Hello Cleveland!!

The blog was down for the better part of the day due to some server issues, but hopefully those have been resolved.  Nope, I didn’t shut down.  I’m here for the duration.  I write about a lot of cases, and my focus has always been for the victims.  I don’t always have heartwarming things to say about criminals or others who behave like savages, and I believe that if it looks like a turd, and smells like a turd…chances are it’s a turd.  My language can sometimes be colorful, and I will not apologize for that because that is just who I am.  I have been known to refer to individuals who behave like they are from another planet as booger eaters.  I have a right to an opinion, and I opine that the world is full of some very odd and dangerous people.  I’m not the only person who has an opinion.  My dad used to say they are like *holes.  We all have them.

Our basic rights ensure that we have freedom of speech.  That includes,

  • the right to seek information and ideas;
  • the right to receive information and ideas;
  • and the right to impart information and ideas.

As owner of this blog, I provide factual information in my articles and my readers have the opportunity to discuss various cases and missing persons stories.  They also have the opportunity to post comments regarding these news items.  I am not responsible for the opinions of others.  I have claimed to own the internet, but really it was just a joke.  I am not Big Brother, and certainly do not tell people how they should think.  I like free thinkers and enjoy opposing viewpoints as long as it is done respectfully, and not like a booger eater having a tantrum.  As such, I am responsible for my comments – not yours, not Phil McCrackin’s, et al.

Section 230 of Title 47 of the United States Code (47 USC § 230) states:

“No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.” This federal law preempts any state laws to the contrary: “[n]o cause of action may be brought and no liability may be imposed under any State or local law that is inconsistent with this section.” The courts have repeatedly rejected attempts to limit the reach of Section 230 to “traditional” Internet service providers, instead treating many diverse entities as “interactive computer service providers.”

This would mean that I should not be held liable for defamatory statements contained herein by commenters.  I also believe that we all have a right to believe that someone is an asshole.  If a statement is true, it cannot be defamatory.  The other side of the coin is that the statement must be capable of being proven false.  This means that most opinions — even the meanest and most disparaging — cannot be defamatory.

Anyhow, I have not been served with any suit and for all I know that could be just another rumor.  You know how they all keep talking about rumors, plus for all you know, I live in a van down by the river in Orlando, FL.  It is business as usual here at PRINNIEFIED, and if you wish to comment here using a proxy  – I understand.  I truly understand that some feel oppressed and/or intimidated regarding having an opinion regarding this case.    I am very sad that we didn’t have more colorful usernames.   Fart Sniffer would have caused me gales of laughter.  LOL

It is my hope that ALL of those responsible in this case are held accountable for what they did to the victim, and that all others who have or were involved in gang rapes of females are prosecuted.  I have pixelated the victim’s name to protect her, but wonder what would the reasonable man would think of the character of an individual who would post this photo online?  Can one’s character truly be more defamed than they defamed themselves?  Just some food for thought.



  1. Joaps

    Wow it’s a little hard to defame someone who post such a picture on Instagram don’t you think? This picture sickens me and what sickens me even more is the fact that the local media wasn’t much interested in the rape portion of this story but now they are all over this ridiculous defamation suit. A suit that anyone with 1/2 a brain cell knows was only filed to try to intimidate people into not talking about what these sick pigs did. Sorry if they don’t like me using the word pig to describe them. It is the nicest word I could come up with given everything I have seen and read not only here but elsewhere on the internet. Maybe they should of thought of that before participating in the rape, humiliation and posting pictures like this calling the girl sloppy etc on the internet.

  2. utilizingmyFREEDOMOFSPEECH

    In order to win a defamation suit the comments in question will have to be proved false as well as prove said comments were made negligently to which an opinion can not be false, said in negligence, nor be proved factual. As a participant and member of this forum/blog I can safely say that not one person that has posted on here has singled this one individual out and/or went on a personal campaign to defame an entire family. I know personally I have not made one comment that even comes close to meeting the requirements for a defamation suit. Neither Prinnie, myself, or any other person that commented on this story put any name into the conversation that wasn’t merited to be included nor did any of us implicate any of these boys, they’ve implicated themselves on their own accord. The only defaming done was done by these boys to themselves.

  3. armpitpudding

    I refuse to proxy up. If I wanted to I could make it near impossible for anyone to find out who I am, and if they did find me it would be because of a slip up on my part. I will voice my opinion because in America we still have a right to do so. (I will post random nics just to entertain prinnie haha)
    Long, long day and night here and I’ll get back to ya after this post, the little ones are sick as hell.
    What we have seen in the last day is exactly what is wrong with our world today. In one corner we have teens who are not afraid to rape a girl and then brag and post pics/videos about the rape all over the internet. In the other corner we have adults who are terrified to take a stance in what they believe in. Something is very wrong with that picture.
    There was a small group of people who weren’t afraid to voice their opinions, but sadly all it took was the threat of a civil lawsuit to shut most of those people up.
    Examples like this show why the government can walk all over us, and in this case it’s a local government.
    In a way this all reminds me of the OJ Simpson case and my opinion of it. I don’t think OJ killed his ex wife and her friend but I am convinced he knew about and planned it. My opinion is shared by many other people in the world, including famous people on national television who said the same to millions of viewers. OJ was found NOT GUILTY in court but people still publish that they think he either had something to do with the murders or actually did the killing himself.
    So how were these opinions formed? No wait, better yet, when were they formed? And I’ll answer, long before the verdict was read and even before OJ was arrested. Hmmmmmmmmm, well then I wonder why OJ didn’t sue over 70% of America who were saying he killed his ex wife and her friend? I’ll answer that to, that suit would have been laughed out of court, just like the alleged suit filed against this website and “anonymous posters” would be.
    There is no doubt that the evidence clearly showed that OJ was involved, however, due to how our fantastic justice system works, that jury couldn’t give a guilty verdict. One of the prosecution’s star witnesses and lead detectives on the case, Mark Fuhrman, perjured himself and was proven to use racial slurs. Does that mean he planted or tainted evidence? Not at all, but, that reasonable doubt clause changes that question from did he plant or taint evidence to is there the slightest chance he planted or tainted evidence. Huge difference there and we all saw the outcome of the trial, not guilty.
    Moving on, let me say this about social media. The fact is that kids of today use social media like adults of today used the telephone when we were kids. Now we take a look at that tweet there. Cody Saltsman attached that picture and proudly sent it to the cyberworld for anyone and everyone to see (also adding the sloppy comment). That girl is his ex-girlfriend and she obviously isn’t in very good shape in that photo. She had broken up with him and he sent a message to the cyberworld “payback is a bitch”. That girl, the victim, was allegedly raped on the night that photo was taken and two people are in custody and charged with raping her (I say allegedly because that’s what it still is at this point according to our system). Now those are truths that can’t be disputed.
    Here is where the justice system vs. reality and freedom of speech come into play. The justice system demands guilt beyond a reasonable doubt proven only by various forms of evidence whereas reality and freedom of speech allow the use of common sense.
    Per the justice system, is this evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that Cody broke any laws? No. How about in the real world? Definitely, and the single reason any of this is out there for people to judge is because Cody put it out there himself. If there was any defaming it was Cody defaming himself. We should see messages of a pissed off Cody because someone would do that to his ex-girlfriend. Hell we really should see Cody on trial for beating the shit out of anyone that harmed his ex-girlfriend. But instead we see that he passed this picture along with the comments about payback and sloppy. Add in that it is highly probable that he sent this picture to the victim’s father stating something like “look at your whore daughter now” and again, we have Cody defaming Cody.
    If we were a country where dictatorship exists and freedom of speech wasn’t a right, one could have their tongue cut out for voicing or even having an opinion on anything other than leadership’s opinion. As of now, the USA isn’t a dictatorship and Americans have the right to freedom of speech. There is no doubt that little by little we are losing that right, thanks to lawyers and courts, but we haven’t lost it completely, YET.
    Rant over, peace

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      IMO, this is nothing short of stifling free speech and opinions. Are they going to hang out at the local nursing homes and sue little old ladies for their pension checks because they have an opinion about this case? Will they sue everyone on FB who has an opinion? I PRAY this goes viral. I would LMAO if the chans get involved with this – will they sue them, too?

  4. jaybo67jb

    I totally agree I for one have blogged on Prinnie site many of times and will continue to do so. I do not like what has happened here lately a family suing because they feel their son was defamed. Lets get real for one moment he sent out a text to the REAL VICTIMS father with the headline of “look at your whore daughter now” will he be able in court to prove that he did not send it? I think not cause cell phone records are stored and can be retrieved by the carrier such as at&t, Verizon, sprint, Alltel. So I hope he and his family are ready to spend some money to prove their case and to also defend their case cause remember it falls on them to have the burden of prove that statements were false. And once judge sees his post case will be dropped. I just think it is a shame that they are trying to take the spotlight away from the REAL reason in the matter and that is a RAPE of a young lady who was trying to enjoy her youth but now has to live the rest of her life with the fact she was violated by individuals who could have stopped but chose not to cause they felt what they were doing was not wrong well NEWSFLASH a**holes it was WRONG how can you live with yourself knowing you hurt a community, your family, your school and most important of all a young lady who NEVER asked for this to happen.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Everyone he sued is now privy to get those records to use in their defense against his claim. Everyone from the parties can be subpoenaed — the number of others who could be dragged into this is endless.

