Public Statement Regarding Litigation


We believe that the real goal of this lawsuit is to discover the identity of anonymous posters so they, and future commentators on this site will be intimidated and discouraged from voicing their opinions.

This tactic has a name. Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP) are a common tool used to silence and intimidate those exercising their right to free speech.

We believe that this case is a textbook example of a cyberSLAPP suit. If subpoenas are honored and the identities of anonymous commenters are revealed, serious damage will have been done to anonymous free speech on the internet, even if the lawsuit is ultimately dismissed.

For these reasons, we have enlisted the help of the ACLU of Ohio in order to fight these subpoenas on behalf of all of the John Doe defendants, and to fully address the chilling effect of this lawsuit.


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  2. Bad2daBone

    Thoughts and prayers for you, Prinnie, and all the Does tomorrow.

  3. Seth

    The best defense against a defamation suit is the truth. If what you and the posters said on this blog is true you should be just fine.

  4. just me

    God bless the ACLU for stepping in. I wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays and wasn’t sure where to post it, so hopefully everyone sees…lol

  5. mark

    Wow they think its bad now was justed hacked about the rape case which is the schools website

  6. Scared Steubenville opressed Citizen

    They will never forget your name in Steubenville. haha Since anonymous has come to town. Last year city council forced our new city manager who thought it was a good idea to have a facebook page so citizens could express their opinions to shut it down. I guess city council said its better to call them than to ask questions on the website. Reality.. people were starting to talk in steubneville, and for years, the biggest fear in steubenville was/is people have free speech. Thank you Prinnie and Anonymous for helping bring some free speech into this area. Keep on digging, lots of dirt to be found in this area. It does not go on anymore that i know of, but it was only maybe 10 years ago, and a neighboring police dept, Toronto Ohio Police had the “reputation” and “rumors” of taking women to the graveyard and raping them. Selling drugs, selling stolen goods. I’ve had many people personally tell me they took people up to the graveyard and beat the crap out of them. A few in this area think they are dictators. Maybe you and your friends have helped us a lot.

  7. IknowSteubenville

    Mark, the website is NOT affiliated with the school. It is a fan-based website to kctiep area residents updated on the activities at the schools and their athletic teams.

  8. mortgagestar1

    I would venture to believe that the Hacktivists ( plural 0 have already lifted information from the computers of the main players in this soap opera story. We could say it is most likely the Hacktivists have information from Coach Saccocia, his staff, the high school’s principal & his staff, and even Prosecutor Hanlin and her team. These Hackstivists may expose corruption from the school to the prosecutor of evidence tampering to witness intimidation. It is all theories, conjectures, and alleged acts drawn from both Steubenville & Jefferson County’s generations long epic history of corruption. Hopefully, none of this has happened but the area has been notoriously corrupt for over a hundred years.


    The drugs and gambling and cronyism a pit at spot bar where they think their above the law,and they put on big image they believe their important when people actually despise these leeches of society. Heeres your chance Steubnville to speak up finally

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