Bystanders & Blamers

When I first started writing about the Steubenville case, there was one thing that bothered me the absolute most.  It was not that law enforcement did a shoddy job — I never claimed that, and will never make that claim.  I know many of the officers at Steubenville PD and they are very fine and upstanding men.  What bothered me greatly was the number of bystanders (as evidenced by social media) who stood by and did nothing.  The complete and utter lack of empathy of anyone that night bothered me greatly.

To be quite clear, RAPE was mentioned on August 11th as it pertains to the events that unfolded that night.  No one but those using social media to discuss what happened that night put those words on their keyboards.  They tweeted about “rape“.    It was they who initially identified what happened that night as rape, and later the prosecutor’s office defined the happenings that night as “rape” when charges were filed against the two juveniles now awaiting trial.

Nodianos - song of the night is rape me tweetSince then there has also been a lot of blaming.  There is blame laid at the defense attorneys who represent the accused.  They are simply doing their jobs.  I had occasion to meet Mr. Madison – I thought he was very polite and cordial.  I met mothers of some Big Red students and have nothing but nice things to say about them and their children. Not all kids at Steubenville High School are bad because of an irresponsible, uncaring few.

Rather than lay blame at those who discuss the case or wish to shoot the messenger…perhaps it is time for the blame to be laid where it belongs — to those individuals that broadcast and publicized the events of that night to the world.  Perhaps it is time for parents to take an active role in parenting and monitor what their children are doing online.  Perhaps it is time for educators to uphold their duty to protect children and engage in mandatory reporting.  Perhaps it is time for the community to hold individuals accountable for their bad deeds or dismissing their actions as “boys will be boys”.   Perhaps it is time to look in the mirror and acknowledge where the blame should fall.



  1. Phalanx928

    Hi Prin,
    I was taking a look at some threads on and Ohio Valley Athletics(?) sports boards. I saw at least one post, and I think it was on Yappi, that had an interesting idea.

    Basically, make sure all the schools that could play Steubenville are informed of what happened last year. Make sure this gets to school boards, parent groups, sports boosters, etc, with the idea to have no one want to play Steubenville. I think it’s worth a look. Imagine if they still have their precious program but NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY THEM? I think that would make a powerful statement.

    1. BooBoo

      I’m not so sure I agree with this. Isn’t that punishing those who were not part of it? Not to mention, the cheerleaders and others who depend on sports? 1 bad apple doesn’t necessarily spoil the whole bunch. Get rid of the kids who sat back watching and did nothing along with those who took pics and video’s. They should be banned from all sports for the remainder of their time in school. I would also look at what the coach and assistant coaches knew and how they handled it and go from there. If disciplinary action needs to be taken then so be it. But I don’t think people should try to make it so other schools won’t play them in sports. That really isn’t fair and doesn’t do anything to heal the community.

      1. Phalanx928

        More kids know about what happened on that night and they are refusing to come forward in some misguided “code of silence” to protect this team. So teach them what happens when your “code of silence” prevents justice. The perfect way to do that is to engage other schools, parents groups, school boards, etc, and make Big Red so toxic that no one will play them.

        How’s that “code of silence” working for ya now, as Dr Phil would say?

        1. prinnie

          I have screenshots from a local forum where parents were upset that the school told their kids not to talk about this. What right does the school have to tell these kids not to speak up about this (if the screenshots are true).

  2. John Lewis

    I have been checking the internet pretty much every day for the past few weeks since I became aware of this case. I am sorry to say I think the good guys are losing. More and more articles are expressing the opinion that it is anonymous who should be under the spotlight while ignoring, excusing or rubbishing the tweets, photos and video posted by the youts themselves. It may be that evidence which will finally be revealed in court will be overwhelming but if that was the case it makes the present LE position (only two were involved in anything chargeable) untenable. I don’t think they can be that stupid.

    That doesn’t make Prinnie’s efforts one iota less praiseworthy. I only wish at least some of the US media had the balls to make the same effort as the UK Daily Mail (by no means my favourite paper incidentally).

    Phalanx – yes a boycott of Big Red would be 100% appropriate hitting those who have maintained silence to protect the team where it would really hurt. Will it happen – I don’t know, any more that I know whether various colleges will quietly admit members of the (alleged) crew to their proud institutions.

    1. KM

      I’ve seen nothing in the mainstream media to support that, tbh. The only articles that do are from right-wing bloggers. There’s a danger, I think, in not weighting online opinions in accordance to how widely read they are, and how reputable. No mainstream newspaper I’ve read has supported the hostile narrative – whether that paper’s slant is left or right.

      As mentioned elsewhere, I also fail to understand why those bloggers are complaining it’s an attempt by anarchists to smear the political right. They should be rubbing their hands with glee: Steubenville is about as staunchly Democrat as it’s possible to get. If there is an iota of truth in the allegations of corruption, it’s happening on Democrat turf.

      1. John Lewis

        KM thank you for explaining that. I was pleased to read it. As I have said before I live in the UK and part of my reason for posting is to express an opinion from outside the USA on how the whole affair is being reported (without access to US papers obviously!).

  3. ResoL101

    I want to read that 300 page court deposition – myself. Surely SOMEONE has it?

  4. Phalanx928

    Who is this Stranahan guy? Why does he have portions of the court transcripts? I’ve only read a little of his stuff he seems to be more interested in protecting the football stars and seems to think the victim is making some of this up, if I understand his posts correctly.

    And somehow he’s on Prinnie’s Twitter feed.

  5. Elizabeth

    Yes, I would like to see that, too.

  6. movielover

    I agree that some have swallowed and repeated half truths and falsehoods. One example was that I had repeatedly read that an assistant football coach had hosted a party. But now, IF the transcripts posted online are correct, it was his sister who hosted the party, and when he came home to the party, he kicked them out.

    That said, this is still a sad, horrible story. If what the (then) Ohio State Freshman college ding dong said, on that night, on his 12-minute inebriated monologue is true – what happened is still tragic. And one specific crime he relayed isn’t rape, but sodomy (while she was “dead”).

    Prin, if you’re the first crime blogger who saved these images and texts – THANK YOU!!

    FYI folks, this sordid affair will be featured on Dr. Phil on Thursday, and apparently the good doctor is focusing on why there weren’t more criminal charges, and why more people weren’t charged.

    1. prinnie

      Thanks. I saved them when I saw them. I was just as horrified as everyone else that no one did anything to help her.

    2. Cori McGinty

      Movielover, I was at the taping. Dr. Phil; did a very good job in regards to being fair to all parties involved and trying to clarify things as best he could. It is a very tragic set of events that has been made much worse by all the animosity it has generated. This is BY FAR not the only issue or even most serious one, but it seems to me that usage of social media has set up a forum through which people feel comfortable posting statements that they would never have the nerve to say to someone’s face. I hope there is something good that is learned from this, and that healing comes to the community.

  7. bking

    Meh! This story is not about the good people in Steubenville, the good cops, teachers and parents, nor has it ever been or ever will be. It’s about rape and a pervasive attitude of acceptance and complicity amongst a large group of young people who seem to be simply emulating some of the adults in their community which has a long, well documented history of corruption, cronyism and nepotism. They’ve grown up seeing and experiencing the preferential treatment given to athletes and those in the loop. Of course they’re going to ‘lie til they die’ for each other it’s what they’ve been taught.

    Its quite simple really. Imo

  8. Hatetosayit

    Found this interesting – testimony excerpts included

    1. Hatetosayit

      Discusses Jake’s mom being home and asking people to leave. Jane Doe being carried out by Malik and Trent asleep per Anthony Craig- Also according to Craig’s testimony she told her friends she wanted to stay with them as they were leaving first party and headed to Jakes. It appears they took her from Jakes house passed out so who knows if she would have left with them otherwise.

    2. John Doe #6

      I have to say that if I want to factcheck I’d prefer to see the entire testimony and not Les Stranahan’s carefully selected excerpts.

      1. Hatetosayit

        Agreed! That being said , I don’t find the portions he did include to be helpful to the defense at all. Just my take on the testimony.

  9. movielover

    bking, it starts with the parents. WHERE are the parents? WHERE are the parents when the children are out at 2 AM or 3 AM? And WHERE are the parents when the children and listening to vile rap music and tweeting until 12 every school night?

    The parents born in the 60s and 70s have abdicated their parental responsibilities, preferring sleep, or travel, the web, or ignorance, over parenting their children.

    I don’t think any of these kids would be professing their sorrow if they weren’t caught. Sure, they’re sorry that their name is now mud. They’re sorry that they lost their college scholarship. They’re sorry that their parents have to ‘lawyer up’, and they’re sorry that there will likely will be civil lawsuits. (Please note that the 1 or 2 young men who spoke up on that video tape that sordid evening are excluded from my comments.)

    1. bking

      I agree it has to start with the parents, teachers, coaches and community leaders to take responsibility for creating an atmosphere where all this abhorrent behavior, not just exists, but apparently thrives. Ultimately it will be up to the good people of Steubenville to stand up to the bad elements and influences rooted in their community. It won’t be easy but will be necessary if the community wants to avoid further cases like this and create a safer world for their daughters. A good start would be for the authorities to stop pointing fingers at Prinnie, Anon, social media and pretty much everyone and anyone else as the source of their woes. I digress.

    2. Leigh LaFon (@DenverElle)

      Movielover, the 2 young men who spoke up on the infamous Nodianos video are the only ones who should be offered immunity from prosecution, in my opinion. They are the only ones whom I believe have real remorse.They did not call police or halt the activity as they were legally and ethically required to do, but they were obviously aware that it was a dangerous, criminal situation for the girl and just very, very wrong.

      They expressed more empathy then for the victim than the coaches or school administration has since.

      At first I was angry with those two for not doing more, but after reading more of the evidence, thanks to Prinnie especially, I have become more aware of how outnumbered these two boys were among their peers. While I still can’t wrap my head around the idea of so many kids being aware of the rape and not doing anything, I am left wondering if they even had faith that any adults in authority would even back them if they came forward. It would be very helpful to know more about how they interpreted the events during and after the party and how they were handled as potential witnesses from the start.

      Until the parents and other responsible adults force a complete overhaul of the school, athletic and political system, even the decent kids are caught up in the corruption by being silenced.

      1. Leigh LaFon (@DenverElle)

        I want to add that I am very much in favor of firing all adults involved in that athletic program and charging all other witnesses and participants (as adults) and of forcing Steubenville under the microscope of the Feds. I just wonder what kind of walls those two boys thought were up against when they tried to confront Nodianos about the seriousness of the rape, now that we have reports that only one witness came forward voluntarily.

  10. bking

    Apologies for the somewhat dissenting opinion, I’m deeply disturbed by the seemingly rampant lack of morals and ethics demonstrated by the bystanders of this crime, this complete lack of empathy for another human being was learned, rather than borne in them. It reminds me of that old antidrug PSA about the dad who finds his kids stash? “WHERE DID YOU LEARN THIS FROM??? I learned it from watching you Dad, I learned it from watching you!” Ok I’m done.

    1. like it - or not

      Well said bking. Thank you

    1. irishgirl999

      Lee Stranahan and Stacy McCain are despicable, extreme RWNJs. They are real low lifes. I have come across them many times on the internet and they are not nice people at all.

      1. bking

        Thank you Irish, i figured as much. I left them a sweet message. 🙂

    2. KM

      The thing that’s really odd here is the insistence that it’s a giant Liberal conspiracy. Did they miss the part where Steubenville is a staunchly Democrat area? That the elected officials (who stand unopposed all too often, so it seems) stood on a Democrat platform? How in the world would politically partisan liberals choose such an area to make a point against the right? And besides, surely the point is universal. No decent person could approve of what has been alleged about the events in Steubenville. How they choose to vote doesn’t alter that a jot.

  11. Elizabeth

    Thanks for the link, HatetoSayIt. It’s very interesting (but I would like to see more).

    I have a few questions/observations and I wonder if anybody would be willing to check my reasoning for me (thanks in advance).

    Jane Doe (from West Virginia): Cody Saltsman’s ex-girlfriend
    Cody Saltsman
    Makenzie Santoro: Mark Cole’s girlfriend
    Mark Cole: testified at preliminary hearing
    Michael Nodianos: “starred” in video
    Evan Westlake: “camerman” for video
    Trent Mays: alleged rapist
    Ma’lik Richmond: alleged rapist
    Anthony Craig: testified at preliminary hearing
    ***** Bellardine: Hosted first party
    Matt Bellardine: Big Red assistant coach

    1. Makenzie Santoro and Mark Cole lured Jane Doe to these parties.
    2. Trent Mays pretended to “like” Jane Doe (possibly because he was going along with Cody Saltsman’s revenge plot).
    3. The first party was at Matt Bellardine’s house (Big Red assistant coach). His younger sister is 16 and was apparently the hostess. Jane Doe arrived there of her own volition.
    4. When Matt Bellardine came home, he kicked the partygoers out of the house.
    5. Trent Mays, Mark Cole, (presumably) Makenzie Santoro, and Jane Doe drove in the same car together to the second party.
    6. The second party was at Jake Howarth’s house. Also there were: Cody Saltsman, Ma’lik Richmond, Trent Mays, Mark Cole, Anthony Craig, Evan Westlake
    7. Jane Doe threw up in the bathroom at Howarth’s house, and then in the road outside after Jake Howarth’s mother broke up the party.
    8. Mark Cole, Ma’lik Richmond, and Trent Mays (Evan Westlake drove? ) transported Jane Doe to the Cole house. Mays fingered Jane Doe on the way and Mark Cole took pictures, but then deleted them.
    9. The group takes Jane Doe down to Mark Cole’s basement, where she throws up.
    10. Ma’lik Richmond and Trent Mays sexually assault her again.
    11. Anthony Craig arrives at Mark Cole’s house.
    12. Evan Westlake and Anthony Craig left Mark Cole’s house.
    13. Richmond, Mays, and somebody else (Lee Stranahan redacted the name) stayed at Mark Cole’s house that night.
    14. At (presumably) another house, Evan Westlake made that nasty video of Michael Nodianos.
    15. Observers included, at the least: Anthony Craig, Shawn McGee (who sounds appalled by it all), a guy wearing a blue hat and a batman shirt, and a guy wearing a white tank top.