    2. prinnie (Post author)

      I heard they are calling in character witnesses today – will Jane Hanlin be testifying? LOL

      BTW, you do NOT have to register here to post a comment. Just an FYI.

  5. glad2bgone

    I am glad that you are doing what you are doing here. I have been following this blog since early August and check in on it on a regular basis (first time posting) . I am originally from the area, moved away, came back, and thankfully moved away again just before all of this broke. My children would have attended that school (SHS) as elementary students and I would have immediately withdrew them, as I have a young daughter. Mine and my wife’s families still live in the area and I have to say that there is some real accuracy to what people have been opining on this blog. Our parents are well connected in the community and even passed along information that expounded on some of the posts to a greater degree. I believe that this lawsuit may be a blessing and a curse. A blessing, because the commentary slowed down quite a bit in October and should now pick back up again. A curse, because some might fear for the comments they make. At any rate, keep fighting the good fight for that young girl, so that people don’t lose focus on what this is really about. BTW, she is one of my nephew’s classmates and he was truly troubled by the situation. It has affected more people than those that think this is about football think!!

  6. jaybo67jb

    Ok thanks but im not worried who sees my post I have nothing to hide nor will I be forced to keep quite an injustice is being done in STEUBENVILLE and outside source should know how this small towns government and a select few try to hush things in hopes that in goes away so as not to upset what others think. people with power in this small community think they are above all else but they are really NOT. We elected you to offices and we can DAMN sure vote you out. We can also ask for investigations into misconduct of people who are supposed to uphold the law. BIG CAN OF WORMS HAS NOW BEEN OPENED.

  7. WeirSteuben

    Coach Saccoccia and basketball coach Haney were called as character witnesses.


  8. honeybee

    I think it is heartbreaking that the mother of the victim of this brutal attack had to testify in court today. Hasn’t this family been through enough already. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

  9. Astrid_B

    Natalie Herbick‏@NatalieWTOV9

    Teens released until pretrial hearing. Will be tried as juveniles.

  10. delsole

    What kind of FOOL would walk in there as a character witness to this HORRIBLE HORRIBLE CRIME???? RENO that is who….I am floored….I would gladly have walked in there for the victim and her family…Why don’t they allow all the SUPPORTERS of the VICTIM in and outside that courthouse? This is HORRIBLE…
    I also find it FUNNY that all along all the Prinnie bashers wanted to lynch her for calling out ALL the CREEPS in this crime only to find out that by THEIR OWN WORDS 2 admitted it on the stand…UMMMM, NEWS 9 and EVERYONE ELSE…Where is Prinnie’s THANK YOU, where is her APOLOGY?????

  11. Whatthefluck

    Well written armpitpudding!! You are right…. The kid’s parents should be suing their own child for defamation if anyone deserves to be sued. . Cody is an idiot and so are his parents. The lawyer in question, is an idiot if such a brief really was filed or even REALLY exists. Media mongers negative or positive they just want the attention on themselves.
    Calling whatthefluck to the witness stand…. I’ll say it loud and clear!

  12. WeirSteuben

    Teens released until pretrial hearing. They will be tried as juveniles.

  13. delsole


  14. Whatthefluck

    Vote Judge Lipp out next election Steubenville. He doesn’t have any common sense. Just like how does one not know having sex (raping) a girl who is unable to give consent is wrong. Do you have to be 21 to know that or is it 18? Can these rapists be in school and play sports? We need a new cheer for the cheerleaders… If anyone can rape her ______ can. Go Fluck Big Red… the coach lies for his team or is it his job or is it his town. Turn a blind eye on justice from the wrong side of the fence. Bet ya the coach is also in CYA mode too!

  15. Astrid_B

    2 Steubenville Teens will be Tried as Juveniles and are Out of Detention Facility

    Posted: Nov 01, 2012 7:42 AM EDT Updated: Nov 01, 2012 2:08 PM EDT

    WTRF.com Update

    Hamilton County Judge Thomas Lipps has ruled two Steubenville teens charged with rape, will be tried as juveniles.

    Judge Lipps just released the two from detention after they have been in the facility for more than two months.

    The judge said they will be electronically monitored by probation officers and will have to attend a court alternative school during the week.

    There are other restrictions from the judge.

    The teens are allowed to go to school, church and to places only if there parents are taking them.

    As for their release, Judge Lipps said the rehabilitation services are well adapted and well prepared to deal with them.

    ”But this doesn’t mean this isn’t a serious crime and they could be placed back in jail at any time.’ said Judge Lipps.

    A pre- trial hearing is set for December 14 at 10:30 a.m.

    In the Thursday hearing, the juveniles could find out if they will be tried as adults.

    Prosecutors called one witness Thursday, the victim’s mother to talk about what her daughter has gone through.

    One of the defense attorneys called character witnesses for one of the two teens .

    They included two football coaches, and a guardian who testified about the one teen’s academic records and various awards he has won.

    The other defense attorney is presenting character witnesses as well Thursday afternoon.

    The two Steubenville Big Red students were originally charged with rape and kidnapping back in August when a juvenile and her parents reported the incident to police.

    In October, the kidnapping charge was dropped at their probable cause hearing.

  16. jaybo67jb

    I for one am not suprised by the news. But I can tell you this when they have their pre-trial and then the actual trial that when all is said and done they will be incarcerated until they are 21 and will have to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives.

  17. Astrid_B

    Judge Thomas Lipps is a visiting judge that was appointed to the case in August 2012 when Judge Sam Kerr recused himself. No getting him out.


    New judge appointed to rape case

    August 30, 2012

    By MARK LAW – For The Weirton Daily Times (mlaw@heraldstaronline.com) , Weirton Daily Times

    Save |

    STEUBENVILLE – A retired Hamilton County juvenile judge has been appointed by the Ohio Supreme Court to preside over the cases of two Steubenville High School students charged in a sexual assault earlier this month.

    Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor, on Wednesday, informed Jefferson County Juvenile Court that Judge Thomas Raymond Lipps was appointed to the case.

    Jefferson County Juvenile Judge Sam Kerr recused himself from the case on Monday.

    Criminal charges officially were filed Friday morning against Trent Mays, 16, of Bloomingdale charging him with one count of rape, one count of kidnapping and one count of illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material. Also formally charged Friday was Ma’lik Richmond, 16, of Steubenville, who faces one count of rape and one count of kidnapping.

    The Jefferson County prosecutor’s office has filed a motion in juvenile court for both juveniles to be bound over to adult court if probable cause is found they committed the crimes. If probable cause is found, the court will conduct a study to determine if the juveniles are amenable to rehabilitation in the juvenile system.

    Steubenville Police began an investigation after parents came to the police station on Aug. 14 to report a sexual assault involving their daughter.

    Jefferson County Prosecutor Jane Hanlin also recused herself from the case Monday because she said she personally knows individuals involved in the investigation. Hanlin said two attorneys – Associate Assistant Attorney General Marianne Hemmeter and Associate Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Brumby- from the Ohio Attorney General’s Crimes Against Children unit have been appointed as special assistant prosecutors for the county.

    Fred Abdalla Jr., Jefferson County Juvenile Court chief probation officer, said he is attempting to arrange a telephone conference call today between the judge, attorneys representing the juveniles and the attorney general’s lawyers to set dates for future court hearings.

    Lipps was one of three judges appointed by Gov. John Kasich in July to the Governor’s Council on Juvenile Justice.

    Among other duties, the council advises the Ohio Department of Youth Services on matters related to juvenile justice and the administration and implementation of federal grant programs that support state and local delinquency prevention and intervention efforts and juvenile justice system improvements, according to the Ohio Supreme Court.

    Lipps retired in 2010 after serving 12 years on the bench and a total of 37 years as a juvenile court employee.

  18. SickenedByItAll

    What is wrong with people?!?!? How could a judge rule to try them as juvies? Is he blind and deaf???? And jaybo, I just don’t believe that is enough. I think they should rot in prison for the rest of their lives for what they have done…

  19. Astrid_B

    Your not the only one sickened that is feeling that way.

  20. SickenedByItAll

    I know 🙁 but it just isn’t right.

  21. Whatthefluck

    Was the fact this Lipps was a juvenile judge did that have anything to do with the decision to drop them back into Romper Room vs. Big Boy Court?

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Lipps was a special appointment from Cincinnati. He is a retired Juvenile Judge with experience in high profile cases from what I understand. Honestly, it is my opinion that the fix was in early on. Steubenville has a proven reputation of being corrupt. Why would this case be any different than any other that has been given the special sauce?

