Kids in Totes


Ah, once again I am convinced that individuals should be required to have a license to procreate.  You have to have a license to drive to make sure you aren’t a danger on the road, but yet some of the most maladaptive, socially repugnant people can just have children at will and inflict their special brand of crazy upon them, as is the case with James and Samantha Taylor.

Four adults have been charged  for — wait for it — putting small children into totes that had one air hole in them and leaving them in there.   James Allen Taylor, Samantha Marie Taylor, Glenn Allen Adams and Daniel Adam McKenney of Steubenville, Ohio  are facing charges of endangering children and unlawful restraint.   A grand jury handed down the indictments last week.

The case was brought to the attention of law enforcement when another adult witnessed the children being put into totes and left there, and alerted authorities.  Adams and McKenney are accused of knowing about the alleged crimes and not reporting them to police.  Who in their right mind would find such behavior as not reportable to authorities?

“Two of the adults took a main role in ordering and directing these children in the totes while there were a couple other adults that assisted and aided in this abuse by cutting holes in the top of these totes, as well as engaging in some other acts that we believe constitute in abuse,” Assistant Prosecutor Jeff Bruzzese said.   The children are  5, 6 and 8 years old.

“There is some indication of past abuse and corporal-type punishment. We believe … the investigation goes far beyond the normal perimeters of parental guardian child discipline,” he said. Ya think?  Who punishes children by putting them in totes except a complete moron?

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  1. Freetonia

    Where I am a tote is like a gym bag or large purse, which I thought was horrible enough. Now I realize that they were in plastic bins for storage. What monster thought that would be a place to put a small child for any reason. It’s terrible to realize how many children are doomed from childhood because they have parents who would do something like this to them. Why are these people at all, they clearly don’t want to raise them or care for them in any way. It would have been kinder to abort them. Far kinder than what they have to live through, and we as a society will pay the price for what’s being done to these children today.


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