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Happy Holidays — 14 Comments

  1. Everyone should pop over to rollredroll.com, view the statement that was apparently left by Anonymous after they hacked the site, and have a VERY merry Christmas. 😀

  2. Aww there’s my girl. Merry Christmas Prinnie, Winnie and Wilson. Hope you all have a wonderful day! Thanks Prinnie for all the work you have done to bring justice to many crime victims and for taking care of your members by getting them the ACLU to represent them. Merry Christmas to all the members here at Prinniefied.

  3. Merry Xmas… Someday in the Holy Land…….. I hope yours and mine have their best holidays forever…. and have their parents be able to live and tell about it. Whinny hopes that means extra treats for her…!!!!!!.

  4. I admire you and respect all that you have done to bring this case to light. May God Bless and Keep you. Also, I saw you on cnn tonight and I am concerned that your location was identified. It was obvious to my husband and I, and I dont know if you are aware..you can contact me by email if you want and I will give you our phone number if you want to call.. Take care, Sincerely,

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