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On behalf of myself and the John Doe defendants, we are very pleased to announce that the defamation lawsuit filed against us has been dismissed with prejudice. Dismissals with prejudice mean that this case can never be refiled again and this lawsuit is officially over.  On December 20th, the plaintiffs approached us about settling this case, and we were quite happy to oblige.  Lawsuits are costly and very stressful, and this suit has taken a toll on all involved.  As part of the settlement  we did not pay any money; we did not agree to retract any statements, nor did we agree to stop covering the case or discussing it.

Cody Saltsman has asked to make a statement here to express his remorse for the photo and comments that he tweeted. It is also his desire and ours to clarify that we never had any evidence of his direct involvement in the subsequent events of that night.  While he may have been present at various parties that evening, there has been no evidence of his involvement in the rape, nor has he been charged with any such crime.  We are happy to post his statement; it is below.  We appreciate that Cody acknowledges that he was wrong to utilize social media for his part in this case and we believe that his remorse is genuine.  We recognize that some things written here may have created the impression that Cody was involved in the alleged rape, and we wish to clarify that we have no evidence of any such involvement, and it was always the position of this blog that the truth would come out in a court of law – granted the case was moved to an adult venue as juvenile proceedings are generally sealed. We will continue to cover this rape case and others; we will continue to report on corruption, favoritism, and cronyism regardless of where it occurs; and we will continue to rally against victim-blaming and misogyny.  While the lawsuit against us has been resolved, it is clear from recent news coverage that people in positions of power will continue to abuse that power at the expense of others.  By proposing to drop the lawsuit and make the statement below, Cody Saltsman has shown that perhaps he can – and we certainly hope he does – grow into a responsible, caring, and empathetic adult. His hometown certainly could use more empathetic and compassionate individuals who are willing to stand up and do the right thing.

This site was happy to provide a forum for locals in Steubenville to engage in important speech protected by the First Amendment, and will continue to do so.

Before I end this post, I want to say a HUGE thanks to my friends and supporters who utilized social media to place attention on the defamation suit, which in turn brought about the Pope Signal from Ken White at The response from First Amendment attorneys was amazing, and I was able to put together a fantastic legal team. Thank you so much to Thomas Haren, Jeffrey Nye and Marc Randazza for their assistance in defending this case. I also want to thank Paul Levy from Public Citizen for negotiating the dismissal of the four John Does, and to the ACLU for stepping in to make sure that anonymous speech online would be defended.


“I deeply regret my actions on the night of August 11, 2012. While I wasn’t at the home where the alleged assault took place, there is no doubt that I was wrong to post that picture from an earlier party and tweet those awful comments. Not a moment goes by that I don’t wish I would have never posted that picture or tweeted those comments. I want to sincerely apologize to the victim and her family for these actions. I also want to acknowledge the work of several bloggers, especially Ms. Goddard at, in their efforts to make sure the full truth about that terrible night eventually comes out. At no time did my family mean to stop anyone from expressing themselves online – we only wanted to correct what we believed were misstatements that appeared on Ms. Goddard’s blog. I am glad that we have resolved our differences with Ms. Goddard and that she and her contributors can continue their

work.” – Cody Saltsman


We are pleased this legal matter has been resolved and that our First Amendment rights remain protected. From its onset, we believed the real goal of the lawsuit was to discover the identity of anonymous posters and to intimidate current and future commenters from freely expressing their points of view on this controversial case.

Given the serious free speech implications of this suit, we enlisted the aid of the ACLU of Ohio—the oldest civil liberties group in the nation with a long history of defending Americans’ First Amendment rights.

With help from the ACLU, we have reached a settlement with the individuals who sought to silence us. They have agreed to dismiss their lawsuit in exchange for an opportunity to share their point of view here.

We believe this exchange of ideas is what should have happened from the beginning. Online blogs are a community where many different people express divergent views on important social issues and daily life. Instead of seeking to silence those of us who were expressing our opinions, those who were offended should have added their voice to the conversation. We look forward to continuing our discussions on many topics, and hope that others feel free to express their opinions without fear of retaliation.

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  1. Re: Saltzman:
    Congratulations. You scored a big one, not just for yourself but for those out there who will not be dragged into court due to the money that this family spent on a case that went nowhere.

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  3. Now let justice and truth prevail and ALL involved in either covering for or aiding in covering up get what is due them as well. Great job!!
    “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”C.S. Lewis

    Keep true to yourself…. lym

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  5. Thank you Prinnie for being that victim’s advocate, smart girl, persistant as get out. I’m proud of you!!! I also like the “with prejudice”! You go get em. You stand for the start of the internet of a crime fighting hero!!! Super Prinnie!!!!!! I’m so glad that those kind men stepped up to the plate to defend a First Amendment Case. That is the kid of people in a profession that keep our freedoms there for everybody.

  6. Here is the real deal, teh locals, mainly the local police, and lawyers don’t want the little corrupt town of Steubenville under the microscope. Stuff like judges taking peoples $, jailing people for no reason, jailing bloggers, contractors getting big contracts without being fairly bid on. Just latst week the commisioners were in the news complaining about how one person was making to much $ in unadvertised contracts, yet they were authorizing them. Steubenville wants this all to blow away, so they can keep harassing the other 99 percent of its citizens whom they know they can easily do if the heat is taken off teh area. And they can keep their buddies hands filled with $ in this scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours small area. Keep digging up the corruption in this area, you’ll be amazed.

  7. Awesome news! Congrats! I am so happy.

    Now it’s time to focus on that assistant coach that hosted the party. He’s a former player, as is his father and they need to be held accountable for their part.

  8. My thoughts? Saltsmans don’t want to lose their big $ they get as one of the premier “Maintence” companies in town just over this. Better to lose a battle im sure they think, than to risk all that easy $ they have coming in, being exclusive suppliers / contractors to the big shots and companies and schools in town. The city wants the heat TURNED off the City, that is what it is. They (the city) has jailed people before whom have attracted to much heat to the city.

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  10. If only Cody actually meant what he said and gave his full support behind the investigation, then maybe the wheels of justice would turn a bit faster. Ho hum.

  11. I do not feel sorry on the amount of money whatever it is that the Saltzmans spent. Perhaps a better educated attorney or one who realized he didn’t have jurisdiction might have been nice. Perhaps the Saltzman’s attorney would love to give back the retainer or trust account but I doubt that. Law is a dirty business. The whole thing was wrong in suing Prinnie from the first sentence. Saltzman did not score the big one… what a joke to even think so. Seems to me it’s still 3 strikes for Saltzman and a ball is hit by prinnie.. bases loaded and out of the park!!!!!

  12. This is wonderful news! Sad this couldn’t have been like this way from the beginning. It would have saved a lot of people a whole lot of grief and stress on both sides of the coin. Congratulations to everyone named in the suit. Glad to hear a resolution had been made prior to Christmas day so you were able to relax and enjoy the holidays without this hanging over you!

    Kuddos to Prinnie for standing her ground no matter what it cost her (friends, time, money, bullying etc). There are not many people willing to put their neck and name on the line for others in this world. Especially strangers. You stuck to your guns, protected the John Does and continued to fight for justice when many wouldn’t have! I have nothing but respect for you. You are a very special person and this time of year it’s nice to be reminded that there are good, brave, ethical, passionate people out there that want to see wrongs made right regardless if that means taking an unpopular road. I applaud you! What you’ve done and continue to do for the victim and her family in the name of justice has not gone unnoticed. The world is watching this town now because of you! You go girl! Between this news and the protest I feel confident Christmas will be remembered as a turning point in the case. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds from here. Who will come forward and what information they will provide now that people are not afraid to speak out about this situation!

  13. Congrats to Prinnie and all the does I was always a big supporter from the start. Always felt and spoke out about what was going on was wrong and I for one said many times lawsuit would be dropped.

