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There has been a lot of false information being disseminated regarding the dismissal of the defamation suit filed against myself and 25 unnamed John Doe Defendants and I wanted to take a moment to clear up some of those rumors.  First and foremost, there was no settlement in terms of agreements not to discuss the case or even stop talking about Cody Saltsman.  On or about December 20, the Plaintiffs approached us wishing to dismiss the defamation claim WITH PREJUDICE.  They asked if Cody  could post a statement on my blog, and I was glad to allow him to do so.  I did not HAVE to do anything, nor was I forced to post anything about the case in return for a dismissal.  I chose to provide a statement because many people were following the case and wanted to know what was going on.

I was not forced to stop talking about Cody or the case.  If I wanted to call him a little booger eater…I could, but I won’t.  What he did was really crappy and there is no excuse for it, but at least he made the attempt to right his wrongs.  As part of the settlement  we did not pay any money; we did not agree to retract any statements, nor did we agree to stop covering the case or discussing it.  I was glad that Cody wanted to make a statement.  In all honesty, whether people choose to believe him or not — he is the ONLY person thus far to have the testicular fortitude to stand before the public’s judging eyes and try to explain his actions or inaction that night.  For that, I do give the kid MUCH credit.  He has done more in that respect than any adults who have been implicated in this nightmare of a case.   There were never any threats made to him or others on this site.  People discussed this case much like you and someone who might be sharing a cup of coffee and discussing a hot news item.   This blog afforded locals a place to talk about the case, and individuals theorized and discussed rumors that they heard.  I had many inside sources from various agencies in Steubenville and if something was a rumor and I could confirm that it was so — I posted that info to try to clear up any misinformation.  I do not post anything that I can’t vet.  Why didn’t I talk to the New York Times?  I was being SUED and my attorneys made a statement for me.

I have never accused law enforcement of not doing their jobs.  I know many of the policemen who wear the uniform of Steubenville Police Department and have known the chief for many years.  I would never say anything to demean or malign them.  I have maintained all along that I am not law enforcement and I have no knowledge of the way they investigated this case other than what has been released via the media or through court transcripts.  Perhaps the department was overwhelmed and understaffed to handle an investigation with a cyber component as they referred the hacking of rollredroll to the federal authorities.   I have, however, encouraged people who do have questions or concerns to speak out.  I believe in the right to maintain an opinion and to uphold the First Amendment – as proven by my refusal to not request dismissal based on jurisdiction and a Section 230 defense.  I could have easily walked away from this case early on and left my commenters hanging, but instead of running away –  I chose to stay and fight for what I believed in.   Opinions are not always nice, but that is the type of speech that needs to be protected the most.

This case is very important on many different levels:  both legally and socially.  I leave you with a copy of the settlement and release so that you can view it and make your own informed decision.



prinnie – who has written posts on Prinniefied.com.

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Clearing Up the Defamation Rumors — 221 Comments

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  2. Oh gee you mean to tell me…

    1) Cody Saltsman was NOT forced to drop suit against you?

    2) You were NOT forced to admit any wrong doing including posting your opinion of him?

    3) You did not win your case through extortion?

    4) Anonymous played no role in the Saltsmans dropping the suit?

    5) The Saltsman’s actually approached you PRIOR to Anonymous getting involved?

    Well my goodness, you mean to tell me someone lied?? Shocking I tell you. Just shocking!!!

    • Prinnie, I personally want to Thank You my friend for standing behind each nd everyone of us named in the Lawsuit. You my lady are First Class and I appreciate what you did for us.

  3. This seems to blow the carefully worded statements by a couple of other bloggers who, IMNSHO, are either enablers of the attackers and/or apologists for them. I will not dignify their crap by mentioning their names on this lovely blog.

  4. Apologies for being off topic but perhaps you good people could answer a question for me. Why, after some four months, have the three suspects of the alleged gang rape of a 14 yr old in April not been charged??? That would seem to indicate that there are possibly 3 additional rapists wondering the streets of Steubenville. Yet, it would seem, some of the people of this community are more concerned with “negativity” and hackers in masks, than they are that a gang of sexual predators could, on any given day, be stalking their daughter’s. Unfrigginbelievable…

    • From what I understand, the AG officer has the case now and is supposedly looking into it…With the assult taking place in April and no one coming forward til now, there isn’t going to be any evidence and will just be the 14 year old girls word against a bunch of plotters and liars…..Just my opinion, but I doubt anything comes from that “alledged” rape as well….

  5. Thank you, Prinnie, for putting this out there so maybe some of the rumors and accusations can now be laid to rest. Prinnie stood with the John Does instead of bolting. She made sure we had the contacts we needed to get legal advice and help. I’m certain I can speak for all of the Does in saying those two months were very stressful and anxiety ridden for all involved. We’re all happy this is over and the a First Amendment was protected. It’s now time to put our focus back where our hearts are — justice for Jane Doe and any other victims of rape and sexual assault.

  6. The only way to get a libel suit dropped is to provide evidence of the truth. Well, looks like Prinnie provided proof she was not defaming the kid and in fact all her investigative work was authentic. Saltsman is still a d-bag and should be charged in the case.

  7. I just wish investigators would look into the conspiracy to the crime….I still hear a lot of things in town that these boys plotted to committ this crime against the young lady….I hope prosecutors are not just happy with the two they have. You can’t tell me that these special investigators and prosecutors are being duped by a bunch of 16 and 17 year olds lying through their teeth….Get your shit together and get to the bottom of the crime….
    Too many times, I’ve see prosecutors just be happy with the arrest and conviction of the actors but stop there and never pursue the “brains” behind the act!

    • My feeling about that is this – the original prosecutor on this case cut a deal for others involved in the case, immunity in exchange for testimony. Not unusual in a case with circumstantial evidence. One of those others was her son. The deal, in my opinion, was likely that he would walk in exchange for testimony against the two defendants. This leaves a big opening for the defense to appeal after the fact. Tainted witnesses,inadmissible testimony, conspiracy, etc. She doesn’t care. Her kid is already bullet-proof. But now, if they get it overturned on appeal, these two get off, too. A win-win for all of the alleged perpetrators.
      While the adults involved may be portrayed as goofy numbnuts, they are actually pretty crafty from what I can see.

    • So, the reason they aren’t talking is, most likely, so they don’t incriminate themselves any further. Their best bet right now is to keep their yaps shut. Talking can only damage their case.

    • You can’t understand why the two charged are not talking? Serious? Wow! That’s really funny! People charged with a crime like this never ever talk before their trial, come on now. I can’t believe I ever read this here. Listen JD#13, most people charged with a serious crime don’t even talk DURING their trial. Does Casey Anthony ring a bell? How bout O.J. Simpson? Heeheee

  8. I don’t understand either… Unless their attorneys know something no one else knows and are keeping them quiet for a reason. They get a slap on the wrist and no one else is ever charged???

  9. From what I understand, most defense lawyers mandate that their criminal clients not speak publicly about their cases at all. That is probably the first instruction a client gets when “lawyering up,” and that often happens before charges are officially filed.

    • I’m not talking about speaking publicly. I’m talking about giving up information to the prosecutors about other people’s possible involvement in this, if in fact any others were involved. I have no way of knowing if others were involved or not. I do not live in that area or state and I dont know any of these boys or their families. I just know that I wouldn’t take this hit alone if I were in their shoes.

  10. You know I have to agree with Prin on this, Cody not only apologized on his Twitter feed, he also had his apology posted on Prin’s blog. I too am willing to bet, he has learned from this. His parents could of just said, they were dropping the suit and not have anything in there about him apologizing. To me, his parents made him take responsibility for his own actions and for that, I respect them. Out of all the kids who made extremely poor choices that night and a few nights there after, they are the only ones who made their child own up to their portion of it. Kudos to them!

    Now Michael Nodianos on the other hand, I don’t believe for one minute his so called apology from his attorney was sincere. I think it was just damage control. If he was truly sorry for his actions, HE should of been the one to stand up in front of the world and apologizing not an attorney. If that was my child, his ass would of been in front of the cameras giving his apology.

    • We are admonished to believe and hope the best in a person, or situation, if we are truly loving people. So, While I do HOPE the best in Mr Cody, some part of me remains reserved, thinking he HAD to apologize because he was cornered, or caught…..Time will tell….

      • Trust but verify.

        I will add that Cody probably realizes that his reputation is in tatters now. What he did or did not do, he will forever be associated with this. Even worse a lot of his ‘friends’ are likely to think he sold them down the river.

        He’s caught between a rock and a hard place.


  11. In ref to M.D. & in his defense, the attorney stated he’s from one of the “good families.” Wth does that mean? That there is only a select number within the area implied!? And if a child was raised to have, by said “good family,” to have zero morals, empathy, basic human compassion, respect for women (or the dead!), nor laws. During and even after the crime was committed as well! Is he not then implying that the mass majority of other families are somehow less than!!? Ok, well I would bet he is sorely mistaken on that implication, and likely the “good family” shares this attitude. IMO

  12. I’d be interested to know if he apologised to Jane Doe directly – via letter, if nothing else. After all, the rest of us are an irrelevance. She’s the one he dated for a fair length of time, and who suffered from all this. If he’s genuinely a decent kid and never involved, surely he’s horrified someone he once professed to love so much – and 6 months ago, at that – is in her situation?

    • In response to KM, apologizing to a Rape Victim afterwards is helpful? And it accomplishes what? I guess you feel an apology directly to the victim somehow makes this all BETTER? I guess this is where most all humans have a terrible, terrible time in this human existence, because as Jeshua tried to teach us, we are to forgive, accept and call all of life GOOD. Its a human experience that must have balance in order to work, otherwise we would not have Life. Meaning we must have the bad in order to know and appreciate the Good. This teaches us compassion among other things and it all happens in order to bring us along and back Home to the state of consciousness where we remember and recognize we are ONE. We are God experiencing the many facets and possibilities of Life, all of it. We eventually rise to our natural state of All-Knowing and Unconditional Love. Because we allow ourselvesto be dragged down during such times as this, our evolution is moving at a snail’s pace, but we are moving and we will get there. I understand all this and yet I too allow myself to get swallowed up in it and feel the RAGE! Peace….

      • My point was in fact that apologies that appear to be self serving are inherently suspect. His apology has little weight when it was made to stave off a hurricane of online protest.

        If you think I meant rape would all be made better by a letter of an apology from an ex who tweeted vile things (but who has not, in fact, been accused of rape that I know – in fact Prinnie has been careful to make that distinction, so perhaps you should read more carefully across the board), then I suggest you stop making ridiculous assumptions.

        Finally, I’m a woman. I don’t need you to man’splain the emotional impact of rape to me, thanks.

  13. Transparency is the only way to combat rumor and innuendo. Prinnie effectively shot down those who have been trying to rewrite history. A lie repeated unchallenged begins to sound like truth. Ask any teacher who has graded simple spelling or math tests. After a while the teacher oftentimes can fail to recognize the correct answer. That is what some people have tried with Prinnie.

