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The City of Steubenville has opened a webpage steubenvillefacts.org to provide information to the public.  Below is the information released thus far.

August 11-12, 2012. The incident that began this case occurred.

August 14, 2012. The incident was reported to Steubenville Police. 0140

August 16, 2012. Electronic devices of people who potentially had knowledge of the incident were taken, pursuant to search warrants.

August 17, 2012. Steubenville Police request technical and investigative support from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation “BCI” (a state agency supervised by the Ohio Attorney General). At the request of Steubenville Police, BCI expedited the evidence analysis. The analysis involved uncovering and reviewing tens of thousands of emails, texts, and photos from approximately a dozen electronic devices. The vast majority of such data was unrelated to the case.  Investigators and forensic examiners never found any video of the alleged crime.

Joann Gibbs, a forensic analyst of digital media with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, said she looked at 15 cell phones and two iPads that were submitted by City Police following search warrants.

She said Apple iPhones with later generation operating systems make it impossible to recover files that are deleted. Gibbs testified she did recover two naked pictures of the victim that were part of text messages sent on Mays’ cell phone.  October 13 hearing

August 22, 2012.  Based on the investigation of the Steubenville Police, two juvenile males were arrested and charged. Their names are Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond.  Suspects remained in juvenile detention until November 1, 2012 when the Visiting Judge (from outside the county) assigned to the case placed the suspects on home arrest.

August 28, 2012.  County Prosecuting Attorney delegates her authority to special prosecutors from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

August 30, 2012. Steubenville Police meet with the special prosecutors.

The Juvenile Court trial in this case is scheduled for February 13, 2013. Circumstances surrounding media and public access to that trial are controlled by the Visiting Judge.

Feeds for today’s protest:


Live stream by Ustream

Again, this case should be a testament to the need for parents to MONITOR YOUR CHILD’S SOCIAL MEDIA participation.    YOU are responsible for them and it is your duty to monitor what they do. There is no shame in being nosy.

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  1. I want to know who coordinated the letter writing campain in support of the defendants. In 99 percent of juvenile rape cases, the defendants are bound over to adult court. It is highly irregular that hearsay evidence (letters) would be given to a judge! This stinks.

    • I think everyone wants to know who wrote those letters supporting the two accused. Where were the letters in support of the victim?

    • Where are you getting this information? Very few cases in juvenile court are ever bound over including rape. Most juvenile rape cases involve a boy around 10-14 years and the victim is a family member, boy or girl, around 4-7 years old. In most cases the youth is adjudicated, placed on probation and in sex offender treatment. Source 20 years as a LISW treating juvenile sex offenders in Hamilton, Clermont, Brown, Adams, Highland, Clinton, and Warren counties.

  2. Prinnie:
    I want to applaud your perseverance in making this case public.
    The victim needs someone like you in her corner.
    I hope all the light of publicity shining on this case will bring her justice.
    I am appalled at the behavior of Ms. Hanlin, especially about her efforts to dissuade the victim from filing a case.
    Keep up your work in watching out for children on the internet.

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    • Thanks. 🙂 I felt discussing the defamation case was very important. This case is like an onion. You peel back one layer and there is another. I think by the end of this case as a whole everyone is going to be exhausted.

  5. Let me say i feel for this girl, but disagree completely with everyone’s attack on the school system and coaches… I have not shared this story with many, but let me say this and YES I will use names. As a freshman in the halls at big red I had a boyfriend who physically assaulted me in the school. Mr. Charlie Keenan was the principal at the time and mr. Mcvey was the asst. principal, to this day I don’t know who went to their office, but the next day, I was called in mr. Keenan’s office. He asked me what happened and I told him. He asked me if I wanted to press charges and I said no I just wanted it to go away, he asked if my parents were aware, I said no. Although he encouraged me to talk to them, it was what the two of them did next that I will never forget… Mr. Kennan told me, I can’t make u press charges or tell ur parents, but what I can and will do is make u safe at this school. He mapped out all my classes and where my locker was, he knew every hallway, stairwell, and parking lot I used. When I left the office, mr. Mcvey put his hand on my shoulder and told me I was a beautiful girl and to never let anyone treat me that way. From that moment on ever corner I turned, class I went into, at lunch and leaving school I saw the faces of these fine men. Coach Pierro, coach Cam, coach Sac, coach Heatherington, Mr. Kokiko, and yes the principals themselves too. As a young girl, ur parents can tell u how beautiful or how great u r as much as they want, but u will always think thy r just simply being ur parents. But all of these individuals especially mr. Mcvey ,for what he said, changed my life forever. I know I am important and even at 29 I will never let anyone disrespect again. Thank you SHS and all of the coaches,teachers,and staff for everything u do, everyday!!!

      • I have read a lot of replies to you and i too am confused. As people have stated these officials were obligated under the LAW to inform police. Even if you said nothing happened or wouldnt tell them, they are not police. Their job is to contact police so they could determine if charges should be laid and if a assault occured. So, they didnt do what was required of them.
        Then you said in later post they told your parents but in your orinial post you said they said to you, “I cant make you press charges or tell your parents. Again, as you were a minor they were obligated to inform your parents. The principal knew something happened as in your post you said, he asked what happened and i told him. Then you told him you just wanted it to go away. I am not one that thinks we should punish everyone and I KNOW that a lot of them are disgusted themselves with what happened and their hands are tied. I also will not take away from you the fact that you felt very taken care of by these men. That is your feeling and no one should take that from you. However, this is a comment board and we all have opinions. The problem that i see with your situation is, this kind of situation happens regualarly. A woman (or man) is assaulted. The woman is made to feel like she matters. We will take care of you. We will watch out for you. Because they know they are not punishing the accuser, they make the victim feel like they are there for her. If they really cared about your safety, they would of made sure this “accuser” was dealt with and he was made aware that when you assault someone or when there is a report of a assault from other students then police will be called and they determine if it did actually happen.
        As you were young, you could not properly assess the right thing to do BUT as adults they should know the right and legal thing they should of done. So if this guy who did this to you assaulted someone else in the future because the first time he got away with it and thought he would again then that is not on your shoulders but on the autoritys who let him get away with it.

    • I’m afraid that your anecdote does not make the point you think it does. It actually demonstrates the systematic problem in that community. Those ‘leaders’ and ‘adults’ were covering their own butts by keeping an eye on you but that boy was left free to assault other girls. Most rapists and sex offenders are REPEAT offenders. I don’t blame you for not reporting the crime – I want to stress that. I hold the adults in the school responsible, not you. But I want to emphasize that your story actually shows the opposite of what you think it does. I wish you the best.

  6. He was put on an in school suspension otherwise known as “time out”. And no he was not. But trust me when I tell u, even though everyone thinks differently now, it would not have mattered. These men were not happy, but I wasn’t very cooperative.

  7. A side note, my parents had no money or ties to the school and the boy was older than me… Feel free to ask me anything else, I will b happy to answere.

    • I am not surprised that the school reacted to your situation as they did as far as falling all over you with attention. You were assulted on their time and on their property. Fair or not, you could have sued them, no qestions asked. Their reaction to you is called saving their own butts. That said, what about the boys punishment? He wasn’t suspended from school? I think the schools reaction to him was pretty light and I’m not impressed. So, who was the super at the time this happened? Did you tell your parents about it at the time? I think your story is very interesting.

  8. “What else are you going to tell your parents when you come home drunk like that and after a night like that?” said Hubbard, who is one of the team’s 19 coaches. “She had to make up something. Now people are trying to blow up our football program because of it.” – This, out of the mouth of one of those so-called “good men”. I’m sorry but this is a cover-up. This is obstruction of justice and witness tampering and it stinks!
    I am 100% positive that, had your boyfriend been a school athlete, the outcome of your situation would have been drastically different.

  9. “You’re going to get yours. And if you don’t get yours, somebody close to you will.”

    ~Coach Reno Saccoccia
    Another quote, from yet another “good man”, when speaking to a reporter.

  10. Don’t Judge – if you were a minor, then those school people were legally compelled to report the incident to childrens’ services because they were mandated reporters. The law requires it. Their licenses require it. The safety of other students requires it. They could’ve said to you, “Listen, we know that you don’t want to press charges, but this is serious. We HAVE to report it.” I get that you think that they handled it, but they handled it “INTERNALLY” with as little damage to the reputation of the school as possible.

    • That someone had reported your boyfriend had physically assaulted you. Legally, they actually were bound to do so. And it stuns me that they wouldn’t tell your parents at the very least. I’m sorry, but your story has the opposite effect that you intended. If I found out one of my daughters had been assaulted at her school, and the authorities knew and didn’t tell me, I have no clue what my reaction would be. But that is absolutely horrifying.

      • My parents were informed. And this just proves that no good deed goes unpunished and your minds will never see anything positive from this school because they are tainted over an incident we don’t even know to b 100% true.. These r wonderful people that I have been blessed to have in my life. And do your homework kayaker, Nate Hubbard is younger than I am and I did not speak of him. This is my story and my opinion of these people. But turns out my Father was right all along. People don’t want to hear good. The bad is more entertaining. I will not make another post!!!

        • Forgive me don’t judge, but did Kennan tell you he could not make you inform your parents or did he inform them? There seems to be a conflict in your story but perhaps I am missing something…?

          I’m glad you seem to have made peace with your assault. Best wishes.

        • This is a lot like the high school I attended and unfortunately, it is bound to saving the reputation of the school and not for the safety of the children. My high school had a habit of calling the cops in for physical assaults between both genders, finding weapons and/or drugs inside the school or inside lockers, making random drug checks with police dogs – in fact we had a few stabbings with shop tools as well and not once were our parents ever informed that it had happen (or would happen, in case of the drug checks). I was harassed through out ninth grade by a very disturbed young man – I would have rather seen him out of the school than be “protected” by a number of older men. It would have set an example for me, as a young person, to know that when you are apart of a “system” like a school, the “system” works to protect you and care for your personal health & well being and not put a band aid on the situation by having more men protect me. I’d like to just walk the halls safely, without worries. Period.

    • LOL Thanks Marywanna. I really feel uncomfortable in front of the camera but I felt the First Amendment aspect of this case is very important. We are able to discuss this case again because of the fine First Amendment attorneys who came to our rescue here. I cannot thank them enough – and you Ohio people Tom Haren and Jeff Nye are your go to guys! Vegas -Marc Randazza. There are so many to thank for helping everyone out.

  11. Prinnie like in the old movie “Field of Dreams” you have “built it and they have come”, and they came from all over! But unlike the movie this message is not about baseball but about victims rights. I am very proud to see that I got sued with you! Keep on keepin on!

  12. Wait – you put up a response, defending people who are involved in this case and when someone points out to you that the way they handled your incident was improper, you suddenly turn and say we don’t want to see any good? What was so good about what happened to you, really? They handled the incident internally and never reported it to the authorities even though they were compelled to do so by law.
    So, Hubbard is younger than you. I was merely pointing out the “goodness” of these coaches, I didn’t say that you knew him personally. Obviously, I am not as close to this case or that school as you are (and I’m thankful) and I am sure it’s been hell hearing this stuff but this is real. A girl was gang raped. Then bullied after the fact. Adults who were made aware of it tried to bury it. There is no defense for that. What if you had been that girl?

  13. Here’s the thing driving me crazy.
    If I have kids drinking at my house and the cops find out, I’m going to be arrested.
    These kids were drinking, carrying an unconscious 16 year old from house to house, and, to top it off, these adults left a gun on the floor next to drunk kids.
    Why have the adults that owned the homes and hosted the parties not been arrested? Because it took place in the homes of the original prosecuting attorney and a couple of coaches?
    I have no doubt, I would be in jail if that went down in my home. We all know as parents, if we give kids alcohol and things go wrong, we will be held responsible by the law.
    Why is no one even asking this question?
    Even if you agree that girls that are sexually active deserve abuse, do you also agree that if your child goes to a party and the homeowners allow drugs and alcohol and your kid gets hurt, the adults have no responsibility?

    • It is ALLEGED that these types of parties with alcohol are not frowned upon. One person even referred to this type of partying as “teen spirit”. IMO NO parent should be providing alcohol. If kids want to drink, there is going to be someone who will buy it, but the legal repercussions when something happens at your home FAR OUTWEIGH the cost of purchasing a 12-pack for minors. I would never buy booze for a minor or hold a party in my home.

  14. Prinnie and all other MSM that are now at full attention for this case: Could you please do me and everyone in the world a favor and get a response from Apple regarding the encryption of all later models once something i deleted. It is very disturbing to me that we are allowing products to be created that crimes can be recorded and distributed to our youths without detection.

    PLEASE ASK APPLE for a response. I am dying to hear it along with many others from the protest yesterday. I was in the crowd and this was being discussed at many times throughout the hours I stood side by side an incredible group of people.

    I would also ask all my fellow commenters to call Apple Media Relations Apple Media Helpline
    (408) 974-2042. Only # I could find to get their response to this question. I want to know if it is the truth or not. If it is not then BCI is as corrupt as SPD.

    Yesterday I witnessed the power of social media and people coming together to get answers. Let’s keep it up and get more answers. Let’s do it. If anyone can find a toll free number please post here. Thank you everyone who comes here to read. You are my comrades and I sincerely respect all of you who stood shoulde to shoulder yesterday (and sent pizza YUM and gave us hot chocolate) as well as those who were watching from their homes on ustream. Thank you!! Now let’s go get some more statements from APPLE!!

    • I remember a few years ago when I had a child in college in NYC, there was a student murdered by a bouncer of a Manhatten club, she was drunk, he abducted her in his van and dumped her body in the swamps in Brooklyn. He was caught and convicted because his phone told his whereabouts that night. The cops subpoenaed his phone company and traced his movements that night by cell tower to cell tower.
      They could easily find out where every kid that had a phone was that night in Steubenville, minute to minute. Even today, it’s not too late. They are not doing their jobs.

  15. On the Apple discussion boards many claim you can use various methods or several programs to recover deleted photos and text messages. There are several threads about this if you do a internet search. Text message data are also retained by service providers. These things are often court ordered and very commonly requested if probable cause is shown. I really don’t see the issue as to why BCI couldn’t find anything. I’m hoping they take the FBI up on their offer to assist them with the technology aspect of this case. If not I’m sure the hackers of anonymous could get that info for them : ) I’m also curious as to why they didnt check the GPS tracking on the phones or the towers the boys not charges phone pings. That would make it very easy to confirm who was were and when that night.

    • IMO nothing was found on the phones confiscated because the owners had time to get rid of their phones and get new phones. Just one line of thought to why nothing was recovered. As mentioned above though, service providers could provide the info I’m sure if records were subpoenaed.

    • Someone from this blog actually recovered deleted text messages from his phone that were 6 months old using a free program and a Firefox plugin.

      • I remember that now come to think of it! I also read that smartphones which all typically get synced to computers normally do an automatic backup. Even if people don’t realize this, texts and pictures get backed up along with everything else. It’s also very possible those boys transferred the video to their computer for faster upload to the net. They were after all hanging out in a house which would have made doing so very easy. I’m sure youtube could provide the isp considering it involved a crime. At a minimum I would think they could at least confirm if it was uploaded via a mobile device or not considering most have a different type of operating system. In most cases involving child porn aren’t computers normally seized for investigation purposes to check for evidence? Seems since the Internet played such a huge role this would have been a no brainier with plenty of probable cause. I would also love to see the text exchanges that followed the receipts of those pictures. I’m sure they would paint a clear picture.

        Prinnie do you know if the FBI will be checking the phones and conducting their own investigation or did they simply just offer aid to local law enforcement? To me there is a big difference between the two. If BCI hadn’t already taken advantage of that resource ( which you pointed out months ago was an available option) I fear they won’t take them up on the offer now. Do they have a choice I guess would be the best way to phrase my question? Also, maybe if on of the Anonymous hackers records a video, takes and texts some pictures then deletes them they could document how they went about retrieving them. If they couldnt find them i would feel better about what BCI is claiming and you know the media would be more than interested to learn the outcome of such an experiment

      • There’s no way a bunch of teenagers with Apple products don’t have them synched to iTunes. None on this planet.

        iTunes automatically backup all data from synched devices – of all gens. You can retrieve that info from Apple servers. If you want to, of course. Six months later it may be overwritten, but if the devices aren’t yet returned, so haven’t been used, probably not.

    • I was thinking about this myself. I remember someone telling me they caught their spouse cheating by purchasing some program that could pick up deleted texts from a sim card. I don’t see why this wouldn’t still be possible. Possibly, the kids involved all got new phones but that seems a little extreme and a little to well thought, coming from these “geniuses” who recorded themselves committing a crime. However, the commenter who said that the providers would have records is also absolutely right. There are records out there of these things if they were really interested in looking for them.