    1. Where was that video made?
    2. Who is the guy in the white tank top talking on the phone in the video (he’s only there for a split second). He really looks like Mark Cole to me. If so, somebody perjured himself. That is, he would have gone to where the video was shot and then gone (back?) home.
    3. Who is the guy with the blue hat and Batman shirt in the video?
    4. I read somewhere (and forgive me, I don’t remember where), that Makenzie Santoro and Mark Cole were together that entire night. That means that Santoro witnessed all of this. If she wasn’t there, then when did she go home and who took her there?

    Okay, gotta do some other work. And I keep hoping for justice (I don’t have the heart to look at all the corruption charges in Steubenville right now).

    Good luck to everyone.

    1. John Doe #6

      There’s something here I don’t understand. Twice in this timeline an adult enters the premises to find multiple high-school-age kids drunk, perhaps otherwise intoxicated as well from the video evidence in my opinion, at least one even vomiting…and each time they simply “kick the kids out” and send them on their merry way, in their own cars, to the next party spot?

      I must lead a sheltered life because this is hard for me to imagine. If I came home to a house full of drunken teenagers I suspect I would, in order: (1) make sure everyone’s safe and no medical treatment is needed, (2) get on the phone to the parents of the kids to arrange transportation, (3) call taxis for anyone I couldn’t get home via #2 or drive them there myself once I’ve gotten the crowd down to a single carload. Anybody tries to leave in their own car I tell them I’m calling the police; if they leave anyway I follow through. And the next day, (4) if I worked for the school in even a volunteer capacity I’d be talking to someone in administration there, and (5) if I was on the football staff and players had been present I’m having a chat with the head coach.

      I take it that would be strange behavior on my part? Maybe time has passed me by….

      1. prinnie

        That is what most normal adults would do. Who the heck lets teens drive DRUNK? They ALL need to be sued! Maybe there won’t be a next time if they are held legally accountable for their failure to act.

        1. John Doe #6

          Yes, I assume the civil suits are just biding their time until the criminal actions are done.

          Something I’ve wondered about on that point–since one of the adults was a representative of the school, though not an employee since he was unpaid, is there any possibility that the school could be found vicariously liable? I suppose they would argue that the adult wasn’t acting in his capacity as a coach when he found football players partying in his house; on the other hand you could plausibly argue that the school ratified his actions when they subsequently failed to take any action against him* or the kids.

          *To be fair, he does seem to have left on his own, at least.

        2. Alice

          Yes, I agree. Where is the rest of the legal accountablity? Minors are suppose to get into trouble when caught or admitting to under-age drinking.

          Something like this happened at my high school about 30 years ago, but without the rape and violence, and half of the football team was kicked off the team and out of school for the rest of the quarter. Granted, it was just one party at one house after school but before that Friday night’s game. (The parents of the house were out of town.)

          It shook our small town up for sure. We only had the one high school. It didn’t ruin lives, but it did change a few. Most of the boys lost their football scholarships and they went on to take different paths than originally planned. The actions of our school officals sent a strong message.

          As for our football team; we even went on to win the last few football games.

          1. Leigh LaFon (@DenverElle)

            When I was a teenager I attended some drinking parties, and I clearly remember all of us being very afraid of what would happen if we were caught by police or parents. One thing that really stands out to me in the Nodi video, is the absence of concern about being caught. Those kids, even the ones who are worried about the rape victim, give the impression they have no adult supervision or fear of the consequences of the drinking and drugging.

            My daughter graduated recently from an inner-city public high school which was very strict about alcohol. Their policy included a lengthy academic probation with mandatory suspension of all extracurricular activity if caught using alcohol or drugs, even if away from school at the time of detected use. Despite the challenges and economic diversity of the school over 90% of graduates continued on to college or other post-high school educational program. Parents, school administrators, teachers, peers and policies can all make a huge difference.

            I doubt the average kid would even think of challenging a rotten misogynous sports culture like that in Steubenville’s high school. The parents responsible for making sure their kids and their school uphold decent standards have completely failed them.

  12. Phalanx928

    I think your timeline is a very accurate overview of what could have happened. Nice work!

    I still have a lot of questions about Hanlin, Sheriff, Local LE, and what they may or may not have done, omitted, edited, etc.

  13. Hatetosayit

    Elizabeth where are you getting your Information? I think a lot of it has never been confirmed and is speculation at this point. From what I understand and based on the online hearsay ;
    1) &2) video was shot at Jakes. I assume after Anthony Craig picked up westlake from Cole’s ( per his testimony). Nodi asks Jake at the end of the video ” jake how do you feel that you had a dead body at you house” he walks in in a white tank top and a girl is seen with him. Cole said in his testimony he went back to Jakes. At least the was my interpretation while reading the link above that I posted.
    3) not sure
    4) I have not read anything about Mark Cole being with a girlfriend until local leaks posted about it. I have no idea if that is verified. Her name hasn’t been published by any news outlet and she is a minor so just be careful. Don’t want anymore lawsuits : )

    I did find it interesting that Cody was testified to be talking to Mark at his car right before they leave with her. Her top is off and he is throwing up in the street meanwhile. Also seems odd she would want to be at a party with he x boyfriends friends at all ?

    1. Elizabeth

      Thanks, Hatetosayit.

      Right you are about where I got the information regarding Makenzie Santoro. Pretty lame research on my part. I would like to amend #1 and #2 in my earlier post to “allegedly”. Hate to see Prinnie sued again.

      I’d still like to know what Santoro’s role was in all this, though. And gosh, a girl was at Jake Howarth’s? I missed that in the video. Does anybody know who this is?

      The whole “girls as bystanders” bit about this case bothers me greatly. It’s appalling that there were bystanders at all, but it wounds me to the gut to think (Santoro) and to know (from the video), that girls just stood by and let this happen to another girl.

      Again, thanks.

  14. jdinohio

    This is the way things should have started out that August nite, 20 boys, many of them athletes arrested for underage drinking, and they will lose playing time for their respective teams! Take a lesson SHS:

  15. jdinohio

    Sorry, link does not work, you’ll have to do a search with “Perry” to find the story.

  16. timewillheal

    what has happened goes against all policies set by the athletic department and school board.these football players were in two a day sessions.things were done wrongly from the get go all should have been off the team coaches who condoned what happened should be fired. no way the sheriff dept should have taken the phones at the fieldhouse.parents whose house parties were at should have been fined and arrested for underage drinking.all those at the party should have been drug into jail and questioned because too much time went by that they all changed their stories and are now mum on everything.makes me sick from the timeline to now so much has been ruffled.the annonymous group is not responsible for anthing that has happened in this town neither is prinnie and her followers.people are talking about decency well come out with it do the decent thing tell what you know i am sure the pd would like that.this town will always be known for “special favors” god forbid if something really bad happened she died or went into a coma i just hate to think about that.maybe the authorities should scrap it all and start from the beginning is there an answer???

  17. carrie

    I think that they court of law should make a statement via these kids. Children and adults both alike go on social media and broadcast to the world every little thing. People need to be held accountable and if their parents wont do their jobs at parenting their children then the court needs to make a statement that once you place something on social media it is now 100% public.

  18. JohnA

    My questions about the adults responsible for these parties has been answered.
    Adults involved should be held accountable. Is it not a crime to let minors have
    alcohol? Conisidering who these people it isn’t no surprise they were not charged
    with criminal conduct. Cover up Cover up Cover up It doesn’t take a genious to figure
    out this one.
    This is Steubenville. The bad guys are in charge and they are winning. Those “kids”
    are going to walk away from this You watch.

    1. prinnie

      One would think that with all the publicity on this case and people like yourself asking questions, that they would be filing charges against the adult homeowners. We’ll see how this plays out, I guess.

  19. Linda

    Corruption flourishes in environments where written rules say one thing and unwritten rules allow something completely different. Sounds like there are a whole lot of unwritten rules that dominate how Big Red operates.

  20. LCG

    Michael Nodianos’ video and tweets seems to be where most of the rape accusations come from. According to court transcripts that are now posted online, the night looks a little different and there may not have been multiple rapes for other kids to witness (I wondered how kids could be a witness to the story LocalLeaks reported, too…could we have become that depraved!?).

    Have you considered that what you think happened may not have?

  21. KM

    When I was a schoolgirl underage drinking could get you expelled, if you got drunk. It guaranteed suspension, regardless. Yet these kids weren’t even benched? What sort of message is the school sending the rest of those kids?

    It’s normal to experiment at that age, I don’t blame any of those kids for wanting to drink and party. What isn’t normal is for the adults not to be concerned and to try to impose boundaries and consequences. Kids don’t have great impulse control or fully grasp consequences, that’s normal enough (sexual assaults, not so much) but that is why parents need to step in and step up.

    I don’t, though, think that social media is to blame. If it weren’t for social media, there wouldn’t have been anything but the odd rumour destroying Jane Doe’s reputation. The social media age coupled with these kids’ sense of invulnerability left an evidence trail. It was what alerted her and her family in the first place.

    One thing Mr Madison is reported to have said to the NY Times does disturb me very much:

    He said that online photographs and posts could ultimately be “a gift” for his client’s case because the girl, before that night in August, had posted provocative comments and photographs on her Twitter page over time. He added that those online posts demonstrated that she was sexually active and showed that she was “clearly engaged in at-risk behavior.”

    My understanding is that Ohio has rape shield provisions, meaning such evidence is inadmissable. It is irrelevant whether someone has given consent to sexual behaviour on previous occasions. Consent isn’t a onetime event, it’s an on-each-occasion event. And a 16 year old with a boyfriend does not thereby agree that anyone on a later date – even that boyfriend – can engage in sexual activity with her without her consent. An unconscious person cannot consent, and nor can a dangerously intoxicated one. I do also feel that it’s unfortunate to choose to say things of that nature to a national newspaper about the underage complainant in a rape case. It also weakens efforts to complain about damage to the boys’ reputations, because it appears that the complaining is down to the fact that the attempts to damage hers just backfired. Because if such evidence is legally inadmissable, then why seek to tell the world that it exists, other than to damage her reputation? What other reason could there be? Perhaps there is one, but I can’t identify it.

    I can only hope he was misquoted.

  22. finnla

    Picking up a previous question, regarding the 2 boys who were critical on te vidoe about the rape. Of course, ideally they had stepped in (if they were present when it happened). But I have the feelings, their peers are so immersed in ‘rape culture’, and it seems that particularly the best connected peers are. So I actually think, those 2 boys showed some spine, by daring to ‘spoil the fun’ and actually spelling out what their peers did. And,frankly, I think, things would have played out differently if the coaches had made clear from the start: ‘Don’t ever get caught up in any such mess. If you do that, zero tolerance, you are out, this could ruin the entire program and you’ll be responsible. And I’ll make sure your peers will know that you are responsible’. Ideally, all the athletes should have had enough empathy to understand that treating another human being like that is plain wrong. But the next best thing for guys who just don’t get it is overwhelming peer pressure. In this case now, due to a failure of the adults in the picture (coaches…), the peer pressure worked the other way round and the 2 boys that had empathy may have been pressurized into doing less than they would have wanted to do.

  23. finnla

    @KM: regarding the victim’s previous sexual activity as well as stralhallens excerpts regarding the witness statements: I think those guys fundamentally fail to understand that ‘she was sexually active in her life, before’, ‘she was totally, totally drunk’ and ‘she initially actively chose to be in the company of the boys’ DOES NOT translate into ‘she consented to what happened’ or ‘she deserved it’. They really don’t get it. And they don’t see that they are no better than some guy in Afghanistan who thinks it is her fault if the burka-veiled girl has no male relative at her side when she leaves the house to buy bread and then gets raped. It is sad, but guys like these, who do not understand that ‘to rape or not to rape’ is the male’s choice, regardless, and not just a matter of opportunity are out there, even in high positions.

    1. KM

      I’m not interested in Stranahan, who’s your bog standard troll/attention seeker. Stupidity is inherently boring. But Madison is an attorney, and the rape shield provisions specifically bar him from raising any such information in court. This being so, his claims on the victim’s history are not relevant, and cannot be tested in court – yet he made them in public, as a professional involved in the case, and before Anonymous became involved. The inevitable assumption must be that it was an attempt to smear her reputation, in the hope that it would benefit his client in the public eye, if not in the courtroom. A means, almost, of entering inadmissible info into the case via indirect means, though I’m sure he had no such intention and did so inadvertently. In a legal sense, he can discuss only any prior relationship between his client and Jane Doe – he can’t imply she was no better than she should be, and thus in some way forfeited the need to consent to sexual activity, which certainly appears to be the implications of “at-risk behaviour”. But a little ironic, perhaps, given the attorneys are now outraged by successful smears aimed at their clients.

