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…and people wondered why anyone who lives in that town was terrified to use their real names when it comes to discussing this case!

“You’re going to get yours. And if you don’t get yours, somebody close to you will.”

~Coach Reno Saccoccia

New York Times article:


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  1. I am BEYOND sickened by all this!!! Not just what these assholes did to that girl but also what that coach did and said! Is this truly someone who should be coaching kids or being anywhere near the juvenile system? What also bothers me is this portion…

    “The lawyers for the boys also said the three athletes who testified against their clients had credibility issues. The lawyers said that the police had found nude photographs of women on the phone of one of the witnesses, and that two witnesses had admitted recording some aspect of the suspected assault. Those alone could be crimes, the lawyers said, but the witnesses were given immunity from prosecution. Their testimony, the lawyers suggested, might have been given in a bid for leniency. ”

    So it’s OK to take pictures and videos of this assault and admit sharing them with others (as stated earlier in the article) yet they get immunity because they spoke to the police? BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t give a shit what chief Mccafferty says, that city is corrupt and yes they are getting a slap on the wrist only because they are Big Red players.

  2. As someone who lives in a small town in Southern Ohio I can tell you they keep their secrets and very little regard for state or federal laws. They make their own or enforce the ones on books as they see fit. Sports and more specifically Football is a religion and the star players,God. These star players are coddled and protected at all costs.

  3. This is just really horrible. I’m glad the NYT picked up this story, because people need to know about this culture of “acceptable” violence. A family member of mine is an award-winning h.s. football coach in Indiana, and he would be simply appalled if any of his players had ever committed such a heinous, disgusting act. It points to our responsibility as adults to lead children of all ages. Not punishing kids because “they didn’t think they did anything wrong” is an asinine concept that perpetuates the cycle of disrespect and entitlement that more and more young people, particularly young MEN, seem to exhibit in this day and age. Bravo to you for keeping this story alive.

  4. As someone who teaches in gender studies where sexual violence issues and social media are regularly covered, I was glad to see this blog and to see it mentioned in I also appreciate your related posts, including the one on Adji Desir. Students in one of my classes read Casper and Moore’s Missing Bodies, which addresses the value assessments we make about who counts and who does not. I’m happy to follow your blog and include it among resources that are useful for teaching about these issues. Good luck with the Steubenville case. I found the coaches’ statements particularly appalling. If we wonder why an entire group of young people did not step up to do the right thing, we need only look at the adults guiding them.

  5. The coach and the entire school system have made collective asses of themselves. IMO Reno should be asked to retire immediately and McVey should make a public apology for his lack of accountibility and leadership.

  6. Who would have guessed. God Bless the ACLU, and you, and the NY times. These pricks control who can and can’t get their electricty turned on( Yes get on their bad side, then try to get the electric company to turn your electric on). They arrest people who put websites up they dont’ like. They lose evidence in courts. I’ve even had a judge take my money in that shit town county. The only reason I mention this here, and im sure if they can they will harass me over it is, I appriece what you, the ACLU and the NY Times are doing to bring the shit in this Mafia controlled town to light. When you mix shit with ice cream, it just destroys the ice cream, unforunately.. the shit isn’t damaged. There are a lot of good police, and judges in this area. Unforunately there are a few who don’t follow the laws everyone else is supose to in Ohio. Im sure they are just waiting to get you into civil court, so they can jail you for some contempt charge or something. This county is as bad or worse than some communist dictatorship. Everyone is SCARED to talk! If you out of towners only knew 1/2 of what goes on, and 1/2 of what is claimed, you would be amazed. I posted on TV9’s website the other day of the old accusations of Toronto Ohio’s Police dept years ago beating up people, selling stolen goods, having drug partys, and even rumors of them raping women in the graveyard. Is it true? I don’t know for sure, but tons of people use to claim it. I don’t think that goes on anymore, atleast to that extent, but it gives you an idea of this area. And people all over Ohio, law enforcement, etc, have heard about what goes on in this area. What I find funny is a lot worse things than this has occured, done by the “officials” and the Feds , FBI, etc never does anything. I guess if you want to be corrupt, this is the place in the USA to do it!

  7. Let me see if I understand this right; two boys apparently attacked a girl and all the focus is on the football team and the coach because they were football players? That’s not right or fair to the rest of the players. Even the quote above is out of context based on my reading; he was angry with the reporters, not threatening people for talking about the crime. Putting the coach aside, who I agree could do more, you are stigmatizing a few dozen high school boys who may have nothing to do with the alleged assault.
    I read in the NYT that this site is a national forum on violence – yet there’s hardly any articles or postings here. Regardless, I also read that this site had identified substantial evidence regarding the crime – if so, good job! Maybe you should post that. But be careful, while the justice systems is imperfect, it’s the only one we have. If you use this site to destroy lives in the name of an apparently just cause, you’ve only added tragedy on top of tragedy.

    • Dave, the outrage is not just about the two boys who were charged but also those who proceeded to take pictures and videos and upload them to various social media sites and share them with their friends. The many who were at these parties, saw what was happening and did nothing! Instead they bragged about it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. As far as I am concerned, those who sat back and did nothing are just as bad as those who did rape her. Ever see the movie “The Accused” ? If not watch it. I lived around the area that rape happened at that time and those who sat around watching the rape take place were charged and found guilty.

      People are also outraged that the coaches did nothing. They did not bench players for even underage drinking at those parties. Most school athletics have rules that are supposed to be adhered to. Those rules are that no athlete is to participate in any illegal behavior in or out of school and here you have not only underage drinking by all those at the parties but also have the first party starting at an assistant coaches house where alcohol was supplied!! What’s wrong with this picture??

      You said…

      “I read in the NYT that this site is a national forum on violence – yet there’s hardly any articles or postings here. Regardless, I also read that this site had identified substantial evidence regarding the crime – if so, good job! Maybe you should post that. But be careful, while the justice systems is imperfect, it’s the only one we have. If you use this site to destroy lives in the name of an apparently just cause, you’ve only added tragedy on top of tragedy.”

      In case you are not aware of it, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the home page of this site you will see on the bottom right where it says, “Older Entries” If you click on those words, you will find many blogs written not only about this case with all the screen shots from the kids social media sites, but also many articles about other crimes too.

  8. It’s almost comical if it weren’t for that fact that this victim most certainly won’t be the only one to suffer from these kind of attacks, only to be ostracized and demonized when they seek any kind of justice.

    Who does this guy think he is? A football coach at some impoverished town full of ignorant and small minded people whose happiness is somewhat predicated on the results of a high school athletic game, yet acts and apparently thinks he is some type of militia chieftain. I hope the NYTimes reporter, who has probably been to war zones and talked to far more dangerous (let alone truly powerful) people dozens of times, appropriately laughed in his face.

    I would hazard a guess that many people in this small town (many of the same people attacking this girl) view themselves as Christians and attend services regularly. Pathetic

    • You pretty much nailed it, Ronan. I do live here and that guy thinks he is a King amongst a city of (virtual) illiterates. As does the sheriff and many others. Let’s bring HIM, Sheriff Abdalla and many others to the forefront; let the world see them for their threats, lying, bribing and how it dictates how a small town should and will behave.

  9. Reno Saccoccia needs to be fired immediately for threatening that reporter. What the hell is wrong with Steubensville? I came here from Jezebel — thank you so much for bringing this case to light and for everything you’ve done — this story needed to be told. You are incredibly brave to break the news and then wait months for it to be picked up; I’m so glad it did. Keep fighting!

  10. At least this sick story is reaching people in the UK and Ireland now, as well as all over the US. Some people have some serious answering to do.

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  12. “You’re going to get yours. And if you don’t get yours, somebody close to you will.”

    Unfortunately, there may be many people whom heard those words spoken before and not just by Reno. Some of the stories the older folks may have told their families would definitely have them concerned enough not to speak out. . I lived in Steubenville and know that scare tactics and intimidation was widely used. I for one have always been an outspoken person and have been reminded a time or two that my way of thinking is not how the “family” thinks.
    There are many good people that live in Steubenville and there are some that are on the wrong side of fence.

    I am glad that the focus is back on the case where it should have been all along. All though I can not blame any individual for being afraid to speak out. This is hard to understand if you are not a ville resident because we live in a Country where we should not be afraid to voice our opinion.

  13. I would think that they need an entire new Superintendent, Principal and Coaching Staff based on the NY times quotes. If I was a parent of a student they would be transferred immediately regardless if they have a “winning” football program . I would not want a coach like that leading any of my sons nor would I want anything to happen to my daughter by a football athlete under the current regime if the coach is supposed to handle it and not the Superintendent of Schools and the School Principal.

    Thank goodness Prinnie that they can see now. The veil has been lifted and justice for August is coming…..big time.

    Where was Brian Gossett when his members were ridiculing your investigation? Funny it took the NY Times to deliver the exact same message wrapped with a bow.

    • “Where was Brian Gossett when his members were ridiculing your investigation? Funny it took the NY Times to deliver the exact same message wrapped with a bow.”