    • I agree with you 100% BlackCats
      May I add that the only way a libel suit may be dropped is to provide truth. I believe Prinnie did this from the beginning.

  14. I would like to go back to the isue of others not being charged for a minute. Some years ago I was taking care of my granddaughter and she went (for the first time) to the mall..walmart..with some friends. One of the girls shoplifted and got caught..my granddaughter was scared to death but didn’t know what to do. She ended up getting charged with accessory or accomplish and we had to pay a fine and she had to do community service. I wanted to fight it but was told that she would surely be found guilty and then have a record. If they do this for shoplifting…not that it is not against the law…but if they do this with shoplifters then why not rape??? Doesn’t make sense to me does it to any of you??

    • The fact that this woman uses Hitler as an example is completely disgusting and offensive to anyone who suffered through Hitler’s reign of terror. How dare she! This is not about the maniacal overthrowing of a nation by a monster, but the disgust of people in that town to dealing with cronyism and favoritism. Debbie Kessler DiAlbert should be ashamed of herself for even DARING to make that comparison. UNREAL!! It is people like her that make the rest of the world look upon her town with bile rising in the backs of their throat.

      • I wondered who could write such an opinion piece. Godwin’s Rule of Nazi Analogiesmeans that the writer has already lost. I wonder if the author worked at the business described in this article when the article was written? It might be that the name is slightly different. Just as some of the other names and organizations named in the article. One last name that begins with Sacc…

        The local flavor is obvious.

        • Oh how interesting.

          Raymond P. Saccoccia, regional account executive, said Ohio law and the laws of other states, allow for the court to place an additional cost on a defendant for the recovery of delinquent fines and court costs.

          “We locate and make contact with those people and help them arrange ways to pay the fines. With bad credit, you can’t get a loan or an apartment,” he said.

          Klein said Capital Recovery has a three-tier approach in collecting the fines. The first is payment in full. The second is a significant down payment, followed by a payment plan. The third is a secured monthly payment, with guaranteed withdrawals from a credit card or bank account.

          “We get confused with telemarketers but we aren’t selling anything. We are working on behalf of government contracts,” Klein said.

          The county courts in Jefferson County are customers of Capital Recovery Systems. The company has been able to recover $236,000 in fines and costs owed to the county courts through a contract with Jefferson County Clerk of Courts John Corrigan. The firm also has been able to collect $317,000 for Steubenville Municipal Court and $75,000 for the Steubenville utilities department.

          The firm has collected more than $100 million for courts throughout Ohio.

          “We are entrenched in Jefferson County. We work for free and there is no cost to the court,” Saccoccia said.

          “We don’t get paid until the court gets 100 percent of the money owed. Client satisfaction is very high,” Klein said.

          • For the record. Debbie Kessler DiAlbert takes credit for this:

            ” When Hitler was infiltrating the minds of Germans, it was a calculating deconstruction of a body of people, methodical and destructive enough to make reasonable people believe. When it was over, suicide, devastation and shame prevailed over those reasonable people. Our town of Steubenville is in danger of being deconstructed in the same calculating manner by a few people infiltrating the minds of reasonable people. Divide and conquer, isn’t that what is happening?”

            Someone named Debbie DiAlbert is mentioned in this article:

            ” In addition to Klein and Saccoccia being Steubenville natives, Klein said the upper management staff in Columbus has a local flavor. Dennis Johnson, vice president of operations, is from Smithfield, and Debbie DiAlbert, director of operations, is from Brilliant.”

            Could they be the same person? I do not know. Yet. Maybe if you were a local you would add your maiden name to your ‘DANGER NAZIS’ screed so everyone would remember who you were before you got married.

            Like someone once said:

            “If there is any one universally known fact about any small town, it’s that everyone knows everyone, or at least one removed. People are related to each other, go to school together or are the brother or sister or friend of someone we know. So, wouldn’t it stand to reason that the local officials in the small town of Steubenville would know most of the people who they are dealing with on any given occasion? Wouldn’t you think that this is nothing new for Hanlin to be familiar with people she is investigating or prosecuting at any given time?”

          • For the record. Debbie Kessler DiAlbert takes credit for this:

            ” When Hitler was infiltrating the minds of Germans, it was a calculating deconstruction of a body of people, methodical and destructive enough to make reasonable people believe. When it was over, suicide, devastation and shame prevailed over those reasonable people. Our town of Steubenville is in danger of being deconstructed in the same calculating manner by a few people infiltrating the minds of reasonable people. Divide and conquer, isn’t that what is happening?”

            Someone named Debbie DiAlbert is mentioned in that article about this business:

            ” In addition to Klein and Saccoccia being Steubenville natives, Klein said the upper management staff in Columbus has a local flavor. Dennis Johnson, vice president of operations, is from Smithfield, and Debbie DiAlbert, director of operations, is from Brilliant.”

            Could they be the same person? I do not know. Yet. Maybe if you were a local you would add your maiden name to your ‘DANGER NAZIS’ screed so everyone would remember who you were before you got married.

            Like Debbie Kessler DiAlbert said:

            “If there is any one universally known fact about any small town, it’s that everyone knows everyone, or at least one removed. People are related to each other, go to school together or are the brother or sister or friend of someone we know. So, wouldn’t it stand to reason that the local officials in the small town of Steubenville would know most of the people who they are dealing with on any given occasion? Wouldn’t you think that this is nothing new for Hanlin to be familiar with people she is investigating or prosecuting at any given time?”

          • The business in the article mentioned above describes the experience of one of it’s employees (in a different article dated April 15, 2009 and posted somewhere else) as:

            “Raymond P. Saccoccia, Regional Account Executive. Raymond P. Saccoccia has recently completed his first year as a member of the Capital Recovery Systems Inc. sales team as a Regional Account Executive working Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Raymond’s first year has been very successful and he brought on board over 30 new government clients. Raymond recently retired from the Steubenville City Schools with 30 years of service in the capacities of teacher, coach, and athletic administrator.”

            So it is time to ask the question. Does (or did) the Godwin’s Rule Of Nazi Analogies violator Debbie Kessler DiAlbert work with the former athletic administrator of Steubenville High School? Raymond P. Saccoccia is apparently the brother of Reno Saccoccia. What other “local flavor” connections are there? Is Debbie Kessler Dialbert the sister in law of the of a well known Big red Booster?

            ” Big Red boosters honor six at kickoff dinner July 26, 2010 By JESS LOOMAN,

            “HONOREES — Six people were honored for their support of Big Red Football during the 14th-annual Appreciation and Football Kickoff Dinner held Sunday at the high school. The honorees included, from left, Rich Ranallo, Jerry Barilla, Perry Jeter, Art D’Anniballe and John Hedmond, son of Robert Hedmond. Joe DiAlbert also was honored.”

            “Joe DiAlbert, a graduate of Steubenville Catholic Central and owner of the Spot Bar in downtown Steubenville, was unable to attend the event.

            He was honored for his support of the school and the community.”

          • @John Doe #6- I must chide you for that forum link! /; I have lost a good part of my day to reading lol! I am speechless on the content of some posters!! But I did find a few interesting points/ official quotes I will try to match to some questions that linger.

          • Well, I could, hypothetically of course, imagine why the wife of the owner of the Spot Bar might be a mite peeved at some of the Anonymous allegations, peeved enough to start tossing Hitler around in a letter to her local newspaper.

            I’m sure her only concern would be for the well-being of the children of Steubenville; the possible threat to the family business would never cross her mind as she was deciding to encourage her fellow citizens to unite in defense of their town and stand tall against the Nazi-like depredations of these masked renegades.

            You can’t make this stuff up.

            Well, hypothetically you can’t. Maybe the similarity of name is just a coincidence. Or maybe it’s an elaborate hoax put together by some prankster in a Guy Fawkes mask and Ms. Kessler doesn’t even exist. Obviously I don’t know enough to be able to say for certain.

          • @Timmeh, you have uncovered yet another trail that leads back to that Booster Club! Isn’t it odd how the most defensively outspoken of certain others, or attempts to deflect with inventive attacks of the town/children… Keep connecting to the club in some manner? Just saying!

          • ” Well, I could, hypothetically of course, imagine why the wife of the owner of the Spot Bar might be a mite peeved at some of the Anonymous allegations, peeved enough to start tossing Hitler around in a letter to her local newspaper.”

            Imho the sister in law of the owner of the Spot Bar has her name on the Hitler infiltrating history letter. Send corrections to this blog if it’s not correct. Posting links gets the comment stuck in moderation. It’s out there in google.

            “Or maybe it’s an elaborate hoax put together by some prankster in a Guy Fawkes mask and Ms. Kessler doesn’t even exist.”

            Look at this from Bystanders and Blamers.

            January 17, 2013 at 6:47 pm · Written by Debbie Kessler; COlumbus Ohio

            Regarding the Steubenville Rape Trial:
            Haven’t we come to understand in any criminal investigation that it’s imperative to collect as much evidence as possible within the first two days? If that’s true, why didn’t Jane Hanlin simply recuse herself immediately like so many suggested?”

            What do you call it when the same words have been posted under two different names and locations. A few possibilities, and there might be more.

            1. What a coincidence!
            2. Whoops! Can’t figure out how that happened.
            3. Great minds think alike!
            4. No one will ever figure this out!
            5. Busted! I copied that! (have trouble spelling long words starting with plag..)
            6. Sock puppet? Isn’t that where you take an old sock with holes and pretend to be some

          • Thanks, I appreciate the SiL correction. I see now that was in your first post and I got it wrong.

        • The business in the article mentioned above describes the experience of one of it’s employees as:

          “Raymond P. Saccoccia, Regional Account Executive Raymond P. Saccoccia has recently completed his first year as a member of the Capital Recovery Systems Inc. sales team as a Regional Account Executive working Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Raymond’s first year has been very successful and he brought on board over 30 new government clients. Raymond recently retired from the Steubenville City Schools with 30 years of service in the capacities of teacher, coach, and athletic administrator.”

          So it is time to ask the question. Does (or did) the Godwin’s Rule Of Nazi Analogies violator Debbie Kessler DiAlbert work with the former athletic administrator of Steubenville High School? Raymond P. Saccoccia is apparently the brother of Reno Saccoccia. What other “local flavor” connections are there?

    • Very well said BKing in the comments! Exposing that woman’s ignorance with true intellect of the historical significance.
      Or perhaps for her benefit… Showing she’s a moron!

          • But there is no cronyism, nepotism or favoritism going on there, right? LOL The more they open their mouths, the more they confirm the assumptions of those looking in disgust.

          • I think I peed in their collective bowl of cheerios. I’ve been being a gadfly on most of there pseudo-intellectual, self-serving bs posts all over the web for a few weeks now. None of then seem to fully grasp how this innerwebz thing works methinks and seldom defend the droll, droll, droll drivel they spew. They think I’m a misinformed Nazi, I think their crazy. Meh, I’m ok with that.

          • Good, I’m glad people are calling them out. IMO Frank Bruzzese’s posting about a local does nothing more than verify what people are saying. I look at that as intimidation. People wore masks at that protest for a reason. They were afraid of repercussions for speaking out. All these people are doing is making Steubenville out to be the sphincter hole of the universe its residents are claiming it is.