    • There are ways for the later Apple IOS and Droid Phones to be recovered. For the Ohio detective to say they couldn’t is a lie. Apples IOS are actually easier than droids to recover pics from. The girls parents should be seeking the help of their senator or higher authorities like the FBI bc they are being given the run around. Many of these kids posted nude or semi nude pics of an underage girl. That is child pornography, if they will not speak of what happened the night of the party they should be charged with making and distributing child porn. That should get the kids attention and get some answers. Also wasn’t the first party thrown by an adult was he charged with giving alcohol to minors?

  16. I’m confused about the steubenvillefacts.org website. It seems only to exist in order to cover up and protest the rape gang. Who put it up? Why was it allowed? Why is it not being reported on more widely in the media?!

  17. Reminder for everyone to sign the petition to have the case moved to adult court if you haven’t already done so. This was an adult crime they should face adult reprocusions. Keep in mind ( please correct me if something is incorrect or I’m mistaken) :

    1) Juvenile cases are decided by a judge only being a jury is not present. Do you really want the same judge who decided not to bind the currently accused over to adult court deciding this case solely?
    2) Sentences are shorter with juvenile cases. These boys are close to 18 and will soon not even be considered a minor. The max sentence for minors is simply not long enough for their infractions.
    3) Sex offender laws in OH don’t require the same things of juveniles as they do adults. Less time required on registry, no picture online and in some cases no explanation of the crime that was committed.
    4) A majority of rape cases with defendants under the age of 18 have jury trials in adult court most of the time due to the nature of the crime. Even as young as 12 have been sentenced to adult jails and prisons with less mitigating factors found in the steubenville case!
    5) Adult court records aren’t sealed so there is no way to ingnore any testimony that may be incriminating to others that coukd be presented at court. As parents and a community we deserve to know what happened, who was involved and who had knowledge of this crime. Being informed and aware is the first step to safety. Without this knowledge how can some of the accused (charged or not), parents, police and education staff be trusted? The lawyers for the boys keep saying to wait for the trial insinuating people will change their mind about this case once all the evidence is presented knowing full well the public wont be privy to that information as the case currently stands. In my opinion its all ground game. I’m assuming they might figure if they lay out the ground work now that there is more to the story there will be less outrage towards the boys later so people will maybe assume the boys were wrongly accused.

    The petition has only been up a short time and there is almost half the signatures needed. Post this link on your social media accounts, send emails and anything else you can think of!

    The link. wh.gov/QPO8

  18. Prinnie, are there any issues with crossing state lines? Isn’t Jane Doe a WV resident? Was she picked up from her volleyball party in WV and then driven to Ohio? If so, can there be federal charges under the Mann Act – especially if they can argue a case of premeditation?

  19. Although the assault of Jane Doe did not happen during school hours the involved players should have been immediately benched. Example I read about two Texas college football players were recently benched when their coach found out there was an alledged rape in a motel and they had been there. His reasoning they knew the code of conduct. I don’t know what their involvement was but they broke the rules for playing ball. Not hard stuff. Have asked if the players of any sport in Steubenville are required to take drug tests prior to seasons start. Not far from Steubenville it is required. That includes cheerleaders, band members etc if they fail the test they aren’t out permanently but go through a process that gives them the opportunity to eventually participate. Population here is about 1/4 of what Steubenville is & a surprising # didn’t pass last season.

  20. There is something I don’t understand here. Apologies if it’s already been dealt with.

    Sheriff Abdalla has apparently stated that there will be no more persons charged in this case.

    How can he possibly know that, if (1) the investigation is still ongoing (to quote DeWine: “This investigation is continuing. It’s far from over.”) and (2) he’s not involved since, as he says, the incident was not in his jurisdiction and the investigation is in the hands of the SPD?

      • Meanwhile I listened to about 20 mins of the most recent Behind The Yellow tape and Abdalla says ” the steubenville police had this case wrapped up in 5 days. No need to get involved they had it under control. They had all the evidence, there has been no new evidence since August” . In a seperate breath he mentions the fact that he hasnt been privy to all the evidence they have which is why he hadnt seen the video prior to 2 days ago. He also repeated the nonsense about them starting the investigation so it was only right not to get involved but im pretty sure his office made 1 of the 2 arrests and collected some of the phones seized lol???? Clearly he is confused and grasping at straws. This is the same man who called into that show back in September to ask people to come forward and made a comment of the two departments working together. Cant have it both ways Sheriff. He really needs to stop giving interviews. He is only making a bigger mess out of this situation.

        After that I stopped listening just because I was already forcing myself to to just see what the Sheriff would come up this time to contradict himself and he didn’t dissapoint. Other than that the host has kinda turned into a cry baby and that bugs me. He is so negative about anonymous getting involved and whined about them taking credit for some of his research that its hard to take him seriously. Meanwhile if not for them and Prinnie not many would have even seen what he had uncovered . Most would be continuing our frustration as to why national media wasn’t covering this. I mean he certainly doesn’t have a large enough following or connections to have done so. I also find it interesting how he’s been happy to let people call into his show with tips and info and stay” anonymous” but has a problem with the group??? They have basically reported information that Prinnie found months ago and took it a step further by using the media to spread the information as far out as possible and it worked. Yes sometimes they hack into people’s private websites or computers but in this case, realistically, all they have done is opened a new channel of getting info from locals and dug things up on the Internet. The website takeover is the only questionable thing they’ve done but then again it got everyones attention didnt it! Ortega comes off pissed that he is not the one sitting on a CNN panel being asked his opinion on this case. So instead he his jumping sides. From what I heard during the 20mins or so i tuned in was not one hard question for the sheriff. Abdalla ran that interview. It was bad enough that the first ten minutes of the show was Joey stumbling over himself to go on record ( once again) that he thinks anonymous is hurting the case not helping and he disagrees with their methods. Guess he likes the” idea” and ” theory” of justice and bringing attention to important cases but doesn’t have the back bone to call people out and hold them to task in effort to fight for that. Well not when he actually has them on the line anyway. Ok stepping off my soapbox now… Sorry I got off topic. It just made me mad. It’s counter productive considering his relationship with Prinnie. Just my opinion anyway.

        • BRAVO Hatetosayit!!!! I agree with every single thing you just said! I too found Abdalla to be confused and grasping at straws. I was also very disappointed in Joey’s sudden turn. It bothered me deeply that he was calling those people who went to the rallies “cowards” especially considering the majority of them are actual Steubenville residents. Talk about poor taste! I think I will be tuning out of that show from now on. The case is now out there in the open for the world to see and I am sure the MSM will be covering it a lot now till the case is settled. I’ll tune into them to hear about the case and of course come here to chat with others about it.

          I want to thank Prinnie for doing everything she has done to get this case the national attention it deserves. She took a lot of hits including being sued but she stood her ground not only for her members who were sued, but also for the victim and all victims out there.

      • LOL.

        I think I might apply for the job. I guarantee them “accurate and consistent messaging”… I’ll just tell the truth.

        OK, I wouldn’t have a chance in hell of being hired but at least it’d be an interesting interview.

  21. P, thanks for the crossing state lines info. if have a few questions about the mechanics of this case, apologies in advance to victims for dredging up details. I can’t find any information about the discrepancy between the NYT story (she drank herself into oblivion over a period of several hours) & the localleaks timeline where mark cole, girlfriend, et al, set her up and drugs are administered as early as 9.30. Any way to clear this up?

    seems logical that she was drugged heavily. and that the first prosecutor & investigator would have thought out a plausibly deniable approach to miss the evidence that would cause the town the most headache. hence, it’s seems to me painfully evident they ended up with the least worst case from the corrupt town perspective – going after the two kids with the least connections, and no conspiracy or contributing to delinquency charges. Abdalla saying it’s not his case on one hand and being so involved on the other is bizarre.

    if the instagram and GIS data gets mined, there could be some real fireworks between the sheriff, police, and Hanlin regarding how they negotiated the course of this thing in those first days. And the kids that are singing would be key to that, as (probably Hanlin) could be extremely vulnerable. Cody, as much of a cretin that kid appears to be, could be the one to come clean and cleanse the whole deal. it seems obvious to me that peer pressure from his and Coles part that got the momentum going on what mays and richmond, & then others did, Saltsman is too happy, to not see his acts as him celebrating his little creation. obvious speculation on my part. but if i was an investigator (unlike mcafferty spending time on defending the town on straw arguments instead of the meat) i’d be expanding the inquiry based on the evidence that is clear as day in the nodi confession since august, rather than trying to limit the case and loose ends to a clean little resolve of two kids in juvi for 2 years. all these boys will be marked by this and will end up being much better humans as a result of what you batcat and KY did. until the parents and town officials start getting that, the pressure and fear on their actions, however deniable, needs to keep mounting.

    the ustream from yesterday was amazing. great thing the town is doing, mainly on it’s own.

    wish i was legion but can’t code excel, but can help pay for pizza at the next one, from far away.

    lastly, that Saltsman, who deserves the worst, got this whole ball rolling with the suit against you, is very deep. if there is redemption in this person and he came totally clean, it could be profound, bring down a lot of professionals, and scare the heck out of anybody there, or in any town that gets lazy or criminal on their morals. p.s. this isn’t about football IMHO

  22. The avenue that could allow Feds to enter this case even without the “crossing of State lines” would be if they felt there was any evidence of “Conspiracy”, since that in itself is a Federal Crime and often times occurs after the catalytic event. For instance in the movie “Missisippi Burning” the FBI actually gained Federal convictions based on NOT the actual murder of the 3 civil rights workers but rather on the “Conspiracy” both during and partcularly “after the fact” of the actual murder. In other words if Feds feel or have reason to feel that any such “Conspiracy” exists in this case that would be an avenue for them to actively investigate. Along those same lines FBI is also the agency charged with investigating “corruption” in regard to elected/public officials. I am not alledging that I feel any of the aforementioned exist in this case but simply pointing out that even without the “crossing of State lines” with the victim, the Feds have other possible avenues if they deem that to be what they feel.

    • There are other avenues which might draw the Feds attention.

      *Producing indecent photos/videos of minors involved in sex acts of any type.

      *Distribution of indecent photos/videos of minors involved in sex acts of any type.

      *Conspiring to do anything listed above.

      *Conspiring to interfere in any investigation of the above.

      Again, no proof that any of this has happened.

  23. Our thoughts..

    Since these boys apparently took nude photos of the young girl without her permission, and sent them over the internet, that might legally constitute child porn. We hope federal law enforcement will consider getting involved. Hopefully anyone with information will contact law enforcement.

    Judy Jones, SNAP Midwest Associate Director, USA, 636-433-2511. snapjudy@gmail.com,
    “SNAP (The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) is the world’s oldest and largest support group for clergy abuse victims. SNAP was founded in 1988 and has more than 12,000 members. Despite the word priest in our title, we have members who were molested by religious figures of all denominations, including nuns, rabbis, bishops, teachers, Protestant ministers and increasingly, victims who were assaulted in a wide range of institutional settings like orphanages, summer camps, athletic programs, Boy Scouts, etc.”

  24. “No Further arrests…”

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat a CROC of SH*T. This entire thing stinks to high heaven. The sheriff and his ridiculous “Barney Fife” impersonation needs to be investigated for improprieties. Jane Hanlin (and her home) CERTAINLY needs to be investigated for her efforts in all of this. Coaches and officials of this high school team need to be investigated for improprieties. The inner-governmental structure of this entire TOWN needs to be looked into.

    Damn people…This poor girl and her family. WTF? We’re supposed to be the greatest nation on the planet…and this is HONESTLY the best we can do? All these kids who took part in this…NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for their actions. This needs to follow them for the rest of their lives.

    ALL of them.

    Sadly most will probably forget about it in a week and those kids will all go back to their cushy, entitled lives as if nothing happened. Some might even get a reality show out of it or a guest spot on MTV. One girl will continue on with her broken life. Lessons that should have been learned a long time ago… won’t.

    Anyone remember David Cash Jr.? If not…you should. He is one of the most despicable human beings on this planet. And for the life of me…I cannot grasp how this guy has gotten to the lofty status he has with his life? And all I can say to any of you is…SHAME ON YOU, America.

    I really hate the conscience of this country some times…and this is one of those times. The innate concept of right and wrong and the black and white that defined it’s boundaries are blurring into this gray of moral decay and juicy, self-righteous rationalizations.

    Shame on you Steubenville.

    You’ve just made this country …a lot less that it used to be.

  25. Judy, Back in Fall when the Cleveland Plain Dealer ran a story on the case I know for an absolute fact that the Cincinatti office of FBI was notified about the concern you raise about possible images of a minor being either texted or possibly sent via internet. The reply from Cincy FBI simply stated something along the lines of if the local authorities wanted the help of the FBI the “locals” knew how to request that. But here is one question that your point raises: Some cell phones were collected by local investigators from Steubenville PD and/or Sherrifs Office and at least one news report quoted a technician from BCI indicating that she found the “later generation” I Phones to make recreating deleted data almost impossible. ***** BUT: Since most people now days have an email link to their smart phone and since home computers are easily able to have deleted data retrieved from hard drive by any decent forensic law enforcement agency, a good question is this: Since BCI claims to have had difficulty retrieving deleted data from the confiscated cell phones, did BCI Investigators then “double back” and ask local Judge for search warrants to home computers of the same parties that had their cell phones examined. Meaning perhaps the computer hard drives might produce the deleted data via hard drive more effectively then the cell phones? In my opinion this should have been done rather than simply stop at the confiscated phones and claim “no can do”. In my opinion a good investigator would then “double back” and obtain a search warrant for the home computers of all the persons who had cell phones examined, simply because many people store the same data, emails etc., that their I Phone is used for, also on the home computer or whatever computer their smart phones are linked to. Yet I have not read anywhere that any home computers were siezed.

  26. My opinion is that you’re using this for your personal gain.I’m from Steubenville and I have absolutely no idea what you think makes you such an expert.You yourself said that you’re getting info off of the social media also.I’ve seen a shark swimming on broadway after Sandy and I don’t believe everything that I see and hear on here.We’re all anxiously awaiting the truth and if found guilty justice to be served.

    • Jeffrey Gater: Just out of curiosity, what personal gain do you think Prinnie is after or has gained? If I am not mistaken, no news show pays for interviews so I’m not thinking she is making a dime off her interviews. I know she doesn’t get paid for her blog and as a matter of fact, she pays out of her own pocket to have this blog hosted on a site.

      Do you think she wanted to be sued? Do you even realize that she could have chosen to care only about herself in that suit and work only to get the charges dropped against just her and not care one bit about her members but instead CHOSE to seek help from other lawyers and the ACLU who would all help her members free of charge? Her own attorney’s thought she was foolish wanting to stay in the suit to stand with her members but she stayed and stood right by their sides. She gained nothing by doing that.

      This isn’t the first crime Prinnie has blogged about. As a matter of fact, there is a crime she blogged more extensively on regarding a woman she and her blog members called Princess Blue. A name that she and her members gave the victim who is just listed as a Jane Doe in a morgue. Here is a recent blog by Prinnie about it…


      All the work she and her members did and the money they used to purchase high school yearbooks etc and she never once asked for anything in return from anyone. She gained nothing for all the work she did on that case. Work that she and her members did to try to help a nameless young woman get her name back and a proper burial. Something every human being deserves.

      There is also another case that her and her blog members helped in. In that case they managed to save two young children under the age of 5, who were adopted by a self proclaimed, internet diploma minister who had a record for credit card fraud, was scamming people out of money online, and who also had a “secret” gay porn website where he posted his homemade porn for others to upload. Porn that was made while these young children where in the home and most likely a witness to it all. Again, she gained nothing.

      So if you could, could you please explain what it is exactly that Prinnie will gain from all of this?

      Thank you in advance.

  27. I’ve seen it all of course and am also disgusted by it.This is still America and everybody is supposed to be entitled to a fair trial and or hearing.You’ve helped have them tried and convicted outside of the courts and that’s something that I don’t believe in.Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that they’re innocent,I’m saying that they still have the right to a fair trial and or hearing..

  28. I’m a little confused by your last sentence…if I google “Steubenville rape” and limit the search to the last 24 hours the first few pages are full of news articles about the new website. They must have bombed every media outlet in the country with the news.

    It’s just about the only thing they’ve had any success at from a PR perspective; they’ve managed to push all the Anonymous stuff off the front page. Of course, now the front page is full of headlines like “Steubenville officials create website to counter claims of cover-up.”

    Maybe that’s not quite what they wanted.

