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Lay the blame where it belongs – with those who stood by and did NOTHING.  Blame those who refused to cooperate with law enforcement and blame the parents who raised children without a moral compass, empathy or compassion.

prinnie – who has written posts on Prinniefied.com.

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Who's to Blame? — 122 Comments

  1. You hit the nail on the head, The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Children most often are a reflection of their parents and upbringing, or lack there of. Failing to instill basic morals, right from wrong, empathy, compassion, responsibility, manners, socially acceptable behaviors, accountability, and consequences, nor supervise and monitor is a “crime” against your children… For it’s society that is eventually forced to contend with, and we’re all a little busy!
    To later condone, make excuses for, lie, shield from repercussions, or simply not encourage to stand up/come forward when duty calls for… only supports the obvious. “It takes a village…” Mentality is sweet in theory, but in modern day, just not realistic. Especially when one fails to see what’s past their own frontdoor at face value of who they’re really relying upon. Choose your children’s friends wisely, it’s ok you’re allowed to and nd should do this! Over and out.

  2. Blame not only perps and bystanders, but all who are complicit in placing coaches or teams or political reputation above what is simply right in this case. Many ethical problems are on display, especially the systematic enabling of team members to avoid logical, just consequences..

  3. The need to belong is an extremely strong human need, particularly during adolescence. When added to a society with a questionable moral compass, something such as this is frightening, yet not completely surprising. It is shocking that none of the teens present or knowledgeable of the evening’s activities sought the counsel of a trusted adult. In most cases this would be a parent, but could also be a teacher, coach, minister, older sibling, or other family member. If such counsel was sought, the advice does not appear to have been on the side of “doing the right thing”, which brings this full circle.

  4. Here is a problem that I have about all this.

    This statement was in the Weirton Daily times dated Jan 18 2013 ;Marriane Hemmeter (special prosecutor) said the investigation and collection of witness statements were completed months ago.

    The probable cause hearing was held on Oct. 12 , 2012.
    Joann Gibb who performed the forensic exam of the cell phones testified that she was unable to recover deleted videos and pictures from the Iphone 5s (which were 4 of the 5 she testified about)

    The problem is that the software to recover deleted data from the Iphone5 wasn’t released until Oct 8, 2012.

    Dosen’t sound like they are going to reexamine the evidence.

        • Why? Because violence against women is not a priority. If a gun had been used or JD had been killed, then maybe more investigation would have been put into this case. Instead, we have dicks and Iphones used as weapons. Oh yes, these boys intended to shame, belittle, degrade, rape and ruin her and post it for the whole world to see. Well, we saw alright. These boys incriminated themselves and presented the record of their ‘little fun” for all to judge.

          I pray for justice and the end of “boys will be boys” culture.

        • Prinnie,

          There is readily available PC software that can retrieve a photo or video deleted from an iPhone by accessing a synced PC’s iTunes backup file. The deleted photos/videos can even be retrieved months after they’ve been deleted. But I don’t recall reading that the football player’s computers were ever forensically examined by Joann Gibb, the Attorney General’s computer forensic specialist. The software is Aiseesoft iTunes Backup Genius and can be found here:


          Should we contact the Attorney General’s office with this info?

          • Yes, I think someone SHOULD advise him of this fact and ask him if cloud services were reviewed.

  5. from the beginning of prinniefied up to now i applaud everyone who has stated their feelings and opinions and outrage.the recent blogs have been wonderful putting the blame where it belongs.so many inappropriate things have been said and what irritates me is the”big red family faithful” who dont see anything wrong with what has happened –you the faithful made this into a circus by not admitting what has happened and now the world is watching.i am tired of the good ole boys running this time i am tired of people getting favors for favors i am tired of racism if you are from the bottom of the hill or from the top of the hill color makes a difference in this town.i stray sorry lets have justice for this girl lets hope the school where she attends shows her support and her town

  6. The very unusual Immunity/Non-Immunity Letters from the AG to the witnesses that states their behavior did not rise to the level of criminal conduct is in obvious contradiction to one of the witness’s sworn testimony and admission to:
    A) Not reporting a crime
    B) Manufacturing Child Pornography
    C) Spoliation (destruction) of Evidence
    I still find this to be very troubling amongst many other things.

    • It is extremely troubling to me as well. Instead of learning valuable lessons from this, too many are still bewildered by what they did wrong. If they are not held legally accountable, much less even admonished (!) for this by anyone in authority or at their school, that shouts a very loud message, IMO. Which means the gross mentality allowing for this criminal behavior has still not been enlightened by our outrage.

      One way I see this being reversible is through the re-examining of the iPhones by FBI or other more sophisticated testing agency. That could potentially lead to more precise evidence of the acts themselves, since we already know about them filming some of the acts themselves from the preliminary hearing and witness accounts. It is also possible they could recover evidence to other, similar crimes, as some of us suspect.

      I also hope JD will be able to sue every one of those complicit in this, which might be a substantial number. I feel that is entirely up to her, she has no further obligation to anyone, but I also think it could be far less painful for her to endure than the criminal investigation/trials. Those creatures who took away her power of choice should afford her all the financial choices in this life she can hope for, just as the perpetrators should be stripped of any financial aid for college and denied all future school athletic participation.

  7. Prinnie,
    Atta girl, keep doing what you do! Anyone that is challenging that openly and outwardly, likely has a green tint to them. Or trying to draw attention away from all that dirt hiding under THE rug.
    So they creep out of some level of obscurity, & try to antagonize you by any means, attempting to draw you into the public arena in a war of words.
    But it’s really just them incessantly yapping while nipping at your heels! (: A lame attempt to latch on to Your casual stroll into the spotlight of international notoriety.
    I believe it escapes those of, that your venture was only paved of good intentions, insight, and fortitude. You just so happened upon what smelled of BS, and rebelled by “Peeking” Under THE Rug! Not backing off you lifted it, and then shook the crap out of it!! (:
    Ultimately To be an early voice for a victimized young lady, who was being intimidated into silence and denied fair justice. Both of you inadvertently gave rise to a need for Cause of Movement on societal negligence of sexual violence & awareness. And even now, it continues to expand!
    And although the dust has yet to settle, the haters can blame the world, because so many are of the “cleaning crew”. The inspections will continue, the sweeping UP of all that dirt, sifting through, & then exposing it one by one.
    The proper etiquette would be say thank you. Yet no good deed goes unpunished…!

    • ^~~Totally agree, and if I may reduce this to a simple cognitive equation:
      “Hey look at this fuckedupness”~~>o Discussion ensues.
      B. ~> Support for Jane Doe(s)
      C. ~> Dialogue applied to greater “rape culture” paradigm = larger Discussion.
      D. ~> Future Legal and Social ramifications.
      All = Proverbial Icing on the cake.
      MMMmmmmMM tastes like Irony…

      They keep fighting battles even though they’ve already lost the war.

      • Love the equation. Somehow I think the information will be lost on certain individuals in that town who bleed red and black and can’t look past their own ignorance towards the big picture. Big surprises are on the horizon. LOL

  8. The adultdss are to blame. Parengts for not teaching their kids morals, the homemowners who let teenagers drink alcholol in their homes, adults again for doing a pretty good job in covering up the crime attempting to blame the victime and almost condoning the actions of the accuseed. Then the adults who created a system that treats football players like gods who can do no wrong also bare some responsiblity. Finially what makes this case so disturbing is that perhaps we as a society should be held accountable because we worship football.

