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Yesterday a Greek Orthodox priest was arrested for attempting to meet who he thought was a 14 year old and a 9-year old boy for sexual encounters at a location in Columbus, Ohio.  He had placed an ad online seeking out children for sex, and a detective responded.  All too often we hear about those who are “trusted adults” in our communities soliciting children online.  It is a problem that many parents don’t want to think about.  Crimes against children are atrocious and sometimes it is easier to just put it out of our minds rather than acknowledge that stranger danger is out there.

For weeks as we have had discussions on this blog about the recent rape case in Steubenville, I have repeatedly stressed that parents need to take a proactive stance in their child’s online activities and monitor social media and computer use.  Allowing a child unfettered access to the internet is akin to inviting danger into your household.  You do not know who is on the other side of a screen name or who may be viewing your child’s social media.  As with the boys who broadcast their activities online, something of this nature becomes a parent’s worst nightmare.  I have monitored many Twitter accounts over the past few weeks in the course of my research on the Steubenville case, and have seen full names and addresses innocently posted while proudly displaying new driver’s licenses, and also photos of teenagers drinking and using drugs.   Surely their parents do not know that these types of images are being posted online.

It is a new age and technology offers the ability to post bad choices in a matter of keystrokes or click of a cell phone camera.   All parents should be taking a proactive stance in monitoring their child’s internet presence.  I am going to be posting some resources in the forum for anyone to utilize so that they can monitor their children, and for those who feel they cannot do it on their own, my company can provide social media profiles.  Anyone wanting additional information or some tips can email me or leave a comment.  I am happy to share my knowledge.

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You can now purchase a book of the screenshots that were gathered during my research of the case and see the reasons I was so upset about what was happening in Steubenville.

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  1. shebas48

    That’s the entire problem, a lot of parents don’t want to be “bothered” with their children, after all they gave birth, now that they are older, they feel the kids are adults,,,Children do not need to be surfing the internet and be able to go anywhere they like…they have privacy or parental chips in some computers, to restrict what sites the kids can access, so use it, or as a parent they can be abetting their worst nightmare.

  2. grandpa56

    Just stumbled across this topic. Thought I would bring it up front for people to see. This is alot of the problem with things these days. Everything is so easy and we think, private.

  3. Ethan Rimke

    I’m rather glad that these pieces of shit had unfettered access to the internet. Hopefully this will stick with them for life.

  4. C Morgan

    With the exception of the unfortunate embarrassment it brought upon JD, I tend to agree. Society’s justice may be the only real one rendered upon a few key players that remain uncharged. And for the two on trial, has yet to be determined. But it certainly drives home the point, teach your kids right from wrong, consequences, & foundational morals!
    Perhaps, as it’s been shown in recent studies, youth brains are not fully developed until late teens/early 20’s. Thus their judgement fails to factor much past the present day, of in the moment choices. (A semi-invincibility complex). Longterm repercussions of those decisions, just don’t process in. Kind of explains why teenagers can drive us parents insane, as we likely did to our own! But it also makes it even more detrimental, that they are taught those basic foundations of boundaries, that choices have consequences, now and later! That we give them the tools to possess a moral compass, so they can use to build upon. And parents responsibility to continually monitor their kids actions, including in cyber land.
    And the Steubenville incident is now like a transparent social experiment. What happens when children are denied these basic parental obligations? Almost a sociopathic, narcissistic rearing occurs. Worse adding to, when a portion of the community feeds that mentality. Hence the anger at outsiders, because it surpasses the generation of focus too. They all don’t see anything wrong here, or even in what happened. The victim blaming is because of thinking, “we aren’t responsible for our own actions, it’s always someone else’s fault!” So the almost nausea inducing fascination with this case, results.
    The fact that the kids who instigated, the ones who stood by ignoring and partied on, and the adults that condoned, and are still shielding by any means (legality is not a concern of)… They can’t comprehend what the big deal is. And when wrongdoing occurs that surfaces into any public knowledge, you’re supposed to lie, intimidate, hide all parts of, then bury it. Problem solved! The scrutiny that is forcing them to proceed with accountability, ultimately lacking from investigation thru judicial proceedings, for obvious reasons. This is a huge inconvenience that pisses those of off! Fear of what it will and has revealed, only adds to their misguided & misdirected hostility.
    And for those of us on the outside observing, who live within society’s of norms, with personal and legal boundaries, are left thinking… WTF?!


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