  22. WTH

    What I don’t understand is why let them go now? They were already in the juvinenile detention center and remained there after the probable cause hearing. They had enough to hold them this long and their charges haven’t changed so what gives?

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Good question. This is the time when everyone should be again firing off emails to national media. It is also imperative to let Free Speech organizations know what is happening. I’ll post some links later today.

  23. Whatthefluck

    I think you are right Prinnie! The fix was in a long time ago. Maybe they will only get off with a don’t do that again. If only the national media picked it up the result could have been different. If these boys are found innocent there is no justice on earth. There was enough probably cause to hold them and why release them now. That doesn’t make sense either.
    I also think being in their parent’s custody doesn’t mean much because I don’t think too much of their parents’ guidance. It has not proved sterling up to now in any shape, manner or form.

  24. Freetonia

    Can you imagine being so arrogant that you hire an attorney to sue the person who provided proof your child was involved in a RAPE and be more concerned about what your friends and neighbors were saying about you than what your depraved child actually did? What kind of people are the Salzman’s? What kind of monster do you live near, you have contact with, and you children have to attend school with? The fact that they would rather spend money on a bogus lawsuit to shut the truth up, instead of spending it on much needed psycho-therapy is all you need to know about these horrible people.


    Cody defamed himself this is nothing but an effort to terrorized the people in the area of Stuebenville. Don’t let these boys go on with their lives as though nothing happened. Don’t let your kids near them.

  25. SickenedByItAll

    Now that they are out and the sick twisted group can get back together, lock up your daughters!!! Don’t let them out of your site!

  26. delsole

    haha probably with the huge drug bust, they needed room for their “family members” that got busted, lol OHHH but I am sure the GREAT LEGAL expert (roll my eyes) will inform everyone….I won’t be watching but I am sure he will attempt to complete a complete sentence this time, lol

  27. delsole

    Maybe their business was suffering a bit and needed some money, lol…Oh and isn’t it just grand that all of steubenville, even stupid niave girls are all tweeting how happy they are that their BOYS ARE FREE….Makes you sick doesn’t it….By the way IDIOTS, they might be “out” but they definitely are NOT FREE

  28. SickenedByItAll

    Yea, I’m dumbfounded as to why everyone is so happy they’re out. REALLY!! How stupid are people?? What if this happens again and it happens to one of the girls that are just “so glad” that “their boys” are out?? How happy and glad are they going to be then?? I hope all the girls in this area stay far far away from all the boys that had anything to do with this case. You never know when you might piss off one of them off and they decide to retaliate against you in some sick and twisted way… What a bunch of f*cktards!!

  29. delsole

    OMG 50 letters from friends, family, teachers and businesses…Are you kidding me? Where were our letters for the victim?

  30. glad2bgone

    Any idea which businesses wrote letters? I would like to be sure not to accidentally patronize one of them.

  31. WTH

    I read on another site that juveniles aren’t given jury trials. So I’m guessing the same judge will decide their guilt and then hand down a sentence?

  32. SickenedByItAll

    I’m with you glad2bgone! If we can find out, I will not patronize any of them either! And I don’t care how many letters they got, These boys are PIGS and should have never gotten out!! IMO of course 😉

  33. delsole

    Ummmm I bet one was the Saltsmans 🙂

  34. SickenedByItAll

    O I’m sure! They probably wrote the first letter!

  35. SickenedByItAll

    Prinnie, check your email soon as you can. I sent you something I think will interest you 🙂 I want you to see it before it gets deleted.

  36. enigma

    ARGHH… I can’t remember the last time I was this angry. JUVENILES?! They’re being charged as JUVENILES?!

    So I guess that’s it. Cody Saltsman, Michael Nodianos, and the rest of them will never face justice, but we knew that already. And yet now Trent Mays and Malik Richmond are getting off with at BEST a slap on the wrist?! This is fucking insane..

  37. Mike Litoris

    I’m not surprised at all, no one should be. The fix was on from the very beginning. I respect those those of you who wanted to trust the justice system and I hope you now see how screwed up it is.
    So they all got away with rape. Being tried in juvi is a slap on the wrist at best. Party time this weekend in Steubenville! Probably some more legal rapes set to happen, party on! Win red win! It seems many in and around Steubenville are happy, so whatever.
    I can assure you of one thing. If anything even similar to this were to ever happen to her, crooked people in the fucked up justice system won’t have a chance to display their shady ways. I would brutally torture and kill anyone and everyone involved and that is a promise.

  38. SickenedByItAll

    I’m more disappointed than surprised. I really thought that bringing in a different judge and having the BCI and AG involved, that things would turn out differently. Stupid me I guess… I guess it is true that enough money can buy you anything… What a sad little part of the world we live in here.

  39. delsole

    I don’t know what is more disgusting…the 2 that RAPED HER or the 50 that RAPED HER OVER AGAIN.

  40. callmeAl

    Looks like the victim and her family get another slap in the face. Not fair.

  41. sally

    JUVENILES ARE U F’N KIDDING ME?????? based on a psychological evaluation,age at time RAPE and if they had juvie records???? Apparently slapping your PENIS off a comatose girls face and giving her a WANG IN THE BUTT and putting all this humilation of this online for the WORLD to see is ONLY punishable if your 18 years of age??? THEN, you have COACHES, TEACHERS, LETTERS FROM FRIENDS and LOCAL BUSINESSES give testimony on what GOOD BOYS they are????? you should be ashamed of yourselves for backing these pigs up after they testified to events that happened that night in “THEIR OWN WORDS” of this VIOLENT CRIME and one of them could be associated in the April Rape???? Well no wonder, they got away with it once let;s let them do it again!?!?!?! How after hearing that RENO supports these boys after knowing the testimony “THEY THEMSELVES” gave at the last hearing, whether they were involved in the actual RAPE or just watched (and did NOTHING to help the victim),recorded,photographed,tweeted,posted it to utube and i could go on and on BUT… for our so called “mentors” to “condone” such HORRIFIC ACTS OF VIOLENCE just goes to show me who the hell runs the SHOW in Jefferson County!!!! FOOTBALL AND THE $$$$$ IT BRINGS IN…………slap 2 on the wrists and Sweep the rest of the “accessories to RAPE” under the rug as usual!!!! you should all rot in hell for thinking what these boys did is exceptable!!! AND… apparently Judge Lipps you must not have a daughter because if you did, what would YOU do to the boys that slapped their PENIS off YOUR daughters face????? hope you can all sleep at night because in my opinion, your ALL as sick as these pigs that are getting away with RAPE!!!!! Great way to set examples for the younger kids..

  42. ureapwhatusow

    I never thought I could be more sick to my stomach when I initially heard what happened to the vic, but today’s outcome topped that. I can’t see where this liberal judge is going to give them a harsh sentence. It is just a feeling, just like what happened in the OJ trial. Sorry, he was guilty as hell, DNA DOESN’T LIE!! Prosecution screwed up and lost the case with all their mistakes. Plus the jury foreman admitted post verdict she had her mind already made up months before all the testimony was presented. I always had a sinking feeling all the boys were gonna get off with a slap on the wrist and will be free to laugh about how they beat the rap. I also believe these kids with this kind of mentality cannot be rehabilitated. This behavior is ingrained in them. Maybe they won’t pay in jail time, but ureapwhatusow.

  43. ureapwhatusow

    Sally, he slapped his penis off her side. That is what was testified to and can be proven to be true. You may want to get it right. That said, right on sister!

  44. mourningpinklady2

    What is a proxy?

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      It is to keep your identity anonymous online. Perfectly legal to use them. http://www.hidemyass.com

  45. sally

    this should actually be an OPEN AND SHUT CASE because it was “ALL TAKEN CARE OF” BEFORE LIPPS AND AG ARRIVED!!!!! I just thought they would have had the ballz to over trump Hanlin and her corrupt buddies that destroyed or gave info on how to lose or delete critical evidence. i’ve contacted many outside news media and am stillll waiting to hear back from them. this case needs to go GLOBAL!!!!! This just makes me f’n sick!!! Prinnie, I didn’t know what to do without you last night lol. i’m so glad your back and thank you for KEEPING THE CANDLE BURNING!!!! my thoughts and prayers to the victim(S) and their families!!!! i pray they keep on trucking!!!!!!!!

  46. BelieveKarma

    It’s no wonder why Rape is the most under reported crime… it’s estimated that more than a half-million occur annually… about 78 per hour.

  47. concernedmom123

    I’m not surprised that these guys came up with 50 letters of support. I would love to know, however, who wrote them. That way, if and when I am dragged into court over the Saltsman’s rediculous lawsuit, I can tell the judge that not only will I never make an apology for my online comments, but I would actually like to see a written apology from those 50 idiots who would sooner pander to rapists than support a victim. Hey….did I mention that OJ Simpson murdered his ex wife? Oh Shit….. I’m going to get sued again.

