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Tonight on Behind the Yellow Tape the discussion will be the Steubenville case and litigation against anyone who made commentary on the case.  Join Joey Ortega tonight at 10PM EST on Behind the Yellow Tape.

Also, you are encouraged to call in to voice your opinion.  When you call in, Joey will not be referring to the digits of your phone number so that there is anonymity and protection of identities, just start talking.  If he responds to you – you are on the air!


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  1. Freetonia

    If you have an interest in the Steubenville RAPE case, stop by the Behind the Yellow Tapeshow tonight on blog talk radio – give yourself a few minutes to log in and chat too, it’s going to be really interesting and remember you get to call in and speak your mind. Even if you live in Jefferson County. Don’t let them think they can control what you say or think.

    Change will happen in Jefferson County, but you have to help with that change, let this crime be the catalyst for good.


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