I will probably offend a few people with this post, but if you believe this heap of horse doodie, I probably wouldn’t want to maintain a friendship with you to begin with.  Here goes.

Todd Bentley, a convicted criminal and   founded the revivalist organization Fresh Fire USA.  Bentley has come under fire because he “heals” people by kicking them in the face, stomach or punching them.  ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME? Yes, you read that correctly.  He HEALS by kicking people in the face.  I have heard a lot of insane religious stories, but this one is just over the top, and WHO in their right mind would subject themselves to this violence?  Obviously there are a lot of people who are since his ministry is flourishing.  It is all very disturbing to me.  He claims that he kicked a woman in the face with his biker boot and when his foot made contact with her nose, she “fell unto the power of God”.  No.  She probably saw stars from being boot kicked in the face. 

  The gift of faith said “kick her in the face with your biker boot”.



Why yes…yes, this is so believable.  *sarcasm*



You can’t make this shit up and this is just more proof of the fools in our world who will buy into ANYTHING.  Pitiful.  I’m embarrassed for these people.

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