      Attorneys giving statements which offer inadmissible innuendo about rape victims… that troubles me. I’m not against lawyers. It’s inevitable that they find themselves representing people or causes that they personally do not feel are ethical and/or justified. It’s essential to the proper administration of justice, that all sides have adequate legal representation. But previous sexual history and conduct is not permissible evidence, because it simply is not relevant. How they can argue that the publicity around the boys is prejudicial, when Mr Madison attempted to disseminate equally prejudicial info about the victim, I don’t understand. Though he was very measured and level on the television interview I saw, so perhaps the NYT article was slanted? Who knows.

  24. IknowSteubenville

    Many feel the parents are to be held accountable for quite a bit of the mess in Steubenville. I totally agree. They own the homes, they control (for the most part) the finances since most of these kids have never held a job, and they are the ones who pay the cell phone bills. Last I checked, if I’m the party responsible for the account, I’m in control of said account. If the kids who took the videos and pictures were afraid to come forward because of peer pressure or being labeled “the rat”, the parents could and should have taken that decision out of their hands. The rape story spread thru Steubenville like a wild fire and I’m sure most if not all of the boys’ parents had heard some part of the story within the first 24 hours. So, instead of teaching your child how to delete evidence, they should have gathered up THEIR phones and headed for the police station. IMO

    1. ureapwhatusow

      Absolutely agree w/you IkS….I still don’t understand the parents of these kids that were there and have not made their kids cooperate w/police. If it’s true that Cole’s parents marched him down to the police station once they found out what happened in their home, then I applaud them.

      I have so many questions: I wonder how Craig and Westlake were made to testify? I also wonder which one of the boys testified w/o benefit of a lawyer and why he didn’t have one. Did all 3 really have letters of immunity and DeWine just didn’t know what his staff was doing? Why is Madison all over the airwaves and what is his motive for victim blaming? If the girl’s prior history is inadmissable in court and there is no jury, then why is he everywhere making disparaging comments about her? Why did he petition for a change of venue when he is just as guilty for exploiting the media? Why aren’t any adults being held liable for allowing alcohol in their home? How did some get ahold of the probable cause hearing? I thought juvie records are sealed? I could go on and on…..

      1. ureapwhatusow

        oops-meant probable cause hearing *transcripts*.

  25. Nite Visitor

    What I don’t understand is why there needs to be a continuance on the ‘trial’ when the lawyers say they have had all the evidence they need since August . IMHO , this judge must be mentally impared for allowing the case to be tried in juvenile court , releasing these maggots to home arrest and allowing one of the particulars to travel across country for a sports event. Dr. Phil’s show today is supposed to cover the case but I don’t expect much since there is no way that this case can be covered in only an hour ( less time out for commercials ) . Let’s face it , these little monsters who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths are going to walk … the spoons might be a bit tarnished.

  26. haradanohime

    I still question the statement made of how the evidence was irretrievable from the phones. If those boys hooked their iPhones up to the computer, iPhones will do one of two things: Back up the pictures on the computer to which the phone is charging or will back up to iCloud. Why were home computers not in the Investigation? Did the LE not contact Apple or iTunes with warrants for said iCloud accounts (which are default saving now instead of to computers)? I saw in Wheeling paper that the OH BCI has moved more investigators to Jefferson county. Does this mean there is more going on? Every day this case just seems to raise more questions.

  27. OnionBelt

    Why have none of the owners of these homes been charged with having underage drinking parties?

    1. Nite Visitor

      More than that . . . those adults who permitted the party-goers to drive drunk should be charged with child endagerment ( seeing as how THEY were charged as juveniles )

  28. Faith

    I think there seems to be one thing everyone is missing. According to Stanahan’s website the 3 boys who testified in court to taking pictures and videos of the alleged events also testified that they went back to party #2. Isn’t is possible that they took with them their pictures and videos of the incident. That the other boys then looked at the pictures and watched the videos and were discussing “in present tense” what they were watching on a phone not what they were watching in person. They would not have been able to stop anything because they were not there when it happened, and that would include Nodi. I truly believe that is what the infamous video is showing us. It seems that the boys who were upset wanted to leave and go to party #3 to help her but didn’t have the means to get there or maybe weren’t in a condition to drive. JMO

  29. pinnet501

    ” the 3 boys who testified in court to taking pictures and videos of the alleged events also testified that they went back to party #2. Isn’t is possible that they took with them their pictures and videos of the incident. That the other boys then looked at the pictures and watched the videos and were discussing “in present tense” what they were watching on a phone not what they were watching in person.”

    Very possible… I did think the same thoughts.

  30. finnja

    @faith: but then there must have been quite explicit photos to look at, that Nodiamos with so much certainty spoke about anal penetration, and peeing on the victim. Or a very detailed eye witness account. And those guys, totally appalled, so clearly and convincingly stating ‘it was rape.’ Otherwise, if the weren’t convinced, they would rather have said: ‘You are making that up they wouldn’t do that to a girl.’ No? After all they were not happy about it. So where is then all the electronic evidence, or who saw all this and told those guys but not the police?

  31. bking
    1. prinnie

      Written by Debbie Kessler; COlumbus Ohio

      Regarding the Steubenville Rape Trial:
      Haven’t we come to understand in any criminal investigation that it’s imperative to collect as much evidence as possible within the first two days? If that’s true, why didn’t Jane Hanlin simply recuse herself immediately like so many suggested? Why did she act so quickly and gather as much evidence as possible if all she had to do was nothing and let time pass. If she recused herself immediately, evidence could have been destroyed and alibis fixed and corroborated before anything was done. Why didn’t she do what you think she should have? Could it be that the information suggesting she stayed involved long enough to destroy evidence just isn’t true and that in all actuality her diligent actions achieved the results needed to bring this case to trial?

      If there is any one universally known fact about any small town it’s that everyone knows everyone or at least one removed. People are related to each other, go to school together or are the brother or sister or friend of someone we know. Even in Columbus it’s hard not to run into someone you know from the valley. There is also a “Valley Night” in Columbus at a local restaurant once a month where people from the Steubenville and surrounding areas get together for an evening. So, wouldn’t it stand to reason that the local officials in the small town of Steubenville would know most of the people that they are dealing with on any given occasion? Wouldn’t you think that this is nothing new for Jane Hanlin to be familiar with people she is investigating or prosecuting at any given time? It’s the crux of a small town.

      Maybe like me, most of you are not a prosecuting attorney whose job it is to help remove crime from the streets of Steubenville but if it was my job, it would not be my first thought to determine my child’s association with an alleged crime before I did my job – quite the opposite, in fact. My child better not be involved but it would not impair my judgment if it was a possibility. Is it possible that the negative opinions in this case are more about what’s inside those individuals who judged Jane so unfairly than the truth? For those who jumped on the witch-hunt band wagon, could it be more about what was suggested to you than the truth?

      When Hitler was infiltrating the minds of Germans, it was a calculating deconstruction of a body of people, methodical and destructive enough to make reasonable people believe. When it was over, suicide and devastation and shame prevailed over the blood on the hands of those reasonable people. Our town of Steubenville, Ohio is in danger of being deconstructed in the same calculating manner by a few people infiltrating the minds of reasonable people. I hope we don’t discover after the trial that the intentions of these anonymousky people were contrived from the very beginning to achieve a mis-trial by all of the negative campaigning designed to divert the attention away from the facts and evidence. Divide and conquer, isn’t that what is happening? An infiltration of the minds of reasonable people.

      Two boys are going to face a rape trial. There is evidence and there are witnesses thanks to Jane’s quick actions. Isn’t that what we want? There were kids tweeting distasteful things, not unlike many of you adults now, but good news for you, it’s not a crime. Do any of you know better than the officials about what can be tried in a court of law? I think it’s time we support the officials trying to do their job without being diverted to schools for lockdown because of more deflecting tactics designed by anonymousky. Maybe their tactics were created to overshadow the rape case by financially crippling the town, attempting to break the good merchants and hardworking vendors. Well, good news! There are honest and honorable people who will be there to pick up the pieces. Because typical of any organization, there’s only a few people who ever do all the work and all you negative people will have the luxury of doing nothing but sit behind your computer and judge that too.

      I think it’s time to support our town and not participate in the deconstruction of a community that so many of us love.

      1. KM

        That’s a quite extraordinary example of “double-think”, as Orwell called it.

      2. Timmeh

        That’s not the sister in law of the owner of the Spot Bar posting under her maiden name? Where was this posted under “Debbie Kessler; COlumbus Ohio”?

        She did resubmit it later as “Debbie Kessler DiAlbert Westerville”

        A possible case of sockpuppetry?

      3. Ocenbrz

        I’m a completely disgusted with Ms. Hanlin and her cohert who is trying this case in Juvenile Court. I am suppose to think well of a police department that cannot come up with any other charge the rape? When the victim was drugged, kidnapped, gang raped, social media was used to further terrorize and humiliate the victim and a possible, “rape crew” is operating in their town. Or should I say, “rape gang” since it was brought up that nicname was made popular in Steubenville by another gang of rapists from that town? Well, so much outrage. With 27,000 signitures in one week demanding that DA Atty Hanlin be investigated for failure to inform a victim of their rights. As well as the limitations that present themselves when a victim does not press formal charges that is enough to cause a lot of outrage. Then we have the charges. When we have seen molestation cases with lists of charges for much lessor crimes. And we see immunity that DeVine says doesn’t existed but they charges would clearly state otherwise.

        Sorry, there may be some good people in Steubenville. Every town has a few. But when you can commit a violent crime in front of a crowd of people who actually know each other and none of them are even bothered enough to call the police? They actually cover up to protect the perpetrators instead? That is a town that good people go out of their way to avoid. If it is this bad for the people who live there …oh.. wait ….never mind. We now know how much worse it is for people just visiting.

  32. C Morgan

    I came across this video relating to a much earlier discussion. It builds upon a prior surfacing of. And it appears to add to from a more first person narrative, if you will. It presents some questionable character traits and associations… so that we may be more fair in judgement of speculation. That this person could be capable of ~and only~ masterminding a premeditated & alleged rape & humiliation of the victim.

    Although I suppose old school, I was raised being told “never put anything in writing, that you wouldn’t want someone else to read.” I’ve continued that generality with my own, especially in this digital age.

  33. Cricket

    About the Dr Phil Show today, I do believe Steubenville has to heal and in order to heal only the truth and ability to acknowledge wrong doing as well as accept the idea of change will open the doors. All of those things won’t happen in the courtroom. As for the Steubenville woman’s rant about negativity when people are down. There is a difference between negativity and the expectation for accountability and truth. It is unfortunate that other members of the football team have suffered criticism, but it seems to me that their team mates and friends are at the root of what they are experiencing. What really happened in the first days & months of the investigation. Clearly I watched a heap of anger falling out of the mouth of a person promoting positivity…. Ironic. And the woman who was attempting to talk was correct and the angry hostile response is a communication flaw that will not be constructive in the healing process of the town.

    1. bking

      I concur although I imagine the irony is lost on her.

    2. prinnie

      That is something that I have said since day one. I TRULY feel bad for the other kids who are now painted with the same broad brush that is being applied to their city. HOWEVER, be mad at the kids who did nothing to stop this from happening. Be angry at the kids involved. From the MOMENT they engaged in this behavior they became THAT school, THAT town and THOSE kids. You can’t unring a bell. The ire should fall where it belongs — on those who did nothing or who participated and not laying blame elsewhere.

    3. glad2bgone

      Cricket, very well put. As parents, we do want to support our kids. But, to blindly support our kids who blindly support their friends does absolutely nothing with regards to accountability. I had friends who made poor decisions at times, albeit nothing close to this. Although they are still friends to this day, I recognized their poor decisions, called them out on it, and held them accountable for their actions. They didn’t like it, but they respected me more as a friend when I didn’t just blindly support every decision that they made. And, they did the same for me. The mother was on the defensive from the time she sat down. You could tell by her body language that she was not going down without a fight. And, when she realized how ridiculous she sounded with her “Who knows if she’s telling the truth” rant, she backed down and changed her tune a bit. Again, maybe she has a good kid, but this type of support will be counter-productive when her son might face a situation where he either needs to step up and be a man or follow the crowd. Now, she is just teaching him to follow the crowd and defend those around you at all costs, right or wrong.

      1. maddgramma

        I hope the mother watches herself on the show and sees just what the rest of us saw. Her negativity was noticeable from the beginning. Hopefully, she works on herself before she tries to heal her community.

        1. glad2bgone

          I’m not sure that she would be willing to take on that type of introspection. She is one, like many others, that believe that the town is under siege and she must do her part to protect the fort. I think C Morgan hits it on the head below. The quote “And when some become “overly” defensive of something or someone, without logic & rationale, not always but often, they have something to hide.” Her son knows more, but wasn’t directly involved. So, I will defend him as a mother and make claims that there were kids pooping under desks to add to the dramatic effect. The schools were on lock-down for less than two hours and faculty and administrators are trained to react in a calm manner so as not to invoke fear in the students. It was nothing more than an effort to deflect blame and appeal to emotions of other parents. I would not want to have my children at that school, but the lock-down became a non-issue just as quickly as it was an issue.

          1. C Morgan

            LMAO… “Pooping under desks to add to the dramatic effects of!” I had similar thoughts watching too, but truly love how you expressed it!

          2. prinnie


            This is comedy gold. She cares for the children of Desk City.

          3. C Morgan

            Lol on the link!! That too is all I heard her saying.