    • Yes, they are to blame. I hope the Bellardines, the Howarths and the Coles get the shit sued out of them for having these parties. The culture in that town that this is just kids having fun needs to change. They are CHILDREN who do not make good decisions and adults who provide alcohol and/or drugs to CHILDREN should be charged to the fullest extent of the law. I imagine when all is over with civil suits are going to fly!! Betcha that April partygoers and families are included in those civil suits, too.

  9. Prinnie–Iphone 5’s were not released in the United States until September 21 way AFTER the incident. Hmmmm. Unless they are the Kardashians they did not take video and pics on Iphone5 in this case.

    • Thanks for the info. And people wonder why others are screaming cover-up. There are just TOO many unanswered questions, twists and turns and the appearance of impropriety. I am glad that Mr. Madison was able to get the PI. Obviously he feels that there is more that needs to be uncovered, and I hope his investigation is a success. Maybe they interview Grannygeorge12. She has crowed about having more info than anyone else. Perhaps she can provide details that no one else has.

    • Apple, damn good catch there, you are so right! And how many times has that excuse been given on record?! Too many times to be a misspoken model #!! Wow…

    • Iphone 5 wasnt the probem. I believe it was the latest update of iOS 6 that created the “problem”. Old and new iphoes would have given them the same trouble if the owners had completed the update. It would have affected ipads & ipod touch as well.

      • Even if it was the iOs, why did they not go to Apple and retrieve the cell phone’s iCloud data? Why were personal computers not in the search warrants especially in the cases of those having iPhones? Why were no warrants issues to retrieve Instagram and Twitter data?

        • Prinnie, do you have any direct lines of communication with the kind of investigative journalists who would ask these excellent questions posed by haradanohime? This technical evidence should be the most important pre-trial reporting issue for the media. If retrieved, would the data perhaps show when it was intentionally deleted? Could that point to an orchestrated effort to protect the group?

          • I am going to email a few that I have developed a rapport with and see what they can do.

  10. I’ll tell you a story about my Father. My Father grew up in a small town in Louisiana that was football crazy. He had a physically abusive, drunk for a father. He told me he learned how to be a good father from his high school football coach. He learned good manners by having dinners at the coach’s home and learned how to treat women by modeling himself after his coach. My Father never laid a hand on his children and raised them to treat men and women as equals. This coach was known as Mr Peace. He coached at Sicily Island High School in Louisiana and is in the Louisiana High School Coaching Hall of Fame.

    My Father swore he would not be the father, husband, and human being he was without Mr. Peace.

    I blame the coach from Steubenville more than anyone.

    • Organized sports can be positively life saving for lost or under-parented kids when adults provide decent roll models. Thanks for your father’s story. It sure does stand in sharp contrast to what we know about Steubenville’s coaches.

  11. I just re read the transcript and I don’t know why Gibb talks about Iphone 4 then goes on about Iphone 5 being hard to crack. She never said if any of them were Iphone 5 and only says Iphone

  12. I seem to have caused some confusion with my choice of words. While I said Iphone 5, what I ment to say was Ios 5, the operating system. Which was available for download to the iphone4(s) late in 2011. Sorry for the confusion this may have caused.

  13. page 17 line 24 thru all of page 18. She talks about the ios5 operating system and how it’s encrypted. The program that I referenced in my first post can replicate the encryption system.

    The ios5 when deleted removes the encrypted address but the file (picture or video) remains. So the hacker programming can find it. However, when that file is deleted while it remains, it is available to be overwritten which would destroy it forever.

    • So in layman’s speak — she didn’t know what she was doing? I wonder why she/they didn’t then forward the phones to the FBI if they didn’t have the capabilities to examine them.

      • In layman’s terms- the prosecutions refusal to offer her as an expert witness and instead offering her as a witness to the facts says more about her abilities than I ever could.

        I can’t think of one good reason why they didn’t consult the FBI or a private contractor, plenty of bad ones but no good ones.

        I got what I believe is the first legal release of Ios5 forensics back in August. You can bet the farm that the FBI had their own working version long before that.

  14. Sorry this is long, but I promise I go somewhere Viable. And if spy’s are among us, make them dig! (:

    My vote’s on too convenient.
    The additional Digital-media evidence (pandering/obscene material/use of a minor in) having once existed, was very well established. And it’s far too damn coincidental who all it linked to and beyond. Further, some of the obvious missteps and delays in collecting & preserving. Lack of recovering efforts painfully obvious! tower pings, ph records would have clarified exactly who was where and who sent this or that. Then follow the trail & dig deeper!
    IF once existing material wasn’t “missing,” then or now…
    Anyone in creating, transmitting of, OR simple possession of, would have been charged per the Ohio revised Code Chapter 2907, Sex offenses.
    More specifically, Pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor, (2907.322)
    Illegal use of a minor in nudity oriented material or performance., (2907.323)
    Additionally when you consider the following relevant statements made by officials, the oppositional forces agenda to let pass! Keep in mind of those age 18, the MIA evidence, equates to necessary charges of Class 1-4 Felony under this Code. (Because they should know better!)
    1. Statement issued by Superintendent, Mike Mcvey, just after the 2 are arrested, [” … The district intends to fully cooperate with any criminal investigation that may ensue from this situation. In accordance with our District’s Zero Tolerance Athletic Policy, any student who is ARRESTED is immediately suspended from all extracurricular activities, including SPORTS.”] -WTRF
    2. The controversy over the immunity deal of the 3 witnesses. AG DeWine has maintained that, [“We have offered nothing, made no promises to any witnesses in this case… No deals have been cut with anyone.”] -WTO7 per Reuters
    3. [The letter to Westlake, dated September 28, was signed by Ohio Associate Attorney General Marianne Hemmeter. The other two letters were signed by Ohio Associate Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Brumby and dated October 9, three days before the trio testified against their teammates. Brumby and Hemmeter conducted the questioning at that hearing.]-Reuters
    Note: JB I believe, has left AGI for private practice…
    4. [Attorney General spokesman Dan Tierney said the state decided the students would go uncharged only for the crime of illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material.]-Reuters
    Therefore if we factor the above statements, and apply it to Ohio laws, imagine what should have happened!??
    Assuming athletes tend to flock together, can u imagine how many potentially created, shared by sending, was received by, re-sent…?? Not like certain cell records didn’t pave a trail of offenders!
    Therefore with the football season starting, wrestling to follow… Can you imagine the impact upon the seasons had they merely “arrested” the main offenders, that they were legally bound to do so? Isn’t only probable cause needed for? Proving comes later in process! As key team performers, in addition to likely many more we can’t even begin to guess!
    Yep, makes perfect sense why the evidence, some even testified to existing, vanished! And excuse after lame excuse to not have recovered. Or the assistance from the pros who could have. Because they likely would have also uncovered who, how, & when destroyed it! Yikes!
    And when you apply the “invested” fans of… The potential loss of “profit,” one can see the desperate attempts to distract from by crying wolf and we’re under attack!
    Also clears up some past crimes of known culprits, never being at least charged. Or the attempts to discourage JD from pursuing, and other victims. And since mostly under attack!
    Only a simple arrest for any crime warrants suspension, “zero tolerance!”
    So the degenerates roam free to commit crimes because they won’t have to be held accountable! Too many wallets are banking on! Pathetic!
    Justice? Not even remotely!

    >On a trivial point, if I had a kid who was uninvolved and warming the bench, I’d have been raising hell just on athletic principle alone. My kid could have been playing all season if!?