      Exactly! He had the opportunity to speak up about this months ago but instead chose to allow his forum members to post hate filled comments about Prinnie including photo shopped pictures of her Why? Because she was shining the light on their team and their coaches. Now that the NYT’s has picked it up he acts appalled?

      How’s that steaming pile of crow taste there Brian?

    • Good grief, he thanked Bloomdaddy…WTH? Bloomer ran from this story after about a week. least Gossett did post that statement. Gotta give him credit for stepping up, even tho it’s now Dec. 17th. 😉

      • Yeah he thanks Bloomdaddy. You know the same Bloomdaddy who blamed the victim just like the volunteer coach did.

        ” As he stood in the shadow of Harding Stadium, where he once dazzled the crowd with his runs, Hubbard gave voice to some of the popular, if harsh, suspicions.

        “The rape was just an excuse, I think,” said the 27-year-old Hubbard, who is No. 2 on the Big Red’s career rushing list.

        “What else are you going to tell your parents when you come home drunk like that and after a night like that?” said Hubbard, who is one of the team’s 19 coaches. “She had to make up something. Now people are trying to blow up our football program because of it.”

        Funny that’s the same exactly story Bloomdaddy used on air to blame the victim!

  14. Remember this?

    When NEWS9 asked Saccoccia if he had a moral obligation to remove players from his team that have been questioned in connection with the investigation, he said, “Let me say this: Our board and our superintendent are people of integrity. They wouldn’t let a beat-up coach like me do something that would not be right. And if I felt somebody should be removed from our team, I’d remove them. If they felt I should remove somebody, we’d remove them. And if I had to remove kids that were questioned, then I’d have to be removed because I was questioned.”

    Shawn Crosier, the principal of Steubenville High, and Michael McVey, the superintendent of Steubenville schools, said they entrusted Saccoccia with determining whether any players should be disciplined for what they might have done or saw the night of Aug. 11. Neither Crosier nor McVey spoke to any students about the events of that summer night, they said, because they were satisfied that Saccoccia would handle it.

    In an interview last month, Crosier maintained that he was not aware of what might have happened to the girl, even with all of the talk in the town, until three Big Red athletes testified in early October. At the same time, he said that he might have read the online petition that called for a public apology from the players and the team. He said that if he had, he had not thought much of it.

    McVey said he was not aware of the team having any off-field issues before this one.

    “If this happened as a pattern, it would have set off an alarm,” McVey said of the possible sexual assault. “But we think this was an isolated incident.”

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  16. Desperate small towns with no prospects hide behind the glory of their local high school football team. Sad and pathetic. It takes a certain sadistic quality to be a high school football coach; sounds like Coach Saccoccia fits the bill.

    • It’s pretty clear from this chart that the Feds need to step in and take over this case….what a hotbed of nepotism and corruption…..or maybe just roll in some tanks and steamrollers and bury the entire town under 15-20 feet of clean fill. This town sounds like Hell on Earth. In any civilized town an assistant coach would be locked up for hosting a drinking party for teenagers…..Saccoccia reminds me of a certain Penn State coach currently in prison, only more aggressive.

      • The entire town isn’t like this. I live in the area and there are many good law-abiding citizens here who don’t behave like that and would never say things like that. Hopefully the attention brought to Steubenville by the SLAPP lawsuit will direct attention back to where it needs to be; the gang-rape of that young girl where the light shouldn’t have left in the first place.

    • Booboo not only is Malik Richmonds legal guardian mr agresta on the school board mrs agresta is a teacher in the district…

  17. The bottom line is that the school system, including its board chose to do the wrong thing. From the very start of rumors of a rape in April, teachers and students were talking and they chose to do nothing. Another rape happened in August and they still declined to take action. They were aware that people were upset with their decision making and they did not give a shit. Now it comes out that nude pics of other women were found on a defendant’s phone! This is not an isolated incident and I am sick and tired of the Victim blaming. My guy friends would not have raped me but made me a pot of coffee.

  18. Interesting point made by Bloomdaddy in the last segment of the show. Bloomdaddy says that the valley does not deal well with outside opinions. Someone may want to listen again to get his exact quote.
    More upsetting is the fact that these men blame the victim for what happened because she was drunk. Unbelievable

  19. I think the bigger issue with Coach Reno in the whole story, even more than the “Tony Sporano” comment to the reporters is the fact that he, and some of his coaching staff goes into court and testifies as a character witness. I mean saying some things in the heat of the moment to a reporter that you don’t want to talk to is one thing. Should he have handled that with more class, yes, but I’m not going to damn for that. But to go into a court, sit on the stand, and tell the judge and victim, and her family that these boys are good character kids is appalling! Even if all the severe rumors about this case go and nothing is found, based on the evidence, and testimonies that were presented, he went on the stand and defended their character. Because apparently exposing a girl, exposing yourself to a girl, and fingerbanging her in the back of a car while she basically unresponsive is a sign of great character! Makes me wanna puke. And I hope that his horrible actions, and lack of actions in this case haunt him for the rest of his life.

  20. What does the latest court docket entry mean? Is a good or bad thing for Prinnie & Does? Does the previous dismissals still stand for the 4 Does? I’m am so thrilled that people are finally seeing this story, people who aren’t afraid to speak out.

  21. If the victim had gone to the sleepover as she told her parents and not crossed state line to get drunk at a party, none of this would have happened. She’s not innocent. However, at the least, the two football players should spend some hard time in prison.

    • As a woman, I am stunned that you (presumably a woman) would victim blame. In all due respect I ask you – what if it were your daughter, your niece, or your mother that was violated in such a manner? Would she still be “not innocent”?

      I also ask others who might comment to please be respectful. Use this as an educational opportunity – I truly want to understand the mindset and how someone can come to the conclusion that a completely comatose person can give consent. The law clearly states that she cannot. Jan, the floor is yours – everyone else – please be respectful. Thanks.

    • jan hus, your comment is not only discusting but you are a fool. You have no idea what she told her parents so please don’t act like you do. For those of us that do know her, her family and the true details we are getting quite sick of people like yourself blaming her for what these boys did. It doesn’t matter if she wasn’t where she was suppose to be. It doesn’t matter if she was drinking…..It doesn’t matter if she had sex before…WHAT MATTERS IS ONLY THIS…..SHE DID NOT SAY YES…..And that, fool, is RAPE!!!!

      Even if what you said was true, you never, as a 16 year old, lied to your parents about where you were going to be??? I assure you, you did!!! And so did all the others who are making this rediculous statement. EVERY kid there had to lie to attend this party. I am certain that not one of the others there said “hey mom and dad, im heading to a huge party where there is going to be lots of underage drinking and driving, ok?” Open your eyes, you fool!!!!!

      • well said standingupforthevictim…thank you
        I am not sure that jan hus understands the LAW or she would not have made such a ridiculous statement. I too am sick of the victim being blamed. She could not give consent and therefore it was not having sex she was raped.
        As for you jan hus you should be ashamed of yourself for even posting your non-sense.

      • and she might not understand the connection between Weirton, WVa & Steubenville, Oh. All you have to do is cross a bridge to cross state lines. People do it all day long – over and over again. The cities are very intertwined. And please, tell us you never lied to your parents about where you were going when you were a teenager. That one gets me every time.

    • Jan what would you think if this happened to you or your daughter? Had the boys had self control this would of never happened. Had they had one ounce of respect for women this would of never happened. If she had walked down the street naked it still would not give them the right to do what they did and I am not just talking about the physical rape I am also talking about the emotional rape, the public rape on Twitter and Instagram. Those PIGS are no better. I love how they tell the court, well gee I took a picture to try to help her and show her what happened but instead showed all my friends and then deleted it. Yeah I’m sure that was done to help her. Animals all of them and anyone who defends them or victim blames are just as sick and twisted as these animals who did this to her.

      • BRAVO BooBoo I could not have said that any better. I truly wonder what example the fathers of all these boys set.
        How sad that it seems they were not taught to respect women..

  22. Shame on you RENO. When I lived in the area during the 80’s you had class, or at least I thought you did. I guess it was just a matter of time.

  23. JD#9, abeyance is just a fancy word that means continued. If you’re overly concerned, I would get in touch with someone at the ACLU. Good luck.

  24. You ARE being monitored by Jefferson County prosecutor’s office and sleazy attorneys! Be VERY careful! Santa may not be watching, but the Jefferson County Democratic Political Machine is !!!

    • Personally I could give a rats ass if they are watching. I hope they are. I also hope the DOJ is watching too. Maybe that’s what needs to happen again. Maybe the Feds need to go in and clean house of the corruption. They don’t like my opinion of them, tough shit! They don’t intimidate me and they shouldn’t intimidate anyone else. See how well that worked for the Saltsman’s?

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  26. He should be tortured with crocodile shears.

    In case your wondering what they are, they are medieval shears made of iron and in the shape of a crocodiles mouth with sharp teeth and spikes that when closed formed a long narrow tube. It was treated til it was red hot and then closed over an erect penis. Which, with some tension, ripped it from the persons body.

    Sounds like a fitting punishment.

      • Who? Guys who rape girls and laugh about it and the men who do nothing about it because their football team is more important.