  29. Jeffrey,
    I am not sure if you were responding to me or Prinnie but let me clarify: Judy raised the question of possible images of a minor possibly being either texted or possibly sent via internet and she correctly mentioned that IF true that might be of interest to Feds. Now Jeffrey lets “do the math” together: Think like an investigator here: If you had confiscated cell phones in an attempt to re create deleted images and the BCI technician reports difficulty extracting deleted images from the “later generation” I Phones then the next step is to do one of two things in my opinion: Either “give up” and claim “no can do” on the I Phones, OR knowing that smart phones are linked to home computers or lap tops most times, then in my opinion the next step would be to obtain a search warrant for the home computers of all persons who had there cell phones taken. If there was “probable cause” to confiscate cell phones then clearly if a judge was made aware that BCI investigators had difficulty retrieving deleted data from the I Phones and hence wanted to go after the deleted data via “another door”, the judge would seemingly grant the warrant for confiscating the home computers or laptops. I can tell you that I had an FBI Agent who was the head of an Ohio large cities “Cyber Crimes Unit” tell me a few years back in regard to another case that the ability of FBI Computer Forensic technicians can “almost always” retrieve “deleted data” from computer hardrives, so it makes perfect sense that if the I Phones made the task of data retrieval difficult for BCI then in my opinion they should have then gone after the computers of the persons who had their cell phones taken. I hope that clarifies for you.

  30. What people fail to realize also is that the city pd was handling the case and couldn’t serve warrants to retrieve the phones outside of city limits so they had to ask the county to serve them.This case was never under the sheriff’s investigation like so many people think.

    • Jeffrey, I’m more than a little confused by this statement and the statements Abdalla has made recently. I lived in Steubenville most of my life and know how the jurisdiction issue works there. Whether or not this case was ever being investigated by the Sheriff’s Department should have little to do with the two departments cooperating together. Both departments have always assured the people they work together for the greater good and there are no “turf” battles going on in Jefferson County. Abdalla has ALWAYS been vocal about standing up for the kids in the area, and to the best of my knowledge, he has done a decent job….until now. This victim is a “kid” in the area. Even though his office was not officially in charge of the case, IMO, he should have been going above and beyond to help the SPD obtain any and all information needed to see justice done. Notice I said justice. To my way of thinking, anyone innocent should be more than willing to surrender their phones/computers to the authorities. I know if I had nothing to hide, I would be more than happy to prove my innocence as quickly as possible. And if they are forced to surrender their electronic devices as a result of a warrant, no one can point fingers at them as the one who ratted everyone out. They had no choice in the matter. I think the fact so many phones have missing data points to the individuals more likely being guilty than proving their innocence. Please note, this is just my opinion

      • Sherrif deputies collected phones at practice. Reno at first refused and tried to stall while making phone calls. Deputies threatened obstruction charges and he relented. SPD wanted to send letter home asking parents to bring phones in at earliest convenience. Without Sheriff Dept there would be NO EVIDENCE at all.

  31. Saw a tweet on Saturday that claimed that FBI is now offering “technical assistance” so IF that is true perhaps it time for local law enforcement to accept that.

  32. @ Jeffrey – they are being tried in juvenile court. That means there is no jury. Their lawyers are making a big deal about things being put on the internet affecting the outcome of the “trial” to try to twist this around and make the defendants look like victims. They’ve also made some pretty provocative statements about the victim, especially Richards’ attorney. The fact is, these guys were the original posters of this content, anyway. If anybody sabotaged them, it was their own sick sense of bravado that did it.

  33. I’m also a little shocked that only two participants were arrested and goint to court. Seems to me that anyone who posted online or forwarded any photos or videos of this event taking place is guilty of child pornography. There was a recent case of a high school girl sending her boyfriend a topless picture. The boy’s phone was confiscated by the school for some unrelated reason and the photo was reported. The girl who sent the picture OF HERSELF was charged with distributing nude photographs of a minor. Seems like a silly charge, given the context, but here you have so many involved in distribution of photographs and videos of a minor allegedly being raped and definitely at least partially nude and NOBODY is charged with that? Right there shows a certain level of cover up.

  34. As an iPhone user some of my data is stored in Apple’s “Cloud”. I believe even if I have deleted something it can be retrieved from the cloud. Wondering if they have tried that to retrieve possible deleted evidence.

  35. Who was the poster on the Origional blog that claimed to know how to retrieve the data? I’m pretty sure the Apple people could retrieve any data that was on there. Why didn’t they ask for Apple help before throwing in the towel and returning the phones?

  36. A coworker of mine worte a letter of support because he is the next foor neighbor of one of these two and the father asked him to..

  37. I’m not sure where they confiscated the phones – both the school and the practice field are within the city limits. Some of the boys live outside the city limits, so if the phones were confiscated from their homes, then the Sheriff would have been involved.

  38. Is it just me or DAE think that Jane Hanlin needs to have her ethics as the City Prosecutor and her office dealings reviewed DEEPLY by an outside agency?

  39. When the warrants for the phones were served they weren’t at home.They were at practice so the deputies went straight for the practice field to retrieve them with the warrant because even though they were in the city limits the deputies could still have jurisdiction rather than waste more time by having another warrant drawn up by the city.Yes the FBI has offered assistance and I’m sure that if there was any cover up or favortism then it will come to light.

  40. What gets me is that Sheriff Abdalla, who OBVIOUSLY will not take action when big red football players rapes a passed out girl, will and did take action in a 2002 arrest of a mother for not putting sun tan lotion on her children at the fair. “Eve Hibbits was arrested a week ago on three counts of child endangerment, said Sheriff Fred Abdalla. She remained in jail Tuesday in lieu of $15,000 bail. Hibbits, 31, of Brilliant, could face 15 years in jail if convicted of all three counts. A preliminary hearing was set for Wednesday.” He eventually gave up on the pursuit due to public outcry. Right or wrong…what the hell, inconsistent much?!?!

    • Same sherriff who made national news for going after the Amish “haircutting gang” while every other day there were drug related shootings in town as well as, what now all know, a culture of gang violence against women by student athletes.

      • Sorry to deviate from the issues at hand, but a fact about steubenville when it comes to all the known crime….first, there isn’t a drug dealer or criminal in town that is affraid of the police…it’s known that the jail very rarely accepts prisioners and if they do, usually just hold them for a few hours. If by chance a criminal gets arrested more than once for the same crime, they don ‘t usuall get put in jail for all that much time either….I’ve seen felony arrests bail out or get released before the reports could be finished. Pretty much anyone in town is affraid to come forward due to intimidation and threats….as for the police, they do what they can, however they need people to come to them with information and for people to not be scared…but these people have to feel they will be protected and need to know they police will do something with the info provided…There has always been a pattern showing private lives and looking out for oneself is more important than what is happening in the bad neighborhoods and even the good neighborhoods lately……I became a cop for many reasons, I also quit for many reasons…..but I can tell you all, up to my last day, i never stopped working the bad neighborhoods and I never stopped talking with people on the hilltops and the projects….whether they liked me or not, I gained all their respect by at least being there…I listened, I gave advice and I helped when I could….Maybe if parents, teachers and coaches would put in more effort to the kids that need it and guide them towards what is right instead of what is wrong, then maybe that is when some will start doing the right thing. Some will take then the wrong way, I don’t intend for all parents, coaches and teachers to be pointed at…but we all know there are many that do turn their head to the problems….

    • StrangerDanger Abdalla didn’t give up on the Hibbits case, the Prosecutor dropped the charges! Here’s the problem I have regarding the Prosecutor dropping charges against Eve Hibbits in 2002, in 2004 that same child died! The autopsy showed he had an inner ear infection, double pneumonia and 24 contusions and bruises!!! I have to give credit to Abdalla for arresting her in 2002. He obviously saw something that was not right. Had the Prosecutor not dropped that case, that child may still be alive today!

      • Oh and I want to add Shawn Blake was Eve Hibbitts attorney. (Same attorney who was the Saltsman’s attorney for defamation suit against Prinnie and 25 members here)

        • I’ll never criticize an attorney for taking on the defense of a criminal case.

          When people face the criminal justice system without competent representation the system chews them up, guilty and innocent alike. If we want that system to do its job and separate the guilty from the innocent, everyone, no matter who they are, what they’re alleged to have done, and how certain it seems to be that they’ve done it, has to have an attorney on their side and doing their job.

          They’re guaranteed that right in the constitution and we’re damned lucky they are. If anything I wish it went a bit further and guaranteed everyone competent representation, instead of just “representation”.

  41. But does the county have to take the FBI up on their help is my question? I believe they offered technology assistance.

  42. I have never written to a blog before and other than writing on my fb page, never made a comment anywhere either. This case has propelled me to write to this blog. Thanks to you, Prinnie and KnightSec (Anonymous) for getting and keeping this in the public’s awareness. I, too am a survivor of sexual assault. It happened a long time ago and has never left me. At 57 I still have repercussions from that horrible night, although I have gotten better and can say more now than ever I Love myself. It took a whole lot of hell to get here though and I pray for this victim as I know, like many women and men on here that they are my sisters and brothers. This poor young girl is me. And I her. This leads me to thinking about the atrocities of this case, starting with that Cody guy, who I hope will still be able to be prosecuted, someway-somehow. And the DA Hanlin. Why, why was she not removed or recuse herself from this case on Aug. 14th, instead of Aug. 28th. I’ve been trying to find some laws written on this matter and came upon a few sites, which I will post as I am not an attorney but even so it seems pretty evident she should not have had anything to do with this case. I am so angry because of this! This reeks of a cover-up!! And as far as this Cody person, well, it appears he is one, just one of the dregs that set this whole thing up and I do not buy his apology. I hope with maybe the FBI’s help there are other charges that can be brought against him. Is not the masterminds of a crime always charged too? Also this nauseating animal on the 12 minute tape, which I barely made it through it, there absolutely has to be some kind of arrest here. He admits certain things that can only be known if he himself touched the poor girl!
    Prinnie I want to thank you again and KnightSec (Anonymous) for doing all you have done to keep this in the media. I also wish to congratulate all of you on the dismissal of that ridiculous lawsuit, but I hope you did get to ask him certain questions that helped you and KnightSec be able to get and dig for information. You have my support as does Anonymous, they always do!! I wish I could be there at the next rally, but I live in NJ and on a fixed income. What I am doing is posting everything I can to my fb page; the vile video, the petition for him to be ousted from the college; the petition for this case to be looked into and more arrests be made. Anything else that I may be of help with please let me know.
    My final thoughts are with our young lady that this crime was done to. Time will help and Love will help. And Justice will help. There are 100’s of thousands, if not millions, of people out here rooting for her. I remember what it was like and I know she is me and I am her. She is not alone. Not anymore! We are here for you, we stand with you and we love you, even across the miles of this country we send our love and our hope to you. For your healing, for your peace and for your Justice!!

    Here’s a paragraph from spremecourt.ohio.gov, This Hanlin person should be disciplined and disbarred, imho

    [21] Related lawyers. When lawyers who are closely related by blood or marriage
    represent different clients in the same matter or in substantially related matters, there may be a
    substantial risk that client confidences will be revealed and that the lawyer’s family relationship
    will interfere with both loyalty and independent professional judgment. As a result, each client
    is entitled to know of the existence and implications of the relationship between the lawyers
    before the lawyer agrees to undertake the representation. Thus, a lawyer related to another
    lawyer, e.g., as parent, child, sibling, or spouse, ordinarily may not represent a client in a matter
    where the related lawyer represents another party, unless each client gives informed, written
    consent. The disqualification arising from a close family relationship is personal and ordinarily
    is not imputed to members of firms with whom the lawyers are associated. See Rule 1.10.
    [Model Rule Comment 11]
    FROM: http://www.supremecourt.ohio.gov/LegalResources/Rules/ProfConduct/profConductRules.pdf

    How to File an Ethics Complaint Against an Attorney in Ohio:

    SYSTEM : http://www.supremecourt.ohio.gov/

    I don’t know if posting these links will help anything, I just thought whynot. There’s a ton of reading involved, which I’ll be doing too.
    Thanks again for this post, my very first blog post. Too bad it had to be on something so horrific.

    Peace, Joanie

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  44. Last night I saw a very interesting tweet. It was posted by a woman who claimed to have overheard a conversation between two young women while waiting in the lobby of a doctor’s office in Stubenville. She claimed the young women said they “train” a girl every year and it’s no big deal. If this is true, it would be horrific to contemplate. One only hopes that if it is true, somehow those victims will find the courage to speak.

    • Tracy, I have heard similar stories in town…..Heard a baseball player that talked about how they do it all the time and it’s not a big deal…… Being that I used to work so closely with kids in our city, I have overheard a lot of stories, true or not so true, I don’t know, but all in all they are all disturbing stories. I have been told things by juveniles that make you want to question where are the parents?? Just from what I know about and have been told and hear, I wouldn’t doubt for a second that these kids are doing this kind of behavior more often than everyone thinks….And when it comes to drugs, they are easier than ever to get…everyone in steubenville knows where and who to get any drug they want….I wasn’t raise by naive parents and I am not naive at all! So how is it, parents and teachers are so clueless as to what these kids are doing? I can’t believe adult around these kids don’t hear the stories and don’t over hear them talking….My dad was my principal most of my life, and he knew everything that was going on in the school…sometimes before I knew! So are all these parents and teachers to wrapped up in their own lives to care what is going on with their children and students???

      • Pete,
        You ask a very important question. Where are the parents? Not only are parents absent in life, but online. This summer my daughter was the target of a lot of nasty tweeting. I follow her on Twitter so I saw all of it. She and I had many conversations but I let her handle it – up until physical threats were made. Then I involved the police. They took the screen shots to the boy’s house to confront him. The boy’s father was very disgusted to see what his son had said and shocked to see how his friends reacted. The father said he’s known most of the kids since they were in elementary school and would have sworn they were never capable of that kind of behavior. He said when your kids are young you monitor them on the internet to protect them from predators but when they’re 17 you think you don’t have to anymore. I guess he never dreamed HIS son was the predator now.

      • Pete – there’s a big difference between being clueless and being intentionally non-observant. I tend to believe most parents and school personnel who claim to not know what the kids are doing fall under the latter category.

    • A preseason “team-building exercise.”

      I’ve thought that ever since the April victim came forward. Actually, I was already thinking it before that–the tone of the tweets are like some sort of initiation or hazing ritual. Prove you’re one of us by humiliating a girl…then you can be part of the “rape crew”…I mean “football team”. It’d be no accident that the kids actually caught were sophomores (do I have that right?) and were expected to be first-year starters on the team. The younger kids do it while the older kids watch and cheer.

      We had something similar in my high school, back in the day; it’s how an athlete got his letterman’s jacket. Each new letter-winner was assigned to an older athlete and was his slave for a day. But it was relatively harmless stuff like having to come to class in your underwear or licking ketchup off the cafeteria floor.

      It would explain the reaction from some of the younger adults in town, too, if this has been going on for a while. (It’s also possible that they have, in the past, had willing participants.)

      It’s also maybe worth noting that one of the stories posted at anonpaste was from a girl who’d spent a horrible year or two dealing with rumors they’d spread that they had trained her when they hadn’t. It’s all about the humiliation, if possible with pictures. That seems to be a major thread running through these stories.

  45. John Doe #6…it’s no wonder we see this behavior from these kids…if you ever had a chance to look at anyone of their facebook pages, you’ll see they all idolize people like, Stanley “Tookie” Williams, Demetrius “Big Meech” Fenory and Larry Hoover…. I for one will never let my son think it’s ok to believe the founders/leader of th Crips, Black Mafia Family and Gangster Disciples is ok! These kids are being taught by gangster that dealing drugs, getting drunk/high and treating woman like animals is ok….and worst of all their parents think its funny when they talk and act like want to be gangsters…and even worse than that, some parents are idolizing those people right along side of their children!

    • No doubt. That’s on the parents, and other adults on their lives, for not giving them any perspective about it.

      There are tens if not hundreds of millions of kids around the world listening to the same music, lots of them understanding and even in a certain sense having respect for the gangsters. Very few of those kids turn into gangsters themselves, any more than watching The Godfather when I was young made me want to join the mob. It’s one thing to empathize with and even respect the people trapped in those lives; it’s quite another to want to act like them. Something’s gone seriously wrong when you have a community of kids choosing the latter.

  46. No they do not. Local LE can simply choose to not enlist the offered FBI help. The exception to that is if FBI themselves had a “Federal Interest” in the case and entered on their own. The fact that the FBI offer was an “offer” means that local police can turn that down.

  47. Most disturbing thing I heard Nodi’s attorney says, “What these kids were doing is not uncommon” Well good to know rape isn’t uncommon in da ville! SMH!