  48. ureapwhatusow

    Question to prinnie: A former poster is having problems logging on with their previous name. They changed to a new name and their comment has been awaiting moderation for quite a while now. They would like to know how long will it take for them to be accepted or is there something else they need to do? They know you’re probably busy, so forgive them if they’re bothering you.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Sorry, yeah I have been really busy today. I am working on an edit function for comments.

  49. ureapwhatusow

    Prinnie, since there’s no way to delete or edit our posts, please disregard my post #54. Thank you.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      I am deleting all comments from previous blogs and will see if I can find a plugin that will allow you to edit comments.

    2. prinnie (Post author)

      You should be able to edit comments – I think the time limit is 30 mins.

  50. sally

    PRINNIE IS THE MESSAGE BOARD STILL UP I CANT FIND IT ANYWHERE????? it only brings me to this site are the others gone??

    1. prinnie (Post author)


      You will have to register again if you want to comment.

  51. James T

    What ever happened to the ALLEGED rape of the 14 year old girl by members of the Mighty Big Rape eeerrr Big Red baseball members back in April?

  52. ureapwhatusow

    how do u edit/delete? The pg I am on posting comments only has a “submit comment button” below the box I’m now typing in.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      I may have to change themes so you can edit. I’m in the middle of something but will get to it.

  53. mortgagestar1

    Jane M. Hanlin, Democratic

    (Only Democratic party candidates are on the ballot for County Prosecutor; County of Jefferson)

  54. Advocate

    I feel for the Victim, I really do and justice will prevail. But what you people are doing to the witnesses and the other players is just horrible. Many of you must have troubled lives with nothing else productive to do. Many of you are our neighbors who hide behind screen names. Madusa, concernedmom123,mommabear, and many others, we all know who you are so stop hiding. There is nothing corrupt about the investigation, it’s in the media and nothing is being hidden. And by the way, the judge is a visiting judge not a local elected official. Most of you have no clue what your talking about. So each of you should get a life and stop being so pathetic!!!

  55. honeybee

    Everyone should write in Porky Pig!

  56. delsole

    Oh Mrs. Saltsman, please leave here….If you know who everyone is then why don’t you use your REAL NAME???? Hahahaha out of town judge…DUHHHH it took over 2 weeks for the corrupt person in charge to hand it over…UMMMM, look in the mirror, look at your nutso son and view his picture up above…Are you PROUD OF HIM NOW???

  57. lks547

    From the begining I felt that every Big Red fan should have banned going to the games. How dumb are all these fans, were are your morals people? If it were your child that was raped would you still support the “good old boys” team. I hope people will boycott the businesses that support these scum bags. Does anyone know the names of the businesses that supported these idiots? I would love the know please tell us if you know.

  58. lks547

    Advocate you must be a complete MORON! With that mentality “nothing corrupt”? You must be very close to the situation.

  59. lks547

    By the way Advocate what is your “real name” since you acuse everyone of using false names.

  60. Advocate

    Not actually I’m not close to the situation. I just can’t believe the things you all said about these witnesses. These are still children. And here’s a challenge to all if you-display your real names and so will I???

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      No one cares about your real name or others’ real names.

  61. Kitty

    The system will work and I don’t think any ofus would want to be in any of these parents shoes. I pray for the young girl and I do believe in innocent until proven guilty.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      It is kind of hard to believe in their innocence since their friends told on them, and the social media evidence kind of ties it all up into a nice little bow.

  62. Astrid_B


    Thank you for your comments. Unlike local media we will not delete opposing views. We are interested in hearing those opinions that differ from our own so we can all try to understand how the other side is thinking.

    I understand what you are implying BUT:

    Children made the adult decision to RAPE a person.

    Children made the adult decision to photograph the person who was being RAPED and instead of stopping it , sent pics and videos to their friends via Twitter, YouTube and Apple technology. There was no concern there, only cyberbullying at its finest this day and age.

    Children made the adult decison to distribute the child pornography(she is a minor remember) online with disgusting tweets, Youtube uploads and instagram captures.

    If they got drunk and did something silly like TP a house then maybe I could excuse it, we’ve all been there BUT this crosses a line.

    Most of these people commenting came here because they know if they show their real names they will be unfairly targeted within the area. Show your real name if you are so full of bravada. No one here gives a poo about the real you or if you meant something in the community you would have used your big bad real name to get your point across.

    Outside of the bubble they call Steubenville if someone who testifies in open court, under oath , that they were in posesssion of, did distribute or tweet child pornographic images they would be charged. That did not happen here.

    Once those children decided to take pics of a naked young girl who could not speak for herself then deleted them they became adults-no money, lawsuit or exchange of scratching backs will change that.

    Justice for the REAL victim in this whole situation who for some reason we keep forgetting about!


  63. Kitty

    I agree their friends did tell all I guess I am just hoping the judge gets this right once it goes t trial. The girl comes from such a lovely family and I hope and pray she gets th help she needs. I guess you are correct.

  64. Snickers

    Advocate ~ Those “Witnesses” and “Children”, by their own admission, “felt uncomfortable” with what was taking place to an obviously incapacitated young lady; but not so uncomfortable because they watched, taped, photographed, and dessiminated that information to their friends via social media. In my opinion, they are a hell of a lot more than witnesses – they’re accomplices. Lucky for them, they have some connection to the prosecutor who stayed on the case for 2 weeks before recusing herself. These boys aren’t toddlers, they are young men. Young men who obviously can’t be trusted to do the right thing. Young men who claim not to know the difference between right and wrong. Young men who believe that degradation of young women is acceptable. Young men who now believe that there are not consequences to their actions, though I tend to think that has probably been the norm for them for quite some time.

  65. Disgusted citizen

    How do I get to the older post about this?

  66. sally

    advocate: yes they are children in some idiots eyes but in my eyes (and many others i should mention) they were supposed to be young men, role models in our community but instead they committed a horriffic senseless crime that if “one” just “one” of these “upstanding students and athletes” would have said “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH STOP IT NOW” then maybe just maybe this young lady could live a normal life but no….. instead they urinated on her, drug her from house party to house party. sexually assaulted her in the car going to another party and sexually assaulted her AGAIN at the last house (remind you she was unconsious during the WHOLE thing) and that came from all 3 witnesses under oath and then they had the BALLS to put it out for all the people on social media to see??? How can you justify defending these guys for commiting an ADULT CRIME??? Wanna put yourself in the victims shoes??? what if it were your daughter?? and why the HELL should they get out to spend time with their families before the next hearin??? they had cause to hold them this long what the hell changed???? i”ll tell you what changed, SHS coaches teachers and superintendant all sent letters of “support” for these pigs so that goes to show you it’s OK to rape a 16 year old girl(while comatose) and take pictuces, videos and send out tweets of how sloppy she was, and she deserved to be peed on, and how can she sleep with a “wang up her butt” does this sound like they deserve to be tried in the JUVENILE SYSTEM???? guess you are as BLIND as the rest of the assholes that think “THEY DID NOTHING WRONG” !!!!!! GET A FREAKIN LIFE YOU RAPE ENABLERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU MAKE ME SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. honeybee

    Advocate, please refer to the above picture and really take a good look. Does this look like something “children” would be doing?

  68. Smh

    I voiced my opinion on fb about the coaches testifying and had one if renos relatives email me and threaten my coaching job nice right?? I can’t imagine what this poor girl and her family are going through.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Hang onto that screenshot — I am in the process of making contact with First Amendment coalitions and need all the evidence I can get of threats to citizens who speak out about this.

  69. ureapwhatusow

    advocate, time to take off those crimson and black glasses or go back home (jj or ova) to spew your garbage. You’re as disgusting as those creeps who violated that young girl.

  70. Smh

    Prinnie don’t worry I will and ill email it to you tomorrow. Anything you need just let me know

  71. Just Me

    Just a simple question, please:
    Why were the defendants ALREADY in street clothes and
    not the traditional prisoner garb for the hearing this a.m.? If I remember correctly, they were dressed in prison garb at the last hearing…or am I wrong?
    If I am right, seems to me that perhaps there was some strategizing with the officers of the court BEFORE the hearing even started.
    Can anyone help me on this?

  72. DirtyRed

    David Blomquist called this pn his show, 4 hours before the hearing began. He said they would be released and tried as juveniles, he said he had sources that filled him in. The hearing was theatre, an act, a ruse if you will.