        2. Guy with a Thought

          My kid right or wrong.
          My team right or wrong.
          My city right or wrong.
          My country…

          My, My, My
          Sounds a lot like a whining 2 year old

    4. IknowSteubenville

      Prinnie, If I remember correctly, I’ve heard the name of one of the boys appearing on Dr. Phil before, and it didn’t have anything to do with this case. Can you check it out for us? Something to do with shooting out windshields for fun.

      1. C Morgan

        I’d like to add to…
        I believe it is noted in the steubenville files, and alleged it was a few football players. But no one was charged. I never looked for a report on though to verify?
        But I will say, and was reported by local news, very reminiscent of the vandalism of country club (noting surveillance of car involved). And again no one was charged and the story was dropped. And prior links relevant to this are here.
        I’m certain Prinnie can add to this

        1. Oh The Humanity!

          According to a link provided in a comment to an earlier story on this website, the golf course vandalism damage was paid with football booster funds. In another post on Patch Kent State it was alleged that one of the vandals is related to Jane Hanlin

          1. prinnie

            Why am I not shocked by all of this? Is there a police report available about the vandalism?

    5. Ocenbrz

      I wanted to say “thank you too Cricket”. Many of us feel the same. And in the town’s defense. Those who are outraged by the entire response by all involved are not getting interviewed. It is not unlike certain media groups to only focus on the ones who are the “lunatics in the asylum”. it do understand the “fair and balanced” dilemma also. If it wasn’t for youtube and the compassion of Prinnie, those in town who have come to you with evidence that they did not want to see “flushed” and Anonymous there would have been other victims like this poor kid.

      It is sad once more we need to focus on any one incident to keep reminding people no one is allowed to rape anyone under any circumstances. Just because it has been whispered knowledge that teens and adults love to prowl teen parties to get certain kids drunk/drugged to rape them and cry, “so what”? I got lucky! While manyl of the adults involved just pat the kids on the back and say, “way to go, spud or spudette” never meant it was ever not a felony crime that is way too often not reported for this very reason. Too often if it does get reported because of “special interest groups” and “bad publicity” tend to end up on the cutting room floor or weakly prosecuted. In any other town if something like this happened people would be very upset. People who do not even live in this Country are very upset over the way Americans are dealing with such a terrible crime and attitude of Americans toward the people who commit them. And I agree.

      I say if law enforcement feels they are being “stonewallled” examine what people already hear them saying. They are saying they will not pay experts to retrieve ‘scrubbed” evidence on this case. They are trying to discredit social media as “hearsay”? The FBI is called in not to recover lost evidence but because the Sheriff is afraid. He’s afraid? What about all of the young teenagers in town who know there are kids drugging and raping people? The don’t have guns or 24/7 or on call security. I do believe threatening anyone with more than a lawsuit or investigation is way over board. They are however reading that the ones who lured and drugged this victim are not even being charged for this offense. So now they have to question the motives of everyone they might even dare to call a “friend” because they are allowed to lie to you, drug you and it is all legal? That they can just drive you around town, unconscious, take pictures of the crime in the act to share with all of their gang members, as well as let other passengers attack you and that is okay? Do they have much confidence at all that anything they do or say will be taken seriously? Who is going to protect them from harm by those who have connections either through a sports team, school admins. or the legal system? They cannot even count on themselves being protected if they are harmed for coming forward.

      I would say law enforcement has to do a lot more if they want people to come forward. Anonymous knows more then they do and that says a lot about the town’s confidence in law enforcement good or bad. You can blame the Sheriff squarely for that. Acting like the victim while he is suppose to be protecting the victim and the innocent from harm. There is no doubt except for the guilty or their apologists, that crimes have occurred. There is little evidence that much is being done about it just based on what charges that have been filed so far? It is just so shameful.

      I too would not see anyone I was related to going to that school either. I’ve had my kids transferred to different schools because their staff would not deal with school bullies or a teacher who did not follow the school rules. if I found out that their school was harboring teens who were setting up students to be drugged and raped on campus I would definitely be pulling my kid out. If I could not move I would send them to another relative until I could do so to not put them into that kind of environment. It is bad enough we have teachers hitting on our students. Let alone seeing kids who do things like these kids do on campus. You have to just because teens are not easy to reason with. And sociopaths are just too good at what they do.

      1. prinnie

        The media has asked people for interviews and they decline. If you would like to be interviewed. I can let my media contacts know.

  34. finnja

    @Letter of Debbie Kessler
    ‘…but if it was my job, it would not be my first thought to determine my child’s association with an alleged crime before I did my job – quite the opposite, in fact. My child better not be involved but it would not impair my judgment if it was a possibility.’

    Seriously? Well, then Mrs. Kessler, then I suspect that you and your son have serious attachment issues. In fact MOST people will be biased when something like rape happens in one’s son’s peer group. As this is so common, there are clear regulations in place that people learn in law school that prosecuters have to avoid any conflict of interest, even if only perceived by the public, and even if oneself has no more sympathy for the own son than for….any guy on the street or even Hitler, as you brought him up.

    1. KM

      She also doesn’t appear to grasp that the administration of justice is not on a personal preference basis. It was her ethical and possibly legal responsibility to recuse herself and request assistance from out of town from the start. And the deliberately myopic refusal to even mention that a keen desire to see justice served was not the only possible reason she delayed in recusing.. you could not make that up. It’s like she believes she can make something vanish if she doesn’t mention it. Magical thinking, in fact.

  35. C Morgan

    Well said Finnja. And May I add, I find it ironic that at the same time she is condemning ~collectively~ Anonymous, protesters, media, bloggers… She is defending such the same injustice on her community??
    I don’t recall seeing much of anything regarding the town a bad place or ALL citizens, or even that every football player was bad. It’d be ludicrous to condemn an entire town for a few bad seeds!! Or the attention drawn to that there are some involved in power that have questionable agendas, or shady conduct. One would think the intelligent & objective reaction might be, maybe it should be looked into more indepth IMO. Only because that has or will effect the community. And when some become “overly” defensive of something or someone, without logic & rationale, not always but often, they have something to hide.

  36. Juju

    @ KM What Right Wing bloggers??Please elaborate if you accuse you should back up with facts. I don’t know of any notable (not trollers) professional bloggers condoning any of this. If thats true than you should link their blogs so everyone can know who they are. This was a horrible act through and through please don’t bring polotics into this.

    1. KM

      I didn’t for a moment state that they were reputable; naturally they aren’t! I also fail to see how you can imagine I “bringing politics into this” when I clearly state that the (extremist, yes) bloggers are right-wing and the town itself is left-wing. The obvious corollary is that anyone, of any political belief, can be tainted. That isn’t “bringing politics into this” in the sense you appear to mean, is it? I really do not appreciate what appears to be your own assumption that I am making political capital here. I’m not even American, and your so-called “culture wars” bemuse me. I don’t understand how anyone benefits from politics being so polarised; I have friends on all sides of the political spectrum whom I regard as thoughtful, measured and intelligent, ad a broad diversity of views is absolutely healthy in a democracy. I have repeatedly stated that the absence of such diversity has seemingly lead to a small clique running Steubenville unchallenged, which is inherently problematic.

      I was simply seeking to explain to another British person that reading widely online, and taking a few rightwing weirdos as being equally representative of mainstream national opinion, is a mistake. That being so, please dial back your own assumptions and cease appending them to me. I’d appreciate it.

  37. JohnA

    I saw Dr Phil. I was disappointed. I thught he let the the mother of the athletes ramble on and on. Also thought he should have spent
    more time discussing issues involved in the case such as why wasn’t any adults held accountable for the underage drinking. He also
    didn’t let Prinnie talk about her side He spent too much time trying to be “fair.”:

  38. C Morgan

    Oh and also, at the end of this video there are helpful suggestions of what should have and can occur by police to retrieve evidence.
    Note it states that all images were originally posted on Instagram, and there exists a database where ALL pictures are stored. Kinda like how all tweets exist forever, and are currently being catalogued in the Library of Congress…
    It starts with a great interview of our host here! (:

  39. Guy with a Thought

    @Juju Re your question about which conservatives are trying to make this case “political”, see BKing’s post from yesterday, 1/16/13 @ 2:47.

  40. Oh The Humanity!

    Dr. Phil seemed like a pollyanna when talking about the investigation and when tossing out bouquets to McCafferty and especially Abdalla. “We thank you for risking your life . . .” I would have preferred him to ask McCafferty and Abdalla to offer insight as to what local law enforcement could do as role models and with other officials to offer the local youth an alternative to drinking and to act responsibly instead of tweeting garbage about degrading a young girl. Instead he gave these officials a generous pass and pat on the back. Very disappointing. And the mom who ranted just plain turned me off.

  41. haradanohime

    I actually have a small list of things I Noticed while watching Dr. Phil today.

    -Mr Madison stumbling in his answers to Dr. Phil.
    -His Insistence that the video was not made that day (when testimony has stated otherwise by the boy who took the video).
    -Dr. Phil stating Nodi was probably trying to be funny. (when Nodi is speaking in present tense as if that is occurring is ONGOING not past tense)
    -Why were Jeno, his mother, and Eddie even there when they had nothing to with nor had first hand knowledge of anything to do with the case other than Jeno was “defending his friends”?
    -Jeno’s misstep about “not partying during football season” caught by Dr. Phil.
    -Eddie claiming he was named by Anonymous as a rapist.(funny I didn’t recall ever seeing his name until he claimed Anonymous threatened him on twitter.)
    -Jeno’s mom repeatedly stating “We’re not the bloggers” as if she were saying “I’m not the pathological liar trying to garner national attention by making things up!” (Yep apparently all bloggers are liars if you listen to how she states this on the show)
    -Jeno’s mom yelling about the children being scared during a lock down (which wasn’t that discovered to have been done by someone not in connection with Anonymous?)
    -If the look on Jeno’s mom’s face was positivity….I’ll eat my shoes.
    -Jeno’s mom yelling at a former prosecuting attorney for making an observation about her son just on what he stated while on the program.
    -Dr. Phil doesn’t step in until AFTER she’s yelled at the top of her lungs.
    -What WAS the Attorney going to say?
    -Other than our dear Prinnie no one was there to defend the girl! AND Prinnie barely got to say a thing. How is this fair?

    Grade of this episode: D-

    Try again Dr. Phil. Next time don’t cobble so much content in an hour. This probably should have been handled as at LEAST 2 shows. Way too much content and nothing really was even addressed other than “where were the parents?” which people have been asking since day one. I’ll tell you where the parents are. (points at Jeno’s mom) Most are doing exactly like her or trying to pretend it’s all a bad dream that will blow over once their darling angels are exonerated.

    1. C Morgan

      You are absolutely correct on all points! IMO

  42. C Morgan

    On reading select excerpts of the plausible cause hearing, I was truly sickened and mortified for the victim! I am so very sorry she was put through this.
    There is One thing in particular, of many questions it raised for me. Given they acknowledge that this poor girl was at a minimum physically ill from either being drugged or extremely intoxicated and passing in and out. They truly think it’s a good idea to take her to Cole’s house? Also noting Howarth’s mother was home & makes some kids leave, yet fails to intervene at any point?!
    So they take her to (another) absent of parents home! Where the hell are all these other parents? Oh right conveniently out of town too!
    So she’s taken to this empty house to be isolated with the accused and select others, where she is continually assaulted. There are a couple others that drop by and leave. And kept there overnight likely enduring, we can only guess truly what or by whom!?
    Well if in fact it’s true, that alleged texts circulated that night to the tune of, (compliant sex doll, free for all). I am perplexed in believing we have the whole story of all who participated. Even with thus far testimony of a very few, that had to be coerced with “immunity” to tell their “versions” of events. Or that additional charges are not surfacing on multiple causes for.

  43. maddgramma

    OMG! Prinnie, I Loved Desk City!!! Hilarious!

  44. I

    I live in one of the most “liberal” neighborhoods in the US–the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Surprise, surprise…we “liberals” make it a point to know where our high school-age kids are and what they’re doing. Our kids have all been taught to respect males and females alike. Rape Crews don’t happen here. Wonder why that is? It’s called parental involvement. Apparently that doesn’t happen in places like Steubenville.

  45. Atticus Finch

    Just saw tape of Dr. Phil show. “Steubenville Jill” have you thought about trying decaf?

  46. Cricket

    Tell me about it, my 17 yr old son (not from Steub) voluntarily watched attentively until the rage thing started with the angry mom. And then he shook his head and walked away. I was pleased when he sat down to watch and understood when he walked away. I really would have liked to hear what the prosecuter had to say.

  47. haradanohime

    @ I – Steubenville is a dying industrial town. Most families in the area have both parents working sometimes multiple jobs just to make ends meet. The bad thing is that those who have been (implicated but not charged) do not come from those types of families. They are from the more well off and well connected families in the area. The two charged are not so “lucky” from my understanding.So I do not see what the excuse is for the majority of those implicated but not charged. I’m not making excuses for the lack of parental supervision. But when the parents of those who do have the time to instill some sense of morality in their children seem to see nothing wrong with the way they boys behaved we have a bigger problem.

    The thing that irks me is those who feel self righteous, like Jill. Steubenville is more than Big red. There are more schools in that area that just SHS. Not all Steubenville residents attend Steubenville High School. If it were a true attack on the city why is ONLY SHS getting the bad rap/ threats/etc? Steubenville is more than football. Sorry, but just because a teenage boy can throw a ball so far or take so many hits does not make you or me any better of a person. Somewhere Steubenville lost it’s pride in adults and now has to rely on the young shoulders of teenagers to make them into something better.