    • I think that’s the problem — many people in Steuberville cannot fathom why this case is causing outrage. I just wish the other young women would realize that they are just as much at risk. They cannot safely break up with their boyfriends; they really cannot be safe if they become a target for any reason, or no reason at all. What happened to Jane Doe could very easily happen to any one of them. I do not get how the young women can blame the victim and stand up for the rapists — don’t they realize the very real danger they also are in? This girl was their friend!

        • No one, but my point was that the other girls are at just as much risk if they tick off the wrong athlete. These young women think they’re safe if they trash the victim, I suppose, but they need to realize, the only difference between them and the victim is they haven’t made the wrong person angry yet. Or perhaps they do realize it. They saw the alleged punishment for breaking up with someone.

          • One could only hope ONE set of Parents raised their kid right and he/she steps up and tells them the truth to everything. But in retrospect, if they did raise them right they would have stopped it and/or reported it the very minute it started to happen.

  48. A Psychiatrist friend of mine had an office near this town and after only a few years, he had to get the hell out of town. The amount of incest, rape and pedophilia that goes on in this “Bible Belt” area sickened him. He eventually moved to the North East. The stories the man can tell would make you sick.

  49. The people who have brought the regular townspeople into disrepute are the ones in Steubenville who denigrated the victim and the ones who still offered enthusiastic support for the alleged rape perpetrators even after seeing the sordid evidence of their criminality. The whole town is certainly not to blame, and many there have undoubtedly suffered effects of the corrupt culture of sports worship, but the enabling of any criminal behavior by high school sports teams must be rooted out at every level if they are to overcome this.

  50. p.s. ‘you don’t sleep through a wang in the butthole’ – nodi
    precisely nodi & cops and prosecutors that were on this case in the first 14 days. so it really irritates me to see NYT and press and police still today say ‘intoxicated’.

    she was obviously drugged – illegally. if they need a PC way to say that, it is ‘unconcious’ or allegedly unconscious.

    but the investigators and prosecutors show their hand by keep stating that she was intoxicated or drunk. and after all the leaks, there is way more evidence that she was completely unconscious, and probably drugged heavily.

    they could easily get these kids to spill the beans on who did the drugging if they wanted to threaten some aiding. aka shows they don’t want info to come out

  51. As a tax paying resident of Ohio, I have a few questions. A coach at the high school threatened the NY Times reporter(who broke the story) and still has a job? A volunteer coach hosted a party (where 1 of the alleged incidents occurred) where minors were consuming alcohol? Is this person still a volunteer coach? Isn’t serving minors illegal? Also, supposedly, one Asst. Coach and the City Prosecutor also hosted parties on the night in question, where alcohol was being consumed by minors. Is it legal to serve minors in Steubenville? Are these people still employed? A portion of my state tax money contributes to their salaries and I think I deserve an accounting.

  52. There’s a really, really excellent Tumblr post by a young woman here, who talks very convincingly about growing up in Steubenville, It’s a calm, measured and not wholly condemnatory piece, and in my view all the more powerful for it.

    I’d also like to repost a comment I made on another blog. I was a bit embarrassed about its length and strength of feeling, but the blogger liked it, and in fact posted it as its own post shortly thereafter. This has given me the confidence to post on a high traffic blog, such as this. I hope reposting it here is okay – not too sure on what net etiquette is, but I feel like the courage of Jane Doe in standing up for herself in this situation is getting lost in the outrage we all feel over what has been done. The more we hear of what that town is like, the more I think her strength of character in taking this to the law should be recognised, and honoured,

    * * *

    Shame nobody is suing Deirdre Myers, who posted the most disgusting pack of lies about the victim on Facebook. Talk about defamation.

    The girl in question was being spoken about in adulatory, passionately loving terms by one of the athletes in this situation for months, in which he declared repeatedly that her happiness was his mission for 2012, that she was his first priority, that she was amazing, beautiful, much too good for him and that he loved her. Then she broke up with him, and a matter of weeks later, this was occurring. This simple fact proves Deirdre Myers’ disgusting words about the victim are flat out impossible. She’s spreading nasty, women-hating, impossible lies to cloud the waters. If the best you can say isn’t, “They didn’t do it” but “she was worthless” then that speaks absolute volumes.

    And it is so very telling that, when hearing of a situation in which a group of boys drink underage, and engage in joint sexual activity, the focus is on the sexual morals of the only person there not to consent in any way to what was transpiring. The “cheap sluts” in this case were the ones engaging in group sexual activity, and intentionally exposing themselves. Of course, it seems in Ms Myers’ world, the simple possession of a penis is a free pass. It’s only women she judges and scorns for sexual activity. It’s sad that she feels the need to tell herself that this could never be her, or her friend, or her child, because hey, only BAD girls have this happen – right? And that she is telling herself that girls and boys can’t be friends, that young men will exploit and use any girl around them who is not chaperoned by other women. She appears to believe that we live in Saudi Arabia, in fact. It’s all the sadder, as I am married to my best friend, and we are raising a son together whom I so hope will grow to be as upstanding and decent as his father. Men are human beings too, Ms Myers. Most are not rapist animals, any more than sexual activity converts a woman to chattel.

    This girl could have walked into that room naked and drunk and it wouldn’t justify what they are alleged to have done to her. But the fact is, the people acting like whores were the boys. She was acting like someone unconscious, as Michael Nodi repeatedly stated.

    I’d also like to say that the victim is a true damn heroine. it seems a lot of young women who are treated this way are, entirely understandably, too scared to challenge it, to make a stand, to say “this is wrong, you do not do this to me, this stops now. You will not get away with this.” If Jane Doe or anyone close to her ever reads this, I just want to say that she will have directly prevented this happening to other young women. Because slimeball young men, without morals to prevent them raping, will be scared of the kind of public hatred this case is attracting. They’ll see that Michael Nodi has been forced out of university and that the sheer disgusting misogyny those boys thought they could inflict has come back to bite them hard. They’ll have daughters one day, perhaps, who will google, and learn what their fathers did. And they will have to live with that knowledge. Other young men, hearing about this case and realising how their attitudes are seen by the overwhelming majority of people, will make different decisions now from pure self-interest. They’ll be scared of consequences. And that is down to this young woman, and her courage in standing up for her rights, and the rights of women everywhere. She’s a little star, and if she were my daughter I would be so proud of her I could hardly stand it. One set of parents in this mess raised a child right: hers. They raised her to make a stand against evil, even if it might cost her personally. And they raised her with a backbone of steel. I hope she appreciates now that almost all the USA, and a lot of the world, are with her – because whatever the truth of all this, and whatever happens legally, those tweets and that video prove she was grievously misused.

    As for the idiots arguing that posting evidence of what they’d done publicly, for anyone to see, is somehow a reason they should escape justice… erm, they need better lawyers. Posting child pornography and evidence against your own case on social media, unlocked, is not somehow a get-out-of-jail-free card. It’s evidence against you. And as for “she told him she knew he hadn’t raped her” as his lawyer is swaggeringly saying – yeah, I bet she did, when that was the rumour she was hearing, and he was swearing up and down on Twitter nothing had happened. What sort of person would she be, if she immediately believed something so horrible of someone she knew? She had faith in his humanity, because she’s a normal human being herself who would expect that basic decency in others.

    The irony is that the people on these young men’s sides are digging their graves for them with great competence. They need new legal advisors. Ones who explain the facts of legal life to them with great rapidity. The facts of moral life might be a good followup, too. Better 15 years late than never.

    Sorry for the rant. It’s just that this case is haunting me. I just wish it weren’t the case that this Jane Doe represents many, many others, whose voices go unheard and whose suffering will not be vindicated. Again, I think we owe her a debt in raising awareness through her refusal to be intimidated and silenced. If you ever read this, young lady – you are inspirational. Don’t ever forget that. A societal shift in attitudes to sexual assault is happening right in front of our eyes – and it’s down to you.

  53. Kim, I totally agree. A crime has been committed. But let’s back up. Where did it start and why hasn’t this been adressed? I as a parent would’ve been arrested for contributing to minors. Why aren’t they? Really??
    We need to also focus on how and where it started!

    I had used my work computer to post the comment I was named in the suit for. Today, someone posing as an employee of teh Herald Star called my place of employment and asked to speak to teh owner about a nasty blog post that came from a computer here. The caller hung up on our secretary and when she called the Herald Star they said they had no one there by that name.

    How the hell did that happen? Anyone else have anything similar happen to them?

  55. There are no “good” citizens in Steubenville. Here’s why:

    After two students of their high school football team are arrested for rape, no one from either the school board or, particularly, the physical education department has been removed.

    In a civilized and moral town, every single parent who had a child of any age in that school system would have demanded heads to roll the very moment the word “rape” was made public. Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. Just the fact that an arrest was made should have been enough.

    It’s a matter of trust. Once the accusation was made, no civilized and moral parent would ever see that school system as a trustworthy guardian of one’s children.

    And yet, there was no hew and cry. No “lynch mob” after the coach and assistant coaches and school board. Only after six months and a so-called “terrorist” group made some noise did the “lynch mob” finally show up.

    The international “lynch mob” showed up because the citizens of Steubenville were neither civilized or moral enough to do it themselves.

    Steubenville is done–put a fork in it. No one with the words “Steubenville. Ohio” on their resume will ever get a job outside of Steubenville (or some other immoral backwater). No Steubenville alum will ever have a sports career–no pro sports team or accredited college will ever accept them–no one would want bad publicity (and the internet will never let anyone forget it–that’s how the internet works).

    So congratulations, citizens of Steubenville, for virtually guaranteeing that your children will never rise from their current level of poverty. And all because you all didn’t have the morals or courage to “lynch” those who deserved it.

    • That comment is both unfair and untrue.

      It seems very likely that other girls have been abused, because these boys took it so lightly. Nasty online bullying is par for the course with teenagers. That’s why adults need to monitor them, and take a zero tolerance approach. The most disturbing aspect to this case is that these kids saw sexual assault and even rape as within that framework – as a means of hazing, humiliating and bullying someone who for whatever reason had annoyed or hurt one of the group. It’s bullying blown up into monstrous, steroidal form. And the casual way they treated it means a lot of good kids in that school will be brutally, horribly bullied. Obviously not all will be sexually abused, but they’ll be physically abused, they’ll be humiliated, laughed at, ostracised and hurt. This was very obviously a little gang of minnows in a puddle, under the misapprehension they were sharks in a wide ocean, and sadly they were enabled and supported in that delusion by the adults around them. They were allowed to behave however the hell they wanted. And now, thankfully, their own words have come back to haunt them, and will always haunt them. That’s what the net has become: a permanent record. They’ll be fighting the riptide of this the rest of their lives, and frankly, good. The fear of something like this should deter other little bastards in future. But by jeering that all the kids in Steubenville will be tainted, you’re condemning the other victims. Most of the kids in that school are not going to be successful athletes, from the powerful families. Most of the kids in that school are not, as Cody Saltsman casually said he was, going to work for their fathers anyway, so why bother in school? They will be victims of these bullies – not to such an extreme, but do you really imagine these little rats were kind and pleasant to the geeks and freaks at that school? Those geeks and freaks will be living for the day that they can escape the braindead, souldead asshats who abused that young woman’s trust, because let’s face it, they didn’t turn feral overnight. They were already moral and emotional dead space. So why try to say they can now never escape, because their own tormentors took it so far with one victim, and got so publicly exposed?

      Steubenville kids will be much more likely to be other, less badly abused victims of these adolescent pieces of human filth than they are to be perpetrators themselves. Give them a break. They deserve the chance to live a life, just as anyone else does. It’s yet another reason why the refusal to dig up phone tracking records, refusal to analyse the video transcript closely and then question the why claims of first hand knowledge, using the present tense, don’t imply involvement, and the refusal to ask Apple to assist in retrieving deleted files is so unfair. Allowing so many kids who were plainly involved, at the very best peripherally, to escape any kind of blowback – even for something as basic as failure to report a felony under Ohio law – is meaning all the kids in that school are now being tarred by the same brush. And many of them will also have been victimised by this same gang of losers – some, perhaps, even sexually. So please, please, stop writing them off. You revictimise victims by doing so. This was not committed by every child or young person in that town.

      • “That comment is both unfair and untrue.”

        Unfair? Yes, absolutely. Untrue? Your mileage may vary, but I don’t think so.

        Your own words:

        “[…] they’ll be physically abused, they’ll be humiliated, laughed at, ostracised and hurt. This was very obviously a little gang of minnows in a puddle, under the misapprehension they were sharks in a wide ocean, and sadly they were enabled and supported in that delusion by the adults around them. They were allowed to behave however the hell they wanted. And now, thankfully, their own words have come back to haunt them, and will always haunt them. That’s what the net has become: a permanent record.”

        This applies to the “adults” who “enabled and supported” them. As far as the world can see, these “adults” are still at their posts, continuing to indoctrinate the children of the city to see, again in your own words, “[…] sexual assault and even rape as within that framework – as a means of hazing, humiliating and bullying someone who for whatever reason had annoyed or hurt one of the group.”

        Again, your words:

        “It’s yet another reason why the refusal to dig up phone tracking records, refusal to analyse the video transcript closely and then question the why claims of first hand knowledge, using the present tense, don’t imply involvement, and the refusal to ask Apple to assist in retrieving deleted files is so unfair. Allowing so many kids who were plainly involved, at the very best peripherally, to escape any kind of blowback – even for something as basic as failure to report a felony under Ohio law – is meaning all the kids in that school are now being tarred by the same brush.”

        You just restate my thesis.

        Of course it’s unfair. Horrifyingly unfair. My heart goes out to the innocents who had the misfortune to have been born into this cesspool. Their only comfort lies in that they weren’t born in Somalia or Syria. Small comfort.

        I’m not “revictimising” anyone. It’s the citizens of Steubenville who have done that. Their six-month history of implied approval have all but guaranteed it.

        • Sorry, but if you genuinely think a college admissions office or major external employer is going to decide against a kid from this town purely because of this scandal, then your exposure to the decisionmaking process in college and employment decisions is nil. That is just not how it works. An individual’s life chances because of one scandal surrounding their town of birth, however egregious that scandal. The name of the town will be remembered, but it won’t affect decisions made regarding kids from that town in almost all instances – why would it? As to “restating your thesis” – er, no. I was frustrated that you were seemingly tarring all those kids with the same brush, and that others online appear to do so at the moment. That’s a far cry from believing employers or universities will – or that most of those who are so angry at the moment will remain so, very long. Some will, definitely, but it’s the nature of online campaigns that they’re memes. They pass. Hopefully in this instance they will also alter thinking on sexual violence, because a real discussion has opened up and that’s fantastic. But, thankfully, I think it’s very unrealistic to believe that every kid from Steubenville will be a societal outcast from this day on.

          Please don’t pretend that their live chances are anything close to Somalian or Syrian children’s, either (nor that Syrian children’s life chances are anything like as bad as Somalis, in fact). It’s pretty insulting, and I don’t mean to the kids in Steubenville. Additionally, there will be plenty of happy and settled kids in that town who don’t engage in this behaviour, nor suffer from it. So hyperbolic statements about their “poverty” and birth in a cesspool etc is just ridiculous. By framing the debate in such terms, you actually make it easier to ignore the points being more moderately offered. Bluntly, it’s adolescent in tone.

          And severe bullying as an entrenched culture is, sadly, very much not isolated to Steubenville, either. If only it were. The fact is that schools up and down the country have the same problem, albeit (I very much hope) not to the same extent; as you very rightly say, lack of will (or worse, collusion) on the part of the adults in charge is always, always, a big part of why any bullying culture can flourish. In this case, it seems clear that the kids had some very misogynist role models, who encouraged them to regard girls as somehow less than fully human.Bullying culture plus that degree of misogyny doesn’t make events like this a complete surprise, depressingly. Thats one of the big reasons this furore is a good thing: it’s made it plain that there can be consequences for actions that go way beyond court sanctions, and it’s opened up a debate into sexual attitudes and sexual violence that was sorely overdue. Hopefully, and almost certainly, some kids who might take this path will refrain, for fear of this kind of attention if it became widely known. And others will grasp the significance of the act in a way that, appallingly, I don’t think all those there that night really did. They operated in that much of a moral vacuum, and objectified women to that sort of extent. So yes, there are good things to come from the mess this has been. But to ensure people don’t just dismiss the whole thing as hysterical nonsense I think it’s necessary to keep at least some sort of perspective. Everyone knows there were and are issues in that school now. But everyone also knows most of the kids there will be perfectly good people. Pretending their lives are done because you want to hit back at the town is just, well, daft.

          • “Sorry, but if you genuinely think a college admissions office or major external employer is going to decide against a kid from this town purely because of this scandal, then your exposure to the decisionmaking process in college and employment decisions is nil. That is just not how it works.”