    • And in review of how they reached that point…
      Originally they chose a more common routine, A testament to their insulting perception of their own community’s intelligence… ~Discourage charges pressed if tied to umbrella of protected.
      ~Crime may or may not be reported in local media. And if, will be vague. ~Ensure neglect of followup reports
      ~And finally, football season on horizon shall overshadow! They will forget.
      ~> Problem solved!
      But it didn’t quite follow the plan. People were talking in the community, and someone outside was paying attention.
      To appease, they choose the most expendable of suspected. Young enough to be “most likely” tried as JUVENILES, not from one of the “… good families”, not first string or the big performers on other teams of, and underclass men without scholarships or acceptance letters on the line. Because certain suspects more immediate futures, far more important than others, as was their potential “contributions” to the upcoming seasons! Oh yeah, it just so happened only that minimal evidence incriminating the deserving of, yet also the fall-guys.
      And yet again they assume the community will bow down, for their leaders have spoken! With their “work” done, certain powers that be, step aside. Thinking the speculation connected to will follow.
      The legal process is dragged out, ensuring seasons will avoid any interruptions. The investigation pretends to roll along, yet 4 months later there is not a shred of new evidence from the days just following? No new witnesses, nor any other charges filed on any of the masses connected to on a multitude of offenses?
      Uh oh, more outside observers are asking some very tough questions… And it’s spreading like wildfire! Panic sets in and those of under scrutiny, and others connected to, only scramble to defend. Mostly with nonsense! Where the hell was this very vocal “‘justice’ league” 5 months ago?!
      However it only serves to warrant further suspicions of a very botched cover-up! More importantly, whats the collective agenda here? Is there reasonable cause that led to?
      (The prior post!)

    • *Felony of 2nd-5th degrees
      *And do recall in cases of felonious crimes, accomplices often are held to equal accountability, and can be sentenced as severely as the principal perpetrator.

    • Thanks kindly. (: We can only hope the DOJ/FBI/? will take the time to dissect the entire case & investigation of… question every step from every angle, every official’s part and conduct within, exhaust any and all charges to bring on any person with any involvement. But my faith is fading it will happen! Unless under the guise of investigating “threats,” to diminish the guarded walls up, they gained covert access to infiltrate their devices and systems??

  15. I have the growing sense they are repeating the very same collective response they used successfully in the past, with crimes like this. It always worked before, and they blame Prinnie & Anonymous for getting in the way of their perfect strategy.

    Maybe their whole strategy hinges on desperately blocking recovery of iPhone photo evidence, a likely key to blowing this case all the way open. A big new media superstar could be created from the the first mainstream reporter to uncover the truth about phone evidence retesting, if it results in a much clearer crime story. Why is the mainstream media not bearing down on Steubenville with this vital question?

    • I should clarify my comment above to mean their usual strategy was as detailed by C. Morgan. Their remaining strategy may be preventing new iPhone evidence from being recovered, and of course, the continuing strategy of maintaining maximum false outrage.

      • A quote comes to mind… “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times, it’s enemy action.” – Auric Goldfinger
        And whether referencing the cases or the scrubbed phones, I believe they are far past 3! I wonder how many of original phones are in the Ohio River!? Lost, buried, crushed, donated, traded up…??? Tsk tsk! If so it would give fair cause to beyond suspect of the owner, big time!!
        That is an excellent challenge for the media!! Or even to the Feds.
        Shame no benefactors have made an offer of reward on behalf of, for evidence leading to more suspects being charged. Including those in the media.

  16. I feel it is unfair to blame the parents for everything. Some may not have known where their child was that night. Kids don’t tell parents the truth. You can be the world’s best parent, and you may have one child that is going to do what they want. I believe that some in the community are also to blame. These people let these kids do whatever because they were football players. They should have been teaching the child right from wrong or notified the parents what was going on. Where did these kids get the alcohol at? Community also includes teachers. Have any teacher encouraged any child to come forward?

    If you ask me, I think that the sheriff, school board president, Superintendent of schools, and Judge, a few parents, and the teachers need to get together with the kids at the high school to talk to these kids together. They need to tell these
    kids, it is okay to come forward with information without being afraid of being bullied. They need to be able to do it where a child gives the info. without any other student knowing. It needs to be stressed that NO ONE will bully anyone who gives info to police about this case.

    • Unfortunately DeJAY, unless the police (and not locals) can provide witness relocation to any who step forward, I highly doubt new witnesses will voluntarily step do so. The judicial machine in that county is so Incestuous it’s not funny. The school board is connected to Ms. Hanlin as is the Police force. Mr. Bruzzese also has his hands in county and city as well as the school board. (And we all know how he has jumped to the defense of Ms. Hanlin and the accused boys.) I believe someone had posted a map of the connectivity of those in power in the county. It was very very accurate. The Superintendent has already shown what he will do in leaving the disciplinary actions to Mr. Reno (who did nothing). I would have at first said the only impartial person in this whole fiasco was the judge, except for the teensy fact he allowed a juvenile accused of rape and awaiting trial to travel ACROSS THE COUNTRY! Though at least he did refuse to close the trial (which would have caused an uproar). It truly makes me worry about the outcome of the criminal trial. Though even if found not guilty, JD still can pursue matters in civil court (which I hope she does), hopefully not out of Steubenville.

    • Lol @Haradanohime ref to witness relocation, yet sad it’s probably no exaggeration! I believe the chart link for @DeJAY is:
      At least that is one of a few out there. There is another in particular centered on “the “Bruzzese Empire” in more detail. Link on an older post.
      @DeJay, I don’t think it’s anything but intentional the 3 witnesses in hearings thus far, names were locally broadcasted many times, & a contradiction of usual reporting. Whether a means to publically shame/incite sympathy! for/ or anger at/ or to appease outrage of public, by forcing to testify against their buddies for immunity< tragic & some consolation there!! And how JD has been villified by some vs the boys that created it?! Still others are online harassing & badmouthing supporters of… These acts are meant to intimidate and deter others from coming forward. And the parents of partygoers certainly aren't dragging their butts to officials to cooperate with the law, as a responsible parent should!
      I wish I was describing the plot of really bad novel! But I think reality here, surpasses even Grisham's imagination!
      See http://www.crimevictimservices.org/page/victimsrights/40
      Yet even as the victim of crime/witness for the state prosecution, with rights and actual laws meant to protect her through the process. (noting many eyes outside of watching tg!) I guess kinda moot point for since I doubt it's been applied to anyone where applicable!
      Twitter can also shed some light on things. Scary dialogue & pics! And in general having not changed much, taking a lesson from tragedy. some parents are even linked to! Still certain kids run wild & above the law, some are even included in adult activities!
      And coaches? well at least some aren't toto concerned on being role models for! (ie. said by one… "i asked the boys, they didn't think they did anything wrong. I can't bench/suspend them for." Or when cops came to field to collect phones, was said by one… "You'd better have a warrant, or get the hell off my field!" Created enough of a scene/stall to give boys time in field house alone retrieve cells. Or the infamous coach that threatened NYT reporter & the family of! Or some quote re.lie till you die.
      I'm not sure on teachers, I've heard a few positive things, or nothing at all. Idk if true or rumor… but have seen elsewhere ref's to some teachers encouraging protection of the criminals, how & what to get rid of as evidence. And to Say "nothing" to authorities when asked?!None of teachers to my knowledge, have come forward in open support of JD (not a student there), but for her as a victim. The entangled "Justice" League, with the school board & beyond. I'm betting fear of job repercussions is real, and buys their compliance! IMO.