        That girl will be scarred for life and nobody in that town seems to care, all they care about is a high school football team?

  27. Minerva,

    Not true. There are plenty of us outraged at what those boys did and same with the coach. I’ve lost all respect for him and now could care less how successful the football team is. Many of us are all about the victim, but many quit posting after the defamation suit was filed. Shame people are afraid to speak their minds, but I think until all the defendants are cleared, free speech will be under the gun and people will shy away from posting.

  28. Trust us, there are a great many of us who remain deeply concerned about the victim here, and pray that she may recover from this horrid assault. We also hope that justice may be served for this victim. May those responsible, including everyone, from the teen partygoers that did nothing to stop the assault and all the adults involved, who have done whatever necessary to keep this nightmare “covered up” and keep the TRUTH from what really happened that night from the citizens of this valley WAKE UP, finally GROW UP and behave like civilized human beings rather than human garbage which is, sadly how you are now perceived. To those of you out there still living the LIE,it’s still not too late to do the RIGHT THING.

  29. As the girl who was raped on wheeling Jesuits campus in Sept this sickens me. bloomdaddy is the biggest piece of crap talk segment I have ever heard. in my case the basketball coach at the university hinted to his players that I lied but covered his ass and said you need to take your consequence which they were kicked out immediately no matter being on scholarships. those who blame the victims need to listen to yourselfs. there is so much evidence that its crazy. aiding and abedding is also a crime. sickens me. people like you is why I didn’t want to go to trial. I had to leave school bc of the incident and bullies.

    • I am very sorry for what happened but glad you had the courage to speak out here. Misogyny runs rampant in that valley. It’s very sad because this is what their children are learning and it’s WRONG.

      • honestly I’ve heard so much negativity from adults. parents, uncles, whoever PLEASE TELL YOUR CHILDREN NO MEANS NO!!! if she cannot answer its an automatic no. these superintendents need to be looked at bysmeone even higher

        • I absolutely agree the school administration needs to be investigated. NEVER should a coach have more power than administration. I think if people make enough noise they can get the Dept of Ed in there to find out why the superintendent didn’t investigate the allegations in August.

          • There is an anonymous group that posted this information and is pushing for justice which is so touching bc I wish I had this much support. next should be Nancy grace to get this story out there.

    • I am so sorry for what happened to you as well. God bless you for having the courage to speak out. I am sad that parents, coaches, schools, blame the victims. There are so many unanswered question we all know aiding to cover up what happened is also a crime. My Christmas wish for all the victims and you is that you soon can heal.

  30. You do have support – never feel like you are alone. If you do, please talk to someone. If you want I can send you a phone number of someone who can listen. I do hope mainstream media picks it up — there are others out there who don’t have the courage to come forward. Your voice gives them strength.

  31. I just found out about this from the posting by Anonymous on a different website. I truly hope that justice is served. For all those making comments that are trying to blame the victim: About 17 years ago I had a roommate, male, who saw a 14-15 year old girl at the midnight movies who was very impaired. He talked to her and found out her address. He drove her home and explained to her mother about the condition she was in and his concern. That is how you act with an impaired person. I’m so sick of the “my child/ these boys wouldn’t do this” line of crap. I’m glad I found this blog and will be paying close attention.

  32. This town is HELL on earth. I’ve seen people like Prinnie , taken into custody, jailed WITHOUT CHARGES just for posting on blogs. I’ve talked to politicians secretaries who tried to expose the corruption here, who then had bogus charges thrown against them shut up, they either had to take their websites down or spend $80K for an attorney trying to fight charges in a corrupt legal arena. We even had one school superintendant whom faced criminal charges because he tried to start a group to get our water rates dropped! And what many are affraid to talk about is our Sheriff whom had charges brought against him years ago by the feds and he beat the charges. These people in steubenville have connections with judges all the way up to the highest levels in Ohio. They have connections to Las Vegas. They even have documented connections to John Gotti. This is not exageration, it can all be documented with a few google searches. Please help bring light to this area, atleast to the point where people are not scared to talk. Without fear of being jaied, or your business shut down by some local inspector who’s a relative doing favors for a politician.

  33. The first thing I thought of as I began to read the NYT article was, here’s another Glen Ridge case. I lived in GR in 1992. This happens all over, junior highs, high schools, colleges, the military ….. Those of us that are pre-Internet generation are well familar with cases like this – we call them “Jodie Foster” cases.

    Women have long been the spoils of war since the ancient days of Troy (Helen and her daughters). Women continue to be victimized and society and law enforcement and society allows it.

    A sister raped by two superiors while at AIC training. A friend raped in professional school by a roommate’s boyfriend that made disparaging remarks about him. Two roommates raped at college dorm/house parties by strangers. My own husband thinking he could help himself, more than once, when I was taking Ambien and could not consent — and the lead detective of the sexual assault unit of the County (NJ) Prosecutor’s Office treated me like garbage. Despite incriminating evidence, my ex was allowed to walk. Women in the Peace Corps, women that are supposed to be protected by peacekeeping forces, drugged out women in mental hospitals pimped out by the guards after they were done with them (Fannie Farmer case) and then lobotimized.

    This is only the tip of the iceberg and what comes to immediate mind. It isn’t going to change, until society changes, and law enforcement culture changes. Most rapes and sexual assaults go unreported because who wants to be victimized a second (cops), third (courts) and fourth (victim’s services) time? I only reported mine at the insistence of my lawyer during the divorce; one that I wanted to be quick, clean, cheap and fair. NEVER AGAIN. I have more PTSD from how law enforcement handled the case, than what he did to me. Some police officers are good, but too many are not. If men are given a free pass at women, then women should be allowed a free pass at whatever they choose to do, legal or not, to their assailants.

    It’s Christmas. I want to think about better things and the good in people.

  34. My other thought when reading the first page of the NYT article — a volunteer football coach sponsoring and allowing underage drinking! What was he charged with, if at all. The drinking age is now 21, not 18 like when I was in high school.

    • There are two stories: (1) he was upstairs (2) he came home and found the party and made them leave. Not sure what is true of the two but that the party was broken up and people went elsewhere.

      • @prinnie I believe the assistant coach can still be held responsible because it was said that kids were bringing beer even if he wasn’t there he was responsible just like parents are responsible for their children no matter where they are

        • It seems like there are a lot of kids who are partying and the parents are just turning a blind eye to it. Just like some athletes having the key to the coach’s house to use the pool when he isn’t home. It’s just very odd behavior to me and cements the perceived notion that student athletes are glorified there.

  35. With the Anonymnous Hackster people involved, this does NOT bode well for the people involved in the ” alleged ” cover up from the kids present to the county prosecutor.. According to the hackster’s, they hacked into THE Big Red top blogger’s site ( rollredroll ) and lifted nude and other photos of the girl from the alleged incident. If this is so, does this constitute as ” Child Porn ” in the eyes of the Law? does Media Juris Prudence protect the blogger from hacking? So many questions.

  36. For anyone out there felt need to blame the victim. All I can say is: Have you ever attended a news years eve party? Went to bar or friends house and left? Lets say your COMPLETELY SOBER. Yet on the way home u are hit by a drunk driver. You live but ur hurt, paralyzed, emotionally scared for life of the horrific accident you had just experienced. What if this did happen to you and in this horrible incident the police look you and say sorry but there’s nothing we can do. You put yourself in the situation to be paralyzed by a drunk driver by driving down the road on news years eve. Well news to you it doesn’t happen like that. Although that is exactly how this young girl is being treated by you accusing her. She is a victim! Justice needs served!

  37. I live in a smaller city about 20 miles south of Steubenville. I don’t want to minimize at all the sexual assault of the underage female, but there is one thing that keeps coming to mind.

    I understand the football coach didn’t immediately bench those who participated because he “doesn’t do” the internet, and because those players said they didn’t do anything wrong. Ok, whatever, Coach. What should have raised alarm bells in his mind and could have been very easily proven is that his players were also consuming alcohol at parties. That alone would be grounds to be dismissed from athletic activities in my city, and the offenders would likely be forced into outpatient invention programs if they ever wanted to participate in sports again. See, we have a zero tolerance policy. I can’t believe that Steubenville doesn’t have such a policy as well.

    So I really have no doubt that the coaching staff absolutely did turn a blind eye to all of it. And the school administration does….nothing.

    • Exactly, Dawn. Most schools such as yours have a strict code of conduct for their athletes that outlines expected standards of behavior and consequences if those standards are breeched. I’m pretty sure that people have recently tried getting their hands on the Code of Conduct for SHS, but they can’t. This is very odd. I think it’s because they either don’t have one or they have disregarded it for so long that they don’t want the public to see how many times they have turned a shy eye to bad behavior.

      It is PAINFULLY obvious that Big Red is going to protect the “success” of their athletic programming by any means possible. Maybe they should exercize a little of that “integrity” that they like to talk about and just admit it.