  73. kong

    This IS NOT about the victim in this case but, I would like to relate some stories I have seen. Many females have strange fantasys. How about holding females responsible for getting drunk. Did these boys force her to drink? When I was a teen I’ve seen girls get drunk and have sex, and maybe some of you women on here have done that also, with multiple guys. As you can see these guys involved are hero’s with many other girls. Girls like bad boys. To be honest, I bet many of the girls at Steubenville wished they were in that girls pants, and got to get it on with the studs of the football team. I bet all the women complaining on here are 60 years old. I’ve known enough women to know women can be as bad or worse than men when it comes to sex. This just seems to be human nature, if the girls in steubenville want treated like this, so be it, it’s just human sexuality, and I’m sure if most of you old fuddy duddies think back, you may have done something like this, or wish you did years ago. Sometimes things are not always black n white. He’s a rapist/she’s a slut, I know the mind like to think that way, but things in life are not always that simple. For that reason, these boys should be free. As far as freedom of speech, IP’s can be spoofed, maybe someone tapped into your system and posted comments on here, IP’s are IP’s, does not prove WHO WAS BEHIND The computer if anyone when the post occured. Once again, could have been someone doing it with a trojan program. I mean you may even have a wireless network without a password, could have been anyone using a computer. Ohh well food for thought. I can’t imagine benig sued in Steubenville, Evidence will be lost, transcripts will be lost, relatives will be used to process the evidence, it’s all one big ACT in that town when it comes to the courts. Judges have lots of jurisdiction.

  74. Astrid_B

    A ruse that needs the feds involved!

  75. Astrid_B

    BTW, save the cheering that “Our Boys Are Home” on social media for REAL heroes, like SOLDIERS RETURNING FROM WAR and not Rapists.

  76. SickenedByItAll

    WOW advocate, you need a reality check! You must be one of the sick and twisted pig’s mothers. How about you step back and think what you would do had it been your daughter, grand daughter, niece or sister that had been raped and defiled like this young lady was. Would you still be sticking up for the pigs then? I sincerely doubt it so for now, you need to take your BS somewhere else because we DO NOT want to hear it it!! Ok, BYE!!

  77. SickenedByItAll

    Amen Astrid!!

  78. Astrid_B

    Hmmmm, sounds familiar except we know of some people who swore under oath about doing the exact same thing. Where are those charges? Seriously.

    Harrison County Woman Arrested on Child Pornography Charges
    Posted: Nov 01, 2012 6:52 PM

    By Macy McMaster – email

    A Harrison County woman is behind bars and is facing five felony charges.

    Christina Reed of Cadiz was arrested for allegedly creating child pornography.

    According to the prosecuting attorney’s office, Reed took photos and videos and distributed them.

    Three of the charges are on account of pandering obscenity involving a minor, while the other two counts are for illegal use of a minor in nudity oriented material or performance.

    This case is still on going, Reed’s bond has been set at $200,000.

  79. Medusa

    Wnder if we could get enough people to email the Today show they investgate pretty much everything i have seen some things pretty close to us here. It would be worth a shot and couldn’t hurt. just go the http://www.todayshow.com and click at bottom contact and it lets you send email, tweets or FB msg’s

  80. Medusa

    could someone find the article prinnie wrote at the very begining of this so i can email it to the today show and the screen shots of tweets and pictures please

  81. completelyunbelievable

    can someone plz tell me how to find the list of names of the people being “sued”..want to see if im on it….grrrrrr

  82. Astrid_B

    Public Docket Information
    JOHN DOE #1 Defendant AKA “MAMMABEAR”
    JOHN DOE #2 Defendant AKA “3ANGELSMOMMY”
    JOHN DOE #3 Defendant AKA “CONCERNEDMOM123”
    JOHN DOE #5 Defendant AKA “ABBYLANE”
    JOHN DOE #6 Defendant AKA “DM”
    JOHN DOE #7 Defendant AKA “ELLIOT N”
    JOHN DOE #8 Defendant AKA “LAKINDO”
    JOHN DOE #10 Defendant AKA “TRUTH BE HOLD”
    JOHN DOE #11 Defendant AKA “PETE BASIL”
    JOHN DOE #12 Defendant AKA “MADGRANDMA”
    JOHN DOE #13 Defendant AKA “NEEDANSWERS”
    JOHN DOE #14 Defendant AKA “HEARTSICK”
    JOHN DOE #15 Defendant AKA “SCOTT”

  83. mourningpinklady2

    Just me, the footage you saw was of them being released from the jail with their family. Until yesterday they had not left the building since the day of their arrest since juvenile court is also at the justice center. When arrested the clothes they were wearing when detained go into storage at the jail and are returned when released so they have something to wear when they leave. SO what you saw on the news was them going home in the clothes they had on when arrested in August. When they were in court yesterday they had on jail issued clothes.(although it is not uncommon or prohibited for family to bring people clothes for court to look more presentable, but the clothes are taken from them as soon as they return back to their cell.) There is no conspiracy in what you saw them wearing on the news.

  84. mourningpinklady2

    John Does #16-#25 covers about anyone else they want to sue from the blog so if you are not named you could fall under that

  85. Astrid_B

    Thanks for the clarification!

  86. completelyunbelievable

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………………………so what now??

  87. WTH

    I’m hoping to read an interview or something regarding the prosecution’s feelings on how yesterday’s hearing went, their current frame of mind and future intentions with this case. .

    I’m very surprised this situation hasn’t gone national considering everything that has transpired. With Sandy and the election I understand why they wouldn’t investigate and report on on it right now but in the last 2 months its mind blowing that at least one media outlet didn’t catch wind of this. I can only wonder if the hearing yesterday would have had the same outcome had this hit the mainstream media. I’m thinking not a chance. Unfortunately there is not enough outrage within this community. It’s painfully clear that most of the people upset over the handling of this situation are from across the country rather than in the city limits. You would think that it would be just the opposite. People from this area whom have posted on here and other sites appear to have more empathy and sympathy for the boys involved rather than the poor victim. Testimony has been completely ignored. I hope the people who wrote the letters to the judge about the boys characters wrote those letters prior to hearing that testimony. I pray some would retract their words if they could.

    I would like to see the perpetrators punished to the fullest extent of the law and treated as they would if they lived anywhere else in the world. No good will come of going easy on criminals who have violated a peer in the worst way possible. You can’t turn your cheek and expect anything could can come from doing so. Statistically sexual offenders are proven repeat offenders. Trying them as juveniles was, in my opinion, the wrong approach. They will have a shorter sentence, a lesser charge status and more standing to eventually have the crime expunged from their record by not being treated as an adult for an adult crime.

    As far the pending lawsuit – Not only do I think this will get dropped being there appears to be little legal ground for it but it also appears that Prinnie has already removed all the past comments from the site. I also have to ask why weren’t other message boards included in this suit? A very large amount of the information from the contributors here has been posted, repeated and referenced on various forums. Sometimes by the very same posters lol ( if you look at one other specifically). If Prinnie is expected to remove this stuff why wouldn’t the same go for the other boards? Where are their moderators? Just one more clear indication this suit will probably get thrown out. I guess the difference is that site is hosted by a local. Very interesting

  88. mourningpinklady2

    older blogs comments are still up on this site. Some are jumbled but a lot remain. I believe she said she is working on removing them all so the focus will return where it belongs. The victim and her family getting legal justice.

  89. Astrid_B

    Go back to comment#85, do we know for sure that the defendants were brought in from the holding area already in their street clothes? I knew I wasn’t crazy spouting about conspiracies but this is not the first time I’ve heard this either. Anyone with info please post. I realize when they walked out they woudn’t have their juvie clothes on, I’m not that silly. I meant when they were brought out to sit FOR the hearing. I believe Bloomdaddy even commented about that on his show yesterday.

  90. Astrid_B

    Nevermind above referenced post.

  91. mourningpinklady2

    I was just referring to what you saw on the news. That was them being released to go home. As I said it is not uncommon for even a lawyer to advise someone to dress up for court and their family would be given permission to bring them in court clothes, but they will too go in storage after court.

  92. Advocate

    Has anyone wondered why Malik’s guardians are keeping their names silent???

  93. Joaps

    mourningpinklady2 Astrid is talking about a news article that stated the perps were dressed in street clothes AT the hearing not just after the hearing.

    Astrid, it is not uncommon for them to dress in street clothes especially when there is a chance of them being released. They knew at the last hearing they would not be released but this hearing they knew they might.

  94. WTF


    I know all the people that testified on the boys behalf and cant believe what I just read!……I do not care what kind of background one of them comes from. WRONG IS WRONG.

    1. prinnie (Post author)
  95. WTF

    Daphne Birden, Richmond’s mother, said she allowed Greg and Jennifer Agresta to assume guardianship of her son because of medical conditions when Richmond was about 8 years old. She said Richmond “came out” and started talking more to people when he lived with the Agrestas. She said she wanted her son to remain in the juvenile court system.

    Nate Richmond, the father, said his son is not selfish and has compassion and character.

    Nate Richmond said he believes Malik is still a kid but will be able to adapt to the programs that are available to him through the juvenile court system if he is found guilty.

    Jennifer Agresta said Malik came from an at-risk home situation. She described him as a kid who was much more mature at age 8 than most kids his age.

    “Malik is a special individual who has so many promising characteristics. He is kind, compassionate and loving. He wants something more for himself but he takes a lot of pride of where he came from,” Agresta said.

    WHAT IS AN AT RISK HOME SITUATION? I am tired of adults in our community talking and sticking up for these boys, “men”. coaches, teachers and board members. Obviously they do not know what these kids do when they are not at home or playing sports. Keep sports out of this, keep the scholars program out of this. Kids good in sports and smart with the books can and will take the wrong road.