  14. I am so glad that this has finally gone public. Personal thanks to Scott Greenwood and the ACLU for coming in and serving Blake his ass on a plate. Shawn…you should probably give the Saltman’s back any money that they paid you for legal counsel….but that’s JMO. Anyone that supported the filing of this case really needs to check themselves. That said, I am so angry with whoever mamabear was. Lying for sport is nasty business, mamabear! I think you need to check yourself as well.

      • I agree with both of you. I think Mr. Blake was a fool for taking this case when many of the comments chosen were obviously chosen out of emotion rather than any legal merit. I would also love to know who mammabear is. As a rape victim myself I was instantly drawn to this case and followed it very closely as I think is the same with many people who followed this case. I just think it’s unfortunate that someone would play off the emotions of a community that was rallying together to support a rape victim. While I’m not sure if Cody Saltsman is sorry for his role because he was caught or because his actions were morally deficient but either way I do honestly believe he is genuinely sorry that he posted that picture and said anything about the victim. My only hope is that now any future victims of rape will feel comfortable enough to come forward and all the boys involved in whatever way now realize that just because they are athletes that does not give them a free pass to break the law and victimize whom ever they choose. I’ve been saying this from the beginning and I’ll say it again, the school holds some culpability here, I hope they change their policy of putting these kind of issues solely in Reno’s hands and that any student involved in something like this should be immediately suspended from extra-curricular activities until such accusations are resolved. I think the students at SHS could really benefit from the school holding an in-service at the beginning of each school year explaining sexual assault, sexual harassment either in person or through the internet, and letting victims know where to go for help and who to turn to in confidence. I’m just glad this lawsuit is over so the attention to be directed towards getting justice for the victims.

        • Bear in mind – everyone who posts here has a right to be anonymous. I don’t care if I ever know anyone’s real identity. I made a decision to stay in the suit in order to protect identities because I felt anonymous speech was worth fighting for. I just want us all to take this experience, tuck it in our memory box, find something positive about it and move forward.

    • Yeah, valuable lesson on mamabear. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet by fellow posters and get caught up…take a deep breath before clicking “reply” . I know I was concerned I was one of the John Does #16-25 and had a nervous Christmas.

      That being said so glad Prinnie brought this info to the public eye and so glad everything has worked out for her and the rest of the Does.

      Keep it up Prinnie!!!

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  16. Although I was one of the first Does to be dismissed, I continued to follow in hopes that Prinnie and her attorneys would be able to get resolution for everyone involved. And that they were!!! Congratulations to everyone!! Prayers still going out to the victim and her family. IMO..I too am sadden by what looks to may have been misleading info. put out by mammabear. I’m not sadden because it wasn’t true what she was putting out there, I am sadden that many of us were under the impression that she was being completely honest in her posts.

    • I think that we should all be happy that the defamation case has been dismissed which allows us all to move forward. The rape case is far from being over and rather than hold grudges, lay blame or make accusations against anyone without absolute proof, I hope that everyone will use this opportunity to do good will. I don’t plan on looking back – it is counterproductive. There are other girls in that valley who need support and to know that it is okay to come forward.

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  18. Cody Saltsman has shown me some real character for a man so young. I admire his honesty and his remorse and many of us do things at times that we regret. I also admire his parents for wanting to protect their son but perhaps went about it the wrong way. Some of the John Does mayhave been forced to spend money on lawyers when they had not done anything illegal or defamatory. That was also not fair. Respect to you Cody Saltsman and to your family and most of all to the young real victim in this mess. Peace. John Doe #7

  19. Everything I posted at the time I believed to be true. I am very happy Cody has apologized, seen what he did was wrong and the suit was dropped, but I was more than willing to stand up in court ALONE and defend my words. I have been in close contact with Alex this whole time and have not ran and hid. I am very sorry for the stress this has put on everyone. I will continue to support “August” in every way that I can and will forever be grateful to Alex for all she has done for those that I love. I am quite shocked that you all want to blame me for it all, but if that is what you need to do so be it. Some of the conclusions I came to, based on the facts I had, came from all of you. Just one example, on this blog I learned from YOU that possibly his original cell was not obtained/destroyed. I was not the first to dub him “Cody Manson” (read through the court papers.) I NEVER said he was at the actual scene of the rape and actually corrected people who did say that. I NEVER called for street justice!!! (again, read the court docs) I wish no harm to anyone involved just legal responsibility. I am very close to this and emotions ran very high back in the early days of this. Still do at times, and I will never apologize for being angry with Cody’s actions or the rest of them involved. I hope he is genuine in his apology and from what I have seen I think he very much learned from this as have I, and thank him for his effort. I gave you no misleading information. You all asked what I knew and I told you everything I had been told from the family themselves and to this day would never question their honesty. You are responsible for your own words as am I…so again, if you wanna throw blame at me okay, but the real issue here is the victim!!!!! New developments with the anon group has given us closest to her new hope that real justice will be served, and that is all we ever wanted. I am very heartbroken that it seems more victims have come forward. Glad they have but sad that this has happened to them too. So, say what you want to me then move on to the real issue. She was raped and deserves justice. We have all been under undue stress because of this lawsuit. local media has covered it more than the rape and I think it is time to focus on the REAL issue once again. We wish you all well and thank you for all you have done for her. We all will never be able to thank you enough. Carry on.

    • Well said mammabear. We all just need to move on with our support for the precious victim. I know I sure would protect my child or a relative of mine who was going through this. I too, am taking Cody at his word. It takes a hell of a man and a hell of a woman to Apologize and he did just that. May God Bless the Victim

      • A lot has happened in these months dealing with the case and to me personally and I have honestly grown a lot and learned a lot because of it. I have gained friends and enemies I guess, but in the end she is and has always been all that matters. Healing is what I want for her. Everyday is a little better and God willing justice will be served. I also hope that now the world is watching kids will learn what is socially acceptable and what is not. That getting mad and calling someone a “whore” on the internet is never okay. Thank you maddgramma. I have felt very guilty that all of you were dragged into this because I spoke out, but I assure you my intentions were pure. Nothing I wrote was to breed hate. I needed a place to vent and found it here. I needed her voice to be heard and hope you all know that. I am very grateful to the ACLU for protecting all of our rights, and am very happy this part of this is over. The amount of support for her far out weighs the negative and you are all to thank for that. Onward and upward indeed. Happy Holidays everyone.

    • Sorry mammabear, you are correct. I do apologize for my above statement in regards to you. I felt real anguish for you and the victim and her family when we were blogging about it back then. I do hope that you and the family find peace and resolution. To Cody Saltsman Thank-You for doing the right thing in a tuff situation. May you heal as well. Again mammabear; I apologize.

  20. no apology needed! Believe me (and you can ask Prin herself) I have done A LOT of blaming myself for all of your stress and I hope you know that was NEVER my intention.

    • I do know you are very sincere and very passionate about this. I just felt like I needed to take responsibility for my remark. Much love and prayers to you and the family

    • Mamabear….. The ONLY thing we can agree on at this point is that the focus needs to stay on the victim. Other than that, I don’t beleive a word you say. I am not blaming you for the lawsuit. That would be obsurd. I am however stating that I think you are “truth challenged”, to put it in politically correct terms. I am entitled to post that opinion and do it anonymously. This is the last I will speak of it.

      • and as I said I came here stating what I believe to be the truth. Are you a sheep? I never asked you to believe me and your anger would be better served somewhere else. My opinion is as protected as yours and maybe taking responsibility for your own words would be a better plan. Stating that I “lied for sport” is ridiculous. Take your insults elsewhere I care not to hear them. Nothing I said was a lie IMO. Some emotion filled posts yes. Was I a little too close to it and perhaps should have just kept my mouth shut…yes….but I do not believe I have insulted you at all. Mature! Really! Focus on the victim. Focus on justice.

        • Save your words, Mamabear. There is a real victim and she is not you. We’ll all see in the trial and any upcoming civil suits if those things that you claimed to have seen for yourself actually exist or not. Enough said. I will not respond to any more of your verbal rants.

