Fourth Defendant Dismissed

John Doe #7 has been dismissed from the case with prejudice!  AWESOME!


  1. BooBoo

    This is excellent news!

  2. happycamper

    This is wonderful news! Four dismissals in one week. Not too shabby!

  3. Bad2daBone

    So happy to see this news, Prin!!! Doing a happy dance for the No-Does!!! 😉

  4. veruca salt

    Yey!!! Slamtastic!

  5. VivianneLove

    You got this, girl! (hugs)

  6. SGP

    This is awesome news for you Prinnie. In actuality it’s good news for all. If this case goes forward the Internet will be a very scary place. A precedence will be made allowing others to sue bloggers, news, etc for voicing their “RIGHT” to free speech.

    The booger eaters don’t get it. This isn’t just about one blog and posters. It’s ALL blogs and posters.

    Prinnie, I think about you daily. Can’t imagine the stress you’re going through. I pray that this judge is wise and sees the big picture and realizes what’s at stake here.

    Not to mention the gang rape and conspiracy of silence. In my opinion, I have no doubt that others are afraid to step forward because of fear and threats.

    But this is what “I” don’t get. WHY ISN’T MSM interested in this case? NO national news agencies are covering this disgusting case. (The rape) If you search google “NEWS”, the only news articles that show up are Steubenville’s LOCAL coverage, which is NO REAL news coverages AT ALL. Now there are a lot of bloggers that are writing about it. But no NBC, CNN, FOX and the rest of them. It’s insane. I don’t get it.

    This girl deserves justice. I sure hope she gets it.

    Prinnie, you have done an incredible job investigating this crime. You have done, and continent to do, the right thing I am hoping for good health and peace of mind during this scare tactic that is directed at you.

    Take care of yourself. I can’t imagine the stress you’re going through. Stress will make you physically sick. Psychologically I can’t imagine.

    So, take care. You’re a very brave person.

    PS: I won’t tell anyone about you hiding out in that nunnery in Salzburg, Austria. “Nonnberg Convent, Salzburg,” right? Isn’t that where “Sister Maria,” from “The Sound of Music,” stayed? Beautiful country…. but STAY AWAY from “Mother Abbess.” She’s always singing! At first it’s tolerable but after the thousandth “CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN” OMG you’re ready to pull your hair out! It’s the only song she knows. Poor thing……..

  7. Peaches

    Way to go! And still no sign of this news in today’s Herald Star article about yesterday’s hearing. A blatent misrepresentation of fact. I’d say “WOW” right now, but I’m not surprised, so I can’t.

  8. fannythefallenangel

    God bless all of you involved in what has indeed now becme a Constitutional isssue. Though judges not always who we would exlpect them to be,let us hope in this situation the judge does know our Constitution.
    Let us not forget the original victim in this whole mess either. May the girl assualted get the help and support she needs so that she may get past this nightmare and on with her life. I, too, cannot understand why no msm or other media has not followed this case in entirety, from rape to town cover-up, school/sports connection, internet/lawuit issues etc.. Truth clearly stranger than fiction and there is so much going on w/ this whole thing you’d think someone out there would eventually pick up on it. More interesting than most of the garbage that spews from the media daily.
    Understand why Steubenville has a lock on the local media, hey, it’s just the Steubenville way. There’s a reason the town has been called “little Chicago” for nearly a century. But outside the city, how could “they” have a hold on anyone? I don’t get it, but I guess we’ll just have to wait, hope, and pray that the TRUTH may eventually be told about this whole ugly saga.


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