    Perhaps it’s time for introspection. If Steubeville is such a wonderful place: Why is it still called “Little Chicago” and “Sin City”? Why are celebrities who have come from Steubenville and surrounding areas publicly saying they’re glad they left? Why was there not long ago a DOJ investigation into the police department?

    HOWEVER Steubenville is not the worst place in the world either. It has a small town feel but is close enough to metropolitan areas not to be totally cut off. There are excellent schools in the surrounding area which may not have the area’s “best” athletics but are more homogenized in it’s academics and athletics. Even though the shift has been difficult as industry has left the area people have worked hard to keep the city from totally drying up by encouraging local business to bloom, bringing in newer corporations to bolster the stumbling local economy. Steubenville is also known as the “City of Murals.” There are a lot of artistic people who live in Steubenville. Why not set the focus on intellectual and Artistic people? Steubenville has a lot to be proud of that has nothing to do with tossing a pig skin.

  48. JohnA

    they don’t call it Stupidville for nothing.

  49. JohnA

    Check out Channel 9’s web page. There is a story about the AG investigating a second rape case that occured in Steubenville last April. At this point there is no evidence the two are connected. But it wouldn’t surprise me if they find out the same people are involved.

  50. mortgagestar1

    How America views ” Steubenville Jill ”

  51. C Morgan

    Check this out… From twitter
    “@KyAnonymous1: hey @drphil that crazy woman from steubenville and jeno threatned a citizen yesterday and has police report on him

  52. BKing
    1. prinnie

      1. BKing

        🙂 hahahaha!!!!

  53. JohnA

    can’t seem to stay away from this place. I’m obsessed with this story. Seriously think I need to talk with somebody.

    1. prinnie

      It’s like an onion – once you peel back one layer there is an equally interesting one underneath.

    2. Elizabeth

      Me, too.

  54. Elizabeth

    Something occurred to me last night that I’d like to share. I’ve been thinking a lot about the Steubenville rape and I think that if the kids’ genders were different, bystanders as well as the town would have had vastly different reactions. Certainly, if boys gang raped a boy, homophobia would kick in and the rapists probably would face death by pulverization.

    What do you suppose the reactions would be if a bunch of girls raped a boy? Would anyone blame the victim for being completely drunk? Would anyone suggest that he asked for it because “everyone knows he’s a slut”?

    As an exercise, I’m taking some excerpts from recovered tweets, transcripts of the probable cause hearing, online commentary, the NY Times article from 16 December 2012, and from the Nodianos video. I tried to change the genders of the defendants and the victim (although I’m sure that I missed a few instances). I find the switch to be both ludicrous and chilling. Please excuse my graphic use of sexual imagery; I was trying to stay true to the boys’ statements.

    You can find more details on these pages:

    **By the way, if anybody has an alternate source—other than Lee Stranahan—for the transcripts from the probable cause hearing, I’d prefer to reference a different source. Also, does anybody know where I can find the transcript for when somebody was testifying that they saw Trent Mays tapping Jane Doe with his penis? I remember reading about that, but I just can’t find the source again.

    I’d love to know what you thought of this gender-switching thing I’ve done.


    Tweets, 11-12 August 2012

    Michelle Nodianos
    You don’t sleep through a dildo in the butthole.

    Michelle Nodianos
    @Antionette Craig, @Eva Westlake 13 are with me, not the dead body.

    Michelle Nodianos
    Finally saw a dead body #whoa.

    Michelle Nodianos
    There is a dead body in the ville and people don’t care #live the life

    Michelle Nodianos
    I don’t want to leave him now, you know I believe and how #Something

    Michelle Nodianos
    Some people deserve to be peed on #whoareyou

    Cora Saltsman
    Picture of Molly Richmond and Trina Mays carrying John Doe by his ankles and wrists.
    ♥ Marika Cole, Eva Westlakd
    Comment from Cora Saltsman: Sloppy.

    Unidentified Guy #1
    It has to suck to be that sloppy drunk boy everyone’s tweeting about right now #embarrassing

    Unidentified Guy #2
    Who’s this sloppy drunk bastard? #JusWannaKnow

    Cora Saltsman
    Whore status. Hahahahahaha

    Cora Saltsman
    Never seen anything this sloppy lol

    From the Michael (Michelle) Nodianos video (Thanks to prinnie for the partial transcript:

    Eva Westlake(?): How do you feel on a dead boy?
    UNKNOWN : Are you serious?
    Michelle Nodianos: I don’t have any foreplay with a dead boy. if it ain’t hard right now, it ain’t ever gonna be hard, to be honest. Trust me, I’m a doctor.
    UNKNOWN: How dead is that boy?
    Shawna McGee: . . . screaming for my life . . .I just feel bad for people man.
    Michelle Nodianos: He’s at least a 14 dead. He’s more, he’s deader than a doornail.
    UNKNOWN: Michelle, Michelle . . .
    Antoinette Craig: That boy, what were they doing with that boy?
    Michelle Nodianos: Just putting the dildo in that butthole.
    UNKNOWN: Is he gonna feel it?
    Michelle Nodianos: He’s dead.
    Shawna McGee: Oh my god
    UNKNOWN: Michelle, why can’t he, why can’t he, why isn’t he waking up?
    UNKNOWN: This is fuckin crazy. This is like . . . this is rape.
    Michelle Nodianos: He’s dead. There ain’t no waking up.
    UNKNOWN: You’re telling me that boy cannot breathe anymore?
    UNKNOWN: If he wakes up he’s gonna hear about this.
    UNKNOWN: How do you know he’s dead?
    Michelle Nodianos: He’s dead because there was a naked picture on, a dildo in the butthole, and he wasn’t moving. There’s usually a reaction to that.
    (muffled conversation in background)
    UNKNOWN: He could get . . .
    UNKNOWN: Need to get real . . . they could go to jail.
    UNKNOWN: . . . Fuckin 20 years . . .
    UNKNOWN: That happened to my . . .
    Michelle Nodianos: I’m gonna tell you this: he’s deader than Obi-wan Kenobi when Darth Vader cut his head off. That’s how dead he is.
    Eva Westlake(?): Is it…Is it
    UNKNOWN: They were pissin on him. I forgot to tell you about that. He was in the middle of the street.
    Michelle Nodianos: Yeah, they peed on him. That’s how you know he’s dead cause someone pissed on him.
    UNKNOWN: Why did you let them, why did you let them do your friend like that? That just ain’t right.
    Eva Westlake(?): He was like if he wakes up, I don’t think so cause he’s dead.
    Michelle Nodianos: I’m gonna get real. He’s deader than Andy Reid’s son. I’m sorry. that’s how…
    Eva Westlake: What the hell’s wrong with you?
    Michelle Nodianos: That’s how dead he is.
    Eva Westlake (camera): eagles, eagles
    Michelle Nodianos: He’s deader than Chris Henry.
    UNKNOWN: wow (muffled)
    Eva Westlake (camera): What is wrong with you?
    Michelle Nodianos: He’s deader than OJ’s wife.
    UNKNOWN: I think, I think, I think you guys…
    Michelle Nodianos: He’s deader than Caley Anthony right now.
    UNKNOWN: Why do you say that?
    Michelle Nodianos: There’s never been someone as dead . . .
    Eva Westlake (laughing):Oh my god
    Eva Westlake: How dead, Michelle?
    Michelle Nodianos: He’s deader than Harvey Denton after Batman tackled him on that building.
    Eva Westlake: Tell that to Antoinette. Tell Antoinette.
    Michelle Nodianos: Antoinette, he’s deader than Harvey Denton after Batman tackled him on that building.
    UNKNOWN: She said I don’t care.
    UNKNOWN: C’mon sister, we’re going. We’re going sister.
    Michelle Nodianos: Right now, what they’re doing, they’re trying to help a dead boy. That’s like trying to help wood turn into stone. That’s like trying to help the Padres from a 500 season.
    UNKNOWN: Is Trina coming?
    Michelle Nodianos: That’s like trying to help Tim Tebow be a good quarterback.
    UNKNOWN: Oh my god.
    UNKNOWN: I don’t like . . .
    Michelle Nodianos: That’s like trying to help natty light beer, be refreshing beer.
    UNKNOWN: That’s stupid. That’s not cool bud.
    UNKNOWN: That’s child abuse(?) That’s like rape. That is rape.
    UNKNOWN: Sister . . .
    UNKNOWN: They raped him.
    UNKNOWN: Did she do it?
    UNKNOWN: Sister . . .
    UNKNOWN: They raped him.
    Eva Westlake?: This is the funniest girl.
    Michelle Nodianos: they raped him harder than that cop raped Marcellus Wallace in pulp fiction. You ever see that?
    Eva Westlake: She comes up with them so quick.
    Michelle Nodianos: They raped him quicker than Mike Tyson raped that one boy.
    Michelle Nodianos: I didn’t do it man.
    Eva Westlake: No natty(?)
    Michelle Nodianos: Is Jaclyn even here?
    UNKNOWN: You wanna go over there real quick?
    Michelle Nodianos: Oh shit . . .
    UNKNOWN: I don’t wanna go over there(?)
    Michelle Nodianos: They raped him more than the Duke lacrosse team.
    Eva Westlake: Shawna(?), she said they raped him more than they did the Duke lacrosse team.
    UNKNOWN: . . . don’t understand how . . .
    Michelle Nodianos: He is so raped right now . . .
    UNKNOWN: Oh my god
    Eva Westlake: This is about to be on key(?)
    UNKNOWN: Trina
    Michelle Nodianos: He is dead.
    UNKNOWN: Cut it(?), girl.
    Michelle Nodianos: Oh my god
    Eva Westlake: Antoinette, I’m gonna watch this every single day.
    UNKNOWN: (?) . . . to an extent, you know that?
    Michelle Nodianos: He’s deader than they thought Gandalf was. He’s fuckin deader than JFK. He is deader than Trayvon Martin. I know you heard that. He’s deader than him.
    UNKNOWN: Girl, you might go to jail. I get drowned and you might go to jail.’
    Michelle Nodianos: His dick is about as limp as a noodle right now. Spaghetti, girl.
    UNKNOWN: I’m seriously not . . .
    Eva Westlake: How limp is it?
    Unknown: I leave Saturday . . .
    Michelle Nodianos: It’s so limp, if you try to take fuck it, you’d be shit out of luck.
    Unknown: That’s how I’m gonna . . . Trina . . . all the time now.
    UNKNOWN: Sister, you raped a boy.
    UNKNOWN: . . .took forever . . .
    Michelle Nodianos: Trina raped . . .
    UNKNOWN: Trina and Molly raped someone.
    Michelle Nodianos: Oh my god. You thought it was bad when that boy got raped at pallooza. This is worse because it’s a dead body.
    UNKNOWN: No, that’s . . . like, this is not, like, funny
    Michelle Nodianos: It’s hilarious.
    Eva Westlake: I’m sorry, but Michelle’s funny.
    Michelle Nodianos: It isn’t funny, it’s hilarious.
    Eva Westlake: Michelle’s funny. No, that’s not funny, this is funny.
    UNKNOWN: What if that was your son?
    Michelle Nodianos: But it isn’t. If that was my son, I wouldn’t care. I’d just let him be dead.
    UNKNOWN: No you wouldn’t. Listen to yourself, girl.
    Michelle Nodianos: I’m listening to myself fine.
    UNKNOWN: In 10 years I’m gonna come back to this video . . .
    Michelle Nodianos: 10 years, my son’s gonna be getting raped and dead in 10 years.
    UNKNOWN: I’m gonna say you didn’t care if he died or not, then you’ll care. Aw I didn’t mean that, I didn’t mean that.
    Eva Westlake: While his son’s getting raped
    Michelle Nodianos: He is deader than Joe Pesci in Goodfellas.
    UNKNOWN: Please don’t let me get up on Trina.
    Michelle Nodianos: Go over there. Go over there and be like why are you raping, you raped him.
    UNKNOWN: You want to ride with me ?
    Michelle Nodianos: Is it really rape cause you don’t know if he wanted to or not. That might have been his final wish.
    Eva Westlake: Do y’all think he’s dead?
    Michelle Nodianos: He’s dead. I don’t know if y’all saw the picture, but he’s dead.
    Michelle Nodianos: Oh shit.
    UNKNOWN: I swear . . . I’ll tear her up.
    UNKNOWN: What if we went in there and were like video-taping it and beating the shit out of her? How funny would that be? They’d be like, we’d be like wait, girl this is not cool. They’re raping a boy.
    Michelle Nodianos: They’re not raping him. They’re necrophiliacs.
    UNKNOWN: Y’all don’t understand how it is. I’ve got a fucking little brother.
    UNKNOWN: That’s what I’m saying, that’s what I said. What if it was like . . .
    UNKNOWN: What would happen if that was my fucking little brother, who just turned 16 himself and that fucking happened?
    UNKNOWN: Yeah . . .
    Michelle Nodianos: You’re right.
    UNKNOWN: What if that was Andy?
    Michelle Nodianos: It wouldn’t be though, ‘cause he’s not dead.
    UNKNOWN: Neither is that boy.
    Michelle Nodianos: He’s dead.
    UNKNOWN: In the morning . . .
    Michelle Nodianos: You didn’t see how they carried him out. You act like he’s Jesus Christ. He’s not coming back from the dead.
    UNKNOWN: Michelle, do you hear what you’re saying?
    Michelle Nodianos: I hear myself.
    UNKNOWN: You’re saying the boy is dead.
    UNKNOWN: Michelle, you’re a sick fuck.
    Unknown: You are sick.
    Michelle Nodianos: How am I sick?
    UNKNOWN: This boy is drunk.

