany Wood has been missing since May 30.   She is 19-years old and from the Mobile, Alabama area.

What started out as a missing persons case has now become a family feud and allegations of incest and rape against specific family members.  Brittany went to meet her uncle Donald Holland, Sr.  Her last cell phone transmission was located less than a mile away from her uncle’s home.  She left her daughter behind which was very suspect and two days later, Brittany’s “Uncle Donnie” committed suicide.  It was later determined that the gun he used belonged to Brittany.  Her mother states that she carried a firearm for protection.  As it would turn out, Donnie Holland was being investigated as part of a state sex crimes investigation and was to report to the police about half an hour after he was found with the self inflicted gunshot wound.

The story becomes even more complicated as several of her relatives have been arrested and charged with incest, rape and sodomy.  Five men in total have been arrested in this investigation, two uncles, one brother, a cousin and a family friend.

On Tuesday, deputies arrested Randall Scott Wood, another uncle of Brittney’s. He is charged with sex abuse, sodomy, and incest. Dustin Alton Kent was the other relative arrested. More arrests are expected.

Brittney’s cell phone was last detected in the Grand Bay area. Search crews began going door to door on Thursday passing out fliers in an attempt to locate the missing teen.

Authorities are looking into the possibility that the arrests could be connected with Brittney’s disappearance. Her brother mentioned her possibly being scared and in hiding when he was interviewed earlier this month. If the charges against her family members turn out to be true, this could be the motivation she has to be in hiding.


There has been no sign of or word from Brittany and anyone who knows Wood’s whereabouts should call Mobile police at 251-208-7211 or the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office at 251-574-8633.

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