      • Jane,

        I don’t know how a school district could *not* have a code of conduct for students and athletics in place, considering that almost all schools in this area not only have zero tolerance policies but also have implemented mandatory drug testing of athletes. My kids’ schools send home the student handbook at the beginning of the school year and it encompasses anything to do with the school and sanctioned activities. Parents and student have to sign and return the last page signifying that we’ve read and understand it. My oldest son tells me that sometime after ’07 a separate code of conduct was implemented for high school athletics. I bet I could walk into the school anytime and get a copy.

        • I would love to have a copy of the Code of Conduct. I don’t understand why it isn’t on the school’s official site. I guess like Reno they also “don’t do the internet”. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: That was *sarcasm*.

  38. i absolutely hate coverups==hate the corruptions–hate the good ole boys clubs—how do we let these people get this power..all accused are being made out to be “good boys” well characters well their little heads were doing the thinking for their big heads…and shame on the girl’s frieds for leaving her or not allowing her to go and for not ostrasizing her…she did not ask for this horrible treatment and my wish for her and her family is that they get justice served and that she can once again begin to hold her head up..she comes from a wonderful family and has lots of support from all over…

  39. i have a couple quick questions..i read the whole ny times article and some things just dont add up. i spent hrs following this case on your site and was surprised by a couple things. Why when contacted by the ny times prinnie you didnt want to be interviewed. Why? When i was on here there was a woman named mammabear who claimed she was close to the victim and she was full of bad information after bad information. If all this is for the victim why the need to add more confusion with the lies. i agree with the need for justice for the victim and i hope it comes but i hope the conclusion i came up with was based on alot of mammbears comments.

    • I did not offer comment because of the lawsuit filed against me – that is why my attorney spoke on my behalf. I can’t answer for others obviously. Hope that helps.

  40. i had some very strong feelings even moved to tears by mammabear and was shocked at what i read in the times article the things she claimed to know from the family simply wasnt true. The victim showered b4 going to the hospital the tox screening happened days after the rape. It made some sense to why some of these other criminals not been arrested. i understand why you didnt comment now. Its crazy how all of this has played out you really shed some light on all this for the whole country. Now this hacker came in. seems the law suit brought this all full circle KARMAS A BITCH. keep up your good work for this girl your truly making waves nationally

    • I said she was taken to the hospital and a rape kit was done. I said a tox screen was done, I gave no time table. It amazes me how things r twisted to point blame I am responsible for what I posted NOT for what you read. I am done defending myself. I wrote what was told to me. Was I there when she went to the hospital. NO. Never claimed to be. Did I ask her if she showered before going. No I did not. I gave you all the side of the story I had been told to be true and what you did with it after that was up to you. Really regretting every returning. Thank you all for everything you have done to help us. Goodnight Chicago!

  41. I predicted this ” Opening Can Of Worms ” when Saltsman came out suing the bloggers. Now, even Hollyweird celebrities are getting involved. We NEED to mount pressure on Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine and the Feds to investigate Hanlin, Abdalla, and Sacoccia. The ONLY way to clean Jefferson County is an enema from outside and total transparency. Until people vote OUT the Democratic Party which is no more than a criminal front for corruption, will we see the county rebound in jobs coming and not the reputation of being shaken down. Let’s start a petition to the Federal Prosecutor and Dewine NOW!

    • Political party affiliation has nothing to do with ANYTHING. Corruption/cronyism is not specific to one party or level of government, business, etc.

  42. I am not victim blaming at all, but I hope that everyone on here learns a valuable lesson. This case is not open and shut. There are many twists and turns in this case and no one is 100% sure a rape actually took place. What comments these boys posted was no doubt morally wrong,but the incriminating evidence doesn’t seem to b there. Now we seem to have a group threatening to ruin the lives of the teachers,faculty,and coaches. Is that what justice is?

  43. @ Don’tjudge … aka Mrs. Saltsman or one of the other football players’ moms or Reno Paterno.

    The girl was raped
    She was dragged around
    Pissed and defecated on
    Publiclly humiliated by many kids

    There has been no justice. I hope you get yours.

    George Hung

    • Yes, the girl was raped but now we are learning there was no actual penetration (but it is still rape what they did) and there should still be outrage. The defecation part?? Do you have proof of that or hersay?

      What I have learned form the boys testimony so far is the details of the incident is not as salacious as the rumors where.

      Don’t get me wrong,this was terrible what happened to the victim but there was also a ton of misleading info posted about this case.

  44. State officials should put a fence around Jefferson County. The nepotism alone is enough to put the whole bunch in Federal Prison. Also need to clean house in the school system. Is it me or are the Democrats always the most corrupt…research Cuyahoga County and Commissioner Jimmy Dimora….I sense a trend….

    • It’s you, or rather it’s where you live. If it’s a Democrat-controlled area like Steubenville or Cleveland, the corruption is probably Democratic. In other places the Republicans control the graft.

      In Illinois we’ve lived through successive corrupt regimes in the statehouse, with each party taking its turn–Blagojevich (D), Ryan (R), Kerner (D)…it’s a long list all the way back to Lennington Small (R) in the 20s, who was indicted for embezzlement, acquitted, then several of the jurors mysteriously found their way into state jobs.

      Corruption’s a bipartisan sport.

  45. Pingback: - #OccupySteubenville | #OccupySteubenville

  46. Trailhiker, The girl was RAPED. She WAS penetrated. In the car when they were taking her from one party to the next, one of the boys had his fingers inside her while another one recorded them. I personally saw pictures from that night and unfortunatly, I dont ever think I will forget what I saw. One picture showed her covered in urine and semen. So this is not hear-say. This is the TRUTH!

    • This has happened here before and I’m not falling for it so please stop. Let’s stick to the facts that have been reported via the testimonies before Prinnie gets sued for crazies like yourself that want everyone to think they are an insider. A true insider wouldn’t be spilling such stuff on an online forum. Just sayin. Don’t try and lead the newbies here to that wacky place again. I will not stand for it, this is Prinnie’s house, go back and read the rules of posting.

  47. TheyMustPay~ I hope that you have been in contact with the proper authorities. They should know about the pictures you describe as well as where those pictures originated.

  48. TheyMustPay, your language and form in posting are very reminiscent of another poster who claimed to have first-hand information. Please offer proof of what you are stating as truth so no one here is mislead and you are not questioned.

  49. I just wonder what would happen if the evidence proves she was conscious??? Because at this point everything is talk and people are getting out of control. They are threatening to ruin other people’s lives based on guesses of what happened.

    • She was still drunk and the boys were still wrong to take advantage of her.

      Cody Saltsman was still wrong to revel in the activities of the night by posting what he did on his twitter account.

      More people need to be charged with a crime, but Don’tjudge and people of his/her ilk who live in Steubenville will not allow justice to occur. (unless they think that Branko Brusick and his case represented justice……)

      What a sick, little, football obsessed town Steubenville is.

      I am all for high school sports, just not at the expense of morality, ethics, and LAWS!

      • I do not care about a town or a team… I’m just stating the obvious that none of this is fact based. Yes their tweets are beyond immoral and yes whoever this Cody is should not have uploaded any pictures. But as far as I can tell, that’s what he did. Not plan out an entire evening for some crazy revenge on his ex. If that is true, I stand amazed and dumbfounded at our youth…

        • Trial is over a month away. There hasn’t been full testimony/cross examination yet. Unless a person was there & witnessed/participated in what did/didn’t happen, how can they KNOW what is “fact based” or “the obvious”?
          Age of consent in Ohio is 16 BUT valid consent has 3 elements (paraphrased): 1. disclosure of pertinent info in order to make an informed/autonomous decision; 2. capacity to understand the info & make a reasonable decision & 3. voluntary consent (no coercion/influence/manipulation).

          Morally/legally I don’t see how/why it matters if she got drunk on her own first or was drugged later. She was either unconscious or impaired from alcohol or drugs & unable to give valid/voluntary consent. Why admit wrong, issue an apology & legally clear those sued for defamation if factual evidence doesn’t exist? I think evidence so far shows, poor judgement and/or illegal activity by MANY. Once ALL the evidence/testimony comes out at trial, we’ll see if that changes/strengthens public opinion. I don’t see how there was valid/voluntary consent though.

          When I first read about the program, it seemed they’d been a powerhouse for decades. In 112 years, half the coaches have losing records & all but 4 coached more than 5 years. Saccoccia coached 30 years (he’ll resign Monday, if I read correctly) & only 10-15 of his players went to a major Div. 1 football school. A couple dozen played for good programs in other divisions. 1 was in the NFL (2-3 in Arena football or Canada). They made the playoffs all but 7 years & won 3 state titles. Yes, a strong team for years BUT several schools have more titles.I don’t see them being so elite that ANY athlete/parent would want to support or be associated with these coaches or this program with what I’ve read.

      • Yes I have, but I also know that the paper put in parts of the testimony that depicted what they wanted it to. Not the entire testimony and not everything they said. That’s why this entire case has turned me away from any news channel or paper. The lies and biases are indescribable. I will never look at news stories the same again.

    • I read this earlier today.

      Steubenville represents all that is wrong with small towns.

      Now, there are plenty of small towns that can be fine, but Steubenville…….not one of them.