    • soooo… here’s where I’m at; Klein is vouching for Bruzzese and Hanlin. Bruzzese along with the Kessler sisters are publicly advocating for Hanlin and Hanlin has issued a denial of culpability/Alibi for her son a known associate and friend of the two alleged rapists and possible witness. Yet, all are adamantly claiming that no cronyism or nepotism is taking place. The Irony in this case is almost painful.

  15. @BK That article just goes to show how much SOME people would rather this all disappear as some sort of conspiracy theory. Unfortunately that is not going to happen. I’d also like to address a statement made by the person in that editorial:

    “If she recused herself immediately, evidence could have been destroyed and alibis fixed and corroborated before anything was done. Why did she act so quickly and gather as much evidence as possible if all she had to do was nothing and let time pass?”

    The prosecutor has nothing to do with GATHERING EVIDENCE! That is the job of the police department. The only part in the evidence gathering process the prosecutor has anything to do with is determining if more is needed, after reviewing the initial evidence (gathered by police not Ms. Hanlin) to see if charges need to be brought up and the case investigated further. The prosecutor brings the charges before the judge BASED ON EVIDENCE GATHERED BY POLICE. Therefore as soon as her son’s name was mentioned in the complaint filed to police, Ms. Hanlin should have stepped down. She had time. As it was there was 9 days between the initial complaint and the formal charging/arrest of the two boys.

      • I second that theory. I would not be the least bit shocked if the “lost” photographic evidence, that would have provided critical proof to the case, was connected to certain people in some fashion. Nor does it escape me that what was left of/recovered, attempts to “minimize the severity” of assaults & likely the participants in.

  16. However, Police file reports not complaints. The Prosecutor files charges. It is still unclear whether her son’s name was mentioned at all. I thought theshe recused herself because she knew the boys involved. That shouldnt be a reason for a prosector to recuse herself considering everone knows everyone in a small town. Do your job!

  17. I’ve heard several different versions as to why she recused herself. One was as I stated before that her son was mentioned in the reporting of the rape (not sure as to being connected via social media presented or named specifically). One was her ties to the school and her having been an active member of the school board until recently(which is against the rules if I remember correctly). Another was just her ties socially to those accused. Now I don’t know the exact reasoning she did recuse herself or that it has been publicly stated the exact reason. The fact is she did, .but not right away.

    • I wonder what the Simon Wiesenthal foundation would have to say about her comparison, or the Anti-Defamation League? I wonder how someone who survived or has a relative that survived the horror of the Holocaust would react to her comparison.

  18. I still want to see all the stuff everyone was able to collect…there is NO crime in posting it, is there? I mean during an interview with Huffington Post, Anonymous was quoted as saying, “We have no idea what the authorities in this case do or do not know. We have confirmed that a date rape drug was used and we know what drug, who administered it and when it was administered. We even know the drug dealer who supplied it. All of these details will be released on the disclosure page in the coming days.”

    …so why not let the cards fall face up on the table and let the king with no clothes on… deal with it all?

    • It has always been rumored that there were date rape drugs. I think the only way that this will ever be proven or disproven is if there is medical evidence or someone would admit it. Until that time — it’s all speculation. IMO

    • Here is a good link re evidence issues. Authored by someone who had been roofied before giving symptoms of. And she points out the test that can identify in hair follicles up to a month after and why.


      We can only hope she was instructed to do this by officials?? Having not would seem a very negligent injustice in collecting ALL evidence! And I have also come across references, I think prior mentioned, that “dead,” is slang for drunk & drugged (Video).
      I also will just throw this out there, and do take as only rumor… Stated by someone, {That a “very credible source” indicated they collected 6 different strands of DNA.}
      I have no knowledge when/if VICTIM (<bs motion filed!) went to the hospital. But I would hope the police upon hearing allegations, would have sent her immediately. And unless she had taken a bath v shower, conceivable internal traces of DNA might still be found? IMO

  19. http://www.hsconnect.com/page/content.detail/id/582226/Tape-doesn-t-speak-for-the-commu—.html
    Yet another letter to editor that defends kids from coming forward to online opinion holders hiding behind user names, and masks… I will let others have a crack at explaining to the village idiot accountability, legalities, morals, ethics, civic responsibility,……….In regards to crimes and witnessing or having knowledge of the right thing to do!

    • Very nice work by the headline writer. I’m going to give him or her the benefit of the doubt and believe it was deliberate.

  20. I am simply amazed at the audacity of some people. So now according to some people Anonymous and the people who are rallying in support of Jane Doe are all being compared to Hitler and the Nazi regime, the mob, and now the KKK?? Just….wow! Really?!?! Since when did supporting a VICTIM become a bad thing? Not only that, since when did this supposedly become an attack on Steubenville? The people who have come under scrutiny have only done so because of their own words, actions or inactions. No one is targeting the innocent. And those who seem to protest that IS what’s happening seem to have other motives. IMO

  21. I find it striking to see the complaints by Steubenville residents that “all are being tarred with the same brush” when some of those same complainers are still hiding behind each other’s quotes and identities. Some of the individuals who are most defensive about outside criticism are the same people most personally and professionally entangled with those under suspicion for committing or covering up the crimes. That is hardly the same thing as blaming the whole community.

    • Craig Klein, do you really believe your own bullshit? What an idiot, how did you graduate? You residents of that cesspool over there look like complete morons when you make your attempts with name calling, to shoot down Anonymous as if they are the problem here. You have disregarded all facts and info rounded up thus far most likely because you are part of the problem over there, with no doubt. You people laugh and make your jokes about the Masks either because you don’t know how that all came about, or you only want to drag them down and clean up your toilet of a town and get back to business as usual. I was over there to protest the idiots running things in your town and I saw plenty of people without masks on. The Masks are not used in order to hide identity dummy. You cannot go out there on the street and look at those without a mask on and know anything about them and so, using the term “hiding” is hilarious to say the least. And your attempt to Prop up Bruzzese is a joke as well. Maybe you need to learn a thing or two about how to get to know someone and their past, before you try this sort of shananigans once again with another of your towns incredible citizens! LMAO By the way what is it with this Bruzzese? Looks like another Keyboard Cowboy hiding behind his PC monitor running his mouth. Seems he is clueless as to how the majority of people in this valley are siding with and who they feel is believable and who is Not. If you are going to back up such low-life’s, then it seems you have chosen the best place to live and you belong there! Take a hike and hang out online somewhere that suits your kind!

      • Jeff the way you worded your response only feeds the trolls. “you residents” “you people”-that right there is they key. Not all residents think like that. In fact a large portion do not as you can tell by the turn out to the protests thus far. However using generalized terms only feed the flames of the self righteous fire of the few tossing accusations at those who support Anonymous, Jane Doe, and people like Prinnie who post the truth. Address responses to the ones calling out the false outcry and try not to accidentally lump everyone as you respond.

      • I stopped reading Craig’s rant when he said

        “Frank Bruzzese and his entire family have been and always will be a family of great moral character, integrity and honesty.”

        Wow then someone needs to tell Frank he may want to rethink posting a link on his FB page owned by known pornographer who has many sites devoted to his bondage porn.

        • Very valid point Boo Boo!
          The more he speaks out, or “has others” on his behalf… the shadier and more paranoid he appears. IMO
          Perhaps one of his many associates should advise the “no comment” phrase??

      Victim: accuser
      Defense lawyer: mouthpiece for football player
      Witnesses: accomplices
      Tweets: confessions
      Local prosecutor: mother hen
      Defendants: pigskins
      Nodi Video: talking puke
      Pictures: priceless

      • Technically “accuser” is correct – to extraterrestrials (and the few remaining on earth who have not heard of this case 🙂

        On another level, I prefer “target” to “victim”, as target more closely describes the SITUATION rather than the person. Jane Doe was a time-and-place specific target, but seeking justice does not make her a victim.

        Victims are the millions of women over millennia who have not had a voice or were taught not to raise their voices. With the support of enlightened males, women are increasingly saying – target me at your own peril. These brave souls are not victims.

        At its best, Anonymous stands with men and women targeted with harassment, abuse, and rape. So should we all.

  22. Here is an interesting Steubenville story from August , ’12, the same month of the rape crew antics. The parents put their children into plastic boxes that were taped shut (air holes provided), while they went shopping.

    Notice that prosecuters CHARGED 2 OTHERS because they knew it was happening and did not report it. Isn’t it strange how the kids from the rape crew knew what was happening during a rape and did not report it? Would it have been the same prosecuters?


  23. Maybe this has been covered before and I missed any replies , but I wish someone would be kind enough to explain why the defense’s attorneys need a continuance for the trial / trials to begin. According to some of the posts I’ve read ( here and at other blogs ) Abdellah , Police and even the defense lawyers themselves have stated that they have all the information they need for the trial to commence . Is this yet another of the “Steubenville Mafia’s” ploys to confuse the general public ??

    • My educated guess would be that they want a continuance in order for the “Hype” to die down over this case. Unfortunately for them I doubt it will. In fact, delaying the case might end up having the opposite happen. That is why so many are angry already, since it has been 5 months almost 6 once the trial commences since the police report was filed.

      • Anons need to drive around Steubenville daily with their masks on! I have done it two days now, also in Weirton. We need to find out what the Girls school has done with regards to supporting her. Very curious as to how many showed up for protest, but there is no way of knowing this. My guess is, parents are telling their kids to stay away from all this, since Anonymous seems maybe strange to them, even though its obvious the action and attention from this group of justice seekers is supporting the Victim. For me, I would say Steubenville has put the protests, the masks and obvious support for victim to the back of their minds by now and it is life as usual in that town. Hopefully people have stepped forward and contacted the prosecutor’s office and we have just no knowledge of it yet. Surely they want as little publicity as possible. We just don’t know a thing about the Victim’s levels of support that will show up in the courtroom and what facts, evidence they have gathered. We only hear from the Rapists reps, as they want to smooth it all over and change perception in any way they can.

        • Jeff, you’re sadly mistaken again. We know a ton about the victim’s level of support. Over 70,000 people signed a petition by one online group and millions more are posting en masse for Jane Doe.
          You are sorely outnumbered here on this board, but remain unrelenting in your attack on the victim.
          Justice for Jane Doe is OVERWHELMING, in the millions. On the other hand, where are the rapists hiding out these days?

      • I completely agree! Perhaps the letters should be highlighted on Twitter like the above was, to raise awareness? Maybe they should be passed on to the agency referenced in the article? And probably should include those public officials that circulated it in support of? Simply to call further attention to their applied ethics . This is a case with massive public interest, and far too much behind the scenes called into question. IMO

  24. Hanlin’s antics are as transparent as glass. Clearly she destroyed evidence, and a whole lot more. I wouldn’t be surprised if the coach was part of the rape crew. Do you really believe the coach or the “other” footballers (outside the rape crew) actually didn’t know about the self proclaimed rape crew? And why wouldn’t anyone believe the premeditated gang rape when the evidence is overwhelming? Any half wit not in denial can see what is going on, why do you think the country is outraged? It’s so damn obvious. And instagram saves everything so all deleted files can be easily retrieved, but the law enforcement FAILED to even bother to restore the evidence, why? Because they were the instigators in destroying it. The world is watching and the fetid stench of Stuebenville can be smelled way over on the west coast. And it still is stinking.

