Some people deserve to be peed on #whoareyou

“Some people deserve to be peed on #whoareyou

It is a distasteful statement when made in the context that it was.  It is even more distasteful to think that it was posted to brag.

When I found this particular tweet during my research about the allegations of rape at Steubenville High School,  I sat in front of my screen in disbelief.  I tried to let the words sink in.  I was repulsed because I knew the context in which this statement was made and then I became very angry.  Angry that another human being would find even a morsel of pleasure regarding such a sadistic act.   There is not a lot to say about this particular tweet.  I will let the words of its author speak for themselves.


You can see the cache of this tweet and retweets by clicking the screenshot or by clicking here.


  1. Mimi
  2. Girl to Mom- Heidi

    You’re doing great work here, bravo! My website gets a lot of viewers, let me know if I can help bring justice.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Feel free to use any resources from here if you want to do a piece on it. And thank you. I wrote about the case to vent my outrage at everyone involved who did nothing to help this young lady. I am astonished at just how big this has gotten.

  3. David

    Stubenville seems like a perfect place to take a pee.

  4. Heather

    I evidently have been living under a rock and just heard about this case. I too am from a small town in Ohio, I would like to say that I do not believe so much emphasis (not sure thats the word) should be placed on the fact that these “boys” were football players. They are CRIMINALS that had a pact mentality. Yes, small towns do hold football on high, seems like they always have. But, I believe any group of kids that are bonded and believe they are untouchable is at risk for criminal behavior. I just don’t necessarily think such a negative light should be placed on being involved in a sport, as it does, for the most part, keep a lot of kids who would other wise be in a lot of trouble, out of it. There is not a lot to do in small towns if you don’t have sports.
    I think that the blame should be placed on the individuals. Or even the lack of accountability that is given to kids these days.
    Having said that, for petes sake please oh please someone hold every single person involved in this poor girls trauma be held accountable plus some!!!

    1. concerned

      I dont think the fact they were football players is the issue. The issue is that because of their status as players they were treated differently. They were such a asset to the team that it was swept under the rug. Certain boys behaviors, that although may not have been criminal, were disgraceful conduct and should of had suspensions from their team and weren’t. If this was hockey, soccer or even a poker club, people would feel the same. Its a “club” standing by supporting their people and thats what upsets people. I do COMPLETELY agree with you that sports are a great outlet and the MAJORITY are great kids who are athletic, good people. In that disgusting video michael nodianos did, you could hear other boys in the background saying, lets leave, rape is wrong.
      The blame should be placed on each individual but blame also lies in certain individuals (coachs) as they knew there was underage drinking and didnt bench players because of it.

  5. Ricardo

    I’m stunned, much more by the reaction of witnesses than the fact itself. What kind of values ​​are being taught to these kids?

  6. Tya

    Look at those who re tweeted the messages as well – one of the accounts is Trent Mays/@trentmays_12.

  7. Lois arata


  8. Wendy

    Keep up the good work by continuing to report on this story. Keep it highlighted! These kids are pigs and so are their parents! Corruption is obviously rampant in this town. Any and every person – boy, girl, man, women – who witnessed any of this viscious behavior should be brought to the bench – accessory to a crime that has obviously been committed! Get the story to nancy grace- she will help shine light on these pigs!

    1. Leigh LaFon

      I am even more disturbed by the fact that no adults are facing serious consequences for this than I am by the rapists being tried as juveniles for such serious crime. The multiple boys who did nothing to stop the rape, who would never have reported it, indicate a learned complacency which should frighten all of us. The fact that the coach was not fired, and the fact that the assistant coaches and parents hosting parties have apparently not faced legal scrutiny, go right to the core of this tragedy. The residents of Steubenville who defend the “process” simply cannot ignore the blatantly sick adult culture around this team.

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  10. Ann

    This whole story is a nightmare! I watched the video, why has Nodidamus not been arrested??? He was obviously there! not only does he talk

    about her being peed on, he also says something about she had to be dead cause no one takes a wang up the butt and not move, not the exact wording but close. It sounds like to me he did that! What about the rifle on the floor next to him in the video, is it registered and who too, why is it there!!!! Whose house was this in, who provided the alcohol? And at some point in his video I see a female come thru the door with another male, who is this girl? Hopefully she isn’t foolish enough to think these guys won’t do the same to her if they decide they want to! And have they identified the male on the video that seems slightly disturbed by what Nodidamus is saying? I guarantee the young girl was raped by more than 2 males! Well, i’m afraid the majority of these boys are going to get away with this and they will continue on with a life of abusing women. Hope their Moms and Dads are proud of the boys they’ve raised.
    I wonder how often this goes on…….
    Thanks to you and everyone involved in making this known.

  11. Peej

    Is it just me or does the very start of the video rasie the question that Michael Nodianos may have been involved in some part of the rape when the guy videoing asks “how do you feel on a dead girl” to which MN replies along the lines of “no foreplay needed” and something about her being “dry”…..
    If he did not participate he should still be charged with being an accessory, i think the fact no charges have not been laid have shown there may be something wrong with Steubenville OH!

    1. Tracy

      Remember Cole, Craig and Westlake all return to Howarth’s after the rape at Cole’s. It’s possible that MN sounds like an eyewitness because he saw the video that Cole shot of the rape in the car, saw the pictures Craig took and heard all three tell them what they saw. There is also the possibility that there was a second video by Cole.

  12. jdinohio

    Oh, but they were charged! The charges? Of being DUMB and STUPID.

    Sadly, these boys will go on to assistant football coaches themselves in a few years and further perpetuate the rape crew club. If you think today’s participants are evil, just think of the monsters that will be created under their “manly” tutelage.

    The only things that will change in the football program will be the names and the faces.

  13. Wow

    The whole thing is beyond sick and the football coaches and team are monstrous. Why does the coach still have a job? Pathetic sick attitudes. Unbelievable that so many people saw this and did nothing, or taped and tweeted sick comments about it.

  14. janice tumeric

    Yes, why do all these” big shots” at Big Red still have there jobs? From the Principle on down to their overstaffed athletic programs (it is not OSU for pete’s sake.) The local school board? Why are they still in place? Is the State of Ohio Dept. of Ed. even looking looking into this bunch? Word has it that FB is being scrutinized as are his buds and budettes but lets hope someone in Cols. at the State level is looking at all biggies in Steub. Ed System who appear to have done nothing but circle the wagons. Must say, I’m concerned about State officials from AG to ED. Dept. Do the scary folks here influence the powwerful at the state level too? Since so much garbage has been going here for decades and everyone in power in Cols. has turned a blind eye, can we ever expect a shake up?? I fear the wheeling and dealing goes on not just in Jeff. Cnty but with our State officials too. Hope i’m wrong, but it just doesn’t look Kosher. I guess we just have to be patient and see how it plays out.