      I was at a loss for words too, but the reporter wrote a book about the football program and is tight with Reno, so consider the source.

      They have each other’s back through and through.

      No additional charges will get filed, but they should be.

      Soon, Cody Saltsman will be a hero again much like Branko Brusick (MMA fighter from STEUBENVILLE!)

  50. As I read some of these comments from certain people be very respectful of this girl because I was the rape victim of five wheeling Jesuit players. you guys are adults this girl was raped and best friends of the alleged rapist said they video tapes the fingering and saw semen andpiss on her. and the pictures I’ve seen shown her lifeless almost body being dragged around. have respect please

    • Totally agree with your post. Sadly, we have learned that to the powerful in Steubenville, having a winning football team is more important than what happened to that poor girl on that night.

      Disgraceful on the part of the football players, especially Cody Saltsman.

      Disgraceful on the part of the adminstration, teachers, coaches, and parents who continue to cover it all up.

    • Anonymous, I am so sorry that you too have been sexually abused so horrific.. please take good care of YOU, and know that you are not alone. You are right, this young girl needs our respect and compassion.

      Judy Jones, SNAP Midwest Associate Director, USA, 636-433-2511.,
      “SNAP (The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) Despite the word priest, we have members of abuse by nuns, rabbis, bishops, teachers, ministers, in orphanages, summer camps, athletic programs, Boy Scouts, etc.

    • Kudos to Steubenville’s adminstrators for taking a harsh line against rape and being accomplices to rape.

      That’s the kind of backbone more schools need.

      (sarcasm just in case it was missed)

    • Unbelievable…some suspension from activities huh? Guess there are exceptions for other sports teams besides football. No announcement regarding putting them back on the team?

    • “A student by the name of Evan Westlake taped this video. Fellow students Shawn McGee, Niko Murray and Anthony Craig also appear in the video in the background with both Murray and McGee not happy with the topic and pissed at Mays”. are they not listed because they were not happy with the scum? In my opinion they are just as guilty for holding back information! Just saying….

  51. From talking to someone that works directly with the courts . they said that they will prob get off with NO jail time and just probation till 21 or home confinement. They were unable to find anything worth credibility on the phones. Before the story hit the news. 2-3 of the boys went to J.H. along with her son (allegedly) she gave them immunity from prosecution. (allegedly). she then stepped down. From what I gather if the feds get involved they can throw the immunity out the window. (this is pure speculation) …….(WINK).!!!

  52. I was sexually assaulted in Jefferson county 2 years and that court system is a joke. I was quite intoxicated the night it happened and I was 100% honest about it and even though I had 3 witnesses, they treated it like it was a joke. The prosecutor didn’t even call me to tell me my case was thrown out. Doesn’t help that the person who tried to rape me while I was passed out works for the nephew of the Jefferson county sheriff. I hope those boys get what they deserve but I speak from personal experience when I say that I wouldn’t be surprised if they get away with it.

    • Hopeful, I am so sorry and you are not alone. I am receiving emails daily from women/girls in that town who have been sexually assaulted and are afraid of going to LE.

      • Prinnie
        I graduated 30 some years ago and these assaults were happening back then. I knew a girl who was raped by 2 athletes in my local Ohio valley High school and NOTHING was done was about it. We all knew what happened but it was her word against theirs at the time and the boys had family clout. Same old same old..sadly.

    • Hopeful, you are very brave, and we hope that you know that there is hope, help, and a chance for healing..

      We are with you and any others who have been harmed so horrific.. Stay cool.and take good care of YOU…..ok?

      Judy Jones, SNAP Midwest Associate Director, USA, 636-433-2511.,
      “SNAP (The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) is the world’s oldest and largest support group for clergy abuse victims. SNAP was founded in 1988 and has more than 12,000 members. Despite the word priest in our title, we have members who were molested by religious figures of all denominations, including nuns, rabbis, bishops, teachers, Protestant ministers and increasingly, victims who were assaulted in a wide range of institutional settings like orphanages, summer camps, athletic programs, Boy Scouts, etc.”

      • Thank you all for the kind words. I was terrified for a long time. All of our court documents had my address on them so I slept with my husbands gun on my headboard. This incident happened 8days before my wedding. I was having my bachlorette party at a campground in wellsville that I shared with my family for 20 years and spent 8 years there with my now husband. The campground is owned by Sam Abdalla Jr It was his camp manager that did that to me and even though Sam had received previous complaints about his man doing inappropriate sexual acts involving 2 14 year old girls, we were told to leave and banned.That man is still the manager there. I am no longer afraid of that man. I am angry and fearful for the families who camp and bring their children there. He spent a few hours in jail. I had nightmares for months. The way my case was treated sickens me. I believe there is a lot of corruption in Jefferson county and everyone willing to speak up for this girl and shine some light on the situation has my utmost respect. Its hard to hold your head up when someone knocks you down like that.

    • Hopeful, I am so very sorry to hear of you and Anonymous’s devastating experiences. My thoughts and prayers are to all of you and hopefully the attention on this case will save the lives of more victims. Lean on each other and hopefully together we can all put a stop to this not only within the community but everywhere that this is not okay. Thank you for being so brave to come on here and share your experiences. My heart goes out to all the victims past and present. This has to stop.

  53. Immunity, once granted, can only be withdrawn under fairly specific circumstances, all of which involve some sort of dishonesty on the part of the witness. It can’t be withdrawn just because the prosecutor overstepped his/her authority.

    It ought to be clear why this would be the case–the “oops, sorry, thanks for the testimony but we tricked you” ploy would be in the everyday arsenal of every dishonest prosecutor out there.

    These deals typically only offer immunity as respects certain charges and a county prosecutor wouldn’t ordinarily offer immunity on charges falling outside his/her jurisdiction…but if it happened the feds couldn’t just throw that grant out the window.

  54. at theymustpay…you sound like you have a lot of information—what have you done about it are you man or woman enough to go forward with the truth or will you just hide on this blog i would hope to get this mess settled people would come forward i would want my child to come forward i would demand it i have been reading prinnie since the first occurances and am appalled at what everyone knows or seems to know please help this girl put this to rest help the police and the tell truth there is blame being thrown everywhere from partiers to friends to coaches SOMEONE OUT THERE KNOWS shame on you parents friends relatives who know and protect

    • I don’t believe Stedmund was ever one of anyones boys….Pretty sure he didn’t play any sports, or if he did, he didn’t last very long on any teams…In all actuality, he should not have been out of prison in the first place….

    • Please be aware that there are some erroneous allegations on the above blog (localleaks). Don’t know where they are getting their info, but we all must be careful not to accept everything written as gospel until it can legally be proven.

      • Just my opinion, but we all came here to help bring justice to the young victim…however, it seems there has become a witch hunt for anyone and everyone that has ever done anything in Steubenville….I agree with ureapwhatusow…there are a lot of erroneous allegations on the “locallinks” site. Everyone should focus on the important here! Hoping the two in jail do not get light sentences and they others involved are brought to justice! And hoping one of the shitbags that participated will man up and come forward and tell the truth to what happened!

        • Thanks Pete. But I’m confused. Am I seeing things or are there 2 Pete Basil’s??? I see 2 different icons next to your name in 2 different posts. I was worried someone may be impersonating you?

          • There’s only one… I had a typo putting in my email as saw that too… Assume that is what happened. The correct icon came up when I corrected my email.

      • I agree with ureapwhatusow….the “localleaks” site has a lot of erroneous allegations….as for Stedmund, he was never one of anyones boys…he didn’t play sports in high school..unless you call running from the police a sport…and if he did play he didn’t last long on any teams…he actually should have never been let out of prison…not sure what kind of deal they made with his attorney…so as for him being wanted now has nothing to do with the issues at hand!

        • I agree there are a few misleading things on that page. The photo of the girl in the blue shorts is not the victim. Look at the two photo’s. The victim is wearing jean shorts and a beige top. The other photo is a person wearing lighter blue shorts and a grey tee shirt. Also, the picture with the lighter blue shorts did not come from Cody Saltsman. It came from cbills25 Twitter account!


          Just because he has Cody in his name, doesn’t make him Cody Saltsman. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad they are bringing attention to this case. I just wish some would be more careful and not post things that are not true.

          • Also, look at the date on the pic of the light blue shorts, it says 6 Aug 11. Don’t know who uncovered that one, but they should check their facts before adding fuel to the fire!

        • Can you maybe hint to what info. may not be accurate? I don’t want to believe or think something that may not be the truth. Don’t want to be a Doe statistic again!! TY.

          • I know for a fact the football players are NOT isolated to take their tests. That’s just 1 inconsistency. Do I think they cheat and teachers look the other way? Yep, but I can’t prove it. The only thing I can do is listen to the kids talk when they are here at the house.

            What blew my mind was finding out BR graduates kids who read at a 4th grade level, yet brag they have the best academic record in the state. Yeah, right. Can’t prove that either. I have heard of 1 football player who got like a 10 or 12 (can’t remember exactly) on his ACT, yet received around 7 football scholarships and a full football ride to a private college. Fair? No. But it happens, and routinely at that!