    • You raise very solid arguments. Like the premeditation… didn’t more than 1 attest to the month before CS spouting off: nobody breaks up with CS, I’ll ruin the B, just wait! So here we have an obvious display of ego issues, as he refers to himself in third person (illeism). Also we could safely speculate from this that dumping him caused anger, resentment, and humiliation. And this indicates a motive.
      Then we have the setup, supported by multiple actions and by friends of leading up to. Indicating an agenda of ill intent towards the victim/target. Conspirators and accomplises are enlisted.
      Next the plan is carried out with several acting as principle perpetrators, accessories, and aiders and abettors. Further this was clarified by the narratives online.
      Following the crime, there is an inappropriate picture and reference asking their thoughts of xxxxx daughter now, sent to parent of victim. Cementing his conquest is almost complete. And just as he banked on, the sheep follow his lead and proceed to DEFAME, degrade, harass, intimidate, and bully the victim. Humiliation to the umpteenth degree accomplished.
      No doubt many obvious sick and twisted indications arising from, are lacking in comprehension by most involved.

      – The above is my opinion, based upon logic and rationale of countless published material.

      Accessory after the fact: a person who knows a crime has been completed, and helps the perpetrator avoid jail or trial. Usually the crime must be a Felony.
      Only a few states differentiate between those that commit a crime and the accomplices of the crime. Thus all parties can be punished the same.
      I will leave you to ponder if applicable, how this might tie to the case, charges, and which court it’s being tried in.

  25. Prinnie, did you happen to read the Plain Dealers report on todays motions? Walter Madison asked the judge to continue the case and the court pay for a private investigator. He said the attorney generals office recently dispatched a team of investigators to interview and reinterview more than 86 witnesses. He said he can’t keep up with that. TFB-Let the Aggrestas pay for PI!! Sorry, that’s not my point. I found the news that investigators are taking another look at this to be interesting and dare I be hopeful that the AG is taking a serious look at this mess??

  26. WTRF.com (Channel 7) is reporting that at yesterday’s hearing, the judge was told defense attorneys needed more time because of the amount of new information coming in “all week, even today.” Does this point to a recovered batch of previously deleted photos, some uncovered evidence of the wrongdoing by authorities, or more evidence of criminal liability by the others? Very intriguing. It is an easy bet this new info would never have seen light of day without the efforts by Prinnie and concerns of outsiders.

    • Don’t get your hopes up. With new information “rolling” in, it could be anything and all defense is asking for is time to review it. Subpoenas take time, and none have apparently been issued yet on Instagram, so a big fat likely “no” to the recovered batch of previously deleted photos (we don’t even know all of the phones seized by LE for deletion do we?) unless the State has collected some additional phones, etc.

  27. We also hope more witnesses speak out. Through blogger posts it is indicated that there were over 50 people at these parties on that fateful night. There also had to be girls at theis party.No way teenage boys throw parties and don’t invite some girls. Let us hope some of the parents do the right thing and encourage their children to speak up and tell what really happened at these parties. Also, there were many teen recipients of the tweets and pics floating around in cyberspace. Let us pray the TRUTH prevails.

    • That’s part of the problem. These parents are doing NOTHING to make sure those responsible are held accountable. Only one family was said to have come forward to police. Out of all these kids, and their parents hearing about this crime – no one took their child to the police. What does that tell you? IMO the parents are just as morally corrupt as those who stood by and did nothing.

  28. I think you are wrong Prinnie, unless you are speaking about those kids who MAY have shared in viewing pictures and videos and said nothing or deleted said photos and videos. Because in the Probable Cause Hearing, we are told about who was present during the undressing, and sexual molestation of Jane Doe. And it was just a few boys. And those few boys are either Charged here or they are testifying in the trial. So which parents are you speaking of exactly? I felt the same as you about the parents and families, until I read the transcript from the Oct. Hearing. It seems the Only parents that maybe should be pushing their child to come forward are those who witnessed something firsthand or through media and then deleted it. I tell you what, it is going to come out in trial, that her friends or others either heard her say things about wanting to “fool around” with those boys or at least one of them and they may have heard her state sexual things within texts or social media, that would suggest she is willing to get down and dirty with “these boys” and so those parents who might know of such things “now” could be feeling that this girl is dirty and was asking for some crazy sexual encounters, if you know what I mean. And of course they can all tell lies about such things too, because it seems much of today’s youth could give a rats ass about “swearing to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God”. My two cents and we will learn how this is going to go down here real soon.

  29. CarolAnn, how many of those Girls at the party were with those boys in the car and in the basement at the Cole house and the Howarth house? ZERO! Which girls at the parties do you want to come forward? Jane Doe’s own friends who were at the party or at least one of the homes in Steubenville have unfriended her and do not speak to her any longer! Do you think maybe they know something about what Jane Doe was wanting to do that night? Do you think they know private conversations with Jane Doe about boys and these boys in particular, and that is why they wanted her to drop this case? If she was being fingered, maybe that was MUCH less than what she has done in the past or what she has desired in the past, and so these Friends have disassociated with her. It is still Rape, if she was unconscious and they played with her like a toy, but who knows what went on in the past with this same Jane Doe and this group of boys. If she told them she wanted some crazy sex and then she passed out on them, horny boys, some of them, would do what these boys did in the privacy of a few drunken friends in a basement where no adults were around.. I am looking at this from all angles and not just from my frustrated and angry feelings about what happened and the lack of more charges especially after witnessing the Nodianos video. He was basically laughing and joking about what took place. What can we charge him with exactly? I guess, not reporting a felony to authorities. Lets all discuss this from all angles and not from our frustrations and anger over how these teenagers act amongst friends.

  30. Another thing, I said the friends wanted Jane Doe to drop this case and of course this is hearsy and I don’t know this is absolute fact,but in any case, lets be clear here, Jane Doe did not press charges or approach the police department about this! It was the parents who went to the police and wanted an investigation and charges brought upon any guilty boys. The Girl did NOT press charges or Claim she was raped. I just cannot believe that you want other Girls at one or both of the parties to come forward and tell what happened when no other Girls were in the car rides, the basement at Cole’s home or in the street when she was in her bra and throwing up. The testimony shows it was the three or four boys in the car, carrying her and alone with her in the basement. A couple of those boys have girlfriends, or had girlfriends at the time of this situation, and those girls probably only know exactly what came out in court during the probable cause hearing, when three boys testified about that night. If there was actual intercourse that did not come out in court and these girls HEARD about it, it is still just heresy and not fact, because they did not witness it themselves.

    • Jeff you are pathetically mistaken on a number of accounts, but some smart girls have already caught onto your misogyny, untruths, non-facts and general confusion about boundary issues, which could prove dangerous to any female in your presence. If a boy at the party raped Jane Doe and told someone, that someone is a direct witness – not to the event – but to a confessed statement by the perpetrator of the event, and that is not hearsay (not “heresy” although in some religions it might be) but is in fact admissible evidence in federal and state courts. You’re really working overtime to further degrade not only the victim, but all females who have been assaulted by men in this hate crime called rape.

  31. @Jeff, Parents are supposed to make decisions for their MINOR children, Period. You seem not quite able to grasp that concept. You have no right or authority to question that. You have the right to define what is acceptable in regards to the treatment of your OWN minor children and that is all. You, under NO circumstances, get to define what others must accept.

  32. If you read the transcript of the probable cause hearing you will find that there is quite a lot of contradictory ‘evidence’ that raises more questions about who was present and what happened etc But what seems to be clear is that Jane Doe was sexually assaulted. Who could seriously suggest that anyone would willingly participate in the behaviour described?

  33. @Jeff….. Who in the hell cares what she may have done previously while concious and consenting? I like to throw parties at my house all the time but if I am out of town do my regular guests have a right to enter my house and throw one themselves? I realize that this is not the same but it sounds to me as if you are making excuses for these boys. There is no excuse that vindicates them. Secondly, Boys lie and exaggerate their sexual exploits all the time and girls that want to be in the “in” crowd assimilate. The victim is just a regular young girl trying to find he way in life and she didn’t deserve the treatment she received from those boys OR from even Big Red afterward. I heard a teacher at Big Red first hand speak negatively about this girl within the first two weeks of this investigation. How in the hell would he know anything about this girl’s character? Because some KID told him? What a joke.

  34. Jeff. if that’s your name. You sound like a kid that has been at such parties. Must say, you seem to have your own creepy idea of goes on in the minds, hearts, and behaviors of todays teenage girls. All I can say, sorry if it sounds sexist, but you don’t have a clue. Unless you were there or are a soothsayer, I suggest you keep your ideas to yourself. You are pissing off some of us older “girls” with your discussion of this case.

  35. @ Jeff

    These crazy sexual encounters that you speak of – I’m curious?
    If I gave away BJs a dollar a time – would that entitle anybody to do whatever they wanted with me should they find me, for whatever reason, incapable of defending myself? If I try and think through your assertions I can only come to the conclusion that you believe JD promised all sorts to all comers and yet, whilst feigning unconsciousness, failed to deliver and so got off lightly and therefore has nothing to complain about.

  36. Listen up Granny, I am 54 yrs old and you need to wake up, its 2013. I do happen to know how todays youth think, and conduct themselves even those with so-called Good parents. The internet provides that sort of thing, if you can get away from your online Bingo parties. LMAO. What you decide is CREEPY, is only your opinion and has nothing to do with reality. Like I said, wake the hell up. If you and some of these other posters here are pissed off, take a flying leap, bible in hand, off the closest rooftop. You state I dont have a clue, and you base that “opinion” on what exactly? I happen to know one who talks to the parents of this young lady often, they know the Girl well and I also have a teenage daughter myself, Thank You. You called yourself and others here, older girls and it is truth and obvious, who is in touch with reality and who is not.Maybe quit watching re-runs of Lawrence Welk and watch something else so that you and your friends, the other Grannies can understand what life is about THESE days.

    • There is absolutely NO reason to be rude on here. None. I understand that everyone has differing opinions and this is a very heated topic, but please — and this is just not to you, but to EVERYONE, if you can’t debate your point without being rude then I’d rather you debate it elsewhere. There is no reason for this whatsoever. I happen to pay the hosting here, so at the end of the day it is ME who gets to decide who takes a flying leap. Thanks!

    • Jeff
      Since you stated you are 54 years old. I wonder did your parents teach you to respect the older generation. That is what is wrong with 2013 these days. In fact you just demonstrated that you totally disregard what you may have been taught.
      The parents of 2013 that are raising teens and children in general want to be their child’s friend rather then the parent whom disciplines them. Which is okay to a point one does not aid in covering up things that you know are wrong and or illegal.
      I suppose you think you did great telling all these old biddies off. Well think again you made a total @@@ out of yourself.