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  16. C Morgan

    Can’t shake nagging concerns re more potential suspects, to some degree! So I’m going out on a limb/sticking my neck out. 
    My main Focus is on this 1 kid, 16/17y, FB player on BR/IC. CS good friend among others. Ph pretty sure 1 of 15. I have ID him, but will refrain from outright naming him for now. Odd never heard his name mentioned in the case though!
    Yes this is circumstantial, but in such a case with legitimate coverup suspicions, I feel worthy of input. 
    Am I reading between the lines too much?? Maybe, but Certain provider ph records could confirm his whereabouts or alibi on!
    I will use his twitter aka. so (TL) for short. He has a “twin” who shares his secret, has a same aka. + Jr (TLJ), confirmed in recent convo between. Keep in mind, Since Aug. numerous brazen posts of other illegal activity made by him, & are not Included now. Seems he’s overly confident he’s above the law. Wonder why??
    So Starting with most recent:
    2/11/13 TL- “Anonymous coming to Creek lol. Now people are against them here but were on their jock a month ago. ”

    TL- “Cause these 2 twins *got Jd* lol and I guess were a whole buncha bullies”
    Now Starting from Aug 11, 2012:
    8/11 @ 4pm TL- “it all starts with those 5 big guys upfront”
    VM- “@TL yep
    8/12 @ 6pm, JN- “that B—- done burned the Flint 13’s”
    TL- “@(IRJ#) how dare she”
    JN- “she’s dead meat”
    8/15 TL- “TL & (JJ)* can’t say no to ratchet p—- @TRRB”
    *JJ later becomes TLJ, the “twin”
    8/16 TL- “big bank takes little bank”
    8/20 TL- “New phone. Text me with your name.”
    8/28 TL- “@F_Y Get on your lawyer shit”
    9/3 MHHI “u whistle like a b—- tho”
    TL- “@MHHI Shut uppppp”
    9/12 TL- “no phone so text (ph #2) for now. Which is my i pad”
    9/13 TL- “New phone yet again. Text (ph #3) with your name cause I’m not syncing this shit to Facebook”
    9/19 TL- “She thinkin she special. B—- you just joined the team”
    9/19 TL- “#TeamDirty”
    9/21 TL- “Quit f—-n with lames and join the team #TeamDirty”
    9/23 DP#- “you guys are F—-d up” 
    TL- “@DP# C’mon this is the wrong place” 
    DP#- “@TL Not here bro. that’s not funny.”
    9/25 TL- “knock knock bang bang”
    9/28 TL- “Nothing but Feds. Learn to shut up #snitches”
    9/28 TL- “now you guys can get off big reds back cause an 18yr old from park got 2nd degree sex charges on 9 year olds”
    10/8 TL- “she said to stop… But I’m like my Glowsticks only green… neva red”
    10/8 MHHI- “@TL @M well piss on me right”
    DP#- “@TL @MHHI @M so uhmmmm… solid*”
    TL- “@MHHI @M who the F–K you talkin to”
    **a favor done for someone
    10/11 TL- “volleyball is boring to me now. Bout to leave”
    10/16 TL- “@DP# you see these bums tryna mock us out here”
    DP#- “@TL tweet game sickk”
    TL- “@DP# my tweet game is solid.”
    10/21 TL- “@CG# @IRJ# youuuuu know”
    10/22 MHHI- “peep don’t make me bitch out* peep I can’t afford to get kicked off the football team please wait til after the season peep” 
    TL- “@MHHI I got you peep”
    MHHI- “that’s solid* peep”
    10/25 TL- “I feel like I’m getting lied to”
    10/29 TL- “coaches went to Vegas and lost coach C that’s why they aren’t here.”
    TRRB- “@TL coach V let them join the wolfpack and roofied them.”
    11/2 TL- “Left ya b—- name layin on her back” 
    11/17 TL- “@tking# I hope you’re not talkin about me”
    11/19 TL- “if I admit I’m wrong that means way more than saying i apologize”
    Note there were several photos posted on too. The links still exist, but photos show blank. Some had familiar aka’s attached. Curious why such links can’t still be used in Instagram or Twitter main database to trace originals? Idk just a thought there…

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      O-tae, I am SO glad you found this!! I was out searching twitterland about a week ago and stumbled across TT’s timeline. And yes…his name has never been mentioned. He got a new phone. Wonder why that was? There are also tweets from that night that were deleted. I found them elsewhere.

      1. C Morgan

        I would love to know the content of those deleted tweets! I thought there might be a hole. In your opinion, would they add to the suspicion, as to some sort of involvement that night? Check email (2/12), I may have sent you the SS’s of the above to authenticate. More concerning is that others kinda seem suspect too in dialogue? (: Yes the phone changes are very interesting. If you include the orginal ph, iPad, new ph… his ph # changes 3x total!? Some of the comments I’d swear were confessions out right! Makes me cringe the horrific potential of! If true the additional implications of coverup, just hit massive proportions! I will leave it to your expertise to solve this mystery. I’d prefer to be wrong, but my gut has been gnawing at me from the start, many pieces of story are missing!

        1. C Morgan

          *Omit misplaced smiley after “dialogue?” z:{ would be my feeling regarding!

        2. prinnie (Post author)

          I have the deleted tweets. He was scorekeeping with some of the others and talked about “running the tables, boi”. You aren’t the only one cringing at the potential implications. Go here and put his Twitter name in. Hopefully they are still in there, but if you look at the times they were all tweeting — it certainly does raise some questions. Again, early on JP Rigaud claimed that the internet stuff was only used as a baseline while investigating their case. This gives me reason to believe that they probably did not subpoena a darn thing. IF this proves to be the case, I certainly hope that the DOJ steps in and asks questions such as WHY didn’t they subpoena this evidence? Twitter, FB, Instagram, phone records, cell tower pings to get a handle on who was where and when, icloud services, etc. There is a reason the parents of all these kids are showing their asses online.

          We are talking about the case on the forum, too. If you want to register let me know and I’ll turn registration on so you can participate. I have closed the Steubenville section to the public. Lots of info over there, too.

          1. maddgramma

            Yes. I too would like to register on new forum. Just email me with the pasword. Thanks!!

        3. C Morgan

          I think the potential of others, gives more validity to the Nodi video. The denials by officials denies common sense. Who confesses to a room of people of rape, but didn’t really??! I think it was far more about canceling out the location of the party as a crime scene.
          (which house # & party was it? Theory re if correct.)
          in addition to the elimination of truth the gang rape (I hate to say it) consisted of more than 2! IMO

        4. C Morgan

          Omg that is awful! Yes I’d very much like to register when it’s convenient for you. Thanks.

  17. Alchemist

    I wouldn’t mind registering for the Forum either. You can setup the account with the username Alchemist, and email me the password.

  18. j

    I have been following this site from the very beginning so Im very confused about the need for a private forum. Why is it closed to the public? It seems beyond shady and the “buddy system” that steubenville is guilty of you are taking on that role. Prinnie even makes the statement “lots of info there, too”. Well I have been following and supporting this blog from the beginning and you guys just made me feel dirty and left out of your club. I am very disappointed and sorry im not good enough to join your other forum without your permission.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      You are welcome to join. I have always kept a private forum. There aren’t just discussions of Steubenville there, but people share their everyday lives. Lots of other stuff, and really? “Beyond shady”?

    2. BooBoo

      J private means you have to register. Nothing more, nothing less. Most forums are like that. The link has always been at the top of the blog where it says “Message Board“. The reason you have to register is because if left open for anyone to post, then you get a ton of spammers posting topics for Viagra and such. Sometimes it’s better to ask questions before throwing out accusations 🙂

  19. Alchemist

    @j February 20, 2013 at 7:43 pm

    I have been following this site from the very beginning so Im very confused about the need for a private forum. Why is it closed to the public? It seems beyond shady and the “buddy system” that steubenville is guilty of you are taking on that role. Prinnie even makes the statement “lots of info there, too”. Well I have been following and supporting this blog from the beginning and you guys just made me feel dirty and left out of your club. I am very disappointed and sorry im not good enough to join your other forum without your permission.

