Craigslist Connection?

Deanna Ballman was found last week in her car, and an autopsy revealed her death to be by undetermined causes.  A Columbus doctor has been interviewed and items taken from his home, but the mystery surrounding Deanna’s death has yet to be solved.  I am still on the fence with regards to what happened, and do not want to be one who is pointing accusatory fingers at anyone until all of the facts are in.

A Grove City, Ohio model Gabrielle Roush has come forward regarding a run in that she had with the doctor.  She states that she answered an ad on Craigslist for a modeling gig that was to pay $300.  When she got there with her father in law, he was asked to leave and said resident wanted to paint human organs on Gabrielle’s stomach area.  In all honesty, that in itself is a bit creepy but hey…what do I know, right?  To each his own.  Here’s the interview from Channel 10TV.


  1. PQ

    That’s a little too creepy for my liking. If he isn’t involved in this I will be surprised.

  2. prinnie (Post author)

    It’s all very creepy. I hope that the toxicology reports bring some kind of closure to this case. I’ve seen a few “bloggers” who are speculating and making outrageous speculations about this case, and IMO all that does is dishonor the victim and brings more grief to the families. What is wrong with people that they have to be so insensitive when they write about this stuff. Obviously this self-proclaimed “criminal analyst and profiler” is doing so to get hits to her articles. Just like a coffin fly.


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