A Lesson in Forgiveness

About 20+ years ago, I lived in eastern Ohio and had a friend who was a student at the local Catholic university. That summer, two men broke into his home that he shared with two fellow students.  They violently assaulted his two roommates. Fortunately, he was able to slip out of a bedroom window and run to a neighbor’s home to call 911. During the short time that it took police to arrive, the perpetrators kidnapped his roommates and drove off in their vehicle headed for the Pennsylvania border, where they marched both boys up the hill and shot them.  It then took 10 years to get convictions for their crimes as the Ohio Supreme Court overturned both murder convictions because of a jurisdictional issue.  They were retried in Pennsylvania and both are currently serving life sentences for their crimes.

What the point of this post is, the mothers of these boys forgave their killers.  They have both created foundations that are still up and running to this day and even though they had to wait for ten years to get to the end of their judicial journey, neither ever claimed that they “hated” the men who killed their sons.  Instead, they took the horrible hand dealt them and did something positive for humanity in the name of their children.

It is so easy for people to sit online and spew their vitriol (and I won’t mention names or specific cases) but at the end of the day my question is what good will really come of their behavior?  Many of these people claim to have Christian values but you wouldn’t be able to tell from the daily hate-fests.

Isn’t it time to take a lesson from these families and do something positive with their energy that honors victims?


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  1. prinnie (Post author)

    Not sure what I was drinking last night, but it was 13 years ago. I can spell, but I can’t count. LOL

  2. twinkie

    I agree having the ability to forgive sets us apart from the animals never forgetting makes us human!

  3. Freetonia

    It says more about the person who forgave, started foundations to help other people than it says about the criminals who in this case are long forgotten. It takes a special, highly evolved person to love more than they can hate. I imagine if the two victims had lived they would have been amazing men, and contributed to society in a positive way. because of the people who raised them and keep their memories alive in the most positive way possible.


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