    • You’re welcome Jeff, I simply stated my opinion, you’re welcome to question the merits or reason of anything I said. I wasn’t being rude by design, just saying that you can decide how you allow others to treat YOUR children, that’s your call, but if anyone was to disrespect my child like Jane Doe was that night, I would have every right to to contact the authorities and press charges as Jane Doe’s parents did. You made issue of that, I question that logic. or you can be trite and sardonic, whatev…lulz

  37. Carol the moment you read a sentence from me that you did not like, you made up your mind I was wrong and you then proceeded to let me have it, with your drivel. You don’t have a clue what I was suggesting, you only make up in Your mind what I was saying and you were only concerned with telling me how it really is. If you go back and really read my commentary, you will see, that I never said anywhere that JD did not get raped or sexually abused, never said anything about it being OK for anyone to touch in a sexual manner JD whatsoever. I never said anything about JD promising anything at all. I said, LETS LOOK at this from ALL angles, and maybe see why HER friends from Weirton have abandoned her, and are not backing her up here. Must be a whole lot more to the story, than what you got from the other grannies at church! Never did I suggest that what those two boys did was OK or acceptable and I did state, that it was sexual assault if she was in fact unconscious. Now go back and read where you left off after the first few words. And if you are pissed off, then I suggest you figure out what it is inside YOU that makes the bombs go off! LMAO

  38. @ Jeff
    I have nothing to go on but what you’ve posted here Jeff. I’m not claiming any access to inside information like yourself. But from your posts you do seem to be part of the problem and rather than the solution.

  39. Jeff, are you sure your name is not Joe? Your words certainly are reminiscent of a man named Joe. I’ve learned that people who come here and claim to be “insiders” are usually only attention seekers with minimal viable information to offer.

    You say you have a teenage daughter? You should thank your lucky stars she is not in the position this girl is in. Before you come back and say this would not be your daughter, just remember parents should never say never where their children are concerned. They will prove you wrong every time.

    I don’t care if a woman or girl walks into a room or down the street stark naked that does not give men the liberty to commit rape against her.

    You seem to have a great deal of anger in your words. People resort to name calling and verbal abuse when they lack the intelligence required to make their point in an acceptable, rational, and civilized manner. Please refrain from putting words in the mouths of others and assuming you are privy to what other people are thinking.

  40. The abuse of humans by humans has been going on since the beginning of time. Women, sadly, are most often the victims. We, however, have this opportunity, resulting from JD’s horrible ordeal in our own area, to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We shall continue to(legally of course) continue to do that which we can to stop the violence and bullying against both females and males in our community with our continued support of all the Jane and Joe Does who have suffered such abuse.. Rally Feb. 2 may be our opportunity to peacefully protest such abominations against our fellow men, women, and children

  41. The most fundamental problem with Jeff’s reasoning is that females have the right to be attracted physically or romantically to someone, enjoy the pleasant company of the opposite sex, even to flirt, and NOT consider that to imply permission for someone to urinate on us, penetrate us, disrobe us, photograph us, drag us and drive us to various locations, humiliate us by sharing the photos, all while we are unconscious and quite possibly at risk of death, and only then destroy the evidence.

    If a female gives consent to a male for sex, it NEVER implies a permanent excuse for all males to degrade her as an unwilling or unwitting slave.

    Until this is fully understood and accepted as the rule of law, and the basis of sexual ethics, we will have creepy justifications for the most horrendous acts. That is not a generational problem, but one of failure of empathy, compassion, decency and respect.

  42. When I was fifteen I was definitely a confident sexual person. I partied with my friends, went to clubs and danced, drank my way through the city and went out in many occasions where it was fun and my friends and I trusted ourselves to get us home. I think I have done a lot of everything, having “crazy, sexual encounters” and with going out, so that when I met my husband I knew that there is nothing better than him. However wild it might seem to narrow minded posters like “Jeff”, being sexual at fifteen, wearing amazing clothing and enjoying being young does not make it okay to be gang raped, or also as you so gently put it, gang “fingered”. As a young partier I meet important people too, who are now lifelong friends and many who became work associates. As a successful person in my thirties, who has a fantastic career and two sweet almost puberty aged boys I desperately hope with the education and moral environment I provide is enough to teach my kids to stay, and hopefully always be, respectful, empathetic, kind people. And generally, ahhh, not diabolic little creeps or criminals like Nodianos, the witnesses, the rest of the nasty low life on social media retweeting and posting horrible opinions and obviously the accused. If girls lived in fear, stayed at home, like the “good” people around seem to say and carefully vetted friends into tiny circles, generally that is one way of limiting part of one’s success. There is a strong empowering argument, that posters life “Jeff’ or others I have seen will not understand as its too complicated, that girls should be allowed to act in ways that are completely normal in many societies and which lead to confident, economically highly successful people.This is going to seem narcissistic but actually all that time I went out, had wild fun in revealing outfits by the time I was in my twenties and finished studying actually I was named in my city as one of the bright lights both in terms of dress style and also career. I put this in because I want Jane Doe and all Jane Doe supporters to know that the creepy things people say about sexual history and also blaming the victim for these terrible events DOES NOT make any sense in most people’s eyes. It should not lead to being raped by a pack of boys and than have parts of a community deride them as asking for it or talking about hearsay that they are “dirty”. If, according to this “Jeff”, I happened to be raped or abused, it seems as he and all those other type of people that have relayed awful things online after the event would say I deserved it, that it should happen to girls ‘like that’. This type of reasoning lets rapist get off because the legal system is so swayed against victims. Or, if in a few years when my boys are sixteen that something terrible occurs, than people like “Jeff” will come online and hide behind what other people’s hearsay to basically blame the victim. That seems the only way they can make sense of this horrible event to suggest ‘girls like us ask for being raped’ and people alienating them afterwards shows that of course it’s the victim’s fault. I pray and hope that young Jane Doe will get over all this as soon as possible and become what she was always destined to be, a beautiful, successful and confident women who can change the world. Or at least change part of that small, seemingly undeveloped corner of the world.

    • Great message. I hope our Jane Doe sees it. After reading your post and the one following it, and after hearing some things Stanahan’s been saying, I’m starting to feel that for all the new ground broken by this case – especially the role of social media – it’s not that or the small town worship of its athletes or the apparent corruption or the Anonymous rallies that tell the story. Instead it’s the age old pattern of the victim being dragged over hot coals – a mob of angry faces, former friends, enemies, Big Red boosters, haters of Anonymous, saying you should have handled yourself better, you should have done this, you shouldn’t have done that. Take away all the national media playing & replaying Nodianos being a fool, the colorful rallies and the flame wars on Twitter, and what you’re left with in the end is one lonely girl forced to question every decision and every act of her young life. I hope her real friends realize what she’s up against. We need schools and teachers and coaches and parents that put an end to this diabolical pattern of abuse – protect – abuse again.

  43. I’m thinking this might apply to some people out there. See Ohio victim rights #7.
    I’d also dare to say it might apply to a group of girls, (among others) intentionally and admittedly, alienating a young girl who was a victim of these type of crimes. And still continue to berate & mock her online, in public, and at school. I’m making a fair bet her family have also been targeted. This goes far beyond bullying or mean girls mentality. This is in direct retaliation to a victim of an ongoing legal process of a crime.
    And perhaps even stretch to those Broadcasting that, former “friends” of and her peers discriminatory disassociating from, and will supposedly be testifying against her past character. I haven’t been privy to a trial discovery witness list of either side, has anyone else? Nor any official prior statements of unknowns…
    How is this not intimidation of a victim for coming forward and speaking up? (*or her parents on behalf of a minor!!). Especially when this young lady hasn’t officially testified! Given it’s the ~STATE~ that is pressing charges against the perpetrators, and that’s based upon additional evidence and other witnesses! She is a ~witness~ for the state/prosecution, like the select crew members are. It just so happens she is also sadly a victim/target of the crime as well. Therefore are these girls not punishing her for excercising her legal right to justice? For continuing to cooperate with the legal process? And as it is prior to the trial, a fair to perceive attempt, to sway or INTIMIDATE her upcoming testimony or further cooperation?? In addition to staging an example out of the victim of what’s to come, to intimidate any other potential witnesses from coming forward? Or maybe even discouraging speaking the whole truth by any subpeonaed witnesses in support of the prosecution or victim? Hmm…

  44. What I’d love to see: a poll of ALL Big Red high school students containing questions such as “before August of 2012 had you ever heard the phrase “Rape Crew” applied to a group of Big Red students?”
    Because fear, I’m afraid, is going to keep the real truth from ever being known. On one side those like Stranahan say, “there was no “Rape Crew”. The other side is just as sure there was. With all due respect to the justice system, some issues, either by their nature or by their evolution in the crucible of modern media, are beyond the scope of judges and juries. Despite the reaching of a verdict or the issuance of a decision, public doubt remains.
    We’ll never know what Jane Hanlin did during those first couple weeks before she recused herself. We can speculate, but why beat our heads against a brick wall? Certainly her reputation has suffered because of the definite APPEARANCE OF IMPROPRIETY.
    There was no way Big Red football was going to jeopardize a winning season with its brand new $100,000 press box because of “bad behavior”. Athletics has its value, but it’s overrated, and too many “boosters” live vicariously through the town’s young stallions. SOME type of suspension is long overdue. As one blogger commented, we’ll know we’ve made progress when we start seeing NFL players doing anti-rape spots on TV.
    We’ll know we’ve arrived as a society when no Jane Doe ever has to suffer cruel cross examination on the witness stand about her attire, her lifestyle, her appearance, her past sexual encounters, and her real name revealed to the public against her will.

  45. Here we have a judge who allows an accused rapist to travel across country to attend the Rose Bowl and then on the other hand ,

    [i]Officials at Mount Carmel (Pa.) Area Elementary School
    suspended a student for “making terroristic threats” after
    threatening another student with a gun. Well, not really a gun: it’s a
    pink Hello Kitty “bubble gun” that “shoots” out soap bubbles. And it
    wasn’t even at school, but rather at a bus stop on the way to the
    school. The student is a 5-year-old girl, and she didn’t even have the
    toy with her. “It’s just bubbles. It can’t harm anybody,” says an
    attorney the family has retained. “It’s not hard and won’t puncture
    anything or harm anybody in any way.” When school officials found out
    about the “threat,” they questioned the girl for three hours without
    notifying her parents. A psychologist examined the girl and says she’s
    no danger to anyone, but school officials only budged a little: they
    reduced the suspension from 10 days to four. The family says they may
    sue the school district. (RC/WNEP Wilkes-Barre) …That’s a threat that
    ought to make them dissolve into a pile of bubbles.[i/]

    The moral here is that it must be OK to rape someone as long as you don’t threaten them with a bubble gun .

    • Let’s be real clear and assign some gender “equality” to this scenario.
      The moral here is that it must be ok for MALES to rape FEMALES as long as you don’t threaten them with a bubble gun.
      Let’s not let the males hide behind gender neutral language. Let’s be clear about who the predators are and who they choose as their victims.

