Arrest Made in Jessica Ridgeway Murder

Jessica Ridgeway, 10-years old went missing from her Westminster, Colorado home on after leaving her house to go meet a

friend.  She never returned home but was found many miles away from her home in an open space park – her remains left in a garbage bag.  Law enforcement had released a photo of a wooden cross pendent that was found at the crime scene, and days later announced that an attempted attack at a nearby park on Memorial Day weekend was definitely connected to the case, but would not go into details as to what that connection was.

Austin Reed Sigg, 17, was arrested for Jessica’s murder and he made his first court appearance on Thursday.  He was ordered held without bail, pending his next court appearance when prosecutors will ask that he be tried as an adult, however due to his age they will not seek the death penalty.

Authorities have DNA evidence linking the teen  to Jessica’s murder.  Sigg was arrested 18 days after Ridgeway disappeared on her way to school  after his mother called police and he turned himself in.   Sigg is being described as a loner by those who knew him and he was interested in mortuary science.

These types of cases make one wonder what is happening in our world.  Has it always been this dangerous or are we more apt to hear about all of the atrocities of our world because we can get information in real time?  Whatever the case may be, I am glad that her murderer has been caught and is off the streets.





  1. TundraGold

    Well hallelujah, his mother called the cops and informed them of her son’s deeds. She didn’t try to cover the kid so he would grow up to be a mortician. I tout this mother. I wonder if she had suspicions in other cases or this kid even did things to animals? But at least she took this kid/adult/pervert off the streets!

  2. concernedmom123

    Very sad. Prayers to everyone involved.

  3. johnny5

    well thats terrible.


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