    Transcript Excerpts from the Probable Cause Hearing in October 2012 with Mark Cole, Anthony Craig, and ??

    I’ve deleted exchanges between lawyers and judges such as “objections”.

    Questioning of Antoinette Craig:
    Q (Lawyer): While in the vehicle, you never once heard the boy say “no, stop”; did you?
    A (Testifying witness—not identified): No, I did not.
    Q: And in fact, you indicated that he was conscious at the time; correct?
    A: Yes.
    Q: And although you couldn’t hear what he was saying, he was responsive in speaking, right?
    A: Yes.
    * * *

    Q: (Lawyer): On your phone you had other graphic photos too; didn’t you?
    Antoinette Craig: Yes, sir.
    Q: Okay. And they all appear to be of a man’s rear-end.
    Antoinette Craig: No, sir.
    Q: What are you saying no to, Ms. Craig?
    Q: Who was the same person I’m talking – that you’re talking about?
    * * *
    Antoinette Craig: You’re –
    * * *
    Antoinette Craig: Can you repeat the question?
    Q: Okay. Let’s do this. If you don’t understand my question, please ask me to rephrase. Okay?
    Antoinette Craig: Yes, sir.
    Q: If you give me an answer, I’m going to assume you understood the question. Is that—is that fair?
    Antoinette Craig: Yes, sir.
    Q: Okay. On your phone you had other graphic images; isn’t that correct?
    Antoinette Craig: Yes, sir.
    Q: Did you take the photos?
    Antoinette Craig: No, sir.
    Q: Where did you get them?
    * * *
    Antoinette Craig: The men.
    Q: The men. The men gave you the pictures of themselves?
    Antoinette Craig: Yes, sir.
    Q: Okay. And they’re all face down.
    * * *
    Q: There is a photograph here of a woman on the same carpet as the carpet in Marika Cole’s basement. Do you recall that photo—on your phone?
    Antoinette Craig: No, sir.
    Q: Okay. Do you recall a woman—a picture of a man in black underwear on your phone?
    Antoinette Craig: No, sir.
    Q: Would you like for me to show you?
    Antoinette Craig: Yes, sir.
    * * *
    Q: Do you see the images there?
    Antoinette Craig: Yes. Yes.
    Q: And that—that man is face down there, isn’t he?
    Antoinette Craig: Yes.
    Q: And he has—
    * * *
    Q: And he has on black underwear, correct?
    Antoinette Craig: Yes.
    Q: And then there’s another man—
    * * *
    Q: –face down in black underwear.
    * * *
    Antoinette Craig: Sir, I’ve never seen any of these pictures.
    Q: They were on your phone.
    Antoinette Craig: I’ve never seen of those pictures in my life.
    Q: Do you dispute the fact that they were on your phone?
    Antoinette Craig: Yes.
    Q: Okay. Are any of these images [John Doe]?
    Antoinette Craig: I couldn’t tell you, sir.
    Q: You couldn’t tell us. Okay. It just appears to be—
    * * *
    Q: It is your testimony while under oath that you have never seen these photographs before.
    Antoinette Craig: Yes.
    Q: Okay. And when they say, they being the police, that these images came from your phone, that would be a lie.
    * * *
    Recross –Examination of Antoinette Craig:

    Q (Lawyer): While in the vehicle you never once heard [John Doe] say “no, stop”; did you?
    Antoinette Craig: No, I did not.
    Q: And, in fact, you indicated that he was conscious at the time; correct?
    Antoinette Craig: Yes.
    Q: And although you couldn’t hear what he was saying he was responsive in speaking, right?
    Antoinette Craig: Yes.
    * * *
    Q: Okay. And during that two or three hours, did you get to observe [redacted].
    Antoinette Craig: I seen him when I first walked in, went up and gave him a hug and said hi. I seen him throughout the night a couple of times, but didn’t really talk to him much though.
    Q: Okay. Did you notice any change in his demeanor from when the first time you saw him to the last time you saw him?
    Antoinette Craig: Yeah. He—I could tell he was getting a little bit more drunk as the night went on.
    Q: What makes you say that?
    Antoinette Craig: Just the way he was handling himself, how he was walking, talking to other people.
    Q: What did you observe about him walking that made you say, “Hmm, he had something to drink”?
    Antoinette Craig: Stumbling
    * * *
    Questioning of Marika Cole:
    Q (Lawyer): Okay. And was John Does with you at this point in time?
    Marika Cole: He walked to my car. He was walking with Trina.
    Q: Okay. And how was John Doe acting at this point in time?
    Marika Cole: Very loud and he was screaming that he wanted to come with us. His friends tried to get him to stay with them but he screamed and denied and said that he wanted to come with us.
    * * *
    Q: Okay. When you were walking out to your car, what, if anything, happened?
    Marika Cole: We were walking along the street up to my car and John Doe said that he had to throw up. So, he sat down in the middle of the street and he started to throw up.
    Q: And what did you do while this was happening?
    Marika Cole: I was up at my car talking with Cora and Eva because Eva wanted to drive to my house.
    Q: At the point in time that John Doe is throwing up do you know where Trina and Molly are?
    Marika Cole: They were holding his hair back so he didn’t throw up all over himself.
    * * *
    Q: Okay. Now, what was John Doe doing when Trina is putting her finger inside her anus?
    Marika Cole: He was just sitting there not really doing anything.
    Q: Was he making any noise?
    Marika Cole: He was—he was kind of talking, but I couldn’t make out the words that he was saying.
    Q: Why couldn’t you make out the words he was saying?
    Marika Cole: They were slurred or soft. They weren’t really loud.
    Q: How long—you said at this point in time you left Jaclyn’s house and you’re going back to your house; is that correct?
    Marika Cole: Yes. That’s correct.
    Q: And you far of a drive is that?
    Marika Cole: Ten minutes, 15 minutes.
    Q: And is Trina fingering him the entire time that he’s in the back seat of your car?
    Marika Cole: Not—I would not say the entire time. I would say probably about halfway to my house is when it started.
    Q: Okay. And while Trina is doing this is she saying anything?
    A: No.
    Q: Okay. Why did you decide to pull out your cell phone?
    A: Being stupid, not making the right choices. I don’t really have a reason.
    * * *
    Q: Okay. And how is John Doe behaving when you first get into your driveway?
    Marika Cole: He wasn’t really saying anything. He was helped up onto my porch as they waited for me to unlock the door.
    Q: Who helped her up onto your porch?
    Marika Cole: I can’t say exactly who but it was either Trina or Molly.
    * * *
    Marika Cole: We went down to my basement.
    Q: How did John Doe get down the stairs?
    Marika Cole: He was helped.
    Q: By who?
    Marika Cole: Either Trina or Molly. I couldn’t say for sure. I had walked down ahead of them.
    Q: And when you say he was helped how was he helped?
    Marika Cole: By his arms carrying him.
    Q: Okay. So, he couldn’t walk at this point in time?
    Marika Cole: No, not on his own.
    Q: And when you get down to your basement what, if anything, do you do down there?
    Marika Cole: He sat down on the floor and he said he felt like he had to throw up. So, Eva—or not Eva. I asked Molly to go over and help him into the bathroom so he didn’t throw up on the floor. He was in there for a couple minutes. He never ended up throwing up at that point. So, we brought him back out and he was sitting on the floor again. Then he fell to his side and had to spit up on the floor.
    Q: And at this point in time did he have his clothes?
    Marika Cole: His shirt was off.
    Q: Okay. And when did his shirt first come off?
    Marika Cole: When he was throwing up in the road at Jaclyn Howarth’s house.
    Q: Okay. How—did his shirt come off when he was throwing up in the road at Jaclyn’s house?
    Marika Cole: Someone had taking it off so he didn’t throw up on himself.
    Q: Okay. You don’t know who?
    Marika Cole: No, I did not see.
    Q: Okay. And by the time—during the incident where Trina is inserting her fingers in his anus in the car is his shirt on or off?
    Marika Cole: It was off.
    Q: Okay. And his shirt is still off at your house; correct?
    Marika Cole: Yes.
    Q: And you said he is on the—on his side on the floor of your basement?
    Marika Cole: Yes.
    Q: Okay. What happens next?
    Marika Cole: After he had thrown up I asked them to take him back into the bathroom in case he was going to throw up anymore and I went upstairs and got a cleaner to scrub the floor with.
    Q: As he’s laying on your basement floor on his side is he conscious at all at this point?
    Marika Cole: He was still conscious but he wasn’t fully there.
    Q: How do you know that?
    Marika Cole: Because he was still able to tell us that he had to throw up. So, he wasn’t passed out but he was—he wasn’t like himself I would say.
    Q: After you got cleaner to try to clean up his vomit, what, if anything, did you do?
    Marika Cole: We brought him back out onto the—onto the—in my basement. I received a call from Antoinette Craig and he said that she was on her way to my house. So, I walked upstairs and I went out on my front porch and I was giving her directions to tell her when I saw her car to tell him like where to turn.
    Q: Did Antoinette Craig come over to your house/
    Marika Cole: yes, he did.
    Q: Okay. And when you came back down—did you come back down the basement with Antoinette Craig?
    Marika Cole: Yes, we did.
    * * *
    Marika Cole: John Doe was on his side and Trina was trying to get him to eat her out.
    Q: And how do you know that—well, first of all, what do you mean by “eat her out”
    Marika Cole: She was knelt down on her knees, sitting on his face and she was trying to get him to lick her.
    Q: Okay. Was John do conscious at this point?
    Marika Cole: I wouldn’t say he was passed out but he wasn’t there to say yes or no.
    Q: Was his mouth open when—when she is trying to get him to lick her.
    Marika Cole: Halfway—
    Q: Okay
    Marika Cole: I would say.
    Q: And was she successful in getting him to lick her?
    Marika Cole: No.
    Q: No?
    Marika Cole: Now she was not.
    Q: Okay. What, if anything, was Trina saying as she was trying to get him to lick her?
    Marika Cole: I didn’t—I don’t remember hearing her say anything.
    Q: Okay. And what, if anything, do you remember John Doe saying as she’s trying to do this?
    Marika Cole: I don’t remember hearing anything.
    Q: Was he making any noise?
    Marika Cole: I didn’t hear anything.
    Q: Okay. And do you say anything to Trina at this point?
    Marika Cole: No, I did not.
    Q: Okay. What happens next?
    Marika Cole: Eva and Antoinette were leaving. So, I let—I walked upstairs to let them out and when I came back downstairs we got on John Doe’s phone and—
    Q: Okay.
    Marika Cole: –we—he was still conscious enough to be able to tell us what his password was to unlock his phone.
    Q: Why were you trying to get into his phone?
    Marika Cole: Because Trina and John Doe had been talking and she heard rumors about him texting Antoinette Craig and she wanted to see if there was messages from her on there.
    Q: And what is Molly at this point in time?
    Marika Cole: She was sitting—at this point in time she was sitting on the couch next to us.
    * * *
    Q: Okay. And when Trina was trying to get John Doe to lick her, where was Molly?
    Marika Cole: She was laying on the ground behind
    Q: And what, if anything, was she doing while she’s laying on the ground behind John Doe?
    Marika Cole: I didn’t—I didn’t—from my view where I was sitting I couldn’t see what she was actually doing.
    * * *
    Q: Do you remember hearing Pat and [redacted] chanting and cheering people on and offering money for them to urinate on John Doe?
    UKNOWN: I had heard her saying something about it as a joke.

    Sample Commentary from the Internet

    Donald Myers Facbook Post:
    don’t feel bad bc we r talking about a guy also known as steubenvills “train whore” going to parties over there every weekend and foul shit going down. Had his sister not found out and told his mother anything be said otherwise….NO bc itys what he did….EVERY weekend….facts people u should look into them as for my son. As for my son yeah when he is a teen he will do what teen boys do….but honestly what boy goes to a party ALONE with no friends to look out for him get teal, u were hiding something my son will knpw better…I nor did the majority of u did. . .itd still be secret had no one found out his little secret

    Deadspin Poster “MotownBaller”
    So these kids life is going to be ruined cuz some sloppy slut got drunk at a party and they got a little dick from him? What the fuck has happened to this country? We got dick off of drunk guys all the time back in the day and no, they weren’t always awake for it, but when you got to a fucking high school party what do you expect? Slut knew what he was going there for, why he was going there, and they just charged him the price of admission.

    So now these girls are going to be victims of a fucked up PC society that refuses to make boys and men responsible for their own actions. You looking to not get drunk and fucked at the party? DON’T GET DRUNK AND GO TO THE PARTY.

    Adapted from the NY Times, December 16, 2012

    . . . For [other teenagers], it was a way to cap off a summer of socializing before school started in less than two weeks. For the lucky ones on the Steubenville High School powderpuff team, it would be the start of another season of possible glory as stars in this powderpuff-crazy county.

    . . . “Huge party!!! Banger!!!!” Trina Mays, a sophomore quarterback on Steubenville’s team, posted on Twitter, referring to one of the bashes that evening.

    . . . In one photograph posted on Instagram by a Steubenville High powderpuff player, the boy, who was from across the Ohio River in Weirton, W.Va., is shown looking unresponsive as two girls carry him by his wrists and ankles. Twitter users wrote the words “rape” and “drunk boy” in their posts.
    . . . Rumors of a possible crime spread, and people, often with little reliable information, quickly took sides. Some residents and others on social media blamed the boy, saying she put the powderpuff team in a bad light and put himself in a position to be violated. Others supported the boy, saying he was a victim of what they believed was a hero-worshiping culture built around powderpuff players who think they can do no wrong.