  46. Ms. Goddard, you’re awesome. If it wasn’t for your astute observations, and technical know-how and perseverence to throw a wide net over the evidence, this case would have disappeared into the ethers. Fantastic work. Fantastic ovarian fortitude too (testicular does not have a monopoly on fortitude).

    • Thanks Stephanie. I appreciate the kind words. It appears that there are some who are blaming me because the world is looking upon their city as if it were a warm pile of shat. To that I say GOOD. It was my intention when I wrote about this case not to play detective and solve it, but to present evidence that was readily available to ANYONE who looked for it and for people to ask questions — such as why were others not charged; why weren’t the adult homeowners charged with contributing – or the myriad of charges that could be brought by the prosecutor at anytime. I encouraged people to ask questions. I’m glad they are doing so. For every crappy thing they say about me, I have emails from around the world thanking me for shining a light on Steubenville and rape sympathizers.
      Booger Flick photo gen167.gif *flick*

  47. I don’t know if this has already been posted here, but it paints a pretty clear picture of the difference between sex and rape………..


    Of course, parents should talk to their young men about the difference between sex and rape, but I’m beginning to feel the health care system can lend a hand in this subject as well. Why not. Doctors speak to our children about STDs and how their bodies work. Perhaps the medical community can develope pamphlets (or anyone, for that matter) that clearly spells out appropriate ways to speak and act toward others, and have them distributed them to our athletic programs and high schools.

    Just because a girl is physically attracted to a guy and may not be a virgin at 16, doesn’t mean that she is “free for the taking”. Sexually active is not an automatic “Yes” to sex. No always means “No” and unconscious is an absolute “No”.

  48. You my dear friend have the Utmost Respect from so many of us locals and many from around the country and other countries! Thank You for who you are and what you do!

  49. Yes, Ms. Goddard, you have tolerated not only an onslaught of abuse by the BOB club members (BOB club = Bad Old Boys club, because there’s nothing good about it) but you have endured litigious abuse from the pseudo-prosecutor too. What’s she gonna do now? Sue hundreds of thousands of persons world-wide? Yes, Anon may have elevated this case to a new level (I support that) but you deserve KUDOS for the amazing work you did and for your endless grace and class.

  50. Jeff you are missing completely the fact that NOT every witness testified at the probable cause hearing nor was every photo or testimony of said photos admitted yet. There is way more information still to be brought to trial and cross examined as well. Your all making assumptions from a PROBABLE cause hearing as if that’s the final testimony that will be presented at trial. Some of the info spouted on here IS very accurate and some is not. Time will tell who will testify to what, male and female. Just because Susie so and so told you what latest rumor she heard don’t take that as fact. My daughter saw JD out recently and said she was surrounded by friends who seemed to be quite happy to be in her company. She also said how BEAUTIFUL JD was and how wonderful it was to see her surrounded by friends. I personally hope she can continue to hold her head high regardless of the outcome of this case. I seriously doubt the “Rape Crew” boys can or should. And that is based on their own testimony, tweets and that filthy video. No speculation there!

    • She is a very beautiful girl and I think that’s a lot of the issue with some of these girls. Jealousy is a very ugly emotion. I wish JD NOTHING but the best. I receive emails from around the world for her, and forward each of them. She’s going to get through this and I hope when all is said and done that she and April JD sue the holy shit out of each and every parent, teacher, school district, and anyone else that can be named a Defendant.

      • Do you really think either JD or her family would sue civilly after this nightmare of a trial is over? Especially since Fitzsimmons filed a motion to close the trial and his statements about what both JD and her family are feeling and wanting? I’m not so sure they want to go through round 2.

        They obviously aren’t money hungry, and since Bob is providing his services pro bono, the only point I see would be on principal. Get any and all adult or children who could be held liable for anything. I’m torn as to what I want–peace for JD and her family, OR, put every single person’s feet to the fire (who had anything at all to do with anything involved in this nightmare) and set a strong precedent. Maybe even get a few laws changed or get a strong movement underway so eventually our society begins to change the rape culture so prevalent today.

  51. I like your idea, Prin, and I think the best justice will be in the Civil Court cases should Jane Doe and/or her parents decide to pursue that route. Were it me there would be no hesitation.

    It’s good to hear Jane Doe is attempting to have a normal life. Keep at it, kiddo, and remember – fiat justitia, ruat caelum. Aequitas Equitas!

  52. Speaking of having a normal life…
    Did you hear that Ohio State is going to welcome Michael Nodiamous back with open arms?
    Really? You ask.
    Yeah, right after the state of Florida grants Casey Anthony a Child Daycare License…
    Po Poom Pa…

  53. @ Jeff: You said you read the PC transcript. Did you also see the video? There was a girl who walked into Howarth’s house almost at the end of that video . Mark Cole also testified there was a girl at his house other than the victim.

    When people shoot their mouths off about something they’re so dead wrong about, it negates pretty much everything else they say. Not to mention, it’s been posted here that OH law does NOT allow previous history of the victim to be admissable in court. (which brings me to question why Madison would run all over tv and make anti-victim statements). So, what’s your point in asking all that stuff about JD that has/will not have any bearing on the case?

    I’m sorry, but you sound like you are either one of the boys from BR or one of the girls who hate the victim in disguise. If you aren’t, then I’m dead wrong. Just a gut feeling.

  54. 2 Questions.
    Where can I find a link to the court transcripts ( other than on Twitter ) ?
    Is there still another rally planned for this coming Saturday ( Feb. 2nd )

  55. NV, I’m looking for the transcript also. I hope someone here will be able to help.

    As for your question, yes there is a rally planned for Saturday, February 2.

  56. Yes there is still a rally planned for this Saturday from 12pm – 4pm

    As for the transcript, I do not agree with it being placed online because the victims name is not redacted.

    • I read the entire thing. As a father it pisses me off so much that these little boys (and the girls who were also undoubtedly there too) perpetrated this level of “stuff” to and around this poor girl. And the people who are OBVIOUSLY trying to cover it up…WTF? There are SOOOOOOOOOO many people who need to have their lives altered and changed forever because of their actions around this. If this would have happened to MY girls…there would be serious HELL to pay by a LOT of people. Consider yourself lucky SH*T-City-o-Steubenville…for if that had happened to one of MY little girls…the revenge would be LEGENDARY.

  57. Steubenville is a town of approx 18,000.
    The football stadium holds approx 10,000.

    If, and I hope I’m wrong, justice is not seen to be carried out in full will the majority of Steubenville residents boycott future games. Is there a chance that the other schools in the district will also boycott big red and refuse to compete against them?

    Pretty much everything depends on the outcome of the case and subsequent legal actions. Failing that I can’t think of a better way for the decent people of Steubenville to really hit the scum element in their town where it really hurts. Such action would also be extremely effective in keeping the events in the national and international spotlight if JD and her family do not wish to take civil action against those who are not tried in court.

  58. And what do we do about those who run everything around here,politics,schools,LE, media. This too has part of the whole problem. Special treatment for select few, that is, if you are pals of ruling elite here. How on earth will this ever change?? Are we stuck we these people and their offspring for eternity. We need to do more than than just boycott football. But what??

    • This is when people need to be brave and run against them. They run unopposed. That’s how to get them out of office; beat them at election time. Make calls to the FBI to report illegal gambling. Contact the Dept of Justice to report illegal activities, etc. It isn’t going to change until people start rising up and raging against the machine.

          • No, this was the coerced apology of a resident of the valley when she said something that offended another. Then, Frank Bruzzese, Esq and Asst. Prosecuting Attorney of Jefferson County, Ohio posted it on his Facebook wall with his commentary.

            Frank J. Bruzzese

            Bruzzese, Moreland & Straus
            300 Sinclair Bldg., P.O. Box 1506
            Steubenville, Ohio
            (Jefferson Co.)


      • Pretty difficult to fight the machine here. Good men have tried in the past and have gotten burnt by the machine.
        It will take strong, brave, bright and savvy young REAL LEADERS to take us forward. I’m afraid I don’t fit the bill but I and many others will support them when they hopefully accept the challange. Let us pray they come forth.

  59. Congratulations to Alexandria Goddard for her sterling, tenacious, journalism. This is an appalling case of rape, revenge and brutality that would otherwise have been brushed under the carpet were it not for the intervention of Prinniefied and Anonymous. Whilst a court case swiftly approaches the two accused many other serious questions remain unanswered;
    1. Why Have the adults and coaches who allowed the illegal, underage drinking, particularly at their homes, not been charged with the appropriate offences?
    2. Why is the Head Coach still in post?
    3. Who is going to review and take whatever action is required against the school headmaster, board of governors and administrators? Each of these either played a part in the cover up or failed the school and it’s many good pupils by their negligence, prejudice or ignorance. They should have no part to play in the education and development of the next generation.
    4. Why does a high school football team need 19 coaches? It sounds like a gravy train to me, Ohio State auditors should be brought in to go over the school accounts for the last 10 years. That will tell a tale or two about the local attitude and disposition.
    5. Why are more efforts not being made to place more of the suspects before the courts? I appreciate evidence is required, but there seems to be a lot of information around. Place the accused before the courts where guilt or innocence may be legally decided.

    Finally, I wish the young lady ,who is the tragic victim in this horrible mess, strength in the days to come and a full recovery in the future.

    Neart, Grá agus Onóir
    (Strength, Love and Honour)

    Tom Brady

    • Thank you. 🙂

      Your questions are fabulous, and I think everyone can agree that they are ones that must be answered. That’s the problem though. Rather than take proactive action and do whatever is necessary to clear the air of impropriety, you have people in high places laying blame and pointing fingers. The Assistant Prosecuting Attorney is using his Facebook as a stage to fingerpoint and IMHO intimidate people. Take a look: https://www.facebook.com/frank.bruzzese.9?fref=ts

      Frank Bruzzese Facebook page

      This is a screenshot one of his “friends” sent to me. The individual being discussed here was a defendant in Jefferson County court system. Is it ethical for a prosecuting attorney to post this stuff?

      How about this one?
      Dirty butted pig

      Or this one that he removed this morning. Nicole Lamantia (wife of Big Red Coach Bobby Lamantia) demanded that someone issue a public apology or her family would SUE them, and Frank Bruzzese chimes in with his opinion of whether the public apology is sincere or not.


      • Where did you get that information, that Nicole demanded an apology or her family would sue her? Just curious. Cause I know that’s not true. It just adds on to all the other lies you have told.

        • Come on…what other lies have I told? Post ’em. YOU are no better than the other sycophants who are screaming that it’s all that mean ol’ Prinnie’s fault. WHAAAAAAAH She brought attention to our town. LOL No, the boys who raped a young girl did — the kids who posted ON THE INTERNET in real time what was going on, and the adults who have and continue to turn a blind eye to the rape of innocent women in their town are what aimed the world’s outrage at your town.

          We hate Prinnie but we sit and eyeball her blog and Twitter 24/7! LMAO

          Whew! I need a Pepsi now.