    Please don’t take it so personally. One of the reasons for not having open registration on a forum is to reduce the administrative burden. Also, as you’re likely aware, Prinnie and some of her commenters have been sued for defamation.

    Believe me, being sued is not a pleasant experience — even when you know you are in the right. Prinnie is just exercising an abundance of caution — as would I — if I were in here shoes.

    Furthermore, you also have to bear in mind that Prinnie has made no small number of enemies in Steubenville and its environs — they would like nothing more than to see Prinnie sued out of existence. Just because the Saltsmans lost one court case doesn’t mean that others won’t be willing to try. Prinnie has to watch her back. Going through such an experience even once is usually enough for one lifetime.

  20. C Morgan
    Thought provoking video on bullying. Very creatively done, powerful message. Perhaps certain kids & parents of Steubenville could learn a thing or 2!?! Then again, probably not!

  21. princessgina

    I have been trying to register, but am blocked. Why?

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      You aren’t “blocked”. Registration is turned off because of so many spammers. I can register you and send you temp password.

      1. sicnangry

        Prinnie, could you please register me at your forum and email me a password? Thanks

  22. AuntBee

    I too would like to register for the forum but was blocked. Can you help me through this process? I’m obviously pretty low tech,thankyou

    1. sicnangry

      AuntBee, you are not alone!! lol I tried 5 times and now have to wait 15 minutes to try again. LOL I feel like a kid in time out! LOL
      I can’t figure out what I did wrong. I put in my screen name and the password Prinnie sent me and it didn’t work. Oh well, I’ll try again after my time-out!!

  23. maddgramma

    I have tried too Prinnie and a having no luck. Thanks!

    1. maddgramma

      I don’t know what I’m doing wrong! You know me!!!!

  24. Kat

    Prinnie, Will you also register for me for the forum? Thanks.

  25. lchemist

    I’m not sure why people are having problems logging-in… what I am sure about is that Prinnie isn’t playing favorites and blocking people. What you might want to do is to ensure that cookies are not disabled in your browser settings — if cookies are not enabled, then you won’t be able to login.

  26. C Morgan
    Just a brief article on a point or 2 of the current situational outcome, thus far. So much more to come! :b

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      During covering this case I have received 1 death threat, been harassed in local Steubenville bars, and had my cameras blocked at a Stand up Steubenville rally. There are alot of good people in the town of Steubenville, some who have been bullied online by social media accounts claiming to be anonymous, or Jane Doe Supporters.

      I find this behavior DESPICABLE! THIS type of behavior is why people look at Steubenville with the stink eye. NEWSFLASH! You are not gangstas! You are not above the law, and you look like morons when you do this crap. There is a reason these kids all behaved with lack of moral compass, compassion and outright disregard for the law: the role models in their lives who continue to perpetuate this archaic douchebaggery!

      1. C Morgan

        That it is! Truly pathetic. Ignoramuses can’t even figure out the more defensive they become, the guiltier they look… Fooling no one but themselves. Keep letting the village idiots represent, and see where it gets ya.

  27. Ann

    I just do not understand our legal system.
    I hope and pray Jane Doe can rise above all this no matter the outcome.
    Of course I hope that for all rape victims……

  28. Alchemist

    @Ann February 23, 2013 at 8:10 pm

    I just do not understand our legal system.

    The legal system is simplicity itself — it exists to keep the rulers in power, and to keep the people down. Some people are given literal immunty, e.g. the banksters. You could steal a loaf of bread to feed your starving child, and you will find the “justice” system coming down harder on you than it ever will on the bankers who stole trillions of dollars from the world economy, and blighted the lives of millions.

    I hope and pray Jane Doe can rise above all this no matter the outcome.
    Of course I hope that for all rape victims……

    By all accounts, Jane Doe has already risen above it. The mere fact that when offers were made to setup a college fund for her, she asked instead that the funds be directed to a local battered womens’ shelter tell me all I need to know about her. She has more class in her big toe than the entire town of Steubenville.

    1. C Morgan

      Sad reality, Lady Justice is not blind, she peeks when she wants to…

  29. Alchemist

    @prinnie February 23, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    During covering this case I have received 1 death threat, been harassed in local Steubenville bars, and had my cameras blocked at a Stand up Steubenville rally. There are alot of good people in the town of Steubenville, some who have been bullied online by social media accounts claiming to be anonymous, or Jane Doe Supporters.

    I find this behavior DESPICABLE! THIS type of behavior is why people look at Steubenville with the stink eye. NEWSFLASH! You are not gangstas! You are not above the law, and you look like morons when you do this crap. There is a reason these kids all behaved with lack of moral compass, compassion and outright disregard for the law: the role models in their lives who continue to perpetuate this archaic douchebaggery!

    Some Steubenville residents are acting very much like a certain religious cult that we are both acquainted with. Like this cult, they demand 100% agreement with them, or you become an “enemy”. This blogger committed the high crime of supporting Steubenville, less than 100%.

    He stated that when he covered the “Stand Up for Steubenville” rallies, it appeared to him that it was more oriented at supporting the football team, than the city proper. Based on the photos I saw of these rallies, many people wore Big Red football jerseys, or otherwise wore the team colors, Black and Crimson. I was also struck that this appeared to be more aimed at supporting Big Red than Steubenville.

    The very idea that someone could receive death threats because they were/are perceived to have failed to support a childrens’ sporting activity 100% is so far removed from normality, that it can only be described as a form of insanity.

  30. Ann

    The legal system is simplicity itself — it exists to keep the rulers in power, and to keep the people down. Some people are given literal immunty, e.g. the banksters. You could steal a loaf of bread to feed your starving child, and you will find the “justice” system coming down harder on you than it ever will on the bankers who stole trillions of dollars from the world economy, and blighted the lives of millions

    Exactly what I don’t understand.

    By all accounts, Jane Doe has already risen above it. The mere fact that when offers were made to setup a college fund for her, she asked instead that the funds be directed to a local battered womens’ shelter tell me all I need to know about her. She has more class in her big toe than the entire town Steubenville.

    That indeed is wonderful!

  31. Alchemist

    @Ann February 23, 2013 at 10:44 pm

    Ann, the bankers (and others) are given a pass because they have proven themselves useful to the rulers. When any of them finds their usefulness at an end, they will be discarded. Football is also useful to the powers that be in Steubenville.

    For starters, it provides an economic engine of sorts — by all accounts, illegal gambling is rife in Steubenville, and gambling on high school football is a large part of it. Some sources further allege that Sheriff Abdalla is in the very thick of it. There is a definite economic incentive to keep the football program going, at virtually all costs.

    Football also provides a useful distraction from other problems plaguing the city, like unemployment, high crime rates, etc. This rust-belt town quite literally has nothing else going for it. For many of the denizens of the Ville, high school was when they peaked — the football players look back with fondness on their accomplishments on the gridiron; girls remember their service on the cheerleading squad.

