Three Dismissed From Defamation Suit

11wethpepI want to issue a very heartfelt thank you to Paul Alan Levy, Esq. of the Public Citizen group for his organization’s successful efforts in negotiating the dismissal of John Doe Defendants #9, #10 and #13 from the defamation lawsuit.

You can read about his efforts here:

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  1. John Doe #9

    Yes, A BIG Thank-You to Mr. Levy!!! As well I would like to Thank-You Prinnie. Stay strong. The good you do is much appreciated!!

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Thank you. I am so happy for you and the others. It was wonderful news and I am confident that the rest of us will get to do a victory dance in due time. Until then…I’m standing STRONG.

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  3. John Doe #13

    I, also, want to thank Mr. Levy. He and his organization are doing a great service to preserve the First Amendment Rights of all Americans.

    1. John Doe# Undisclosed

      Many sincere thank you’s to both Mr. Ken White and Mr. Paul Levy:) And congratulations to #9,10 & 13. Also thanks to the arguably notorious Prinnie;)

      1. prinnie (Post author)

        Thank you and John Doe# Undisclosed – I am confident that all will be victorious.

    2. prinnie (Post author)

      Congratulations! I am truly thrilled for all of you. One of these days I am going to have A LOT TO SAY about this case. LOL For now…I’m letting my attorneys do what they do best — defend fundamental rights.

  4. Bad2daBone

    Yay!!! I’m so happy that these Does have been dismissed from the case! Thanks to Ken White and Paul Levy too for all that they have done to help. Why haven’t we heard about this on the local news? Ummm, oh yeah, nevermind 🙁

  5. Alex

    my thanks to Paul Alan Levy too

  6. FreePrinnie

    Are you aware that the docket hasn’t even been updated to reflect the dismissals of the Does? The biased justice of Jefferson County is showing its ass and I predict it’s going to end up getting a foot or two in it.

  7. James T.
  8. Allan Ihrer

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