            That’s how it used to work. Here in the twenty-first century, one of the first things a potential employer does is check personal details. I’m not talking about burger-flipping jobs. For high-skill technical and management positions, the evaluation of interpersonal skills is far more important than the resume itself (especially now that employers get dozens of virtually identical resumes for every opening). Scouring the internet for a potential employee’s personal details is now standard. Sure, there’ll be plenty of McJobs for these kids, but it’s going to be pretty hard to get a job that’ll pay six or more figures. Let’s put it this way: None of ’em will ever be President–of much of anything.

            By the same token: Sure, they’ll get into college. Maybe a major one. And, yeah, they’ll participate in the athletics program. But they’ll never be a first-stringer. Not if the head of the athletics program wants to keep his job. Winning games is important, yes, but keeping clear of any scandal that could possibly affect alumni contributions is more important. It’s bad enough when controversy comes at you out of nowhere, but you don’t go looking for it. And scouts don’t

            “Pretending their lives are done because you want to hit back at the town is just, well, daft.”

            No I don’t “want to hit back at the town.” I’m just being practical and, yes, cynical. Absolutely, I could be wrong. As someone somewhere else suggested, this could just be this week’s media splash, with the same lifespan as the Australian DJs royals hoax.

            But within all this event’s media attention is this slogan: “We are Legion. We do not Forgive. We do not Forget. We are Anonymous.”

            Only time will tell if this is just a meaningless phrase.

          • Sadly I wish most of your statement about this crap following these kids were a lot truer. For example, google David Cash Jr. (http://youtu.be/KqTdXOQmXrc) This kid is working in a VERY high-paying job and living a great life to this date. Even after his morally, decrepit soul did what he did.

        • ResoL101, that’s utterly horrifying. I’d like to believe that the crime predating the net being used as widely for recruitment filtering is a factor, but sadly I can’t really believe it. I do not understand how he could be employed by anyone, really. I can say that he would be unemployable by any of the corporate HR departments I have ever had dealings with, in any role above basic admin. And once the background leaked, he’d be fired even at that level, because it wouldn’t be worth the drama with his co-workers. He must have some fairly unique skills in his field, and a very relaxed employer attitude. that’s all I can say.

          Faboofour, I assure you I’m familiar with both university admissions and corporate recruitment practice, and you appear to be missing the fact that checking the online footprint of candidates does not involve checking scandals concerning their town of origin. It involves checking their online conduct and any evidence regarding their past behaviour. (One idiot college student posted on Facebook, using his genuine account, “It’s not rape if you shout SURPRISE!” That gem is now cached, searchable under an unusual name, and biting him on the ass.) No HR department is about to flag up someone as problematic solely for having attended a school which was associated with a scandal. It wouldn’t be deemed relevant, even if it came up under the search, which would in itself be questionable. Your point that star athletes currently attending the school may have a tougher time of is indeed possible, as there will inevitably be fears that they were involved or similarly-minded, however unfair that might in actuality be, but your initial statements were that no child from Steubenville would ever be educable or employable again. If you’re now qualifying that to the current generation of star athletes’ chances of attaining sports scholarships and pro careers, then you’ve moved the goalposts so far we aren’t even playing on the same field.

          There is another point perhaps worth making. Cody Saltsman stated some months before all of this that he didn’t really see the point in school, because he knew he’d just end up working for his father anyway. I have no idea what level of privilege that family have, but it’s hard to imagine this scandal swaying his future employer.

    • Incidentally, I do wonder what that school’s bullying policy is – it could not be more obvious that it isn’t being enforced, and that it isn’t in any way strong enough. Because the tragic thing is that this is real Lord of the Flies territory. Kids given no moral framework, no real guidance, and no real boundaries. There was no point at which their consciences kicked in and told them how evil what they were doing was. A private, very traditional boarding school in the UK has, oddly enough, the best anti-bullying policy I’ve ever read. It clearly sets out that just spreading rumours and/or sexual name calling is bullying – and so is standing by and not intervening, when another is bullied. It sets out that the person regarded as the one with the issue is the bully, but that their actions are so corrosive that they may well be expelled if no other step is deemed constructive for the victim. And there are a range of people there to advocate for and listen to anyone who feels they’re being bullied, from peer supporters, to the deputy head, to local citizens without formal involvement with the school. It’s possible, altering this mindset. But it takes will, and sadly the adult response in Steubenville strongly implies that will is simply not there.

  56. It’s too early to declare Steubenville another Selma (AL). But it COULD still happen – if coaches aren’t disciplined, more charges aren’t filed, etc. But even if Steubenville becomes another Selma, the lesson of this incident is lost if people choose to focus on Steubenville alone. Selma comes to mind when we think of the ugly racism of the Jim Crow south, but racism was no more limited to that city or state than rape culture/jock privilege is confined to Steubenville and Penn State. The value of this incident coming to light (in addition to justice for the “target”) is raising awareness nationwide and globally of an age-old problem with a relatively new face (mask) and the very real hope of making things better.

    • I see that Notre Dame is getting some notice, too. I wonder if we’ve not hit a tipping point.

      Another point: I’ve heard a lot of comparisons to the Duke lacrosse team incident. Outside of sports junkies, I wonder what immediate impressions and emotions are stirred in the average person when just the words “Duke lacrosse” are mentioned. I certainly can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I’d all but forgotten that the charges were proven false. My immediate thought was, “yeah, there’s another case of athletes committing rape.”

      Fair or not, it’s the initial scandal people remember, not the outcome.

  57. did anyone see the today show with mr. and mrs agresta? why did they waste the tv stations time it was the most dumbest thing on tv except for honey boo boo…someone lives with you and you don’t ask any questions???

    • I saw that and thought WTF was the purpose for this? I did learn something though. It was always my understanding that Ma’lik Richmond had been in their care since he was 8. If I am not mistaken one of the local news site reported that. According to the Agresta’s on the Today show, that’s not true, He lived with them for 2 years and has since lived with his parents up until this happened. When he was released from the detention center he was released back into the care of the Agresta’s and not his parents.

      I think the main purpose of the Today Show was to garner sympathy for him from the public. Problem with that is 1.) he hasn’t really lived with the Agresta’s in the last 7 years so they really don’t know him enough to speak for his character. What someone was like when they were 10 is extremely different than what they are like at 17 and 2.) you can’t erase what was said in that video or the testimony from his own friends in court explaining exactly what he did that night.

    • I thought the same thing….I feel I wasted time of my day that I’ll never get back. They seemed very silly just sitting there staring at the host not answering his questions….As for making the public feel sympathetic for him…doubt that will happen, and I already know about his past juvenile encounters and the kids he runs around with…I have no sympathy for either boy.

  58. Heya Prinn! In all that is going on is there a fund for Jane Doe? Is there something set up for her legal fees? I hope she has a good lawyer since this will probably end up in a Civil Court to actually get any restitution.

    • Her attorneys are representing her pro bono, but said that they will make an announcement at some point about a designated charity to donate to.

      • donations in her honor r to go to Wheeling West Virginia’s madden house at the ymca who help battered and victimized women

        • For anyone who may be interested in donating in the victims name to the Madden House. I called today and spoke with the Director of the Madden House, Trish Flanigan. She didn’t know anything about this but did call me back and said this is being set up through Fitzsimmons Law Office, attorney for the victim and her family. Trish had not yet been notified but told me that a PayPal account is now being established for donations in the name of Jane Doe. The number for the Wheeling YWCA — not YMCA — is 304-232-0511. The Madden House is a facility of the YWCA in Wheeling for battered and victimized women.

          I just felt it was important to verify this information. If you have any questions Ms. Flanigan said feel free to contact her at the number listed above.

      • Wow. That is really awesome about the pro bono. You’ll have to excuse this middle aged guy since he has something in his eyes making them water right now….. this info has restored a little bit of my faith in the justice system.

        I still want to see the FBI and/or DOJ involved. Their technical capabilities are beyond anything Ohio can do. I’m not 100% positive the Ohio DA types have done all they could to retrieve electronic evidence.

        • Agreed. Deleted information isn’t really “deleted” on a hard drive of ANY processor-based storage system. It should all still be there and I hope the FBI finds it all.

          • Well lets just hope they take the FBI up on the ” offer” to provide technical assistance. As far as I understand it the FBI hasn’t inserted themselves or taken over the case. Prosecutors office and LE aren’t required to send the phones to them. I wish they were are will be leading the case in the future. I would have thought the naked picture of a minor would have deemed it a federal offense but apparently not.

            Also if 16 is the age of consent then they should be tried as adults nice the state of Ohio thinks a 16 yr old is mature enough to consent to a sexual relation that could lead to becoming a parent. Absurd!

  59. Also note that according to the record in the Juvy Court hearing it was stated that in the car a video of the victim being “digitally raped” was taken by a co Operating witnesses cell phone. Also note that defense attorney on CNN denies strongly that assertion, stating on camera that “we deny that occured”, referring to the “digital rape”. BCI person mentioned that video could not be recovered since it was deleted. So it seems to be critical for the Prosecution to prove the videos existence and hence prove the alleged “digital rape”, so once again if BCI simply stopped at the cell phone and made no attempt to get a search warrant for any home computer or laptop that the cell phone of this co operating witness might possibly be linked to then it would be in my opinion flat out negligent since a criotical point to the Prosecutions case is proving “beyond a REASONABLE DOUBT” that the “digital rape” occured. I am more troubled then ever that there has not been any mention of any home computers or laptos being confiscated since often times there is a link or back up to same from cell phones with emails etc. IF BCI did not do this it boggles the mind.

  60. Another thing I’ve heard the defendant’s attorney say more than once is “there was no force” therefore a rape did not occur. Well, of course no force would be needed to rape a person who is unconscious or, at the very least, seriously incapacitated secondary to either alcohol or some type of drug ingestion.

    BooBoo, I completely agree with you in that I was under the impression Richmond had lived with the Agresta’s all this time, too. I really don’t understand the purpose of their appearance on The Today Show.

    Elliot, I believe you’re correct about the importance of that video being located. The witness testified he made the video, so it should be recoverable from a back up to the iPhone or from a service provider for the iPhone. Is this being looked into by LE?

    • Re the video taken by front seat cell phone of back-seat assault, it seems likely to me that once that cell phone owner returned to his home, he may have transferred it to his home computer-to watch to a big screen, perhaps. I think it’s Essential that home computers be taken by the Right LE for forensic purposes by people who know how to do it.

  61. JD#13 I have been concerned since that Juvy Court hearing when the BCI tech testified because it seems that at least so far there has been no indication of any computers being siezed. If they simply gave up once they could not gain deleted matter from the cell phones and did not then go after any and all computers that those cell phones may be linked to via email etc. IF true that in my opinion would be possibly now irreversable error. That video takes it out of the realm of “he said he said” and makes the case for Prosecution.

  62. Haven’t seen this discussed yet but, if you delete something out of a memory bank such as a computer or a mobile phone…it’s not really DELETED, you’ve just given the processor the ok to OVERWRITE the information on the storage device. SO by that logic…ALL the information should STILL be there unless all those kids enabled a program to overwrite the freespace woith “0”. OR am I wrong in this?

    • No you are correct from everything I read. The new operating system from apple made it harder for BCI but if the FBI thought that was the case I doubt they would over to help. I. Sure they would have just put out a statement backing them up.

  63. It in my opinion is becomming painfully obvious that IF BCI Techs gave up when they could not retrieve deleted data from IPhones and did not then ask for search warrant for any and all desktop or laptop computers of ALL of the people whose cell phones were confiscated then they flat out messed up. The good news is that can /should still be done but go back to the October Juvy Court hearing and the lady from BCI testifies as to how she could not retrieve data that was deletyed from IPhones. So WHY didnt Investigatirs then go at the computers of ALL those persons? This IF it was not done in my opinion is flat out reprehensible. Its painfully obvious to any decent investigator. ATTENTION FBI CINCY: PLEASE READ THANK YOU

  64. Attempt to cover his tracks: Was able to just find a tweet that was sent out by a young man on Aug 13th as follows: “If someone is dangerously inebriated you dont take advantage of them you help them”. Note: Victim then “retweets” this also on Aug 13th and now get this: One of the accused then is listed as also “retweeting” this after the victim does. Either he got a sudden revelation on Aug 13th or may have been “covering his tracks”. Kudos to the young man who sent the initial message. I have chosen not to reveal his Twitter name here but nice to know there are some young guys that “get it”.

  65. There is this statement from Nodianos lawyer, that seems to be the perfect propaganda machine:

    McNamara (quote #1): “The takeaway from all of this is, that Michael is a really good kid, from a really good family, who did a really dumb thing!”
    Let me ask you here: If Nodianos is a really good kid, from a really good family, what the hell do you teach your children? Hearing of (or watching) a rape and not taking up the phone and calling 911 is bad enough. But no empathy with the victim at all does not show a good kid, does it? What kind of upbringing can create such a monster?

    McNamara (quote #2): “The video was recorded or made on August 12 2012 at a friend of Michael´s home. It´s not the home, where the alleged sexual assaults claimed to have occured. It is a completely different location…”
    Micheal Nodianos (quote 3min 50s): “Right now, what they are doing: They´re trying to help a dead girl…” This implicates, that the girl is still around (maybe on the lawn in front of the house) and since this monster was using present tense most of the time in the video, you can be quite sure, that the rape (quote Nodianos) was going on just moments before the video was recorded.

    But Nodiano is not investigated? Not a witness? Not charged? A perfect cover-up…

  66. Elliot N, I was thinking the same exact thing and have been praying Apple would step in and make a statement about their encryption codes. Seems to me when you sync your Ipod you can download pics to your computer. Why no computer’s seized then ugh. We’ll never know. I hope someone steps in and considers that now. Although they could delete anything incriminating from their computers it can still be found yet hidden on the hard drive.

    Ellot N—I saw that exact Twitter message along with many others supporting the victim and they were boys & girls. Sad but true fact was I saw alot of victim blaming going on in August as well. It’s apparent some kids were well aware of what happened either by word of mouth or if they saw the tweets, Instagram pics and Youtube video. I don’t know what is going to happen come February but I sincerely hope ALL parties that committed a crime that night into early morning receive what they are due in the court of law.

    Did anyone see the post yesterday where another victim came out and told her story of rape in the comment section of an article yesterday? It has since been deleted but enough people took a pic and sent to authorities. That would make 3 victims if this is true which I have no verification but she did name names.

  67. Eliza, No question that computer harddrives of any and all computers of each person who had their cell phones taken should have also been siezed. If that was not done it is in my opinion a critical oversight by investigators and hopefully not too late but I have not heard a word of that being done. Not up to Apple but rather up to BCI and investigators to do their job and at least from the testimony of the BCI tech it seems they gave up when the cell phones did not reveal the deleted data.

    • Just my opinion, but BCI will only investigate and look at what local police give them to go over….Seems to me, local LE only wanted to gather phones from the kids….I’m sure the investigators down there are up on things enough to know to get the home computers as well…and that iphones save to the cloud and will most likely be stored on the computers as well…Looks like they didn’t want to look into those things…
      Pretty much why I’ve said from the begining the boys will get off with a slap on the wrist…No one is really looking into things as thorough as I believe they should be….They’d rather wait and see if other people will come forward and make everything easier…..IMO

      • Also in video when nodi initially stands up they say “Look they are trying to help a dead girl” and there is a commotion as if she is present. What about hs tweet “finally saw a dead girl…..woah”…..and another thing in the video “raped her like that girl at Palooza”…and another thing in the video Nodi says and i quote “Did you see the way they carried her out?”. Kidnapping charge should be back on. This is stuff from the video and tweets with Nodianos attached to it. HIS WORDS and HIS TWEETS. All present tense. Ugh. How frustrating.

        • I agree with you both! It would take forever to upload that 12 min video from a phone. At a min they should have taken Nodi’s computer, Evan and Jakes to determine where it was uploaded from and searched for other images. I think there was more than enough probable cause to do so. Clearly they wanted to keep the arrests limited to just the two since they probably figured there were to many whitnesses to help them. I also feel if they were able to get a warrant for the phones and the whitnesses had admitted to taking pictures and video, prosecutors should have no problem getting a subena for all texts sent and received from the night of the crime up through their arrest date, even if the media exchange can’t be retrieved ( which I still don’t believe ) the accompanying texts would tell a clear story. Trent’s as well as the victims records should be reviwed and submitted into evidence. What a lack luster job investigating,

  68. When data is stored it is preceded by a file “name” that tells the computer where the data is. Data is not stored sequentially on a disc but wherever it can. Disc Defrag for instance which speeds up reading from discs get these bits files and puts them together next to the file “name” Therefore a disc can read data faster
    For deleting Data then the computer just removes the file name. Where the data was is therefore lost (but the data is still their) and can be written over.
    This data can though be found as long as it is not written over. Just depends how the computer is used (storing data file i.e pictures) or just to browse the net. If the files are deleted and the computer is not used very often (or just to go onto the internet, small files generally) then their is a very good chance of being able to recover the data.
    In short rather than going after the iphones they should chase the computers that they were automated too or the servers (icloud storage)

  69. Here’s a question, didn’t Att. McNamera say his client wasn’t present at any of the parties where the victim was?? Because I’m sure at 12:02 on the video made, his client says, “Jake, how you feel there was a dead body in your house like an hour ago?” That right there tells me he is at the house where the victim was….and it didn’t take any special investigating skills to hear and see that….