        • Pete, I can’t get this reply to post under your name, but I am glad to learn your name hasn’t been highjacked. One just never knows anymore!! 😉

    • Beyond disturbing and one wonders why Mr. Nodianos didn’t testify? He seems to want to be center stage in the midst of this tragedy.

      • I’ve been wondering that too, since McCafferty acknowledges that he saw this in August and it seems that Nodianos was brought in for questioning then. So far I’ve come up with two possibilities, assuming that part of the investigation was on the up and up:

        1. Maybe they didn’t have a firm-enough charge to use to bargain for his testimony? With the others they’ve got a possible accessory in the car’s driver, or they’ve got possible pornography charges with the pictures and videos. All they’ve got here are ugly tweets and this video, which, however disturbing, isn’t pornographic.

        2. Or maybe when they interviewed him they found out his testimony would be hearsay and thus inadmissible.

        I’m leaning towards #2, because I had the same reaction to this video you did. He seems to want, badly, to have been at the center of this; it’s almost as if he filmed the video to imagine that he was. He could very easily be recounting what he’s heard from others; maybe all they could get from him that’s useable is to be pointed in the direction of some actual witnesses.

        (Not that I think he was making it up–the reaction from the others in the room makes it pretty clear he’s got most if not all of it right.)

        All speculation, of course.

        • Right, but if you listen to the video – from what it sounds like she was RAPED at that party. They said “they raped her”. They hadn’t gone to MC’s home yet – so did a rape happen at JH’s?

          • When Michael Nodianos was sitting in the chair, did anyone notice the gun on the floor net to the chair? As for a rape at JH’s house, considering Trent Mays tweet,

            Trent Mays
            Party at jake howarths!!!! Huge party!!! Banger!!!!
            9:25 PM – 11 Aug 12 ·

            I would say yes a rape happened at JH house too

  55. Just watched this…I’m speechless! Does anyone notice that he talks about this being better than the last rape at palouza(sp?). Not sure what that is:/. Been away from this town for 28 years and just seeing this is appalling! Why are these kids not in jail?

    • I think the fight happened at Lollapalooza, a blowout concert of different groups held at the old Star Lake (not sure what it’s called now) up in Burgettestown, PA.

      I have been hoping all along that somehow this kid would be held accountable for his awful tweets way back in Aug. And now, the video. IMO, he is the worst of the bunch that haven’t been charged with anything. The 5:00 a.m. WTOV9 news said a reporter had gone to the house of the kid in the video twice, but there was no lights on, nor did anyone come to the door, either time. Once around 3 p.m and once around 8-ish p.m.

      I hope people keep the heat on, b/c if anyone deserves the stress, it’s HIM!! Not to mention it would be the cherry on top if he would be found guilty of something, anything. Just so there’s some justice for the victim!! I hope she knows there are so many people fighting for her. It may bring her some solace!!

  56. So sorry to all who have been a part of all of this abuse. I was raped also at knife point as was my daughter who was 11 at the time. It is an absolute horrific experience. This video that I just watched was so painful in that these people are making fun of rape. But they are admitting that it is rape so I don’t understand how this judge can choose to try them
    as juveniles

    • Jeanne711, I’m so sorry to hear your story of the horrible ordeal you and your little girl experienced. I do agree with you that rape is no laughing matter. The lack of empathy and sensitivity by these men for another human is disheartening and repulsive. I can’t understand why someone doesn’t come forward and speak on behalf of this young victim.

    • IA with you JD#13. It breaks my heart to read what Jeanne711 wrote, not only for her, but an 11 yr old little girl? I can’t even begin to imagine how horrific that experience was for each of the victims. There really are no words to express how horrible I feel right now. Jeanne711, I can only hope and pray that you have sought counseling for you both, and that you have some semblance of a normal life. My prayers are not only with you, but they are with every brave woman who have come forward to share their story.

      • Thank you all for your kind words. It is a hard thing to get over and finally 27 years later I am getting the help I need. My daughter still struggles and I am trying to get her to understand that she needs more help than she received when she was 11. She just didn’t want to keep talking about it back then.

        I also hope that this child gets the therapy she needs. And believe me she needs to put all her fears, feelings, and thoughts on the table. Her parents also need to seek some therapy.
        When I read all of this day after day and realize that we are talking about the people who, we as senior citizens, are putting the handling of our country into their hands. These people are our future…God please help us all.

  57. Disgusting! And people aren’t provoked to react? How can anybody hold back?

    Seriously, what is wrong with this creep? Bet he made his parents proud!

    What vile sputum… what a worthless ton of human pus he is…. And I suppose that some people think we’re expected to sit on our hands and refrain from saying what we feel?

    Words unfortunately can’t capture what these boy’s truly deserve… neither will the courts… I had to stop and walk away from this video to regain my composure. Now I suppose this guy thinks he doesn’t need help.

    Hope his parents do something!

  58. I have a question that maybe someone can answer for me. If, by chance, these boys do get found guilty, will they have to report as sex offenders for the rest of their lives or will that go away when their juvie files are sealed. And will these files get sealed given the seriousness of this crime?

  59. Today Chief McCafferty said they have had this video since August …

    yet Abdalla says today was the first time he has seen it…

    Abdalla also says the only thing his office was involved in was retrieving 3 phones. OK so if that’s the case, then why is Abdalla doing the rounds on radio shows and news if his only job was to collect 3 phones? Why is he the one everyone is going to for answers if his office isn’t the office handling the case?

      • So happy to see that. Thanks for putting yourself out there to shine some more light on the situation. I really think the outcome of this case would be VERY different without the work you and the anons have done. Praying for justice. I think its coming.

      • I watched CNN this morning my friend and, you did an amazing interview. Thank You for all you do for this young girl. I have the utmost RESPECT for you and your AMAZING ATTORNEYS!!

    • Damn, I missed it live. I found it on the CNN site, but it seems it was cut short. Beautiful Prinnie, you were just awesome in the short clip. You damn well better believe there’s a shitload of people behind you, and now that the defamation case is gone, I think more and more people will come to your blog to have their voices heard!!!! I’m so proud of you for finally making it to the big time to show your detractors that you always spoke the truth in wanting justice for the victim. Did your lawyer speak? How long were you on??? So well done!

  60. Ohio does have a Juvenile Sex Offender registry, a similar yet modified version of the adult system.
    A brief summary of the juvenile registry:
    Tier I: 10 years/360 day check-in
    Tier II: 20 years/180 days check-in.
    Tier III: NOTE: Previously this Tier was Lifetime/90 day check-in. Last year the Supreme Court of Ohio ruled this unconstitutional; I’m not sure how this was modified.
    Note also, unlike the adult system, there is no public notification or accessible database. A juvenile CAN be a registered sex offender but if you search for registered offenders his name will NOT show on the list. Those registered as juveniles remain on the juvenile registry even after reaching the age of majority (18); they are NOT transferred to the adult registry.
    Further details of Ohio’s juvenile registration can be found at: (The SORN section provides comprehensive overview of Ohio’s system)

  61. Wall Street Journal decries the fact that in India just over a quarter of alleged rapists are convicted; in the US only 24% of alleged rapes even result in an arrest, never mind a conviction. This is the strange kind of reportage you tend to get on the issue:

    The brutal death of Damini has spurred Indian civil society to its feet, causing protest and unrest, bringing women and men into the streets, vocal in their demands for change. Sonia Gandhi has met the woman’s parents. The army and the states of Punjab and Haryana have cancelled new year’s celebrations. What happened in the US? In Steubenville, football-crazy townsfolk blamed the victim.

    Which country is more civilised?

  62. The boys who videotaped it did nothing and there are not many adolescents who understand that’s wrong being that they did not participate themselves. However, there’s not much evidence if no one testifies against the perpetrators because bragging about the rape does not indicate who was actually involved or if the rape even occurred being that there’s no evidence that she was drugged and too much different DNA inside her to ascertain the rapists. So, you either want them to walk or at least get the rapists!

    • Since when Jim, is ignorance of the law a defense to the commissioning of a crime?
      “The boys who videotaped it” – what’s the it?
      “Not many adolescents who understand that’s wrong” – you might have an argument if these were 10 year old boys or possessed the mentality of a 10 year old but they’re not.
      “too much different DNA inside her to ascertain the rapists” – this statement really takes the biscuit!
      If it were true that there was multiple DNA samples then every last one of the perpetrators can try and prove that whatever ‘contact’ they had was consensual. Hopefully the victim will have had HIV and STD tests and prophylactic treatments when she did eventually get to hospital.
      An reasonably intelligent human being can see, if the facts and timeline are correct as reported, that the poor girl was administered with something noxious, a dangerous drug of some sort. Every last one of the attendees at these parties and those that obtained whatever alcohol etc that was used/involved even the parents of these ‘people’ should be rounded up and charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Some body has to come in from outside of this community and shine some light as disinfectant on this cesspool. How on earth can the next generation be taught to understand morality and respect for each other if such heinous wrongdoing is not condemned unequivocally and appropriately punished?