  17. Lets be honest , the adults are to blame. The victim is a minor, not a whole town. The real reason everyone is hurt is because the media is watching every move.. Maybe this will make them stop trying to cover up the dirt.

    • I agree and I am still trying to figure out how the few have come to the conclusion that their entire town is under attack. It is my opinion that those screaming about Big Red haters, former residents with an axe to grind yadda yadda yadda – have something to lose and are going to go down fighting for it. I say — KEEP SHINING THAT LIGHT!!!

      • The screamers are almost all government employees or recipients thereof (“kids” 26 or under still living off mom and dad, other extended family, cohorts, baby mamas, dadas etc).
        They like their comfort zone and fear this ugly exposure threatens their current existence..

  18. As with everything else surrounding Steubenville, there is far more than at first meets the eye. Who is responsible? There is more than enough to spread around.

    1) The perpetrators are first and foremost responsible. There is no getting around this.
    2) The friends who were present and did nothing to stop things before they escalated.
    3) Whoever purchased or sold the alcohol is culpable.
    4) The friends who disseminated pictures, video(s), and dehumanizing comments share the blame.
    5) Parents who did not provide supervision are culpable. 30-50 teens are partying in a home and no neighbors found it odd? Come on, no way they were quietly entering and exiting the premises. You have a party in your home with beer and “bottles” and just throw everyone out? You know they are getting into cars for Pete’s sake.

    The list goes on, but these are the easy ones that jump out.

    I’m not a former resident and have no axe to grind against the town of Steubenville or its citizens. There are pretty obvious problems that I hope this sad series of events helps to bring to light and ultimately clean up – if only a little.

    • I hope people continue to ask questions. Every point you have made is valid and how anyone can derive that asking those questions is an attack on an entire city is just ludicrous. It is also time for Joe Public to start firing off complaints against those educators and employees of the public sector who are behaving inappropriately in their capacity as educators and abusing their power of public office/employment.

    • #5—this is a rumor, but I was told by someone that the cops were called to the 1st party by the neighbors b/c of all the cars blocking the street and all the hootin and hollerin going on. Someone called the brother (volunteer coach) and when he got home, he kicked everyone out. It is not clear, if indeed the cops were called, who arrived at the property first.

      I don’t know how to get to police records to check this out. Maybe prinnie, you can check this out and see how true it is.

      I also believe one of the testifiers said they brought their own alcohol, and that some was already present when they arrived. It was not clear that the alcohol was the property of the homeowner, or others stocked the house prior/during that 1st party. I also believe it was testified to there not being any alcohol consumed at the other 2 homes. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

  19. Why have no heads “rolled” so to speak. The HS principal, his surrogates, local board of ed. members, certainly a select few the ridiculous no. of coaches(this is HS, not the NFL). judiciary, law enforcement and on and on. Is no one in Columbus who oversees any of this, let’s say for example Ohio Dept. of ED. following this debacle? Oh, forgot they are overpaid gov’t beaurocrats who really don’t give a rat’s behind what happens until their jobs may be threatened. Oh, forgot again, once one get’s a great gov’t gig you got it for life unless you retire early at say age 50 with great pension and bennies for life. Can only pray there is a handful of honest people in in the big State Pond as previously referenced, who take the situation in Steubenville seriously. While I’m at it, the BCI chick, what’s with that? She needs looked into too unless she’s just a new Junior College grad and this was her first assignment as a “witness.”
    What a mess. Does anyone know how to reach our governor? Perhaps someone needs to fill him on this Jerry Springer freak fest that has emerged. Granted the Gov. is a busy man with bigger fish to fry, but hey, Jeff Cnty part of his state too, though it is the “ugly stepchild” that the elites in Cols. have tried to forget about for about a century.

  20. I don’t live in Ohio, but I hope that someone in Columbus is watching this three ring circus. These adults are acting like its a personal insult to them. Guilt much? Get over your damn ignorance and stand up for what is right. This is a freak show , its beyond Springer. He wouldn’t do this one.

      • Long story short: MUST READ http://slightlyopinionated.com/
        Long story long:
        After the infamous video of Nodi and photo of Jane Doe caught fire, LocalLeaks and Prinniefied furnished context to an outraged public hungry for answers. LocalLeaks, though well-written, colorful, and informative, went overboard in my opinion. A masterpiece of propaganda, painting perfectly for us a picture of a bizarro village full of rapists, clowns and fools, set the stage for a firestorm of reaction, and Lee Stranahan, a most unlikely knight in rather tarnished armor, rode into town on a borrowed horse determined to slay the evil dragon of Anonymous. A reformed liberal, he detests the left-leaning tendencies of such groups. In the process of trying to slay HIS dragon he has somewhat leveled the playing field for the Big Red/Steubenville vs. Jane Doe & her legions showdown. Now that the adults are back in town on the Anonymous side for the Saturday rally, I expect some words of accommodation for the “good people of Steubenville – the GREAT CITY of Steubenville.” THOSE words will ring rather hollow to me, until and if the owner of LocalLeaks shows the courage to make corrections to and deletions from its page. As long as LocalLeaks paints a devil-may-care attitude for Steubenville residents, Anonymous’ professions of love for the city sound rather like something from the 1960’s. If these different parts of the movement had their acts together, we wouldn’t have had to put up with Lee Stranahan’s delusions of grandeur. Steubenville, your teachers, your parents, your coaches, your young people failed, your public officials failed. Anonymous/LocalLeaks hasn’t been perfect either. But the time to do nothing but blame has come. Time to send messages of support to Jane Doe, and time to send the message to the world that’s watching that what happened to her here should never happen to anyone anywhere again.

    “Lay the blame where it belongs – with those who stood by and did NOTHING. Blame those who refused to cooperate with law enforcement and blame the parents who raised children without a moral compass, empathy or compassion.”

    • I’ve only looked at her tweets for the past week and am appalled at her conduct. Yes she has the freedom of speech. Yes she has the right to her own opinions but when she is a mentor and public figure (aka teacher) it is totally unprofessional. I have seen people fired for less than her posts for conduct unbecoming.

  22. Did anyone read the latest over at RadioNewz where four national organizations are calling on AG Dewines office to pursue charges against Michael Nodianos. The National Organization for Women, Ultraviolet, The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Justice for Children , want Michael Nodianos investigated for failure to report a crime. Prinnie, you have made sure this has spread FAR and WIDE!! You’ve got them scrambling like rats over there looking for cover!!!!

    • Good on them! No, I haven’t really been reading much online. I have been working on some other projects so trying to keep up with everything gets difficult, but am glad that people are still holding feet to the fire.

  23. I know people had mentioned before about Ms. Hanlin speaking for the character of someone charged. Here is the link to one. http://www.wtrf.com/story/17630298/a-travesty-of-justice-ohio-valley-black-caucus-speaks-out-on-recent-case posted in April of 2012? And the defendant (a former SHS Student) got off with probation for acts that could have landed him in jail for 2-10 years.

    And @Sic GOOD! There are several things as pointed out by many that should have been addressed that night. But, in light of what is being said in the local community, can you understand why this man (and yes he was an adult at the time this all took place he was 18) thinks he can get away with the comments made because he was “young”, “Drunk”, and “stupid”?

    • I love Harold Star and would love to communicate with him/her. Harold Star – if you ever read here — email me. I’m researching the long and colorful past of Steubenville and your input would be awesome!