  70. Anyone have any idea how much / what color Lexus this Judge Lipps is getting for his part in this cover-up ? Can a victum’s attorney(s) request a judge be removed and replaced ? Also , what’s this business about Reno working for Juvie court ? The more I read about this case the more I beleive that ol’ ” Boss Hogg ” is running Steubenville !!

    • Sorry my anger returned. I apologize the troll wanted to see what would happen and how far the post would spread through FB, Twitter and word of mouth to cause concern and a frenzy. Not cool when some of us are trying to help rape victims.

  71. Michael Nodianos’ attorney Dennis McNamara stated that Nodianos was not present at the same time that Jane Doe was in the house. That does not seem to be the case. At 3.49 in the video, one of the boys stands up and says “C’mon man (bro), we are going down.” Nodianos stands up and says quite clearly, “Right now, what they are trying to do, they are trying to help a dead girl.”

    At least one of the boys is concerned about Jane Doe and she is obviously present downstairs somewhere – I presume the basement. So Dennis McNamara does not have the correct facts.

    At 6.50 in the video, one of the boys states…”Bro (or Nodi or Cody), you raped a girl.” This comment must have been directed at someone in the room!

  72. I’ve noticed that nobody has mentioned the federal involvement now,everybody still believes that there’s foul play in the legal system.Give it time and see what the Feds have to say instead of the social media.I also see that there’s no mention of some moron threatening to shoot innocent children in the schools if the idiots in the video are not taken to a certain place,putting all of the city schools in lockdown.The public has this case tried and convicted and also has convicted our locals of a mass cover up apparently all of the way to the Attorney General.Social Media has destroyed not only this case but all of the credibility of our legal system and our childrens lives by threatening harm to them.When is it going to stop?The people are getting what they wanted Federal involvement.Now why can’t we all just wait to see what becomes of it?

    • The White House has said they will look into the question of Federal involvement. That isn’t the same thing as ordering it.

      You seem not to realise: juvenile court has no jury. Therefore they can’t be prejudiced by media coverage of this case, so the case has not “been destroyed” as you claim.

      The threat consisted of a kid reading something on Facebook and reporting it, and the schools promptly responding, quite rightly. However the police, when shown the Facebook posting, determined that it was a non-specific, vague comment, and not in any way a credible threat. So no, it cannot realistically be said to have “destroyed your children’s lives.”

      I’m not really sure why you are so angry that people mind when a 16 year old girl is allegedly gangraped. It seems a weird thing to resent, to be honest.

  73. I don’t resent the victim.I believe in fair and due process.Yes I am very angry.I’m angry that people are being just as ignorant as all those involved.I know the juvenile system quite well.I was no saint growing up in Steubenville and was in & out of juvie court many times.I know how the process works.
    The U.S. Justice Department is getting involved in a Jefferson County teen rape investigation, and the White House will review a petition requesting federal intervention. A Justice Department official told NEWS9 on Monday the federal law enforcement agency is playing a “supporting role” in the closely watched investigation.

    • Re federal involvement: the Feds offered support. That doesn’t mean it will be accepted. The petition being reviewed doesn’t mean Federal intervention will be mandated, either, it just means it will be considered. That being the case, I think your strongly implying Federal involvement is now present is disingenuous to say the least.

      If you know the juvenile justice system then why make the claim that the public attention on this case has destroyed it? It can’t prejudice a nonexistent jury pool.

      Again: why exactly are you so angry at there being public attention on whether or not there is systemic corruption in Steubenville? You must know that it was only the second ever police department the US forced to sign an agreement on action to counter corruption, as a result of The United States vs. The City of Steubenville? And that Abdalla was himself tried for involvement in illegal gambling: http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=Gi1KAAAAIBAJ&sjid=BoYMAAAAIBAJ&pg=3453,161287&dq=abdalla%20+gambling&hl=en ? Can you explain how and why people should have immense faith in a system where the Sheriff has been in the role, almost unopposed, for almost 30 years, when that 30 years has included both those incidents? Either one would have been career-ending in most places, acquitted or no. Similarly, the parents handed over a flash drive with a lot of data on and it was deleted by accident. Then simple steps any Joe Public could have taken to retrieve data from a set of devices was deemed “impossible” by the IT staff in question. Then it was declared impossible to test for Rohypnol or similar, because the victim didn’t come forward for three days. This is kind of weird, because you can test for roofies via hair for a full month. The science has existed for over a decade. Add to that the fact that the prosecutor didn’t recuse herself for a full two weeks, despite her son having attended some of the parties in question and being on close terms with the boys under investigation, and various other rather disturbing ties (admittedly well-nigh inevitable in a small town with close social bonds) and you do end up with a lot of doubt. And anger that questions are being asked is in itself disturbing and worrying, to be honest.

      I agree some people seem set on a lynch mob. Some of the most disgusting comments I’ve read relate to hopes that the young men are themselves raped. That’s a vile thing to wish upon anyone at all. But the overwhelming majority are quite reasonably angry that a group of young men have exposed themselves as sociopaths, and the immediate reaction from all too many locals – and worse, several of those directly responsible for the moral guidance of those young men – has been to attack the victim. Because whatever the legal situation, are you really saying that a young girl in that state was capable of consenting, or that the frank and open deeming of what happened to her as rape by all the young men around her that night, and the jeering and laughing about that, is okay? Yes, people are angry. They’re angry because that attitude is way too prevalent, and way too many young men -NOT just in Steubenville – believe that’s just fine. And thankfully, a lot of other young men as well as women do not think it’s fine. They think it’s anything but fine. And they are standing up to be counted on that front.

      Misogyny is as much of a problem as racism. The anger about New Delhi and Steubenville is way overdue. Just ask the cheerleader fired from the squad because she refused to cheer for her own rapist, or the Louisville girl sued for contempt of court by her convicted juvie rapists because she expressed her hurt and anger over being barred from discussing any aspect of what had happened to her by the sentencing judges. Steubenville has become a lightning rod for a lot of anger over attitudes to women that enable rape and sexual abuse, absolutely. But the venom so many seem to have over the light being cast on the situation there is not exactly showing your town in a good light. From the start, there’s been a tendency to become angry when people ask questions. The inevitable conclusion, I’m afraid, is: what exactly is there to hide?

      • KM ~
        I was unaware that the data on the flash drive was “inadvertently” deleted. When I read that I actually gasped outloud. At a minimum, that is gross incompetence on the part of law enforcement. Given that fact, how can
        anyone claim the suspicion of corruption is baseless?

        • I just went to doublecheck that, and the NYT doesn’t say it was deleted, just that they took it in to the police, so I may be misremembering it. I’m sure I have read it online, together with statements that the police accidentally deleted things from iPads and iPhones, but a lot of things have been posted online that aren’t accurate, and as it is not in the NYT story I think I should stress that it may be my mistake. There’s been enough misinformation on this without my adding to it, so if that is incorrect (can anyone else add anything?) then I apologise.

  74. None of us were in that courtroom for the preliminary hearings and we have absolutely NO idea exactly what evidence both sides have,other than hearsay.Everybody wants to go after Abdalla when it’s not even and never has been his investigation.His dept simply went to serve warrants that the city could not.The Attorney General said himself that his office took over right away and doesn’t have a problem with the local prosecutor.These are facts that can be verified and not hearsay.We all simply just want the truth and Justice to be served if and when the accused are convicted.As far as any local cover ups we’ll all just have to wait and see what transpires in the coming weeks and near future.

    • The hearings were open and evidential statements have been reported verbatim. So I’m afraid you are mistaken on that; we do know what the three witnesses said, unless you think their statements were invented by the press.

      Please link me to where the AG said this? And how is 2-3 weeks later in an investigation of this nature “immediately”? It clearly is not. If you’re referring to the individual who came in to check that all was as it should be, that individual also allegedly had close ties to Ms Hanlin, and was therefore in no way neutral either. It’s an irrelevance at best.

      Of course we all want truth and justice. But sometimes it takes a lot of attention to an issue before that becomes possible. I happen to believe that people are going to be very, very careful on this case now, in a way that might not have been guaranteed before. There’s too many eyes focused on it. Which, incidentally, is the foundation of the criminal justice system – open courts so the public may scrutinise. Complaining when they do is counter to the principles upon which they were established and continue to run.

  75. Pete,
    I agree that BCI was following the path that local police led them on and to NOT go after the computers of all those who had cell phones taken is in my opinion a critical mistake.

  76. ALL I know for sure is: If I send an email to the White House and copies to my friends, even if I delete it from my end… it’s still there in cyber space storage via servers, buffers, free memory and data exchangers. SO ALL this data can and SHOULD be recovered. Then let the finger pointing begin.

    • Thank you. I note he does not say they took the case over right away, simply “in August”, which is what everyone has been saying all along: two weeks into the investigation, when the local prosecutor recused herself. As I am sure you appreciate, the initial two weeks is actually quite a long time in a rape investigation. It’s when memories are fresh and evidence is easiest to locate. It’s also when the victim and her family have most contact with law enforcement.

      Secondly, he does not say he has no problem with how the case has been conducted. He says that at no point. He doesn’t say he has a problem, either, and he stresses that at this stage all those conducting it are external to the county, but he doesn’t say nothing was done amiss in that two weeks in question, which is the period that I find deeply troubling. And the police handling incoming evidence are still local, which in such a tiny community, with the suspicions floating around, is also troubling.

      Thirdly, the AG repeatedly stresses that the investigation is ongoing and that he cannot say whether anyone else will be charged, that that is a possibility, and asks for more witnesses to come forward. That is in direct contradiction to Sheriff Abdalla, who flat out stated that nobody else would be charged.

      I do completely agree that the courts should be the ones to determine guilt or innocence, and not random members of the public. We won’t hear all the evidence and we aren’t in a position to determine what happened in legal terms. But I think you’re conflating concern about the trustworthiness of justice as administered in one particular area (and the Abdalla situation is very relevant there; you’re talking about public trust in elected officials), with contempt for the justice system. And I also think it’s troubling that so many in the town are angrier about the publicity than they are about the events. A group of kids at a local school posted all over social networking systems – unlocked, and viewable to anyone – in order to bully Jane Doe. They claimed she had been raped – the kids who are now part of the investigation. They were that confident in their own immunity from consequences. And the reaction of the town to this abhorrent situation has been, in large part, to call her names, and to then rage that the general public outside the town are over reacting, in being outraged and appalled. Sorry, but your anger seems bizarrely misdirected. Where’s the anger from within the town towards the boys, the coaches who said such appalling things about her and to the reporters, and the locals who called an abused 16 year old a whore? Why is that not the priority, here? If you want a social media target, I think you’re facing the wrong way.

  77. If they were up to any foul play then why would they even ask for intervention?You seem like you have some intelligence.Would you want a drug sniffing dog in your backyard if you had drugs back there?

    • Thank you for the compliment – I think.

      They didn’t really have a great deal of choice in the matter, when the prosecutor’s own son was involved, albeit peripherally, and there were so many clear conflicts of interest. The real question should surely be: why did it take the prosecutor
      two weeks to remove herself from a case, when she knew there were grave charges leveled at friends and team mates of her son, her son attended some of the parties that night (if you parse her words carefully, you will note that she does not deny this, she merely denies that any of the parties were at her home, or that her son was present when any assaults occurred) and she is on the school board? It was not a complex or difficult conflict of interest to spot. They had no choice about stepping back and asking for external assistance – the worry is why they did so only after the “golden time” of crime investigation had passed. Now, that may have been because they had a hefty caseload, were completely embroiled in a lot of other investigation, and simply didn’t have time to drill down into the evidence and see what conflicts arose. I don’t know, obviously, and it’s completely possible that they behaved with absolute integrity, and did everything by the book, just as soon as they knew what the issues were. But you can surely see why people want to have the conduct of this matter properly looked in to, by impartial outsiders? After all, someone with your faith in the legal system and American justice would surely feel there was no risk to it. If they’ve acted scrupulously, they should welcome the offered federal involvement, and welcome outside scrutiny. And in fairness, the prosecutor has said she will happily answer all questions when this case is done with.

      Once again: I don’t say anyone has done anything wrong. I’m saying that questions are quite properly being asked. They SHOULD be asked, particularly when it’s concerns about individuals in public life, entrusted with power over others. It’s absolutely crucial to the healthy functioning of a democracy. The day those who question are demonised, is the day democracy dies.

      Automatic deference to those perceived as powerful is dangerous. Just ask Jane Doe.

  78. Nobody has a problem with any outsiders coming in and looking and handling the case.In fact I’m sure that us the actual residents welcome it because we’re the ones that have to deal with and overcome in light of any corruption that may be uncovered.As the AG said he wants to get this thing over with as quick as possible so that the healing may begin.Granted if the allegations are true then there’s only 1 person that will never heal.We as the residents will overcome anything that is uncovered during the investigation.

    • That is rather my feeling, yes.Surely if there is anything amiss with public affairs in Steubenville, those who will benefit most from that being exposed is the inhabitants? And if nothing is amiss, then there’s nothing to fear in scrutiny. It can only benefit the community.

      I think it’s also worth pointing out that what is proven and known with regards to Jane Doe – the non-criminal, but nonetheless bestial, activities online – would be severe enough bullying that it will also scar for life. The parents of those who engaged in it should be addressing that, in and of itself. As a mother myself, I can assure you my son would not be happy after his father and I had dealt with him. My heart goes out to Michael Nodi’s poor mother. I can’t believe she could watch that video and not be devastated beyond belief. You’d feel you had totally failed your child, and society, in raising someone capable of that.

      In addition, two young men have admitted to knowingly filming/photographing and then sharing obscene material relating to a minor, and without her knowledge or consent, as they agreed she was too out of it to be aware of what was happening to her. They may not be charged, but they’ve admitted doing it, and admitted it under oath. Yet *she* has been called a whore? Again, where is the rage on her behalf? Why are the community not rallying around, and protecting her from this additional pain and victimisation? If anyone could ever be helped by hearing those around her standing up for her, saying she did not deserve it, and the mockery (online and at the time, apparently), and the filming of her when vulnerable and naked and disoriented (again, that’s been admitted by those doing it) was terribly, terribly wrong – surely she could. If anyone could benefit from the community closing ranks around her, instead of around those boys, she could. So why is that not happening?

      • Just saw on the news last night that the two witnesses who testified to taking pics/vids are doing well in wrestling. Amazing that there are no consequences for these boys. Indefinite suspension from extracurricular activities doesn’t amount to squat in this town when college scholarships are on the line.

        • Funny, but a quick survey of the news for that article doesn’t show these two witnesses wrestling, even tho they won their bouts. I know it wasn’t a fever induced hallucination and yet Snooze9 didn’t post that video to their website and the HS/Intelligencer article omitted the stats at the end of the article, AGAIN.

          Kudos to the news outlets in this area for once again protecting their #SteubenvilleStars thru censorship. Color me disgusted.

  79. My heart and prayers do go out to her.Something definitely happened that terrible night but it’s not my place or anybody elses to say what.That’s the job and the task to those directly involved and not the social media.I don’t defend anybody involved I am only defending my community.I am a father myself and if one of my boys was involved I’d have been in the spotlight also for whooping their butts so bad they wouldn’t be able to go to school and sit down and when testifying not be able to sit.

    • They’re the ones who put it on the social media to begin with, though. Honestly, what I find most disturbing about the case is the reaction of the people who are closest to it. I cannot fathom the players not being benched, the adults who provided the party spots and alcohol not being charged, and the coach who threatened a reporter not being fired. I cannot believe that the prosecutor didn’t recuse herself immediately and instead waited two weeks, which was more than enough time for her to have full access to all evidence.

      People are appalled that the girl is still being trashed. And the people on the inside don’t see a problem with the way everything was handled, which is probably most disturbing of all. People are taking things defense attorney’s say at face value (that video, in fact, does show a real crime is being committed by everyone in that room — they know a crime is being committed and they’re not reporting it which is a crime in Ohio).