    • Mammabear,
      I guess a part of me blamed you in the beginning as well,I shouldn’t have and I’m sorry about that. You are not the only one that posted purported “facts” of the case. I know personally I saw a lot posted on I formed my opinion from what I saw on the screenshots and a multitude of people’s words. I don’t think it’s fair for anyone to point the finger at you or anyone else when the evidence was there for the world to see. The only guilty parties are those teen-aged boys and we shouldn’t forget the reason we came here in the first place; to get justice for the victims. We are all on the same side here fighting amongst ourselves will only diminish the fight against injustice. Please tell the victim and her family that they are in my prayers and that it may not seem like it now but it will get better in time. When I was in High School I was violently raped in my own home by a family friend. The emotional scars will always be there but you can overcome this to go on and live a happy healthy life.

      • Thank you A John Doe I am very sorry for all ur stress I was right there with you, and believe me I was angry with myself too! The family is very well aware of all the efforts to support the victim. I still have hope that good will overcome evil. All of you are to thank for the national spot light being brought here. And as for the OV site. I would like to address “tanner91” This law suit ended because both sides came to a very appropriate agreement. I have never admitted to lying about anything, and me knowing the family was not made up you silly troll. Believe what you want I really do not care what you think of me 🙂 I am here and have always been here for one reason. The victim. So how bout you lay off on the false info (one of the does/concernedmom123/ whoever) seems we have had this convo before many months ago. If I am such a liar plz do me a favor and forget I exist. FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS. The victim (s) are all that matter.

  21. I don’t think that Cody is truly sorry. The tweets from that night demonstrate a young man who has traits of pyschopathic behavior/sociopathic behavior. He still thinks he did nothing wrong.

    • I won’t pretend to know what he thinks or if he’s truly sorry or not, but the tweets from that night are from that night and don’t have much to say about how he feels now. A lot can happen, and has happened, in four months.

      I hope people can bear in mind that it’s possible for people to change. Lose that belief and there isn’t much to hope for.

    • Agree 100%. From what I read he planned to ruin this girl’s life. It sounds like he planned the entire thing but didn’t “commit the crime”. It’s a shame because Charles Manson never committed the “Manson Murders”, he just organized them. And he’s still at San Quentin. Cody needs serious psychological evaluation and treatment so as not to be a threat to society. From what I have read, the parents have done nothing but file a lawsuit which speaks volumes. It says ‘we don’t feel our son is accountable’. He seemed only too happy to post the photos. If I, a person sitting in a home in San Francisco, am appalled, I just hope this mean the rest of the WORLD is mortified.

      • #mammabear.. I think most kids know what is right and wrong.. and I think these boys knew what they were doing was wrong.. However, they dont seem to know they are responsible for their actions.. that there are consequences.. Even if they dont get charged as adults.. their names, their reputations stained forever.. will be compromised forever!!their futures are as badly affected as tkno

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  23. Way to go Prin. I always knew you would win this fight and always knew you would NEVER turn your back on your members. I hope the Saltsmans realize that they are very lucky they chose you to sue. Any other person would of turned around and Slapped back. The fact that you are not, just shows how much class you really have!

    • Agreed Booboo! and The Boz…..time to leave the kid alone! He has stepped forward more so than anyone else. Although I will NEVER agree with his actions in early August it is time to move on. He has to live with this now. Justice needs served in this county and healing. This is what matters. Whether he was forced to apologize or not….he did. Time to move on.

  24. Well, I am very pleased to see the defamation suit dismissed! as it should have been! However, Mr. Saltsmans appology is nice…if he really wants to make a statement and be an upstanding citizen and student athlete…then he should come forward and tell the story to the prosecutors. Tell what really happened. He may not have been there, but he tweeted and I’m sure he along with the rest of the people discussed it in school with each other….If not him, then someone should stand up and be the better person…the town is getting plenty of attention now and someone should come forward and help this victim! She deserves to have justice…She didn’t deserve to be treated the way she was treated!
    Next, the prosecutors need to do their jobs! The police did what they could do…it is all up to the prosecutors now if anyone else will ever be charged. Too many people involved took place in the attempted sweeping under the rug, or attempted covering up….it is evident that happened just by seeing people who were involved that were either granted immunity or just left alone. There are many more people guilty than just the two being charged.
    I’ve said it before….it’s time to be a parent, a teacher and authority figure not just a friend to these kids….they all apparently have not been raised properly to allow such a crime happen to a young female! Do The Right Thing….come forward and bring this case to rest! Allow the victim to reclaim her life and get on without the constant worry she was violated by people that are to never be punished!

  25. I agree with you 100% Pete it is time for just one person to take the lead and stand up for what is right. The REAL VICTIM didn’t ask for this to happen to her so I am asking for just one person to step up and give closure to this poor girl and her family so that they can move on with their lives. It takes a real man to speak the truth but it takes a town of cowards to hide the truth

  26. Congratulations Prinnie and all of the Does on the ending of this lawsuit! Prinnie, I admire your stance, and savvy, thru out this ordeal. You were able to negotiate to this end, protecting not only the Does but all your commenters. Thank you!!

    I’d just like to say thank you, also, to Cody Saltsman for his statement. I truly hope you meant every word in that statement.

    • It takes a real man to step up and give closure to this little girl and her family. Right you are John Bowers. Also the doubled edged sword of a town of cowards hiding behind the truth. The cowards are still out there and I hope things are not so funny anymore in Steubenville. As far as I’m concerned… Justice has not been served YET either. Lady Justice is still waiting. Not enough charges have been filed etc.

  27. This strikes me as a very sensible resolution; and my thanks to Alexandra Goddard for mentioning my bit role in the litigation.

    I also join her in saluting the ACLU’s role. Because i “give at the office,” there are precious few groups in the free speech space that get my donations, but I have been a “card-carrying member of the ACLU” for decades — indeed, a volunteer lawyer for my local ACLU chapter helped with a free speech problem that I had back when I was in high school, in the sixties.

    • Paul you are most welcome. I am forever grateful to you for stepping in and helping the four John Does who were initially dismissed. You are a stand up guy and I most definitely will be doing what I can to assist or volunteer with the ACLU. The thought of representing 10 Doe Defendants would have been a huge undertaking and there were there. I am very pleased with the outcome and have walked away from this experience with a positive feeling rather than ill will. Thanks again! You, my friend are a bad ass, too!

    • Thank you, Mr. Levy. I am personally very thankful for the help you gave to three others and myself. You truly are a wonderful man and powerful attorney. You rock!!! Congratulations to Prinnie and the remaining Does.

  28. Dude has more serious issues than me or what I think……..see below. I would NEVER have been as scummy as him or did what he did, but Crosspoint or whomever does not seem too pleased. Like I said, I would hate to be in his shoes, but never will be because I have morals, he does not. See below:

    Dear Cody Saltsman, What you did was really fucked up. To the point where you pissed Anonymous off. And that takes a lot. The night of August 11th will forever be stuck in your mind I’m sure. I read tweets from your friends ‘Party at howarths! Banger!!!” I bet you figured it was just going to be the normal party where you get drunk, pass out, wake p the next morning and go home. It turned out to be much more than just that. When your friends had her drunk and carrying her by the ankles and the wrists what were you thinking? You took a picture. How fucked up can it get? You knew the plans about raping her all along, its the truth. You apologized on Twitter, and I respect that, but she isn’t going to see it. Her family isn’t going to see it. I want to see you on TV apologizing. WTOV9, all local news stations. Call them, ask them to air your public apology. I want to see apology letters personally to the family. I want to see you in the newspaper. You gave your whole town a bad reputation by making bad choices that night. It’s really fucked up. You think raping a girl is funny? Apparently you did that night because you were taking pictures. It’s not funny, and never will be. So until I see you on TV, in newspapers, or personal letters to her and her family, You’re on my shit list. Go ahead, tell your mom to sue me, because apparently thats what she likes to do. But It’s all good. Ill always be #Anonymous. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

    By @Crosspoint

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  30. I think the main thing now is helping the girl who got raped to get the justice she deserves. One apology down but there are others out there that need to do the same.

