We all realize that kids do stupid things.  They are kids, but bring social media into the mix and it can have disastrous effects.  I don’t think anyone here is going to argue about the long-lasting effects that social media can have on someone’s life.   A 16-year old Stow, Ohio high school boy is facing a felony charge after he took a picture of himself and a female classmate engaged in a sex act and posted it to Twitter.  According to a police report, the 16-year old student took a photo of himself while engaged in a sex act with a 14-year old female student.  He texted the photo to three of his friends and then tweeted it.  He removed it from Twitter approximately 10-15 minutes later, but by that time it was too late.  Once it hit Twitter it was seen by countless people who circulated it around the school.

A student told a teacher about the photo that was circulating, and the school contacted police.  The 16-year old is now facing a second degree felony for pandering obscenity involving a minor and a misdemeanor charge of  telecommunications harassment.  Again, I cannot stress enough the importance of having “that talk” with your kids about the use of social media and what is considered proper use of the internet.

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