    • Agree, Fan club member here! He has a increasing following. I forced him on my father & he’s hooked. Highly recommend to keep reading his comments. Several out there on a couple blogs/articles. Start near first of because they build upon often.
      Brilliant research, always a great read with down to the bare bones of history. His legal insight is… wow! and the stabs at & mocking of FB, hilarious! Traces back to earliest of comments, & a suspicious defender of FB! I posted a couple links to a bit ago & recall another did too, if you’re hunting for more. I’m anxiously awaiting the book of his compiled analyzations< jk but so should!
      Where Prinnie has locked down the Blogging of rape case and exposing the crime & cover-up… much to our curiosity & concern to understand it. so we might discuss, dissect, & bounce theories or confirm facts off each other- TY! Otherwise my family would have duct taped my mouth shut by now!!
      Herald is the perspective of a commentator on reports/articles in the direction of the corruption logistics, with history of, & "FB's Empire." With a helping of relevant legal maneuvers & clarifying the many legal questions that keep arising.
      So I'm just tossing this out there… How a co-project of the 2, could be a hell of a book, the whole story! The case with details of start to end, centered on coverup.
      With part 2, history of town corrupt, With details of the good ol boy network… And maybe a legal brief of the where they went wrong! (:

      Ok some fun here for title.
      The Blogger & The Commentator, …
      ~A Tale of a Torn City/ ~The Steubinvillians/ ~ Steubenvillafies Jane Doe/ ~The Stupid-in-ville, Caught Big/Red Handed, ~ RRR (roll retribution n roll)

      Ok, STHU'g

      • LMAO! I love Caught Big Red Handed – that one was a real zinger. I do want to write a book. I have thought for a long time that the history in Steubenville is absolutely fascinating, and Harold’s commentary just makes me want to know more. I do laugh at him mocking FB. You know – FB blocked me on Facebook. LOL I don’t even know the guy but that just cracked me up I got the big ol’ block. tee hee I get giddy when I go over to Radio’s and a new Harold Star comment is there. GO HAROLD!!!

          • Thx (: And I hereby donate on record to the cause & Prinnie! So no creepers out there best steal it lol!
            I can so see it on a cover with ~big red~ in whatever their common script used, in red, very bold, in the midst of the title line. Ha! Maybe a shot of team in masks of course on cover with a big red handprint (transparent) over top. :b

        • P.S. Blocked by FB on fbk too funny! The ultimate social media cyber slap. Seems counterproductive when he wants so obviously to be heard in his defending of all his cronies!?! I lost count on how many media & blog sites he’s “pleaded” his cases! :b

          • Eureka! It has flummoxed many, but I’ve figured out why Frank Bruzzese continues to plead this vehement case on Facebook.

            As we know, many social media users tend to abbreviate “facebook” to FB. Even Frank has noticed the frequency with which others use “FB” but he thought users were calling specifically to him, calling out for his wisdom! His ego leads him to think he is dutifully speaking to “the people,” who spoke of him so often. He would not then understand why we are so appalled.

          • Lol on the “FB” & his grand social media faux pas!
            Interesting point I believe Mr. Star made. FB is an Assistant PA either directly or by subcontract. Therefore he would be privy to inside information of the case…
            Pretending the alleged relationship with JH, that started long ago & not just on a strictly business level… does not exist. And forgetting the many favors back and forth, and vehemently defending each other as needed.
            But likely by one means or another he’s had details divulged.
            Thus having that title of APA, it would be completely unethical for him to make public pleas and defense of any party involved in the case! Or generally speak of the case on blogs & article comments, letters to editors, FB/K!, etc.
            And Star made the point that he should have kept his mouth shut, because there would likely be repercussions per the review board. Not the first time his conduct has been questioned. Yet he has slimed his way out of penalties in the past. Hmm!

  24. Harold Star is hopefully writing the screenplay for the story of this special little town. Would make a great series such as The Godfather movies.
    Same story just smaller town w/ chicago to jersey ties
    or perhaps a midwestern Sopranos spinoff
    Now that the world more familiar with this not so Mayberry river city, a good writer needs to take this to the big or little screen
    At least a freakish mtv reality show for heavens sakes. Jersey Shore has nothin’ on Steubenville except for the ocean. But hey, we have the beautiful, yet polluted Ohio River.

  25. I just spent a couple days submersed in the murky depths of the Internet. I think my brain is nearly fried, and my shock factor gauge now nonexistent! 
    Among misc interesting tidbits, I came across very specific dialogue that clarified many sketchy surface comments or speculations of illegal activity I had happened upon prior… And it all started to make even more sense! It’s not just the monetary gain made off the backs of in various endeavors. Or as spectators of games, sadly the highlight of their lives. Both although hefty motives for the coverup, there is more!
    There exists another biggie! In a town of Far too many blind eyes to behaviors that not only defy social norms but are illegal! And what motivates people to do wrong besides money? Their own asses on the line of course! And when it involves both of these… The sky’s the limit on lengths gone to protect both. Therefore, How could they be hypocrites and punish certain lawbreakers when there is not only the use of for, but actually include in their own illegal activities! And participants does include minors! Why risk chance of exposure through a young offenders wrongdoing being investigated. Or being collateral in some way as a trade for bigger fish & other misdeeds.
    One thing is for certain, some of these town boneheads did not learn a gd thing about putting their Shizit on the Internet! But fortunately for the good people of a community, is proving positive, and I hope will on final outcomes. I Must include the loss on certain people of some principles, such as looking more suspicious & likely hiding something when overly & outwardly defensive of wrong, wrongdoers, wrongdoing, or simply the implied… too close for comfort! 
    Guess it’s true what they say, even the smartest of criminals are dumb, and inevitably slip up, or leave a paper/ cyber/ photographic/ DNA/ witness trail at some point. Any given criminal can be guilty of all of those if someone is looking for. The irony here is that we expect & rely upon those that enforce the laws are wiser & paying attention. But that’s making assumptions that integrity of is in check and an upholding of oaths, pledges, positions of authority, etc. is always honored first and above selective favoring. Perhaps this should include parents, family, athletic & educational mentors, and peers. So what happens when the system is undeniably corrupt and it just appears to continue up the chain? We are witnessing that firsthand. And unless there are multiple covert teams of outside investigators following the many paths of wrongdoing, with a bus waiting in the wings to transport the many at final roundup… My faith is waning! 
    So for now I will sift through and compile the potential supporting evidence relevant to which activity, try to decode who is who. Then continue to ponder who will actually use it to serve it’s purpose to delve deeper and put a stop to. So far OH as a whole, is not in the running!

  26. Pingback: Posting is Crucial To The Life Of Your Blog « Blogging 101

    • Congrats to your very impressive mention! Sounds like you have secured a well deserved spot in the history books of blogging, and you will be used as a teaching tool for many years to come (:
      I applaud your tenacity in taking on such an important cause & bringing worldwide attention to… as I seriously doubt most would know anything re Jane Doe/rape crew/Steubenville without. Thx for a place to rant, bounce theories, & share with like minds (including the shock factor that true village idiots exist!! /:}

      *Fun fact…
      I spent my first half of childhood in Cincinnati (Indian Hill). I kid you not I had never heard of Steubenville, much less Big Red, before Mailonline which led me here. As much as certain locals couldn’t possibly fathom, given the world envies Big Red lol! I did then and still even far from, occasionally do hear of Moeller HS Football. But then I’m partial to because my stepdad played for long ago! (& OSU).