    Take the case of Nate Hubbard, the 27-year-old assistant coach who uttered those disgusting remarks to the New York Times about how Jane Doe had made it all up, and now people were using this as an excuse to blow up their football program. Prior to making these remarks, Hubbard was apparently waxing on to the reporter about his gridiron accomplishments, about how he was the #2 in rushing in all of Big Red history. Here we have a grown man, who is still boasting about his accomplishments on the high school football field some 10 years earlier. How irrelevant is that? Was this the highlight of his life, and it was all downhill from then on? You gotta wonder.

  32. C Morgan

    More slacking by AG and Ohio LE. I think this gives an accurate idea of the general consensus regarding sexual assault cases! Is it me or does this AG do a lot obligatory lip service without action to back it? Case in point Dec 2011 encourages, yet it’s now just happening in Feb 2013!?? What message of priority is this clearly giving victims?! And how many subsequent rapes and assaults have been committed by those of DNA matching???????!
    I am certain he will continue to deny JD real justice being enforced!

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      He provides what I refer to as “word salad” just like many politicians. Noncommittal answers just in case shit hits the fan and they can toss whomever is closest under the bus.

  33. C Morgan
    Not sure what to think on this… But who it was and who they connect to likely factors? Yet maybe he actually did more than 10% of a real investigation!??

  34. C Morgan

    And then another conflicting factor… In an article following several motions filed in the case…

    [Madison, who was retained as a lawyer in the case, wants the court to pay for an investigator to assist him in preparing for trial.

    Madison claimed the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, the investigative arm of the attorney general’s office, pulled agents off other cases and interviewed 86 witnesses in a week using a series of prepared questions.

    “They got 86 people to cooperate in a week. I couldn’t get that done in a year. I just want to kick some rocks over,” he said.

    ***Hemmeter said Madison was retained and courts don’t have a history of paying for an investigator when a defendant pays for his or her own defense.]

    Note: in the prior article, of the post before this one… old Abbadabbadoo comes out of his hiding-Spot to defend the court actions of paying for. Maybe he got a little Scooby-snack for doing so??

    1. C Morgan

      Can anyone say suspicious?? Interesting because the BCI investigators were re-questioning as to the need for. Suddenly sheriff has an opinion re bc it’s not his posse, we hope! And got to know what they came up with is my guess the use of services for!
      Yet also very odd mind you, with a set series of questions to ask each potential witness by BCI??? Umm since when did interrogations or even questioning interviews of potential persons of interest, follow scripts!!? Only see this viable if it was EXPECTED for all to say the exact same things!!
      Maybe Bc they’re psychic and/or were just going through the motions! OMG really!!??!!
      I’m not sure which revelation from these 2 articles is worse!!?! /:

  35. ann

    We know we’re not up there w/ some commentors here, but we’ve been wondering for mos. why the two taking the fall for the rest of the “crew” haven’t turned on the pals who we guess were culpable too. They have attys, why woud their attys let their clients get set up so the other nasty rascals get to enjoy thier dirty little lives. Mlakes so sense to us unless somewhere along the line payoffs were made. Know that’s “illegal” but nothing going on here is exactly kosher. For that matter, if the two awaiting trial are supposed to be indegents because they are minors, who on earth is paying for their no doubt high price lawyers? Their not local court appointed ones that “poor folk” such as myself and my associates would have to rely on. We try to keep up with this stuff, but still haven’tgotten past these old questions that we’ve been stewing over.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      The probable cause hearing only provided a very small peek into what the state used. Maybe 10% of the bigger picture. Until trial and they get people on the stand we won’t know what their strategies are. I have a feeling this trial is going to be very explosive as far as what comes out. The two defense attorneys will present their evidence and who knows what will be alleged or brought out.

      All juveniles are considered indigent and that’s why the county is paying for a PI. As for their attorneys, I can understand why their parents didn’t seek court appointed. If it were me, I would have sold the farm to make sure my child got a fair shake in court – especially if I suspected shenanigans.

      1. C Morgan

        Ok so Hemmy’s knowledge is lacking in pretrial procedures of the court? I guess AAG, assistant being the keyword is to be factored in! given they are commonly recent law school graduates, just getting their feet wet. Wow, I feel so much more faith in this circus performance in the making… (Sarcasm meets reality of)!!
        ***[Hemmeter said Madison was retained and courts don’t have a history of paying for an investigator when a defendant pays for his or her own defense.]

  36. blackcats

    Ann, I’ve wondered about that too. I think it is interesting the two youngest of that group are the ones who have been charged. They had the better chance of being tried as juveniles if it got that far. We’ll never know what would have happened without the heightened media attention.

    Good point regarding the lawyers. I imagine their families are picking up that tab. I believe the families are fairly well off. The county is paying for the investigator.

    These are only my perceptions based on the information I have read. I can certainly be incorrect.

  37. C Morgan
    Re: the uncharged other, and older alleged perpetrators in Steubenville…
    This is how it’s done! Being held on 180k bail. They correctly utilized the online social media source, used to harass the victim’s family, associated with the crime to investigate! Even determining it was a hacked account and not the alleged rapist & went on to find the harasser’s true ID… Yet it doesn’t make the evidence from, any less valid.
    “When police traced the Facebook account to a registered sex offender, they were able to determine that someone had hacked into his Facebook account. Not the actual defendants real account!
    Further they charged the jerk with his cyber crimes of sending lewd photos online. As well as using to solicit the minor! Per his confession and although, he’s a disgusting individual, he did at least OWN it and turn himself in later! He confessed to a premeditated conspiracy of revenge as his motive.
    His excuse “consensual!” Tg TX law states a minor can’t consent to, end of story. Curious to see if further charges against him arise. But in 1 month from the mother making a report of harassment… This was all accomplished in 1 month! Starting with the online social media evidence, used as a tool to get the bad guy! And the right one!
    This is not in some big city, with a CSI like law enforcement situation either! I will stake a claim that the online evidence is a huge crucial part of evidence used in prosecution, as obviously indicated in the chargeS!
    Yet another criminal case, clearly supporting how lacking the Steubenville investigation was! Worse is the cyber footprints are out there of far more to the real story, and includes the April case too… Personal Comments, Dialogue referencing, fingers pointing, pleas of not reporting them, victim bashing, directly incriminating a part to even! Worse it is ongoing over months, and much of the same persons of beyond interest! Sickening
    I implore if still skeptical, do look around. As many caring individuals have done much of the work to grab and secure the existing & vanishing evidence of. Hopefully someone at some point, will compile all of it into one place for the world to see? (with JD consent)

  38. Sub-Commander Z

    Attention: Flies on the Wall

    Operation Looking Glass is set to begin.