    • I think what people are bothered with is the fact that they utilized social media as their bullhorn. THEY put it out there for the world to see. Were people just to pretend it wasn’t there? How do you think it should have been handled? (know that I am asking these questions in a very nonconfrontational manner. I truly do want to understand the others’ perspective).

  80. I find it an outrage that Coach Reno is still employed by the district. His excuse for not benching the players who tweeted and posted their vile remarks about a gang rape taking place was that they didn’t think what they had done was wrong. What kind of a message must that have sent to not just the football team, but to each and every student at the school? Playing on a high school’s team is a privlige, not a right. I am sure there are good people in Steubenville who must also be disturbed by this, but the very fact that this became so controversial in the first place is what continues to make this case so horrifying. What exactly does a boy have to do to be benched from a football game in Steubenville? Then Coach Saccoccia reportedly threatens a reporter. What does Saccoccia have to do before the good people of Steubbenville no longer tolerate someone like that as a role-model to their boys? For this, ultimately I hold the superintendent responsible. He held the ultimate authority in this decision. Perhaps he feared retaliation from the school board?

    I am in the field of education myself and am very aware of how political it can become. That said, I cannot imagine what it must be like to teach in a climate like that. From what I have read and interpreted, and, this is just my opinion, I would venture to guess that the staff is likely under an enormous amount of pressure to keep the administration of discipline down to a minimal level. If there are no natural consequences to atrocious behavior such as what we have seen, what are these children learning? What an incredible disservice to each and every student in the district. One thing I have always felt strongly about is the importance of holding high standards and accountability. Children will, more often than not, rise to the occasion.

    At this point, in my opinion, it is not enough to just give Saccoccia the boot. The superintendent also needs to be let go for not stepping up sooner to ensure the right message was sent about the consequences for tweeting about and posting pictures of a rape victim, and possibly a rape in progress.

  81. You are correct Emanuele Colpo so the question is IF police did not go after any computers that the confiscated cell phones were linked to WHY NOT? They should have.

  82. The reasons that so many on here have unanswered questions is because most people on here are believing rumors and gossip instead of sticking to the facts. The coach didn’t host the party, he isn’t a paid employee of the district, the Hanlins didn’t host a party. The names of the home owners have been released, Hanlin is not one of them. Abdalla had to send a deputy because it was outside city limits, that doesn’t mean they were helping with the investigation. Half of Steubenville knows who the guy is that hacked the RollRedRoll site “anonymously ” and he is from Steubenville. Watching everyone on here chasing their tails, playing pin the tail on the Big Red horse is laughable. Most of you don’t have a clue.

    • Okay, parties happened at the homes of adults, one of them being an assistant coach. Alcohol was at these parties. The houses where these parties were hosted were owned by adults who had the ultimate responsibility for their occupant’s safety. Yet no adult was charged.

      When the search warrants were served, it was at the school, and the boys were allowed to go into the locker room and get their phones which allowed them time to delete incriminating evidence. Which they did. Yet no one was charged with doing that — which is interfering with an investigation, destroying evidence, and aiding and abetting after the fact. Yet no one was charged with that either, and no one looks into why the boys were given that opportunity.

      And you should thank whoever did bring this to light. Gah, your young girls aren’t safe. What type of message did these boys get? That it’s okay to rape and humiliate young women who make football players angry — that they will be protected and their victim will be blamed no matter what her state. I can’t blame other girls for not coming forward — they’d have to be crazy to cross these boys after seeing what they can get away with. Maybe the reaction of the rest of the world will help the young men see that it really isn’t okay to do so.

    • Nice to think that this ‘incident’ is amusing not just Michael Nodianos and his friends. Let’s have a look at one the facts. According to one of the attorneys of the two boys that have been charged, the young girl in ‘the photograph’ was not unconscious, and anyway any sexual contact if there was any, he would be arguing, was consensual. So the facts are only in these terms that which an attorney can cause to prevail in a courtroom. A courtroom does not have exclusive or sole access to ‘the truth’.
      I can look at ‘the photo’ and be appalled at the treatment of one human being by a gang of human beings. Crikey, if it had been an animal in the photo and not a girl I would have been appalled too and I want/need to believe that the vast majority of people would agree.

    • Wait a mo’.

      “The coach […] isn’t a paid employee of the district [….]”

      What is the official position of Reno Saccoccia with the Steubenville school district?

      • And why are these messages being timestamped an hour ahead of the actual time? Who’s server is still on Daylight Saving Time? (I know it ain’t mine).

    • Dawn Rene – I’m puzzled as to what relevance the location of the person who broke into that website has on what he found, or indeed the relevance of even mentioning that here. I’m also puzzled as to how that statement (that half of Steubenville “knows” who did that) fits with your scorn towards gossip. It’s fairly plain you don’t “know” any more than people “know” what happened that night. You’ve heard a widely disseminated local rumour, and are now posting it on the internet with great authority, while simultaneously excoriating anyone who posts or believes rumours online.

      It’s already been stated in comments that Hanlin did not host the party, that she also states her son was not present at the criminal activities at any party, though she also did not deny that he attended some. The issue isn’t whose house the party was at, it’s why someone with those sorts of links to the accused and suspected boys in this situation took two weeks to recuse herself. I don’t think the overlapping family, friendship and business bonds are at all unusual or blameworthy in a small community. In fact I’d call them inevitable. What is not inevitable is it taking a fair while for those involved to step out, as was their duty.

      How is the salary of the coach relevant, when he has threatened a NYT reporter and those close to that reporter, refused to bench kids investigated for serious crimes (who have also behaved shockingly disreputably on social networks in relation to such alleged crimes), and sought to block law enforcement from obtaining those kids’ iPhones? Are his employment arrangements really your main concern in this scenario?

      I appreciate that you won’t understand why, but all your post has done is increase the sense that many people in Steubenville inhabit a moral vacuum. Your city was prosecuted at federal level as corrupt in the not too distant past, and lost. You can’t sneer at people looking at the actual statements coming from the mouths of officials in your town, the mouths of those such as the coaches, who you have chosen to entrust with the moral guidance and welfare of young people in your town, and the mouths of kids involved in what happened that night, and then be shocked that those statements cause horror. Let me get this straight: you are looking at recent events and recent statements (leaving aside all allegations not supported by verbatim statements from people in the town, here) and you are NOT appalled? You’re just appalled by those who are?

      Okay then.

  83. The Daily Mail in the United Kingdom (?) is reporting that Ma’lik Richmond was allowed to go to California over the holidays with his former guardians to attend a high school all-star football game. Can anyone verify this?

    • Yes that is true that he was allowed to travel. I’m not sure what he did in California, but they did confirm that he was given permission to go. Some house arrest, huh!!

      • Given that they quoted Abdalla saying…

        “Speaking to MailOnline Fred Abdalla Jr, Chief Probation Officer at Jefferson County Juvenile Court said: ‘Ma’lik Richmond’s attorney asked the judge if Ma’lik could have permission to travel with the Agresta family between the dates of December 31 through January 5.’
        At the preliminary hearing Richmond’s parents had requested that he remain in the Agresta’s care until the trial.

        Given those circumstances, Mr Abdalla continued: ‘Judge Lipps felt that he should go ahead and travel with them. He granted permission.”

        Go figure huh? Only in America can someone who is charged with a crime as big as rape, be placed on house arrest but able to fly clear across the country for a 6 day vacation to attend a football game. Talk about Priceless! smh

  84. “Thirdly, the AG repeatedly stresses that the investigation is ongoing and that he cannot say whether anyone else will be charged, that that is a possibility, and asks for more witnesses to come forward. That is in direct contradiction to Sheriff Abdalla, who flat out stated that nobody else would be charged.” -KM

    Have you listened to this recent interview with Sheriff Abdalla? He thinks he’s greasier than an oil slick, but I think he’s rusty from not having to give defense to anything he’s done in his 30 reign in Steubenville. He kisses up to the host, whom he calls by the wrong name throughout the interview. The host didn’t even correct him.

    More troubling, though, the host didn’t correct him when Abdalla got mad, completely bent out of shape, over some people in their anonymous masks stopping to ask for directions to the coach’s house in his neighborhood –Abdalla said that he found that that was ‘just as bad as’ the victim in the case getting raped, then quickly followed that with, “Worse!” I mean, THAT, is the truth, according to him and people like him. Evidently he’s too fucking dumb to not let his real thoughts on the matter slip out. Why the host didn’t stop him in his tracks right there to say that that is an appalling comment that merits no comparison to the abuse done to the rape victim, I do not know why. Maybe because Abdalla was stroking his ego unrelentingly the whole time, and sucking up to him?

    Give that interview a listen, Abdalla says a lot of things that give him and his position on this matter away. This man is seriously stupid. Throughout the interview, he contradicts himself, sometimes in the next sentence, and sometimes in the same sentence. It is bizarre. Sociopaths have this same language quirk, and are unaware of when they do it, much like Abdalla seemed not to know; or at least pretended not to. I didn’t note the host pointing out these contradictions, but I doubt it would have done any good, as the sheriff seems to have gone on the show to play politics and propaganda. Why give him a platform for his crap if youre not going to take him to task for the things that he says that are shady at worst and suspect at best?

    It is also very telling that Abdalla gets angry to the point of raising his voice and yelling over anything that is even an indirect threat to himself–he has a hard-on for the people wearing masks, and keeps calling them names and telling them to “show themselves.” But where is the anger over whats been done to the rape victim? He sounds the words that he cares about her, but they ring supremely false; especially when abutted next to the other things he is so passionate and mad about, as noted above.
    He also said he knew who KYanonymous was and added the outright threat, ‘I know who you are. I know who your father is. I know who your mother is. I know who your brother is…’ So, in response to the idea that he and his cronies are corrupt as 6month old bread, he whines and shines the host all hour and then ends the interview outright threatening the WHISTLEBLOWER’s family.

    IN MY OPINION, from listening to this man, he seems to be lying from his rotten stinking pie hole. Nothing he said inspired any confidence in him and in turn the law he’s supposed to uphold, and in fact did the opposite.

    • just senn on wtov9.com no immunitty given to anyone in this case. Thats great news since kids admitted to video taping and sending child porn over the web and their cell phones. There has to be more arrests.

  85. I remember a few years ago when I had a child in college in NYC, there was a student murdered by a bouncer of a Manhatten club, she was drunk, he abducted her in his van and dumped her body in the swamps in Brooklyn. He was caught and convicted because his phone told his whereabouts that night. The cops subpoenaed his phone company and traced his movements that night by cell tower to cell tower.
    They could easily find out where every kid that had a phone was that night in Steubenville, minute to minute. Even today, it’s not too late. They are not doing their jobs.

  86. Who said an anon can’t be from Steub. And who accessed rollredroll really isn’t the point. Btw no hacking they I believe just guessed the pass word. If so many people weren’t working so hard to protect their kids or selves it’s unlikely that the situation would have made national & international media. Some how it was put out there that 2 boys would get immunity yet Dewine says not granted by him. The real problems aren’t about who accessed rollredroll or who anonymous is. I can’t believe I just read that. (•_•)

  87. Something not seen on here (or if it was, I missed it) It has been posted many times all the connections between many of the adults involved in this case i.e. Reno on the Juvenile Board, connections cops and attorneys, etc. Jane Hanlin’s ex husband was principal at Big Red for a few years. Her ex-father-in-law was the superintendent of the Steubenville School District for many, many years. Sure there are a few connections still there.

  88. i agree this is a ball of confusion but what if find irritating is the continued lying do you really think that we are that stupid its one contradiction after another and why was malik allowed out of the state of ohio mr. lipps we know now that you are sitting on your brain i find this whole think out of control from the lying cover ups not arresting more people involved not fining the adults or at least hold them accountable just disgusting

  89. I’m sorry but I find it EXTREMELY difficult to believe no one was given some degree of a get out of jail card. Maybe they weren’t given immunity but Trent’s layer never said they were so AG technically isn’t disputing what that attorney said. He said “they were sent a letter ” referencing why they are testifying against the boys and weren’t also arrested. He referred to it as a deal in exchange for testimony which is the reason he feels they willl say whatever the prosecution wants them to. Never did he mention immunity. Immunity would mean immune to all involvement. Maybe they aren’t so they don’t think there are lying but stating no one was given free pass. If these boys don’t have something worked out in exchange for their eye whitness accounts then there is no reason they should not be arrested period. They confessed and with that no supporting information is needed. If they thought that there was a chance they were going to be charged and the police had enough to arrest them without they wouldn’t have said a word. Why incriminate yourself.? They may have acted stupidly but clearly they are smarter than that. I’m afraid the powers that be assume the public is not as smart unfortunately. Just judging for their play on words.

    • The issue of how soon and fully a confession occurs is important in terms of ascertaining remorse, and insight into the severity of the crime, and if evidence that damning potentially still existed then their legal advice may well have been to admit to it before they were forced to. They had no way of knowing how far their handiwork had spread on cyberspace after sending it to others, after all. For all they knew it was in the possession of Jane Doe’s parents. I wouldn’t think an immunity deal was necessarily required there. Not saying it doesn’t exist, I wouldn’t have the first idea, but it isn’t the only explanation, either.

      • We don’t know when the they were offered some kind of arrangement but bottom line is the testimony of 3 and one nude picture is the only evidence they claim to have thus far. It was used to verify that there is enough evidence to move forward with a trial and have the charges stand. Without those 3 we got a picture. I’m sorry but I don’t think they woud ave risked the whole case. They needed those boys so they must have offered them something. Just my opinion.

        • Oh, I agree their testimony is essential, most especially in a case where the victim has no memory of what was done to her, but we don’t know at what point those kids gave their account of events to the police. If they knew images and a video existed, and they thought the police would be able to get them off cellphones/iPads which had just been confiscated, they may have talked about what happened voluntarily as soon as they were questioned. They are kids, they will have been scared shitless. We don’t know when the questioning took place, who the appropriate adults accompanying them were, if they took the offer of legal representation (assuming that isn’t compulsory for minors in the US – no idea on that), nothing. I agree a deal is perfectly feasible, but if the police already had statements in which they admitted what they’d done and what they’d witnessed others doing, then they had very little with which to bargain. And I think there’s a risk in making sweeping assumptions, because if some of them are then proven to be mistaken it enables people to derail and distract from the bigger picture and remaining questions. It’s important to ask questions, and to test and challenge the answers, but that isn’t the same as assuming the facts. It’s the opposite. There absolutely could be a deal, it does indeed look the most probable situation given the lack of charges against the witnesses, but it isn’t the only possibility, either.

  90. If it isn’t confusing enough listen to the attorney general’s interview at the very end he says…

    “First of all they are not really charged directly with the crime of rape. They’re charged as delinquents by reason of committing a certain offense, in this case the allegation would be rape. So they are charged with being delinquent in juvenile court. That’s just the way Ohio law is

    Reporter says: So they are not actually charged with rape technically?

    Well, it’s the underlining offense. The underlining offense is, and you know we would have to prove that but, if you look at what the charges are, it’s delinquent by reason of. That’s how the language usually works”


    Sounds to me like they are not actually charged with rape but charged with delinquency with an “underlining” reason being rape. To me delinquency is stealing a candy bar from the corner store. Not a felonious crime such as rape! Who wants to bet that these kids will be found guilty with time served.

    • I may be wrong, but this was my understanding of what he said – I think he was seeking to explain the technical, legal process of charging someone as a juvenile, rather than any attitudes to this case in particular.

      I understood him to say that no juvenile can be charged – as a juvenile, and not an adult – directly with a crime. They are charged with delinquency, and then the criminal behaviour underlying that charge is given as the reason. It’s roughly comparable to the way that, in some jurisdictions, the only legal grounds for divorce are irretrievable breakdown, and then adultery, separation for X number of years, conduct etc. are allowed as proofs of that breakdown. People say they divorce “on grounds of adultery” in those places, but techically, they don’t. It’s a procedural difference, that’s all. So formally, nobody in juvenile court is charged with anything but delinquency, but the grounds of that charge are what is important. “Delinquent” in the dictionary sense just means off the rails, not behaving correctly. You can be delinquent on a debt, too. The common and everyday parlance of delinquent (kids smashing windows or leaving graffiti) isn’t relevant to the legal, technical meaning.

      I suspect that the reasoning behind this is that when you’re dealing with kids, you want a wide margin of discretion, because you want to work out how best to get them back on the rails, and how to prevent reoffending/any further deterioration in their ability to remain in mainstream society in any constructive way. Kids don’t have fully developed brains, their decision making processes are poorer than you’d hope in adults, and their grasp on consequences is generally lower. There is, conversely, usually more chance of altering their thinking and patterns of behaviour as they grow up, if effective intervention is made on the back of juvenile proceedings. It can work – you can get kids who are menaces as adolescents, who then grow up to be perfectly decent adults. Of course, you also get kids who grow up to be far worse. But the idea is that labelling them as criminals actually entrenches their identity as such, and makes it less likely that they will be decent members of society after paying whatever the penalty is. That’s the thinking behind it in the States when it comes to charging juveniles, I would imagine.