          • I’m not getting into it with you. The person that told you that has done nothing but lie just like you. We could go back and forth with this and I’m not cause I actually have a life. I have kids and a spouse unlike your lonely a**. And trust me your a** doesn’t need that Pepsi. Get a glass of ice water , it won’t sit on your thighs.

          • Wrong. You accused me of a being a liar. Either point out the FACTS or shut your trap. YOU came here spouting off your piehole that I told lies. POST THE LIES. Prove it. Otherwise you are a liar and I’m sorry that you have to keep hitting the refresh button to see what I have written.

        • LOL Curious love how when asked for proof your only reply is

          “I’m not getting into it with you.”

          Well that pretty much answers that question. You have no proof. Run along now and go listen you your toothless white knight Stranahan who is going to save Steubenville. You know the pornographer who wants people to listen to his show this weekend and talk about sex and sexuality as it somehow in his pea brain, relates to a minor being raped! So much for his past having nothing to do with this. Looks like he is slowly dragging his porn right in the middle of it. But hey, you all stand right next to him and keep patting him on the back.


  60. “If she was being fingered, maybe that was MUCH less than what she has done in the past or what she has desired in the past, and so these Friends have disassociated with her. It is still Rape, if she was unconscious and they played with her like a toy, but who knows what went on in the past with this same Jane Doe and this group of boys. If she told them she wanted some crazy sex and then she passed out on them, horny boys, some of them, would do what these boys did in the privacy of a few drunken friends in a basement where no adults were around.”

    Whether she told every boy at those parties, “I want to get with you tonight” and even had in the past, it was still her right to be able to change her mind and say NO. She was never given that opportunity. And the girls who supposedly have abandoned her do you really believe it is because she is so loose and they are so pure. “Friends of a feather”…Jeff you say you have a teenage daughter. I assume your daughter is Chaste correct (insert sarcasm)? She’s never behaved like this, has a good reputation, not on the pill, never flirted with a guy who thought he could take it further?? For a dad who is so “in the know” wonder how you would feel if this had happened to her?

    When it is all said and done she is still a young lady who may or may not have made some bad choices in her life but NONE that EVER merited what happened to her.

    And if we are “looking at it from all angles” even if she was conscious and consenting to what happened, who gave anyone the right to then, take videos and photograph those events and post them all over social media. That in and of itself is a crime!

    Wonder if you were one of the “horny boys” back in the day and “been there done that”? I don’t have a daughter but I have 3 sons. 2 are older and not for one second do they think that this is ok!! They were taught to keep their pants on and have respect for young ladies and most importantly for themselves. Some things are personal and private and should be left that way. What kind of boy/man wants to share his conquests with all of his buddies at the same time. Just Sick!!

    Prinnie I am sorry for my rant but Jeff’s post by far has me the most outraged of any I have seen on your blogs and forums since Sept.

    On a side note the motions have been answered by Judge Lipps http://www.wtov9.com/news/news/trial-continued-teens-charged-steubenville-rape-ca/nT96J/

    • I whole heartedly agree with all you said! I have a daughter 15, her dad makes no apologies for what he would do to them! I’d probably help, in light of a skewed system, light years from anything close to justice! And I also asked my son, barely 20, a solider, knows no details of the case, what he would do… If he saw a drunk or drugged unconsciounce girl being carried around like a hunting trophy? Or caught word she was being assaulted off in another room? Would he do anything?
      He said with anger clearly evident in his expression & body language, and pardon his language, “I’d beat the living sh.. Out of them!!”
      “with or without backup?” I ask.
      “But my friends wouldn’t hesitate stepping up. I’d be in jail when it was over, but worth it! That’s seriously F’d up!”
      We are not a violent family. 2 wrongs do not make a right. But in this case, if of same ages, almost warranted… in a testosterone, adrenaline fueled mindset of any sort of boy/man, having any moral compass!
      And this would seem IMO, a more normal reaction of bystanders/accomplices. After all many adults allowed or even staged it to happen, and it’s my observation the Authorities condoned by ignoring parties of providing catalysts and locations for many crimes, broadcasted prior and during. I’ve skimmed online and it’s still happening regularly. The laws don’t apply to “some.” That’s inexcusable!
      In my day town of 20k, local cops monitored CB transmissions and without fail “busted” parties early or via parental or neighbor informants. The beer would fly & kids scattered! In modern years 70k, they & parents watch online for alerts to. Even use narcs & peer informants, In addition to patrolling the kids public hangouts, or LOOK for the cars! They nearly support the county through prosecutions and fines of! Almost to the point of overkill in occasional grey area cases that arise.
      But to not eliminate contributing factors, illegal already, and lead to more crimes?! (ie. Rape, vandalism, assaults, drug use, “DUIs”) I don’t understand that! I do understand the underlying skewed attitude by too many from all realms of authority figures! Perhaps it would imply too much “invested” in profiting from? And I will back the reason for their invisibility cloaks from on record statements later! TBC

      *Sorry Faith for ranting! Your post got to my emotions of irritated, in agreement with you. Then my thoughts & damn thumb took over!! /:

      • These parents are not watching the social media nor checking cell phones. I have pictures of 15 year olds drinking beer, tweeting about a big party after homecoming, etc. It’s ALL out there. Talking about sex – this is stuff that parents MUST take an active role in monitoring. My business offers social media profile analysis at http://www.creepyourkids.com — or email me directly. For about $60 we can take a look at a kid’s social media and find out what they are doing and who they are doing it with. These kids are NOT practicing net safety either. They put it all out there — names, cell number, full address. It’s frightening to actually see it out there. Take 10 minutes of your time and google your kid’s name. It is not that hard to learn how to do this stuff. It only seems difficult the first time you start looking. Seriously, I cannot stress this enough. PLEASE be proactive in monitoring what your kids are doing online.

        C Morgan, when I lived in Jacksonville, NC I hung out with more Marines than I did civilians. There were MANY, MANY times we all went out and I was the only girl with a group of Jarheads. There were times that I was a little drunker than I should have been, but heh…we’re all young and wild at some time in our lives. I was talking to one of my old Marine friends about this case and I remarked about the times that I probably passed out when I couldn’t hang with the big dogs. At NO TIME EVER would I have been in harm’s way. EVER. These guys were big, burly musclebound bad asses who protected me and would have never allowed anything to happen to me. That is what I do not understand about all of these kids. ONE!!!! ONE had a conscience that night. SM and if you ever read here, I applaud you for being that one lone voice who tried to reason with the maniacal Michael Nodianos that this was WRONG. I wish someone would have driven SM over there. Maybe we wouldn’t be here talking about this case had another person also had a conscience.

        • I’m thinking you are right on the monitor part! Worse on some there are parents following/friends of! They have to see some of this crap at least on occasion!? Sadly I think they just ignore or justify it because all the friends of, are posting same or more vile! And I saw a few actually make comments on inappropriate posts, that were in no way reprimands. But then based on distorted rants by more parents of, all over the Internet, guess we shouldn’t be too surprised!
          And some of the girls, yikes! I think too many have been so degraded, disrespected, and brainwashed… they mimic it onto each other and/or even themselves! Such a sad situation because too many obviously think this is ok and the norm!?!
          I would bet your Marines even prior to military, would have likely done the same honorable thing. I think these boys warped egos and dysfunctional psyches are so far ingrained, even the meanest of drill sergeants, after putting them in tears… likely still not be able to reverse the lack of honor, integrity, and respect!
          And yes I too made the mistake of too much to drink a time or two, and saw many others. And I always recall one or more peers taking care of in open view. Even so far as taking to the ER when dangerous signs were showing, getting them home, or calling their parents to come get. In addition others were asking of or checking in on. It only requires basic human compassion!

    • Faith, if sex is consensual there is no “conquest”, only two consenting parties.
      There is only “conquest” when there is a rape.

  61. It seriously makes me sad to see people like this http://nicolelamantia9.wordpress.com/ and http://radionewz.net/2013/01/operation-take-back-the-ville/comment-page-1/#comment-15673 . As to the first link on the latest blog it is claimed the school had never gone on lock down. This is false. It was on lock down for nearly a week after Columbine because of false threats being called in. (also as someone trying to rally support from people via a blog she should really use a spell checker/editor. It makes her look more credible if she does.) On the second link she sound sincere…until she invokes the name Stranahan. (That guy gives me the creeps) And if you follow the twitter handle on the video link you will see more of her true character. These shouldn’t be the people defending the town. They lay the blame on people like Prinnie who wanted only for JD’s story not to go unheard and be swept under the rug. Why can’t people see the true story? Why must the use false allegations to hide the fact that Steubenville (who is known nationwide as not having a very good history) MAY have blundered/covered up this case? When will people get it that it’s not about attacking the stupid football team or envy of “outsiders”?

  62. Many of us do not like seeing the town torn apart over this. We still have to work, attend schools with one another, and see each other out and about here. We are going to have to find a way to unite at some point. Like it here or not, and God knows this place has many problems besides this “situation” such as the outrageous drug/gang/ violence culture here, a bad economy,etc. At some point our survival is going to require a meeting of sane minds and voices to clean this place up. We cannot survive on HS football alone. We have many real problems here, as the case of Jane Doe has illuminated and eventually we are going to have to deal with these. I remain hopful we can act like adults and will be able to join forces to make this town a good, kind, and safe place for all our residents, young and old.

    • Angie you are so right. The only way to end this is for people to come together. I realize and understand people are upset over things that were said on LocalLeaks page. There were innocent people thrown into the mix and that, I do not agree with. There were a few things I knew to be wrong on that website and I, along with others who support Occupy Steubenville, tried on many occasions to get them to remove stuff but, sadly it never happened. Many notable bloggers do not even link to that site. (Including Prinnie who many want to blame for all this) I think the big problem is, many adults and kids are taking advantage of an already hostile situation. For instance, the lock down on the schools due to a “threat” Sheriff Abdalla has said…

      “Abdalla said, “I think whoever made that threat today, we’re going to find out who they are. Whoever that was, I think it was right here local. Some character again taking advantage of the situation, wanting to blame it on this group Anonymous.”


      He knows it wasn’t Anonymous yet many angry towns people want to blame Anonymous, Prinnie and everyone else. Instead of looking in their own backyard at the people taking advantage of the situation. The “threat” according to police was non-viable which means, they found it to be bullshit. The two rallies Anonymous have had, have both been peaceful!! Even Sheriff Abdalla has said that on multiple occasions. So the question is, why are some towns people running around like Chicken Little screaming the sky is falling?

      What bothers me most about those angry about Anonymous is, they bitch because people wore masks yet you have a police officer taking pictures of a guy at the Stand Up for Steubenville rally, then the next thing you know, this guys personal information is being posted on Stranahan’s blog. Shortly after that blog is written, you have Frank Bruzzese linking that blog on his Facebook page and making comments about the guy. Who was the cop that took the guys picture? What did the cop do with that picture and information he gathered on the guy? Who did that cop tell? Did he tell Stranahan? Did he tell ohh I don’t know maybe a family member who then told Stranahan? They wonder why people feel there is corruption in their city? They wonder why people are too afraid to show their faces yet want their voices heard?