    1. C Morgan

      Roger that

  39. StBrigid

    Att: sub commander z, I failed decoder class so I cannot make heads or tails of whatever that mumbo jumbo you posted is supposed to be. Perhaps, someone far more clever than this humble soul can make sense out it.
    Cmorgan, tried to follow your last post, had a ittle troube with it(I must be getting every day) what I got from it was that JD and her family were harrassed after filing charges by I gather the perps, possibly their families and or supporters. Re: the cybergarbage, that which includes the tweets,videos,pics, and any other social media stuff these kids and not so kids permeated the airways with before, during, and after the Aug. incident, and perhaps other such diabolical escapades these buch of creepers have engaged in, does appear to most of us non-apologists as having been covered up by many officials in varied capacities. From reading what you and others, who seem to understand high tech stuff, the evidence should have been able to be retrieved if indeed those now in charge of the case are doing a thorough job. We can only pray that is so. Acknowledging I have little faith in elected officials anymore, local.state, or fed. I am trying to maintain faith that justice shall be served. “It’s comin’ down fast” to quote Lennin and McCartney’s Helter Skelter. March trial date will be here soon. Please, if you are watching these blogs oh great rulers in Columbus, be guided by the Truth. That is all your humble citizens want from you. Allow yourselves to be guided by Truth. If you do so, you have a chance of regaining our trust.

    1. C Morgan

      Yes you got the gist of it. Truly Sorry I admit to being too long winded on paper! Drove my poly-sci, English, & C.J. professors nuts in college!! Too indecisive, and because I would give Endless points to support positions on both sides! Or make a point, but play devils advocate presenting opposing side.
      Best comparison… Picture 1 person on stage, in a debate, arguing both sides of opinion, solo! But on paper!
      You should have seen my outlines! Or highlighting skills… Nearly the whole page bc it all seemed important in some aspect!! /:

      So main point of article:
      – was a rape of a minor, having substantial online media relevance. And LE used it as an investigative tool & prosecuting evidence.
      -Parallel of mom going to police when defendant sent pics to family
      (Assume of girl). And harassed mom with.
      -Charges of relevant cyber crimes. Serious bail.

      My rant on Steubenville case:
      -sketchy investigation, based upon testimony and official’s on record comments ( thus far )
      -lacking charges and minimal evidence
      -what was and is out there in direct connection to both cases
      -clear indication of more perpetrators of some degree to Aug/apr cases and ref’d to past years comparable crimes
      -evidence of other non-relevant crimes potential in the mix of

      Because IMHO it should have gone like this:

      -starting with online evidence (incl. family provided) a persons of interest list created (and monitored & searched ongoing, up to trial)
      -notify the state ICAC task force for assistance
      -secure any and all media evidence. Contact all main data sources relevant
      -warrant on phones of. Upon failures of recovery take FBI offer
      -questioning of all attendees. Identify credible witnesses to call later.
      -list should have grown but divided into various crimes
      -btw the 2 processes, formulate a suspect list
      -subpoena most relevant provider phone records
      -utilize victims ping data to compare to possible suspect phone data matching
      -from create a timeline and ID all potential media transmissions
      >list should be added to likely and some omitted.
      -follow the cyber footprint trails
      -issue arrests or further questioning as enough probable cause arises throughout.
      -prosecute as laws allow for any a part to

  40. brigid aka Aunt Bee

    Forgive my poor typing skills, last entry had several booboos inc. words that just didnt even show up, sorry I am low tech, can’t keep up w/ most who post. I keep trying, so bear w/me, thanks

  41. BRIGID

    Mortgagestar: Though it was a spoof, we dodged a bullet in that VP Gore lost in 2000 He is one fat a.. creep that I wouldn’t trust baby sitting my cat. Propagandist in chief/ Nobel prize Winner,al around billionaire super jerk. ,( though Bush was no prize.) Pitiful in this country that we are stuck with 2 handpicked losers by the”puppetmasters” every 4 yrs that most us wouldn’t sit next to on a bus, yet these are who we must chose from every 4 yrs to be leader of the once free world. Pathetic.

    RE: muslim woman being abuse. This happens everyday in predominantly muslim countries, woman are dogs in their view, breeders at best. Sharia is being snuck into European countries in their population growing leaps and bounds as euro pop dwindling. Sad sate of affairs. They are trying very hard to get sharia in the US. Honor-killings more frequent. But msm avoids discussing this of course. It goes against their endless diversity propaganda we must suffer through daily. We are trashed if ever caught making neg comments muslim yet Christians are fair game ofcourse. msm and hollyweed biggies never miss an opportunity to mock Christians, taking every opportunity to potray us in worst possible light. Not much different from the local ATHLETE RAPISTS GOOD/VICTIMS LYING TROUBLEMAKERS

  42. mortgagestar1

    BRIGID, I served in Iraq and I met many Islamic people who live in daily fear. The Taliban is brutal towards women and they are making a great comback with vengence in Afghanistan. Just like when we left Viet Nam, tens of millions from new borns to the elderly were mercilessly butchered. Now in Michigan, Muslims complained about Christian church bells so the churches stopped the bells. Meanwhile, the Islamic cal to worship is blasted over huge loud speakers several times daily.

    How about John Edwards? The ” Pretty Boy ” darling of the Democratic Party who made his millions from suing doctors & hospitals for birth defects even if it was genetic! He is the #1 reason OB/GYN practitioners rufuse vaginal deliveries and opt for C Sections. He was sooooo honest to Americans and his late wife. People who live near him in that section of North Carolina claim he is rude & arrogant.

    Then there is the #1 Douche Bag known as John Kerry. He is a male gold digger! He put his first wife through hell and demanded 1/2 of her inheritence. He even docked his 7 million dollar yacht in Rhoade Island to avoid paying taxes in his home state of Massachusets. He married the late John Hienz widow of Hienz Ketchep fortune. Now, the Kerry’s are selling Hienz for billions !
    Nothing like a limousine liberal hypocrite!

  43. mortgagestar1

    Brigid, Great story on John Kerry’s outsourcing over seas to save a few bucks for himself!

    Finally. Obama’s ” Job Czar ” Jeffery Imelt, former General Electric C.E.O. and Head of NBC which campaigned on Obama’s behalf. G.E. paid ZERO taxes in 2009-2o10 as a reward for helping to get Obama elected. While head of G.E. , Imelt sent tens of thousands of jobs overseas, & he is Obama’s Job Czar!

  44. C Morgan

    “You better believe that we are going to take these charges seriously regardless whether the girl says it was OK. I don’t want to hear that. This man is 43 years old. This girl is under the age of 16,” Abdalla said.

    Oh I see, Bc in direct contrast to the gang rape… Age of perpetrators makes it somehow less violent & criminal! Regardless of the real # of rapists involved. The old, “boys will be boys” defense. And the other victim @ 16, has no rights to be safe and secure from. Or to equal justice in a unconscious violated instance of. OMG!

    Wow, I am truly frightened for women of age. Rapists have a green Light there, and likely won’t face consequences! Add to the newly declared trumping of AG, that it’s now not a crime to see one and fail to report?! Is Martial Law in effect yet? Bc that just doesn’t seem quite fair!

  45. jdinohio

    Wonder if there was a rather large order of those t-shirts by a certain group of high schoolers in Ohio….

    1. C Morgan

      I had same thought… and perhaps dumb enough to show up @ court, to testify in! /:

      1. C Morgan

        The tshirt co claims no shirts were sold. That the 100k plus designs created by, I would guess their employees, would only have come to their attention upon printing an order of. And then claim they would have pulled it immediately. Passing the buck on responsibility for much?? How about a policy that all new designs are prior approved by someone with half a brain, before posting for sale on their website. and through then Amazon. I think it at least passed through 2 hands at co minimum. The idiot who created it, and the site employee who posted it. Hope whoever is reprimanded for adequately. And Amazon severs ties. Just saying!