    If one thing can come from this case, is that it will hopefully make people aware of what these kids today are doing to draw attention to themselves. How many other girls from schools all over the US have had to go through what this girls has gone through. And for what so these kids can get their face on YouTube.

  31. So basically, I could choose to act as scummy as possible, brag about it on twitter and then say “oops, my bad, sorry” and all is forgiven?

    Wow. Let the anarchy begin.

    • I think that’s why people are angry with the other kids who were there and tweeted or did nothing. Yes, it is scummy behavior and their parents should be ashamed that their child has a lack of empathy and compassion.

  32. Prinnie,

    You missed my point……

    Everyone is now kissing Cody Saltsman ass for “apologizing” (he was forced to and if you read it, it was typed by a lawyer in order to make sure he can’t be implicated in any criminal charge).

    My point is, the dude is a scumbag who at the very least delighted in the rape of his ex girlfriend by sending out tweets, pictures, and a video on

    But, hey, he said “sorry” so I guess it’s all good now.


    • I don’t see where anyone is kissing his ass. He made his bed – doesn’t mean we have to like it or agree with it. He and his family could have very well continued on with their suit. I was prepared to fight it to the end. My part in this case was never to dole out justice, but to ask critical questions of the powers that be as to why others were not charged, and to let people know that there were not just two athletes involved. I wanted to bring awareness to this case and am glad that the WORLD is watching and asking questions. Everyone is absolutely entitled to their opinions about it. I put my ass on the line to ensure that.

    • I have no doubts that Cody deeply regrets his actions that evening.

      Do I think that he probably plotted some revenge with his buddies and wanted to see his ex girlfriend look REALLY bad for some perceived slight? Yes.

      Do I think that he had any idea that what would really transpire that night would legally qualify as rape? No.

      This is a terrible situation and what offends me the most is Steubenville High School’s response to it…. a slap on the wrist for the boys that participated in the debauchery and the avoidance of any acknowledgement of wrongdoing. Shame on you Steubenville High School.

        • Agree, he got caught…he wouldn’t be apologizing and such if he hadn’t been tied into it. I hope this screws up his life for a decade and then he can become a better person. I have a son, he’s only 12, but I sure wouldn’t be filing lawsuits if he had the done the same as Cody. I would cart him off to military school somewhere. The parents, well, not gonna say what I feel…but there is parental failure here.

    • Where is everyone kissing his ass? Let’s face it, the only person who has the right to choose whether to accept his apology for filing this lawsuit is Prinnie and the only person who has the right to accept or decline his apology for taking that pic and posting it on the internet along with all the tweets, is the victim. Do I personally think his apology is sincere? Nope. I have my thoughts on why they decided to drop the suit but I won’t go into it on here out of respect to Prinnie. Just because we are happy for Prinnie and those listed in the defamation lawsuit, doesn’t mean we accept or even care about his apology. I am willing to bet it’s not high on the list to any of the defendants listed in the suit either.

        • Regardless of what I think, the fact is, the case was dismissed and that’s all that matters at this point. Now it is time to get some justice for the victim and to start looking into why it took 2 weeks for the prosecutor to recuse herself. Why are their conflicting stories as to WHO’s responsibility it was to not suspend players from the start of this case? Was it Coach Reno? The Principal? The Superintendent? WHO? Who covered it up? What role did Coach Reno and his position at the Juvenile and Probation Department play in those two boys being charged as juveniles, kidnap charges dropped, released on bond? Is the fact that Ma’lik Richmond’s foster parents work for the school department and on the school board play any role in what has happened thus far? Why have no other kids been arrested? Those who participated in the ONLINE rape of this girl. Those who took videos. pictures, etc and did nothing to help her.

          Instead of sitting here questioning apologies, how about we look at the real facts here? Let’s start to get some of these questions answered.

          • Don’t worry….ANONYMOUS is on the case. How do you think a dude like me found out? Questions will be answered whether the power brokers in Steubenville like it or not!

            ANONYMOUS does not mess around!!

    • Boz, I’m certainly not kissing anyone’s ass. Whether his attorney wrote that apology or not, it has his name on it. I thanked him for stepping forward to end this lawsuit and acknowledged his role that night. His statement will be attached to him ad infinitum. And as I stated, I do hope he meant those words, for himself and for the victim.

      We can speculate all we want about what’s in his mind. What we do have, in front of us right now, is his statement. I would rather celebrate the ending of the lawsuit that has silenced us from talking about the developments in the case for two months, you on the other hand would rather beat a dead horse.

      • Beat a dead horse…..true to a point.

        For most of us in America, we did not know anything about this until ANONYMOUS clued us in…..

        So, excuse us for wanting justice.

        An apology?

        Not exactly justice.

        • We all want justice for the victim, don’t get me wrong. But those of us locals that had the shit scared out of us because of the lawsuit are breathing a big sigh of relief for Prin, the named Does and all of the commenters here.

          And you’re right, an apology isn’t exactly justice, but it’s an ending of the defamation case. That’s the point I was trying to make. Welcome to the blog, 🙂

          • And I was worried about the commenters being exposed. They would have been publicly shamed and shunned, IMO. That’s just how things go there – you don’t talk out of turn.

          • I was petrified of my name being exposed, I’m not in a position to be taking these people on. I live here and therefor are under their jurisdiction. Joseph Koniski stood up to the powers that be here and look where it got him. I can’t tell you how many anxiety filled nights I sat awake thinking to myself I shouldn’t have said anything, I should of known they’d find a way to figure out who I am. I’m very grateful to the ACLU for stepping in and representing us does and to Anonymous for bringing this case to the Nation’s attention. Of course Cody’s apology was written up by a lawyer, and more than likely he’s only sorry because he was caught but I honestly believe he is genuinely sorry about his involvement and he learned an important life lesson from all of this. Do is really even matter what the reasoning is behind the apology? There is no sense in continuing to focus on Cody when there are still others who have not yet come forward to apologize and admit their wrong-doing, one of whom is the author of the most vile tweets that night.

  33. i dont believe for one moment that cody’s apology was sincere it was written by an authority figure and signed by him…it eloquent for words..if it wasnt for prinnie and momma bear we would not know as much as we do…

    • I think it was make stupid mistakes/decisions they later regret. I know I made plenty. Nothing wrong with having a lawyer write up his thoughts or approve them.

      • Mistakes yes, rape or pictures of a rape goes way beyond a mistake in my opinion.

        Even looked at in the best possible light he is scum. If he helped set it all up……..

        Much more than a “regret” or a “mistake”…..

        His regret?

        Getting caught, get outted….

        • you took the words right out of my mouth. Taking a picture of your ex-girlfriend who was raped by your teammates and then procedding to post it online and laugh about it goes far beyond being a simple mistake

  34. timewillheal,


    Finally someone who sees it for what it is.

    I forgot to add in a previous post, at the very least he delighted in the rape of his ex gf, at the worst, he very well may have set her up for it according to reports I have read.

    Thank God for ANONYMOUS following up on all of this.

    I cannot wait for January 1, 2013 which is their deadline.

    After, that, release the information, release the hounds!

  35. Yeah. He was awespme. Took a lot of time to exchange emails with me and even spoke with me on the phone when I was in my initial “panic mode”. I wish I had half the passion and dedication to a cause like him and Mr.Greenwood do!

    • Wow…..some group calling themselves NaziGods is majorly pissed and if they are actually doing what they claim to be doing……look out Steubenville!

      Go to their twitter page. Google it, it comes right up!

  36. Soooo, will the adult who allowed under aged students to drink at his home ever be held accountable. Isn’t that where the night kicked off? A charge of contributing for every minor verified there sounds nice. I have read about the “culture” of Big Red football & certainly think if the theory is that no or minimal consequences for conduct issues has been true in the past, it is reasonable to say that some adults need to question their role in the escalation of events. A person who condoned the use of alcohol by minors at his/her home ultimately (even if unknowingly) helped set the stage for what happened. Finally, while it may be stressful to hear people complain, blog, tweet keep in mind, people wouldn’t get details mixed up, vent or complain if few teenagers didn’t do such irresponsible & cruel things to begin with. Mature enough to party – not mature enough to stop an alleged sexual assault. And were there any sober designated drivers or were they driving while intoxicated – threatening the lives and safety of others too?