  27. Omg just have to share one more funny… by a poster named Shana Dc, that does a brilliant job on summarizing & ripping a new one into a few! As in….
    “Seriously, capspill, the more you people talk, the more your town sounds like something out of a horror movie. Just completely unreal. At this point, I seriously picture Steubenville as that town where the college kids’ car breaks down on a road trip and they end up being picked off one by one by the crazed, primitive inhabitants, who then tie them to the goal posts in a “children of the corn” style sacrifice to the mighty football gods.” LMAO!!

    • That would be funny if not two young Fransican Univiersity boys had not been kidnapped from their home in the Labelle area of Steub.(once decent working class neighborhood, now home to many of the hoodie boys) and brutally murdered off rt 22 near Pitts. several yrs ago. This was huge news here at the time. One of the victims was from Westerville,Ohio. If I recall correctly, one of the perps had been one of Big Red’s finest, one of Reno’s boys. Sad but true. This town is and has been dangerous for many yrs thanks to the drug/crime/ gangster element that rivals Chicago or Detroit. The primitive inhabitants in this case were not rednecks as your scenario implies, but ganster/ punk/murderers. There are more than teen rapists to fear here. It is, indeed, worse than a horror movie, if you’re trapped here.

      • That is frightening! Although I cannot take credit for the movie synopsis, my sincerest apologies to anyone offended by in reposting.
        I believe the authors intent was a hypothetical play upon the obsessive football worshiping by some. And to exaggerate a town of lawless boundaries, and some morally bankrupt citizens of. (i.e. rapist/savages). That truth is stranger than fiction, reality not far from the plot… Simply unsettling!
        I’ve seen quite a few women referencing out there to fear of ever breaking down in, or never passing through/visiting. Usually in response to male defenders or rape enablers, to make a point to the result of such attitudes. To learn this should be a true fear, sad & horrifying!

  28. Just wanted to share I was messing around with my IPhone4…. Periodically I filter through my tons of pictures on it. Also note the cloud where backup is stored automatically, has a settings section where you can adjust which apps link to the backup cloud. Mine is set to photos only. After a ~year~ of use, I was 1.2GB from the 6GB max (4.8). I’ve taken 2-3k pictures in that time. My actual memory use on photos per phone was considerably less because of periodic deletions (2.3). So when I deleted my backup storage on cloud, it flipped back to 0GB.
    My confusing point is… First deleted pictures on actual ph, still existed on cloud. And In order to overwrite the data footprints on cloud, if post deletion, would in fact take a considerable amount of time & data. So had they exhausted all avenues to access clouds of, likely more evidence could have been found! IMO

    • For some reason, I highly doubt they have exhausted any efforts to retrieve cloud data or that of the various social media platforms which were used to humiliate the victim. I am curious to see what comes out at trial about subpoenas issued and digital evidence gathered. I believe that is when the allegations of coverup will be validated – as they should be.

    • On opinion of DeWine’s comments…
      I wonder if he fact checked himself?? I think not! My immediate thought was, wow just another typical politician, desperate to toe the line of semi-neutrality. Lacking the balls to step in and truly oversee real justice is carried out. Blind to the obvious corruption and failures of the investigation.
      And In Ohio is it really not illegal to not only witness, but play an accessory, or an accomplice role, and it not be a crime?? Or say destroying/tampering with evidence, not a crime?? Maybe even pandering, creating, possessing obscene material of a minor or minorS?? Hmm, that seems a bit odd!
      Is it that he is out to only protect his political career aspirations, he is somehow tied to the local corrupt and thus fears, or some combination of the two? Idk but seems to me he for starters, refuses to admit the potential botched investigation simply because it ties to his offices. And he most certainly wouldn’t want to hold any accountability here because his political standing could suffer from. So yes it appears the better approach is to just ignore, deny, and defend any viable speculations. And finally, just discredit applicable laws that exist. Oh Ohio AG, how you truly assume ignorance of the people you serve, and the rest of the world closely watching! IMHO!

      • What I most wish to do in response to DeWine’s comments, is to ask if he was going to re-examine the iPhones, and re-evaluate the evidence on the other electronics, including desktops at homes of the Rape Crew, and if his office would have experts checking for recoverable “cloud” content and cell phone transmission dates, times and location. Is it really too much to ask the mainstream media to look into his answers for us?

        • Very fair requests. Only concern would be how much of original equipment exists, or that which does hasn’t been “altered”? Not that a little effort could verify serial numbers of devices, harddrives, Simms cards, etc… to dates of usage. I do agree clouds would be an excellent start, as it would take some time to overwrite deleted data space (assuming it works like a memory drive?). And there is the little issue of Instagram and Twitter retaining all data, even if deleted. I hope cell records were subpeonaed, holding ample proof of locations of parties, those apart to, etc…!

          • Want to place some bets on the amount of evidence that was subpoenaed? Since they said that the internet didn’t play a huge role in their case, I’m going to put my money on minimal retrieval of social networking data, cloud data, etc., if any. Guess we’ll get our answers come March 13.

          • I think the only idiots that would be willing to bet against us are right on that little, insignificant petition of supporters! Likely well conditioned pros on wagers! :b

  29. Why hasn’t anyone realized there was another teen present at the third party that night? I read the PC transcripts and her name was clearly there in black and white. MC’s EX girlfriend was the one with him that night not his current girlfriend. I know the present girlfriends family and I know for a fact she was not in town that weekend nor were her MC even dating at the time of the alleged rape. But yet she is the one taking all the blame. I’ve also heard the EX girlfriend laughs and brags about the current girlfriend being blamed. These kids amaze me nowadays. Just thought I’d set the record straight.

    • Yep, it was clearly there as was the name of the girlfriend at location #2. Really? She laughs about it. I do have a screenshot of her entire twitter timeline from that weekend and seem to recall she also made fun of the victim.

  30. @prinnie February 9, 2013 at 5:42 pm

    For some reason, I highly doubt they have exhausted any efforts to retrieve cloud data or that of the various social media platforms which were used to humiliate the victim. I am curious to see what comes out at trial about subpoenas issued and digital evidence gathered. I believe that is when the allegations of coverup will be validated – as they should be.

    Prinnie, I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate for a moment, here.

    Frankly, I feel sorry for Joann Gibb, the forensic examiner at the BCI. Why do I say that? Well, for starters, I think that both Ms. Gibb and the BCI itself were, to no small degree, sucker-punched on this one by the local authorities.

    Remember that the BCI was not responsible for evidence collection — this was entirely the province of the local authorities: the Steubenville PD and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, headed-up by good ‘ole boy Sheriff Abdalla. It would not be a understatement to say that, corruption notwithstanding, neither of these Departments had the technical wherewithal to carry out an appropriately thorough investigation.

    Furthermore, as Ms. Gibb herself testified in October at the probable cause hearing, she was only asked, essentially, to confirm what Detective Rigaud had already determined. (I also got the impression, from reading the transcript, that they wanted this information in a real hurry.)

    Ms. Gibb could only work with what she was presented with, and with the tools that she had available at the time. In Ms. Gibb’s defense, you have to realize that phone forensics are continually in flux — there are new operating systems (or OS versions) all the time. Forensics tool developers have to continually scramble to keep up.

    Now I did a little bit of digging, with respect to iPhone forensics and found a few academic papers that seemed to imply that at least some deleted data could be recovered.

    One of these was titled: Evolution of iOS Data Protection and iPhone Forensics: from iPhone OS to iOS 5 and was written and presented by the authors, Andrey Belenko & Dmitry Sklyarov, at BlackHat 2011 in Abu Dhabi.