        1. C Morgan

          *That Because of the 100k…

  46. C Morgan

    A home for hero Harold Star’s wisdom… Totally missed this!

  47. carolannofthe"ville"

    Wake up Cmorgan, that’s been for a wk, we wait with baited breath for Mr Starrs insightful and extremely informative comments re: all things Steubenville. The man(or woman?) is indeed a star when it comes to blowing the top of the corrupt ones in this valley. Only wish he had his own blog site. He has much to offer in many areas. He does indeed have a fan base out here in the cyberwastelands. So much garbage, very little intellect. If you’re reading this , Harold Star, pst often.

    1. C Morgan

      Guilty as charged! But I promise my attention was directed elsewhere and productive. Rest assured it will likely reveal itself in due time. (:

      1. carolann

        Looking forward to your revelations. We enjoy your comments too, though, being one of the lo tech people, get lost when you go into all the cyber tech stuff. Glad you and others do understand and expose this aspect of the investigation. We don’t understand it, just know all the garbage from that fateful night and probably other such nights, via the tweets and videos could be retrieved if someone in authority was interested. Keep up the good work, don’t abandon us, as I fear others have.

        1. C Morgan

          I appreciate the kind words.
          As far as the tweets from that night, and many since (once source of is verified)… Are the closest link, as of yet, to what really happened. Simply because it was all said in the moment, while thinking no one was watching, would care, or there would be any consequences for. The fact that The Library of Congress is painstakingly cataloging every original tweet, (incl. deleted) should give the evidence of far more weight. Given they are tiny, time-stamped, personal accounts of history.
          Although certainly not all can be assumed as fact. But when an abundance of, from multiple sources, saying much of the same details, and connect to a verified place and time (crime)… Common sense needs to prevail and set about proving further.
          And it was at that point, or maybe even before, the investigation faltered because it was never truly considered as viable & relevant. Or better to say, factored into the overall process and direction taken.

  48. margie&co

    Is it my imagination or has this blog significantly diminished in way of comments and updates by prinnified? We are concerned because we got much of our info about the Steubenville case here.. Nothing worth reading in local media, and msm has moved on. Please come back or tell us where to find pertinent info.We miss you and some of your very sharp commentors. Thank you for a response in advance.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      MSM is still watching — you can guarantee that. I would imagine that in the next week or so things are going to pick up with the case as the trial is fast approaching. The Steubenville Screamers Club is still making videos about – well, gee I don’t think anyone has figured that out yet. I’m not sure what FACTS Steubenville Facts has provided. The Mayor’s journey speech was interesting. The PR Journey has turned into what appears to be a car crash. Of course, I could be wrong and the tourism department’s stats have skyrocketed. 😉

      I’m around. Always cautious in what I say because I certainly wouldn’t want to hurt the feelings of those who continue to blame me for the state of their city.

  49. she of multiple personalities

    Just glad to know you are still with us, If you know of any other sites that keep us up to date on that which is or isn’t going on let us know. I too am one of the low tech people out here that need some guidance in finding out where to turn to for real info on this and other such cases. We are appreciative of all that you and your commentors have been doing to see that those, and I do mean everyone involved, directly or indirectly, receives their just due. Understand your need for caution, especially considering the nutso mess w/ the who we now consider the family from hell. May god continue to bless you and yours.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Yeah, I’m still here. I imagine this next 7 days things will start to pick up as far as media coverage. We are down to the wire and I am going to probably write something up tonight. Sometimes when I see some of the things that are being put out there about me or my family – or anyone who has dared to question anything pertaining to this case, I just take a step away from it. I don’t have to sling insults at them or betray confidences in order to defend myself against their campaign o’ bullshit. At some point, I absolutely will address certain people who have tossed themselves into the fray for no other reason than to intimidate or attempt to malign my family and I. I hope my former friend reads here and realizes that while she was off fanning the flames and breaking confidences, I sat here and felt sympathy for her that this is who she has become and no matter how rotten she acts out towards me in the end, I’m the only person in this relationship who can walk away with class and any dignity. In fact, I think part of my post tonight will include Connie.

      1. maddgramma

        Good for you Alex! You are too good of a person to have a “Friend” like that in your life! I will say a prayer for her. Hope all is well with you and your family.

  50. Leigh LaFon (@DenverElle)

    Sometimes I wonder if the most maligned individuals are the honest ones who pierce through the denial of the comfortably numb.

  51. mortgagestar1

    The Steubenville Big Red loons are still defending the ” Rape Crew ” on jjhuddle. There is a poll of guily or innocence. As of today.

    Gulty 1,051
    Innocent 41.

  52. C Morgan

    See, the kids still aren’t being honest on the whole story! Do they need a list of potential suspects or persons of interest? Bc I know some of us could compile a proper & valid one!!!

    Testimony also indicated the BCI found a single sperm cell on the victim’s shorts, even though they had been washed since the night in question. The scientists could not, however, determine whose DNA that cell contained.–Defendant-s-DNA-identified-by-BCI.html?nav=515

  53. C Morgan

    [ “[Have you] seen guys [digitally penetrating] girls [other times]?” Duncan asked. “Yeah,” Cole said somewhat sheepishly.
    Wait. What? This wasn’t even the first time he watched a friend engage in this? Cole was now some kind of an expert witness on the verbal interaction between witness and recipient of such an act. ]

    Like the reporter says, wait. what? Rape Crew implied right there! Those of us know damn well these POS’s had zero concerns during and after, in regards to it being wrong or regrets! The only regrets are for being busted! I don’t buy their bs demeanors on the stand for a second!
    Dear god please tell me they will investigate those 2 other girls pictures. And any other potential victims!
    And when the hell is the AG going to charge Charlie Keenan?? alleged to have been 1 of the crew who raped the 14 yr old in rape case of Apr. they have been in active investigation since Sept! There is no consent issue here!! Age trumps it.
    I noted a certain news source made obvious mention of his uninvolvement in aug today! Lame. I doubt it really. Hanlin had to have more motive to try so hard to cover up the entire thing… Just saying.–prosecutors-may-get-conviction-in-steubenville-rape-trial–but-it-will-come-at-a-cost-050043103.html

  54. C Morgan

    Just watched the last 30ish min of expert alcohol witness for defense. State expert on @ 2:30 EST after recess now. FYI
    Assume we will be able to see that one too. My IMO of to be added just want to get out there it’s coming soon.

  55. C Morgan

    Ahhh! Judge cut the feed! Stupid defense “expert” witness said the victims name on several answers. I heard her say Miss____ & initially knowing name it went over my head…. Then said again, I had the wait, wth moment on delay.
    I believe the defense attorney also used her name in questioning, so I hear, can’t recall for sure. The judge, nor attorneys corrected her.
    But just as new prosecution expert witness was discussing rohypnol and similar, link goes dead! I guess it took 90 min to occur to someone the huge blunder!
    Dirty trick that was Intentional by defense… Gotta wonder! Can’t see what possible point in cutting it now!? It’s the courts fault! Hadn’t seen attention drawn to until judge acted. Maybe been best to let pass. Now he just put a neon flashing sign over this screw up!!

    1. C Morgan

      My sincerest apologies go out to Jane Doe. What idiots they all are! but i truly, Truly think it was missed by most that arent overly familiar with case. Stay strong, hold that head high, for you are only admired & an inspiration already to so many. (:

      and the prosecution is kicking butt, even with their halfass investigation.