  63. I don’t think I’ve seen any information regarding other girls or women either at the parties or aware of anything in between the parties. Was the situation that there were literally dozens of males aware of all this and no female in the vicinity at any time, except the victim? Yes, I’m asking because to some extent some females are complicit in rape culture, from my experience. It might be from intimidation, but if you recall female hazing and fighting videos that have caused scandal in the past, it seems very likely that some females would be cheering on rapists in situations like this. It’s very sad that female victims cannot expect support even from some other females. It’s essential we understand this is a human and societal problem, not just a male-against-female problem.

    • Oh there were females – one is present at around the 11:54 mark in the video. None of the girls at the other parties did anything to step in to help her when she was stated to be falling down intoxicated. There is SO MUCH MORE that has not been released yet. These girls who were present at the parties should be ashamed of themselves. When they have daughters of their own they will spend sleepless nights wondering if their child is safe and if her friends are going to help her if in need.

  64. I think the MOST disturbing aspects of this whole story – and it is a story with many disturbing aspects – are the adults involved. I mean take for example James Parks – the guy who runs The Big Red fan site. Anonymous hacks into his e-mail account and they find numerous pornographic photographs of girls (and I do mean girls) including what might possibly be photographs of female students from Steubenville High School!?! And this guy has NOT been questioned by the local “authorities”? Not only that, but he has the sheer nerve to threaten legal action against those who have exposed his corruption? The whole thing just stinks to high heaven. Out-of-control kids who have little or no conscience being managed by out-of-control adults who have little or no conscience. A recipe for pure evil. This thing needs to be shouted from the housetops.

    By the way, thought you might like to know that Glenn Beck has been giving the case coverage.

    • Doesn’t make sense, does it? There are SO many questions and I am THRILLED that people are asking.

      Thanks for the link. I’m laughing at your name – I wish you were commenting here when I got sued.

      • Nope. It doesn’t make sense at all. And it is BY FAR the most disturbing aspect of this case and the many other cases just like it around the country. If these are the adult authority figures that kids are receiving their guidance from, then our country is in BIG BIG BIG trouble.

        Look. I’m no prude and I’ve done my share of things that I regret. But as a parent I must say that I do NOT get these parents who apparently leave and allow their homes to be used as “Party Central” where all kinds of underage drinking and illegal drug use take place. I mean…seriously??? And it happens everywhere. I have a close friend (no one closer) who works at a private religious school. And he told me that on homecoming night, prom night, and various other big social occasions during the school year there are parents who open their homes to such parties…and it is widely known! If it’s happening at a private religious school, then it’s happening everywhere. The justification is (of course) that by doing so they give these kids a “safe place” to party since otherwise they would have to sneak off to the back woods and do it, which would be even more dangerous. But what that ignores is the fact that teenaged drinking is ILLEGAL and that adults who knowingly aid and abet those kinds of activity are guilty of criminal conspiracy.

        Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for what you are doing to shine a light on the seamy underbelly of a VERY dark world – the world of The Cult of Almighty Sports and the shady criminal activities which swirl in and around the fringes of that world. Bullying? Bah! People just don’t know the half of it.

        P.S. How about that Branko Busick eh? Model citizen. And that thug is just a typical product of the high school football programming…

  65. What Nodianos did was to shame and harass the girl online, isnt there a law against that? I really want Nodianos in jail with Bubba, and I want the interaction videod.

    Someone should set up this pig, pretend he is a friend, roofie him then we can video him squealing like a pig.

  66. Well that all went to shit quickly. Whoever is on the ground is losing control of this. The point is Justice, not a rape-victim small group session. “bite my own son’s penis off and watch him die slowly” ? Really? You guys are being infiltrated. You need to step up. Already they have you completely off-point.

    • Scott, it is ALL on-point. It is ALL related. Rape will affect a woman’s life for the REST of her life. It is not an “incident”, it does NOT go away. I wasn’t a victim of rape but my sister was and it has affected our entire lives. Never goes away completely. You really think a story like this isn’t going to cause strong emotions in people? My kids will never play with my sister’s kids and I will never know her husband – because she will never have either – and it is because she was raped at 9 years old and never got over it. So it you lack empathy for people – you should be the one to go away and not lecture other people as you obviously have no first hand knowledge of all the elements involved.

  67. All the “men” who did nothing to help the victim should use the blog name “Ima Coward” or “Hugh R.Gross” and get a vanity liscense plate “NOBAWLS”

  68. Thank you for bringing light to the story , as a rape survivor myself I know the horrors this girl will face down the road , remembering or not this whole ordeal will unfortunately have a large impact on her future. I pray that justice is served and that she doesn’t become a victim to the system.

  69. TO THE VICTIM: The dignity with which you and your family have shown thru this ordeal is honorable and noteworthy. And because of your bravery the message is reaching the masses and other young girls will be emboldened to confront their abusers. And perhaps in many cities and towns and college campuses around the world other victims will be spared. And just maybe many young men will pause to think about their own attitudes toward women. Maybe somewhere tonite a REAL man will stabd up and be as brave as you have been and prevent something from happening to another young lady. You are so much braver than you may even know at this time. Remenber that whatever verdict comes down in the criminal case two very important things: 1. It is not now and it never has been in any way your fault. 2. YOU have already won,just look around Steubenville. And in closing if I had a daughter it would be and is my hope that she will be as dignified and brave as you have been.

    • I wil second this with you Elliot! Very true and perfectly stated! If the victim is following and reading, this is the most true statement made….

    • Well stated, Elliot. I completely agree. I applaud this victim and her family for the way they have handled themselves throughout this entire ordeal. Grace, dignity, and honor, are a few words that come to mind when I think of them. I would like to add, this father is a fine example of a REAL man. Perhaps some of the young men in that area should take a lesson from this man, husband and father.

  70. My sister was taken and raped when she was 9 years old when she was walking to school. This is over 30 years ago now and she never recovered. She lives a peaceful life, takes care of elderly and sick people. She was never able to give up her fear of men. No boyfriend or husband ever. She loves her nieces and nephews but I believe her life would have been radically different had the rape never occurred. They never caught the rapist so he went on to live his normal life.

    • Thank you…I have yours as well. I’ll admit, at first, I was hesitant to comment, however, I am very happy to have become a part of such a great stand! More people should come forward and not be afraid to stand up for what is right, not only in this town but every town…

  71. I would like to commend both of you for your contributions. I have a great respect for what both of you say here. We’ve been through the storm and weathered it well, I believe.

  72. Cudos to Elliot!!! What you said was so true. We all need to take a small step back to reflect what all of this has been about since the beginning, and that is support for this victim and her family. What you posted Elliot was absolutely spot on and God Bless You for putting it out there for us to read. I know that sometimes I get so angry at all of the other bullcrap that I lose sight of the most important thing and that is supporting this child.

  73. “Jock-o-rama…vegetable! We’re under the thumb of the Beef Patrol…the future of America’s in their hands, watch it go over Niagara Falls..” – The Dead Kennedys.

    As if the perps of this crime and their idiot, enabling “coach” aren’t bad enough, we now have to hear from the moronic sports addicts who show up here to blame everyone (or specifically “liberals” and the ACLU) but the real culprits, all to save their almighty football team. “Rape Crew” needs to be spraypainted across every billboard where these fucking clowns play. The word “Rapist” needs to follow every one of Coach Jock-itch’s “boys” forever.

    Go Anonymous, I’m glad someone is doing the job that the Boss Hogg of Steubenville should have been doing in the first place.

  74. Jeanne711,
    Thank You so much. And all it would have taken that August night was just ONE person to step up and simply “Do The Right Thing”

    • Yep, that’s a fact. Only one person to stand up for what is right and yet no one could do that. That is a sad statement to people who are going to be the next generation of adults. It scares the heck out of me for sure.

      Elliot, I do have one question that maybe you can answer if you have heard anything on this issue. I want to know if the prosecutors are appealing the decision of trying these people as juvies. It seems to me that if the prosecution is doing its job then that appeal is a no brainer. If not then they aren’t prosecuting this case to the fullest extent.

  75. I am of the opinion Prosecution is not appealing that decision. That was a Judges decision and he explained in his ruling the basis for it. In short in the Juvenille Court when making decisions about sending cases to Adult Court two of the factors given the most weight are the prior criminal history of the Accused and whether the Judge feels they will be able to be rehabilitated.

  76. This big head sloppy coachshitstain has the gall to threaten a lady reporter she should call me next time to go with her ill strip his ass right their. What a evil town expose all these maggots.

  77. From what it appears this town has a bunch of losers making money off kids playing football and charging their parents and others to watch.what a bunch of losers and they grow up to be like coach sacocia attacking people who found out the truth. Real tough guy with kids and girls and i read hes in charge of juveniles thats how they got their.This needs to be exposed to congress,no one wants this poor raped girl justice this in america, lock these people up andmelt the key.

  78. “TO THE VICTIM: The dignity with which you and your family have shown thru this ordeal is honorable and noteworthy. ”

    If anything, that is an understatement. There have been offers to setup a fund which the victim can use to help pay for college, etc. She and her family have refused any such offers, and instead asked that money be donated to a local battered womens’ shelter. This kid and her family literally exude class from every pore.

