Girl in NC Amber Alert Found Safe in South Florida

On Monday an Amber Alert was issued for a 12-year old girl from Cartaret County, North Carolina.  According to the Carteret County Sheriff’s Office, she was last seen by her father at home on Sunday at approximately 10 p.m. When he awoke Monday morning at approximately 6:25, he noticed that she was missing.

Felony warrants were issued for Timothy Newman.  I assume after viewing cell phone activity, law enforcement determined that he had been communicating with the female child.  Newman’s roommate also confirmed that they had been texting each other for several weeks – every night.   As it turns out, Timothy Howard Newman was also known to the family.  He lived across the street from the girl’s grandmother.  And for the bonus round, he is also a registered sex offender who was convicted in 2004 of two counts of Sexual Offense with Certain Victims.  He was incarcerated for two years and served three years of probation.   The girl’s father stated he had no idea that this man would run off with his daughter.  Color me stupid, but uh…he’s a sex offender!  That means they cannot EVER be trusted around children.  EVER.

Newman and the child were found tonight in south Florida.   I cannot stress enough that parent’s need to know what their children are doing at ALL times when it involves use of the internet and texting.  You pay the bills and it is just too easy for predators to have contact with children online if you aren’t hyper-vigilant – and in this case – it happened right under the father’s nose.  There are several programs available to install on the cell phone to view incoming and outgoing texts.  I know we have a few techies on here who could probably recommend some good monitoring programs.

I’m just glad this child was found safe and will return to her family.

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You can now purchase a book of the screenshots that were gathered during my research of the case and see the reasons I was so upset about what was happening in Steubenville.

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  1. concernedmom123

    This is one more reason why parents should put strict limits on the technology that they give their kids. There is just far too much opportunity for misuse and abuse. I really think that the law should place restrictions on it.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      By placing laws to restrict you are running on a slippery slope with regard to how the law says one should parent their child. Every parent has a different way of parenting and as we have all read many times, the government is not going to interfere with personal choices until they have a reason to get involved, i.e. crime, etc. I don’t think the government should parent. That is the parent’s responsibility and it is their responsibility to ensure that their child is as safe as they can possibly make them. If that involves creeping their kids social media or monitoring cell phone activity – so be it. This little girl is lucky to be home alive. All of this could have been prevented by not allowing the monster near her when she was visiting her grandmother, and by monitoring what she was doing with her cell. I am sure her dad feels much guilt for not doing so.

  2. Needanswers

    Too often parents assume their children are capable of making the “right” choices. They are not! Their brains are not capable at these young ages of making adult decisions. That is why they have parents — to educated them, guide them, and protect them. Yes, it takes time out of a parent’s busy day to monitor Facebook, text messages, Twitter, but if the parent doesn’t want to take the time to do these things, maybe their children should not have access to them. What is a 12 year old child doing with this much freedom that she can be put into this situation?

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      There are many kids who have that much freedom. We are not living in the age of Mayberry and I really don’t think a lot of parents understand technology well enough to know what their kids have access to and more importantly, who has access to their kids.

  3. James T

    Jefferson County Will Elect a known convicted felon to its own County commision if they are a Democrat! Read this !!


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