Zanny the Alcohol Selling Nanny

I couldn’t WAIT to log in and write about this.  I’m GIDDY even!  It looks like poor victimized Zenaida Gonzalez was arrested Friday night at a store in Orlando after she sold a 4Loko beverage to an underage operative who was working for the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco.  I have had my issues with this whole civil suit from the beginning because it was Zenaida Gonzalez who came forward to identify herself as the one the finger was pointed at.  SHE brought herself into the limelight.  The basis of her lawsuit is that her reputation has been harmed and she was caused financial loss.  Uh…she had QUITE the reputation prior to her debut into the fustercluck that is the Anthony case, and her financial loss?  She was one motel room from being homeless.  Let’s just say you can put lipstick on a pig…and you know the rest.

Zanny the Clerk gets popped for illegally selling liquor to an underage person and lo and behold, the lunatic fringe is already harping conspiracy theory.

MY money is on a SET-UP. The timing is SO telling. She is supposed to go to court next week so casey’s SCHEME TEAM ATTURDIES just HAD to do something to make ZFG look bad.

Oh casey….I can’t WAIT til you & your scamdamily leave the US. I hope you are ALL imprisoned in another country and you can NEVER get out.

Know this….one day…..justice will be served to you and your scamdamily. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but ONE DAY! So enjoy your scams while you can. NO ONE leaves this world without paying for ALL they have done.

I just wish ONE PERSON in that scamming, lying family would grow a PAIR and tell the WHOLE TRUTH.

Anyone else LYING in court the way sindy did would have paid a fine and gone to jail. Not sure WHY all the judges seem to be protecting this family, but it will all come out one day…and they too will get theirs!

I need not say another word. LMAO

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  1. Freetonia

    The comment in the article is really frightening, that a grown adult wrote something that vitriolic about people she doesn’t knowand will never meet, just shows you how unbalanced this person is, and the thousands of people out there like her. Casey Anthony was found not guilty, not one member of her family charged with a crime and yet there are people who post this crazy nonsense everyday. What hatred and self loathing they must feel every single day of their sad pathetic lives.

    I’d say it’s time to move on but a person so mentally and emotionally stunted it will never happen, they will hang on to a case where everyone involved is a perfect stranger. I guess what makes me feel so bad is that is these people are that child’s true legacy and that poor little girl Caylee deserved so much more than them. All these old crones yapping and not one foundation in Caylee’s name to help other children in her memory. It’s just as tragic to me as her death, because all her memory really holds are thousands of unbalanced women filled with hatred. No much of a legacy at all for that cute little kid who died far to soon.

  2. prinnie (Post author)

    Moving on would mean empty, friendless lives to them. They’re going to ride this horse until it falls over.

  3. Freetonia

    She’s a sad character who was one of the first to try to make money on the death of a child, first in a long list of other bottom feeders. I don’t think this is her first crime or her last, she’ll always poke her ugly head up like a whack a mole.

  4. Holly B

    I do feel bad for her because I too know what it’s like to turn on the internet or whatever and see your name attached to some bizarre her case, murder. That and I kind of feel like she is being used by her attorneys for their own fame game. I get the desperation of wanting to clear your name and the dread of it all. . that being said, even if she gets some sort of settlement, most of it will go to attorneys fees. I dont think she is particularly educated and maybe some advantage of that fact was taken. We all pretty much know that she is not the Zanny Casey was referring to because that person does not exist… and as Ive learned, those that want to believe the lies and bs will do so regardless of how much proof they are given.


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