  96. Reality

    I heard that his guardians is a teacher and her husband is a member of the school board. The same school board that suspended the three witnesses that testified against the two suspects. That may be a conflict.

  97. utilizingmyFREEDOMOFSPEECH

    Concerning this lawsuit against the site and many of the posters which I may add seems to me to go along with the “what you lack in quality make up for in quantity” phrase. Nonetheless I’d like to direct your attention to the case Global Telemedia International, Inc. v. Doe 1, 132 F.Supp.2d 1261, 1267 (C.D.Cal., 2001). In short, the court concluded that “the general tone and context of these messages strongly suggest that they are the opinions of the posters.” Id. at 1267.
    There is already legal precedent concerning the opinion blogs and comments made therein. All comments made were done so in light of the 2 reported gang rapes of young girls(which can be verified) and the ensuing comments made via social networking sites(which can be verified) which in turn protects us under the Opinion and Fair Comment Privileges language of this particular statute.
    It is my opinion that the kind of person that would make comments such as “sloppy’, “whore status”, and go even further by tagging the victim in these harassing degrading posts about or to the victim of a brutal gang rape is morally corrupt, evil, and a person of deficient values. It is further my opinion that because of the heinous nature of the this gang rape it is not unreasonable for the community to want to see everyone who was involved in even the minutest way be brought up on charges for their respective roles in the this brutal gang rape. It is also not unreasonable to foresee the community outrage after it was evident that these individuals would not be brought up on charges pertaining to their specific role in this rape and the ensuing harassment via social media websites particularly Twitter.

  98. WTF

    Reality you are right! sooooooo right! they are teachers and on the school board!

  99. utilizingmyFREEDOMOFSPEECH

    We all need to send the Dr. Phil show an email, I already have about an half hour ago maybe if more do so he will do a show on this. That would definitely get the light shining where it needs to be and after it is aired I’m sure lawyers to protect not only the victim but us as posters will pop up everywhere. This case is a definite attention grabber and will certainly garner the show rating. There is a real shot of having Dr. Phil take an interest in these proceedings.

  100. Joaps

    No offense but Dr Phil will only do a show on it if he can make money from it. He is the last person I would want to see this poor young girl talk to. He has a habit of re-victimizing his guests.

  101. cristy

    I say forward this story with links to here, the herald star, wtov 9 and the Cleveland Plain Dealer to any outlet you can think of.
    Anderson Cooper, CNN, The Today Show etc.

  102. Astrid_B

    I can’t find a list of current school board members to verify that information? I found a website but it says it may be malicious. WTH?

  103. cristy

    Here is a news article from January about the school board. I imagine that it is still the same members today.

  104. jaybo67jb

    I have contacted geraldo riveria at fox news waiting to hear back from him or his staff.

  105. Medusa

    im contacting the today show i posted address for it earlier this morning

  106. Dirk Diggler


    James Saltsman financial ties to Steubenville Big Red?

  107. whatflosaid

    This is all unbelieveable a blogger being sued for what readers posted. Just a question, how many law suits are currently on Dockets of Florida’s Common Pleas Courts?
    I imagine none.
    We all know how many people publicly spoke/blogged unfavorable comments regarding Casey Anthony, George and Cindy Anthony.
    I think these kids did a good job putting their own dirty laundry on the Internet. They got caught doing so and now they like for it all to go away.

  108. MadHatter

    Herald Star is allowing comments. One defender of the rapists so far. Makes me want to puke.

  109. JWIII

    post #121…correct me if i am wrong…that article says he is an “installer” for fort steuben maintnence i believe he owns it does he not?

  110. Jdevil
  111. Gena

    Im having trouble following the new site.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      It’s the same as the old – just a new theme. All new comments are in order.

  112. callmeAl

    How about if the whole crew of raper boys had to write apologys and post them on line, and send them into the newspapers and post them on news nine? Think they would do it? Salzman’s want written apologys that they don’t deserve.

  113. honeybee

    I think that’s a gray idea, callmeAl!!!!

  114. callmeAl


  115. honeybee

    Oops, sorry, autocorrect — great!!!

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Autocorrect gets me everytime. That’s my defense. That and the Tourette’s Syndrome, paranoid schizophrenia and shingles.

  116. callmeAl

    @honeybee I didn’t think you ment gray. thanks

    1. prinnie (Post author)


      The implications of this suit on the big picture for those who can’t see the forest for the trees.

  117. Jon
    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Thank you! It is much appreciated.

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  119. superstitious

    There were 8 comments to herald star 6 against pigs. The first one from Wifisurfer was interesting. He said he read on a forum that an NCAA scout googled SHS and a few of these kids just to see a few highlights. But he said a few highlights showed up with a bunch of RAPE threads!! Big Rape – You can run but you can’t hide!!!!!!

  120. mourningpinklady2

    Great job last night Joey! I am re-listening to archive now.

  121. mourningpinklady2

    prodigal son….hehehehehehe

  122. Joey Ortega

    Thx mourning 🙂

    Be sure to share, the more people talking about this on the air and off the more attention this will draw.

  123. utilizingmyFREEDOMOFSPEECH

    I’ll be listening to the show this morning. No matter how hard I try I can’t stay awake until the end. I’m usually asleep by 10. I’d like to thank all those at BTYT, the show is so informative. I’ve learned quite a bit from the broadcasts. No one needs a law degree or a Law enforcement background to know right from wrong. What happened that night was wrong on every level including the act itself, the documentation/harassment via social networking, and the refusal to help a defenseless victim. No one’s actions from that night should be defended. One of the boys taking video said “We didn’t know or think that what we were doing was wrong” so how is bringing a lawsuit against those that are standing up for the victim going to teach them that what they did was wrong and not because they were caught but because legally and morally the actions that night were wrong.

  124. utilizingmyFREEDOMOFSPEECH

    The people of this community or any other will never be silenced, that is part of what makes America extraordinary compared to other countries. With criminal cases especially ones this high profile everyone will have an opinion. Do they plan on adding the 3 quarters of the community that have voiced their opinions on this case. I think OJ killed his wife, I think Casey Anthony is guilty, I think George Zimmerman has a valid defense with the “stand your ground” statute, do all of these people now have the right to sue for defamation of character? I mean really considering OJ and Casey Anthony the entire country will be hauled into court on frivolous proceedings. High Profile criminal cases are always tried in the court of public opinion, that is the way our society operates regardless of who agrees with it or not. The court of public opinion is not governed by the same principles a court of law is so if a person doesn’t like what the public is saying too bad. No one has done anything to anyone here. They only have themselves to blame for the public opinion. Any reasonable person would find the content of the now infamous tweets/photo reprehensible.

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  126. Guy Fawkes

    Per CBS News’s Erin Moriarty, Prinnie has still not been served. They can’t find her! #RollPrinnieRoll

  127. whatflosaid

    I agree with you #143 looks like Jefferson County Common Pleas Court may be busy in the near future.
    Who else are we going blame for voicing their opinion. I believe there are many people living in/outside the Valley not that easily intimidated.

    Freedom of speech is the liberty to freely say what one pleases, as well as the related liberty to hear what others have stated.

  128. Astrid_B

    I just stated this on the forum but the best way Steubenville residents can express their disgust with the handing of this case is at the polls.

  129. mourningpinklady2@gmail.com

    easy to say but hard to make a change when a lot of people are running unopposed…..can’t vote them out if no one else is running

  130. Pingback: Types of Lawyers

  131. whatflosaid


    Hang on Prinnie, Prinnie hang on

  132. Astrid_B

    Hahaha! Good one Flo!

  133. Anonymous

    Lawyers for the minor/family suing Prinnie not only need to look into Prinnie, but also need to look into RadioNewz, Levi Page, Holly Briley and Kim Picazio who seems to find this sort of behavior acceptable as she is quite friendly towards all of the aforementioned individuals involved in this.

  134. Concerned

    You guys really have no idea what you are talking about. If you really had concern for the victim then you would stop making up rumors and spreading heresay. Let it play out in court where the facts can be presented. I would also watch who I let lead me. Prinnie has some skeletons in her closet. They will come out in time.

  135. Holly Briley

    Now they’ve decided to try to silence us by reporting us! We will not let them deny us our right to Free Speech!


  136. M2KFLA

    Just wanted to let everyone know we are now getting support from INTERNATIONAL Rape Victim Groups and individuals overseas that are part of these groups.

    I am hoping to open a blog so people can voice their opinion about what how we are being stopped from voicing our opinion about what is happening to Prinnie and the teen girl in Steubenville.

    I ask that everyone who reads this to please contact any local Rape Support groups in your area to let them know what has happened. Please ask them to support us by posting on their site or writing emails of support for Prinnie and the teen victim.

    Here is where they can send the emails until I set up a blog and email for this specific cause. M2KFLA@aol.com


  137. mourningpinklady2

    reporting where?