      I do hope it cost that woman ever being used in a trial again! Or lecture. Or boycott of her lab or whatever it is she does?! If she was instructed, would that not be contempt of court, in some variation? If jerk defense did… He should be placed in a stockade in front courthouse!!

      1. C Morgan

        Here is what the defense expert said that is of issue for me. Her calculations were based upon 4 shots of vanilla vodka 70 proof & 1 malt beer. Note the data she used was what the defense team gave her only. Based upon her professional calculations…
        the vomiting not a factor influencing it bc of the time passage in her provided timeline. She said most all alcohol would have been absorbed. So at the time of assault at MC’s, she puts her BAC @ .18-.19.
        She surmised that JD was in a “black-out” state. But not possibble to be high enough (.32-.35) required for the “passed-out” state. More alcohol would have had to be consumed later.
        BUT on cross she was asked if she’d seen the pics of JD? No. Then shown, & she said nothing!
        It was clarified the info she was provided of physical condition of JD, was that She walked from each party unassisted, to car, to street and back, and into/out of house #2 & #3!! And even JD supposedly walked down the stairs of Cole’s house to basement, alone!!
        So it was her overall assessment that as alcohol effects 3 areas separately (thinking, memory, coordination), that although blacked out likely, she was still cognitive!?! Oh yes the fighting with GF’s supported this too.
        So also on cross was asked if she agreed that JD was in a potential state that would support having no memory of assaults?
        Witness says: well yes…
        Then Quickly follows with: but she also would not have memory if she consented to or not.

        Yes, the woman so said this! If I was a juror, her testimony just took
        A giant leap out the window of my consideration! Just saying.
        Add the multi victim name dropping too by! Real winner there, not!

        1. C Morgan

          PS… To be in a passed out state, JD would need approx 11 shots of.

  56. OccSec

    How was this crime not torture? And where is the FBI with respect to investigating local police cover up?

    Ohio is unusual in that the state does not have a specific torture statute for humans. They do have a statute for torture of animals. The state also does not have code in place to allow use of torture as an Aggravating Circumstance related to sentencing for other crimes. Federal law is supposed to be different.

    Title 18 USC § 2340A – Torture.

    (1) “torture” means an act… specifically intended to inflict severe physical or mental pain or suffering (other than pain or suffering incidental to lawful sanctions) upon another person within his custody or physical control;
    (2) “severe mental pain or suffering” means the prolonged mental harm caused by or resulting from—
    (A) the intentional infliction or threatened infliction of severe physical pain or suffering;
    (B) the administration or application, or threatened administration or application, of mind-altering substances or other procedures calculated to disrupt profoundly the senses or the personality;
    (C) the threat of imminent death; or
    (D) the threat that another person will imminently be subjected to death, severe physical pain or suffering, or the administration or application of mind-altering substances or other procedures calculated to disrupt profoundly the senses or personality;

    Military applications have a sordid history. In January 2006, Chief Warrant Officer Lewis Welshofer confessed to negligent homicide for torturing to death Abed Hamed Mowhoush, a general in the Iraqi Air Force who had voluntarily surrendered to American forces. Punishment was limited to 60 days of barrack confinement and a $6,000 fine. (Wall Street’s George Anderson killed Leola Anderson on Water Street in Manhattan in January of 2008. He did 16 days in Rikers and paid a $350 fine. Same differnece.)

    Intentionally ripping up a girl’s vagina and sodomizing her — since torture is not specifically illegal in Ohio, this has to go Federal.

  57. Tammy

    I sure as hell wish it had. WV US Attorney Bill Iellenfeld is looking into what his office can do, if anything, to charge them and others over here in WV. He is a wonderful honest hard working and determined man I have had the pleasure of working with in the past. If they can be charged, they will be.

    1. C Morgan

      That is great news. I had heard the possibility of… transmitting lewd material of a minor across state lines, as a possibility? It’d be awesome if this could be a means to surpass the OH immunity, of those 3 bastards!

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  59. Anna

    You are doing great work, please stay strong and keep it up

  60. Michael

    Heroes! Thank you all heroes, Alexandra, NYTimes, Anonymous, Stand Up!!! You all give me faith in Americans, and you just made our country safer for little girls to grow up in.

    1. maddgramma

      Yes, indeed Michael! A Very Big Thnk You to ALL of you! Our country will be safer because of all of your hard work! I Thank You

    2. prinnie (Post author)

      Thanks Michael. I am sorry I’ve not been over here participating in comments — things are pretty chaotic right now. I’m going in for a spinal block tomorrow so might not be active for a few days. Thanks again everyone for the support. It is truly appreciated. <3

      1. maddgramma

        I will keep you in my prayers my dear friend! I hope all goes well and you feel better soon.

        1. prinnie (Post author)

          Procedure went well. My legs are achy from where they went into the nerve, but I am hoping that I have good results. The doctor said it could take about 2 weeks to notice a difference. Thanks for the well wishes. Appreciate them.

          1. maddgramma

            I’m so happy all went well. We kept you in our prayers and will continue to do so. Try to take it easy and not over do it! Hugs Friend!!

  61. Brandy

    Can I just add to this…. Yes this is tragic..yes the boys should not have been treated differently b/c of their status, but that is true of everyone…. look at Lindsey Lohan… going to Rehab again interad of jail and jail is where she should go..period… no matter who you are, you do the crime…you do the time

  62. Faith

    I’m going to miss you guys when this is all over!! Look forward to reading this everyday! Feel like I know most of you. I can tell who a post is from sometimes with out looking at who wrote it, just from the way it is written. Thinking I lead a pathetic life…lol

  63. BooBoo

    Faith, Prin has been blogging for years. No need to leave. trust me there will be other cases and other topics going on here when all is said and done in Steubenville.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      And the Steubenville case is FAR from over. I am glad that Judge Bruzzese requested special grand jury and judge to oversee. There should be an outside influence since people in that town don’t have faith in their own judicial system; otherwise they would not have been alleging a coverup from day one. Had this case been “complete” there would be no need for a grand jury.

      With regard to the claims that I uncovered evidence the police didn’t have…WRONG. I never said that. EVER. All I did was put this case out there for people to ask questions and be informed about what statements were made online by this group of people involved. I hope others are charged as they should be.

  64. C Morgan

    Wonderful things can arise out of such tragedy… Like a chain of paying it forward, stemming from the repeated kindness of strangers.
    (Certain people should take a lesson from!)
    And through various ways, Strangers extend their Support to Jane Doe> JD directs worldwide donations in her honor, to the Madden House> The Madden House will be able to help more women, in more ways> hopefully these women will in turn, continue to pay it forward…

    *Class is something you naturally possess or you don’t. It can’t be taught, bought, or faked.

  65. Mark


    The second half of your last post hits upon what I was alluding to in the other thread. I though it was extremely unprofessional of Bruzzese (Frank or Jim or John or whoever) to state that the outside judge was necessary due to bloggers. It’s almost as if he is saying that his choice was determined for reasons other than ethical considerations and local factors that demanded an open investigation conducted by authorities from outside of Steubenville.

    That you posted the evidence made a lot of people uncomfortable. It also caused other people to ask questions which highlighted the contradictions of the local officials’ response. Even though the boys have been dealt their justice, the nagging questions of why things aren’t adding up still remain.