    • Great questions Cricket. There is still a question as to whether the COACH was upstairs……or away and the came home. I think the answer to that question needs to be on the record now, don’t you?

  37. Also, in reply to a few of the vets on here.

    Most of us are only catching up on this news.

    I saw it on yesterday and am relatively new to this.

    So my outrage level is probably what yours was 4 months ago when the local rumor mill was up and running.

    I am sorry, but Cody Saltsman is getting off E-A-S-Y if an apology on here and twitter gets him off the hook.

    I think more appropriate punishment is needed.

    I think ANONYMOUS will see that this takes place if the authorities don’t act by January 1, 2013 which is the deadline they have set for Steubenville.

    Their motto:

    We do not forgive, we do not forget, expect us!

      • Saw your other post about people in Steubenville “not speaking out of turn”.

        Well, the rest of America (through ANONYMOUS) is speaking loud and clear.

        The cover-up bullshit there is about to come down.

        People in power are about to be exposed and go down!

        • I’m glad the world is watching and I am sure the people in that town are ecstatic that the lights have been turned on to reveal what’s really going on.

    • I realized this in your other post, Boz. Thanks for adding your voice and opinions. I hope I didn’t step on your toes or your enthusiasm. 😉 With the larger spotlight on this crime, I hope that the victim will receive justice from all of those who were involved that night.

  38. The lengthy New York Times story couple of weeks ago provides chilling details about the rape of a girl and the inadequate response to that crime by Steubenville school officials.

    After reading about this case, we cannot help but see some parallels between this situation and that which occurred at Penn State. Although the crimes are different, it is a fact of both cases that in each there is a definite mystique around the football program and a cult of personality surrounding the coach (Paterno at PSU, and Reno Saccoccia in Steubenville). In both cases, the love of football has prevented the proper investigation into the alleged rape and the punishment of those involved.

    We call on the school board to suspend Coach Saccoccia for his behavior. The fact that he has refused to take any real disciplinary steps towards the football players that either witnessed or in some way abetted the alleged rape is disturbing, and his treatment of the New York Times journalist who spoke to him about the case is frightening. His actions are indicative of someone who cares more about their win-loss record than about the young people they are supposed to be improving.

    We also urge the school board to examine the actions of Superintendent Michael McVey and Principal Shawn Crosier. We are disappointed that they left all disciplinary decisions up to Coach Saccoccia, and the fact that they failed to follow up with any of the students in attendance at the party where the alleged rape occurred is distressing. This sad case has all the tell tale signs of an attempted cover-up, and our hearts ache for the victim in this case who has been subjected to undue scrutiny and blame. We hope that the added attention on Steubenville High School will result in justice for the victim, repercussions for the alleged rapists, and accountability for Steubenville officials.

    Judy Jones, SNAP Midwest Associate Director, USA, 636-433-2511.,
    “SNAP (The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) is the world’s oldest and largest support group for clergy abuse victims. SNAP was founded in 1988 and has more than 12,000 members. Despite the word priest in our title, we have members who were molested by religious figures of all denominations, including nuns, rabbis, bishops, teachers, Protestant ministers and increasingly, victims who were assaulted in a wide range of institutional settings like orphanages, summer camps, athletic programs, Boy Scouts, etc.”

  39. Congratulations to Prinnie and successful end to the defamation suit for her, the named Does, the unnamed Does, and all who want to maintain their right to speak freely about issues they are passionate about. Prinnie, thank you for standing up for your commenters. It would have been so much easier for you to walk away and just take care of yourself, but you didn’t. You, my dear, are The Woman!!!

    The Boz, welcome and I can appreciate both your anger and enthusiasm. Please realize some of us here are just coming away from what has been two extremely stressful months with constant worrying about the lawsuit, having our family members publicly shamed, and most of all for having our passion for justice for this victim silenced.

    I would just like to offer a word of caution for old and new members alike. Be careful what you take as truth. Not all commenters have the most altruistic of intentions. I’m not really sure what they may be trying to accomplish, but I certainly do not want to see anyone get emotionally involved for the wrong reasons, as I and I’m sure some others have in the past. The majority of commenters want justice for the August victim and any other victims who are or will be coming forward. Unfortunately, I think there may be one or two among us who are posting for entertainment and attention.

    • JD #13 I completely agree! People need to be careful with what they choose to believe in regards to what people claim as knowledge in any case not just this one. Take for instance the Casey Anthony case, tons of people came flying out of the woodwork trying to insert themselves into the case by making all kinds of claims of being related to her, dated her, went to school with her, knows her family, etc. all of them ended up being LIARS!

      Prinnie posted what she found online on their Twitter accounts and what was sent to her in email. She backed up her story with proof that those kids put out themselves. All other commenters who made claims of relationships with people involved, I pretty much throw out the window unless they can prove it and so far, I’ve seen no proof. Sorry if that offends anyone but that’s just how I feel. Again, unless there is proof, you need to be cautious with what you choose to believe.

      • I’m just now going back and re-reading some of these comments here. BooBoo, I agree that we all should proceed with extreme caution regarding anyone who did or is making claims of relationships with this victim and her family. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. The ultimate goal is justice for this girl and her family.

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  41. Prinnie, I am happy for you and the doe’s. The Boz, I agree with you 110%. Should be interesting to see what happens the next few days; anon doesn’t f around and the two who showed up today are less forgiving than KY. Justice for that girl in one form or another. And let them all think twice about violating and abusing a child. Who raises these kids?! Geez, parenting classes 101?

  42. So glad to hear the suit was dropped! I can’t imagine what this whole legal ordeal has been like for you, Prinnie. Thank you for all that you have done! Also, happy for the anonymous posters.

  43. What’s the deal with the mayor down there? I am a few miles up the river. Seems to me if the city I was administrating or governing had been cast into such a big light for such an unfortunate reason – I would have something to say. Even the city manager. Really yes it is a school issue but it happened after hours. Has the board of education held a meeting? And back to the mayor…. Is he a nice guy? Fair? Good Ole Boy? Has he issued a statement & I missed it?

    • We won’t get much of anything from our mayor…we can lall hope that the city manager can help the city out, however we all know city counsel runs the city and calls all the shots here! It is a school issue, but it shouldn’t fall on the entire school…there are a lot of good teachers and coaches down there…unfortunately the bad ones make everyone look bad…the school board should look into the teachers and coaches that think it’s ok to rape a young girl….but more than anything, the state or the feds should look into the county as to why kids that implemented themselves in the crime are not being charged…..

  44. Are students active in sports, cheerleading etc required to be drug tested prior to the seasons start? If not it would be a way to start to incorporate accountability into the extracurricular programs.

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  47. 99% of these boys behavior falls squarely on the parents shoulders. Those actions, tweets, photos, comments etc. are dispciable. No one is “sorry”. Sorry theyre caught, yes. Sorry anon is on their ass…you bet. National attention, for sure. Thats why this is getting dropped, my guess. And if the parent(s) had instilled any values/morals in these kids, even one, this could have been prevented. Did anyone ever step in for her ? Get them off of her? Take her home? NO. Until now. I say eat it, Big Red. No, SUCK IT.

    • to quote prinnie “the plaintiffs attorney approached to settle on December 20th” that was before kyanonymous really became involved. Prinnie, her lawyers and the ACLU are to thank for the law suit being dropped. What anon is doing is FINALLY bringing global attention to the rape, the victim, and corruption, and we thank them! As for the Mayor. He is not a bad man per say, but he does have his issues……..legally. Multiple DUI’s and I believe while mayor he served time for the last one. He has been put on blast multiple times throughout this and probably, like most, does not wanna touch this case with a ten foot pole. Just my opinion.