    . . . On Aug. 22, the possible crime made local news when the police came forward with details: two standout Steubenville powderpuff players — Trina Mays, 16, from Bloomingdale, Ohio, and Molly Richmond, 16, from Steubenville — were arrested and later charged with raping a 16-year-old boy and kidnapping him by taking him to several parties while he was too drunk to resist.
    . . . A Night Takes a Grim Turn
    Just before 10 a.m. on Aug. 11, fans who are part of what is called the Big Red Nation poured into Harding Stadium clad in the team’s colors, red and black, to see Big Red’s second scrimmage of the season and to get a sense of how the team would fare this year.
    What they saw were two players who stood out from the rest: Mays and Richmond.
    Mays, who hails from a nearby town and who went to Steubenville High because of its successful powderpuff and gymnastics programs, showed off her strong arm at quarterback. Richmond, who the police say came from a troubled home and has lived in Steubenville with guardians since she was 8, dominated as a quick and tall wide receiver. She also was a star of the Big Red Ladies basketball and track teams.
    . . . Across the river, in a well-kept two-story colonial house in a solidly middle-class West Virginia neighborhood, the 16-year-old boy told his parents that he was going to a sleepover at a friend’s house that night. He then headed off to those parties, too.
    He is not a Steubenville High student; he attended a smaller, religion-based school, where he was an honor student and an athlete.
    At the parties, the boy had so much to drink that he was unable to recall much from that night, and nothing past midnight, the police said. The boy began drinking early on, according to an account that the police pieced together from witnesses, including two of the three Steubenville High athletes who testified in court in October. By 10 or 10:30 that night, it was clear that the dark-haired teenager was drunk because he was stumbling and slurring him words, witnesses testified.
    Some people at the party taunted him, chanted and cheered as a Steubenville High softball player dared bystanders to urinate on him, one witness testified.
    About two hours later, the boy left the party with several Big Red powderpuff players, including Mays and Richmond, witnesses said. They stayed only briefly at a second party before leaving for their third party of the night. Two witnesses testified that the boy needed help walking. One testified that he was carried out of the house by Mays and Richmond while he was “sleeping.”
    He woke up long enough to vomit in the street, a witness said, and he remained there alone for several minutes with his pants off. Another witness said Mays and Richmond were holding his hair back.
    Afterward, they headed to the home of one powderpuff player who has now become a witness for the prosecution. That player told the police that she was in the back seat of her Volkswagen Jetta with Mays and the boy when Mays proceeded to flash the boy’s penis and penetrate his anus with her fingers, while the player videotaped it on her phone. The player, who shared the video with at least one person, testified that she videotaped Mays and the boy “because she was being stupid, not making the right choices.” She said he later deleted the recording.
    The boy “was just sitting there, not really doing anything,” the player testified. “He was kind of talking, but I couldn’t make out the words that he was saying.”
    At that third party, the boy could not walk on his own and vomited several times before toppling onto his side, several witnesses testified. Mays then tried to coerce the boy into giving him oral sex, but the boy was unresponsive, according to the player who videotaped Mays and the boy.
    The player said she did not try to stop it because “at the time, no one really saw it as being forceful.”
    At one point, the boy was on the ground, naked, unmoving and silent, according to two witnesses who testified. Mays, they said, had exposed herself while she was right next to him.
    Richmond was behind him, with her hands between his legs, penetrating his anus with her fingers, a witness said.
    “I tried to tell Trina to stop it,” another athlete, who was Mays’s best friend, testified. “You know, I told her, ‘Just wait — wait till he wakes up if you’re going to do any of this stuff. Don’t do anything you’re going to regret.’ ”
    He said Mays answered: “It’s all right. Don’t worry.”
    That girl took a photograph of what Mays and Richmond were doing to the boy. She explained in court how she wanted him to know what had happened to him, but she deleted it from his phone, she testified, after showing it to several people.
    The boy slept on a couch in the basement of that home that night, with Mays alongside him before she took a spot on the floor.
    When he awoke, he was unaware of what had happened to him, he has told his parents and the police. But by then, the story of his night was already unfolding on the Internet, on Twitter and via text messages. Compromising and explicit photographs of him were posted and shared.
    Within a day, a family member in town shared with the boy’s parents more disturbing visuals: a photograph posted on Instagram of their son who looked passed out at a party and a YouTube video of a former Steubenville softball player talking about a rape. That former player, who graduated earlier this year, also posted on Twitter, “Song of the night is definitely Rape Me by Nirvana,” and “Some people deserve to be peed on,” which was reshared on Twitter by several people, including Mays.
    The parents then notified the police and took their son to a hospital. At 1:38 a.m. on Aug. 14, the boy’s parents walked into the Steubenville police station with a flash drive with photographs from online, Twitter posts and the video on it. It was all the evidence the boy’s parents had, leaving the police with the task of filling in the details of what had happened that night. The police said the case was challenging partly because too much time had passed since the suspected rape. By then, the boy had taken at least one shower and might have washed away evidence, said McCafferty, the police chief. He added that it also was too late for toxicology tests to determine if he had been drugged.
    “My son learned about what had happened to him that night by reading the story about it in the local newspaper,” the boy’s father said.
    “How would you like to go through that as a father, seeing your son, who is your entire world, treated like that?” the father said. “It was devastating for all of us.”
    Mays and Richmond were arrested Aug. 22, about a week after the boy’s parents reported the suspected rape.

  55. C Morgan

    In doing some more research, I gathered the following material that may include more details of certain points, chronological events, & questions raised. (Mostly newer versions of, I hope.) But at a minimum, an informative review. Some may have been posted prior by others, I’m sorry if any repeats.

    Informative timeline with additional links within…

    Probable Cause Hearing & legal actions summary…

    Why she didn’t send that “text” to accused… (Backing her phone was not in her possession immediately following)

    Relationships & connection of case diagram…

    Collection of disgusting & twisted views of some locals towards the female gender & peers…

  56. loyaljustice

    I have a few things to say here. First, about the Dr.Phil show. Disgusting, Dr.Phil was disgusting. The way he and his show “Protected” the guy in the video,Nodi, the ADULT making the disgusting remarks. Why blur his face if not to protect him? He did not “allegedly” make the statements in the video. Then Dr. Phil states, about “Nodi”,( the adult with the trash mouth in the video) that “this kid was just being stupid, trying to be funny, he was just drunk. I don’t think he should be vilified for the rest of his life for what he said in that video”. Well Phil said it himself, Phil was a football player his whole life, maybe that’s why he couldn’t hide his own “boys will be boys” attitude! Why do they keep protecting this nodi fella? He IS an adult and he DID say those things.
    Prinnie, it’s to bad you went all that way for 4 sentences. They should have let you talk more.
    Second, Prinnie, I am going to play devils advocate here, so please don’t take it to personal, but about your Bystanders & Blamers….Your first sentence ” It was not that law enforcement did a shoddy job — I never claimed that, and will never make that claim.” Yet Dr.Phil introduces you and states ” you investigated because you stated that you had little faith that authorities would do a thorough job”. Kind of contradictory isn’t it? As is this sentence from the Bystanders article…”Rather than lay blame at those who discuss the case or wish to shoot the messenger…perhaps it is time for the blame to be laid where it belongs — to those individuals that broadcast and publicized the events of that night to the world.” Are you saying we should blame you, blame Anonymous? Is that what you meant when you wrote ” Perhaps it is time to look in the mirror and acknowledge where the blame should fall.”?
    Know that I am asking these questions in a very non confrontational manner. I truly do want to understand your perspective.
    I’m also curious if you talked to the victim or her family before starting your investigation? Did anyone ask her if she wanted to make this a bigger fight, the fight of her life? Did you ask her if she was ready for the media attention she was about to get? Did she say she could handle it? Or did she say that she just wanted to get this over with as quietly as possible? I know the first time I was raped, I wouldn’t have had the strength to fight this public battle she is fighting now.
    Also, what is the maximum sentence these “alleged” rapists can get? If anyone knows. I’m so afraid this young victim will never get justice, not through a court of law. She will have to testify that she doesn’t remember that anything happened to her that night. With that the defense will say there was no crime. I have a daughter her age, and I know how I would handle this if it happened to her.
    As I stated before, please don’t take this the wrong way, I just want to sincerely know your thoughts and answers. Thank you. Sincerely, Justice

    1. prinnie

      Yet Dr.Phil introduces you and states ” you investigated because you stated that you had little faith that authorities would do a thorough job”. Kind of contradictory isn’t it? <-- yes and my response was edited. 🙂 I have always said that I am not LE and am not privy to anything other than what was available online. I have maintained that I am NOT the story - I only reported what I found. As for where blame is laid - it is difficult for me to comprehend how is it my fault when I only reposted what they posted about the "rape" (their words not mine) on social media? I reposted what I discovered and urged people to make their own informed decision about the case. Players in this case have not presented themselves in a good light with respect to the media. Coach Reno surely didn't help his cause when he threatened a reporter and all of the whispers of corruption in the town were only amplified by some of the behaviors of the various townspeople. When I wrote about this case I had no idea that it would become internationally known. I felt that the others who were present and/or who knew about what was going on should face consequences for their non-action. The adults whose home hosted the parties should have been charge, IMO. Hope that answers all of your questions.

      1. loyaljustice

        Thank you Prinnie, for answering. I certainly respect your response. Seems to me that there ARE MANY charges that should have been brought. I realize its the prosecutors job to file charges, BUT, the police in this area could have arrest soo many more, for many different things, and THEN let the prosecutors sort it all out. I find it almost laughable that “they” say there is an ongoing investigation. BS.I sincerely hope the courts do the right thing by this victim and have a change of venue.The only way I can imagine a fair trial is without all the officials currently involved. I am perplexed as to why this hasn’t happened yet. You would think the defense attorney would have filed or change, unless of course, they have a good chance of being found “not guilty” in the present courts.
        Please understand I am not saying its”your fault”, I’m just making the point that you also posted all these things online. I would really like to know how Jane Doe feels about you and Anon making this such a big story. So many questions that will only be answered “in due time”. I also feel that perhaps one or 2 of the Anon “hackers”, could have found a lot more evidence than The State’s experts did. I’m not a computer expert or a phone expert, I can’t even send a picture yet, but there absolutely HAS to be a way to find more of what was “sent” that night.
        More than anything, my heart is aching for this poor victim. If it were my daughter, NO charges would have been filed, and justice would be served.

        1. haradanohime

          Mr. Madison has filed for a Change of Venue, as well as to close all proceedings to the public and media (The judge will decide that on Jan, 25th). A change of venue would not do much in this case. As it is being tried in a Juvenile court, the Judge is the only one who will hear and decide on the punishment for these two boys. There is no jury to taint. In fact a change of venue would probably make it more likely LESS witnesses would be at the trial depending on where they would have to travel for the court hearings.

          Though IMO since this judge has already allowed an accused rapist (thought technically they’re only being charged with delinquency) to leave the state when supposed to be under house Arrest, I wonder how fair this trial will be to Jane Doe.

          Also Jane Doe and her family have been in contact with the anons for quite some time. This has been stated clearly on several different occasions. Though it is difficult she appreciates all the support. I doubt she thought it would get this big. I don’t think any of us did.

          Something else I have been thinking, Now I’ll clearly state this is speculation on my part. Could it be that These two are getting charged with dumb down charges for Jane, and instead the larger charges will go after those in the case from April? It’s a possibility that crossed my mind. But again that was reported in September, but as of yet nothing has been made public other than “the investigation is ongoing:” and is being handled by the AG office. Perhaps if this is the case I think there would be less of a public outcry. But again it’s speculations and guessing. Thoughts?

          1. bking

            I’m thinking since no one has been charged in the 4 months since it was reported no one will be charged in that case but the AG will sit on it til the fires die down in this one so the public doesn’t scream cover up. Which it totally probably and reasonably could be alleged it is. 🙁

          2. prinnie

            Most unprofessional attorney in the valley

            What kind of attorney does this? (besides the obvious)

          3. ihaterapists

            @haradanohime, I don’t see how larger charges could even be brought against the April participants. I see it as a “he said–she said” bc the victim waited too long to come forward.There’s probably no evidence. I’m gonna guess after seeing what’s happening now, there is no way any kid that is a potential witness for April would ever come forward.

          4. jdinohio

            I’ve just had an “Aha!”moment. That old Kenny Rodgers song was about Stubenville?

            “Every one considered them the cowards of the county,
            They never stood one single time to prove the county wrong.
            And then one night the Rape Crew came a-calling…
            They took turns at Jane Doe, there were many of them…”

          5. John Doe #6

            One of the finest graduates in the illustrious history of the Ohio Northern University Claude W. Pettit College of Law, a brilliant legal mind who would be teaching at Yale or Harvard if he hadn’t selflessly decided to devote his life to the continued well being of the good families of Steubenville.

            I would be enjoying this a lot more if he’d gotten a joint degree in the school’s Democratic Governance and Rule of Law Program, but my sense of irony seems to have bitten off more than it can chew.

          6. bking

            When a person becomes so desperate that they are willing to stand behind the words of a man who creates rape fantasy porn to bolster their position regarding a case of the gang rape of a child one can only imagine the depths of vile depravity that exist in his mind and soul. Moreover, when a prosecutor, a person charged with defending the sanctity of victims of crime, betrays that oath to champion the cause of the associates of suspected rapists, well I’m bereft of foul enough adjectives. I feel deep and heartfelt sympathy for the decent people of this small valley I firmly believe the DOJ should clear out all the officials in Steubenville (again), starting with all of the ones lamenting that they are the victims in this case. All just my opinions of course.

