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Public Statement Regarding Litigation


We believe that the real goal of this lawsuit is to discover the identity of anonymous posters so they, and future commentators on this site will be intimidated and discouraged from voicing their opinions.

This tactic has a name. Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP) are a common tool used to silence and intimidate those exercising their right to free speech.

We believe that this case is a textbook example of a cyberSLAPP suit. If subpoenas are honored and the identities of anonymous commenters are revealed, serious damage will have been done to anonymous free speech on the internet, even if the lawsuit is ultimately dismissed.

For these reasons, we have enlisted the help of the ACLU of Ohio in order to fight these subpoenas on behalf of all of the John Doe defendants, and to fully address the chilling effect of this lawsuit.

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