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  51. You guys rock and missed you all as well. And how cool is it that finally world attention is on this matter? All of our voices at times have been less than perfect but the very point about it is that we have been willing to speak up and let a young victim know that she is not alone.

    • Unbelievable is all I can say, not too long ago we were the outraged begging for more eyes. Now that we have them, and that little hiccup along the way is gone, we need to focus on her. I hope justice is coming soon and I hope she reads here that she is not alone.

    • So glad you’re back, Elliot!! I was so relieved when I saw your dismissal, voluntary no less! You rock!! Hopefully with the world watching now, justice will be served for the victim.

  52. When you did not see me in the metaphorical “living room”, rest assured I was busy raising hell in the metaphorical “kitchen”. Good to be back.

    • I have no doubt that you were. Some of us have been raising a little hell of our own. Finally the attention this girl deserves. She is not alone and it’s so important that she knows that. Anyway, it’s great to have you back.

  53. I do not believe cody was at all sincer. your attorney will tell you to apologize in order to take the attention away from themselves. prinnie I’m glad you were able to t this to drop but various people had to tell Cody to take them down he didn’t do it under his own will. he seems guilty in my mind

  54. Yes, I do think it’s time for a lot of things to be on the record. Which adults were present at which locations & if they claim not to have been there, confirm their comings & goings etc… Who drove from party to party to party in what condition. And the drivers should be punished if they weren’t sober. MADD would agree. Obviously someone drove the unconscious girl around. The head coach appears to have more say so than the board of education, that’s a problem in itself. And who is the dumbass that said, “how can she be traumatized if she can’t remember”. Suspended I hope. Who urinated on the girl (if that is true), have they answered to the courts? Exactly who witnessed the assault. it’s time for the boys to start informing on one another. You know the code of silence that still lingers among a few. These guys know who was where & who did what. Truth always rises to the top and all of these people protecting their little secrets &/or careers & kids- you are hurting the victim & your city. Holding your children accountable is a way of instilling respect for human life in them. Apparently some had no understanding of what sportsman like conduct is. Coach forgot that lesson. Mr. Mayor step up & speak on behalf of the city. Computer hackers didn’t create this situation. And btw I read somewhere that the city recognizes Tracy Lords as a success that evolved from your town (•_•) . Probably should let that one go folks, really.

    • I agree with whole heartedly with you! It is time to break the code of silence! This isn’t some petit little incident where it is ok to stay quiet! There is a traumatized little girl that deserves to have justice! The school board needs to step up as well….There are a lot of people need to be held accountable for their decisions or lack of decisions. The police can’t help if no one will talk! It is time people start talking….own up to your wrong doings and let this girl and this town and everyone move on! There is no more protecting each other….a RAPE occurred and all you are doing is bringing more bad attention to yourselves….

  55. Cody Saltsman had better be charged with a crime by January 1, 2013.

    Cody Saltsman is much more deeply involved in all of this.

    In short, the kid is a piece of shit.

    • I too had a feeling from the beginning that he knows a lot more then he told. My hope for the new year is that all parties involved get charged. My gut and common sense tells me the two charged are not the only two guilty of a crime.

  56. Well fought; well done; congs. I also think little is being made of the fact that, by virtue of this young lady’s age, she could not have legally “consented” to a sex act of any nature. As a matter of law, it would be a clear case of statutory rape under any circumstances, and the idea that she was unconscious during most of the assaults not only aggravates those rape charges, but is unconscionable as well. It’s also doubtful she attained such a comatose state solely through alcohol alone. With respect to this latter point, I see Anonymous has claimed that the particular group of Big Red players who assaulted the victim over the course of several hours refer to themselves as the “Rape Crew.” If true, this crime is further exposed as premeditated and part of a long pattern of known abuses.

    REGARDING FREE SPEECH: I blog crime stories, too, (at and for Crime Magazine as well) and recently posted an extensive interview with a family whose son disappeared and drowned under suspicious circumstances in Indianapolis this November. A poster appeared shortly thereafter accusing us of “slander”. He then began deleting and rephrasing various replies until it became clear to me he was most likely a cop, ex-cop, or even a security guard at the housing complex the young man had mysteriously vanished from…

    Must admit, I wondered how far he intended to take the matter and am relieved to see that the courts in your case disallowed that kind of harassment. (If you visit Killing Killers, the interviews and related posts are filed in the VOICES FOR THE DEAD feature.)

    Again, congratulations and excellent work–

    • Thank you. There are so many facets of this case that are intriguing. If the police department was ill-equipped to handle a cyber investigation why didn’t they call in the feds early on? Why was there such a long wait to gather phones – did they subpoena laptops and computers? They sync up to cellphones and share data. Did they subpoena soundclouds, etc? iTunes? Letters of preservation? Send the phones to the FBI when they couldn’t retrieve data? Why did they state early on that the internet didn’t matter in this case when clearly there was evidence out there that correlated timelines and locations?

    • Just to clarify: while the age of consent in Ohio is generally 16, a person of 13 or older can consent to sex with another minor. I might be wrong but I don’t think there’s ever been any allegations in any of these stories of anyone 18 or over having sex with anyone under 16. Statutory rape doesn’t seem to be an issue, which doesn’t take anything away from the rest of your points.

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  58. KYAnonymous:

    “My main concerns are people thinking that Anonymous is a group of Internet thugs,” he said. “We are exactly the opposite – we are freedom fighters, we are you, and you are us. We are the 99 percent, and so are you. We are all around, worldwide. This campaign is to make sure that enough eyes are on the case so it cannot be covered up, and in the process many (other rape) victims have had the courage to come forward with their own stories.”

  59. Hey Prinnie,

    Any info on the political corruption in the town? I heard a lot around the web about the mayor’s activities, but it doesn’t seem like there has been any charges. Wondering if you heard anything. The DUI is pretty bad.

    • I don’t know anything more than anyone else in town and what you might find online to document it. Working on a few things though. 😉

  60. Yeah I think Boz is right. Cody is sorry his hand was caught in the cookie jar in my opinion. I bet Cody wishes he never heard of Prinny and so does his family … Oh well… too bad…. next thing we’ll know is vacation time for Saltzman. That sure would fit in the scheme of life in the USA these fdays.

  61. Go to the Youtube of Young Turks Steubenville. Over 2,000 comments and most refer to Coach Saccaccia as either an ” Enabler” or ” Douchebag ” for allowing the others involved to suit up and play football. They also speak about Big Red’s #1 Fan Webmaster’s ” Petofile pictures. Watch it here

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  63. I have a question that I hope someone can tell me if I am on the right track. According to Cody’s own statement from above
    “I deeply regret my actions on the night of August 11, 2012. While I wasn’t at the home where the alleged assault took place, there is no doubt that I was wrong to post that picture from an earlier party and tweet those awful comments. Is he not admitting here that he was indeed at 1 of the parties where the victim was, he has been putting it out there that he wasn’t at any parties. So can they now charge him with distributing the pictures of a minor over the net? I mean he did just implicate himself didn’t he? Just My Opinion!!

    • I suspect you’re right on the first point, but having a picture taken at one of the parties doesn’t *necessarily* mean he was there–he could have posted something someone sent him.

      And the picture he posted, while deeply offensive, wasn’t pornographic.

      • I guess what my question should be; should he not be looked at more closely now? As far as I have heard nothing of him being granted immunity like others were, so wouldn’t it be good to start a new investigation by someone new to see how much involvement he did have? Again, an OPINION.

        • I doubt he will be charged with anything criminally in regards to posting that photo. Legally there is no law against posting a picture of someone passed out. BUT that’s in criminal court. I do believe he can be sued in civil court by the victim and her family.

          Honestly, I do not believe any more charges will be brought to anyone. Those who did testify in court got immunity for their testimony. They can not be charged in this case. Sad but true.

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  66. John Doe #9:

    YES! Cody Saltsman should be looked at more closely and a criminal investigation should take place.

