Missing Woman Found Dead After Answering Craigslist Ad

Missing woman’s car.

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office said that they found a body matching the description of a missing pregnant woman this morning.  Deanna Ballman of Pataskala, Ohio was reported missing yesterday after she did not return home.

Information is really sparse right now regarding specifics as to who she was to be meeting.  She was said to have “answered an ad on Craigslist” and did not return home.  Her car was found along the 12000 block of Bevelheimer Road near the Delaware and Licking county line before 1 p.m. today.   The sheriff’s office said that the missing woman was reported missing in Pataskala Tuesday afternoon and that she was last seen in New Albany.

From what I have been able to gather using social media sites, Deanna was 23-years old with two young children and one on the way.  She had recently moved back to Ohio from Colorado and was in the Army National Guard.

Ohio has been in the spotlight in the past when it comes to violence resulting from answering a Craigslist ad.  Last year two men lured other men to meet them for job opportunities for the purpose of robbing them and then killing them.  Little is known at the moment about who she was meeting or if it is connected to her death.  The sheriff’s office did not release the identity of the woman nor the circumstances leading to her death. The license plate of the car matches that of Deanna’s vehicle, and friends have commented on her Facebook that it is her.

Channel 4 Columbus has coverage of this developing story.  You can read here.  My thoughts go out to her friends and family.



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  1. Freetonia

    Craigslist is like anything else when you are meeting a stranger, even to pick up a table or couch, you need to leave the information behind with someone, phone numbers addresses why and where you are going, and not go alone even for a first time meeting or job bring someone who can wait in a car for you, most meetings are less then an hour and you can find several firneds and do it for each other.. Don’t let people come to your home unless there going to be at least a few people there with you, and ask for ID or at least get tag numbers of a car and give it to a 3rd party.

    I am so sorry a woman who was only trying to work to provide for her family had to die. It’s not just Craigslist, once someone decides he wants to murder someone they will exhaust any effort. I feel so sorry for this women, her children, her family to be victimized by such a monster. It’s not the victims fault in any way and she should never be blamed. This was the fault of a man who falsely lured her to her death. It’s not craigslists fault either, Millions of successful transactions happen every week with no problem. The fault lies with a man/men who hunted another human being with evil intent. She just seemed like such an unlikely, completely innocent victims, trying to work hard for her family. I’m not convinced that one person pulled this off and I hope all involved get to pay with the most horrendous future possible.

  2. prinnie (Post author)

    I’m going to withhold judgment until after the autopsy. For all we know she could have gotten fatally ill and pulled off the side of the road. While LE is treating her death as suspicious, without all the facts I can’t opine one way or another other than relying on what little information is out there. Autopsy is supposed to be performed tomorrow.

  3. Tyeisha walton

    I just got a cell phone from crige list. At first i was kind of scared because of all this stuff about the crige list killer and then people being messing.But i took a chance with my eyes open i came out side with a big nife in my coat i made shore i stayed on my pourch she gave me the cell and i gave her the money. But she never told me she was coming with a large guy. But it went well. Never again so just be careful out here because people don’t care about life.And thay will take yours with no problem.Tye Love


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