Wheeling Park Student Arrested

On Thursday, Wheeling Park High School senior, Cody Brautigam was arrested at the school’s campus for allegations that he sexually assaulted two girls younger than 10 years old.  He was booked into the Northern Regional Jail in Moundsville on two counts of first-degree sexual assault and two counts of first-degree sexual abuse.  He is being held on $100,000 bond.

The Wheeling Intelligencer reported:

According to a police report, a 9-year-old girl told a sexual assault counselor earlier this month that Brautigam engaged in sexual behavior with her at the girl’s home in July. The girl said Brautigam illegally touched and kissed her, sometimes while both were undressed, according to the report.

The following day, an 8-year-old girl told the counselor that Brautigam on multiple occasions pulled her by her hair into a room, where he sexually assaulted her. Those alleged crimes occurred around the same time as those involving Brautigam’s other accuser, the police report states.

What is going on in the valley?  This is just crazy!  In less than a month, three separate incidents involving teens.  Three weeks ago a second rape allegation was filed with the police department involving a 14-year old, and September 24th the arrest of two Steubenville High School football players who were charged with rape and kidnapping.

We live in a world gone mad.

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You can now purchase a book of the screenshots that were gathered during my research of the case and see the reasons I was so upset about what was happening in Steubenville.

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  1. Angelinfl

    The media and the violence and the tv and movies that these kids have watched since they were born play a part into what is happening in general society. People at least 2 maybe 3 generations, if they start pushing them out at 15 have not grown up with censors on tv and movies and with parents, who realize that watching that stuff on media outlets, coupled with violent bloody, aggressive xbox, playstation games give developing minds a bad sense of morals etc. Parents don’t show good examples and stress the wrong things. How else will kids turn out when there is no moral backbone to most of the society they deal with? Kids from truly Christian families who are home schooled may be better academically, but will never fit into the society of their alleged “peers” because it seems like good vs. evil. Plus every parent who has enabled their child to think they are wonderful and we see that in the relatives’ answer on the Steubenville case… my kid couldn’t have done that blah blah and when in doubt blame the victim. They would say these 8 and 9 year old girls led them on or are lying. Can’t accept the fact your kid is a pervert blame the victim because like their kids, the parents won’t accept the responsibility that their lack of supervision, parenting skills and the lewdness of society has caused on the broadspectrum of the age groups. Kids have too much time on their hands, too little to do of a constructive nature, and too many people saying everything they do is so wonderful. Remember, we don’t have competition to have a winner because that would mean someone would lose. Remember… all must be winners. Baloney! Society has not gone to the dogs, the dogs have more class than the people and better manners too!


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