What Happened in April?

Since I started writing about the rape allegations at Steubenville High School and the subsequent arrests of Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond, I have seen much being discussed about an incident in April 2012. What is so bothersome is that again, apparently the whole town is talking about a sexual attack and no arrests are made. Why is this?

In 2011, 18.3% of women over the age of 18 reported being sexually assaulted in their lifetime while 17.4% of women reported smoking. More women have been sexually assaulted than those who smoke cigarettes. Rape is certainly something that no mother or father WANTS to discuss with their child, but I feel that this is imperative considering the situation, and urge all parents to sit their child down and have this discussion. If you know of someone who was assaulted, PLEASE contact law enforcement. Continuing to live under a veil of silence only further victimizes the victims and leaves open the possibility that this may happen again to go unreported. Please speak with your children and demand that the school district engage in dialogue that will assist children in that school to develop a standard of conduct that sets the tone for being able to attend school and other functions in a safe environment free from brutality. I cannot communicate to you how serious this problem is. The victim should not hide in shame and the perpetrators should not be able to roam free to do this again and again to different victims. This has to stop.

I am attaching the screenshots of Twitter conversations regarding the incident in April. Again, I am not writing this story…these student athletes are through their words. I am only providing proof of their words.



Take this for what it’s worth. I’m not law enforcement, but they should be looking into this as well. All of this is in the public domain and why hasn’t the school addressed this problem? I don’t understand how a town of 18,000 people can be discussing a gang rape and no one at the school has done anything to investigate it. Why?



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