    I do not trust that the Steubenville police/political machine will do this though because they are corrupt and I guess the Saltsman family must be pretty powerful in that town for their boy to run around with such immunity. (fights at concerts, the rape situation, etc.)

  67. Wow, just googled the Branko Busick case from Steubenville…..the corruption there runs deep. Jane Hanlin actually was a CHARACTER WITNESS in this trial.

    How often does a prosecutor serve as a CHARACTER WITNESS for the defense?

    Steubenville is one messed up town.

    BTW, most of us would NOT have gotten probation for the crimes this guy committed.

    Branko Busick… it and you will see how Steubenville protects its athletes.

    • How does a county prosecutor serve as a character witness for the defense in a felony case!? They don’t…….unless of course the prosecutor is from Jefferson County Ohio! LOL It’s really quite amazing the things that these people do and get away with that would never fly in an area that wasn’t bread in corruption. But don’t TALK or BLOG about it for God’s sake! You may get slapped with a SLAPP suit to shut you up. Luckily though, people FAR more powerful than the big fish in this small town know what’s really going on.

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  71. This has grabbed the attention of everyone & as it should. This CRIME should not go un-punished. The young men that participated in anyway (photos, tweets, rape, sexual assault, etc) should not be allowed to participate in any athletics. What these boys did was wrong, but the people who tried to cover this crime are just as guilty. I hope anonymous destroys the people involved in this harsh crime.

  72. There is a follow-up. The photos were on the internet, right? Well, did you know that there may be federal laws prohibiting that? Follow through with that and if you need help, send me a message via Facebook.

    If I were you, I would contact the FBI, Dept of Education. Why DOE? It was a school event and by law, the school is responsible for health and welfare of every child from the moment they get to school to when they return home and are inside their house. Oh and the school can lose their accreditation too.


    • Don’t think the DOE has any power b/c the rape happened before school started in early August. But Reno did. Athletes must abide by the rules of conduct at all times I think. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

      In reference to Reno–what bothers me is him accepting what his players told him about the situation. How in the world would he accept that if someone showed him the vile comments made by his players? What is it that Judge Judy says? “How do you know when a teenager is lying? Their mouths are moving.”

      I don’t believe for one moment that Reno knew nothing of the incident, whether he claims he “doesn’t do the internet”. Plenty of assistant coaches, and obviously the players and/or students, had many opportunities to show him the comments, pics and/or the video which should have forced him to suspend ALL the players who participated in person or via media.

      What is just as bad is the response of the principal AND the administration. I am at a loss as to what they were thinking. Their lack of responsibility is shameful to say the least!

  73. It is funny to a degree. But it is also sad. What is happening in this case is just not right. To many people are getting away with way to much. It saddens me to think that the morals of some of our citizens is so corrupt. It also angers me. At some point you have to realize that if your children are doing things of this nature this early in their lives..what are they going to participate in later in their lives. Standing by your child is of course the nature of parents…but standing by these actions is unthinkable.

    • I agree that standing by your children is instinctual. Standing by this behavior is wrong. This is one of the questions I have asked repeatedly – why don’t they have empathy? What happened to them that they could just stand by and do nothing? It’s beyond sad – it is frightening.

  74. Google Corruption Steubenville then Google Steubenville Corruption Books. AMAZING how many references come up in a one horse shabby lil town!

  75. it’s like a bunch of stepford wives are posting here…. Did you not see the pics and the words Cody Saltsman posted on Twitter? Sorry, but this kid’s got guilty written ALL OVER – him and if he is, I hope he fries in hell. This little town Steubenville’s about to get lit up like a Christmas tree.

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  78. For goodness sake.. if the police and prosecutors personally know any of these perpetrators or indeed the victim, they cannot be involved.. It seems this event is just the tip of the iceberg.
    The parents should be answerable for their kids’ actions as well, including the parents of the girl. Do you know where your kids are? Do you know how vulnerable your kids are, especially when being plyed with alcohol. Where on earth were the girls’ friends,who should have been looking out for her.. It seems there are a lot of cowards out there, including her friends.

  79. If the victim/survivor was indeed his ex-girlfriend, then Cory is the just as guilty even if he wasn’t there & didn’t rape her that day. This was vicious revenge thought up by a sick egotist who is in no way remorseful. Obviously, I can’t speak for him & I appreciate the work on this blog, but we can’t get our hopes too high thinking he’s learned his lesson & he’s shaping up to be a fine member of society.

  80. It distressed me to watch the video of young men discussing the girl like she was ‘nothing’ and had no value. Every single person in that home that night who knew the girl was raped and did nothing to offer aid to her should be held accountable.

    • EXACTLY, C.H. – & Cody Saltzman is *indeed GUILTY of a CRIME*: he admits to tweeting pictures, THEREFORE he ADMITS to KNOWING about the CRIME – about which he did NOTHING. It IS a CRIME to know about a crime & say nothing!! The only good thing is that the sweeter the deal he will get for turning everyone else in – which is his only hope in a *non*rigged justice system – that’s all the more angry hie “friends” will be when they find out.

  81. The visiting Judge is Thomas Lipps out of Cincinnati. I worked with him during my Children’s Services days. He is thorough, runs a very tight court room, and will give the victim more than a fair trial, IF he is the one who hears the case in February. He was the prelim judge in November. He can be trusted and has NO ties to Steubenville or any of the alleged participants, etc., even the adults.

  82. It doesn’t matter that Saltsman is sorry. it is too late for sorry. If this exposure had never occurred, he would never have apologized. He isn’t sorry he did it. He sorry he got caught. Perhaps he has forgotten that we do not forget, and we will not forgive. He will not be hurt, but his name will forever be known as a rapist, as a monster. There will be no jobs, no school, nothing. He is a monster, and should be pushed out of society.

  83. What a douche. Cory Saltsman is only sorry he got caught. His “heartfelt” apology rings brittle and stale as it was submitted under duress and only after doing his level best to get away with such dastardly behavior. He didn’t have to rape the girl to be shown for the deplorable human being he has turned out to be. Willfully watching such violence and reveling in it is your crime here Cody. How challenging it must be for a mother to love this monster! Good luck Mrs. With this young man, you are going to need it.

  84. I am so grateful that you have brought those involved closer to receiving justice. These people should not be able to go on to live their lives as if nothing happened. They should pay for destroying the life this girl may have had. They did kill her that night, they killed the girl she was and would have been. A new life began that night, and I hope that this young woman can find the strength and support she needs to make that life ultimately even better than the one she may have had, if this night had not happened. I hope that she can emerge from all of this stronger and more determined to make her life worth living. She can if she sees that it is a just world, and that here in the USA we have a justice system that is more powerful than the twisted politics of a small town trying to protect their own. I hope that somehow we all can help to make sure that justice prevails. This young girl deserves to know that she lives in a society that will not allow anyone be treated that way. The young girl, whose life has been shattered, should receive generous financial settlements from every person who personally violated her, or contributed in any way to her tragic night and subsequent disregard including the police, city and school officials, and the families of those boys. They should all have to pay, the boys should spend the rest of their life in prison, and the community that allowed this to happen should pay for their part as well. How can we help to make sure that everyone involved pays a price for their role?

  85. Alexandria Goddard—Your efforts on this case make me proud to be an American. I have not seem many instances that bring forth that sentiment lately.

  86. This whole situation in Stuebenville is very unsettling and the efforts at uncovering the truth by Prinniefied and Anonymous are laudable. However, its important for all bloggers/commentors to realize and remember that not all speech is protected by the First Amendment, including anonymous speech. Defamation is still actionable and your identity not protected if your comments cross that line. Neither the First Amendment nor the anonymity of the internet protects those who intentionally (and/or negligently – depending on the subject) write defamatory falsehoods about someone else.

    • IMO all the opinions posted by myself were absolutely not defamatory, and much of the other comments alleged as defamatory were questions that were asked, text taken out of context, etc. If you saw the complaint you would see that this was a CLASSIC SLAPP suit.