    See: https://media.blackhat.com/bh-ad-11/Belenko/bh-ad-11-Belenko-iOS_Data_Protection.pdf

    I took the liberty of writing to Mr. Belenko, and asked him the following:

    I don’t know whether or not you have heard of this case, but I have been
    involved in discussions about a case where a 16-year-old girl was allegedly
    raped and photographed/videoed in the American town of Steubenville, Ohio.

    Two young men will be going on trial in March 2013. At their preliminary hearing,
    a forensic analyst from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation made the
    following statements regarding iOS 5 deleted files:

    “… they have created a per file encryption for each file on the
    iPhone,,, every file has its own encryption key and when the file
    is deleted, the encryption key is deleted and over written. The file
    still remains like any other file, but it’s scrambled. I can’t read

    What I am wondering is, are the AES-keys for encrypted files deleted and
    overwritten, when files are deleted?

    I would appreciate it if you could confirm whether or not this is the case.

    I received a reply from the CEO of ElcomSoft, Mr. Vladimir Katalov, as follows:

    Sorry, Mr. Belenko does not work for ElcomSoft anymore.

    The information on deleted files is almost correct. But in fact, the file
    encryption keys are not overwritten of file deletion; so theoretically, it
    is still possible to recover them. We are working on that and got good
    results — however, current version of our software cannot recover deleted
    information yet. We are going to provide an update in a month or so.

    Sincerely yours,

    Vladimir Katalov
    ElcomSoft Co.Ltd.
    Blog: http://blog.crackpassword.com
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/elcomsoft
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ElcomSoft

    • Bravo on research and going the extra mile on inquiry! (:
      Is this the only software in the works? I know there was testimony referencing many variations out there, no doubt consistently changing.
      I admit I was a bit irked to read additional effort wasn’t pursued, there was no mention of contacting FBI or other more tech savy labs for assistance.
      Not thrilled either to learn the actual review of data retrieved, was up to local LE to sift through??! Add those excessive meetings between JH and Officer R during the process, and one couldn’t even begin to guess all the possible negative scenarios!
      Obviously that poor lady was overwhelmed, & already overworked as a solo tech. I do feel she may have been a tad bit out of her comfort zone.
      And upon reading some of the processing of phones was done by a person she was training… the last of my faith in evidence was lost!
      I do concede at least they got one person charged from. Noting conveniently, none of the others admitting to or alleged to have had, were recovered. Nor any of the grizzly acts admitted to filmed that would support the rape charges. Hmm…

  31. @Alice February 12, 2013 at 5:27 pm

    Change.org has this petition going to fire Steubenville coach Reno. Here’s an opportunity to be heard. I, for one, am disappointed that the school didn’t do more to punish those boys, even for drinking.


    By all means, sign the petition — just don’t expect it to have any effect on the administration of the school. The only things they fear (if they fear anything at all) are:

    * The ballot box, where their positions are put at risk;

    * The courts, when they are sued, civilly.

    The ballot box isn’t an appropriate mechanism, because no one is going to be replaced as long as the myth that the education levies will always be passed as long as there is overwhelming support for HS football. The courts are not really an option either, because the judges will be biased against any plaintiffs who file suits against the school, or any of its officials If Jane Doe’s family files suit on her behalf, their only chance of prevailing would be in Federal court — given the corrupt nature of the judicial system in Jefferson County, I can’t for the life of me see them prevailing there. To back up my comment as to the corruption of the courts, I would ask people to remember the following post made on November 2nd, 2012:

    November 2, 2012 at 1:36 am

    David Blomquist called this [o]n his show, 4 hours before the hearing began. He said they would be released and tried as juveniles, he said he had sources that filled him in. The hearing was theatre, an act, a ruse if you will.


    • Agreed, Lisa. It is a worthy effort even if only to make the point that Coach Reno’s behavior is unacceptable. Each small act, each little reminder of that fact, add to the portrait of an outraged public outside of Big Red’s influence. Defending his enabling of the Rape Crew may become more difficult as the numbers on petitions like this grow. It means that our society says criminal entitlement can’t be tolerated or excused in the name of High School sports.

  32. @C Morgan February 13, 2013 at 2:01 am

    Bravo on research and going the extra mile on inquiry! (:

    You’re welcome.

    Is this the only software in the works? I know there was testimony referencing many variations out there, no doubt consistently changing.

    That I don’t know. I know of ElcomSoft by reputation. About a dozen years ago, one of the two presenters at BlackHat 2011 in Abu Dhabi, Dimitry Skylarov, was arrested by the FBI as he was about to board a plane back to his home in Moscow. He had attended a conference in the U.S., where he gave a presentation on some software that ElcomSoft had produced — an eBook reader. Apparently Adobe wasn’t too pleased with this software, as it had some features which defeated Adobe’s copy-protection, among other things.

    Adobe complained, and the FBI and the DOJ locked him up, because he was one of the programmers of that software. The software allegedly violated the terms of the DMCA, the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. Skylarov was imprisoned for a month or two, then released on $50,000 bail and forbidden to leave California. If convicted, he could have faced multiple years in prison — all for developing software that was entirely legal in Russia, the country where it was developed, and of which he was a native.

    The DOJ (and Adobe) was subjected to a firestorm of criticism at the time over this. You’ll notice that the DOJ and FBI moved with lightning speed — arresting Skylarov within a few days.

    Also, look at the recent case of Aaron Swartz. He was essentially being prosecuted for violating a Terms of Service (TOS) agreement. The state was going to give him a literal slap on the risk (which would have been appropriate), but then the Feds got involved, and piled on the charges. He could have faced a maximum of 35 years in jail and one million dollars in fines. Once again, money was behind it, as is usually the case. Swartz, who was, by all accounts a brilliant programmer, committed suicide in January. (It is widely believed that he thought the cost of defending himself would bankrupt his family.)

    Then you have the case of Anonymous — Commander X and some of their associates were charged by a Grand Jury with violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) — the very same statute used to persecute Aaron Swartz. Their alleged crime? Carrying out a denial of service attack on a county website for about a half-hour or so. For that, they’re facing years in jail.

    So, it would appear that the FBI/DOJ are extremely quick to pursue alleged violators of intellectual property; those who violate persons, no matter how horrific their crimes, are just not a priority.

    Violate a computer? The FBI/DOJ will come after you hammer-and-tongs; violate a teenage girl, they quite literally couldn’t give a damn.

    I admit I was a bit irked to read additional effort wasn’t pursued, there was no mention of contacting FBI or other more tech savy labs for assistance.

    As I said above, they don’t care about young girls being violated — they only care about cases where money is involved.

    Not thrilled either to learn the actual review of data retrieved, was up to local LE to sift through??! Add those excessive meetings between JH and Officer R during the process, and one couldn’t even begin to guess all the possible negative scenarios! Obviously that poor lady was overwhelmed, & already overworked as a solo tech. I do feel she may have been a tad bit out of her comfort zone.

    Most of the forensic techs, no matter how skilled, are inundated with work. I’m truly surprised that more of them simply don’t burn out.

    And upon reading some of the processing of phones was done by a person she was training… the last of my faith in evidence was lost!

    I believe the person she was training did the intake — that would consist of keeping logs of what devices were received, i.e. make, model, serial, SIM card number, etc. Essentially a clerical function. Pretty hard to screw that up, really.