      I hope my posts have indicated that what these young men are alleged to have done (and in some cases, admit to have done) disgusts me, but to be blunt, it isn’t the two charged who most disturb me in this whole scenario. When you have the Sheriff of a district comparing the intimidation of someone asking for the coach’s address with an alleged gangrape, and indignantly saying the former was worse, as a commenter above says he does (I’ve not watched the video) that’s extraordinarily disturbing.

      • Correction: At 97:35, Abdalla says that the tape Nodiamos was on was “disgusting” and said, “As far as I’m concerned, it’s just as disgusting as what happened to the girl.”

        So, I would say if he feels that way, then he has no true measurement of the enormity of the crime that was committed by those ‘boys’ on “the girl.”

        Also, totally missing the point of the question of a caller, AND totally ignoring ANY discussion of the enormity of the crime against “the girl” and why this little incident/crime has no further reaching consequences for anyone other than Trent & Malik, as there is a panoply of people who have acted criminally and should be charged as such, and why this lack of prosecution is an outrageous offense to the victim of this brutal crime, Abdalla instead says that when he saw the clip of Nordiamos (he said, only two days prior to the podcast interview), that what really disgusted him was the fact that Nordiamos was saying “the girl” was as dead as Caylee Anthony.
        So.he watched this clip for the first time, and what he took away from it is THAT? That Nordiamos made a ‘joke’ about a dead baby and that was the major offense in that clip? The fact that “the girl” was being described -in real time- as being dead, unconscious, anally raped, carted around like a corpse and urinated on WAS NOT the the thing that disgusted him? Horrifed him? Like it has all of the rest of decent humanity, worldwide? See what I mean? People like him give themselves away when they talk. He can pay all the politicking lipservice about caring for “the girl”, in his words, but the truth lies behind what he says: it ain’t no big deal that some girl got raped, so get over it.

        He goes on to explain why he can’t arrest Nordiamos etc, with the same old excuses, that he “can’t arrest someone for being stupid,” and that every lawyer will tell you that he couldnt be charged with anything.
        First of all , let me say how constantly using the word “stupid” to describe the behavior of the “rape crew” totally diminishes the enormity of the crimes they perpetrated. What they did wasn’t stupid. It was brutal, violent, deliberately malicious, and totally horrifying. What they did is on par with any war crime in Serbia or the like where they also deliberately raped women to break them. THAT is the truth of what these ‘boys’ wanted to do and tried to do: BREAK a person down, ruin their life, humiliate them in the most violent and degrading way.

        Now, let me also say, Jane Does whole life isn’t ruined. I sort of hate that that is constantly being said. What this pack of monsters did NOT break this girl. She did the bravest thing by going to the police to charge them with rape. They didn’t break her. And if the details of the vicious attack on her is temporarily embarrassing, I hope it passes/ed soon for her, because what some criminals did to her, the same things have been done to a countless — literally COUNTLESS– amount of women, living today. She’s not alone or marked or ruined. What those motherfuckers did, reflect ONE way; their way. They alone are responsible and bear the weight of the crime. They are now beginning to experience what they tried and failed to do to her. They are marked. They are alienated from decent society. They are ruined, and the consequences for them won’t end with a sham trial.
        Look at the stats on rape, and how many girls and women are raped… it is appalling, and it has to change, and Jane Doe and this case is a turning point, this is historic, the first shot in this war against the tyranny of women living in fear in a rape culture that devalues them, their experience, and is cruel and unjust to them in it’s legal system.
        Her life is changed for the worse in a significant way,like any person who has been violated, but it isn’t ruined, and she has the advantage of being in this moment, now, when people -and especially women , young and old and inbetween, and too; too many of them survivors of sexual assault, from all over, are galvanized and mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore about the crime and the injustice. She essentially has thousands of people who have her back, essentially holding her hand in this matter. I hope that she feels it now and that it is uplifting for her. And that she knows that all the guilt and shame of these criminal acts is being put on who it rightfully belongs to, the cretinous, malignant people who carried out this crime or sat by and did nothing, and the people in power who have tried to minimize the crime, obstruct the legal process or outright thwart it.

        Abdalla sprinkles the idea that the the clip is also a harmless if disgusting ‘joke throughout the interview. At one point he says he had to console an old woman who was distraught and crying because ‘she thought what she was seeing was happening in real time and that it wasn’t, and that boy wasnt anywhere near the rape or when it happened.’ How does he know this? Well he says that 59 people were called to testify and only 3 did, and all they said, according to him, was that Trent and Malik were the only two who touched her sexually. He says nothing about his lack of movement in working with the SPD, or of gathering evidence properly, how he knows for certain that Nordiamos isn’t giving a real time play-by-play of these crimes based only on that that testimony of 3, or if he was in possession of child p0rn, or that he couldnt be charged for abetting a crime. He says on the tape that they either were just in the house or then on the lawn, but still around, or still there when he witnessed what happened.
        Diversion tactics, Abdalla doesnt address any pressing concern just gets his propaganda points in; just keeps passionately buttering up the host, of whom he would have thought to be thorough enough in his pre-interview research to get his name right. Moron.

        • “I would say if he feels that way, then he has no true measurement of the enormity of the crime that was committed by those ‘boys’ on “the girl.””

          Absolutely agree. In fact, much of what you say is what I said on my first ever post here. She’s a remarkable young woman.

          The scariest thing about the whole situation is the utter disregard for the victim, displayed at all levels of those supposedly meant to be protecting her interests in the justice system. It’s actually staggering that they don’t even pretend otherwise. Similarly, how on earth anyone can see that video and then believe it wasn’t made the same night, while she was either still being abused or right after, I honestly don’t know. You’d have to be unable to understand the English language.

  91. Is there any way that the Jane Doe can get a better lawyer? Preferably, a big named lawyer that isn’t friends with the Steub. Sheriff? What if money is raised for her defense? Many more people should be getting arrested, according to all of the things I’ve been reading. Makes me angry……

    • Jane Doe’s Lawyer is not the problem. Her lawyer has nothing to do with the criminal case. It’s the AG’s office prosecuting that case. Her lawyer is representing her pro bono and is world renown. Check the link below. Out of all the lawyers involved in this case, she has the best one. These people will get CRUSHED in civil court and it probably won’t end with the homeowners. The way I see (and I’m not a lawyer nor do I have any other information that what I have not read online) , this case has been mishandled by so many people that I’m sure the school and others could potentially be found liable in civil court. She has requested all funds that people have offered to donate to her defense to be directed to a charity for women. This girl and her family seem to have shown nothing but bravery and class through out this entire situation!


    • Alice, the State of Ohio is prosecuting this case. The victim of a crime is not required to provide an attorney as it is the duty of the state to prosecute on behalf of the victim. The victim’s private attorney is working as an advocate for the victim and her family. The local prosecutor recused herself from this case in August and the State of Ohio named two special prosecutors to handle this case, one of whom has now left the Attorney General’s office, and a third special prosecutor has been named.

      As far as anger about this entire smelly mess goes, please join the crowd. This entire case reeks!!

  92. The question that REALLY should be asked of Mike Dewine is this: Did BCI Investigators or local police obtain or even request search warrants for the hone computers and laptops of any of the boys who had cell phones confiscated? Because consider this: One of the co coperating witnesses admitted to videotaping a “digital rape” in the car. Note that one of the defense attorneys has been quoted on CNN as stating: “We deny that ever occured”. So clearly the retrieval of that video or some sort of “forensic electronic eveidence” of it bolsters the claim of the co operating witness. But again IF police or BCI did not go after those home computers or laptops that often times are “linked up” via email etc. to the “smart phones” in my opinion it was a critical error and hopefully they fix that before trial. In other words if the I Phones made the data retrieveal “impossible” as BCI Tech was alleged to have stated then did investigators just “give up” at that point? Hopefully they went after the home computers and laptops and let me make it clear that it IS possible they did, but just have not seen anything indicating that.

  93. “How the Steubenville case exposes the cruelty faced by rape survivors”

    A sexual assault occurs every two minutes in the US, but here is a rare spotlight on how the justice system handles rape charges Tuesday 8 January 2013 Megan Carpentier

    ….The fact is that, if the way sexual assaults are investigated and prosecuted as in Steubenville, Ohio represents the justice that society wants for victims and survivors of sexual assault, there’s little question why 54% of sexual assaults in America go unreported to the police.

    It’s because, of the 46% of assaults that are reported, only about 25% of those lead to an arrest. One quarter of those arrested will never be prosecuted. Only about half of those prosecuted will receive a felony conviction. And only about half of those who receive a felony conviction will serve even one day in jail.

    And all that despite the fact that every two minutes, on average, another person in America is sexually assaulted.

    Occasionally, outcries against the justice system, like the one going on in Steubenville, gives survivors an indication that the poor quality of justice we receive for the assaults committed against us isn’t exactly the justice the rest of society wants for itself. But in the 149 days since the Steubenville survivor was assaulted, statistics indicate that nearly another 85,000 sexual assaults have been committed in the United States. And for these, there are no protests, no Anonymous group turning up videos or digging into the backgrounds of the police and prosecutors, no spotlight on anything but, in all likelihood, the background and personality of the victim.

    When one is sexually assaulted assuming the police investigate at all and the prosecutors intend to do any sort of prosecution they don’t just look into the background of the perpetrator or his (or her) actions during the assault. Police and prosecutors examine the background of the victim, which, under the American system, means that anything that could prove “exculpatory” for the defense must be turned over to them (such as, occasionally, one’s own sexual history). It almost goes without saying that questions like the ones asked by assistant football coach Nate Hubbard to the New York Times have been asked directly of the victim by prosecutors and the police:


    Judy Jones, SNAP Midwest Associate Director, USA, 636-433-2511. snapjudy@gmail.com,
    “SNAP (The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) is the world’s oldest and largest support group for clergy abuse victims. SNAP was founded in 1988 and has more than 12,000 members. Despite the word priest in our title, we have members who were molested by religious figures of all denominations, including nuns, rabbis, bishops, teachers, Protestant ministers and increasingly, victims who were assaulted in a wide range of institutional settings like orphanages, summer camps, athletic programs, Boy Scouts, etc.”

  94. This saga keeps getting crazier by the minute. Couple things are really bothering me now worse than when this started. First the stat on 85000 sexual assaults in the days since this came to light is absolutely repulsive. I have a 15 yr old daughter and this scares the crap out of me. Second the AG now has lied. He originally claimed no deals given but that’s not quite accurate. Wow. Words can’t even describe my disappointment in that turn of events. Third the Sheriff was always thought to be a champion of kids in our county. Doesn’t look so impressive now. This whole thing is just gut wrenching. And lastly the responses of these kids and some their parents are appalling. People in this valley who were respected are now really exposed as not good people to say the least. And most of us know some of these kids, parents, coaches, cops, teachers etc. and it’s awful the way this is going down. It’s taken this whole valley hostage. You can’t get away from it. It’s like a thick heavy fog of wretchedness draped over the ohio river. All because not one voice was strong enough to stop it. I know some condemned it on the video but they didn’t stop or intervene did they? No medals for saying something is wrong only for stopping the wrong. I feel for that young lady and her family and hope justice prevails. More importantly I hope she puts this all behind her and moves on with her life in a positive way. Oh and Elliot, four members of my house have iPhones and not one of them have been synced with our home computer in more than six months. I checked. No iCloud either. Could be there just was no info there either. With the total screw up of this investigation from start to finish who really knows and I wouldn’t believe a damn word from any of them now any way. Very disturbing.

    • Quite a lot of people have asked if they can donate to her legal fees, and i was wondering about a college fund, but she has actually asked that people donate to a local women’s refuge, via her attorney’s office. I think some local people donating to it, and sending notes expressing support as they do so, might mean the world to her. Her parents have apparently said she has been struggling with a lot of social pressure since being courageous enough to agree to reporting this. It would be a good and positive way to show the family that they aren’t alone, perhaps. And it would also help other women suffering from abuse.

      I have to agree with a poster above: this young lady is such a class act. People offer to donate money for her legal fees, or college fund, and she asks that it go instead to women who have also been abused, but lack her loving and supportive family situation. I can only repeat that at least one home in this horrible situation produced a child to be proud of.

  95. Well, there you have it !

    From Prinnie’s Home Page>>>>>>

    The Steubenville rape case has been rife with controversy since August. When the rumor of deals struck by the prosecution surfaced, they were quickly dismissed by the Attorney General’s office. “We’ve made no deals with anyone,” was the response to the question of deals; however today Attorney General Mike Dewine fessed up that indeed the three individuals were given immunity from prosecution in exchange for their testimony. In all three letters the state committed to not prosecute. Perhaps my decoder ring is different than everyone else’s, or I simply do not understand the English language, but that sounds like a “deal” to me. How is NOT filing charges not a deal?

    The special prosecutors agreed to accept testimony against the two defendants in lieu of no charges being filed against the three who testified. Color me perplexed, but isn’t that a DEAL? So, I looked it up just to make sure I knew what I was talking about and lo and behold – a deal is an “agreement entered into by two or more parties for their mutual benefit”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t immunity from prosecution technically mean they struck a “DEAL”?

    People generally find it offensive when officials utilize the use of “word salad” in an effort to explain away behavior. I’ll even go so far out on my limb to state that these deals/immunity discussions qualify as word salad. Continue reading Did They Pinkie Swear?

  96. Also note that one of the two AG Special Prosecutors assigned to this case QUIT the AGs Office just about a month ago. No longer works at AG Office. Whats was that all about?

  97. http://www.hsconnect.com/page/content.detail/id/582018/McVey-talks-about-case.html?nav=5010
    It’s taken a national outcry & 4-5 months to take some stand & incorporate any intervention in the schools?!! Wow…
    And it bothers me it wasn’t addressed any discipline on some of the coaches known actions or lack there of.
    Or (allegedly) if ANY teachers were in fact instructing students how to protect the accused right after the crime, why not disciplined in some way?
    But I guess on the negligence of knowledge in what’s right & wrong morally, legally, ethically acceptable socially norm behaviors, it’s a start…

    • “We have 2,450 kids,” said McVey. “Sixty kids do not make a school district. One football program does not make a school district. It’s part of our goal to achieve academic excellence as in all our other programs and our goal is to graduate those kids, make them compassionate, make them caring, and hopefully make them better decision-makers.”

      McVey acknowledged that much of the public outrage appears to be directed at insensitive pictures, videos and comments shared by students via social networking and video-sharing Web sites. That includes a 12-minute online video in which a recent Steubenville High School graduate appeared to make jokes about the accuser and the alleged assault.

      “It’s a horrendous act,” said McVey. “A horrible act what went on with the Internet and the social media. And we’re going to support more social media to get them (our students) educated with that.”

      Mr. McVey should suggest that the teaching of compassion and empathy begins at home and supporting more social media to them is going to accomplish what? These parents need to MONITOR SOCIAL MEDIA! Take the time to know what their children are doing online. This district needs to heal starting with educating parents and teachers on the impact of social media — on families AND their communities.

  98. Has anyone heard why the kidnapping charges where dropped? Has there been any news as to why no charges of drinking under age or charges of adults suppling alcohol to minors, been made? Seems like records of alcohol purchases would be easy enough to come by.
    Could the families, of the young men who set up this young woman so that they could attack her, be held liable in a Civil Court?

  99. Yes the parents of any of the Juvenille Defendants can be held liable in civil court as long as the accused lived in their home. And if their assets are not sufficient note that their homeowners insurance companies can be named in any civil action.

  100. No but often times lawyers will wait to file civil claim until criminal case is over since the official record of the criminal trial can be referenced. The burden in a civil case is not “beyond any reasonable doubt” but rather “preponderence of evidence” meaning is/was there a “likelihood” that served persons are responsible.

  101. I have seen the question raised regarding an alleged text sent to one of the perpetrators by the victim, in the days after the attack. Something to the point of “I know you didn’t rape me.”
    I’ve read a few debates on its validity. To include that the ex? Had her access code, among other reasoning. But I just came across this interview by email of claimed “editor & chief @ Anonymous”. Idk if that could possibly be verified considering.
    But in direct reference to, states that one of the boys had possession of her phone for a few days following, and then returned it. The text was a fraud. And victim maintains never sending it.
    Fact? I can’t say but it reads with implied intimate knowledge.

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