    “And because of your bravery the message is reaching the masses and other young girls will be emboldened to confront their abusers. And perhaps in many cities and towns and college campuses around the world other victims will be spared. And just maybe many young men will pause to think about their own attitudes toward women. Maybe somewhere tonite a REAL man will stabd up and be as brave as you have been and prevent something from happening to another young lady. You are so much braver than you may even know at this time. Remenber that whatever verdict comes down in the criminal case two very important things: 1. It is not now and it never has been in any way your fault. 2. YOU have already won,just look around Steubenville. And in closing if I had a daughter it would be and is my hope that she will be as dignified and brave as you have been. ”

    Hear, hear! If I had a daughter, I could only hope that she could turn out like that.

  79. @jeanne711 – January 2, 2013 at 9:59 pm

    “… I was raped also at knife point as was my daughter who was 11 at the time. It is an absolute horrific experience.”

    I am truly sorry to hear that — to call it an absolute horrific experience is an understatement, if I ever heard one.

    “This video that I just watched was so painful in that these people are making fun of rape. But they are admitting that it is rape so I don’t understand how this judge can choose to try them as juveniles”

    I’m not usually shocked by very much, but this was too much, even for me. As far as them being tried as juveniles, my (non-lawyer) impression is that this decision is based on two factors: the age of the juveniles, and their potential for ‘rehabilitation’. Personally, I would have preferred to see them tried as adults. My understanding is that the maximum penalty they would face (and it is highly unlikely that they would receive this) would be juvenile detention until they reach 21 years of age.

    Many may not agree with me, but I feel a degree of collective punishment needs to be doled-out here. Although I am not religious, I seem to recall a Biblical verse which goes something like this: “Where a man’s treasure is, there will his heart be also.”

    In the case of Steubenville, their treasure is their precious football program. The best evidence of this can be found in the comments of coach Nate Hubbard who was quoted by the New York Times: “The rape was just an excuse, I think,” … “What else are you going to tell your parents when you come home drunk like that and after a night like that?” … “She had to make up something. Now people are trying to blow up our football program because of it.”

    Perhaps their football program could be cancelled for five years, or better yet, a generation.

    • I think many agree that some sort of collective punishment should have been handed down. Here is the Steubenville High School Code of Conduct — established September 2012. Character is mentioned. The behavior that night by EVERY SINGLE STUDENT who stood by and did nothing violated social norms. The fact that they were all silent in the days and weeks to come as far as voluntarily offering information about went down — should have landed all of them an extracurricular suspension who were on teams. Sorry, but IMO that would have put the message out there that this BS is not tolerated.

  80. Every school has a code of conduct and any violation will result in some kind of action. What makes these kids so special? Does it have to do with who they are or as much to do with who their parents are? Each teen has to be held accountable for their own behavior and the parents need to be held responsible for their children and their own behavior.

  81. @bpink February 2, 2013 at 10:54 pm

    “Every school has a code of conduct and any violation will result in some kind of action. What makes these kids so special? Does it have to do with who they are or as much to do with who their parents are? Each teen has to be held accountable for their own behavior and the parents need to be held responsible for their children and their own behavior”

    Eric Blair, perhaps better known by his pseudonym George Orwell said it best in his novella, Animal Farm: “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

    What is apropos here is that the original motto written by the animals was, “All animals are equal.” The addendum, “but some are more equal than others”, was added by the pigs. It would appear that the pigs are also in control of Steubenville.

  82. @prinnie February 2, 2013 at 8:24 pm

    “I think many agree that some sort of collective punishment should have been handed down. Here is the Steubenville High School Code of Conduct — established September 2012. Character is mentioned. The behavior that night by EVERY SINGLE STUDENT who stood by and did nothing violated social norms.”

    I guess it all depends on whose social norms you’re following. Sadly, in the case of Steubenville, it would appear that the prevailing social norm is that of Omerta.

    “The fact that they were all silent in the days and weeks to come as far as voluntarily offering information about went down — should have landed all of them an extracurricular suspension who were on teams. Sorry, but IMO that would have put the message out there that this BS is not tolerated.”

    It’s not just their silence — there is also the illegal consumption of alcohol. I strongly suspect that there is a double-standard operating there, whereby alcohol is tolerate, while cannabis or other illgal drugs are not.


    It’s a shame that you put this on DocStoc… they expect people who want to download the document to join-up and pay a subscription fee.

    For those of us not so inclined, here is the text of the Code of Conduct in full:

    File: IGDJ


    Participation by students in athletic competition is a privilege subject to Board policies and
    regulations. While the Board takes great pride in winning, it emphasizes and requires good
    sportsmanship and a positive mental attitude as prerequisites to participation.

    The Superintendent and administrative staff schedule frequent conferences with all physical
    education instructors, coaches and athletic directors to develop a constructive approach to physical
    education and athletics throughout the District and to maintain a program that is an educational

    Interscholastic athletic programs are subject to approval by the Board. The building principal is
    responsible for the administration of the interscholastic athletic program within his/her school. In
    discharging this responsibility, the principal consults with the athletic directors, coaches and
    physical education instructors on various aspects of the interscholastic athletic program. It is the
    responsibility of he principal and his/her staff to ensure the proper management of all athletic and
    physical education programs and the safety of students and the public.

    The Board may require that students pay reasonable fees to participate in interscholastic athletics.

    Coaches are required to complete all approved coursework as specified by the Ohio High School
    Athletic Association (OHSAA) and the Ohio Department of Education in order to qualify to serve
    as coaches.

    In the conduct of interscholastic athletic programs, the rules, regulations and limitations outlined
    by the OSHAA must be followed. It is the responsibility of the District’s voting delegate to
    OSHAA to advise the management team of all pending changes in OHSAA’s regulations.

    Eligibility requirements for participating in athletic programs must conform to regulations of the
    OHSAA. They include the requirements that a student have the written permission of his/her
    parent(s) and shall have been determined as physically fit for the chosen sport by a licensed

    All students participating in interscholastic athletics must be covered by insurance. This insurance
    may be available for purchase through the District. If parents choose not to purchase insurance
    provided by the District, the parent(s) must sign a waiver ensuring that private coverage is

    As character building is one of the major objectives of interscholastic athletics, the athlete assumes
    responsibility for regulating his/her personal life in such ways as to make him/her a worthy
    representative of his/her school.

    1 of 2

    File: IGDJ

    Any student may be suspended from an athletic team practice and competition for a period of time,
    designated by the principal, for infractions of school rules and regulations or fo rany other
    unacceptable conduct in or out of school.

    Students are ineligible for athletics for one year when they transfer from one district to another
    without changing residency. However, there are exceptions to the ineligibility provisions
    contained in the Ohio High School Athletic Association bylaws.

    Students in grades 7-12 enrolled in District-sponsored community schools are permitted to
    participate in the District’s interscholastic athletics program. The Board may require the
    community school student to enroll in and participate in no more than one academic course in the
    District as a condition to participation.

    Resident students attending STEM schools are also permitted to participate in the District’s
    interscholastic athletics program.

    Foreign exchange students not enrolled in a state-approved educational or exchange program must
    be legally adopted by a resident of the District in order to be eligible for athletics.

    [Adoption date: September 19,2012]

    LEGAL REFS.: ORC 2305.23; 2305.231
    3313.537; 3313.66l 3313.661; 3313.664
    OAC Chapter 3301-27

    CROSS REFS.: IGD, Cocurricular and Extracurricular Activities
    IGDK, Interscholastic Extracurricular Eligibility
    IKF, Graduation Requirements
    JGD, Student Suspension
    JGE, Student Expulsion
    JN, Student Fees, Fines and Charges
    Student Handbooks

    2 of 2

    Steubenville City School District, Steubenville, Ohio

  83. I still think the lack of action centers on mcvey statement noting, zero tolerance for any arrest by a player, equals immediate suspension from athletic activities. The season just about to start of timing. Imagine the effect it would have had?! After all there was ample evidence and witnesses to warrant plenty of probable cause to arrest at a minimum multiple players! Just saying.

  84. People keep watching this town and wondering if the adults and those in authority are every going to discipline their children or are they just going to let the kids make the rules and do as they please, even if it’s criminal, cruel, selfish and violent. I, for one, am shocked and saddened that parents in this town would rather see their children succeed in sports rather than succeed in life. Sad………

  85. Only just a little out of context, ma’am. He’s angry at a reporter who has repeatedly asked him a question to which he has given an answer (albeit, not a great one) multiple times.

    He’s well within his right not to suspend them. Their conduct was not detrimental to the operations of team. I don’t know the full rules and regulations (written or unwritten) regarding the circumstances in which a high school coach can suspend players from his team; is posting inflammatory (though without the context we have now large parts of it may have been interpreted as an attempt at humour) content on Instagram covered? Hhe himself has said he doesn’t use the internet/hasn’t seen the posts – though that’s something he ought to rectify.

    So yeah, out of context. Then again, you are a journalist, so it’s expected.

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