  66. celestia

    Nagging questions, nagging doubts, nagging fears.
    Dozens of bloggers, now msm, tweeters by the thousands, but, are we any closer to the TRUTH?
    Still plagued with all of the above (questions, doubts, fears.)
    Will any or all ever be able to get through all that has been dispersed via various mediums to figure it all out and put a the puzzle pieces together?
    We are breathlessly waiting, as THEY continue to dig in deeper.
    Help, please?

    1. C Morgan

      And yet it would only take just 1 person, credible and of witness to all or most of events, to step up! To impartially & truthfully, Tell the whole truth of consecutive events on that night. (Just the facts mam.)
      Or on the other issue, the actions and events during the investigation.
      But Apparently that kind of integrity doesn’t exist in those parts.

      Still say city money spent on hiring publicity management team, should have been used as Reward for information leading to arrests! Given the excuse was and still is no one was coming forward! I’d Wager for a monetary prize, things might have taken a different course. Hell the old Booster Club funds everything under the Big Red Sun!? Seems it could have been done in an effort to “clear” the all-inclusive innocent?? After all it is a common investigative tool in most places, where witnesses maintain silence too often, or cases grow cold.
      IMO the absence of, spoke volumes on several counts. And since most morally bankrupt always have a price!

  67. C Morgan
    Well the coaches can’t say this, neither can the school board or superintendent… I wonder if any of the teachers can?

  68. C Morgan

    Very personal & thought provoking piece…

  69. C Morgan
  70. kate

    if I was one of the mothers of the boys that raped that poor girl then I would go get my tubes tied because that means you failed as a parent bringing someone like that into this world.

    1. C Morgan

      You could add many more to that list.
      Seems society has almost reached such a state, that people need to be screened on a multitude of levels, before they can reproduce! The world would be a better place.
      Children are a privilege, not a right to negligently screw up. It is a parent’s responsibility to the child, community, and the rest of society… to instill in a moral compass, integrity, respect, limits, compassion, accountability, & consequence of actions. Rules & laws are made to be followed. That any talent they are fortunate to possess, does not make them better or above anyone else. They are entitled to only basic necessities while children, and outside of mom & dad, absolutely entitled to Nothing!
      But then again, we can’t expect much from these certain parents, given their spawned clearly emulate their misguided examples.

  71. C Morgan

    @DenverElle, (delayed response re hospital & rape kit negligence)
    I would hope the hospital will be one of many in any upcoming civil suits?? Who this dr and nurse were to both discourage, seems very negligent. If it were my daughter, I would have with heartache, insisted on it. Simply there was too much unknown firsthand, beyond waking naked in a strange house. Horrid rumors & truths circulating. Even just the peace of mind whether the needed fear of pregnancy or STD’s, could be eliminated from the forthcoming struggles.
    I know there is 1 or 2 in that circle who had family affiliated with the hospital. And that gives IMO, some serious cause for further digging into…
    Sadly the only impact that will ever be made on far too many of these heartless people, is solely in their pockets! I do hope there is zero reserve granted upon any and all. It in reality, may be the only pathetic way, some of these parents initiate some control over the rest of the more than likely, predators. To hopefully protect any further girls from harm. We know already there were other victims. Frightening they may not even know!

    1. Leigh LaFon (@DenverElle)

      I think that medical staff is another area of some suspicion, at least. I know medical professionals who’ve been trained to deal with rape survivors, and providing support for testing is part of the training. It just seemed very odd to me, to hear of the lack of encouragement given to JD for further testing. I keep wondering what is “invasive” about testing a small hair sample for date-rape drugs?

      1. BaronvSteuben

        I’m thinking the ‘invasive’ part may have been in regards to performing a rape kit exam on Jane Doe. I agree with you that collection of a sample for follicle analysis isn’t invasive.

        1. prinnie (Post author)

          Am I the only one who wonders why the clothing wasn’t taken immediately and not a month later? One would think that rape crime protocol would require that clothing be taken immediately into evidence.

  72. C Morgan

    No, you are very correct. Why Hanlin/investigating officer did not instruct these parents on how to secure evidence, what could still be evidence, and then actually collected it… Screams negligence! Underwear MIA perhaps, but the rest of her clothes were likely swarming with DNA to have found even a trace a month later, washed!
    Oh yes and here comes those pesky pings into play, so grossly negligent in absence. Pings should have been used to connect the dots! Especially with an unconscious victim, having no memory! Who, when, & where in a neat little package for investigation trail!! Isn’t it troubling too that this could have led to JD phone MIA?! Likely at that point, still in someones possession!?
    Mr. Hanlin the lead Narc detective, certainly had to know all about labs In relevance! Jane couldn’t consult dear hubby for advice? Or did she?!
    The hospital fd up too, the rape kit (if one of the few to actually be processed!) there was an obvious need for! A mere 24-48 hr or so later, even with shower, precious DNA evidence (like internal!) is most often still present! Medical professionals should know this!! And staff too ignorant to order hair follicle test, common in potential rape cases of rohypnol, etc., suspicions! That they failed to order the correct lab to test for needed levels of applicable short acting benzodiazpines, yet again negligent! And/ or the lab if they were ordered.
    All of this was established in trial testimony. Validated by the expert witness for prosecution. You best believe if my daughter, heads would roll! It could have cost the case. It would have elevated the rape to felony adult levels, the potential involvement of others who provided it, administered it, others that may have assaulted her in some manner… All the negated evidence to the failed to establish many things!
    There are no coincidences here, only circumstances that on level after level of authority in the processing of evaluating & establishing a crime (or crimeS), convenient missteps! That are seemingly too obvious to have been separate occurrences. IMHO they all connect in some way!
    And I will keep calling attention to by asking until answered… Where is the CD of original evidence of mom’s phone? That officer testified in trial to making!? It was not evidence entered in PC hearing! It was not, thus far knowledge, entered into trial evidence! So where is it? Why if not, did it go MIA? What was on it? Or perhaps it was only the same evidence TG Prinnie captured, that on advisement by whom, was told to delete it!? Maybe bc this case was never meant to see the light of day?! Swept under the rug with god only knows how many?!
    Just like the April rape from early Sept, to now April?? At 14 there is 0 question of consent! She could not legally give it on any level!
    And I will forever believe the convicted charges were downplayed! Regardless of gut instinct on first reading in Dec of case, if you dug deep enough into cyber space, the own words of predators, tells another story. Hell even portions of testimony dialogues support this!
    Sorry for rant! /:

  73. C Morgan

    Critics have accused community leaders of trying to paper over rampant misconduct by players of the highly regarded Steubenville High School football team and have suggested that other students took part in the
    assaults or failed to do enough stop them.

    But according to Detective Jean Phillipe Rigaud, now an officer at the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI) but with the City of Steubenvile Police Juvenile Unit at the time, the initial investigation was hampered by fear which existed long before the rest of America had directed its attention on this town or this case.
    He said: ‘The perception that I had was there was a lot of fear, not related to the issues we have seen more recently. At that point it really was all..I don’t know for certain but it seemd to be fear of co-operation, of talking with the police.
    Or, as some in Steubenville and beyond would have it, of speaking out against the much lauded Big Red athletes.

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