      One only has to look at that one situation to understand why people feel the need to wear a mask at the rallies. Obviously even when you try to support Steubenville, you are risking public shame by those who claim they want to bring their city together. How can you bring a city together when those who make claims of wanting to support the the city, have done nothing but point fingers at everyone else dividing the city further apart?

      Here’s an idea, stop pointing fingers, start asking questions. Start looking at what your kids, or your cities kids, are doing to bring shame on your city. Neither Anonymous, Prinnie or anyone else brought shame to Steubenville. That shame was brought on by a few boys who thought it would be fun to rape, take videos, pictures etc of an unconscious girl and then they decided to publicly humiliate her by posting them online. People of Steubenville should be joined together to figure out how they can stop this from happening again to another girl.

    • Angie…I support what you have to say and myself and lots of others will be there when the time comes to unite this town once again. This town has so many underlying problems and I think now is the time to bring them out too. That Local leaks site reads like some kind of twisted soap opera and I know there are “innocents” thrown into the mix but sadly alot of that is true. When I see the connections of the legal, judicial, and political cronnies in this town (compliments of Mr. Harold Star) it shakes me to the core. Thank You for this site Prinnie…..I have been here since August and this is my first post.

  63. I agree, haradanohime. Yea, I remember on twitter I saw that Stranahan guy post on twitter (can not remember when he posted it) he posted, Jane Doe will not get justice, all because of Anonymous and Goddard. Which I like to know, how it is their fault if they found some stuff that was deleted off the internet in the first place. hmmm maybe that is why some people in Steubenville likes that guy. Idk.

  64. First a quote from the Steubenville Herald Star.

    Three high school students, Mark Cole, Anthony Craig and Evan Westlake, who testified during a probable cause hearing in Jefferson County Juvenile Court, were suspended in October by the school district from participating in extracurricular activities.

    Now this weeks wrestling results. Check the names at 126lbs and 170lbs,

    Steubenville 46, Beaver Local 21

    106: Tariq Wilson (ST) maj. dec. Jack Dawson, 17-4

    113: Josh Henderson (BL) won by forfeit

    120: Jason Keyes (BL) dec. Dakota Goff, 9-5

    126: Anthony Craig (ST) pin Dustin Martsolf, 2:35

    132: Anthony Parada (ST) dec. Ron Foster, 7-4

    138: Daniel Hasson (BL) dec. Jacob McKitrick, 6-5

    145: Josh Barber (BL) won by forfeit

    152: Zach O’Dell (ST) maj. dec. Kole McKenzie, 13-2

    160: Andrew O’Dell (ST) tech fall Morley Marsden, 18-3

    170: Mark Cole (ST) pin Tyler Kelly, 3:55

    182: Chalie Keenan (ST) won by forfeit

    195: Brandon Jones (ST) pin Cody Riddle, 2:52

    220: Cody Green (BL) won by forfeit

    285: Cody Martsolf (BL) dec. Ryan Wood, 3-2

    • I sent an email to Supt. McVey regarding whether they were participating in sports. His response dated January 23:

      Ms. Goddard,

      Thank you for your inquiry. Because of the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Steubenville City Schools are unable to discuss any disciplinary action regarding individual students, so I hope you appreciate why we cannot comment beyond confirming that these two students are participating in our high school wrestling program.

      Mike McVey

  65. Tom Brady

    Hello Alexandria,

    Thank you for sharing the information about the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Frank Bruzzese is using his Facebook page to post comments on this current case and having the incredible insight to be able to presume the innocence of those persons under investigation and facing prosecution. I am not a lawyer, but as this case is sub judice I would have thought that an officer of the legal system is legally constrained from voicing any such opinion at this time; and if not legally, then certainly ethically and morally.

    Little fish protect themselves in little ponds, usually by controlling the powerless minnows, thereby feeding the self-delusion that they are actually a big fish in a big pond. The really big pond is an accumulation of smaller ponds (with their little, self-delusional fish), and this where the bigger fish, the really important hierarchy, swim peacefully.

    Big fish are happy as long as the water is calm and the little fish behave themselves. However, little fish Frank Bruzzese is behaving badly and making waves for the big fish and they will not be happy with him. What is required here is for many, serious, factual, written complaints to be made to the powers that be (the proper big fish) complaining of Bruzzese’s thoroughly unprofessional behaviour on Facebook. Written submissions cannot be ignored and the recipients will always be held accountable for their actions by the paper trail. The great and the good do not want or need any more bad press from the on-going Steubenville rape case, and they cannot be seen to condone of Bruzzese’s Facebook antics. They will tug on his choke chain pretty quickly.

    As for Nicole Lamantia, the wife of Big Red Coach, Bobby Lamantia, I find it easy to understand her position. She and her Coach husband are local celebrities in Steubenville and are living the good life off the back of Big Red High School football. Nicole is combative because she all this is slipping away from her, with her Coach husband facing unemployment and little prospect of work elsewhere. And all because some girl got drunk at several parties, had sex with the best High School football team in the land and then had the temerity to complain about it.

    Mrs Lamantia will have plenty of time in the future to reflect on the honesty, validity and integrity of her views. In this case what goes are WILL come around, and the sooner the better.

    Keep up the good fight, everyone. It is a time for cool heads, sharp pens (or keyboards) and loud voices. This will not be over until all of those implicated are publicly exposed.

    Neart, Grá agus Onóir
    (Strength, Love and Honour)

    Tom Brady

  66. when you say nepotism and cronyism it runs rampant–reno-friends with jo jo dialbert-judge kerr=all the coaches (untouchable) police officers related to accused married to prosecutors–hanlin and bruzzese always have each others backs–one lamantia coach other lamantia deputy–the girl from brooke related to the lamantia’s–and if you arenot retlated in this town then you can shove your money under peoples noses and get what you want

    • I’m just curious about a rumor I heard. Is it true that NL met her husband while she was his student? If so, this could explain a lot about why some of these people don’t see anything wrong or view this crime in the same way that others do. Perhaps the sexual attitude of many is much more lax to the point that teacher/student relationships are acceptable?

      • The Steubenville Big Red marching band is something to brag about, and back in 1963 the band director did just that – to his congressman, the Honorable Wayne L. Hays, then chairman of the powerful House Ways & Means Committee. It was inauguration time in D. C. and the Big Red band was selected to represent Ohio in the 1964 parade for Lyndon Baines Johnson. The Steubenville Board of Education didn’t care how well the band played “Beautiful Ohio” that cold January day. They didn’t appreciate the band director going “over their head”. So a beloved teacher and musical mentor was fired and someone else hired in his place. This replacement director’s wife worked many hours in the band room office, but one of the majorettes caught the new director’s eye. I believe the replacement director and the former majorette were later married. Elizabeth Ray had nothing to do with it as far as I know 🙂

        Just an anecdote – not intended as a representation of all teachers at Big Red.

  67. Woe cant wait till this is all over and Prinnie I give you the credit for keeping this going and hope ALL ARE CONVICTED Thank you for the updates on all the info and the REAL truth of what is going on You are me hero bein there done that so I know how you feel some people just cant take the truth I think it is about time they face the facts YOU GO GIRL

  68. Saying you’re sorry after the fact after the heat came down is not sincere. During the rape when the pictures were taken and the name calling on line and the laughing that took place and the ones who were involved, but pretending they weren’t there when it all went down, who’s sorry now???? These are serious character flaws in these indivisuals and for this reason alone makes one wonder about the youth today. I hear people talking about the good in Steubenville and the good people who live there, but I don’t think the town or the good people is what this case is about. It’s about the good people turning the victim into a *slut* she asked for it, went on National TV to support Steubenville, and now talking about people who are threatening the schools. Now, I personal believe this is people trying to take the heat off of the rape and putting it about the school threats. You whould be more worried about how your children reacted to the rape when a innocent girl was tortured and rape. Most parents would come unglued if that were their child, but it was someone eles’s child. Yes, say your sorry now, doesn’t help the rape victim. How many will show up in court to defend the victim or the accused? I don’t see Abdalla showing disgust, but talking more about Steubenville. Where was the people when the coach threatened a news reporter. He should have been fired right then and there. Yes, there are good people from Steubenville who go out and make a difference in society and make their town proud. Those people are disgusted how this rape went down. Is this something this town should be proud of. Will justice really be served? Will they throw this case under the rug with no blemish on their record to show what happened? Serious character flaws. We have men and women serving serious time that did less then what these young man did. I say young men because they are 17 year olds now. Most would have been tried as an adult. The outcry is the crime it has nothing to do with the town/city/coach/people but it does say something about how the people reacted. If you blamed the victim then you’re just as guilty as the persons who sat by and watched, laughed, raped, and did *nothing*. We lived in Steubenille for over 45 years, and I must say I was appalled by the way this was protrayed on the Dr. Phil show. The women who sat there and tried to blame the victim make me sick at my stomach. I have lovely granddaughters and we sat and watched this together. I had tears streaming down my face because I expected the people there to know how serious this crime was, but they continued to make this about the city and forgot about the victim. The perps can go to California while the victim is trying to heal. Is this justice? Yes, they were football guys, but was it a team effort to stop the rape? Is this what these boys do as friends support one another in rape? When I saw a rifle at the feet of the taped video, I was wondering why that was there? It actually scared me when I saw this. Was Abdalla worrying about a weapon at the feet of this kid during the video. Is he out there supporting those people? His run as sheriff should be over. I expect the so called leaders to lead and me the county proud. But…sad to say, if this had been a rape not done by football players the story would have played out differently. Those young men should have to wear signs that says, “I raped an innocent girl while my teammates laughed and encouraged me on!” I’m proud to say my son is making a difference in this world and there’s more like him from Steubenville. What I would like to say to the people there…”Do you now what your children are doing? Do you know if they are drinking and where they get the booze? Who is supporting the drugs in your county? Your children are only sorry, because of the outcry of the nation involving this rape. Your children have serious flaws that need to be addressed. How many parents actually know who their children are? I would hate to see these boys go out into the world and become mayor or sheriff or even doctors. If these flaws aren’t addressed then the rifle that you saw in the video may one day be used to kill someone. I would have felt better if Reno would have kicked off all the players who sat by and did nothing and gave support to the victim, but he didn’t. All he said was the boys didn’t think they did nothing wrong…REALLY???? Then it was up to the coach to show them just how wrong they were and kicked them all off the team. Maybe, these young men need to be led by another coach. The nation will be watching to see how this case goes down.

  69. Whilst following a link that Prinnie left in response to my comments about Frank Bruzzese I came across this amazing link:


    There is a huge amount of informed historical and legal information here about Steubenville and this case, delivered in a non-partisan format. I would urge everyone to read it,especially the excellent input from Harold Star.

    There are good, legal minds watching this case and this will be the real downfall of the perpetrators, collaborators and their protectors.

    Neart, Grá agus Onóir
    (Strength, Love and Honour)

    Tom Brady

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