    I do concede at least they got one person charged from. Noting conveniently, none of the others admitting to or alleged to have had, were recovered. Nor any of the grizzly acts admitted to filmed that would support the rape charges. Hmm…

    If I remember the transcript correctly, the prosecutor stated to the witnesses that the only reasons they were not being charged was that the images/videos that had been deleted could not be recovered. I do not believe they were granted immunity.

    Given that there is no statute of limitations for child pornography offenses, it possible that should these devices be re-examined, and the deleted images/videos be recovered, that charges may indeed follow. The only question is: “Is there the political will to pursue this?”

  33. Re: @justthefacts observation…
    I agree that FM, According to 1of 3 boys testimony, also spent the night. Call it girl code or being human, but I can’t comprehend a girl doing nothing to help JD!!!?! Thats one sick & twisted gal! And there is no denying she saw some of, or as much! And her bf likely would have communicated any holes during the night he saw. Whether she was too busy doing things she shouldn’t be doing, and where she should not be (giving parents of, the benefit of doubt she lied to them on her plans).
    I will say the first I ever heard of was the PC hearing transcripts recently read in its entirety. What’s up with that, idk? I’m of the mindset that it would appear true (not that i didn’t come across quite a few discrepancies in testimony stories!!). Yet I can’t see a purpose to make it up. Whereas to omit or lie regarding her being there, that does seem far more plausible, and a common teenage tactic.
    So unless she is one of the prosecutions star witness for trial, because she sang like a canary…eventually, I absolutely think should be charged too! As an accessory to, failure to report a felony in progress, obviously she was an eyewitness to Something!
    Was she so dense it didn’t occur to her, hey these guys are dangerous!? Why would my boyfriend allow them to bring JD here in that condition, and to further let this disgusting behavior go on in his house!? As his guest is he not responsible to look out for, protect from any harm once he let her on his property? What if I pass out, or they slipped me something, that could be me later tonight!? Maybe it was?! What’s wrong with me, that I’d be ok dating a guy like this with friends like that!? Is this what I will endure if we ever break up!?
    -> If, god forbid, given safe to presume she’d not have a memory of it, how does she know?! Sounds like even at the last house, there was a revolving door for open access to the teams! And even if they’re claiming to have come by only as spectators to observe, is beyond messed up and seems doubtful! At the minimum, they were obviously there to film for their own sick uses… Yet again failure to report a crime in progress. Wait, I forgot! OH AG says that’s not a crime in His state! Wow wonder what the longterm repercussions of that said? And will it be used in criminal defense cases, for being essentially accomplices or accessories to criminal activity!?? ! Perhaps like this…
    “Your honor, per our great state AG’s on the record statement, re. legalities relevant to todays case… My client was just an innocent bystander! Yes the bank was robbed by his posse, but he just happened to catch a ride there with them. He simply accompanied to do his personal banking! He shouldn’t even be expected to testify as a state witness, much less charged as an accomplice of a felonious crime!
    And so what if he was handed a minimal amount of cash, perhaps exceeding his balance. That’s a gift, not theft! Nor should he be at fault for their mistake, that it wasn’t his actual banking institution. He was merely at the wrong place at the wrong time. Therefore, I move to dismiss all charges against my client.” :b
    That could get interesting!!

    • criminal activity!?? ! Perhaps like this…
      “Your honor, per our great state AG’s on the record statement, re. legalities relevant to todays case… My client was just an innocent bystander! Yes the bank was robbed by his posse, but he just happened to catch a ride there with them. He simply accompanied to do his personal banking! He shouldn’t even be expected to testify as a state witness, much less charged as an accomplice of a felonious crime!
      And so what if he was handed a minimal amount of cash, perhaps exceeding his balance. That’s a gift, not theft! Nor should he be at fault for their mistake, that it wasn’t his actual banking institution. He was merely at the wrong place at the wrong time. Therefore, I move to dismiss all charges against my client.” :b

      That’s actually something to think about. If I were a defense attorney I would sure the heck use it. This case is so jacked up on SO many levels.

      • Hell yes, I would too! I hope it continues to bite him in the ass for saying it!! Perhaps he might see from another angle, just how ridiculous that is? Probably not, almost seems like he doesn’t think rape in general is a crime, since he’s clearly on the shield the guilty bandwagon! I suppose there will be a lot more “by-standing assistants” of crimes, walking free. Or convicted cases of the same, needing overturned. He can’t have it both ways!

  34. Yet another hypocritical comment by Abbdabba… That’s 2 this week!

    [Robert Phillip *Keenan, 31, of Wintersville was arrested Sunday.]

    >> any relations??

    [“The awareness is out there, the penalties are great, but people continue to do it. I don’t know what the answer is, but we get these types of calls (and) we’re going to pursue them with everything we’ve got,” Abdalla said.]

    Perhaps you’re part of the problem? Every crime, especially varying degrees of sexual assaults… deserves the same resolve for justice, and compassionate deliverance! Especially by a commanding officer promising to uphold the laws by serving, & protecting.
    Absolutely… an adult molesting a child is a horrifying & sick criminal act! And Thankfully there are laws & stiff penalties attached to. Fortunately in such cases there is very little, if any, questioning or blaming of the victim, and rightfully so!
    And although it and a gang rape, can’t be compared side by side, per say. They are both sexual violations to a human being. Causing both immediate bodily harm & longterm emotional scars.
    How any violation affects an individual, is a personal & unique experience, stemming from internalization of raw emotions caused by. It follows no set reactionary pattern. Nor does the overall impact from, have any concrete basis on the type or degree of assault. People’s coping mechanisms are as individual as their experiences.
    But it is despicable to yet again imply, the sexual crime of rape on an unconscious 16 & 14 Year old, by multiple perpetrators, is somehow not worthy of that same passion & commitment to seek justice on their behalf! Or from all those a part to held accountable.
    That the age of such an aggressor, somehow makes a violation of person, less illegal?! By those far past, right & wrong, filtering capabilities! Even A 2 year old can grasp the basic concept not to touch another person in a harmful or even innocent manner. There are kindergartners being suspended for hugging a classmate, or invading personal space, with no ill intent.
    Who are you to prevent or criticize the victims’ unalienable right to seek fortitude through LE? Or publicly discredit her claims by victim blaming. Or use “consensual” in reference to a victim, well below the age of? Simply, she cannot legally at 14 do so!
    Yet publically persecute others for their violations of inanimate objects!? Or for unsubstantiated (alleged) threats of harm to self & family!? Maybe bc it promotes feelings of privacy violation?? Comfort lines crossed? Not respected?!
    The sound of irony & hypocrisy calling, is deafening!


    • Sorry but I am Pissed! I’m embarrassed for such insensitivity by… And only heartfelt sympathy for the belittling of cases & victimization of, those who may have to hear, yet another “battle-cry” made by! So transparently implied!!! /:{

  35. While I agree parents are responsible for teaching, modeling and enforcing morality, coaches have a tremendous impact on kids. And if he established a culture of “good ole boys” and “boys will be boys” and “winning is everything” and “you are champions you can have anything you want – you own this town” is in play – parents may be unaware of their kids moral indiscretions. teens are by nature very good at keeping things from parents. (if you don’t believe this, you are dangerously naive) The entire town celebrated this coach, the program and the kids on the team. They must have felt invincible and above the law. I am guessing there were times when laws were broken and many looked the other way? drinking? traffic tix? They may have thought yeah, this is wrong ….but everyone does it…or so what? who’s going to stop me? The sort of celebrity these kids enjoyed is very intoxicating and can overwhelm the morals taught at home in their testosterone soaked brains. Blame the parents – but the blame shouldn’t end there… no way.

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