  87. I’m proud of you! I once started a website to expose corruption in my school district and I am so happy that another person has been successful taking this route. I’m glad I avoided lawsuits!

  88. Great blog and I am glad the suit is settled, and really do hope the young man who posted has and will continue to learn from his actions. I follow the Richmond High School gang rape trial closely, and will also follow this one.

  89. But in most Defamation cases the Court will or should ensure that Plaintiffs DO have at least a “prima facie” case for Defamation PRIOR to allowing any “unmasking” of John Doe commenters meaning that for instance as Prinnie indicated there was one John Doe who simply asked a question and got sued and yet another who answered it and got sued, clearly the “Summary Judgement Standard” should be applied by all courts PRIOR to allowing any unmasking of John Doe commenters. Clearly that did not occur in one such case and that is why its now history.

  90. We should get vanity liscense plates with our “John Doe #s” on them. I have been thinking of more creative blog names in case I get sued again. The fact that we all had “aka” names is kinda cool, we are all like rappers now.

  91. pRINNIES “NATIONWIDE” now. Soon they will be giving her a Biggie Smalls tag like “Notorious PRI”. But on a serious note, its the cause, the issue of victims rights that has been made “nationwide” and that is cool.

  92. Hello. I found your blog via the Anonymous press release and can only imagine the traffic you’ll be getting over the next few days. I’m a tenacious internet sleuth by nature, and haven’t wasted much time catching up on all of the horrid details of this story. The only bright spot I have found so far is this lawsuit being dropped against you. Congratulations for that and thank you so much for fighting to preserve our First Amendment rights. Thank you to the ACLU for your participation in this suit and I can proudly say I’m a card carrying member of your organization. Thank you for ALL that you do.

    Equally as important, your quest for the justice this girl deserves, and your bravery to face those who attempt to silence you, is most admirable and gives one hope. This is one of the more heinous rape crimes that I can recall in my 57 years of memories. It is my sincerest wish for the victim to heal from the unspeakable crimes committed against her, and to know the world is embracing her with love and support, and have a painfully heavy heart at this time.

    The evidence displayed to the public indicates many symptoms of psychopathy. For example, when the young man in the video referred to the girl as “she’s so dead”… a clear indication of detachment from the crime and lack of empathy or sympathy for the victim. As a side note, I haven’t seen any mention of the girl seen in the video around the 11:54 mark. Has she been identified and questioned?

    In closing, I have to say the way this crime has been handled by those who had the power to exact justice, is equally as shocking as the crime itself. I’m fighting the sense that I just finished a Dukes of Steubenville novel where Boss Hogg and Rosco P. Coltrane were the main characters. It seems all of the adults responsible for guiding and shaping the character and integrity of these young men, have failed miserably. The coach, the school officials, the Booster webmaster, the police, and the parents all helped set the stage for this crime to occur, and their continued silence and coverup is indicative of WHY these young men are exhibiting psychopathic tendencies.

    At least now, the entire world is watching.

  93. I have many great friends in America so hopefully I won’t insult anyone by saying the following:- On reflection, I realised why this unfortunate event would not occur where I live = law enforcement, education and commerce is at least conducted on a state level. This prevents the impact of “families”, closeted connections, and economic reliance on sole source or illegal activities, etc…
    Having said this, I do feel terribly for the young girl, her family and friends, decent town folk, and every one else across the world who from events out of their control have had their hearts ripped out.
    Please don’t give up the fight for justice!

  94. Are you kidding me! Saltsman was clearly involved in this disgusting act and was in fact the girls ex boyfriend! info that I have read on other sites. This kid is a sick individual who has parents who enable heinous behavior! Furthermore, why hasn’t the shithead Nodianos been arrested how much evidence does the Steubenville PD or Sherifs Department need?

    • I am just glad that our speech here has been protected. Not to say that at any time someone couldn’t sue again, but I think as a result of the lawsuit people are a bit more cautious and careful in how they word their responses.

  95. Congratulations, prinnie, & gratitude all around to those (people, agencies, etc), who are ever vigilant, ever ready to actively defend our free speech. On the dark side, this Cory character is yet another creepy, spineless coward, trained by his parents & coaches to hide out in that shady, fuzzy, grey space, where right action & accountability don’t exist. The apology was a “quick save” – so clearly ghost-written & insincere. In spite of it, the fact that he is a law-breaker must be pursued. Is it the sheriff, who has stated that no further charges will be laid re: this case/event? Unacceptable! At the very least, the adults, in whose homes alcohol was served to minors, should be charged… as well as each & everyone, who broadcast material (photos, etc) that breaks any element of existing law! Every increment of legality should be explored & applied, every nuance… Nobody should be able to slither away… but I fear that, ultimately, the whole thing will diffuse & fade away… the parades will resume & the athletes will live on, unscathed, to collect their university scholarships.

  96. … (RE: the above) I would appreciate learning the full range of specific possible charges that might apply to the full range of players involved in this disgusting event. Also, would appreciate understanding if & how the information (photos, tweets, etc), collected by prinnie, Anonymous & others might prove evidentiary (probable cause or in court) or be used most productively to bring the many individual players to justice. If the collected material doesn’t have evidentiary potential, hopefully it can still be used to bring substantial pressure & shine an unrelenting light on those, who “slither away” as we speak? Once the “rape case” goes to trial, can a solid hold be sustained on the separate threads and different players? To lose any of the threads & players would be to lose the full potential of this moment, when, yes, the whole world is fired-up & feeling unique solidarity on these issues.

  97. CNN did an interview with the attorneys for the accused, one of which is claiming that the victim sent a text message to his client saying “I know you didn’t rape me”, without giving any context for the message. When asked why he thinks she sent it, he is saying perhaps “she doesn’t think she was raped”! This is total BS, and I hope the prosecution is prepared to fight and fight hard.

  98. I want to see this morally depraved child apologize for failing all counts of human decency by not calling the police rather than taking a photo and laughing. It is not normal nor sane, and every child who witnessed this crime and did nothing should receive psychiatric help as their incapacity for basic human compassion speaks to psychopathic tendencies.

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  100. Ohhhh, Dear Cody — Any high school boy who refers to himself in the third person, “Nobody breaks up with Cody Saltsman!” is guilty of something – at the very least, being a horse’s ass and not worthy of the oxygen he is taking up on this planet. I hope you grow up and find it in yourself to search your so called heart for a conscience, apparently you have not needed one to date. NEWS FLASH – once you leave your little town in Ohio, nobody is going to care that you played football or that you were a big deal in high school. The world moves on and you will probably end up married to some cheerleader you graduated with, having marital battles at The Spot, and making the moves on the girls you shit on when you were “Cory Saltsman, who nobody breaks up with”, at your future high school reunions. And it will be guaranteed that those girls, who will then be successful young ladies, will laugh for months, after said reunions, mostly about your ever growing paunch and never growing head of hair.
    There is justice, sometimes it is slow and dreadful instead of fast and over with. You deserve both, but God will make sure you experience at least one of them! ENJOY!!!!!

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  106. Cody is obvious s spoiled boy, not only does he not receive any punishment for being involved (and texting back and forth about the rape without notifying police), his parents event hire an attorney to sue/silence a do-gooder blogger who dared speak his name and tell about the rape crew’s heinous actions and heinous photos and texts laughing about it. Alexandra is a hero!

    • Oh, yeah. Michael Moriarity, you have that right. The remarkable arrogance involved in suing a blogger for telling the truth is consistent with the whole issue of placing blame and responsibility in the wrong place: If only the blogger hadn’t told the truth…if only that Jane Doe hadn’t caused those nice boys to rape her, etc. That’s their usual reversal of victimhood, when they feel sorry for the criminals and sorry for themselves and forget any concern for the young raped girl. I am very grateful to those lawyers and other supporters who helped Prinnie with the Slap suit. Anyone concerned with justice should be concerned with the whole issue of truthful free speech, wheevern it is threatened.

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