  138. JWIII
  139. alphacentauri

    I was as shocked by this story as all of you. I cannot imagine what this young woman and her family are going through.

    But I would like to consider the issue about whether this should be tried in juvenile court…just for people to think about. I don’t know the young men involved. But the concept of juvenile status is that it’s not a question of how horrific the crime is; it’s an issue of who the criminals themselves are.

    Suppose the perpetrators had been 40 year old men? Would you find this crime to be even worse than you do when committed by teens? If so, that’s the difference between juvenile and adult status. Adults should have a better understanding that what they are doing is wrong. An adult would know that not only does posting this on Facebook and Twitter make this crime even worse, it makes it much more likely they’ll suffer negative consequences themselves. But a teen posts it because they aren’t understanding that they just committed a felony and that it isn’t in the least bit funny.

    Maybe they’re sociopaths who will be in jail before they’re 40 anyway. But maybe they are in a transient phase that they would have just grown out of, except that they have now screwed up their own lives in the process of ruining the victim’s.

    Teenage boys do stupid things. They do things they know are wrong because they are carried along with the group, with each action during an evening getting more and more out of control, yet no one with the guts to say to the group that things have gone too far and have to stop. Groups of teen males in cars get themselves killed this way on a regular basis, so it’s not just a case of being willing to victimize others. They do things in groups that they wouldn’t do as individuals, and they don’t take their own long-term self-interest into account.

    And teenage girls and guys both get into trouble with alcohol, overestimating their tolerance and underestimating the risk. In fact, teens consistently underestimate the risk of what they do. That’s how their brains work.

    What these guys did needs to be condemned and they need to be made an example. There is far too much tolerance for rape of intoxicated women by intoxicated men. The question is whether society is best served by locking them up for decades. Are they likely to continue to be sexual predators throughout their lives? Or are these guys who might sincerely repent of what they did if they see the entire community united in condemnation, who then might do more good by speaking out against their own actions to educate other teens to avoid this situation being repeated?

    Of course, seeing the parents file lawsuits to shield them from criticism doesn’t look good for their potential for redemption. They can only earn forgiveness by fully accepting their culpability, and they don’t seem to be making a good start. But in another situation, it could be different.

    As I said, the decision to try someone as a juvenile is a function of the mental status of the criminal and his potential for change, not the horror of the crime.

  140. SickenedByItAll

    I love that the case is finally starting to get the attention that is should have been getting from the beginning. It’s sad that the Saltsman’s thinking they could sue Prinnie or any of us is what brought the attention but hey, We’ll take it!! This is what we’ve been waiting for! 🙂 We will not be silenced!! If anything, this stupid law suit will bring us closer and make us stronger! And as Guy said #RollPrinnieRoll

  141. whatflosaid

    Hang on Prinnie, Prinnie hang on.
    How sad is it that the crime never got as much attention as the current law suit is getting.

  142. Heather ;)

    I’ve seen locals on Facebook absolutely chomping at the bit for Prinnie to be put in her place. It’s really warped. These are the same people who either would not say a word about the mishandling (opinion)of the rape case OR would BLINDLY defend it along with the high school’s putrid response to the investigation. “Let the LAW handle it!” they said concerning RAPISTS, but now they are all openly gunning for the operator of a blog site?!

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      What they say is it’s not just the right of the person who speaks to be heard, it is the right of everyone in the audience to listen, and to hear. And every time you silence someone you make yourself a prisoner of your own action because you deny yourself the right to hear something. In other words, your own right to hear and be exposed is as much involved in all these cases as is the right of the other to voice his or her view.

  143. SickenedByItAll

    It is very sad flo…But I’d like to say that I just got done voting and not that it mattered a whole hell of a lot because she is not running against anyone but I DID NOT vote for Hanlin. Skipped right over it. I look at it as one small step 🙂

    1. Joey Ortega

      I wonder how they would react to Alex Goddard write ins hahahahahaha

    2. Devil's Advocate

      Correct me, if I am wrong, but I don’t believe Jane Hanlin was on the ballot, yesterday. Hanlin was appointed Jefferson County prosecutor in March 2011. She will serve as county prosecutor through the end of 2012. She will have to run for election, next year, if she so chooses.

      1. Devil's Advocate

        JFTR, there was a Mark Hanni, on the ballot, which might have caused some confusion. Good news, for those who want to do a “write in” campaign, in 2013.

  144. whatflosaid

    @ Heather, that sounds about like something the public would do. I am not surprised that the locals want Prinnie put in her place.
    I for one would like to see all that knew yet did nothing, put in their place.


    Good for you Prinnie, I still cant believe he isn’t being charged… I found this on Sat 11/2 and have needed time to process this whole story. I’m the mother of a victim of a violent crime, my hart is broken for this young lady and her family. How could anyone who was there not call the police. I support every effort you have put into this. It seems one of the only ways to make him pay for his dirty deeds.

    1. Joey Ortega

      More and more ppl in Steubenville and surrounding areas are speaking up. We have shown that at worse, any oppressing is limited to a law firm, some crooked politicians and cops. No more no less, the rest of their power rests in the fear of the people. That is waning now. Get more people to read these blogs, our radio show and speak loudly both on and off the air. This is your town and your right to have it run with integrity and justice.

      Btw, I’m no attorney or anything but I’m pretty certain that when you do speak up, one can know that expressing outrage or openly affirming the outrage of others is a right protected by our government not a crime of “inducing panic”. Just in case some backwoods cop tries to shut you up with a threat of such a charge….not that I’m saying that such a corrupt act would occur there or has in the past or anything.

  146. mourningpinklady2

    I swear Joey I wrote her in on every unopposed person running! LOL

  147. SickenedByItAll

    LOL Joey! I wish I would have thought of that because I would have done it!!

    1. Joey Ortega

      I would love to see WTOV report that win with a straight face lol

  148. Astrid_B

    I think the bravery of anyone to write in her name would be a silent but deadly way to express yourself. If I see it reported on I will crack up! Joey, are you having a show this Friday? If you are I’ll be calling in, I’m tired of just sitting and listening!

    1. Joey Ortega

      Yes we will. Please do call in. We will be discussing these cases, Shawn Blake and the many dangers the legal moves by him and others in Jefferson County are posing….to themselves. We also want to hear peoples reactions to the local election.

      1. stoptheinsanity

        Joey…… I have listened to all of your shows. Thank you for your work. Is there any chance of getting Kim P. on the Friday show? I would love to get her take on the 1st ammendment issues involved in the Saltsman case as well as any possible civil rights issues. Anyone who has followed Prinnie’s Big Red rape blog knows that there has been considerable online discussion of the legal process, corruption of local officials, and judgement of those in power positions within the Steubenville school system. If Shawn Blake is successful in obtaining the identities of the John Doe’s named in the defamation case, the “powers that be” in Jefferson County will by default know exactly who has said what about them. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that this senario is a pretty dangerous situation.

  149. mourningpinklady2

    ME TOO!!! Right now Prinnie is running for Prosecutor and Sheriff HAHA. (they probably finger printed my ballot) If I am whacked you all know what happened! I am also going to try to call Friday. Late nights on a work night, but I will try.

  150. ureapwhatusow

    Off topic–is the forum changed again? I had to re-register and when I got in I don’t recognize any of the posters. And the rape case is gone again. Not sure if you are allowed to answer prinnie, but sure would like to know one way or the other. My bookmarks are a mile long and I’d like to clean them up. 😉

  151. Astrid_B

    It’s all good, software changed.

  152. jaybo67jb

    According to Jefferson county court cases site shawn Blake has asked for the court to re-schedule the hearing that was for tommorrow at 9:00am because none of the defendants have been properly served yet.

    1. Joey Ortega

      Well looks like maybe whatever coorsponadance school he got his law degree at might not be as bad as I thought :/

  153. Astrid_B

    I saw that myself this morning online. I wondered how you could have a hearing without the defendants being served.

  154. jaybo67jb

    Very true astrid b

  155. Heather ;)

    I think that Jefferson County is very aware they will have to follow the letter of law in this case. No fudging and no excuses. Let’s not get mean about atty Blake though. He’s just doing his job.

    1. Joey Ortega

      Look it was a tongue in cheek remark about some of the legally tenuous claims he has made. The lack of corroboration between many of the cited postings and the definitions of defamation, even by Ohio standards, his failure to recognize to clear challenge to section 230 of the Communication Decency Act,let alone offer some rebuttal to the anticipated challenge. Top that with sending gun toting process servers to question then follow her mother around and apparently sending case documents to a known stalker of hers, well you’ll have to forgive me if his feelings are high on my priority list. You are right, and with all sarcasm set aside I do affirm the man is doing his job, but I also affirm he is doing so incompetently and with personal malice towards Alex and her family.

      Therefore, I will defend her and stand up to those who come against her in such a way, with the same tenacity and severity as if they were unwise enough to try and pull those stunts with me and my family.

      1. Heather ;)

        WTH? Are you saying that Blake’s office sent case documents to the guy that Prinnie has an active restraining order against in another state?