          7. ResoL101

            The same type of Attorney that allows his friends to mock the victim on his FB, Case in Point:


  57. C Morgan

    I’m just throwing it out there, that I interpreted the blame of broadcasting to the world to mean…
    The bunch of young degenerates giving details on social media during and after the commission of a heinous crime. In addition to many other illegal activities.
    Further implicating the failure of their parents to instill any values in, supervise, monitor, or hold accountable. Perhaps even contributing to some of their socially unacceptable behavior.
    Which would call for gratitude for opening their eyes. Oh yes, and for babysitting free of charge!
    At least that’s what I thought was implied.

  58. JohnA

    @prinnie: It is called blaming the messenger

  59. sobeit

    Was Charlie Keenan at any party that night or even in town. How about invovement in the april rape of the 14 year old.

  60. sobeit

    another question
    It has bee stated by the sherff that no witnesses are coming forward to help with the events of the case. Why Can’t the DA use a Grand Jury to supeana those known to have been at the party?

  61. John Lewis

    A case from the UK. The footballers (OK soccer players to you lot!) involved are slightly older as is the victim. The exact nature of the assault is unclear at this stage. The claim, admittedly yet to be confirmed, that the young lady was “repeatedly taunted” about the incident by another footballer at the club bears very unpleasant similarities to the Steubenville case.

    In each case we can only hope that justice is served.

  62. jdinohio

    A case from Stubenville, June ’12. Stubenville parents punish children by taping them into plastic storage bins. In the TV news story dated August’12, prosecuters charged not only the parents, but also 2 others who knew of the incidence but did nothing about it.

    What kind of double standard? I guess there is a very large element of truth in the adage: “You will get whatever amount of ‘justice’ that you can afford.

    1. prinnie

      I actually wrote about that story here, and yes indeed they did charge two that knew and did nothing. Thanks for pointing this out.

  63. bking

    More horrible comparison to the Holocaust by the Anne Franks of Steub.

    Letter From A Steubenville Resident

    I got this note. This is exactly why I’m working on this story,

    As a citizen of Steubenville, I want to say thank you so much for you efforts and accurate reporting and investigation into the rape case . There have been so many rumors and lies circulating about this case and the masked group was never needed here; they have only proven to show hate and chaos to our community. I have faith in our judicial system and believe the case should have been for them to judge off of the facts. I also don’t believe it should be the public’s business, especially for the rights of the girl.

    The masked felons have bashed so many good people in our communities name including mine and my children, just because we chose to try to make the nation understand what is really going on in our town on national TV and their followers believe everything they say. They are a hate group similar to the KKK and Nazi mentality. I am tired of feeling like I am living somewhat in a modern day Holocaust. They and their followers have made videos of me, hacked my files, harassed me and my kids, made lies that they obviously can;t back up, called in death threats to us and caused unneeded havoc in our town for their own agendas.

    I refuse to back down when i am standing up for what is right. If the boys involved are guilty, I believe that it is up to the courts to decide and give them their sentence —not vigilante justice. Again, thank you for all you are doing; you are making a difference to us..♥

    1. bking

      From Steubenville Jill perchance, methinks.

    2. prinnie

      Someone needs to make this idiot sit down and watch footage of the Holocaust. IGNORANT, UNEDUCATED TWIT is what this person is. People wore masks because they were afraid that people in power would harass them — kind of like what someone is doing on his Facebook page.

      1. bking

        Lost cause. You can teach the uneducated but you can’t teach the stupid. Any person who would dare make this kind of comparison obviously lacks any reasonable cognitive abilities. Demonstrative of a complete void of historical epistimology, bereft of basic human empathy and apparently suffering a clear separation from reality.

        When anonymous burns 17,000 Steubenvillians in a gas chamber, the b***h can screeam “Hitler, Nazi or Holocaust” till then she should stop the melodrama. (That is a sardonic statement, no one wants to put anyone in a gas chamber) Bloody idiots I say.

        1. C Morgan

          Oh my! Ignorant & a hypocrite on a few levels there. Guess we should feel sorry for her being so victimized… She is claiming to be a “victim” of harassment and being judged so unfairly.
          Prove it, because we all think she’s lying!
          What’s that? She has proof??! Proof of posts on social media, reporter references, videos mocking her on YouTube, etc…
          Hmm? And this is where she opens mouth and inserts foot……
          because that’s all just “hearsay, rumors, and opinions! Just People being people! Those aren’t facts until a court rules on and says so! We can’t believe everything we read, see, or hear has any validity!”

          I’m certain the additional irony within her claims, including the most obvious two I spelled out for, will escape her! Please feel free to educate on the rest.

          1. bking

            Hear hear, I say, very well then.

          2. C Morgan

            BKing I think you indeed served the rest up nicely, with a a topping of historical significance! Let’s just hope we all haven’t inflicted a brain overload of information on her!

    3. ihaterapists

      WHO got this note? I’m confused.

  64. bking

    To clarify a “resident” sent this letter to scumbag hack writter/pornographer Stranahan. I hate to link the douchebag. Prinnie, feel free to delete.

    1. bking

      I must warn you, however, if you’re not familiar with his 5th grade book report like style, prepare yourself to wade through disjointed, run on and incomplete sentences galore, errors and lots of supposition presented as fact. I gather the guy can’t afford a proof-reader and doesn’t know what a thesaurus is, yet still somehow thinks he should be taken seriously. Face~~~>Palm

    2. BooBoo

      Also be forewarned that he is a known pornographer who has many sites with bondage type porn on it. He also has a movie about Anonymous that he peddles which is his main reason for involving himself in this story. Had Anonymous not stepped in, he would be no where near this story. He needs to spend hours on twitter and blog slamming them so as to get people to buy his dvd. So anything he says, consider the source. Ohh and check out rip off report, He is also a known scammer trying to get money off people. I also saw his tweet and blog begging people for airline tickets to Steubenville. Definitely a scammer!

  65. jillianne

    Just saw this article on Daily Mail.

    I found it interesting that two uncles are being indicted for failing to stop the abuse they witnessed, but no such thing has happened in this rape case. Both cases are from Steubenville! Weird.

  66. j

    It is painfully obvious that nobody else is going to be charged in this case. The two that have been charged will never serve another day in jail. The victim wants to close the trial to the public so we will probally never know what happened that night and how it was investigated (compromised) by le. There are going to be rapist running the streets of sreubenville and they dont seem to care. Prinnie did a fantastic job bringing this to light so the local high schools and colleges at least know who these guys are now. I have followed this blog since it has started and i can say it will make me a different parent I think alot of us can say that. I never dreamed social media was so important in parenting boy was i wrong. To the people out there who created their own soap opera within in this blog shame on you (joe scalise, mammabear) joe would come on here say one thing and be in the hearald star saying another. He wanted to make a name for himself off a rape good for him. Mammabear had me wrapped up in her lies and misinformation I still dont understand why. Prinnie again thanks this blog has opened my eyes to alot.

  67. haradanohime

    Looks like News 9 has jumped on the bandwagon for calling the victim and accuser.

  68. BKing

    I just want to make a quick observation, you good people remember this? ~~~> well, it WAS plastered on Hanlin,, Bruzzese and the “Hitler” sisters facebooks as well as all over the web, it seems, it has simultaneously and mysteriously disappeared from all it’s original places as well as other postings. I just find that interesting. Thoughts?

    1. thinkin man

      Glad someone’s keeping track. As the brew gets hotter and hotter people (attorneys especially?) say things they later wish they could take back. Let’s hope Steubenville is remembered as a turning point in attitudes toward women in society at large, because the invective and poison darts that are being thrown about every which way seem so far removed from the suffering of a single young girl we all profess to care so much about.

    2. C Morgan

      I’m thinking that might have something to do with it being said, (by a true shining Star of insight) that both JH & FB, have received notice from the Ohio Bar that their actions are being “scrutinized.” However let it be noted, and it’s not the first time, they have “escaped” from repercussions in the past…

  69. haradanohime

    Just a thought. Mr. Bruzzese has been quite outspoken about this case. Since he is also the assistant Prosecuting Attorney for the county doesn’t that conflict with his standing as such? As the Assistant Prosecutor wouldn’t he have been privy to the information regarding the case and the charges pressed? If so…boy what a mess. He should have not said a thing if that was the case. I hope they “scrutinize” this with a fine tooth comb.

    1. C Morgan

      Lol! Very valid point there.

  70. Alchemist

    @ ResoL101 January 16, 2013 at 10:00 am

    “I want to read that 300 page court deposition – myself. Surely SOMEONE has it?”

    Filename: 121842911-Steubenville-Rape-Crew-Probable-Cause-Transcript.pdf

    Download Link:

    Here it is, complete and unexpurgated. You may have to read it piecemeal to keep from gagging.

  71. Alchemist

    @BooBoo January 17, 2013 at 10:25 pm

    I’m not so sure I agree with this. Isn’t that punishing those who were not part of it? Not to mention, the cheerleaders and others who depend on sports? 1 bad apple doesn’t necessarily spoil the whole bunch. Get rid of the kids who sat back watching and did nothing along with those who took pics and video’s. They should be banned from all sports for the remainder of their time in school. I would also look at what the coach and assistant coaches knew and how they handled it and go from there. If disciplinary action needs to be taken then so be it. But I don’t think people should try to make it so other schools won’t play them in sports. That really isn’t fair and doesn’t do anything to heal the community.

    Booboo, I could not disagree with you more. A message needs to be sent that any such activity will not be tolerated, PERIOD. A team may be made up of individuals, but they are a team — a unit, and need to be treated as such. Military units have been disbanded for the disgraceful behaviour of only a few of their members. The same principle applies here.

    Here is an example of how things should have been handled.

    Shana DC
    Posts: 23
    Join Date: Jan 2013
    01-07-2013, 02:06 PM

    In my hometown, there were 2 hockey players accused of rape.

    The school instantly suspended the beloved hockey program while
    they investigated the matter. An in depth investigation found that the hockey team, much like this football team, did have a problem in which rape was something joked about and treated lightly among the team, found that players sexually harassing women was a problem. The hockey team administration was fired. The team was suspended for a year. Multiple students were suspended and/or barred from participating in sports due to their behavior surrounding
    the rape. The school said it made a top priority changing the toxic sports culture that had arisen at the school. The public praised the school’s quick response to the assaults, and the only media reports (aside from the charges themselves) on the matter was the quick, responsible action of the school and how serious they were about not creating a culture of violence. The remaining members of the (temporarily disbanded) hockey team accepted this decision without protest and pledged to work with the school to change the atmosphere of their team and their school.

    So guess how many school administrators, students, athletes, etc were vilified after this event? NONE.

    Steubenville brought this on themselves and has no one else to blame.


  72. C Morgan

    Make all involved in the rape of the Steubenville scandal be pushed out of Juvenile court so there can be real justice.
    Why We Can’t Comment: Steubenville
    Thank you for signing this petition. We appreciate your participation in the We the People platform on However, consistent with the We the People Terms of Participation and our responses to similar petitions in the past, the White House declines to comment on this petition because it requests a specific law enforcement action.

    Tell us what you think about this response and We the People.

    (Just received this response via email… Wth does that mean? Oh it’s over 31,000 signatures! (: )

  73. C Morgan

    Something witnesses need educated on!
    [Ronald S. Pichlik
    Battle Creek Criminal Defense Attorney

    Answered about 2 years ago. You cannot be held in contempt for taking the fifth. However, you actually have to be at risk of incriminating yourself. If you are pleading the fifth merely to avoid answering questions you can be held in contempt. Generally, contempt is punished by 30 days, but the court could theoretically hold you until you decide to answer.]

    1. C Morgan

      The question was:

      [Can you be held in contemp for taking the fifth amendment?
      Asked in Watkinsville, GA – about 2 years
      Are the laws different from juvenile law and criminal law, when it comes to pleading the fifth? If you can go to jail for taking the fifth, what is the point of pleading the fifth? How long can you be held in jail for pleading the fifth?]

      1. C Morgan
        Hello! A memo should be circulated to all witnesses of this one!!

  74. C Morgan

    From above link… Punks clearly do not understand the application of the 5th amendment… Or the ramifications of attempting to use erroneously! Lets hope the judge and attornies do??

    [Your duty is to tell the truth about what you saw or heard. It is not to determine the guilt or innocence of the charged party.
    Umm… why would you not want to testify? Since you’re a witness, not the defendant, you’re not subject to fifth amendment protections.
    The Fifth Amendment is what criminals plead so they don’t incriminate themselves. It’s a right against self-incrimination.]

    [Only if the questions would incriminate you. “nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself”. ]

    1. C Morgan

      And then we come full circle. Those that choose to plead 5th on certain questions… Are thus implying self-incrimination theory of circumstance exists. Based upon which questions, and what crime it’s being applied to, (making the far fetched assumption they use it correctly!) we come back to the additional crimes in absence. And of those, or the existing rape, which they were a part to. That they should have been charged with way back in the beginning!
      So Plead the 5th, where it legally necessitates. It only serves to show a lovely roadmap of those needing charged still, and on what potential charges. As well as LE failures to have done so prior.

  75. C Morgan

    Good news, the above has merit. Lipps is well aware of potential witness antics. So we can expect him to enforce! He stated just this back on Jan 31…
    [Lipps said subpoenas can be issued for witnesses who will be expected to testify truthfully under oath. He said the court has certain contempt powers regulating the conduct of witnesses and anyone interfering with the court.]—.html


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