Mallory Owens Beating Not a Hate Crime

I first became aware of the Mallory Owens case on the Justice for Mallory Facebook page.  The page contained graphic photographs of the victim after she had been beaten while attending Thanksgiving dinner at her girlfriend’s home in Mobile, AL.   She suffered multiple skull fractures and crushed bones.  Her attacker?  Her girlfriend’s brother, 18-year-old Travis Hawkins Jr.

Hawkins was arrested on  second degree assault charges.  Initially, it was reported that Travis beat Mallory Owens because she is gay but Mallory is now stating to the media that it was not a hate crime.   Alabama does not consider sexual orientation a hate crime – perhaps they should.  Everyone else does.

Mallory was released from the hospital yesterday and has returned to the Hawkins’ home.   Regardless of whether the attack was spurned because of her sexual orientation or not, one has to ask what kind of man beats a woman to the extent that Travis Hawkins beat Mallory?  It is alleged that his family stood by and did nothing as he beat her.  What type of person stands by as another human is violated and does nothing?   Wait…don’t answer that.  It happens far too often in our society.

Petition for Travis Hawkins to be tried for attempted murder here:


  1. Largebill

    It is obvious that whoever attacked this young lady did so with a heart full of hate. However, it is poor policy to label some crimes as hate crimes and others as not. It is better to prosecute based on the offense committed rather than based on an opinion about the alleged motivation.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      I think what happened in this case is that the victim’s family had created a FB page to bring awareness and initially stated that because Mallory is gay that was the reasoning behind the attack. From there the news spread and it appears that is when it was labeled a “hate crime”. The victim has since stated that this was not an assault over her sexuality, but because she and her girlfriend’s brother did not get along. Regardless, it gives pause for the question – what kind of man brutally beats a woman like this?

  2. Tiffany

    My question is where is her girlfriend?? She sat there and let her boyfriend do this to her girlfriend???

  3. BooBoo

    Hmm Apparently Ally is claiming that the only reason her brother attacked Mallory is because of them doing drugs and prostitution. ….

    “Ally Hawkins said she believes her brother Travis Hawkins, Jr. attacked her girlfriend Mallory Owens because of previous decisions the couple made involving drugs and sex.

    “People keep saying it’s a hate crime, and it’s not a hate crime, ” said Ally Hawkins.

    She said Hawkins, Jr. found out she was involved in some risky behavior.

    “We were really bad on drugs,” Ally said.

    However, Ally said drugs weren’t the only questionable behavior they were involved in.

    “He found out that me and Mallory had done prostitution,” she said.

    Ally said her brother believed Owens was a bad influence on her and became angry.”

    There is more to this story than we think. You have her Mom on FB saying she just wants her daughter to come home and be with her son (apparently her son lives with her Mom). Then you have the Mom saying it is a hate crime, You have the GF saying it’s not a hate crime but instead had to do with her and Mallory doing drugs and prostitution. You have Mallory’s sister saying Travis called her the night of the incident saying he was going to finish what he started. Then you have Mallory’s mother saying Travis’. Dad (Travis Sr.) text her a threatening message the night Mallory was released from the hospital and went back to the Hawkin’s house that said “Thanks for sending police over here.” Then you have Mallory herself making a statement which basically says her GF’s story is wrong and that this isn’t the first time Travis beat her. …

    There’s a lot going on here. Not sure what it is but I do hope this girl gets the hell away from that entire family (including her GF) and this guy is put away for life!

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Sounds like she is in a very unhealthy environment. Hope she gets out and finds herself. I still can’t believe that the brother would beat a woman so viciously.

      1. BooBoo

        I hope she does too. She needs to get as far away from that family as possible and that includes the GF

  4. James

    I do not know all of the details of the case, but this has been verified as not a hate crime. From people who know both parties, the assault was in response to victim stating she was getting the defendant’s sister drugged up and prostituting her out for money. There is no excuse for this violence, but it was not a result of sexual orientation.


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