      2. Guy Fawkes

        Oh you’re so full of shit, Joey. That is all.

  156. jaybo67jb

    Heather I am not being mean I just think it is a shame that some people feel like they were defamed and had to file this lawsuit and that Mr. Blake decided to take it. While the real victim still has to deal with what these boys did to her.

    1. Heather ;)

      No issues, jaybo. The Saltman’s have every right to file suit against someone for defamation if they feel that they have truely been defamed. However, I think it’s safe to say that protecting citizen’s 1st Ammendment rights should trump their desire to repair their son’s reputation……a reputation that I have heard wasn’t really the best BEFORE all of this, AND that he worstened by his OWN actions by transmitting REAL defamatory material over the internet. Just wait until legal councel steps out of the gate in this case and QUASHES Blake’s subponea to the server in attempt to get the IP addresses of the 15 John Doe defendants. This is going to get very interesting. I realize that the majority of Jefferson County who have been raised on the Kool-Aid would just LOVE to unmask the people who DARED to question the atctions of the county prosecutor, Reno, the school board. But guess what? TOUGH SHIT! People have REAL RIGHTS as defined by the US Constituation and thosr rights WILL be defended and will prevail. Watch.

  157. jaybo67jb

    Well said Heather just want to see justice for the victim and her family thats all.

  158. Heather ;)

    If anyone has a copy of the Jefferson County concent decree, could you please post it?

  159. Warrior1

    Alot in jefferson county are up in arms about this. Hundereds of comments on news 9’s facebook posts.


  160. Astrid_B
    1. Heather ;)

      Thank you.

      1. Joey Ortega

        I also posted copies of the Decree and supporting documents on my blog, since others had been asking for the same.

  161. Edward Bennet Williams

    Google “United States Criminal Code, Title 18, Section 241: Conspiracy Against Rights” and read this Federal Statute. Now “hypothetically speaking” if any “two or more persons” conspire to oppress or intimidate any person in the exercise of any right guaranteed by The Constitution of the United States then the Federal crime of in short, “Conspiracy” has been committed. Translation: If any two or more persons use a “false pretense” legal filing of a lawsuit simply to oppress “free speech”, a right guaranteed by The Constitution, under the false pretense of a “defamation suit”, than depending on the interpretation of the United States Attorney a Criminal Prosecution can be undertaken with a possible sentence upon conviction of “up tp 10 years in a Federal facillity”. Any reasonable judge would see thru any legal filing listing numerous “John Does” without providing any hint of specific internet comments attributable to each “John Doe” and the basis as to why a “reasonable person” might find the specific comments “defamatory”. To simply hide a wolf in sheeps clothing and file a lawsuit under a false pretense simply to “out” anonymous bloggers and “opress” them in the excersise of their right to “free speech” is a very slippery slope that not only could invite, hypothetically speaking, numerous counter suits, but certainly a possible “Federal Interest” into the motivations of the persons behind such a “conspiracy”. In short one cant just file a suit naming numerous persons all lumped together simply to attempt to “out” anonymous bloggers. Clearly most judges see thru such a tactic and will “balance” the right of “free speech” against any overly broad attempt to paint numerous anonymous bloggers with a broad brush simply to “out” them or “oppress” them in their right of “free speech”. And normally a request or a “Cease and Desist” is the reasoanble first step in requesting any allegedly defamatory info to be removed. To go immediately to a lawsuit naming “everyone under the sun” without specifically attributing the leagl basis to each and every party is normally not going to be allowed by most judges. That being said the former history between the United States Department of Justice and Jefferson County that led to the Consent Decree may be an indication that perhaps there are some “old habits” that may possibly be slow to cease, hypothetically speaking of course.

    1. WTH

      There is a copy of the complete complaint floating around online that reflects all the comments (separated by date and screenname) they claim supports their suit and the people they want ISP info on. Well for John Doe 1-15 anyway. It is a very long document.

      This doesn’t mean they’ll win I just wanted to let you know that what you mentioned should have accompanied the complaint indeed did.

      1. Edward Bennett Williams

        Thank You for that clarification WTH. That will give the judge more to consider of course. One of the great inequities in the legal system is that Plaintiffs lawyers dont always go into the old adage “for every action there is a reaction” meaning I cannot imagine that numerous people are simply going to sit back without returning “legal fire” in terms of countersuits etc. Additionally what kind of parents would claim that they want to sheiled their son from “defamation” and then actually INCREASE the attention that will be given to social media postings that are vulgar, insensitive to a victim and frankly disgusting? IF the real motive was to cause said “defamatory” internet postings to “go away” then plaintiffs counsel could have done so without inviting numerous counter filings that no doubt will be coming but also can you imagine trying to defend or illcit any empathy for a plaintiff in the face of such vulgar and lewd social media postings done allegedly by their client?

  162. honeybee

    Very interesting, Mr. Williams. Thanks for sharing.

  163. WTF

    WTH.. where is the copy of the complaint. do you know the site or url ?

  164. Kat

    Google- Big Bombshell

  165. Astrid_B

    Thank you for your post Mr. Williams. You are just as your namesake was in life….very smart! Will you be available on Friday to perhaps call in to Joey Ortega’s blogtalk radio show Behind the Yellow Tape? I think the listeners would love to hear more from you. I am riveted from only two of your posts.

    To get a copy of the complaint I googled The big bombshell and they had it on there so you can click on each document. I printed out a copy of each just so I can refer to it for anyone. I must say I was shocked that some of the alleged defamatory comments included are even on there. Just as shocking is the addition of #16-25 various individuals, organizations….how can you do that? But go ahead and see for yourself. Unbelievable to say the least if this has legs.

  166. whatflosaid

    Mr. Williams, thank you for sharing with everyone your very interesting post

  167. BooBoo
  168. Stephanie Collins

    Heads up newbie to Prinnie, love the site, believe in the cause and ethos 100%. I am from uk but working in Africa and this story caught my attention for the horrific nature of the crime and the social media use in it. The fact these viles creatures thought no more sense than to send out video and photos, just illustrates how inffectual their parents, extended families, and coaches have been in raising them to be young men worthy of the title role model if they couldnt even see how this act in itself was abhorent as by standers nevermind thE alledged perpratrators . I came across it as its been been reported in the UK Media, and its completely doesnt surprise me that its not getting National attention in USA, I will email today show, but sadly I fear it would takesomething like Dr Phil to bring the attention needed, and that victim in this case doesnt need any further pain than what I am sure she is dealing with on a daily basis. She will not be able to enjoy her last few years at highschool carefree and partiocpaiting in activities, as she will now have to try and heal mentally and from what I have gathered thus far, move far away from where she lives, as backwater doesnt even seem to enough of a term. Reading about this makes me think of all the made for TV movies I would watch years ago, and there would be some town where the football stars ruled, and the town officials covered them up. Most of these were based in the 80’s, sad to see see nothing much as change, except now social media makes it more horrific for the victim, however only postrive being it enbale the crime to be discovered and evidenced collected to move forward far stronger than he said she said case. Shame there is international media coverage and outrage given to valididate exactly what most logical, educated, sensitive poeople with a moral compass have expressed above, obviously there are many people in the are concenred that are not blinded by the lights of HIGH SCHOOOL FOOTBALL. Poor girl I hope she finds strength to not let this define her, and moves on with life head held high, she did nothing wrong and and I truly hope she knows this at some point. Having a drink doesnt make her a bad person, trusting the wrong people doesnt make her a bad person, anyone who stood by, was aware, saw and did nothing are a bad person of no character male or female plus accomplices during rape in concert IMO, and the ones who actually particpated well I have not yet found the words that a sufficient in describing my absolute disgust at their actions, lack of morals, a brain warped enough to think this is ok, shall never be up standing member of society. Your parents whom I do not know, should feel nothing but shame for your actions as they should, and those I hold in highest contempt are thopse trying to defend these actions. Shame on all of you, I wouldnt wish this crime on my worst enemies, how do yopu sleep at night? PS Daily Mail article dated 2nd September UK for example how story if international reported.

  169. G.I.Joe

    Have/Has the victim(s) been forgotten ? Where has free speech gone? Has the Steubenville corruption chased you off with the offer to settle with a mere cease and desist? You have an obligation to at least explain it. One last image that I want you to remember from Nunu’s Mom’s page about how these sick fuckers view the world: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/photo.php?fbid=509301882433644&set=a.153298241367345.24095.100000615106993&type=1&theater

    Who the Hell Proudly posts pics of their underage daughter that will one day be an underage Mama flipping off the system that feeds her ? Please run away from home, Wonnie. Your pimp will give you a better upbringing,

  170. prinnie (Post author)

    No, the victim has not been forgotten. Free speech is at risk due to the frivolous lawsuit and people are afraid to voice their opinions for fear of being sued for doing so. I have received no cease and desist. People should continue to speak out regarding the rape case. The public has a right to know and they have a fundamental right to voice their opinion about it.

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